This is a sequel to the story that I have written long back about mine mom who was a high-society escort till some time back.

As I have told you all in the first part of the story I came to know about the fact that mine mom was a high-society call girl and had entertained many a people for the sake of money. But after a brief passage of time money was not a problem for her as dad was sending her lots of alimony money after she won the case against him for divorce. Due to this we had moved in a new locality which was very posh and mom had restricted her customers to a very few elite club. All in whole I can say that they were only a few lucky people around who got the opportunity to fuck my mom.

Speaking about mom she is lovely and in boyish terms she is a hot property (as all Kashmiris are). She has a height of 5?7? which is good for ladies but the regular workout keeps her figure to desirable level for every person walking on road or seeing her in mall .She has boobs of size 34DD (which I knew when she was asking for a bra at a store) and with a slim waist and good hips combined with delightful ass was as good as a prize for onlookers. I am proud of her and love going out with her as people would see me with jealousy and for this reason I would ask her to wear western clothes(jeans, tops, skirts and sometimes shirts) while going to shopping as they suited her style and meant more stalkers for her . Most of the people who saw her always turned to have a better look and whenever we went to shopping all shops would provide her discounts in order to make her stay for more time. She was good at making bargains and always knew what people wanted from her (they always looked at her cleavage, which she showed a bit to make people look). But I always thought that this was meant to be a part of fun she wanted to have and I didn?t disprove it. I always asked her to go on dating so that she could find a new man but she always told me that she is happy with life and me. At home she used to wear skirts with tops and often skimpy dresses about which she told me that she wore them because of high humidity problem. When at home she avoided wearing bra as she thought that they were bit too uncomfortable.

Soon there was happy news in term of mine career which meant joy for both of us. I had got a decent job offer with an MNC in Netherlands?s and they wanted me to joining their main office for a period of 2 yrs from the month of December. Both mom and I were happy on hearing this news because we all carved for freedom from family ties which was not possible in India. We wanted to love each other in public, which was only possible in Europe. We were thinking about introducing ourselves to everyone there as husband and wife. But soon our dreams were blasted out when I got the news that I had the chance only for the next month or else the opportunity would be passed on to my colleague. The problem was that I had just applied for my passport and since we had changed address the authorities told us that it would take at least 2 months for it to be issued.
After going on about enquiring the possibilities to all mine friends and neighbourers I was pleased to find a solution. As I came to know their was a possibility that if I could get a letter of guarantee from my local MLA about mine address and behavior I could get the passport in stipulated amount of time. Soon after my visits to The MLA residence followed. But it didn?t result to anything as I wasn?t allowed to meet him citing reasons that he was busy.

When mom saw me all shattered up she asked me for the reason. I told her about the whole situation and asked her if she could provide any help to me. She dialed some nos. at that time and told me that we had got an appointment with the MLA on Saturday over his breakfast time. I told mom to accompany me as I thought that the chances of mine work done with my mom in attendance are always more.

During the next morning before an hour of the stipulated time we started getting ready for the meeting. I wore the normal shirt and trousers but mom was a bit different as always. She went the Indian way this time. She chose to wear a white salwar suit for the appointment. The suit was nearly very much transparent showing most of her curves and the special clothes she was wearing inside. Moreover being a body hugging one, it had deep cuts along to show her cleavage and also along her things which came as way up as too her hips.

Soon we arrived at MLA?s house in our palio. I must admit that it was a huge place and there were a lot of people waiting for him. As we landed from the car mom moved to a person and told him that we had an appointment for 10 am. That person took us too a huge room and told us too wait. After a brief passage of time a man in his late 20?s entered the room. I was told by mine friend?s that his name was Mr.Malik. I would at this point like to say that he seemed to be like an engineer working for an MNC, not a politician. He was well versed in English and had garments suited for a gentleman. His physique was well toned and gave testimony of his owning a private gym. He listened to our problems, but told me that it was not possible for him to offer any help. For the whole period of time he was constantly staring at mom?s cleavage and making obscene gestures. I knew from his body language that he was getting a liking for mom and he desired her body. While we were leaving he told his secretary to note down our no. and told us that he would call in case he found out a solution.

Later we came back home and went into chill mode as it was Saturday and it was a holiday for both of us and we felt a bit letdown by the series of events. Sometime around 7 pm in the evening mom?s mobile phone rang. It was from the MLA? office, the secretary told mom to hold on and said that sir wanted to talk to her. During this time mom had called me in her room and put the mobile on the speakers. The voice that I heard next was that of our MLA?s who we had met the same morning and there was no way that I could miss it.

