As I have told you in earlier part mine mom was a high society escort till sometime back and had laid her hands on many a dick. Later after we got financially secured mom left the job but only started entertaining some VIP customers of hers during the old period. I soon got a good job in an MNC and due to this we had to shift our base to a new part of the city where most of the people didn?t know us and which was good news for us. Good news that was filtered to me by my boss was that I was chosen as the company representative for the dealings in Europe and for that I needed to spend 1 month there for the training period. The bonus was that they were allowing any 1 family members with me who?s traveling cost would be paid by the company. Since the only member in mine family was mom we decided to go and venture Europe. And I wanted to take mom somewhere out of India so that I could move with her as mine girlfriend and not like my mom.

Speaking about mom she was lovely and in boyish terms she was a hot property (as all kashmiris are). She had a height of 5?7? which is good for ladies but the regular workout kept her figure to desirable level for every person walking on road or seeing her in mall .She had boobs of size 34DD (which I knew when she was asking for a bra at a store) and with a slim waist and good hips combined with delightful ass was as good as a prize for onlookers. I was proud of her and would love going out with her as people would see me with jealousy and for this reason I would ask her to wear western clothes(jeans, tops, skirts and sometimes shirts) while going to shopping as they suited her style and meant more stalkers for her . Most of the people who saw her always turned to have a better look and whenever we went to shopping all shops would provide her discounts in order to make her stay for more time. She was good at making bargains and always knew what people wanted from her (they always looked at her cleavage, which she showed a bit to make people look). But I always thought that this was meant to be a part of fun she wanted to have and I didn?t disprove it. I always asked her to go on dating so that she could find a new man but she always told me that she is happy with life and me. At home she used to wear skirts with tops and often skimpy dresses about which she told me that she wore them because of high humidity problem. When at home she avoided wearing bra as she thought that they were bit too uncomfortable. The picture of mine mom is also present with this attachment and you can see her to believe your eyes (there in the second part).

Soon we left for Europe. For the first 7 days the life was awesome with both of us visiting various cities of Europe. We had to finally settle down at Venice where the company had arranged a house for me. Things were moving very smoothly till one day mom got a call from Mr. Joseph who was a VIP client of hers in India.

Mom had told him that we were going on a holiday trip to Europe and it was customary that he met her every week for a night or called just so as to pass any wishes. When mom told him that we were at present staying in Venice somehow he seems to have some wish for mom.

?Can you do one thing for me Renu?? He asked.

?Haan aap boliye toh???..was mom?s reply.

?Dekho main tumhare holidays kharab toh nahin karma chahta par mera ek kaam kar sakti ho kya??

?Aap boliye toh?.aapko yahan Venice main kya kaam hain??

?Actually mera beta hain naa James, who padhta hain wahan?.

?Haan aapne bataya tha ek baar?.

?Pichli baar jab who Mumbai aaya tha toh usne tumhari ek sexy picture dekhi thi mere laptop pe?? se who tumse milna chahta hain?

?Haan haan usme kya problem hain?

?Nahin tum samajh nahin rahi ho???Mr.Joseph said.

??Aaap zara khul kar bolenge??.mom said.

?Actually I told him that you were one of mine best friends and that you had slept with me and this was the reason he wanted to meet you?.

?You mean to say that he wants to sleep with me as well?.

?Haan Renu?.

?Par aap jante hain naa ki main yahan apne bete k sath aayi huun???aur main sirf Mumbai main hi ek escort huun???..bahar kahin bhi nahin?.

?Haan main janta huun???.par plz ek baar usse mil lo??..if he likes you and wants to take you out plz go with him, and as per the charges, uski koi baat nahin hain , main apne accountant se kehke tumhare account main 1.5 lakhs zama kara deta huun?.Abb khush??

?Abb aapne offer hi aisi rakhi hain toh inkar kaise karun?.

?Bass main yehi sunnana chahta tha jaan?. James tumhe kal subha tumhare ghar paar aake milega. Baki tum dono sath main baithke decide kar lena.

?Aur khush kar dena usko??? mangega dena?.

?Haan sir?.

?Chalo bye?.


I was hearing all the conversation on the parallel line in mine bedroom. After a brief passage of time mom came in mine room and asked whether she should do it or not. I told her that I will help her throughout this seduction trip but, only if she would wear the pendant camera on her neck and always carry her camera bag with her so that I could see how their romping goes on. This was one condition she knew about pretty well and since she and done it earlier and there was nothing to hide she nodded positively.

The very next day at 10 in the morning there was a knock on the door. As planned I had told mom that I won?t meet him and that she will tell her that Arun spends most of the time in office and does not come to house even at night sometimes.



?Hi???.i am Renu?.

?Nice to meet you?.

?The pleasure is mine as well?.

?Hope dad must have told you about me?.

?Yess??.i had a word with him yesterday?.

?So what do you think of me??.

?Actually I am the one who should be asking this question to you?. Mom said.

?I think your gorgeous and sexy???much better than the pics that I saw?.

?Really???mom asked.

?Yess Renu?.

?So do you think you would like to go out with me so that we could hang out together at some nice places??

?Yess, why not??.

?OK?then we will go to some good place tomorrow evening.?

?That will be great??mom said.

?Then I shall leave now, see you in the evening??.James said.

