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Stacy woke up with a soreness in her pussy from the roadies massive cock and she was surprised that her jaw hurt as well from sucking off the horse. She went to the bathroom to wash the remnants of the night off of her.

She shat the phone out and tore the condom and put the phone safely on counter. She rubbed her asshole and was surprised how easily it had come out. If it weren't so disgusting, she might just make it a habit of keeping her phone there.

As she stepped into the shower and felt the hot water rush over her body she began to think that she was starting to like the tits. She wan't sure about the belly but knew that it would be hard to get rid of. As she washed it she realized that she was covered in stretch marks. There were angry red lines on her breasts and along her belly.

She started to cry curled up in the shower as she realized that she would never be pretty again. Even if she were to lose all the weight there would still be the scars. Scars that were worse than any she had mocked people before.

She spent half an hour sitting in the shower crying. When she got out she smashed the small phone and the earpiece and threw them in the trash. She had made up her mind, she was going to be free.

went and put on a bathrobe and went to the kitchen to get a coffee and some breakfast. She stirred in extra cream and sugar, not sweetener like normal, into her coffee She was feeling fat and disgusting and hating herself. She grabbed a pint of ice and sat down and started to eat. The coffee was strangely bitter and not at all sweet so she swirled in a scoop of ice cream.

She had finished the ice cream and was about grab another pint when her precious golden phone rang. She picked it up and there was the mechanical voice of her blackmailer. "Good job getting away from the concert. I knew you were resourceful. If you hadn't had bribed the cop, there was a car waiting for you. Let me say I didn't think you were going to do it when the cop asked you to blow his horse."

"Fuck off! I'm fat and ugly now because of you. I am hideous and covered with stretchmarks. Those don't go away you know. I might as well start dropping crotchfruit. That bastard wrecked my pussy."

"He was a rather impressive specimen. Don't worry, you are done with big dicks. I guarantee nothing over six inches tonight and most will be around four."

"Most? I give up. I can't do it. I've done wretched horrible things. I can't take any more of this. Go ahead, send in my meltdown, I'll do a Mel Gibson and plead drunk."

Her phone buzzed and a video popped up. It was from last night of her blowing the horse. "I have all of your escapades. I was lucky to get you with the horse. I have good shots of you and Alicia and you and Amanda."

"Look, I don't care. I'm done. Sure, you'll destroy my life, you will ruin me in six month increments so that no matter how long I live there will always be a new horror to follow me around."

"What will your friends say when I ruin their lives and tell them it's your fault. I'll make Alicia into another milk cow just like you with fat things, a swinging belly and massive udders that never seem to run out of milk. I'll turn you into a matching pair. I won't do anything like that to sweet Amanda. I'll turn her into a sadist. She will be unable to get off unless she is causing pain, and you and Alicia will be the ones she takes it out on. I'll wait until she had beaten the two of you and has blood dripping off of her cane, and smeared on her breasts, and is wearing it like warpaint. Then I will show her her diary where she talks about how sweet her brother is and how she gets a funny feeling 'down there' when he is around. I'll show her a junior high yearbook photo and ask her what she has become. Then I will tell her that I did it, because you, the massive whore, wouldn't suck one little dick."

Stacy shuddered in fear. The voice on the other end of the line sounded aroused. The person was getting off on making her suffer. She imagined the man on the other end stroking his dick while torturing her. He was probably masturbating while she was humiliating herself. He was probably masturbating to videos of her with the horse. She realized that he was getting off on this and that he had been taking it easy on her. He could make it so much worse.

"I can't keep this up. How much longer do I have to do these depraved acts?"

"Two more nights. Tonight's is already in motion. If you back out then I will be very disappointed in you and very angry. I will be embarrassed and I will make you suffer every inch of my shame, then every inch of the pain and suffering and humiliation you deserve."

Stacy was crying, "Two more nights? Is that really it? After tomorrow night I won't see you or hear from you again."

"I'll never contact you again. But you have to make tonight and tomorrow good. You won't need the phone tonight. I'll get you another one for tomorrow. A car is coming for you at 3. When it arrives you will get in and ride to Millennium Hilton, room 1069, the driver will have the key. When you get to the room change into the clothes provided. You have been hired to be the entertainment for a group of visiting businessmen. Your purpose is to seal the deal as it were. If you screw this up, the deal will fall through and there will be even more punishments. Do you understand me?"

"Yes." Stacy sobbed and the called hung up.

Stacy immediately dialed a local restaurant for a large meal for two complete with dessert. She then called Amanda.

