As I have told you in earlier part mine mom was a high society escort till sometime back and had laid her hands on many a dick. Later after we got financially secured mom left the job but only started entertaining some VIP customers of hers during the old period. I soon got a good job in an MNC and due to this we had to shift our base to a new part of the city where most of the people didn?t know us and which was good news for us.

This part took place as soon as we returned from our trip from Europe. As soon as we returned I was given a lot of work from my company and due to this I didn?t remain healthy and was losing out on mine health. Due to this mom and all friends? told me to join a gym nearby so that I could shape out better and escape the stress that I was continuously subjected to. Here I made a new friend named Rohit who was also my gym instructor. He was some 3-4 yrs elder than me but regular workout made him look a bit younger. He was doing a postgraduate course in some college and since his financial condition wasn?t great he was working there as an instructor. But it had flip sides too. Since he was pursuing something or other most of the time he didn?t have a social life. Soon we gelled due to common interests and started going out together. After a brief passage of time he started coming to mine place and made good friends with mom.

Speaking about mom she was lovely and in boyish terms she was a hot property (as all kashmiris are). She had a height of 5?7? which is good for ladies but the regular workout kept her figure to desirable level for every person walking on road or seeing her in mall .She had boobs of size 34DD (which I knew when she was asking for a bra at a store) and with a slim waist and good hips combined with delightful ass was as good as a prize for onlookers. I was proud of her and would love going out with her as people would see me with jealousy and for this reason I would ask her to wear western clothes(jeans, tops, skirts and sometimes shirts) while going to shopping as they suited her style and meant more stalkers for her . Most of the people who saw her always turned to have a better look and whenever we went to shopping all shops would provide her discounts in order to make her stay for more time. She was good at making bargains and always knew what people wanted from her (they always looked at her cleavage, which she showed a bit to make people look). But I always thought that this was meant to be a part of fun she wanted to have and I didn?t disprove it. I always asked her to go on dating so that she could find a new man but she always told me that she is happy with life and me. At home she used to wear skirts with tops and often skimpy dresses about which she told me that she wore them because of high humidity problem. When at home she avoided wearing bra as she thought that they were bit too uncomfortable.

But mom thought of him as more than a friend. Because she seemed to be a happy lot whenever he was there and would try to impress him and she was often successful in her job with the help of her sexy body and the revealing outfits. I knew the way he looked at mom what he desired from her. She's the coolest. Every guy wants a mom like her. She's beautiful, athletic, and always full of positive energy and desire to make friends. The shy type of guy he was, one of those who don?t approach girls and due this never managed to bed anyone. And because of this he was still a virgin. Though I told him to get hooked up with someone he never bothered to take care.

Later after seeing mom?s all antics around Rohit I grilled her and she told me that she liked that guy for everything he had. When I went deeper she told me that she would like to sleep with him if she would ever get a chance and if I didn?t object that. I told her that she had green signal from me but she had to do it away from our house. She agreed hastily but told me that it won?t be possible and pleaded me to chalk out a plan. I thought for a while and later told her that I can make Rohit go with her but it will be upon her to seduce him. She agreed quickly and asked me for the plan. I told her to tell Rohit that she needed to go to pune for weekend for some business meeting with her brother but since she was not used to driving such long distances she needed someone to accompany her. But since I was not in great health at that moment so she considered of asking him for company regarding the trip. And while this trip she could stay at our pune?s flat in case some problem arouse. I told her that I will help her throughout this seduction trip but, only if she would wear the pendant camera on her neck and always carry her camera bag with her so that I could see how their romping goes on. This was one condition she knew about pretty well and since she and done it earlier and there was nothing to hide she nodded positively.

Next day was Friday and as per the plan I asked Rohit to accompany me home. Mom was already waiting there for us. When we entered Renu's athletic body was dressed in a short, tight, hip-hugging pink dress. The top was open enough to reveal her gorgeous cleavage. The fabric clutched her breasts so tightly that the imprint of her large nipples was readily apparent. There was a diamond-shaped opening that exposed a small portion of her flat belly and showed off a shiny diamond belly-button piercing that she had done a few weeks ago. It was undeniably sexy. Below the flare of those curvaceous hips, her well-toned legs were revealed. I could see the lust in the eyes of Rohit and how badly he wanted to fuck my mom.

