This story is about my childhood friend Vikram who was like a geek till his teen time, not to say anything about his virginity. There was nothing in him which girls could like. But since I was not so good at studies he was a regular feature at mine place. He was a totally different person as compared to me. He never ever even talked with girls, leave alone sleeping and having sex with them. I tried to persuade him to get a girlfriend but he was happy the way he was living his life.

But for the last year his behavior had changed a bit. Since he was going to gym he was much more-confident in talking with people. But still due to his shyness girls deserted him. I always wanted to help him out but he told me that he was not ready for all these things as yet.

The turn of events came when we went to celebrate his success in getting though the mba entrance. Though Vikram was not much of a drinker, that day in a state of happiness he drank a bit more. And since it was beyond his limits he started uttering crap. I was not interested in all that till the topic of my mom ?Renu? came up. He told me that he had a crush on my mom Renu. Initially I laughed it off as a joke but later when I saw his face I knew that he was damn serious.

?So what now??....I asked..

?I don?t know??he said.

?You must be having some plans, right?. I said.

?No man?. He replied.

?Common tell me. I won?t ask for explanation?. I said

?But still, it is very awkward?. He said.

?I?m listening. Go ahead.?

?Are you sure???. He asked.

?Positive?. I replied.

?You won?t get angry, promise?.


?I like your mom and want to take her on a date if she agrees to come with me?.

?Just this?. I said.


?I think you are sexually attracted to Renu, yes or no??


I want an answer.

?I hate to admit it, but it is YES?.

?It?s ok. I am pretty cool with this. If she agrees I don?t have any problem with that?. You are a good friend of mine and I know that mine mom is in safe hands when with you.

?Thanks man?.

After some time we left the pub and returned home. I was dying to get back home coz I wanted to tell Renu about a new lover that she had and didn?t knew. Mom was making dinner when I returned. She was wearing a nice floral skirt with a transparent top in the kitchen. As usual she was wearing no special clothes inside. I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her on the neck as my other hand reached down and slid between her legs. She let out a low moan and laid her head back on my shoulder as I toyed with her pussy. She didn?t mind that as this was a normal occurrence at our place. She turned back and gave me a peck on mine lips.

"I bet that feels good" I whispered in her ear.

"Ummmmm," she moaned.

?You are drunk naa??

?Yess?. I replied.

?You know that I don?t like that much?. She said.

?I know?.

?Forget it; I have one surprise for u.? I said.

?What?s that???

?There is an addition to your list of admirers, and in case you want to know clearly I mean ?lovers?.?

?And who is it?. She asked.


?Are you out of your mind?.?????

?No, he just confessed that to me when we were at the pub.?



?And he wants to take you out on a date.?

?But son that is not possible because what will the people in neighborhood say if they see me going out in skimpy clothes with him.?

?You are right mom?.

?Hard luck for him?.

?Can?t we manage anything at our own place??...was mine question.

?But he doesn?t come when you are not at home, and do you think that he will manage to take me on when you are there??. Mom said.

?Well that is a problem?.

Both me and mom sat thinking about this situation for a while with a glass of wine each. Some time afterwards I had a plan. I told mom that I will take Vikram to a nice pub and ask some girls who serve there to make him a bit hot and horny. I will get him to drink some shots of vodka so that he loses a bit control of his. On the other hand I will show as if I had drunk a lot and will ask him to drop me at mine place. Then your role starts in this play. Since by the time we get back home it will be too late you must ask him to stay at our place in night and then encourage him to make a move on you.

?Do you think that this will work??

?Damn sure.?

?And what do you want in return of this favor??

?Live telecast and a good fuck afterwards?.


We decided that we will make a plan for next Saturday since his parents were leaving for Pune that weekend which could be of immense help in making him stay. Finally the D-day arrived and I took Vikram to a glamorous pub in our city where the waiters were all hot n sexy gals. Since it was a high class joint you could pay some service charge and get some ?touching? thing to be done with the waiters. Everything went as per the plan and I could see that Vikram was getting horny. I acted as if I was getting tipsy and asked Vikram to give a ride back home. The good guy that he is, he obliged.

