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Stacy woke un in her bed thinking the whole thing was just a dream, then she rolled over and felt the pain in her ass and she knew that it had been real. She took a look at her phone and thought about throwing the damn thing away but knew what happened if she didn't comply.

Her phone buzzed with a message, "Good job yesterday. You still have more to complete until I am satisfied you have learned your lesson. You should be done by Tuesday" Stacy sighed. It was only Friday morning.

Stacy looked around her room for something to wear. Even though it was fairly warm day she wanted something that would cover her up. She found her business suit that she bought for court appearances. It was dark and dowdy, but it made her look both innocent and serious. She hadn't worn it in years, but she didn't want to part with it, in case she had another DUI.

She laid the suit out on the bed and started to choose underwear. She found a hot pink bra and panty set. She slid on the panties and found that they were rubbing her uncomfortably. The thong back was riding up her ass and irritating her still sore asshole, and the front was even worse. No matter how she shifted it, it seemed to rub over her clit turning her on uncontrollably. She threw aside the panties in frustration. Most of hers were cut the same and she knew it was no use to try another.

She grabbed the bra to put it on but it was tight. She adjusted the band a bit and refastened it. It was then that she realized that it wasn't the band that was tight, but it was the cups. She ran to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts had doubled in size overnight. They used to be A cup and now they were well into the B range. Her nipples had grown as well and were starting to darken. She noticed that she had started to put on weight, Her belly was filling out and there was so extra weight on her thighs. She hoped she wasn't turning into one of those fat cows whose thighs touched.

She knew it was because she ate so much last night. Which reminded her how hungry she was. Stacy threw the bra aside in disgust and went to the kitchen to get the rest of the pizza. The pizza was good, but what she really wanted was bacon and eggs, maybe homefries and toast as well. Then she thought what would really be great is steak and eggs. When she thought steak, she remember the video that was sent to her phone and the tirade in the Indian restaurant. No, not steak. Ham would be good though.

Stacy finished the pizza and tossed on an undershirt, she could get new bras and tell everyone she had a boob job. They would buy that. When she was dressed she went to a nearby diner and orders the "Lumberjack Breakfast" that had three different kinds of meat, homefries, eggs, pancakes and something called scrapple.

As the food started to arrive she started calling her friends. She told them she had an emergency and that they had to get their asses in gear and show up. She didn't expect them to be up before noon. As soon as the messages went out, her blackmailer sent a message saying, "Have fun, be home by 4."

"Fuck" she swore.

The first person to show up was Amanda. Amanda was either her ugly friend or her smart friend depending on what she needed at the time. Amanda had a rare mix of knowledge and wisdom and was an innate problem solver. She could isolate what the root cause was and find solutions. Other times she was the ugly friend. When Stacy wanted to go out and flirt with the guys and have them flirt back, but didn't actually feel like having sex she would call Amanda along. Amanda would serve as what the guys took to calling a "grenade". Stacy would tell the guys she would love to dance with them but she had to keep her friend company and then would say Amanda's parents had sick, or her favorite cat died, or when she was feeling really bitchy, that insurance had turned down her claim for the sex change operation. More often than not there was no guy who was willing to "fall on the grenade" and dance with Amanda in order for his friends to get on with Stacy and the other attractive girls.

Amanda sat down across from Stacy and stared at all the food her friend was eating as well as the empty plates. The waitress came over and Amanda ordered half a grapefruit, and black coffee.

"So what's the problem?"

Stacy looked both ways, and wispered, "I am being blackmailed."

"How much do they want?"

"It's not money."

"Sex then? I hate to tell you this sister, but you are kinda like a doorknob, everyone gets a turn. Just put out and get it over with. When you do you will have evidence against him, it is a him right?"

"I don't know fucktard. I only here a computerized voice. They could be a deaf mute for all I know. They don't want to have sex with me though. They want to watch."


"It's not funny. I had to jill off in front of my driver yesterday, and whoever it is had pictures from inside of the car."

"If it's your driver then just take a cab until this is over."

"I don't think so, the person was giving me instructions while the driver was driving."

"Hmm. It would have to be someone close to you to bug the car. I guess it could have been taken through the windshield. Was it stills or video?"

"It was a still shot."

"So it could have been taken from a distance. Did they make you go anyplace? Off Manhattan perhaps where there would be a long clear shot on a bridge or tunnel? "

"Fucking Bronx."

"What does he have on you?"

"Everything, but most of it my father knows or suspects, but do you remember that incident in the Indian restaurant about a month ago?"

"And that's going to fuck up your father's steel deal."

"How did you know about the deal?"