Mom then turned like she was mad and told Rohit that she was angry with me. She wanted him to ask why and he did as predicted. Mom told her about the need to visit pune urgently and told him that she needed me to accompany her but it wasn?t possible. I then interfered their chat and told Rohit to do me the favor and accompany Renu to pune. Rohit showed like he was thinking and told us that he was ready and I could feel the nervousness that was creeping inside him. Mom told him that they will have to leave tomorrow and come back the same day. But we had some different plans.

Next day Rohit came on scheduled time while I and mom were waiting for him in our driveway. His jaw dropped as soon as he saw mom. Mom was wearing a white body hugging salwar suit which so deep cut that it left nothing to imagination. Moreover the bra she used was also a tad thin and everyone in the vicinity could see the outer part of her boobs very clearly. The cut at her thighs was also quite deep and showed the lining of her soft silky panty. Soon they got into the car and left of for pune. I told mom to call me to inform about how the things were proceeding and about how and when they were planning to come back. As they left I rushed back to my flat to get on my laptop and get the live coverage as I didn?t want to miss any part of this unusual seducing spree.

Nothing happened during the whole trip. But as I could see Rohit was stealing glances to have a better look at mom?s curves and the type of woman mom she is, she was giving him more and more each time. They talked about various topics like friends, college and about different people and their philosophies but I was not interested in talk and I wanted to see some action.

Till the time they reached pune it was about 7 in the evening. And from here the second part of the plan followed. Mom called me to tell me that she had got a call from her agent that the meeting was canceled and that now she would have to stay there since it was already very dark. We discussed it for a while and then I had a talk with Rohit and since he didn?t have any problem with staying I told mom that you can come tomorrow morning. This was what mom wanted to hear and proceed. Later mom told Rohit that let?s have dinner and then move to our well furnished flat so that they can spend the night and then leave for Mumbai in morning. Rohit nodded for a while and later they went for dinner. After some 2 hrs and a huge talking session they returned to our flat and then I knew that the real story was going to unfold.

Mom went ahead as soon as she walked out of the car. Rohit told her that he will fill the car tank so that they can leave early in the morning. Mom replied to him positively and told him that she would be waiting for him and asked him to return soon as she was a bit afraid as not many people lived there in the surrounding flats.

Door of the flat was open as soon as Rohit walked in. It took a bit of time for him to return. During this period mom had freshened up and also changed the dress. She was wearing a short floral skirt which came just above her knees with a tube top covering the upper part which also had a white jacket above it. She was looking stunning and even prettier than ever before. She also had started the CD player and slow music was flowing in the room.

"Why don't you go get into something more comfortable" mom told Rohit.

"That's a good idea" he said, "I need to take a shower anyhow".

He replied immediately by getting into his tracks and a white sando that he was carrying as soon as he was back from the shower. His well built body was an invitation to anyone who needed to ride a wild horse at full throttle. And mom being the expert jockey she is I knew that she would make full use of the chance.

Soon mom invited him or a casual dance but he was too shy to accept. So mom went close to him and took his one hand and placed it on her waist which came right in between her skirt and tube top and hence was partly naked, while she took her other hand and took his hand in it.

?This is called as ballroom dancing? mom said.

He nodded sheepishly and proceeded to match steps with mom.

As they were dancing I could see that mom was getting closer and closer to him and her crotch was right on the head of his dick. I could feel the nervousness that he was feeling due to that. Since mom had started things Rohit had gathered some courage and he started exploring mom?s ass with his palm and after a span of time I could see that his hand was much inside her skirt. Mom had closed her eyes and was showing like that as if she did not know what was going on. This made Rohit even bolder and I could see his was playing with the knots of mom?s top. Mom replied frantically to this move and pushed him to the couch present in the room. This was very drastic move for me as I thought mom did the wrong thing as afterwards Rohit won?t be able to gather the courage to love her.