After about 1 hr we were at the door of mine house. Vikram knocked and mom opened the door. That was the first surprise for him. Mom had dressed like she was just back from office (which she was actually not, and she had dressed as I had told her to). I was drooling in Vikram?s arms but still I could see the spark in his eyes light up as soon as he saw mom in that dress.

Mom stood in front of us just like we had planned a week earlier, she had on a strapless red dress that was two sizes too small, and we could see ever contour of her body, in fact if it wasn't for the fact that the dress was red it looked more like a body stocking than a dress. I love when women wear clothing so tight that totally outlines their breasts leaving only the skin color to the imagination. As she walked toward us the dress rode up her thighs so high that it barely covered her curvaceous ass. I was taken aback by the fact she was wearing panty hose. I glanced down at her feet and saw she was wearing at least three-inch high heels and was rhythmically bouncing back and forth on them as she walked toward us. As she got closer I could see the bright red cherry lipstick that distinguishes any hooker covering her full lips and thought back to how I love the feel of those lips on my cock. Under the sultry dress she was wearing a red lacy bra and a string panty which could get off her body with just a ?pull? by her lover.

Has he had too much?? Mom asked.


?Why can?t he be like you, and not go on guzzling beers?? Mom said.

?Everybody is different you see?.
?You always save his ass from me?. Mom replied.

?Because he is my childhood friend.?

?Good, that he has a friend like you?.

?My pleasure?.

?Now being his friend do one more thing??

?What?? He asked.

?Help me to take him to get in his bed in his room?.

?Sure, not a problem?.

After this my mom and Vikram put an arm of theirs over my shoulders and helped me to my room which was on the second floor through the stairs. I could feel that while lifting me Vikram?s hand was touching mom?s tits, but she didn?t mind it. And when he tried to give me a lift through my waist his hands were almost covering the hips of mine mom. Vikram blushed for a second but seeing that mom was feeling comfortable he didn?t feel the need to back off. After putting me on bed mom locked the door from outside. When Vikram asked why she did that, she told him that it was just for precautionary measure so that Kavit doesn?t fall down in case he gets up in midnight. As soon as they left the room I got up and bolted the door from inside and switched on my laptop which was connected to the three cameras which I had secretly installed in the hall as well as in mom?s bedroom. I sat with my legs on the table top waiting for the main event of the night. I was confident of my mom?s potential and was sure that she would lay Vikram for a good fuck tonight.


?Yeah sure. I need it very much.?

?I will get it in a few minutes?.

?I?m in a bit of hurry?.

?Vikram, since there is no one at your house and it is already late it is better that you stay at our place?.


?NO if or but, you are staying.?

?Ok, aunty?.

?That?s like a good boy?.

After a brief passage of time mom came out of kitchen with two cups of coffee and gave one of them to Vikram. A brief period of silence followed this.

"Have you been working out lately?" she asked Vikram.

"Yea, I go to gym every other day" he answered.

"How much are you bench pressing?" mom asked.

"About 250 lbs." he replied.

?You must be having lovely biceps and chest?.

?You bet?.

?Betting means I will have to watch them if I have to lose?.

?I don?t mind showing them off for winning?.

?It is worth a shot?.

?So what is the bet about.?? He asked.

?We can ask any favor from each other? she said.

?Any means anything? he said.


?Ok then?.

Vikram got up and slowly pulled his shirt up and over his head revealing his chest to my mom. My mom gasped at the sight of his muscular chest. I could see the lust in her eye's as she watched him. My plan seemed to be working. Then as Vikram made his biceps jiggle up and down and my mom giggled as she watched, then she glanced down at the bulge in his pants.

"Wow, you?re built for young man" she said.

?I admit, I lose?. She said.

?It?s ok.?

?So what do you want from me? Mom asked.