"I need to talk to you. Can you come over."

"Yeah, sure babe. You weren't kidding about that roadie, I can barely walk."

Amanda showed up right around the time that lunch did. Stacy started to wolf down the steak and lobster while Amanda just poked at her salad.

"The blackmailer had given me a phone to keep in me at all times and I smashed it."

"What?!? Good for you."

"He was pissed. He called me on my regular phone and threatened to ruin my life and I told him I didn't care."

"Great! We can go to the cops. They can track the number."

"It was blocked and likely a burner. Besides he threatened to start punishing my friends. He was going to give Alicia the same drugs he gave me and make her and me into a pair of matched submissive cows."

"She would look better with some tits." Amanda said giving Stacy's rack a squeeze.

Stacy laughed a bit and then said, "I'm serious. You he was going to turn into a sadistic bitch. He was going to torture you until you could only get off would be by causing pain. Then he was going to remind you of what you used to be like. How you used to be sweet and innocent and used to have a crush on your brother."

Amanda got quiet and had a sad look on her face. She took a big bite of steak, it was bloody rare and bit of the juice dripped down the side of her mouth. She dabbed it with her napkin and said "Excuse me."

"I've caused enough pain and problems. Thank you for standing by me. I must have been a bitch to you over the years and you've done nothing but be a friend. How do you do it?"

"I have a Stacy voodoo doll at my house. I guess I am going to have to dye it's hair black now."

Stacy laughed and ran off and came running back with a pair of scissors. She snipped off a bit of her hair and handed it to Amanda. "Here, give me menstrual cramps or something."

Amanda laughed, "Okay, or something." Amanda tucked the hair into her purse.

"He said that I only have to do two more nights. Tonight and tomorrow. Tonight I am going to be whore to a bunch of businessmen. To celebrate a major merger. I hope they don't recognize me."

"With the hair and the boobs, I don't think anyone would recognize you. I only recognized you last night because I knew about the boobs and you were there with Alicia."

Stacy sighed with relief and smiled. "I can do this. It will be like a frat party. I pulled a train at PiKap homecoming weekend and half of it was alumni."

The two of them started to chat about the latest fashions and which ones would work well on their frames. The were finishing up dessert a chocolate mousse pie when the car came for Stacy. They kissed each other on the cheeks. Amanda hugged Stacy and said, "You can do it."

"Will you be here when I get back?"

"Sure, I'll just sit around, and run up your cable bill with Pay Per View."

"You can run the bill up faster if you only watch the first 5 minutes of each movie and then change to another one."

They laughed and hugged. Stacy went down to the waiting car and climbed in. The ride downtown was fairly quick. When she arrived at the hotel the driver handed her an envelope. She climbed out of the car and opened the envelope. There was a letter, a cashier's check and an electronic key card. When she opened the letter she saw a picture of her masturbating naked on the stage in front of the world. The picture was a screen capture from the morning news along with a number to call the police with tips. Underneath the picture was her full name, birthday and address. The letter went on to say the check was payment for her work and a reminder to not screw up.

Stacy looked at the check. It was for $2.

In the room Stacy found a tight red silk dress with slits up the side and a plunging neckline. There was no underwear so she assumed she was supposed to do without. She carefully put her clothes away in the dresser and slid on the slink dress. It hugged her curves and stretched in ways she didn't imagine possible. As she looked at herself in the mirror she realized that if she wore this out she wouldn't have worn underwear with it anyway. It was so tight that even the most minimal thong would have shown panty lines. Likewise a bra would be instantly observable and destroy the illusion.

Her nipples were starting to harden and they became obvious, they were tenting the cloth over her nipples like erections on the ball boys at a women's tennis tournament and like erections they were starting to leak. There were faint moist wet spots in the front of her dress. She sighed and realized there was nothing to do about it.

She was lying in the bed, listening to the radio when the first businessman came in. He was short and Japanese, the classic working man type. He was in his mid 50s with a hint of silver in his bowl cut hair. He wore a dark business suit that was custom tailored with a starched white shirt and dark tie.

He snapped and pointed down at his shoes. Stacy jumped up and went and bowed in front of him and began to untie his shoes. She carefully removed them and set them by the door. She took a half step back and kneeled.

The business man grunted and pointed to the bathroom. She knew he wanted a proper bath house bath. She knew a little of what goes on in a traditional bath house and decided to do her best.