He gathered himself up and was about to say sorry when the unexpected happened to him. Mom went close to him and put her hot lips on his and kissed him deeply. His response was also great and while he remained silent he did his tongue do the job.

He still had one hand around her waist and one hand touching her face. He pulled her body closer to him, while moving his fingers to her lips. He took his thumb and pulled down her lower lip so that his tongue could invade her mouth. After some minutes they pulled themselves apart.

?Has another girl ever kissed you Rohit?"


"I see you all grown up now and I know you like to look at women's boobs and try feeling their ass." Mom said.

He looked down at her in shocked surprise.

"I...uh....I...," I did not know what to say.

"Your friend?s mom gave you a hard on didn't she?"

Saying this she squeezed the rock hard bulge in his pants.
He decided to play along.

?Yeah Aunty, you sure did."

"You are really hard. You want to see your friend's mother body?"

"Yeah," he said wondering how far this was going to go.

I put the headphones on and sat down on my chair. I put my eye up to the screen and started watching.

Rohit was lying on the couch in his boxer shorts and my mom was sitting on the edge of the bed with her arm straddled over him. She looked so seductive sitting there. Her tube top was slightly open at the top after she removed her jacket and her gorgeous legs were crossed with her thighs showing with her skirt doing a little job of covering them.

"You're a very attractive young man," she said in a low sexy voice as she let her eyes wondered up and down his body.

Then mom placed her hand on his chest and started to lightly rub his well toned biceps. I could see the desire on her face as she rubbed his chest. Rohit just lay there enjoying the feel of my mom's hand touching him. She ran her hand down over his belly then back up over his chest. As she did, she saw his cock jump in his underwear. Seeing his cock jump made her love juices stream down out of her pussy. She couldn't wait any longer.

"Oh Rohit, I want you" she whispered in a sexy voice as she bent over and started kissing his chest.

?I want you to love me?. Mom said.

She started kissing and licking him with a full tongue then she sucked on his nipples as she reached down and placed her hand on his crotch. Slowly she rubbed his bulge, and then she slipped her hand into the fly of his boxers and fondled his cock. It was a monster at 8 inches and I could see the feel on my mom?s face like someone who found hidden gold. His hands moved up from her ass and slipped under her top trying to gauge the real size of her Kashmiri apples. They continued kissing and his hands were roaming all over her back and chest.

My cock was throbbing hard by now so I took and slid my underwear down and started to stroke it while I watch the two of them. My mom licked down over his belly then pulled his underwear down revealing his hard cock. She took it in her hand and kissed the tip of it, then rubbed her face against it.

"God it's so nice and hard," she said as she closed her eyes and rubbed it across her wet lips.

She began to lick up and down the shaft and as she did Rohit closed his eyes and moaned with delight. Then she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in and began sucking it. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down his cock.

Seeing this was the first time Rohit ever had his cock sucked it didn't take long till he exploded shooting his wad down my mom?s throat.

"Ummmm" my mom moaned as she swallowed his cum.

?I love the taste of ur cum.? Mom said.

?I love you jaan???..i can?t believe that my dream has come true? I was waiting for this night since months.

After this Rohit carefully turned mom around to face him. Her right hand moved just a tiny bit lower, massaging the top of Renu?s mound over her short skirt but still outside it. He brought his lips to moms, brushing them gently before tracing their outline with her tongue tip. Renu sighed and Rohit kissed her again, the tip of his tongue slipping into Renu's mouth for a moment.

Mom?s soft moaning turned frantic, encouraging him to continue. Starting with the big one, he took each individual toe into his oral chamber and sucked on it. His tongue swirled around the small, sweet-smelling fingers. The bright red polish that covered the nails made them even more attractive to him.

Renu flashed him a sexy, teasing smile. She probably remembered that I was anxiously shifting in my seat, barely able to control myself as I watched her with Rohit. I desperately watched in grave disappointment when she clasped Rohit's hand and led him to the coffee table.