?Hi Renu???.!!!!!!!!!!He said.?

?Hi???..!!!!!Mom said.?

?Sorry for the answer that I had to give to you earlier in the morning!! He said.?

?That?s all right????..such things happen in life!!!!!Mom said.?

?Nahin mera matlab who nahin tha????!!!!!!!!

?I am not able to understand you?????.kya aap plz detail main batayenge. !!!!Mom said.?

?Dekhiye main aapko samjhata huun????..par bura mat maniyega!! ?He told.?

?Haan haan????..boliye naa????.isme bura mannane ki kaunse baat hain!! Mom said.?

?Can we speak in English???????he said

?Sure why not!!!!?????.mom replied.

?Look Renu, as per the rules there is no way that your son will get his passport before 45 days at least. And I very well know that this will ruin the best chance of his career. But for that I will have to issue a guarantee letter for him, and if he defaults I will have to prison?????..he said!!!!

?I know that???..but believe me he won?t do any such thing ?Mom said.?

?I don?t know about the future mam???that is why I can?t take the chance? he said.?

?Still is there any other way????????.to do this work??.mom said literally begging.

He sat as if he was thinking deeply for some time and later replied that there was a way but it was illegal and also unethical.

?What is the way???????.mom asked?

?I can attest all your son?s documents on mine risk???..but I need a favor from you??are you ready for that????? He said.

?I will do anything for my son? mom replied. Tell me what you want from us????.mom asked.

?I don?t want anything from your son mam, but I need a favor from you only??.hope you do provide it in exchange???.he said.

?Tell me???I will do anything for you for my child?s career?s she said.

?Ok??? I will tell you???.what I want?..from you???Renu I want to come to your place for a date with you and spend some quality time with you? he said.

?Is that all you want???.or is there some other angle in it???? mom enquired.

?Ok????..jaan????..i will tell you?????.in morning when I saw you I was mesmerized by your physical beauty and from that point I started thinking about sleeping with you for a night and fucking you? he said.

?Do you promise that after I sleep with you will keep your promise about the work that you need to do??she asked?.

?I promise I will do the need full? he said.

?So when and where do you want me to come on a date with you????mom asked.

?I think tomorrow night at 10 sounds good for me as I have a free day tomorrow.............and about the place????since if we go out people will get suspicious we will better have it at your place only????and you can send you son out so that we can have a good time between us??.will do????.....he asked.

?Seems alright to me???.?mom said.

?Anything else???you want from me????.mom asked.

?Haan, one thing more???..but for that I would like to know your figure???he asked.

?It is 34-28-36??.?she replied.

??Awesome?????really you have maintained a lot?????.i would love to see all your curves when your are without your clothes? he said.

?And one more thing????..tomorrow morning I will send a dress for you with my secretary????..and it is my wish that you wear it while welcoming me to your place.? he said.

?Ok???I will do it???.but keep up your promise? mom said.

?And the most important thing, I don?t like the feeling of rubber so I won?t use a condom???so better be prepared for it.? he said.

?I will be all yours, darling? came the reply.

?Then see you tomorrow jaan??????hope you will share a good experience???.he said.

"Yeah, sure I promise, and you...don't forget, you are to wear the clothes I got for you - all of them...everything! Underwear and all!" he smiled.

?I surely will?? replied.

?Bye and take care till tomorrow night????will see u then?????.he said.

?You too?. mom said.
Soon she kept the phone and looked into my eyes. I went close to her and kissed her on her lips and told her that she was the best mom in the whole world. But I was very skeptical about her getting pregnant, for which she told me that if she gets pregnant she will have an abortion and hence there was no need too worry. I was getting turned on by the situation since this was the first time someone was going to come home and fuck mom in our parent?s bedroom. I told her that I wanted to have a look at their rampage but she told me that it was not possible. The tech savvy person that I am, I told mom that I will fix the two webcams that we have in the hall and bedroom and monitor the proceedings from far away. When I showed a demo to mom she liked it instantaneously and told me that I can go ahead with that idea of mine.