?Nothing right now. I will ask for it when the right time comes.? He said.

?Will do?.

She then took a seat next to him and asked him to turn on the TV.

Then she looked over him in his eyes and asked him how she was looking.

?Hot and beautiful? was what he said.

Vikram then with some effort added that she is looking sexy and as soon as he said this mom was completely surprised (she is such a good actor) to what she just heard from him.

Than she told him that he should not have spoken such words to her as she was his mother like.

?No you are different form my mother.?

?Why so??

?My mom looks very old as compared to you, you have maintained a lot for your age?.


?Yes. I can swear on that?.

"Tell me Vikram, did you have fun tonight?" mom asked softly.

"Yes," he truthfully answered. "I've had a lot of fun tonight ?Renu."

?I can see in your eyes that you like me, is this true or not??.

?I don?t know aunty how you came to this conclusion but it is true.?

?Don?t call me aunty, just call me Renu?.

?Ok. Renu.?

A wide smile grew on mom's face. She then brought her face to his and kissed him like he had never been kissed before. She had her tongue deep inside of his mouth in an instant. She moaned loudly as she pressed her mouth against his. She was now grinding her hips as hard as she could onto his hard cock. Vikram was amazed by the turn off events and never really had a chance to respond as mom seemingly went crazy as she sat on him. Finally, she pulled her lips from his and sat panting on his lap.

?You liked it?.

?I loved it?. He said.

"Would you like to have some more fun Vikram," mom asked quickly, in between her rapid breaths.

?My husband's never home and I do like you so very much. Would you like to come upstairs with me? I promise you won't be disappointed. I'll take very good care of you, you know that."

"I've had dreams about you ever since I was a little kid Renu," he admitted to her. "I always wished that I could have been married to you. ?I know that I would have made you the happiest woman in the world. It always made me sad to think that it could never happen? he said.

?I'd love to go upstairs with you Renu. Let me do what I've always wanted to do to you. I want to fuck you so bad."
Vikram put his arms around mom and squeezed her as tightly as he dared. He kissed her as passionately as he knew how. They kissed each other for a long time, knowing that they were going to fuck each other in just a few minutes. They finally stopped, each of them wanting to get into the bed as quickly as possible.

Renu got off of his lap and she noticed a large wet spot on his pants.

Mom was as hot as they could be and was ready for everything he could give her. Mom grabbed his hand and pulled Vikram out of his chair.

They hurried as quickly as they could up the stairs. Mom walked quietly to my room and opened the door.

Renu turned to him smiling and softly said, "We don't want Kavit waking up and seeing his mom moaning with her quivering legs up in the air, as his best friend fucks the hell out of her, now do we Vikram?"

"I guess not," he answered, smiling as he gently squeezed her tits in his hands.
They hurried down the hall and into mom?s bedroom. She closed the door behind them.

"This way, you can't run away from me Vikram," she said smiling.

"The thought never entered my mind," he answered.

"I did that just in case that drunken son of mine decided to wake up out of his coma," mom explained rationally.

"What we're going to be doing in here would be very hard to defend if we did get caught. Besides, once my legs are up in the air, I'd hate to have to bring them down before I'm finished."

Mom let out a soft giggle as she quickly let her short red dress slip to the ground. Vikram was amazed at this view. Like all Kashmiri?s mom was peachy and the color of her thighs and boobs was just great. Her figure was too much to resist for any guy who had a perfect working dick.Vikram hurriedly took his shirt and pants off and stood in front of Renu with his hard cock stretching out before her.

Mom looked at it, ?This is a nice big one.?

"Not bad Vikram," she said, obviously pleased. "With a dick like that, I wish that I had married you too. You have turned into quite a big man."

"You look very good yourself aunty." He said in all honesty.

?My name is Renu. So better call me that?.

"You still have the body that I treasured as a boy. You've taken very good care of yourself. I can't wait to try you out, Renu."

"You're a very attractive young man," she said in a low sexy voice as she let her eyes wondered up and down his body.

