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Stacy woke up feeling hot and with a sore mouth and a crick in her neck. She looked down at the rubber suit and then at the time and realized she had to get moving. She ran to her bathroom and climbed into the shower. She started it up extra hot and wondered just what the pee she had been soaking in all night had done.

When the suit was off she ran her pruned fingers over her swollen breasts. They were now easily a DD and her nipples were dark brown. When she reached down and touched them they instantly stiffened and began to leak milk. She lifted her tit to her mouth, ravenously hungry and started to suck the warm fluid out. She was getting aroused by this. She took her other hand and lowered it to her pussy. The hair was beginning to grow in around the edges and was scratchy. She didn't care she rubbed a pruned finger over her erect clitoris as she was sucking her breast dry. She hefted the other breast and began to suck on it as she slid her index finger into her pussy and then rubbed her clit with her thumb. The sensation from the pruned fingers was unique. It was extra rough and the numbed sensations made it almost feel like someone else was doing it to her.

All sorts of images flashed through her mind. The priest, who had probably never seen a clitoris in his life, Amanda who was a master of loving women, or Alicia who had screamed her name in passion the previous night. Finally she thought of her father. She didn't know why she was thinking of him. He was never around. He was fat and bald and shaved maybe once a week. She found him revolting but while she was masturbating while thinking of him and then started to wonder what his cock looked like. She wanted to know how it would feel inside her. Did he have a large one or a tiny little prick. She wanted to know. She scratched her breasts imagining it was his stubbly beard doing it to her. She started to rub furiously.

When her orgasm came over her she slid down onto the floor, onto the pile of the rubber suit. Her long blonde hair was matted over her chest by the running water. She got her strength together she stood up and turned off the water. She tied the rubber suit up in a trash bag and but that in the trash can.

She put on a bathrobe and started to dry her hair when she heard the apartment phone ring. She ran to answer it. It was the door man, a package had just arrived by courier for her. She had the doorman run it up, expecting another horror show like the last one but inside was a white lacy dress with a somewhat more conservative cut than she was used to and an invitation to a rave. "Party in the Park" it said along with the names of some of the hottest DJ's around. It was tonight. Stacy wondered what torment would accompany it when the phone started to vibrate in her pussy. She put in the headpiece and answered it.

"What no buttplug? No rubber fetish suit? None of those fucking syringes? What was in them anyway?"

"Prolactin, Oxytoxin, FSH, a small amount of testosterone and an experimental drug called DP497. It enlarges breasts, it also causes weight gain, an increase in hunger and libido and in a large percentage of trial participants, cancer."

"Cancer? That's just fucking great."

"Highly curable. Don't worry. Tonight you will go to the party in the park, wearing only that dress. No underwear. Charge the phone and headset and take them with you.

Stacy shut off the phone and found that it matched her charger. She felt strangely hollow with the phone and earpiece out of her for the first time in two days. She walked over to the kitchen and started to get some food. Poptarts and potato chips for breakfast. She was still ravenously hungry but she figured it would start to pass.

When she had finished the potato chips and opened a second package of poptarts, her door flew open and in rushed Alicia. "'Sup bitch, I just got back from Paris this morning and I am looking for some fun."

Stacy smiled inwardly. She knew Alicia was lying and the lie told her that not only did Alicia recognize her from the night before, she wanted her activities from the night before to be a secret. Alicia looked much like Stacy had looked. She was thin with small per tits and long flowing blonde hair. They both had blue eyes and patrician features. Stacy looked at her friend and realized just how much she had changed in the past couple of days. Her tits were now in the F range and she had the beginnings of a pot belly. Her once thin thighs now rubbed together as she walked and her flat ass had a pronounced bubble to it.

"Not much, skank, ran out of cocks in France?"

"Something like that, you cunt. They don't call it Gay Paree for nothing. That place was like fag central." Alicia finally turned to her friend and saw the transformation. "Fuck! What the fucking fuck happened to you."

"Boob job, I decided that small tits were so last season. Anyway I had a bad reaction and the doctor put me on 'roids. He says most of this is water and should go down soon."