?Bye, honey?.
Then, in the evening James came to our place carrying a lot of shopping bags, he handed some to mom, "Here Renu, I've bought you a few presents" he told mom.

Mom thanked him with a small kiss on his cheek, "It's not my birthday" she told him, "What?s the occasion?"

"Oh, nothing special, I just thought that maybe we could go out for dinner on Saturday, maybe visit this new club I've found, I?ve never been there with any of mine girlfriends?" said James.

"That sounds nice dear, I'd love to" mom told him. Renu and I went in to peek inside the bags.

James stopped mom. "It's only a new dress and some bits and pieces Renu," he said. "Leave it till later - if you like what I chose for you perhaps you might wear it on Saturday."

Mom took the bags up to her room and unpacked them, the first bag contained a black dress, she held it up, it looked very short and the scooped neckline looked very low cut, she laid it on the bed in front of me and unpacked the others. She was stunned by what he had given her - not the sort of everyday presents a young guy would buy his father?s friend, there was a black half cup bra with matching open crotch panties, six pairs of seamed black stockings, a suspender belt, a black stockinet body - that too had a split crotch and a pair of stiletto heeled shoes.

She thought back to what he had said about wearing these items when they went out on Saturday, Christ! I wouldn't even dress this way for a 'hot' date!!!!.......was what came out of mom?s mouth.

She then asked me about the dress that James had chosen for her.

?Really sexy??.the guy really has the taste like his rich dad?.

?You really think that I should wear this and go out with him on Saturday??

?Why not?? like that guy???I could see it in your eyes??..and moreover the money is too good to resist???.Mr.Joseph is ready to pay for the whole trip if James likes you.

?I think that I will give it a shot??.was mom?s reply.

Anyway, mom stripped off, she put on the stockings and suspender belt, she had a chuckle when she put on the panties, she picked up the bra, it was her size ? 34DD, coincidence or what she thought, and she put it on, and looked in the full length mirror, Christ!!!!!!!!!..............she was looking ravishing hot!!!!!!!!!

I then pulled her close to my body and asked her ?How do u feel jaan??

?I do look sexy! More than that I felt sexy! - sexier than I had felt for ages, my tits seemed even bigger now, her nipples and the top half of her tits were totally exposed, her legs looked great in the sheer stockings. She lifted a foot up on to a chair, the panties split open to reveal her pussy lips, she couldn't resist rubbing a finger over them and found herself to be so wet!

?Don?t be in so much hurry mom; else you will finish of all the excitement!!?
Mom tried on the dress, she was right - it was very low cut, her nipples were barely covered, the hemline showed about an inch of the dark stocking tops, she put on the shoes (the right size!) and paraded around my bedroom, she twirled and posed in front of the mirror, Renu did look good! Mom had never before worn clothes such as these before - perhaps she ought to! I thought to myself.

Next day when Friday and James had just come to visit mom.

?Did you like the dress???..I mean the fitting and everything else??

?Yeah everything is fine??.mom replied.

?It ought to be??..because dad gave me all your measures??..I think you guys must be having lot of fun back there in India?.

?Please????mom blushed.

"Did you try them on Renu?" he asked.

"Yes James I did, but I think they are a bit too young and revealing for me though, it was a nice thought but really they would be more suitable as a gift for a girl friend, I guess I'm too old to wear things like that." Renu replied.

"Nonsense Renu, you've got a great figure and you're gorgeous, I wish I could have seen you when you tried them on, I bet you looked great!"

"Maybe ten years ago I probably would have agreed with you love but I'm afraid at my age..."???.mom said.

"You're still young Renu???.and I would love to testify for it any given day??.said James.

?What does your dad, Mr.Joseph think of me??

"He thinks you are very sexy! He always keeps telling me how good you look, He or even a matter of fact even I can't understand how you haven't married again"

"James!...have you been discussing me with your dad?"???asked Renu.

"No Renu! Not like that, it's just that....well, you know mine mom, Padma? Well mine mom is divorced and she...well, according to dad she has started to 'live' again, he told me she goes out a lot, she dates, she wears sexy clothes, he even told me she was acting like a different woman ? and he thinks it's great!"

"Well James, I'm not Mrs. Joseph, your mom - I'm me! And I don't act that way!"

"Ok Renu - I'm sorry! I didn't realize you would react this way, Christ! I wish I hadn't bothered to buy your gifts now, if you don't like them throw them away, I don't worry!"

Mom thought about what he just said, he was right, she had over-reacted (she had slept with many a people till then, but during this tour of Europe she was behaving like she was one faithful wife).

She sat with him. "James, it was really sweet of you to think of me but...well, the things you picked out, they are not really me love, I mean that bra and panties set - I have never worn underwear like that before! Did you honestly expect me to wear such things?"

"The sales assistant told me that everything would go together, she said the bra would be perfect with that dress, all I did was give her your sizes - she did the rest"??replied James.

"Did you tell her it was going to be a gift for a woman aged 42?" mom asked.

"Well no...I told her it was going to be for my girlfriend, the assistant said she herself would love to receive presents such as these!" And moreover you don?t look like 42. You look like in the early 30?s. You are very beautiful.

"And were the panties her suggestion also?" James looked a bit embarrassed. "Oh those...I meant to take them out of the bag, the assistant talked me into buying them...I couldn't say no to her." He said nervously.