She positioned him lying down, face up. Renu then unhooked and released her tube top and her big firm boobs tried to spill out but her creamy bra restricted them. Rohit did the needful and bought Renu close on pretext of kissing and when she was there in her arms, the cheeky fellow removed the hooks form her back. Both upright breasts relaxed downward once the form-fitting stretch fabric cups uncovered the mounds. They were every bit as gorgeous as I remembered and had felt. The creamy boobs were nicely rounded, with light brown nipples that were fully erect and had attractive areolas. This was the first time Rohit was seeing and feeling such huge naked boobs and that too of the best paid escort of Mumbai- Renu.

She got up on the table and knelt, straddling his face. She stood for a brief while in front of him to give her the smell of the juices leaking but the bastard took hold of her skirt and while she tried to get free he just ripped it apart. But mom wasn?t in any mood to let this affect her plan and she just threw away the skirt on the nearby couch. She then laid her body on the table with just a small mango panty covering her silky clit which Rohit wanted so badly and due to which we lived in such posh neighborhood. Her hips sensuously rocked back and forth, waving her panty-clad pussy just inches from his face. It looked as if she was riding his mouth. I experienced a strong sense of jealousy. But I had to admit that watching them was building my desire for her luscious form. Rohit seemed nervous. After lying there seemingly lifeless for the first few moments, his hands finally reached up and grabbed her waist. As mom tried to catch his hands they went inside the panties and he slowly began the process of lessoning their altitude. By the time mom could feel the touch of his hands she was nude before her son?s best friend and asking him to fuck her badly. His head lifted and began eating her pussy which she had neatly trimmed of hair knowing that she would lay it before Rohit.

Renu tossed her head back and squeezed on the bare breasts with both hands. "Oh, yes! Yes! Oh Rohit, suck my juicy cunt! Ohhhh!"?..plzzzzzz.

"Ohhh yessss, that's it, give me a good licking" she moaned as her body filled with excitement.

She moved down his body until her legs straddled Rohit's waist. When Renu leaned over, her firm boobs were dangling over his face. His hands cupped the soft swells, fondling and steadying them. His lips captured a nipple and eagerly sucked.

"Oh yeah, that's it, baby," her sweet voice groaned approvingly.

"Please, Renu!" I pleaded in a frantic voice. The desperation I felt had to have been obvious to her when she saw his face.

Renu pressed a hand against Rohit's chest in a gesture to remain in position, and then got off the table. I'm pretty sure she intended to face me so that I could see the action. She knelt on the floor beside the table and started playing with his stiff cock. Her fingers fondled the hairy sacs and squeezed the penis shaft. The joyous, open-mouthed expression on Rohit's face was priceless.

Her head lowered. His cock disappeared into her mouth. Rohit's hands held the back of her bobbing head. Those luscious lips slid all the way down to his balls before reversing direction and gliding back up to the bulbous tip.

Her warm, wet mouth first sucked on his balls one at a time. Then her tongue extended and licked at the cum. She worked her way up to the tip, cleaning him off and eating the leaking semen like the expert she was. And then it happened. For the first time ever, Rohit experienced the joy of a hot, wet mouth and swirling tongue embracing his penis. He gasped and stiffened as his cock slid along her tongue, bumped against the back of her throat, and traveled beyond.

I could only imagine how wonderful that must have felt. My abdominal muscles tightened as the aching pressure in my nuts continued to mount. A strong twinge jolted my body. I glanced down and saw that quite a bit of my thick cum had anxiously seeped out and I was feeling hot as each second was passing by.

Rohit didn't last long, and I couldn't blame him. He lasted maybe two minutes, tops. I watched as his body went rigid, and then wildly twitched. He grunted aloud while ejaculating. After the first burst of seed, mom?s mouth pulled away. But her fingers were still squeezing and stroking the shaft. There were two more geysers of milk-white cum that splattered onto her stomach and crotch before he was spent.