"I've been buying the company on insider information. When you get plowed you either brag or bitch. If you brag then you've been getting gifts from your dad and he is doing well and the stock is on it's way up. If you are bitching then he is holding out and the company isn't doing well. You girls have made me rich."

"You can't be right all the time."

"Well I have to adjust it with gossip and there was that one time Alicia was riding your boyfriends bone pony. You were acting down because he wasn't putting out and she was acting happy and neither one of you were saying anything about it."

"Wait a minute. That bitch was filming me in the restaurant."

"No, you took her battery early in the night when she was going to drunk text Obama offering to quote 'milk all the poison out of his mighty mamba.'"

"That's right. Friends don't let friends text drunk."

Stacy mopped up the last of the syrup with her last bite of pancake and said, "Lets get out of here. I need bras."

Stacy texted the rest of her friends. "Bitches, got new boobs, need new bras."

As they walked out of the diner Stacy purchased a shwarma on a stick and then began to rub her boobs.

"What are you doing?" Amanda asked.

"I don't know, they grew over night, official story is boob job by the way, and they've been itching."

Amanda nodded. She was overweight and while that had given her largish breasts, they weren't much for her weight. They walked into Stacy's favorite store and the two girls began choosing bras. Stacy was flabbergasted at how much they seemed to have grown and how sensitive they were. Every time she took off a bra after trying it on her nipples hardened. She would lightly twist them. She was feeling her pussy get wet and was almost glad she didn't have panties on because they would be soaked through and really chafe.

Stacy bought a bunch of stuff and for the first time in years didn't steal anything. She even tried to leave a bag of her purchases behind to try and make up for what she had stolen.

"So is he done with you?"

"He said Tuesday. Masturbating in front of the driver wasn't the worst part. He got me ass-raped."


"Yeah, by some old fat drunk who thought I was a little boy and tried to give me a reach around."

Amanda burst out laughing. "How drunk was he, and what did you do?"

"I gave him my pinkie."

Amanda doubled over she was laughing so hard. "That has got to be the strangest shit I've heard of this side of Jersey."

Stacy laughed a bit too. "It was a strange trip. Lets get home, I'm feeling a bit funny."

Stacy looked at her watch and saw that it was three. They hailed a taxi and road it back to Stacy's apartment. On the way Stacy stopped to get a bucket of fried chicken and some sides. When they headed up, the doorman stopped them and handed Stacy a medium sized box. Stacy had a guess as to what was inside it but didn't want to tell her friend.

Up in the apartment Stacy opened a bottle of wine and poured them two glasses. Amanada took a chicken breast and picked the coating off of it and carefully, while Stacy dug into the bucket with gusto. Out of the first bottle of wine, Amanda had barely a glass while Stacy finished the rest. She was feeling drunk and goofy and most of all horny.

Stacy grabbed the one of the chicken wings and tore off the drumstick part. She looked Amanda in the eyes then stuck it in her mouth and with one pull sucked all of the meat off of it.

"Have you ever been with another girl?" Stacy asked.

"Only if you count that time Alicia tried to talk her boyfriend out of a three way by inviting me. She was surprisingly good at licking pussy."

Stacy laughed. "Ready to try again?"

Amanda laughed. "Are you sure?"

"I have never been hornier." Stacy took Amanda's hand and lead her to the bedroom. Stacy was undressed in a flash and the started to undress her friend. She took down Amanda's skirt revealing chubby thighs rubbing together with a bit of cellulite. Then she lifted of her blouse. Stacy stared at Amanda's round belly. It was covered with faded stretch marks. She didn't care though and leaned in and kissed her friend full on the lips. As she snaked her tongue in Amanda stiffened then relaxed and opened her mouth. After a bit Amanda started to kiss her back.

While they were kissing Stacy tried to undo Amanda's bra and understood why guys had such a problem with it. When it was off she leaned down and started to kiss her breasts. Amanda had large pale nipples and areolas that almost blended in with her skin. Her breasts were also covered in stretch marks. They started to kiss again and Stacy lay her friend down on the bed and spread her legs.

Stacy removed Amanda's panties and tossed them aside. Underneath them was an untrimmed but sparse bush covering a large pad of fat hiding her vulva. Stacy spread her friends legs further and began to work a finger around.

Stacy hadn't performed cunnilingus before and wasn't particularly good at it. She made up for her lack of skill with enthusiasm. The was something about the smell of sex and sweat that was turning her on. She kissed and sucked and tried to remember the things that the men had done that drove her wild, she finally gave up and slid face to face with her friend and kissed her again. Stacy began to finger Amanda and she returned the favor. The two of them were staring into each others eyes and kissing.

