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I clearly remember the first time that I ever stripped in public. My first husband and I both played table tennis in a local league but, like a lot of couples in stress situations, we tended to argue a lot in front of both our own team members and the opposition. It was suggested to us that it would be better if we played in different teams for the club. We reluctantly agreed although it seemed strange at first despite the fact that I was getting better results as I was then playing in a lower league. The guys in my team made no secret of the fact that they loved to see me in my short skirt which revealed my knickers as I bent to receive serves - something they couldn’t enjoy if my jealous husband was in the team - and I loved them looking and being the centre of attraction. With being the only girl good enough to play in league matches, plus the fact that at twenty-one I was something of a looker with a figure to match, I became rather popular.

It was in my third match with the team that the use of my feminimity was brought into good use.
We had reached the final doubles match and, with the score standing at 5-4, we needed only to win the doubles to chalk up our first victory with the team. Trevor , our team captain , held a tete a tete with me and Jimmy, the third member of our team.
"Look guys!" he started "it would be great to get our first win so we need this doubles badly - If I select you and me to play the doubles Tania, is there any chance of you doing something sexy to put them off their game?”. I looked at him with a twinkle in my eyes and gave him a wicked smile. It felt lovely to be free of my husband’s shackles and to be treated like a girl with feminine advantages at last. "You mean take my top off or something?" I cheekily suggested with a nervous laugh. The two guys looked at each other and smiled. I could almost see the cogs in their brains turning as they pictured it.
"Would you do that for the team love?" Trevor queried.

I was a little surprised, but secretly delighted, that they had taken my joke seriously, and I felt a tingle of excitement surge through by body as I nodded my agreement in my reluctance to disappoint them.
"If we lose the first of the three games THAT might put them off a bit to give us a chance of turning things around" Trevor continued. “you could explain that you are uncomfortably hot and sweaty!”
“Why not say that before you start the first game?” Jimmy quipped “surely it’s better to use Tania’s charms to try and win from the start? Both Trevor and Jimmy seemed keen for me to use my feminine assets to tease the opposition. I was the only girl there and, to be honest, the thought of undressing a little in front of the other five male players really excited me. Trevor and I agreed to Jimmy’s suggestion and approached the table to commence the final game.

Much to the surprise of the opposition I declared how hot and sweaty I was and asked if I could remove my polo shirt before the game started.
“Sure love!” quipped their captain, as he shared a laugh with his team-mates “take off anything you want!”. Their laughter soon turned to surprise and delight as I proceeded to lift and remove my top.
I then crouched, ready to receive service, with only my half cup bra preventing me being fully topless.
It was their third player acting as umpire who was responsible for the ongoing action as he announced.

“Hold it!“ he said sharply “you can’t play like that!”. The look on his team-mates faces was a picture as they started to argue that there was no reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to play in only my bra.
“It’s WHITE!” the umpire finally shouted, thus bringing the argument to fruition “it’s illegal to wear light tops, and THAT white bra is as light as it gets! Put your top back on please Mrs Daniels”.
The umpire’s own team mates were looking daggers at him, but I had an idea.
Trevor and I exchanged glances and as if by telepathy I turned my back to him for him to unhook my bra and remove it. I turned triumphantly to the umpire with my bare breasts fully exposed to him and everyone else.
“Is that better?” I queried - almost yelling in apparent anger, shimmying my boobs as if to make a point.

All eyes were glued to my bare tits and, far from being annoyed or angry, I was actually enjoying flashing them naked like that. I dreaded what my husband would say if he got to hear about it, but that fear was quickly pushed to the back of my mind as the umpire allowed me to play topless with my tits bouncing around in all directions as I bobbed and weaved in my determination to hit the ball. Unfortunately the opposition were not distracted quite enough as Trevor and I narrowly lost the first game 19-21. All eyes were on me as I towelled myself down, making doubly sure my breasts were completely dry before starting the second game of a possible three.

“I don’t think it’s worked Trevor?” I whispered to my captain. Trevor shook his head thoughtfully.
“No love I think it did work - but not enough” he replied, giving my boobs a long in depth appraisal.
I allowed him this opportunity to have a good look at them as he was unable to ogle them during play.
“We will just have to fight and hope they work” he mumbled “unless ……?”. His voice trailed off as he gazed down at my green skirt. Our eyes met and we both started giggling.
“I can’t take that off!” I said indignantly.
“Why not?” he asked firmly yet politely.
“I’ve got white knickers on, and you know what the umpire will say to those?” I giggled in reply.
Without any further discussion I stopped and unfastened the belt of my skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor. I stepped out of it donned in only my sparklingly white lace briefs. I stood their with the eyes of every man present devouring my semi-nudity. We waited breathlessly for the obvious challenge.

“And they are illegal too!” yelled the umpire triumphantly, “so please put your skirt back on!”.
“Take ‘em off Tania!” Jimmy’s voice echoed around the hall.
“Yes! Take them off!” came the yells in unison from the opposition players and spectators.
“What do you think?” I whispered to Trevor.
“It would certainly give us a fighting chance if you played stark naked love” he whispered in reply.
“Come on Tania!” Jimmy yelled again - you know you want to!”.

The strange thing was that I DID want to. I was feeling a definite desire to strip naked for them all.
“We won’t tell Ray” Trevor said out loud, guessing that my only fear would be my husband knowing.
“Can you guarantee that?” I asked both Trevor and Jimmy. They both agreed on pain of death.
“You two pull them down” I said softly “in that way I can honestly say that I didn’t take them off.
My two colleagues eagerly gripped the top of my briefs on either side and I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt my knickers being pulled down and audible gasps filled the room as my pubes and aroused wet and open vagina came into view, and I stepped out of them as they reached my ankles - totally naked.

I allowed everyone a minute or so to enjoy my static nudity and then crouched to receive service, with my tits hanging seductively down from my chest and my parted legs in the receiving serve position allowing everyone’s eyes full access to my hairy pussy. The opposing server put his first serve straight into the net. Trevor and I exchanged glances and smiled - it looked as if the ruse might be working. We eventually raced into an impressive lead as their players seemed almost hypnotised by my nudity - we won that game 21-9!
“It’s working Tania” Trevor whispered as he positioned himself to open serve in the third and final deciding game. “Make sure they get a good view of that hairy cunt of yours gal - and we can win this!”.

Win it we did, although much closer at 21-17 than the second game. I have never had an opposition team hug and kiss me so much following a successful win - and I loved every minute of it. Unfortunately that was the only time I ever played naked or even topless again as Ray found out about it on speaking to the losing team’s secretary over the phone, and subsequently stopped me playing for the team. I can only imagine what might have happened if I could have continued playing matches au naturalle - but that is now water under the bridge. It was eighteen years ago in another life with firmer breasts and another husband - a husband I left and divorced a year later mainly because of his paranoid jealousy.

My league table tennis days are now unfortunately over. If I DID play I know that my second husband Richard wouldn’t mind me playing naked, in fact he would actively encourage it. Why or why didn’t I meet him first?

But the memories linger - Mmmmm what if?


2018-04-15 18:18:13
Wow what a vision!!

Ike ManReport

2018-03-20 22:29:36
Yes! Have to agree with everyone, that would be a great match to watch ... hmmm ... better to try to compete that way I think.


2018-02-14 13:12:02
Now that would have been a mean game to watch Madam I can imagine there was a lot of bulges around that table he he x


2017-11-19 21:15:46
Smashing story. I got excited enough reading it. Heavens knows what state I'd be in if I were there.


2017-09-27 07:57:33
seems like you are going to be my fav story writer.

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