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The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Mary and Allison Take a Shower

Note: This takes place in Chapter 5 while Mark was sleeping. This is just a sex scene and has zero plot in it.

It was when Mark started snoring softly that I realized he had fell asleep.

I was curled up next to him on the couch in the Fitzsimmons house, enjoying the afterglow of the two orgasms Desiree cunnilingus had given me. Desiree was Mark and mine's newest sex slave. We took her, along with this house, from her husband. I rested my head on his chest and listened to Mark breath for a minute. Allison still sat on the floor and Desiree was standing, not sure what to do.

“Desiree, have you started dinner yet?” I asked.

“Yes, Miss Mary,” Desiree answered. “The roast is in the oven and I was about to start on the mashed potatoes.”

“Sluts refer to her as Mistress,” Allison said, fiercely “Mistress, shall I attend to this slut?”

“Yes, once she's disciplined, have her continue cooking dinner,” I ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Allison said standing up. “Desiree, sluts don't wear clothes inside the house,” Allison said.

“Discipline her in the other room,” I said, “Mark's sleeping.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Allison said and dragged Desiree out of the room as the Latina was unbelting her dress. The dress opened up, revealing heavy, brown breasts with dark pink nipples before the pair disappeared out of sight.

I sighed and snuggled up next to Mark and … I awoke to find Allison sitting cross-legged on the floor. On the TV screen was footage Mark had shot on his camcorder. Somehow, Allison got it to play on the TV. There was Mark, fucking some blonde Bestbuy employee who was bent over a counter. I stretched and yawned, startling Allison, who jumped guiltily and I realized she had been masturbating.

“Is Desiree working on dinner?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Allison said. Every time Allison called me “Mistress” it sent a naughty little tingle through my body, ending at my pussy.

“I'm going to take a shower,” I said. After all the fucking I did today, I reeked of sex. “Gather our purchases and meet me up stairs in the master suite.” I smiled, licking my lips, “You'll get to wash me.”

Allison grinned eagerly at me. “At once, Mistress.” As she ran by, I slapped her firm, teenage ass. Allison did not even hesitate in going outside naked. <i>What a nasty slut,</i> I thought with a smile.

I wondered upstairs and found the master bedroom. It was a luxurious room. A four poster bed with white silk hanging stitched with pink roses. A matching quilt covered the bed. There was a dressing table made of carved, dark wood. I wandered into the master bathroom and found a jacuzzi next to a large shower that could easily fit four people. And one of those European things that squirts water on your ass. A bedo? A bidet?

I was sitting on the bidet, enjoying the water shooting on my pussy and ass when Allison entered. She was naked and my eyes feasted on her lithe form. Her beasts were large and perky, a C Cup. I only had B Cups, mere pleasant handfuls compared to Allison. Her pink nipples were pierced with silver barbells and I reached out and grasped one and tugged. Allison gasped and smiled seductively at me. Her stomach was flat and she was shaved smooth. Where her pubic hair would be, she had tattooed “Cum on in” with a little arrow pointing down to her clit. In her hands she carried the shampoo, the conditioner, and the body wash that I had purchased today.

Allison started the shower, adjusted the temperature and then climbed in, the water running down her tight, little body. I slid in behind her, the water warm and pleasant. I pulled Allison against me, her pierced nipples rubbing against my breast, and I kissed her. Her tongue wrestled with mine, and her hand reached down and squeezed my butt. Washing could wait, I was getting horny. Her legs spread open for me, and are smooth cunts brushed together and and our clits kissed and that that wonderful feeling washed through me.

Allison held me tight, writhing her hips in rhythm with my fucking, her tongue wiggling in my mouth. I slid a hand up her side and squeezed her large tit. I found her nipple and piercing, and pulled and pinched it. Are clits rubbed together as we tribbed and the warm water poured about us. My orgasm built and I fucked Allison harder and harder. Allison was moaning loudly and shuddering in my arms. The naughty slut had cum first. I pinched her nipple hard and she gasped in pain.

“How dare you cum before me, slut!” I hissed.