Then she placed her hand on his chest and started to lightly rub his biceps. I could see the desire on her face as she rubbed his chest. Vikram just lay there enjoying the feel of my mom's hand touching him. She ran her hand down over his belly then back up over his chest. As she did, she saw his cock jump in his underwear. Seeing his cock jump made her love juices stream down out of her pussy. She couldn't wait any longer.

"Oh Vikram, I want you" she whispered in a sexy voice as she bent over and started kissing his chest.

Mom turned off the light on the nightstand. The room was immediately bathed in the light of the moon, which came in through the window.

She started kissing and licking him with a full tongue then she sucked on his nipples as she reached down and placed her hand on his crotch. Slowly she rubbed his bulge, and then she slipped her hand into the fly of his boxers and fondled his cock.

I heard the bed squeak as they both climbed onto it.

Vikram knelt, facing mom, the dim light making her appear even younger. He moved her hand to mom?s back and un clipped the bright red bra that mom was wearing and let her boobs get free. He cupped her left tit in his hands and felt its weight.

Vikram hesitated a little before he reached up to fondle my mom's tits.

She took his hands in hers and rubbed them all over her tits. "Oh yea Vikram, squeeze them, pinch them, play with my nipples, suck'm, just make'm erect."

"Oh let me do that for you." He said.

"Shit yes, those are fantastic tits!"

Slowly, he brought his mouth down to her tit and took its hard nipple into his mouth. Mom gasped as she felt his tongue touch her. Gently, he began to suck.

Renu moaned softly as the neurons in her brain told her that she was enjoying what her body was made for. She brought her hands to her head and arched her back as she felt the electricity of his actions course through her.

He did the same for her right tit, mom delighting in ever second of gratification. When she felt that she had had enough, she pulled her body away from him.

"Time for you to feel my mouth Vikram," she said softly.

Mom put her hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him back until he was resting his ass on his heels, she pulled his jockey underwear down to his ankles, and set her sights on his hard 8 inch cock pointing straight up from its base. He put his hands behind himself, onto the bed for support. He waited with delight as mom brought her face down to his hard cock.

"God it's so nice and hard," she said as she closed her eyes and rubbed it across her wet lips.

Without hesitating, mom happily put her mouth over his cock. With a soft grip from her lips, but yet with a firm pressure, mom began to pump her mouth up and down over the hard shaft of Vikram?s cock.

Her warm, wet mouth drove him to the brink of cumming in her mouth. With impeccable timing and practice over all these years, mom knew exactly when to stop, and when to continue. If his night with mom had ended at that time, he still would have been satisfied. However, this would not be where this night would finish. The unbelievable was yet to come.

When Renu felt that Vikram couldn't take anymore of her oral proficiency, she took her mouth from his cock and brought her face up to his. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue, trying to rip it from her mouth. She started to laugh as she tried to wrestle her tongue from his grip. He finally let her go and she pulled her face away. She looked long and hard into his eyes and smiled.

"I think it's time that you and I fucked," she whispered. "Wouldn't you agree?"

"I think that nineteen years is long enough Renu," he answered honestly. "If you make me wait any longer, I'm going to find a new friend with a hot mother."

"Oh no," she said shaking her head. "I don't want you to do that. You fuck me right now Vikram, and anytime you feel like doing it after. Hell, you can fuck me everyday for the rest of your life if you want. I won't mind. In fact, I'm sure I'd love it. Come on Vikram. Shove that cock into my hole."

"Oh god baby, I need it so bad" she whimpered.

"How bad?" he asked.

"Real bad, I'm so fucking turned-on, I need your cock in me" she replied.

"Good, that's what I want to hear but I want you to get so dam horny you can't stand it" he told her.

"I am, pleassse fuck me" she begged.

Mmmmm, yes, do you like fucking? Do you like fucking your auntie??

?Yeeeessss,? was all he could muster as he got closer.