Stacy nodded and started to draw a hot bath. As the bath was filling she took off his jacket and vest and hung them up in the closet. Then came his pants which were also hung. She took off his shirt and tie and carefully folded them. He was left standing in his boxers, socks and a t-shirt. He walked to the bathroom. Stacy followed him and once in there she finished stripping him, folding his socks underwear and undershirt neatly on the counter.

When the man was naked Stacy took off her dress and folded it and placed it on the counter next to his clothes. She had him sit on the toilet for lack of a better place and began to wash his body with hot water from the sink. First she carefully washed his face paying careful attention to his ears. When his face was washed she took a drinking glass full of hot water and rinsed him off. Then she washed his neck. When she was washing the back of his neck she mad a special note to place a nipple at his mouth. He took it and started to suck on it. She was feeling incredibly aroused as the milk flowed from her breast and into his mouth. As it was flowing she could feel her pussy getting wet and her love liquid was starting to flow down her legs. She rinsed off his neck and started to wash his arms.

To keep his arms in position she placed his hand on her breast. She washed his arms and armpits and chest. As she was washing his chest he was wordlessly squeezing her breasts, the milk was coming out between his fingers and running down his hands. When his chest was done she straddled his lap his hard on was rubbing the entrance to her pussy. She squirmed a bit and the head popped it. He nodded and started to suck her breast.

Stacy was concentrating hard on both washing him and gently working the little bit of his cock that was in her pussy. She had never practiced Kegel exercises but now wished she had. She had once seen Alicia sit on a dildo and pick it up with just her pussy muscles. She could even work it in and out a little bit. She thought that she would have to have Alicia show her that trick. She did her best and began to feel the businessman's cock ejaculate into her. He kept wordlessly sucking on her tit. She rinsed his back and had him stand up. She led him into the center of the room and washed his legs and feet, finally she took the washcloth and washed his ass. When all of the that was rinsed she kneeled down in front of him and began to suck on his dick.

She pondered that it wasn't much of a penis, barely four inches long but it was enough fuck with. She stayed kneeling in front of him sucking on his dick while he rested his hands on her head. They stayed like that for five minutes before he tapped her shoulder and said something in Japanese. She let go and he climbed into the tub and laid back. She climbed in and sat on his lap, his cock impaling her pussy. She offered him a breast which he sucked with abandon. She was rocking back and forth working his cock with her pussy. She was surprised that she could still pleasure him and tighten around his dick after the reaming she took last night from the roadie.

Stacy could feel her own orgasm coming. She wanted to scream in delight but she thought of the porn she had seen with her boyfriend and the Japanese women in it were either silent or gave high pitched whines. She tried the whine and he responded positively with it. As her orgasm approached he was lifting his hips and trying to get deeper into her. The two of them orgasmed together. She climbed out of the tub and he followed her. She led him back to the bed where he pulled back the covers climbed in and fell asleep naked.

Stacy wasn't sure what to do but was pretty sure letting him sleep was the right thing. She went to the bathroom to retrieve the clothes and was horrified by all the water on the floor. She knew she was making a mess but she wanted to do it the right way. She placed her dress in the closet and placed his on the dresser. She looked around the room for something to do and decided to try and iron his shirt and pants. She carefully read the instructions and did her best. As she was finishing the shirt, she saw the man getting up. She handed him the shirt and bowed. He dressed wordlessly and left.

As he opened the door to leave, a half dozen of his subordinates came in. They were dressed in suits, not as nice as his, but still nice. Most of them were in their 30's but there was one who had to be at least 60. All of the men quickly undressed and started to jerk their hard-ons. When they were naked, she noticed that one of the men was not a man at all but a woman with a large strap-on dildo. She was stroking it just like it was a penis. The men lined up by penis length with the woman with the strap-on trying to get to front of the line. The woman was shouting something and pointing at the massive fake cock and then pointing at the guy's penises and then stuck out her pinky and wiggled it laughing.

One of the guys tried to push her but she slapped the end his cock and he got back in line. She pointed the bed and yelled at Stacy. Stacy laid down and the woman slapped her legs apart and violently shoved the dildo into to Stacy. The businesswoman slapped Stacy's breasts and yelled at her again. She fucked Stacy for 15 minutes. She didn't seem to be enjoying it and was yelling something that sounded like, "Take that whore." When she stopped she went to end of the line and started to stroke the dildo like it was a cock again and make what sounded like insulting comments about the men. The next man barely got his cock in when he orgasmed. He got in line behind the woman and start stroking to hardness. The third guy jizzed all over her tits, bowed and then got dressed.