For being married and at 42, Renu sure was awesome at sex and with the experience that she had with customers made her learn all the tricks to satisfy the guys. That's the one thought that I mulled over as tingling pressure enveloped my throbbing cock and aching balls. I closed my eyes and sat back, amazed at the erotic sensations that rippled through my body. Wow, now I finally grasped why sex was so highly regarded and actively pursued. And this was just a blow job.
My eyes opened when her mouth retreated. She grasped his right hand and led him to the 10 by 10 feet bed. Rohit knew what to do, and anxiously lay down lengthwise. She knelt, straddling his face, and began waving her crotch just a few scant inches from the camera. Maybe I was imagining it, but I could feel the wet heat emanating from her sex. I noticed the dark stain and knew the fact that mine mom was juicy and was already ready for sex.

"Nobody has fucked me for more than 4 years, Rohit. Would you like to fuck me, your friend arun's mom with this big dick of yours?"

?YESSS?..?was the reply.

"Take your clothes off," mom said.

?But condom?.?

?No need for that???firstly I can?t get pregnant at this age and also I am on pills?

?And don?t worry if I get a baby I would love to have one like you?so don?t worry about the results?..just enjoy urself and provide some for me too.?

Rohit quickly did as he was told, all the while never taking his eyes off her huge melons of mom and her simply sexy naked body. He was a little embarrassed to face her with his naked dick sticking out in front of him like a flag staff.

My mom said, staring at his cock, "You really are grown up."


"You ever do it with a girl before honey?"


"That's alright baby, I?m going to show you how."

She rubbed her over her mound and let out a slow moan.

I want you to kiss it for me, Rohit. I want you to kiss aunt's pussy and make it wet so your dick can slide in better. Come on baby, kiss my pussy."

He crawled on the bed between her legs. She pulled her knees back and with one hand, spread her pussy lips apart. And kissed the slit.

Use your tongue and lick it up and down, honey," she whispered. He did as he was told. Her hips begin to jerk up and down on the bed.

Oh...oh...oh...God...oh," she repeated, as her other hand held the back of his head forcing my face into her bucking pussy mound.

After about five minutes she whispered, "You gonna make your friends mom cum, baby...oh...oh...oh God...I'm gonna cum...oh...I'm gonna cum.. NOW...JESUS GOD...CUMIIIIIIIIING!"

As soon as mom had the first orgasm I knew from experience that mom wanted more. But I was not sure whether Rohit with his fragile heart and no condom in the scene will make the right move to make her a whore of his.

I was nervous because I knew what Rohit wanted to do. The question was, will Rohit have the courage to take the final step? Bolstered by her earlier encouraging words to feel free to touch, his hands reached up and caressed her soft inner thighs. They then moved up to the edge of her crotch. A finger tugged the narrow strip of fabric to one side, exposing what he desired the most.

"Mujhe isi din ka intezaar tha," she softly chuckled.

"That's fine, sweetie. Tonight I'm all yours."

My eyes beheld one of the most inspirational sights of my life. Short dark curls lined light pink, shimmering folds. Two fingers came into view as Renu pushed the lips apart, exposing her sex as she had saved and prepared for that fateful day.

Renu pointed out her flesh-shrouded clitoris. "Chato isse," she directed. And then spread her sex wide, exposing the pussy. "Slide two fingers in me."


I was grateful for her motherly instructions while I looked at something as exquisite as it was mysterious; a real, woman like Renu. Rohit hesitantly pressed the index and middle fingers of his right hand into her warm, wet pussy. The walls stretched as they pushed inside. Mom felt as good as they slowly pumped in and out. Slick wetness coated the thrusting of her inner thighs.

Her moans sounded genuine. Renu's hips writhed, thrusting in rhythm with his gliding fingers. The motions of her lithe form and hearing the hushed groans had his cock and balls painfully straining again. When he began licking on the enlarged nub, her body noticeably shuddered. The seeping essence tasted weird to him. It had a strange flavor that he couldn't quite compare to anything else he'd ever had.

"Lick it harder, baby," she instructed. "Move your fingers faster."