“Oh, sorry Mistress,” Allison gasped as I mauled her breast and bit ate her throat. “Your clit felt so good on me. You are such a wonderful lover that I couldn't help myself. I'm so sorry!”

She ground her cunt back into me and slipped a finger up my asshole. It felt so good there, the little slut was learning what I liked. I fucked her as she fingered my ass. I kissed her again, nibbling on her lower lip. Her clit felt like electricity on mine, sparks of desire rolled through me. My pleasure built and built and then crested and I came in my sluts arms.

Panting, I stepped back from my slut and waited. She grabbed a loofah and washed my body with coconut-scented body wash. The loofah was soft as she washed reached her arms about me to wash my back. Her nipples brushing lightly against mine. The little minx was teasing me. She washed slowly lower, rubbing my ass, kneading it, pulling me into her groin and for the briefest instance our clits touched. I gasped as electricity tingled from my clit and then she pulled back, starting to wash my arms.

I was growing wet again and my nipples were achingly hard, as she started washing my chest, carefully avoiding my breast. She washed down my sides and across my flat stomach before she finally started working her way back up to my tits. When the loofah started rubbing on my left breast, circling about my aerola, growing closer with every pass, I moaned in anticipation. When the soft, sponge finally brushed my hard nipple, I gasped in pleasure, almost cumming. She gently washed my nipple, then slid over to my other breast and started the teasing again.

Allison was then kneeling before me, her pink hair plastered wet to her body, and she began to wash my legs, starting at the hip and washing up the inside my thighs, coming achingly close to my pussy before she switched over to my right leg. My skin was on fire, my entire body hummed with lust that was building my pussy, fanned by this cute minx teasing my body.

And then sweet relief came as the loofah rubbed along my pussy. My excitement crashed over me and I shuddered in climax. “Ohh, god, you little, teasing slut!” I moaned as my orgasm washed over me. I gasped as her tongue flicked over my clit, her tongue stud cold and hard on my lips. I gripped her hair and fucked my cunt on her face. Her tongue wiggled up inside my pussy, rubbing along my sensitive walls. I bucked on her face as another orgasm surged through my body. I was moaning wordlessly, and the little slut never stopped. She just kept sucking and licking my nethers, fanning the flames of my lust.

I leaned back against the shower wall, warm water pelting my breasts and came again on Allison's tongue. “Fuck!” I moaned and second orgasm immediately followed. It was too much, and I pushed Allison's face away from my cunt. I was panting heavily, and moaned, “Oh, god! You fucking slut, that was amazing!”

Allison grinned up at me, playing with her cunt. I pulled her up and kissed her soundly, tasting my spicy, sweet juices. I needed to return the favor. I kissed down my sluts body, and felt her quiver in excitement. Her legs were spread and her pussy flushed and wet. I tasted her sex, her juices were sweet and thick, like honey, and they were delicious. My tongue licked through the furrow of her sex, dipping into her pussy, and ending at the hard nub of her clit.

“Oh, Mistress!” she moaned. “Oh, Mistress, your tongue is amazing.”

I gripped her ass and dug my tongue deep into her hole, and rubbed my face on her pussy. Her scent filled my nostrils and her taste filled my mouth. She was warm inside, her pussy walls silk on my tongue. I moved up to her clit, gently biting it with my teeth and she bucked on my face, fresh honey flooding past my lips. I drank and drank until I had my fill and rose up. My slut panted and we kissed beneath the spray of water.

Allison shampooed my hair and then I stepped out of the shower and she dried me off with a terry cloth towel. I told her to get back in the shower and wash herself, and exited the bathroom. On the bed, Allison had laid out the pink, silk robe I got at Victoria Secret. I just knew Mark would love to see me in this robe. He'd probably be so excited, he'd shoot of in his pants. Smiling wickedly, I drew the silk on over my body. The soft fabric kissed my naked body and I loosely tied the robe closed. I went downstairs and found Mark still snoring. I snuggled back up to him and started to watch the footage of the Bestbuy orgy, while my hand lazily playing with my pussy.

Allison came down stairs, still naked, and replaced my hand with her tongue. She was such a good slut.

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