Mom didn't handle things too good I thought. She really did over-react. In his way he was right, she should get out more, she should start to 'get a life' again. But this was just matter of debate or ignorance, because he knew little of the profession of mine mom Renu before making such an offer to go out with her.

Sudden silence then filled the room.

About half an hour later James calmed down and said he was going out, "I suppose our night out on Saturday is off now" he said.

"Why should it be? I'm looking forward to it," she told him. "James...I've been thinking, I'll make a deal with you, I can come out with you but you will tell nothing about this to any of your friends!!.....Ok?


Well...if you promise that no information will be leaked then on Saturday, when you take me out...well, I'll wear the clothes you bought for me and if you like...well, for that night I'll pretend to be your date for the evening!....?You know what girls mean by pretending??don?t you? What do you say??

"You mean it Renu? That would be great, we'll have a fantastic time!" he beamed.

"But you must promise to keep the things between us intact! That's the deal!" mom told him.

Yeah, sure I promise, and you Renu...don't forget, you are to wear the clothes I got for you - all of them...everything! Underwear and all!" he smiled
After he had gone out mom said, Christ, ?What have I committed myself to, did I actually say we would go out together on a 'date', me and a son-aged boy of a client with me dressed in the sexiest clothes I had ever worn'. I told mom that it was not a great deal because things like going out with older men or women was a common trend here. And since nobody knew us in the locality it was not much of a problem.
On Saturday afternoon I took mom to the Salon and had her hair fixed, I had it cut short and high lighted which had the effect of making her look a little younger, I was very pleased with the outcome, when we got home mom took a long soak in the bath, lying there she looked down to her pussy, and told me ?I could do with a trim down there?.

I thought, I got a bit carried away and before long she was totally smooth, Christ! It looked so different, it made her look very sexy, Renu lay back and started to rub a finger over her pussy lips, she had not had sex for so long (due to my ill health on the trip, we could not enjoy ourselves fully) these last few days solely relying on her vibrator to satisfy herself, Christ! She needed a man! She needed a fuck! she thought about her night out, sure - she was going out with James but maybe...well, you never know, she might meet someone while out tonight, James might get fed up being with her - he might get off with a girl, well - one thing for sure, if mom was going to be looking for sex tonight she was certainly going be dressed for it!!!

Finally the D-day arrived.

Mom was putting on her make up when James called out, he said he was going to take a shower and for her to hurry up, he said a car was picking them up at 8 pm, I looked at the clock - 7.15, they had plenty of time. Renu got dressed, after she had put on the underwear and stockings she viewed myself in the mirror ? I could see it in her eyes. She had never felt or looked so sexy, she put on the dress and went down stairs. James was waiting for her, the look on his face said it all, "Wow Renu, you look sensational! Your makes you look so different and that dress...Fantastic!"

Mom thanked him and twirled around - posing in font of him, "Hang on Renu, Just a minute" he said rushing upstairs, he came back down with a camera, "It's digital Renu, I can print pictures off my computer, C'mon Renu, I've got to get some pictures of you, you look great!" Doing as he asked she posed as he took several snaps.

"How about some sexy ones!" he said laughing.

"Oh no, I don't think so James, I mean...I don't think it would be right." mom said.

He was very insistent, "C'mon Renu, you are my date for tonight remember, you promised! Tonight you are not someone?s mom, c'mon...pose for me!"

"Ok, just a couple but I want to see them before you print them and I don't want anyone else to see them - understand?" said Renu.

Mom asked him how he wanted her to pose; he got her to lie back on the couch.

"That's it Renu, now lift one leg up...yes, that's it! Now sit up and bend forward, yes, great! Perfect...Christ Renu, you look so sexy! These will turn out great, just a few more Renu, how about pulling your dress down a bit at the front, you know...just a little!" Mom knew she shouldn't have but she did as he asked, she didn't reveal her nipples but she certainly came close to it! Mom stood up and straightened her clothes as there was a knock at the door. "That'll be the car," James said, he took hold of mom?s hand and led her out, a car he said - he had only gone and hired a limo for the night.

" shouldn't have."

He looked at her, "Tonight Renu - I want things to be perfect in every way," he told her, squeezing her hand.

"So, where are you taking me?" mom asked as they sat together in the back of the limo. He said he had made reservations at a club downtown, and they were going to have dinner, then - later the club had a 'cabaret' . "That sounds nice, what sort of acts?" she asked.

"Oh, you'll have to wait and see, it's a surprise...I hope you'll enjoy it - I think you will" he laughed.

I was glued to the screen of the monitor in my room which was constantly capturing the images of mom and James in their car (from her pendant as well as purse camera) and I was waiting for the best moments. I was surprised to see them heading into one of the more 'seedier' parts of town, the car pulled up outside a dark building.

"Are we here? Are you sure we are at the right place?" she asked James.

He took hold of mom?s hand and led her through a doorway and down some stairs, there was a man at the bottom, he showed them through another door, What a difference, inside it was like stepping into a different location, everything was so plush, there were about thirty people there, they were shown to a table which to their advantage was in the corner of the large hall.

I had told mom to act like a decent woman and not like the usual escort that she does normally. The reason was that the richer guys liked the woman they were going to share the night not to be easy but to be a bit reluctant, so that they have a better time riding her after persuading.

"Wow, this is some place, I wouldn't have believed a building like this would have such a lovely club, its great James, thanks for bringing me." Renu said.