"Oh honey, I haven't cum like that in many years," she said, smiling down at him.
"Now, you ready to stick your hard dick in Aunt's tight pussy. It's nice and wet for you. Come on up here and get on top of your friends mom. Let me show you how to fuck a sexy woman and make her demand for more.?

He eagerly complied, ramming both fingers into her pussy harder and faster. Her hands clutched his head, grinding her clitoris against his tongue. The taste and smell of her juice heightened as Rohit enthusiastically devoured her aroused cunt. The smell of her pussy soaked the plunging fingers and Rohit was just spellbound by the sight.

"I can't wait to get this inside of me!" She said and rolled him over onto his back.

"I can't wait anymore! I have to have this hard fucking cock in my pussy now or I am going to die!"

Renu's movements and moaning turned frantic. Rohit was anxious to give her as much pleasure as she was bringing to him. The thought that he could actually make a real woman like her climax was so cool! After a few minutes her moans became loud cries. She rode his face faster. Her entire body seemingly stiffened at once. Renu's breathless voice gasped. A brief surge of juice filled her mouth as she achieved orgasm.

"That was nice," she whispered a few moments after. "Girls appreciate a guy that's willing to do that for them."

Her body shifted down over his chest and to the waist. Rohit felt a hand supporting the shaft of his excitedly pulsating prick. I watched as her body dipped down. Rohit eyes shut and he gasped in delight as the purplish-red tip of my penis pushed between the lips and rubbed against her wet slit. I heard a soft chuckling as she watched his response. Her hand shifted his cock up and down the essence-coated valley several times.

"OOhhhhh jaan it feels so goooood, I'm going to cum in your pussy" Rohit cried out.

"YESSS, cum in my pussy sweetie, that's what I want" my mom replied.

?You are very tight aunty?. He said.


And then I felt his prick pushing inside. As Renu's body lowered, his cock penetrated all the way inside. He groaned in amazed joy as wet heat and pressure surrounded his dick. He was still a virgin and that showed in his actions and emotions.

Her body hesitated with his penis buried fully inside. "How does that feel?"

His eyes opened and looked up at her face. He was happily grinning. "Great!"

She leaned forward, tempting him with her jiggling breasts. His hands gently squeezed on the soft, firm boobs. He touched the erect nipples with thumbs. While he fondled the creamy mounds her body began rocking up and down.

His face contorted in a mask of pleasure as he felt the velvet-smooth walls of her wondrous canal sliding up and down his full length. The tingling sensations quickly intensified. A pussy was so much better than his hand. He reached down and grasped her waist. His hips started eager pumping motions, driving his cock faster and harder. Her juice soaked his pulsating stem.

"Oh, yeah," he groaned aloud. "Uh! Uh!"
I was afraid he might not last long, and I wasn't wrong. The incredible first experience was so overwhelming. Within what only seemed like a few beats of my racing heart, the semen began rising from his aching sacs. His penis swelled larger as he approached climax. As the sensitized head rubbed along her pussy walls the friction generated joyous tingling pleasure.

"Your stiff cock feels so good," her voice moaned. "Yeah, fuck me, baby."

?Push it in and out of my honey," she said to him.


Rohit needed no further guidance. He started fucking mine mom punishing her like a whore, slow at first, then faster. She pulled his head to her breasts and sweet thin lips of her and he held them tight, matching their strokes.

"That's it's it....fuck me...fuck Aunt's pussy...fuck it good, baby...make your friends mom cum again...oh...oh...uh...uh...uh...fuck it good and hard."

"I gonna cum...Oh my GOD..." she screamed. She laughed and shouted, taking her son's name "Arun your friend is fucking me, he is riding on me"

"Oh My GOD Rohit, that feels sooooo Gooood", Mom cried out, battling the instinct to push his head further in to her pussy, Mom's hands flew in the air, her fingers straight out, they shook for a moment and then fell to the bed clutching the covers.

"UUGGGH, UUGGHH, UGGGHHH, UGGGHH, UGGHH, UHHHH, UHHH," she moaned as she fucked back at him up and down. Her big tits were bouncing and wobbling all over the place, and her short black hair was bouncing to the fucking rhythm.