Later on Sunday morning at around 11 am the secretary of MLA came to our place. He had bought a bag for mom and told her that this was a gift meant for her and bought specially by him. After he went mom bought the packet to mine bedroom and opened it. We were both astonished by the choice of clothes that Malik had chosen for her. He had gone for an all hot western outfit that would make her look like a whore. I don?t know how he managed to get the cuts right but the choice was fabulous and mom loved such outfits. The first bag contained a tight red top with plunging neckline with ?HOT BABE? written over it. I held it up, it looked very short and the scooped neckline looked very low cut, I laid it on the bed and unpacked the others. This man surely knew the choice of women like mine mom. Along with it he had sent a short mini-skirt of black colour which had zippers on sides and would come nowhere near her knees. There was no way that if mom sat on a couch the person sitting opposite to her won?t have a look at her panties covered pussy. But it was bit tight and it meant that anybody wanting to do anything had to first open it up fully. In the other bag there was a half cup bra with matching open crotch panties, both red in colour. The panties were made to garner a lot of attention and to hide little and reveal all.

As the clock stroked 9:30 in night I made all the necessary connections and left mom who was looking fabulous in the dress that his date had bought for her. I took our car and went to another flat and opened my laptop to see if all connections were working or not. Everything was working as planned and I kept my eyes glues to screen to see what no one would have ever seen before.

Right at 10 pm, doorbell rang and mom opened the door. It was him and he was looking ravishing this time around. He gave the flowers that he had bought for mom and gave her peck on her lips. Mom tried to get away from him, but he used his other hand to hold her ass and pulled her closer. This time mom didn?t resist and allowed him to do what he wanted.

?Sharmao mat jaan??? kya sharmana???.he said!!

?you've got a great figure and you're gorgeous??.believe me?.!!!!he said.

?Thanks? was the reply that came from mom.

?I can?t see inside????but I hope u liked my choice and have worn it tonight???.he said.

Mom was showing a bit reserve nature to him.

"C'mon mom, you are my date for tonight remember, you promised! Tonight you are not someone?s mom, c'mon...pose for me!!!!1"

Mom just bent little showing whatsoever was left of her boobs to him while he was sitting on the couch. She didn?t reveal her nipples but certainly came close to it. She later stood up and straightened her clothes.

Mom said "Well - you are my date for the night, you haven't forgot your promise, have you?"

?No love, I haven't forgotten, was the reply that came from him.

Next he stood up and pulled mom closer to his body and moved forward with the intention of giving her a little peck on her cheek. It seemed Malik had other ideas, while doing this, he too moved towards mom and before I knew it their lips had met, his arm that was around mom?s shoulders was holding her head tight. I felt his tongue trying to part mom?s lips, at the same time his other hand moved down to mom?s thighs and he began stroking them.

"I'm sorry jaan, I couldn't resist it, and you look so sexy! It was...well, it's just that if you were my date then...well, it would be no big deal to kiss - would it?"

?It's ok?.Malik?.. I understand????.mom replied!!!

Mom kissed him deeply, passionately, their tongues entwining and exploring each others mouths, sucking on each others tongues, I felt his hand again go to my mom?s thigh and again he started to stroke up along the outside of mom?s dress.

"Wow, that was nice!"he said..

Malik reached out and took mom?s hand. Now he moved closer on the couch and his other arm casually went around mom?s shoulder. I could see mom?s body tensed up as his hand that held mom?s hand moved down and started to rub up and down over her bare waxed and silky thighs. Malik continues to stroke her leg and was getting higher and higher. I felt his hand reach mom?s bare skin above her things, and touch while her legs were tight together. He was going beyond limits and I could see that mom was getting hot and aroused.

?Malik ! Stop it!"???.mom screamed.

"Shhh, relax a bit???.i love you?.he said!!!!!!!!!. He turned to mom and pulled her head closer to him, next thing I knew was that they were kissing again, at the same time he gently squeezed the flesh at the top of mom?s legs.

?Malik?.. ...NO! Don't do that!"????.she yelled!!

"Look Renu, if I was here with a date I would do more than just kiss!" he replied.

"That's just it - tonight you were supposed to forget who you were, tomorrow things would return to normal but tonight...!"he said.

After another couple of minutes of silence mom asked "Tell me what you expect from me Malik, what do you want me to do?"

"Do I really have to tell you this jaan, Ok - look, tonight I would like us to be lovers???? a couple who really have the 'hots' for each other, you want me and I want you...I want us to...well, I want us to have some 'fun'!"

?Are you listening to me, Renu?? he screamed as her fingers reached down to stroke her clit gently over her short skirt.

?What?? she asked.

?You do want me, don?t you?? he asked as he watched her stroke her clit and his own stroking came quicker.

She nodded silently, trying to look away.

?What do you want?? he asked.

?I want you to help my son in making his passport,? she said.

?You don?t mean that,? he said.

?I do. I can?t do this??with you????.what will people say about me??????mom said while pretending.