They ordered drinks, I noticed that mom wasn't the only woman wearing sexy clothes, most of the others seemed to be dressed similarly which made me feel more 'at ease'. There was a band playing, a few couples were dancing in the large hall.

"How about a dance James?" mom asked him, they made their way onto the dance floor, it was a slow dance, James held her tight, and it did feel good! His hands held her hips, and she put her hands on his shoulders.

"You know Renu - I feel so proud being here with you, you are the most attractive woman here." James said.

Mom smiled. "Oh, I wouldn't say that...look at that girl over there, she's gorgeous, but that man she's with, he looks old enough to be her father!"

I saw James look.

"Yes, she does look nice, her dress looks nice too!" he laughed, mom had noticed! It was almost see through, I didn't think she was wearing any underwear - at least I couldn't make out any and the only thing covering her tits were two thin straps of material that looked like they could give way at any time.

"Now...that's the dress I should have bought for you!" he joked.

"You wish!" she laughed. Several drinks and a lot of laughs and dances later mom was beginning to feel a bit light headed as I could see, throughout the last few dances as she danced close with James she could feel his hard dick pressing into her, at first she didn't make too much of it but it was getting to the stage where he had started to squeeze her, stroke her, the last dance he nuzzled her neck, perhaps he too was feeling the effects of too much drink. Mom then tried to calm down the things a bit and suggested they order dinner - hopefully that would sober them up! After the meal, the lighting had been dimmed, tables being lit by candles, through mom?s pendant noticed a couple sitting near us kissing, and looking again I saw he was now openly playing with the girls tits, Christ! I thought how brazen can people are, the meal over James moved his chair around so he was sitting next to mom.

"The show will be on soon," he said, catching hold of mom?s hand, his other arm he casually d****d around her shoulders.

Mom turned to him, "Well - you are my date for the evening; you haven't forgotten your promise, have you?"

"No love, I haven't forgot, it's been a really nice evening James, thanks for bringing me" and saying this mom moved forward with the intention of giving him a little peck on his cheek. It seemed James had other ideas, he too moved towards her and before she knew it their lips had met, his arm that was around her shoulders holding her head tight. I felt his tongue trying to part her lips, at the same time his other hand moved down to mom?s thigh and he began to stroke it. It made Renu gasp and as her mouth opened his tongue darted in, Christ! Mom was getting 'French kissed' by James! It all happened so quickly, she broke away, she didn't say anything but he could tell she was upset (which she wasn?t but was showing just for the sake of it).

"I'm sorry Renu, I couldn't resist it, you look so sexy! It was...well, it's just that if you were my date then...well, it would be no big deal to kiss - would it?"?.he said.

"It's ok James, I understand...I think we have just had a little too much to drink, let's forget it, ok?"

After a couple of minutes of silence James said, "So - you are not really my date for the evening then are you, I mean...your promise, what you told me...when you said that tonight it wouldn't be some aunt and her friend?s son'??it wasn't true!"

"Of course it was true! I can't forget I'm someone?s mom, what do you expect from me? I've wore the clothes you wanted me to, I've let you take pictures of me, I've come out with you tonight, we've danced and up till now I've had a great time but fooling around with me isn't part of the deal!"

Just then a spotlight lit up the small stage about ten feet in front of them, a 'compere' appeared and after telling a couple of crude jokes announced the start of the evenings entertainment. A very pretty girl came on, music started and she commenced taking her clothes off - mom looked at James, Christ! He had taken mom to a high-class strip club! What was he thinking of?

"I think I would like to leave now James," mom told him, there was no way I was going to sit through this with my friend?s 19 year old son sitting next to me. She thought.

"Ok, so the deals off then is it!" he replied, "That means if we leave now then I don't have to keep my promise I made to you about the pictures that I have taken of yours.!!"

"That's not being fair James - tell me, why did you bring me here tonight? What did you hope to achieve?" mom said.
He looked mom in the eyes. "I just thought we could have a bit of fun, so - big deal, I bought you to a strip club, are you that much of a prude woman, does it embarrass you that much, I thought you were different - it seems I was wrong, ok, if you want to leave I'll get the check," he said.

After a bit of thinking and adjustment mom said "No, wait James, if you still want me to...I'll stay with you, and if you still want to keep our deal going then...I'll stay as your date ? but not as your father?s friend!!"

He smiled at mom. He reached out and took hold of her hand, "Are you definitely sure? Because if you are...I mean, here as my date that is, well...a kiss would be nice!"

Mom thought about what he said, well...a couple of kisses would be no problem, after all, he had gone to a lot of trouble getting her there, "Ok James, tonight I'm your date - not your dad?s friend!!! If you want me to kiss you - fine, I'll do it but tomorrow things go back to normal and as far as I'm concerned and whatever takes place tonight never happened, ok with you?"

"Sure aunty...I mean Renu, now - how about that kiss!"

Their lips touched, I could see mom found it difficult to open her lips, it still didn't seem right but his tongue parted her lips and entered her mouth, he broke away. "Kiss me properly," he said, again their lips met but this time she did as he asked, she tried to blank out the fact that he was a 19-yr old, she tried to pretend he was 'her date'. Renu kissed him deeply, passionately, their tongues entwining and exploring each others mouths, sucking on each others tongues, I felt his hand again go to mom?s thigh and again he started to stroke up along the outside of her dress, eventually they parted.