With this, mom lay down on her back, grabbed the backs of her knees, and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Vikram got closer to her hips and untied the strings of the last piece of clothing that she had. He was amazed to see the pink pussy of my mom with an outline of hair. The light hair that covered her pussy glowed in the moonlight the swollen lips of her hungry pussy forced their way up to be noticed. The shine from her white ass was there to guide Vikram towards his dazzling destination.
Vikram positioned his body over hers, his cock pulsating as it waited to bury itself into her cunt. He gazed down at her smiling face, somehow knowing that she had wanted him for all of those years too. Her large tits covered her entire chest, her nipples never loosing their rigid form. Slowly, he brought my hips down, inching his cock towards her waiting cunt.

She looked him in the eye saying, "How is that? Like my warm pussy around your cock?"

He just nodded yes.

I felt the tip of his cock touch the hairs of mine mom?s pussy. Soft wet hairs, that her flowing juices had created, replaced the bristly feeling he expected. I sensed the heat that escaped from between the swollen lips of her pussy.

"Push it in and out of my honey," she said to him.

I heard my heart pound in my head, and the deep breaths that mom was taking in the room next to mine.

Vikram reached further with his cock until he felt the mouth of her cunt open and the head of his cock slip inside of her. The both of them moaned at the satisfaction they felt. Finally, after all of these years, his cock was inside of Renu.

?I want it deeper?. Mom said.

Mom was saying, ?Give it to me, harder?, as she was wiggling her butt.

"OOhhhhh aunty it feels so goooood, I'm going to cum in your pussy" Vikram cried out.

"YESSS, cum in my pussy sweetie, that's what I want" my mom replied.

"That's it's it....fuck me...fuck Aunt's pussy...fuck it good, baby...make your friends mom cum again...oh...oh...uh...uh...uh...fuck it good and hard."

?Renu please move your ass up and down so that I can feel the whole length of your cunt?.

?As you order jaan?.

Vikram needed no further guidance .He started fucking mom, slow at first, then faster. She pulled his head to her breasts and sweet thin lips of her and held him tight, matching his strokes.

Mom was giving out light moans "aaah ooooaahhhhhh".

"Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah."

"I'm going to fuck you now, you my horny bitch, is that what you always wanted?"

Mom moaned and said, "Oh yeah please!"

"I bet that feels good" he whispered in her ear.

"Ummmmm," she moaned.

Thinking about it now, I was surprised I didn't cum right there.

Vikram?s cock started expanding as he pushed it deeper inside of her wet hole. Soon, he realized that it was mom tightening the muscles of her cunt, holding his cock so that it wouldn't leave her until she reached her final goal. Slowly, he pulled the shaft of his cock out of her until only the head of his cock remained hidden.

After a few minutes she whispered, "You gonna make your friends mom cum, baby...oh...oh...oh God...I'm gonna cum...oh...I'm gonna cum.. NOW...JESUS GOD...CUMIIIIIIIIING!"

?Fuck yes, oh god that?s good baby, oh so fucking good,? my mom moaned.

The trip this time was quicker. Mom?s cunt was a slippery grotto, anticipation and excitement causing a flood of lubrication to pour out of her glands. A soggy sound of sex came from between her legs. Gradually, they built up speed as the two of them began to work towards an orgasm. Their grunts of passion increased in volume. The squeak of the bed marked their rhythm. Mom stretched her legs high towards the ceiling as Vikram rode her like a wild horse. In and out, his hard cock plunged effortlessly, deep inside of her seemingly bottomless hole.

Mom brought her legs down from their upright position. She grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest. This caused Vikram to fall deeper into her hole. I heard her moan with pleasure as his body pressed down onto her clit. She rocked her hips back and forth, trying to kick-start her body back to where it had been.

"Aaaaaahhhhhaaaa aaaaaa ahhaahahahahaahah."

"I had to do that," she told him. "My legs were getting tired being up there for so long. And, I like this position too. Okay, let's go. Fuck me."

