Ashley could be persumed to be one of the hottest girls to breathe. So hot that, guys,they were puppets in her horny little game
Ashley-13 Brian-13 Anthony-13 all just hitting puberity.
Ashley was a very hot girl that had very a very sexual and horny side to her. Her blond hair ran over her blue eyes. She was very slim with trampoline boobs and a trampoline ass. She walked around the school like she owned it. When she arrived she decided to court a boy named Brian. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a very fit body. His face was wide spread and had a fine carving to it. Her lover, Anthony had brown eyes with short brown hair. His face was also a little spacy with a very fit body. One day when her parents would be away for the night she decied to have some fun. She invited over. She told Anthony to show up first.
When he got there she informed him of her plan. She knew that he was bisexual and would not have a problem dominating Brian. They kissed for a little while and she teased his dicks with a few licks. She also had a huge ass fetish as did he. She bent him over and begat to inhale the aroma of his fresh crisp ass. She licked his that pulsated a little when her cool tongue hit it. She savored the flavor and continued. With each lick her body jolted threatning an orgasm. After a while none other than Brian showed up.
She instructed Anthony to hide until she wanted him revealed.She grabbed Brian by the hand and led him toward the pull out bed(opened up already) in the living room. She removed his shirt and removed hers as well. She kissed his nipples down to his jock. She licked all around his waistband and hips. She finally got to his dick. She licked the tip a few times and then engulfed it all. Each time her mouth went down her tongue licked the tip. She let the penis choke her a few times. She removed the rest of her clothing and told brian to close his eyes. She moved her pussy straight onto his face. She grinded will gesturing for Anthony to come over. With his eyes still closed she had Brian turn on his stomach. She felt his ass cheeks up and than brought her mouth near. She gave his plump fresh hole a few licks before having her head replaced with Anthony's. He than brought his uncovered cock to his ass hole. Ashley than tied Brian's hands to the bed quickly. At the same time, Anthony began to penetrate him. Ashley grabbed Brians head and began to tease him pulling his head towards her vagina. She thought a tear formed around his eye. She gave in and let him eat her out. She began to orgasm and Brian forgot all about the dick that was plummeting his asshole. He than began to just ride the penis. Anthony unhooked his penis from the ass hole and drew it near to Brian's mouth. Brian hesitated before they both shoved the penis in his mouth. As Anthony received a blowjob from the unwilling Brian, Ashley went back to work on Brian's now pumbled asshole. Her licks sent brians body rumbling. All of the sudden Anthony let his cum loose into Brian's mouth. Brian try to spit it out with no success as he was made to drink it.
Anthony and Ashley flipped brian over. Out of nowhere Anthony mounted Brians throbbing cock. Anthony began to jump up and down on it.. Ashley swung her hair back and than took Anthony's cock into her mouth. She let his bounces control where the cock went.
After some convincing, They untied Brian. Ashley than order brian to pound her asshole. She explained to him to take all of his rage out on her. He mounted her fresh and innocent looking ass. He guided his cock right into her. Anthony Stepped over Ashley and than let his cock enter Brians mouth. With no hesitation briand began to suck it. He let his mouth guide over the ever so good tasting penis. Anthony and AShley shared very loud and harmonious screams. She then unmounted him and laid on her back. Brian mounted her pussy while Anthony mounted her asshole. They both began to thrust their cocks into Ashley. She took each one with pleasure. After a while she had Brian once again get fucked. He took it doggie styled with pleasure. Ashley fingered Anthony's asshole and treated also with some kind tonging.

After hours and hours of constant fucking everyone left and Ashley remained to pleasure her self with the boy and cum ridden sheets. Next week her parents had to attend a formal for her dads job. What other boys were cute enough she wondered?

-Author of acting out. Feel free to inbox me or comment me anything. Criticism is welcomed.

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2014-02-21 02:44:18
Little bit more detail please, make it more erotic. Loved the theme of dominant girls and 2 guys. I implore you:WRITE MORE!!! Thanks

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2013-10-12 00:19:46
You should have added a 'rape' tag to the story, because that's what you just did to the English language.

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2013-10-11 05:10:38
I'm 15 and really horny. Please CALL me and let's have phone sex. 780-308-8030

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I came for mind control but didn't find any.


2013-10-08 08:54:55
well fanfucking tastic

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