Stacy felt her pussy begin to spasm as she stared into her friends eyes. Amanda tensed and the two of them collapsed together and fell asleep.

When Stacy woke it was 3:30. "Quick you've got to get out of here. I don't want you caught up in what ever sick game he has planned next."

Amanda quickly got dressed and left. Promptly at 4 the phone rang.

"You received the box. Open it."

Inside Amanda found something a collapsable water bottle, and something that looked like a folded sheet of rubber. A box containing another two syringes, a small phone and a bluetooth headset.

"Turn on the other phone and seal it in the condom, then insert it into your vagina. You won't be needing your cute little cunt tonight. Also you will be wanting anonymity so leave your fancy phone at home and thank me for the new one."

Stacy turned on the new phone and sealed it in the condom and started to slide it into her pussy.

"Thank me for the new phone."

"Fuck You!"

"Very well, dialing the New York office of TMZ."

"Fuck! Thank you. Fucking thank you very fucking much."

"You don't sound grateful."

"I am, please I love my phone it's the most wonderful thing ever."

Stacy put the bluetooth headset in and felt her new phone vibrate. She was overcome with pleasure as the phone buzzed inside her. It was more intense than any vibrator she had ever used.

"I increased the power of the buzzer. You should thank me."

"Thank you." Stacy said as she pulled the phone out of her now sopping pussy and started to rub it over her clit. "Oh. Oh. Oh." she started to pant as her orgasm was coming over her. She pinched her nipples and rubbed the vibrating phone hard into her clit. She collapsed into a quivering pile of pleasure and slowly inserted the phone into her pussy.

"You are never to be without the phone or the headset. Now give yourself the injections."

Stacy took the two syringes and injected one into each thigh.

"Now unwrap the suit."

She unfolded the rubber and found that it was a body suit, that only seemed to have a mouth hole.

"You climb in through the mouth, the material is thin enough that when it is stretched over your eyes you can still somewhat see. Put it on."

Stacy carefully put the suit on. First one foot then the other went in. She pulled the legs up the suit up and the crotch of the suit fit snuggly over her pussy. Looking down she could see a bit of the condom sticking out creating a bulge in the latex. She carefully tucked the rest of the condom into her pussy. Now the rubber cradled her lower lips and she could see her erect clit almost tenting the rubber. She then slid her hands in and got one and then the other secured. Finally she pulled the mask part over her head. The voice was correct. She could just barely see out through the thin rubber. The hole that she had shoved her whole body through was now slightly smaller than her mouth. She slid her rubber hands over her body which was now stretching the suit. She knew that only a couple of days ago it would have hung loose, but she had put on so much weight in just two days that the suit was tight.

The phone in her pussy started to buzz again and she quickly answered it on the headset. "Good. Now take the water jug and go to the garage. There will be a car waiting."

Stacy nervously went down to the garage wearing only the rubber suit. She could feel it stretching over her like a second skin. Looking down she could see her nipples poking up in the rubber. She could make out every contour of her breasts which were now at least C cups and possibly even D's. They were sagging a bit and the rubber did nothing to hold them up. She wondered what her ass looked like. She could feel it creeping up her ass and she wondered if she bent over would people be able to make out her asshole.

Like the phone had promised there was a limo waiting. She climbed inside and realized that the entire back was blacked out. She tried opening the windows or the sunroof but they were locked. Even the divider was locked up. The car drove for a couple of hours. She wasn't sure which way she headed. She knew that she was no longer in Manhattan and was fairly certain that she was going out to Long Island.

When the car reached its destination the voice came back. "The container you have holds 2 liters. Before the night is over you will have to fill it up before you leave. The driver will not take you home until that jug is filled with sperm."

The door opened and Stacy looked around and saw a warehouse full of naked men and women engaging in various sex acts. At first she thought of just asking guys to jack off into the jug but then realized there was a chance that someone would recognize her voice. She knew that no one would recognize her body with the large tits and belly. She saw a couple of guys standing and talking to each other with obvious erections. They were holding hands and Stacy thought that they might start to fuck each other. She knew she needed every drop of sperm from every guy there and she wondered if it would be enough. She boldly knelt in front of the first guy and peeled back his foreskin and started to suck his cock.

She was jacking furiously when she heard, "Just what do you think you are doing bitch?" She twirled her tongue around the head of his penis and then tickled the tip with her tongue. She grabbed his nutsack and squeezed gently and was rewarded with a spurt of cum in her mouth. She quickly got the bottle into place and milked out the next few spurts. She then spat the bit from her mouth into bottle and then turned to the other man.