?No!? he yelled as he reached up and grabbed her arm. He pulled her down on the couch where they sat.

He climbed over her body and straddled her, his hard cock pressed into her stomach.
?I know you want me,? he said before he forcefully kissed her clenched lips.

He took hold of mom?s hand moved it over to his thigh, his other arm slid around mom?s neck and stroked her shoulder and arm, and as he pulled her close to him it casually brushed against her boob. I supposed that he was waiting for mom to stop him, seeing that she never said anything he cupped her tit gently squeezed, they were still looking into each other's eyes, then they kissed. As they kissed deeply, he slid his hand down the front of mom?s top and took hold of her hard nipple between his fingers; he tweaked it, making it even harder and bigger. Malik was still playing with mom?s tits for some period of time.

?Well, you are a very sexy looking woman!? he said.

"And what made you to decide to...well, seduce me?" mom asked.

"Tell me what you want honey, tell me what you want me to do to you!? mom said. Malik stood up and kissed mom fiercely, his hand went to her tits and he mauled and squeezed them, "Oh fuck Renu, you feel so good, so fucking good!" he said.
He pressed hard against mom?s mouth, his tongue desperate to explore first her mouth and then the rest of her body. She refused to open to him, pushing against his forearms and struggling to break free.

He pulled away from the attempted kiss. ?If you really want me to stop, just tell me to stop and I?ll leave,? he said as his fingers caressed her nipples.

But mom knew that this was not the case as his return meant that mine passport would take longer than 1 month in making, which would in turn ruin my chances to go abroad.

?I do, I want...? she began and his mouth quickly found hers and his tongue darted inside.

She tried to break the kiss but his mouth was too hungry for her and when his fingers started to rub her quickly stiffening nipples over her tight top, she allowed herself to return the kiss. Once she kissed him back, he started kissing down her neck to her shoulders and then he started inserting his hand in the skirt of hers. But he forgot the skirt had zipper on the side and otherwise was too tight for him to open up or for her to spread her legs for him.

?Common????.darling?????suck my dick???..he said!!!!!!!

?Malik, we can?t. We have to stop this before it goes any further.?

?Stop?? he asked. ?Are you going to try to tell me you don?t want me to help in the process regarding the issue of his passport??

?Please, Malik,? she continued to act as if she was begging.

?Yeah, beg me Renu!? he said angrily. He tried sliding his fingers into her panties that he had gifted to her and which she wore as the steps to please him.

Till now mom knew what he wanted from her and she was ready to give all that to him for mine sake. So she made up her mind and finally decided to obey his orders.

?Suck my cock jaan,? he ordered as he physically guided her mouth to his rock hard cock.

"Do you want me to suck your dick, Malik? Do you want me to put your cock in my mouth and suck it too and drink your juice, Malik tell me? said?

Malik responded by pushing her hand away, swinging around to sit up on the edge of the bed. He looked at her pointedly, then grinned, snapped his fingers and pointed at his cock.

"Renu darling, I want you to suck my cock. Why don't you get on your knees right now and suck my cock. My cock needs a good sucking right away in your sexy mouth! I know that you are a good cock sucker too???...suck me like a professional??? you suck other's cock often too???? darling Renu??? have a hot big mouth for cocks????.Renu??...Renu samyal?"

She dropped to her knees in front of him and confronted the huge, aching cock. Renu realized that she was breathing very hard, and that she could feel her pussy throbbing inside her wet panties. She felt as if she had lost all control of herself, as if it were no longer possible to distinguish between what she was really doing now and what she might have dreamt about. She couldn't believe that she was actually going to shove a stranger?s cock down her throat. Mom wrapped her fingers tightly around his throbbing cock, sliding her fist to the root. She stared intently at the rosy, puffy cock head for several second, seeing how the whole fat crown glistened with sticky spunk. For the first time, she saw big cock right in front of her eyes and she loved the smell of the fresh cock. Mom lowered her head, pressing her thick lips to his piss hole. Shamefully, she thrust her tongue out, eagerly licking the tasty cock juice from the tingling tip of his cock.

"Renu, that feels so good. Put it in your sexy mouth and suck it like big lollipop. Renu, I know that you can suck my cock damn good????..have you sucked bigger cocks than mine? Does your friend?s fuck your hot mouth too?"