"Wow, that was nice!" he told her.
The stripper had by now removed her clothes, she was sitting on a stool, her legs were open wide and she was fucking herself with a very long realistic looking dildo, mom glanced around, several of the girls (probably hookers) sitting with the men at the tables were kissing and getting fondled by their partners. She turned to James; he was engrossed in the 'show'. I must admit to getting a bit turned on by the experience - I had never visited such a club.

James reached out and took mom?s hand. He slid his chair close to hers; his other arm casually went around her shoulders. Renu?s body tensed as his hand that held hers moved down and started to rub up and down over her stocking covered thigh. I couldn't take my eyes off the young girl on the stage. She had a fantastic body, and she played with her tits as she continued to use the dildo in her cunt. James continued to stroke mom?s leg only now he was getting higher up. She felt his hand reach her bare skin above her stocking tops, her legs were tight together and she felt his thumb brush against her panties.

Renu put her hand on his to stop him going further. "James! Stop it!" she told him.

"Shhh, relax a bit, she's good isn't she, don't you think she has a great body," he replied, taking no notice of what mom said. He turned to mom and pulled her head closer to him, next thing I knew they were kissing again, at the same time he gently squeezed the flesh at the top of mom?s legs, then before I knew it his finger found the opening of mom?s panties and his finger touched her smooth pussy lips.

Renu pulled away, "James...NO! Don't do that!" she told him, he didn't take any notice, kissed her again and blatantly started to rub his finger over her pussy, she didn't want to make a fuss inside the club. Thought the idea wasn?t wrong I think mom was a bit nervous to do it in front of all people in the club.

She gripped his hand and pulled it away, "I told you to stop!" she said.

"Ok, I'm sorry!...she just thought..." she didn't answer him, but she glanced around again, things were certainly hotting up, one girl actually had this guy's dick out and as he sat back in his chair she was wanking him off! I could see another girl with her tits out of her dress and a man was sucking and playing with them! I would never have believed things like this went on. I never imagined clubs like this existed! The girl on stage finished her act, the compere came back on and after a few more 'Jokes' he said the show would continue in 30 minutes. The band started to play again and I saw a few couples get up to dance, James was sulking!!!

Mom tried to make things better, "C' about asking your date for a dance" she said to him.

"Oh...are you sure you want to?" he replied sarcastically.

Yes, I'm sure," mom told him, taking his hand and pulling him up. James purposely kept his distance as they danced, he didn't speak, in a way I felt sorry for him, mom decided to try to make things better. She pulled him closer to her, "C'mon James, cheer up, you can kiss me if you want," she told him.

Look Renu, if I was here with a date I would do more than just kiss!" he replied.

"I thought we had this settled James, please don't forget who I am," mom told him.

"That's just it - tonight you were supposed to forget who you were, tomorrow things would return to normal but tonight...!"

After another couple of minutes of silence she asked, "Tell me what you expect from me James, what do you want me to do?"

"Do I really have to tell you Renu, Ok - look, tonight I would like us to be strangers...a couple who really have the 'hots' for each other, you want me and I want you...I want us to...well, I want us to have some 'fun'!!!!"

Renu looked at him, "And that would make you happy would it, what are you saying - you want to touch me! Is that it? You want to have sex with your dad?s friend!"

Mom excused herself. She went to the powder room where she turned over in her mind what had just been said, Could I go through with what he wanted? How would it - if it did happen - affect our lives? Could things ever return to 'normal' afterwards? Won?t this make him also a permanent client of women?.

Just as she returned to their table the lights again dimmed, the compere announced the next 'act'. This time there was a black man and a girl; they danced and caressed each other provocatively as they removed each other's clothing. The guy had very muscular body and a huge dick, it must have been at least 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist, the girl when naked looked very young and petite, she had tiny tits, her hair was in bunches, her pussy smooth. They must have chosen her because of her young looks, I thought. She had to use both hands to encircle his dick and when she started to suck it she could only manage to get the tip in her mouth.

Mom turned to James and whispered; "Now that's what I call a dick! I wouldn't mind spending some time with that guy!" she had made up her mind, she would go along with what James wanted, and she would leave it up to him!!!

James looked at mom, it seemed he couldn't believe what she had just said, come to that...I don't think I believed it! The guy was now fingering and licking at the young girl?s pussy, her pale skin contrasted by the darkness of him. Fuck! Renu was getting wet watching them, seeing them was really turning her on! She reached out and took hold of James's hand and squeezed it reassuringly, she turned to him.

"Kiss me James!" She told him, they kissed deeply, passionately for a long time, understandably I suppose James was unsure of what to do next, and she knew he wanted her but having put him off before he hesitated.

Ok, Renu thought, I'll show him! She put her hand on his thigh and gently squeezed it as they kissed, she felt his body tense as she moved it higher up his leg, he almost jumped out of his chair when she 'accidentally' brushed against the bulge in his trousers, he moaned - Mmmmm as they kissed.

The black guy was now fucking the girl, she was on her hands and knees and he was pumping his dick deep into her cunt, she was moaning out loud as he rammed his dick into her, Mom left her hand on James's thigh, wondering about the size of his dick, she hadn't seen him naked, so she had no idea as to his size. He had d****d his arm over mom?s shoulders again and was gently squeezing and rubbing her neck as they both watched them fuck, they changed positions several times, after about 5 minutes he pulled out of her cunt, she knelt before him and we saw him shoot his spunk into her mouth and over her face.