He was circumcized. She had preferred men that way in the past because they lasted longer and tended to be cleaner. The only time she had caught something was from a man who wasn't cut. In this case though she wanted to get as much cum as fast she could and she didn't have time to mess around. She wrapped her latex covered boobs around his cock and start to rub them up and down as she teased his cock head with her tongue. She looked up into his eyes and realized that he only saw a mouth without a face, that that was all that was was to him. She reached behind him to tickle his ass thinking the since he was with another guy that he might like it. When her hands got to behind him she felt a guys head. She blew a warm breath of the guys cock and saw him start to orgasm. She stuck the bottle over the head of his penis and caught it all.

She felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see three men standing behind her jerking their cocks. They started shooting off onto her face and body and there was nothing she could do about it. She did her best to scrape it up and into the jug after the finished. The next two hours passed in a blur of penises. Some were large and others were small. There were long thin ones, short fat ones. There were cocks of every color and she must have sucked every one of them. Eventually the guys were worn out or otherwise occupied and she looked around for another source of cum.

That was when she saw her. Alicia was on the far side of the room, covered head to toe in cum and there was a huge amount leaking out of her pussy. Stacy walked over holding the jug and was overcome with lust. She had never really been attracted to women and Alicia wasn't that attractive. Sure, she was skinny enough but she had a long hook nose and an odd sway to her hips.

Stacy bent over and kissed Alicia on the lips. As the kiss connected Alicia pushed a mouthful of cum up to Stacy who without thinking swallowed it. As she swallowed she mentally cursed herself and then began to lick Alicia trying to get the cum off before it dried. She would lick a bit and then spit into the jug the lick some more. When she reached Alicia's pussy, she could see the landing strip of hair plastered down with semen. Stacy licked it and then used her teeth to try and scrap the cum out of her friends pubic hair.

Finally she dove into the cunt and started to lick the cum out. She got two mouthfuls into the bottle before Alicia grabbed her head and pulled it in. Stacy kept licking. She stuck her tongue into her friends well fucked cunt. Alicia had her eyes closed and was running her hands over the smooth skin of the latex. Stacy licked her friends clit and slid a finger into her pussy. She pulled back her lips and rubbed Alicia's g-spot with her forefinger and her clit with her thumb. One handed she was getting her friend off while scraping the cum that was still dripping out of her pussy into the bottle. It was then that Stacy noticed that Alicia's cunt wasn't her only hole dripping cum. She gritted her teeth and knew what she needed to do. She wrapped her lips around friends asshole and sucked. She got a mouthful of mix cum and spat it into the bottle filling it up.

Alicia screamed in pleasure and pulled Stacy's mouth up to her ass. Stacy started licking again and got more cum. When Alicia started to shit Stacy tried to pull away but couldn't. Her mouth was filled with the vile stuff. Alicia gripped her head and moaned, "Oh Stacy..."

Stacy was ashamed and disgusted but oddly aroused. She spit the shit out of her mouth and ran back to her waiting car. She banged on the front window and held up the full bottle. The back door opened and she climbed in.

Stacy was hot and sweaty in the rubber suit and felt absolutely vile and degraded and angry. As the car pulled out the phone buzzed. The phones vibrations set her off. She could feel her cunt juices slicking up the inside of the rubber suit. It was seeping down her leg and puddling in her ass. She started to rub her clit but the rubber over it and on her fingers made for a weird sensation. She was starting to understand why guys didn't like condoms. She knew that she wouldn't be able to get off.

She answered by tapping the earpiece. "What now!"

"Drink it. All of it."

Stacy sighed and started to drink the mixture of cum in the bottle. The smell was intense. It smelled like sex and pussy and ass. There must have been a hundred guys who contributed to it and she started drinking. The texture was nauseating. Part of it was thick and other parts were watery. She just kept swallowing knowing that she had to do it or else the humiliation was going to get worse.

It took her nearly an hour to get it all down and when she did she asked "Did you know she would be there?"

"No" the voice answered. "I knew she might but I figured this would be a week she would miss."

"Does she know it was me?"

"I don't think so. If you want to know ask her."

Stacy sat in silence for a while and said "I have to pee."

"No one is stopping you."

"But the car?"

"The suit should hold it in. You can get rid of it after tonight. Keep the phone on or in you at all times. Keep it and the earpiece charged."

Stacy let go of her bladder and a warm feeling filled the suit. It bulged out at the crotch and she sighed in relief as it pulled away from her skin. She didn't realize how it had been clinging to her. She reached down and touched the warm bubble of rubber. It squished and moved around her torso until it got around to the bottom of her leg and then it pooled around her left ankle.

When she got to her apartment she was too tired to do much beyond pulling the suit off of her face and collapsing in chair. She slept soundly for several hours.

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