Mom had shut her eyes, trying to block out the knowledge that she was now sucking her MLA?s cock. Gradually she let her lips slide onto his pulsing dick slurping in inch after inch of his giant, throbbing cock. She stopped when she's inhaled over a third of it, when she would have choked herself if she'd tried to swallow any more of his cock meat. She then started sucking his cock extremely hard, keeping her eyes closed as she nursed lovingly and contentedly on the aching stiffness of his hard-on. An absurd mind in the back of her mind still tried to justify what she was doing. Mom sucked his cock harder and harder, shocking herself with her eagerness to mouth and slurped his cock. She forced her face closer to his hairy crotch, gagging herself, dying to swallow all of his cock in one swallow. His stiff huge cock responded to her hard, wet sucking by getting even bigger and stiffer inside her hungry mouth.

Mom gurgled. Her lewd slurping sounds of cock sucking contentment had become very loud too, filling up the room with her erotic noises. Feverishly, she started bobbing her head up and down, fucking her mouth with his big cock. Her fingers tightened on the root of his cock. Then she furiously started jacking his cock as she sucked the tip, swirling and basting her tongue around the mushroom-shaped crown, lapping up the salty spunk as it dribbled out of his enormous, aching, stiff cock.

"Suck it good, Renu you fucking horny cock loving fucking horny bitch???....Renu darling.... I am going to shoot my load soon, keep sucking my cock harder and deeper inside your mouth. Renu, my sexy darling, you are such a fantastic cock sucker...Is this cock big enough Renu??.you horny bitch?? time I want you to suck my cock when you come to my place?? are such a wonderful fuck...oh baby!!"

The shocking disgusting compliment was music to her ears. Mom felt her face redden as she started sucking his stiff cock as hard as she could, rapidly puckering and bellowing her sexy cheeks around the cum-laden stiffness of his cock. It was an erotic sight to see how his big cock was fully sucked inside mom?s mouth and the way it moved in and out of it. She was desperate to nurse a heavy, spurting load out of his cock, to swallow as fast as she could. "I am going to shoot my cumm in your mouth, my gorgeous darling, Renu. Suck my hard and drink my cum. Renu darling keep sucking my cock and don't stop???...I will give you the best??? man has ever given you before?????....suck my cock you horny bitch my darling Renu samyal!" Malik clutched her head, thrusting his hips off the bed, fucking his cock another inch between her juicy lips. Mom started to gag, but then, at last her horny cock sucking effort was finally rewarded. A tremendous shower of spunk blasted out of his swollen cock head, squirting and splattering down mom?s throat. She gurgled and slurped. Feverishly, she clung to the enormous, cream-shooting cock, loving the taste of his cock cream. Shamefully, mom started sucking, jacking and swallowing all at the same time, not wanting to release his cock until she had sucked every droplet of salty cream form the crown of his cock meat. Her secret admiration for huge cocks was now very clear from her actions. After nearly half a minute, the cum-explosion was over, and the stacked mom had her belly full of cock juice she had secretly craved. She raised her head from his crotch, dazed and desperately horny, running her tongue around her mouth to lick up the cream. Renu was breathing hard and her cunt was so wet that it had completely soaked her thong crotch band. Malik's cock was still very hard, and throbbing in front of her sexy face.

"Malik, you made me suck your cock, my darling. I suppose you want to do other dirty things with me too!"????..she said blushingly!!!!!!!!!!

"Renu, don't tell me that you didn't like sucking my cock. The way you sucked my cock told me that you have been secretly craving to suck a big cock...I know that you often suck people's cock in their office when you go demanding for favors??? seem very professional???....don't you fucking horny bitch????..Renu..."

Till this point of time Malik had managed to break free my hot mom from the dress he had gifted to her and which she wore for him. The tight red top that was holding her huge melons was removed with her help by Malik when he wanted to feels the flesh of her boobs and she straightened her hands. Now the only thing that was holding her 34DD boobs was the red half-cup bra given to her by Malik, which was a total mismatch for her size and her Kashmiri boobs were oozing and struggling to come out of it. Down below Malik had somehow managed to get the trick right with the side zipper of mom?s skirt and now her waxed legs were free for being spread. The only thing that was covering her arse from her lover was the g-string panty which she was wearing at that point of time. But I knew that the animal in Malik won?t allow these small things to cling on mom?s body for long.

My lovely mother and Malik were nowsemi-naked and in a wild embrace on mine parents' bed! My mother was clad only in her bra and panties, and Malik was still dressed in his shirt and trousers. The look on my mother's face was incredible as she tilted her head to receive the hot kisses he was delivering to her lips, mouth, and tongue. Their hands raced over each other's bodies, as they raced to divest themselves of the remainder of their clothing.