I could see it dripping down off her chin onto her small tits, after sucking and licking his dick clean they both left the stage to a lot of applause and cheering from the audience. This was for the first time that I was seeing any other fuck someone other than mom using that pendant camera.

"C'mon, let's go home" mom whispered to James.

"Oh no! Not yet, we have to watch the 'Finale' you wait - it's amazing!" he replied. "How about another dance?" he said pulling Renu up from her chair, the amount of alcohol she had drunk throughout the evening was beginning to affect her, she felt a bit unsteady on her feet as he held her close. Again he nuzzled her neck and she felt his hands slide from her waist down to squeeze the cheeks of her ass; mom had both hands d****d around his shoulders.

"You know...This is the best night I have had for a long time, thanks for coming with me Renu," he whispered into her ear.

They sat down as again the lights dimmed and on to the stage came two girls and four men, the black guy was there again - ten minutes later they were all nude. The girls knelt on the floor and sucked their dicks as the men went from one to the other, I saw the girls get fucked in various positions, the guys fucked their asses, their mouths, the girls took two dicks inside their cunts at the same time, I heard them moan out loud as they took dick up their asses and their cunts together.

Mom looked at the couple sat next to them, the girl had the guy's dick out and was openly sucking on it as he played with her tits, another girl was getting her cunt fingered,
She looked at James; he turned to mom and asked if she was enjoying it.

"Well, It's certainly different!" mom replied, he took hold of her hand and moved it over to his thigh, his other arm slid around mom?s neck and stroked her shoulder and arm, and as he pulled her close to him it casually brushed against her tit, they looked at each other. I suppose he was waiting for mom to stop him, seeing that she never said anything he cupped mom?s tit and gently squeezed, they were still looking into each other's eyes, and then they kissed. As they kissed deeply, he slid his hand down the front of mom?s dress and took hold of her hard nipple between his fingers; he tweaked it, making it even harder and bigger. After they had stopped kissing, mom looked down and saw his hand on her exposed tit, rolling the nipple between his fingers, the guys on the stage looked like they were seconds away from cumming, both girls lay on the floor as the guys encircled them, they wanked their dicks furiously until one after the other they shot their spunk over the girls faces, tits and bodies, the girls were covered in spunk and after sucking the guys clean they kissed and licked the spunk off each other
James was still playing with mom?s tits as he watched them intently, as the lights brightened she told him that she wanted to visit the powder room, she stood up and pulled the top of her dress over her tits. When she returned James had paid the check and was waiting for her.

"Right, I think it's time to go home - ok with you?".

They walked to the limo hand in hand, throughout the journey home they kissed and James again played with her boobs. When they arrived mom made herself a drink, James put on some background music and sat on the couch. James sat next to mom, "Did you enjoy tonight Renu?" he asked.

"Yes love, in a strange way I suppose I did! Thanks for taking me James, it was an experience I don't think I will ever forget," mom told him.

"About our 'date' Renu...I mean, well... it's not over yet is it? I said tomorrow things get back to normal so until then...well, we are know, until then we are strangers aren?t we?"

Renu looked at him, "No, I guess we're not" she said. Things went a bit quiet. I knew what James was getting at. She said, "James, I have every intention of keeping the promises I made to you but you in return must keep your promises also, you know that, don't you?"

Of course I will, Renu, I won't go back on what I said!" he told me.

"Well, Ok then, tell me long have you been thinking about a date that is?" she asked him.

"Oh...I suppose for a couple of years now Renu - I mean...well, you are a very sexy looking woman!!!". And when I saw your steamy pictures in dad?s laptop when he visited me, I knew I would like to take you out for a date.

"And what made you to decide to...well, seduce me?" mom asked.

?The jealousy that a dumb person like dad had taken you into his bed and banged you many times made me make up my mind.?

Mom blushed for a while thinking about what James had just said.

You planned the whole thing and I fell for it!...Well, I hope you think all your planning is worth it!"

James looked at Renu and smiled, "Oh...I'm sure it will be," he laughed.

For the most part they kissed like long lost lovers, but from time to time they would break free to gasp for air, or to rasp out how good it felt, only to return quickly to their almost desperate kissing.
Mom stood up and slipped the straps from her dress off her shoulders, with a little wiggle it fell to the floor leaving her standing in front of him wearing the underwear and stockings that he had bought for her, her nipples stood out like bullets from her exposed pink Kashmiri boobs.

Mom took one between her fingers and squeezed it, "Tell me what you want honey, tell me what you want me to do to you!!"

James stood up and kissed her fiercely, his hand went to her boobs and he mauled and squeezed them, "Oh fuck Renu, you feel so good, so fucking good!" he said.

"So! You like playing with your dad?s slut's tits do you? What else do you want to do?" with that she sat back down on the couch and opened her legs wide, she slid a finger through the slit of her panties into her sopping wet cunt, "You want to explore aunt?s pussy? You want to lick it? Finger it? Play with it?"