She held him very tight and I felt her wet cunt squeeze his dick. "Oh GOD...fuck me hard...gonna cum...make Aunt cum... OOOOOHHHHH, FUCK..."

"Yes, Rohit, I'm a whore! Fuck me like the whore I am!" she retorted insanely.
?Yess Renu I will fuck you like no one has done before?..whenever you will go on bed with someone you will keep remembering me and the how I fucked you.?

"Oh fuck yeah! Grab aunty's ass sweetheart!" My mom said licking her lips seductively as she rode his cock.

"Ugggg?.ohhhhhh?.y?..yessssss?.I'mmmm?.oh, yes! Don't stop! Yesss!!!! That's it! O God, baby! I'm?I'm c?c?cumming!!!!" She literally screamed.

The building pressure in his nuts helped push the seed out. He convulsed at the very end.

Mom was saying" Oh yes. . . . Take me, Hhhaaaaannnn aur dalo .. . . aur zor se. I love u fucking me. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppperrrrr."

Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh!!!!" they squeeled in unison. Rohit was now the one in control and he was relentless now in his need to penetrate as deep as possible into mom?s pussy.

He arched his back and cried, "I'm cumming! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in you, Renu ! Here?.it?cums!!!!" He drove his cock as deep into mom?s pussy.

"Yes! Yes, baby! Give it to me! Yesssss!!!! Give?.it?.to?.meeeee!!!!!!". Fill my pussy with your cumm?..i want to have your whole dick inside me.

His body went rigid and twitched in powerful spasms. He thrust hard and buried himself inside of her core just as he ejaculated a brief stream of cum. He kept fucking Renu and grunted with each successive explosion of semen. He had completed the shot and mom was lying there on her back full of cumm spilled over her pussy. The amount of cumm Rohit had deposited was astonishing and I was having thoughts about whether he could have made mom pregnant. He felt incredible joy and relief as my balls emptied. His eruption shot a surprising amount of seed into her.

When it was over, his body relaxed. He was overheated and sweaty. With his
Withering penis still buried in her pussy, Renu leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

An hour later...

"Renu?" he asked.

"Yes, dear?" My mom asked

"Have you ever tried anal sex before?" He asked innocently.

She laughed and said, "I lost my virginity there when I was 18."

My mom stopped cuddling with him, reached for Vaseline, and got on her knees, handing him the cream.

"You know what to do!" My mom said with a wicked smile on her face.

He approached her upturned ass and she spread her cheeks for him. He put his face forward and began licking her ass. Renu dropped her head to the bed.

"Oh yeah. I never knew my son?s friend was so kinky! Lick my ass! I love it!" My mom said.

Rohit spread her flavored cream on two fingers and began inserting them in her ass. He took the lotion and poured some directly in her ass.

"Ooooooh that feels so good. So cold and wet!" My mom said.

He began devouring her asshole with his tongue and mouth and she began screaming and reaching under her and rubbing her pussy with both hands. Rohit poured some cream onto his dick and rubbed it in. His cock was hard, ready, and very well lubed. He then placed the head of my rock hard cock at the entrance to her ass.

He waited and was about to enter her when she backed up and fully impaled his cock in her ass. She screamed and he moaned. She was so fucking tight and it felt like heaven to Rohit.

They stayed joined together like that in a primitive way. Like dog, he was mounting her from behind. He began to slowly thrust in and out of her and she began moaning.

Yes, fuck my ass! Do me jaan!" My mom commanded.

Rohit thrust in and out of her ass and began smacking her asscheeks.

"Oh yes! Spank me baby! I have been a bad girl. Punish me!" She shouted.

Rohit spanked her ass as he fucked her asshole harder and faster. He reached under her, grabbed her tits, and roughly pinched her nipples.

"Ooooooh, if only I had known we could have been lovers long ago baby!" My mom said.