Malik undid my mother's bra, and her magnificent breasts sprung free, the nipples full, swollen with tension. He eyed her tits seriously for a moment. "You've got the most beautiful tits on earth, darling," he said. "They're all yours, only yours," my mother whispered, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her breasts out towards his face. His response was instantaneous. His mouth caught and sucked at the first nipple until it hardened, then covered her other breast. Mom was in heaven. "Oh God," she moaned, her eyes closed, her hands holding his head to her ample breasts. Her nipples had grown to tiny points, the rock-hard nubs jutting out proudly from her chest.

Malik was pushing down the elastic band of her panties now, moving his hand down inside of her tiny red panties from the top. Mom moaned passionately as Malik's hand moved up and down against her pussy. After a few more seconds of this he carefully eased her panties down, moving them over her firm round ass. Once they cleared her beautiful ass, her panties fell to the floor around her ankles, and my mother absent-mindedly stepped out of them. Malik gently lowered her onto the bed, until she was lying naked underneath him. My mother bent her knees and spread her legs wide, and my friend knelt between her widely flared hips, and kissed her distended clitoris with his tongue. "Oh God, darling," mom groaned. As he went down on her and plunged his face and tongue into her beautiful, shaved pussy, my mother went wild, crying out how much she wanted him to fuck her. His tongue slowly and deliberately circled my mother's swollen clit, teasing the pouting lips of her hot pussy. Mom was writhing on the bed, moaning "Oh Goddddddddd" over and over again, as she pulled his head closer into her bucking hips. Her eyes were closed, her gorgeous face whipping from side to side on the pillow, globular breasts heaving, as her body responded to his glorious lovemaking.

Mom was extremely horny and was panting. Malik slid his hand down moving it between her thighs to press his fingers against her wet cunt. He looked straight into her captivating eyes that were filled with deep lust. Her cunt was really dripping and he knew how horny she was. Mom blushed. She had known that her cunt was wet, but she didn't know it was so wet that even her dark inner thighs were slick with her oozing cunt oils. Malik was very fascinated by her hot pussy. He just loved the shaved thick cunt lips and the way it responded out when he touched her cunt. He grasped her panties and pulled it off, and the crotch stuck to her wet, throbbing cunt. Now his sexy darling Renu was completely naked. Malik spread her stout, smooth thighs apart, staring at the wet, throbbing cunt that was waiting desperately for his big stiff cock.
Mom panted and asked him to ram his cock inside her cunt. But Malik told her that he wanted to lick her sweet cunt first. He sprawled her long legs, pushing her thighs to give his mouth a better access to her throbbing, tasty, shaved cunt. It took almost a minute for her to understand that Malik was about to suck her cunt, a pleasure that she had not experienced for a very long time with her clients who wanted her for a small period of time. Mom shuddered, biting her thick lips as she felt the first pressure of his tongue sluicing tentatively between the fragrant thick folds of her thick and shaved pussy.

"Malik, what the hell are you doing? Aaaaawwww! What are you doing that for, Malik?"

Malik was too busy to reply her. He loved the taste of her cunt, loved the way it felt to move his tongue busily up and down her pink, juice-glistening cunt. Mom instantly felt afraid of how she might act now. She had been horny enough even before Malik had sucked her cunt. She didn't know how outlandishly she might behave if he made her already aching cunt even wetter and itchier with his tongue.

"Malik, you don't have to lick my cunt?????plzzzzzzzzzzzz?????..don?t?????.. Just fuck me and I know that's all you want and let us get this lust out of you once and all"????..plzzzzzzzzzzz??????I can?t bear this wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Malik didn't answer. He held her cunt lips open with his fingers, allowing him to thrust his tongue deeper into her wet, fragrant fuck hole. Her clit was very fat and swollen, protruding at the top of her dark shaved cunt slit. Malik moved his tongue higher, proving his skill as a cunt licker as he began swabbing mom's clit from side to side. Mom who was naked sexy screamed, clutching his head with both her hands. Then she urgently started thrusting and fucking her hips off the bed, urgently fucking her wet cunt onto Malik's face.
Malik raised his head slightly, still maintaining his tongue deep in her pussy, as my mother twisted and churned her hips, raising her legs way up into the air, bending them at the knees and hips. As I watched, she reached up and wrapped her slender arms around her knees, and brought her upper thighs back down until they both pressed sharply down into her big, well rounded breasts. This caused my mother's back to arch up, bringing her buttocks way up off the bed, and the angle better permitted, Malik to work his tongue even deeper and deeper into my mother's sopping-wet pussy.