She was moaning in ecstasy and expectation, when he stopped and swiftly moved to her sweaty tits. He fondled them recklessly as he sucked on her erect nipples. He was abusing them as my mom moaned with pleasure. He then finally attacked her pussy, furiously licking and eating her exposed cunt. He plunged his tongue deep and hard into her pussy as she cried, "Oh my God James, stick it in deeper and harder. She had her legs propped up on the dash now as he mauled her pussy with his wild tongue.

He sunk down to his knees in front of mom, he held her legs open as his head went between mom?s legs, I could feel his tongue lapping over mom?s smooth pussy lips, he took hold of her panties and pulled them off, "Your pussy looks so nice smooth you shave it often?" he asked as he slid a finger inside her cunt, she let out a Mmmmm, "No...Yes...oh sometimes I do!" she told him, he licked at her pussy and fingered it deeply, felt so good, she lay back with her eyes closed, her cunt felt so wet and juicy, he started to lick along mom?s crack to her ass hole, she felt his tongue probing it then a finger, she cried out, "No James, not my ass...I've never...!"

"It's ok Renu, I'll be gentle" he said as he again probed it with his tongue, he continued to finger mom?s cunt as again he slowly slid a finger into her tight ass hole.

"Oh Fuck! Make it wet! Please James...Be careful!" she cried out, after a few minutes it surprisingly started to feel good to her, this was a new experience for her and she was getting it from her best client?s son! He was good at what he was doing and it made me wonder how many times he had done the same thing on his young girlfriends.

Up till now apart from her 'accidentally' brushing his dick with her hand she had not really touched or seen his dick, she pulled his head up from her crotch, "Take your clothes off James!" she told him, thirty seconds later he was naked, his dick stood out hard, I guess it was about 7 inches long. Not bad, I thought to myself, she stood up and as they kissed she reached down and encircled his dick with her hands, he lowered his head and sucked deep on mom?s mangoes as she wanked on his dick, then sinking to her knees she started to lick and kiss his dick.

"Oh Renu...that feels so fucking good! Please...suck it deeper Renu, please!" she did as he asked and took as much of his throbbing dick into her mouth, she choked a bit as it touched her throat, she sucked it hard and deep and as she did she played with his balls, James held on to her head with his hands, his hips lurched forward as he fucked mom?s willing mouth, "Oh Renu, don't stop, Oh fuck!...I'm going to cum jaan! Suck on it jaan...Please! Oh Fuck!"

I could feel his dick twitching and throbbing as he cried out.

It was no big deal to mom, she had sucked on many dicks in the past and often swallowed their cum so she decided not to stop sucking, She would give her client?s son a 'special treat' she thought and as she felt his spunk start to stream out he sucked as hard as she could, literally sucking his cum out of his dick!

I watched in amazement as I saw my petite mom deep throat his entire cock, causing her to gag a few times. She started licked and sucking on his cock, bobbing her head up and down like a jack hammer. She was relentless as she continued to blow him.

"Oh god yeah!" James cried with her. Stream after stream of semen shot out of his cock onto Renu?s face, her hair, and dripping down onto her tits.

She managed to swallow most of it, he lunged forward as each stream of spunk shot out, his grip on mom?s head held her tight, finally he let go and his now softening dick slid out of her mouth, he collapsed back onto the couch, mom remained where she was on her knees, licking her lips, using her finger to guide what spunk that was on her face into her mouth! James watched her, then he reached out and before she knew it he had picked up his digital camera that he had left on the arm of the couch, he started to take pictures of mom.

"No James, I don't want you to do that!" she told him.

" look so fucking sexy kneeling there with your face all spunky, don't worry, only you and I will see them, anyway, I need something to remind me of tonight don't I" he laughed.

"Well, ok but you must promise me that no one else will ever see them!" I said.

?Sure Renu, I promise" he replied, as he sat on the couch he idly played with his dick.

I could see it was already starting to grow again, while mom lay back on the carpeted floor, as she did James started to snap away with his camera, "Play with yourself Renu" he instructed. "Now...squeeze your tits, yes...that's great!" he said as he gave her directions as to how he wanted her to pose. I must admit it was turning me on ? mom posing for him, I was at the point where I didn't care any more.

'I don't give a fuck!' mom told herself, he had her in a variety of poses, she fingered her cunt, she even slid a finger into my her hole, mom was still laid back on the floor when she saw him put down his camera. "Now...I think it's time I fucked my date!" he said as he positioned himself between mom?s wide open legs.

He took his wallet out and showed the strip of condoms to mom.

?Don?t worry Renu; I will take good care of you.?

I was looking at her legs spread wide, her pink pussy devoid of hair, her big tits sloping slightly to her sides, but mostly piled up high on her chest. James knelt in between her legs. Renu grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy lips. He got down on his elbows as Renu whispered, "A little higher, honey." James got into the saddle, and pumped the slut at a medium pace.

"OH, is this GREAT!" he grunted as he fucked Renu. Mom wrapped her thighs around him, stroked his back and butt, and whimpered. As James got more comfortable, he stroked faster and harder, as Renu whimpers turned to moans, then squeals.

Feeling the slippery cock penetrating deep inside her, mom was quickly reaching another climax. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Oooooww!" She clamped her long thighs around James, gyrating her hips back and forth.

Mom moaned and said, "Oh yeah please!"

"Oh Yes James...Fuck aunty good, nice and hard, nice and deep...Fuck your dirty slut?!!