Vikram slowly pulled his cock back out of mom's cunt. The hair around his cock was soaking wet, having been pressed against her crotch for so long. The squeak of her bed became noticeable once again as he thrust his cock down the throat of her cunt. Renu began to rock her hips even more, bringing them up to greet each of his downward descents into her.

He pressed himself in order to send his cock in. Mom mourned with heavenly pain, "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...... aaahhh.. "

"theeeerrrreee.. aaaahhhhh.... "

"oooooohhhhhh.. slowly, slooowly"

"Go slow, Vikram, please, it's been so long for me. Oh, god, I haven't been filled like this in years!"

"Such a good pussy!" I heard him tell her, then saw his hands up and molding those gorgeous tits again. "Such a hot, tight pussy, baby. I bet it feels good with a fat cock filling up that empty hole, doesn't it, honey?"

"Uhhhhhhggggghhhh!" Mom groaned.

"Ohhhhhhh, Vikram!" Mom moaned. "This is So hot! Ohhh, jaan!"

Mom was panting as he pumped into her. He was gentle at first, with a medium tempo. Once he got comfortable, he reached around her and squeezed her hanging tits roughly, tugging on her long fat dark hard nipples.

"UUHH! Yeah! Yes! Harder, you young stallion!"

Vikram did fuck her harder, and faster as she demanded. Mom wiggled her hips from side to side. Her cunt muscles contracted and relaxed around his slippery cock.


He pressed himself in order to send his cock in.

Mom mourned with heavenly pain, "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...... aaahhh.. "

"theeeerrrreee.. aaaahhhhh.... "

"OHHHHHH!" Mom groaned, between rhythmic panting.
Once again, a wet, sloppy sound was broadcast from between her legs. Fluids, which had built up for so long, happily exited into her cunt. I could feel an orgasm building in his balls as the thought of fucking his best friend?s mother filled his brain. The moans from mom's throat grew louder as she too closed in on an orgasm she had waited a long time for.

Mom watched him fuck her, with a big smile. "OHHHH! This is SO SEXY!" she cried.

Soon her smile and open eyes turned to closed eyes and a pained look. "UH! UUUNNNGG!" She started gyrating from side to side, clamping her thighs around him hard. Vikram had trouble staying in her. "OOOOHHHHHHHHH!" Her fingers grasped the edges of the bed, her knuckles white. "OOOHHHHHH!" "UNGGUUNNGG!!!"

The bed was really beginning to bounce as the intensity of their fucking increased.

My mom finally pulled her lips loose from Vikram's lips screaming, "Oh god FUCK ME! YES, YES FUCK ME. Oh god I'm cumming hard, I'm cummmmmmmmmming, oh fuck yes, harder, fuck me harder, oh yes, yes, I want you to cum too. I want you to cum in me, shoot my pussy full of your hot semen, your juicy tasting baby making hot cum. God I love being fucked so much. Please cum in me, I want to be totally filled with hot juicy baby making cum."

Mom looked him in the eye. "Fuck me Vikram! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me with your hard dick! Do it now you bastard! Fuck me till I scream!"

Mom?s voice was scaling upward in pitch and volume. Her hands had pulled the restraints taut, and her legs were stretched to the max.

The little boy she had watched grow up was now pleasing her as no man had before. She knew that soon his hot cum would be flowing into her, filling her to capacity.

"VIKRAMMMM I'm going to CUMMM, Riding Your wonderful COCKKKK!!!!!" Mom panted out. The room was now filled with the sound of flesh on flesh slapping against each other. Their grasping clutching bodies seemed to be slamming in to each other.

"Ahhhh, me too, jaan," Vikram grunted," I'm right with you, let's cum together."

?Have patience my slut, the best is yet to come!! He said.

"Yes Vikram! I'm your slut! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me whenever you want! Oh fuck! I've never been fucked like this! I want more! I want it all the time!

?Oh yes. Oh yes, Vikram,? Mom moaned, her head lolling from side to side. ?Oh sweet man. Yes, yes. Fuck me, honey. Oh god, yes fuck me!?