"That'll make tonight even better. I was talking to that 'ho Amanda, I don't see why you are still friends with her. I mean she took her brothers side in that court case over you. Anyway she called us a bunch of privileged bitches who didn't know what it's like to not be rich pretty or popular. I said we were smart and people just naturally like us. That we could get whatever we wanted even if people didn't know who we were. Anyway she dared me to go in disguise to this stupid rave and try and in backstage. I got some hair dye and a couple of off the rack dresses."

Alicia looked at her friend. "Well we'll find you something. This will be even better. Does Amanda know what you look like now?"

"Yeah, I spoke with her a couple of days ago. It is so great to see you, you cunt." Stacy jumped up and threw her arms around her friend holding her tightly. "I don't know if I can go though, I might have a thing."

Alicia looked and saw the ticket to Party in the Park on the kitchen table. "This is the rave Amanda was talking about." Alicia looked over the brochure. "Damn, this might not suck so much donkey dick after all. Come on, I need a shower."

Alicia took her friend by the hand and led her into the bathroom. Stacy quickly kicked the trash bag holding the rubber suit out of the way. Alicia pulled Stacy into the shower and turned on the hot water. She stuck a hand down and began to rub Stacy's bristly pussy. "You need a shave too. Even though you put on weight that is no excuse for poor grooming."

Alicia found Stacy's soap and razor and then started to lather up her body. Alicia took the soap in her hands and slid it over Stacy's body without a washcloth or loofah. It was just her fingers and the soap tracing lazy circles around Stacy's dark hard nipple. Alicia had never done anything like this with her before and Stacy was getting turned on. Alicia hefted Stacy's breasts. "These are really nice. They feel so real too. Not at all fake or plastic. You will have to tell me who did them." Alicia sucked on a nipple and was rewarded with a squirt of milk. She shook her head in confusion and then began to suck on the other nipple. "So tasty. Another side effect?"

Stacy nodded mutely. She was fighting off the urge to hold her friends head against her breast and force her to nurse. Alicia broke contact with a warm dribble of milk oozing down her chin disappearing into the water of the shower. She quickly shaved Stacy's armpits and then started at her ankles and works up her legs. Finally she got to Stacy's pussy. Alicia lifted one of Stacy's ankles and rested her friend's thigh on her shoulder. Alicia delicately shaved the labia. She pulled one tight and then shaved up. As she was shaving she snuck her pinky in between the inner labia and slid it into Stacy's well lubricated vagina. The she switched hands and in the same manner pinky fucked her friend. When she was done shaving Stacy's front, Alicia giggled and kissed Stacy's clit.

"Oh that feels so good."

"I have a confession to make. I've been thinking of you sexually for a while now. I don't know why, you've been at the top of my fantasy list for the past month or so. The only thing gay in Paris was me. I couldn't help it. Anytime I was with a guy I was thinking of you. I even bought a strap-on so you could fuck me. I didn't bring it over I felt too nervous."

Stacy didn't say anything but just pulled the other woman's face into her crotch. Alicia licked Stacy to several orgasms. The two of them went hand in hand to bed. When they woke up it was nearly time to leave for the party.

They quickly dyed each other's hair a mousy brown. Alicia had rightly assumed that black wouldn't go with their tanned skin. Neither girl wore underwear and Stacy's breasts were almost overflowing her dress even though it was cut for a woman with an ample bosom. Stacy quickly excused herself to put in the earpiece and phone. She thought about what was going to happen tonight and decided that since she had no underwear on the phone would be easier to hide in her ass. She wrapped it in a condom and lubed her ass and the phone then eased it in. she then stuffed the last bit of condom in her ass and wiped the lube off. She put the earpiece in and left the bathroom.

"I've been thinking. We should take the subway! Really slum it."

The two girls went down stairs and caught the subway. They only had to go a few dozen blocks so they got on a southbound local. Stacy was shocked at the unseemly horde on the train. Because the train was so full she had to stand and it was in front of a smelly homeless man. He reeked of body odor and old cheese. He had a grey matted beard and greasy stringy hair. His skin was covered in dirt and small sores. She felt throughly disgusted when the train ground to a halt in the middle of the tunnel and the lights went out.