"He rubbed his hard dick over mom?s pussy lips then he - with a big lunge - slid it in to her cunt! "Oooohhhh, Oh Fuck!"

She cried out as his hard dick filled her cunt, "Yes! That's it! Fuck me harder!"

Mom was giving out light moans "aaah ooooaahhhhhh".

"Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah."

"Fuck me! Oh god, Fuck me!" Renu cried, her face contorted, eyes gleaming. "Oh, yeah! Oh! I love your big teenage cock in my mother-whore cunt!"


She told him as he relentlessly pumped into her, she locked her ankles around his waist, she tried to pull him closer, she wanted every last bit of his dick inside her.

Mom was saying ? Take me, take me deeper?.

Mom mourned loudly as he pushed further and further "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh....... ooooooooohhhhhhhh.... ssssllllllooooowwwwwlllyyyyy...

"ooohhhhh... nooooooooo... aaahhh... "

I could hear my mother much better now.

"Fuck me! James, fuck me good!" She pleaded pathetically.

"Fuck me James!" She begged.

"You want it bitch. I'll fuck you like your no good husband couldn't."

He grabbed mom by the hip with both hands. Then with both hands holding her butt tight he drove his black manhood home into her cunt. "This would be much better for both of us if you would let me take this damn rubber off." He complained.

"I told you not till I'm on the pill." She said between his thrusts. "It's your pussy I will be messing up. I can't feel anything with this damn rubber on."

But James was not ready to listen.

"I'll get pregnant if you cum in me. Just be happy I let you fuck me at all." She spit over her teeth.

"I'm going to cum in your bare cunt, Regardless of whether you get pregnant or not!!?
He yelled. "I don't care how long it takes."

Saying this he took off the double pair of condoms that he was wearing and threw them far away.

?James I'm going to CUMMM, Riding Your wonderful COCKKKK!!!!!" Mom panted out. The room was now filled with the sound of flesh on flesh slapping against each other. Their grasping clutching bodies seemed to be slamming in to each other.

"Ahhhh, me too, Renu,? James grunted, " I'm right with you, let's cum together."

"OH YES BABY CUM INSIDE ME, CUM DEEP INSIDE ME, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SPERM!!! I LOVE.....JAMES?..,.......I LOVE YOUUUUU.........AHHHHHH OHHHHH AHHHH ARRGHHHHHHH." Mom's body was wracked with an impossibly intense orgasm.

"HERE I CUMMM, RAARRRGGG" Shouted James as his ass cheeks tightened and his balls began to pump rope after rope of thick semen in to my mother's welcoming belly. I could almost see James?s swollen ball sack dumping their contents in to Mom's grasping womb. James?s orgasm seemed to trigger another orgasm in Mom who tightened her leg lock on him and flattened her heaving, sweaty breasts against his broad chest.

"I LOVE YOU JAMES, FILLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPPPP" Mom screamed out. James almost lifted her off the bed as their mutual orgasm gripped them as one.

Renu lifted her head, smiled back at James, and said, "James why don't you fuck me from behind?" James knelt upright, presented his stiff cock between her legs, and slid it into her pussy from behind.

After a few minutes they swapped positions, this time mom got onto her hands and knees and he fucked her the way two dogs would do it! Oh he got in so deep! I felt him probe mom?s ass hole with his finger, he made it wet with his saliva and the juices from her cunt, then he pulled out of her cunt and she felt him try to get it into her ass, after a few tries it started to go in, she cried out loud, it hurt at first but after a while it got looser and she actually started to enjoy it, he reached under her and grabbed hold of her tits as they swung under her, he tugged on her nipples, Christ! My boy was certainly fucking mine mom good I thought. Mom could feel his dick throb; I knew he was seconds away from cumming.

"Ohhh!" moaned James as he slid his cock in and out of his dad?s friend?s doggie-style. He started to hump faster, slamming his full weight into mom, causing her thighs and ass cheeks to ripple and shake.

"Fill my ass hole James, cum in aunty's ass!" she told him, he lunged forwards deep and she felt his dick twitch as his second load of spunk shot out and filled her, she collapsed onto her stomach with James on top of her, his dick still inside her, twitching. They lay together for a few minutes, both of them breathing heavily until his dick softened and slid out, turning to face each other as they kissed, long, deep and with lots of passion.

She started talking back "Oh fuck me James, that feels so good Oh God!"

"Oh yeah, don't stop. I love your big cock in my ass," she said.

When they finished, they kissed passionately for a minute, and then she tried to clean herself up to no avail. Her dress was drenched with sweat, her nipples and tits showing clear through. Her make-up was smeared all over her face. Her pantyhose had cum stains all over her legs and ass and smeared black stains on her knees. Most obvious was that she couldn't walk straight as James had completely killed her. They both had 3 more shots with one another before going to bed finally. So both of them slept there only in mom?s bedroom, without even bothering to dress up with something.

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am having a very difficult time believing this to be a series of true stories, I started reading them yesterday as they all seem to be the same basic story just with a few twists and turns to make the stories seem to be different I have waited until now to actually make a vote as to positive or a negative as now I have come to the belief that these stories are actually a set of fantasy / fictional with most like some vague basis of truth but mostly fantasy - I will leave this to others to make their own discovery and decisions but my vote now is definitely negative and I firmly believe this to be a work of fictional fantasy

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