Next up was the old man. He didn't have much in the way of body hair and had a small pot belly that hung down. His skin was loose and paper like. His hands and chest were covered with age spots. He started to pound away at Stacy but at this point she was numb to the sex. She was just a thing to be used by these people to get off. She found herself staring at the old man's liver spots and was looking for constellations. He was driving into her for nearly twenty minutes when he finally orgasmed, dumping a small load of cum into her pussy. The next two guys had orgasmed jerking off and left. That left her with the woman and the premature ejaculator.

The woman walked over the bed and kneeled by Stacy's head. She pushed the rubber cock into Stacy's mouth. She was shocked at how realistic the texture was. It wasn't quite as hot as an erect cock, and should couldn't feel a pulse in it but it had the same silky texture as a real cock and the outside of it slid along its more rigid core just like a real penis. The only flavor it has was that of her own cunt and of the men she had just been with. The woman bent down and was sucking Stacy's breasts. Stacy took a hand and felt around the base of the dildo and found a hole. She stuck a finger into the hole and was rewarded with a small squirt of pussy juice. She started to frig the woman while sucking the rubber cock oblivious to the last guy fucking her.

When the salaryman fucking her orgasmed he got dressed and left. After he left the woman lost interest and got dressed and walked out. Stacy sat up and smiled. It wasn't as bad as she he thought it would be. That was when she saw that there were two more men in the room. One was the man that she had treated to a bath and the other was an American businessman who was sitting in the shadows.

"See Mr Hashimoto, my daughter has taken care of you and your staff. I am completely dedicated to our deal."

"She does not look like your daughter Stacy."

Stacy thought on her feet. The American businessman must be her father. It sounded like him and somewhat looked like him. She hadn't seen him since the trial though. "Actually, I'm Stacy's older sister Emily. She is selfish and always trying to steal the spotlight. She doesn't understand the importance of family obligations."

"You do not look like her, you are much more shapely."

"It's because of a medical condition."

"So Stacy is not entirely a woman then? I enjoyed your milk, very rich. When did you have the baby?"

"No baby, I just started to milk when my breasts came in. It happens occasionally." Stacy smiled at the not quite lie.

"Very nice. I am glad it was you and not Stacy. I must say my daughter was disappointed but I am sure she will speak highly of you. There is only one other point of business."

Stacy's father nodded and then began to strip down. He was naked in front of her with his 8" cock fully erect. He bent down and sucked Stacy's breast she sighed "Oh Daddy, suck my breasts."

He sucked the other one the kissed her. She could taste the warm milk on his tongue. He whispered in her ear, "Make this good. This isn't our first time."

"Oh Daddy." She screamed. "Hearing Mr Hashimoto ask about me being pregnant made me horny. Fill me up. Make a baby in me."

He father took this as a command and started to drive into her. "Oh Emily, you really do make your father proud. I will give you that baby. Our son will be your brother."

Stacy was getting oddly turned on and started to grind her clit. "Oh daddy, I've missed your cock." He was pounding into her thinking that she was some expensive whore. Stacy wondered what would happen if he found out. "Fuck me daddy. I've been a bad girl and I need your cock in me." He started to pound into her harder and faster.

"Oh Daddy!" She screamed and almost blacked out from the orgasm, digging her fingernails into his back.

"Emily!" he shouted and started to dump his cum into her.

"I will leave you two alone. I look forward to many more business arrangements." Mr Hasimoto said and then left.

Stacy and her dad faced each other. "Thank you for playing along. That was brilliant dinging Stacy for being selfish. Now that I see you clearly, you do look a bit like her. The body is totally different." He cupped her breast. "But you have the same eyes and a very similar faces."

"Thank you sir, I always considered your daughter to be beautiful."

He kissed her. "Stacy's a bitch. You seem to be a truly decent person and that makes you more beautiful, at least in my eyes. I think I would almost rather have you as daughter."

The words stung Stacy and wounded her to the core. She didn't know that she could hurt like that. She smiled and said thank you.

"I'll see that you get paid double. Thank you for all of your work." He gave her another kiss. "If I want to do the daddy daughter thing again, can I call your agency?"

"Anytime." Stacy said with a smile and a tear in her eye. They said their goodbyes and got dressed.

Stacy reached her apartment about 1am. Amanda was still there, sleeping on the couch. The TV was tuned to a black and white movie channel and she was asleep to "The Count of Monte Cristo" Stacy set the letter and check for $2 on the table, turned off the TV and snuggled up to Amanda and fell asleep, dreaming of having her father's baby.

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