Stacy felt a rough hand start to climb up her thigh under her dress. She knew it was from the nasty old man. He roughly grabbed her thigh and pushed her legs apart with a cackle. He rough gnarled fingers grabbed her pussy as a thumb rubbed her asshole. One of the crooked fingers entered her pussy and began to pound furiously. At the same time she felt something soft on her knee sliding up and down. It was then that she realized the he was masturbating against her knee.

Then she felt a sticky wetness on her knee and the hand in her pussy left as quickly as it came. She wasn't turned on or aroused, she was just disgusted. A couple of minutes later the train started back up and on their way back up to the surface she told her friend what happened.

The subway station was on the back side of the venue. Alicia and Stacy had to negotiate a gauntlet of security before they could get to the stage. The outermost ring was New York's finest. A crew of police men manned barricades that kept the crush of people out. Stacy chose a likely target. An older cop who was standing alone. He had sargeant's stripes and smelled of Old Spice. He had round Irish features and looked a few years from retirement. Stacy walked up to him and fluffed her breasts a bit revealing the edges of her areola. "Please sir, can we get by? My boyfriend is one of the roadies and he said he would give us passes but forgot. He is right over there." Stacy bounced and pointed behind the cop, but he didn't look. He was transfixed by the sight of Stacy's massive breast. He slid open the barricade, still staring at her boob.

"Thank you." She said walking in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Alicia grabbed the cops hand and guided it under her dress and let him feel her bald soaking pussy. "Maybe later." She said winking at him.

"Slut." Alicia said when they were out of earshot.


"Just for you."

Stacy straightened her top and the two of them joined arms and headed back towards the stage where they were stopped by a roadie. He was at six and a half feet tall and well over 500 pounds. His massive arms were covered in tattoos that seemed to blur into his chocolate brown skin. He tilted his shaved head down and said, "I don't think so."

"We'll make it worth your while." Alicia said hitching up her skirt.

"Baby, you can't take what I got."

Stacy reached down and started to undo his pants revealing the largest cock she had ever seen. It was as big as her forearm. She kneeled down and took the head in her mouth. The cock head was the size of her fist and she squeezed her mouth around it.

Alicia knelt beside her and stared to lick the shaft while gently rubbing his tangerine sized balls. Both women agreed that he would split them open but both wondered what it would be like.

Stacy lowered her top freeing her massive breasts and the roadie began to squeeze and fondle them. "Those are some grade A titties you have there." He pulled up the back of her dress. "And that is a fine ass. Turn around."

Stacy reluctantly let his dick out of her mouth and turned around. She could feel his large strong hands spreading her butt cheeks apart. He drove one finger into her ass and another into her pussy. She gasped. His fingers were bigger than some of the penises she had had. When his finger went into her ass she remembered the phone. He wiggled his finger and she knew he had found it.

"Yeah baby this is going to be good." He said as he guided his massive prick into her pussy. A rumble of thunder in the distance covered her scream. She had never felt that stretched out or full. It was worse than when she broke her hymen. It was worse than that time in junior high when she did the entire high school basketball team. It was like every cock she had ever seen shoved in at once. The pain was intense but it came with wave after wave of pleasure. He drove in balls deep and it felt like it was going to come out of her throat. He was pounding forward and back while pushing and pulling on her hips. She could feel herself tearing apart and there was nothing she could do about it. With one final push he drove himself all the way in. His huge belly was resting on her ass and his cock just kept pumping cum into her. When he was done he pulled out, zipped up and said, "Head on through ladies."

Stacy could feel what felt like a gallon of cum oozing down her legs. She wondered where he was last night. He would have made getting the quart of cum so much easier. When they got back stage, Amanda was waiting there for them. She looked down at Stacy's legs and the rivulets of cum pouring down.

"How many guys did you have to fuck to get up here?"

"Just the one."

"One guy did that?"

"Yeah and I am going to be walking funny for a week."

"I have to go see about this." Amanda dashed off.

The concert started up and Stacy and Alicia started to dance on the side of the stage. They would wander out onto the stage and grind up against the DJ's both male and female. Lightning was flashing around them in the outdoor arena and a light rain was falling in the back.