Rohit remained quiet and thrust in and out of my mom's ass faster. He started breathing heavy as did my mom. Her head rested on the bed as her body shook with the power of his thrusts. Her tits flopped back and forth and he started spanking her.

"Oh God! I am going to CUM!" My mom shouted.

"I'm going to cum too jaan!" Rohit shouted.

"Wait for me, wait for me baby! Ooooooooooh God yes! I am cumming fuck me baby! Oh you dog I love it!" My mom shouted.

He flooded my mom's ass with his hot cum. He lay there and collapsed onto her back. They were lying there like animals.

Rohit pulled out and laid on his back thoroughly exhausted. My mom collapsed onto her back, rolled over, laid her head on his chest, and gave him a kiss.

"Congratulations, you're officially a man," she advised him in a caring voice.

He was embarrassed and exhausted by his brief performance. "I'm so sorry, I..."

Renu placed a finger against his lips, silencing his voice. "It's normal, Rohit. I'm just glad I could do this for you and for myself."

She stood up and rejoined Rohit. He was rubbing on his semi-erect penis, hoping to get hard again. Renu sat beside him, replacing his hand with hers. Rohit's hands and mouth reached for her boobs. After a few minutes of fondling, he was fully erect. Renu lay down on the couch with her thighs far apart. She patiently guided my best friend into a missionary position.

When I saw the look on Rohit's face as his penis filled her sex, the erotic sensations returned. I knew exactly what he was feeling. When he didn't climax right away, I started to feel jealous. That emotion intensified as her legs wrapped around his hips. He was fucking her hard, and her loud moans sounded less like a mom and more like a girlfriend. An audible squishing sound accompanied each thrust. Renu's body quaked. Both were groaning in joyous delight.

I silently wished that Renu could be with me forever. But then that would make me the most sought after person in this whole world, right? That would be too weird, I guess.

Rohit finished, but not before she faked a big orgasm. I mean, come on, Rohit? It had to be faked. Renu was always nice like that, making us all feel like we were so special. And I think we are, to her.

"We must not tell anybody about what we just did," she whispered to him, "As long as nobody knows we will keep doing it. Is that alright with you Rohit?" He said thanks Renu, I needed you badly for a long time, and you have given me what every other friend of Arun wanted from you. She laughed and told him, that you can have me whenever you are in need of me. She smiled and guided his face again to her huge melon sized breasts and went for more sessions.

They left a couple of hours later, but not before giving him a sweet lip lock and a good blowjob. And that was it. They started hanging out at our house even when I wasn't even home. He just liked being around her. Nothing was ever mentioned about that night to me by Rohit. It was almost as if I'd dreamed it or something. But how could I have dreamed up something like that coz I had seen the stuff live and exclusive.


2013-10-29 01:36:59
this has to be one of the worst stories I have read!! Please stop you need better story lines I just wasted and hour on 4 chapters. Not that it took that long to read it but try and put it together

anonymous readerReport

2013-10-22 21:00:53
Seriously, it is a fantastic coencpt to Live with ones past but on the contrary it is impossible to follow. The reason being, man by nature cannot abstain from certain necessities of life. Like, lets say Lust, Embrace. To be frank it is only practical in movies and not in real life.Now, coming back to the coencpt of God (Frankly this is one topic I can talk all day long), Christ once told his disciples The kingdom of God lies within you so taking the sentence by face value we could infer that we need to love and embrace ourselves first than to wonder about something which is not comprehended in any face of life. I generally ask people this question: What's mans greatest Creation? And intrinsically speaking it is God . No offense, I am just one of your critics God never existed to love him' It is our lack of reason that has over rated his existence.

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2013-10-09 22:44:33
I am having a very difficult time believing this to be a series of true stories, I started reading them yesterday as they all seem to be the same basic story just with a few twists and turns to make the stories seem to be different I have waited until now to actually make a vote as to positive or a negative as now I have come to the belief that these stories are actually a set of fantasy / fictional with most like some vague basis of truth but mostly fantasy - I will leave this to others to make their own discovery and decisions but my vote now is definitely negative and I firmly believe this to be a work of fictional fantasy

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