"Fuck my cunt! Malik!............ummmmmmmmmmmm????..plzzzzzzzzzz? ???..Suck and lick my cunt! Lick my clit!" Renu cried hoarsely.

Malik kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub his face on her tanned belly and her deep, round, big belly button. Now he straightened his fingers, pushing them into the narrow, clinging interior of mine sexy mom's cunt channel. Mom shuddered as he started jacking off her throbbing pussy, licking directly on her clit at the same time. She twisted her body in all directions and her face was full of lust. Malik took her clit between his lips. He sucked it gently but forcefully, slurping on it, at the same time pumping his fingers rapidly in and out of her aching cunt. Mom could feel the cum welling up deep inside her, making her nipples and asshole tingle as the pro-orgasmic sensations violently pleasured her whole body. Then she was climaxing uncontrollably, while Malik sucked her cunt and finger fucked it all at the same time.

She screamed and shuddered violently. Mom's cunt throbbed and spewed giving Malik a mouthful of cunt juice to lick and suck up. He kept sucking her clit and jacking her off, guiding her through the peak of her intense orgasm. It was nearly a minute before the spasms subsided. By then, mom had an aching need deep, deep inside her cunt that she had never felt before. She desperately needed to feel Malik's fat, meaty cock pounding into her cunt as fast as he could shove it in.

"That was the best," mom whispered to him, "You certainly know how to pleasure a woman with your tongue."

"Now you can fuck me, Malik. That is all you want, right?.............. Go ahead and fuck me??.fuck your whore nice and hard...oh jaan!........ Malik! Malik!" Renu growled.

"Tell me whore???..aur fucking horny bitch...tell me dirty stuff???....Renu samayl..." Malik screamed.

"Fuck your Renu??....Fuck your jaan?....harder and my cunt...I thought of you all night???..I finger fuck myself for days??..thinking of you???..Malik!! Malik! Malik! Fuck me..." Mom grunted loudly.

Malik mounted mine naked sexy whore of a mom, crawling up between her thighs with his giant cock, dripping cock pulsing over her tanned stomach. Impatiently mom reached down, grasping his cock shaft and directing the cock head to her hairless, shaved, smooth cunt. She whimpered and bit her lip as she felt his meaty cock boring into her and stretching her thick lipped cunt to bursting around the invading thickness of his cock. She squealed and asked him to fuck her harder and deeper.

He spread her knees apart, to put his hips in the best position to hammer in his cock. Then he started stroking, in and out, fucking his organ deeper into mom with every stroke. Mom raised her head, looking down, watching the veined cock shaft going in and out of her clinging cunt. The sight was very exciting to both of them. She started humping and wiggling her juicy big ass thrusting her throbbing cunt onto his huge cock.

"Fuck me deeper and harder! Malik???? darling????..! Fuck me as hard as you can!" Mom grunted.

Malik started stroking harder, making mom grimace and shudder as he really started nailing his immense cock into her clinging, throbbing cunt. At last it was all the way inside her, buried to his balls in her cunt. Mom?s face was telling that she had never felt so stuffed with hard cock in her life and this was the ultimate. Her cunt was sucking uncontrollably now, constantly nursing around Malik's stiff cock. Malik was motionless on top of her for several seconds. He let his elbow bend, crushing her beautiful perky boobs under his hard chest. As he slowly slid his giant cock head between her pussy lips, mom screamed.

Mom hoarsely cried and urged him to fuck her harder and deeper. Her voice was husky and very erotic that turned him on very much. The intensity of her secret desire becoming more apparent, mom cocked her legs as high as she could and locked her calves together across his back. The she started wiggling and humping like a horny bitch in deep sex, frantically fucking her tight, wet cunt onto his stiff cock. She screamed that she was awfully horny and wanted him to fuck her and nothing but fuck her deep inside her horny cunt.

Malik pulled out, withdrawing until only the crown of his bloated, dripping hard-on distended into mom's cunt lips. He shuddered as he came down hard again, again spearing every inch of his giant dick into her juicy cunt. By then mom was humping like a sex-starved machine, her lovely boobs bouncing and quivering as she piston her cunt onto his cock. Malik met her rhythm, slamming his cock deeply into her buttery, sucking cunt.