That was when the phone rang. "Stacy. Dance alone, center stage. Keep dancing no matter what."

Stacy moved out front and center and started to gyrate. She was shaking her hips and pushing up her tits. She closed her eyes and slowly turned as she writhed in the air. She knew that the front row could see up her dress and see her grotesquely gaping pussy, filled with the roadies cum. She didn't care. She knew no one would know her. Only Amanda and Alicia would know and they had been doing the same things with her. She was starting to work up a sweat when the rain started to fall on her. At first it was light rain but then it started to pick up. Her dress started to cling to her. She imagined her nipples showing through the wet white fabric. It turned her on and she began sliding her hands down her body, but as she did the dress started to fall apart and dissolve in the rain. She was dancing naked in Central Park in front of 20,000 people and the only thing she could think to do was masturbate.

She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them and lifted them up as an offering to the screaming crowds. She started to rub and finger her pussy on stage. A DJ brought a mic over to her and her moans echoed through the park. Almost instantly she was sampled into a live performance with the sounds of her sexual gratification forming the bass line to a dubstep piece. She turned with her back to the crowd and saw herself on the screen behind her. A cameraman moved between her and the audience and filmed a tight shot of her cum filled pussy. She stuck two fingers in and spread it for the world to see and the crowd went wild.

The voice in her head broke her concentration. "Run. Run now!" She looked and there were a dozen cops moving in around her. She dashed off stage and hurried past the huge roadie who then did his best to hinder the cops movements. She ran off into the woods, cold naked and wet.

Stacy was running through the woods as fast as her feet would take her. She had no idea of where she was going or how she was going to get home, she just knew that she didn't want to get caught. She escaped the bustle and confusion of concert and snuck through bushes to evade the police cordon. Then she heard it behind her. It was the sound of hoofbeats. She turned and saw a mounted policeman right behind her. He was holding a flashlight and was shining it right in her face.

She had been in enough scrapes with the law that she knew once you were caught you stopped running and apologized. "I'm sorry officer I got scared and ran."

"They are looking to arrest you on obscenity charges."

"Please let me go." She whimpered.

"You'll never make it out of the park. But I can help you. I'll just need a favor."

"Anything you name it and I'll do it."

"I saw your display and I got rather horny."

"Do you want a blowjob? Do you want to fuck me?"

"Nothing like that. I just want to masturbate onto you."

She sighed with relief. Cum would easily wash off.

"But I'm not the only one who needs a favor, see in order to get you out, you are going to have to ride, and my partner Bucephalus here," he said patting the horses neck, "has had a long day. He is the one who needs the blowjob."

Stacy sighed with resignation and walked behind the horse. He seemed to have a cock that on a human would be a reasonable length but was rather big around. She reached down and started to stroke it and that is when it grew. She hoped it would stop at a foot and half long, but it grew to almost three feet. As the horses cock grew he started to stamp his hooves nervously.

"Shh, easy boy." The cop said.

Stacy started to lick the tip. It tasted salty and like piss. She wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke. The horse was responding but not quickly enough for her liking. She gripped tighter, her fingers not quite making it all the way around. The horse started to thrust against her hand and she tightened it up even further. She stuck her mouth over the end and was squeezing in time with the jerks. The horse seemed to like that and she started to taste his precum. She glanced up at the cop and could see he had his dick out and was beating furiously.

Suddenly, Stacy's mouth was with salty goo. She almost choked on it all. It sprayed in her hair and up her nose. She was coughing as it poured down her tits.

"Can you take me home now?"

He reached down and grabbed her hand and hoisted her up in front of him. She was wedged between him and the pommel. She could feel his hard cock on her ass and the pommel of the saddle was rubbing her clit. He wrapped his large raincoat around her and asked for her address and set off at a trot. Ever bounce of the horse banged her clit against the saddle and threatened to send the cop's prick up her ass. She squirmed a bit and then felt his cock enter her.

She sighed contentedly as he began to grope a breast and the rhythmic rocking of the horse drove him in and out. She started to cum almost immediately and was orgasming every block all the way uptown. She knew he must have cum a couple of time but he was still rock hard.

He let her off in the parking garage and she managed to make it up to her penthouse without being seen.

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