Renu was all worked up and horny till this time and wanted Malik to fuck her harder and deeper. Constantly she was yelling at him to fuck her really harder and deeper. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him tight, gasping and squealing as her cunt throbbed uncontrollably around his cock. Malik panted on her shoulders, and then started fucking her as hard as he could. Relentlessly he worked his hips between her thighs, grunting as he rammed his giant, arrow like prick into the gooey depths of her sucking cunt. Already, mine horny mom could feel the second series of spasms welling up in her loins, making her ravished, cock-filled fuck hole suck even tighter around his cock. She was about to reach her orgasm and she yelled loudly. She wasn?t even caring about the fact that Malik wasn?t wearing a condom and that she was not protected. With a loud sigh, Malik lifted himself upon his hands and knees, his back bowed slightly as he looked down beneath him, and smiled as he saw the reason for his pleasure. There below his hard, flat stomach I could see the thick furry shaft of his huge cock just before it disappeared into my mother's body. As he slowly but firmly thrust his hips upward, causing that fat shaft to sink into my mother's dainty little body, I saw her lift her body up off the bed in an effort to receive as much of his cock as she possibly could.

I was getting excited watching my mother being fucked like this. They had been at it for forty minutes as my mother fucked Malik's huge thick dick with wild abandon. Mom was in ecstasy, approaching orgasm, thrashing her head from side to side, her thick black hair flying. Her body was damp from the perspiration of her passion as she thrust her hips, taking his length deep within her. Her pussy was slick with her juices, gushing her wetness and making sucking wet sounds as Malik pistoned his raging penis deep into her. She cried out, "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oohh, yes! Don't stop! Don't stop now! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! I'm goingg too cummmm!"

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooouuunnggggghhhh wshsshshshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Soon her cunt burst lusciously into orgasm, oozing out his cumm, the narrow pink walls gripping and contracting around his tremendously huge cock. Malik collapsed on top of her, ramming his cock into the hilt. Then the second load of cum cream gushed out of his cock. Mom felt it spraying and spewing, erupting deep inside her cunt, deluging her cunt with a hot soothing load of cock cream.

The scene was incredible. There was my lovely, demure mother, naked as she was at the time of birth, bucking around wildly as an MLA fucked her crazy. My mother was on her back, her legs spread wide, thighs bent to her chest and held by Malik. Her head was turning side to side, eyes pressed shut in ecstasy as she moaned in pleasure. Malik was leaning forward over her, propping himself up with his arms, driving his thick cock deep into my mother's juicy pussy. Her legs were around the outside of his upper arms toward his shoulders, her pussy was wet and wide open, as he fucked her hard and fast with his big tool. And she'd never looked sexier. I loved the way my mother's lips formed a sensuous "O" as she moaned. I loved the way her tits bounced on every stroke. I watched as my mother's hips moved in perfect rhythm to my friend's thrusts, his big strong ass bouncing up and down between her delicate thighs. I couldn't help looking at his huge cock, covered with her juices, filled in mine mother's pussy.

My mother enthusiastically received his huge penis into her again and again, taking his cock deep into her cunt, moving with him, returning his thrusts, joyously working her pussy onto his big hard cock.

For the whole night Malik kept fucking all holes of mine mom, and the whore she is she kept responding to him again and again. Finally they slept nude in each others arms with his cumm all inside mine mom?s pussy. She was so tired that she even didn?t get up to clean her body in the night. I was seeing the whole of this process through my cameras the whole of day and night.

Later they got up at 8 in the morning and he planted a kiss on mom?s soft lips.

?You enjoyed it didn?t you, Renu???.my whore?? he asked as he broke the kiss.

?Do you have to call me that?? she asked.

He kissed her all along the face and said.

?I?ll call you whatever I want you fucking whore, slut, cunt, bitch, raand,? he said.

?I?m sorry,? she said softly so he wouldn?t raise his voice further.

?Do you like fucking me? Do you like the way my cock felt in your pussy and ass??

?Yes,? she yelped. ?I loved it.?

?You want me to come back and fuck you again don?t you?? he asked.

?We can?t???.? she began.

?We can,? he countered, when you will come to my office to take away your son?s passport, that time I will fuck you again.?

Neither of them spoke, they just looked at each other in shock, amazement, and perhaps lust?

Soon Malik left mom at her bedside promising that he will have her once more soon. And the man he is, he kept his promise and since then he has joined the list of mom?s VIP clients.

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am having a very difficult time believing this to be a series of true stories, I started reading them yesterday as they all seem to be the same basic story just with a few twists and turns to make the stories seem to be different I have waited until now to actually make a vote as to positive or a negative as now I have come to the belief that these stories are actually a set of fantasy / fictional with most like some vague basis of truth but mostly fantasy - I will leave this to others to make their own discovery and decisions but my vote now is definitely negative and I firmly believe this to be a work of fictional fantasy

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