My mom just moaned as Vikram continued fucking her at a steady pace, ramming his dick to the hilt in her pussy.

"Take that cock, you sexy bitch!" he said.

I love your cock Vikram!" she moaned. "It feels so fucking good!"

"Oh fuck I'm cumming!" she cried. "Stretch that cunt baby!"

"Feels good, doesn't it?" he said to her.

"It feels fucking amazing!" she said. "You fuck me so good!"

MMMMMMMmmmm...fuck your slut Vikram...fuck your whore...tear me son of bitch...Saying this she increased pace.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" she demanded.

?Yess, I will?!!

"Oh Vikram, oh,'re so big...oh fuck, yes, yes!"

"OH YES BABY CUM INSIDE ME, CUM DEEP INSIDE ME, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SPERM!!! I LOVE......KYLE,.......I LOVE YOUUUUU.........AHHHHHH OHHHHH AHHHH ARRGHHHHHHH." Mom's body was wracked with an impossibly intense orgasm.

Mom was breathing a bit faster. Her hips were slowly matching the rhythm of Vikram.

Vikram pushed as hard as he could into her as he felt the muscles between his legs begin to drive cum out of his cock. Mom heaved her legs back up into the air, knowing that they were both cumming at the same time. He stabbed his cock as deep as he could into her, as his hot cum surged into her waiting cunt. Cum poured out of his cock and into her relentlessly. Thick, white, copious amounts of his fluid filled her.

?Oh yesssss,? Mom moaned, as eight hard inches slid into her yielding depths.


Vikram almost lifted her off the bed as their mutual orgasm gripped them as one.
His cock felt as if he had plunged it into a bottle of thick, hand lotion. Mom began to cry out, and then held back her scream with a whimper, as her orgasm exploded through her body. Her upright legs shook, as she felt her cunt fill with the discharge that departed from his cock.

Mom tried as hard as she could to push back with her hips. She spread her legs apart and he fell deeper into her. She whimpered once more as his body slammed into her clit. Her eyes opened wide as she felt electricity originate between her legs and course a path throughout her body.

Renu grabbed his ass and pushed him as hard as she could into her cunt. She grunted loudly, with a look of determination on her face, wanting her orgasm to continue as long as she could endure it. On and on she rocked her hips, not wanting her session of sex with her son's best friend to end. She let go her grip on his ass, allowing him to pump his cock into her cunt once more. His cum oozed out of her cunt, coating the two of them with a warm, sticky mess. Finally, sensing that the two of them could go on no more, he stopped his effort, leaving his cock deep inside of her and resting my body on top of hers.

I could feel her breathe deeply as her heart pounded inside of her chest.

I noticed mom moving her right arm and then suddenly, she was able to throw the sheet of the bed over the two of them. Renu put her arms around him and held him tight. She had hugged him before, but never like this; had I thought she would never let him go. They stayed together like this for almost an hour. Vikram was very content, leaving his cock inside of her warm body as she held him safe in her arms. They repeated the same exercise many times in the night trying various positions and holes till they felt asleep in each other?s arms with even a single piece of clothing on their bodies.

Soon time passes and it was 5 in the morning. Vikram was the first one to get up. He later on kissed Renu to wake her up, on the soft lips of hers.

Not wanting to leave, but knowing that he must, he picked himself off of her chest.

"You know that I have to go Renu?" he asked softly.

"Couldn't you stay a little longer?" she asked with a smile, as he felt her cunt tighten around his cock.

"I'd love to. Believe me," he answered. "But it's getting late and my parents will worry if they call back. I promise I'll come back to visit whenever I can. Just get a message to me and I'll be right here. Kavit has my number."

"Promise?" she asked.

"I promise," he replied, hoping to convey how much he meant it.

Mom hugged him tightly once again and kissed him softly. Vikram couldn't help but kiss her back, pushing his tongue softly into her mouth. Mom moaned with delight, as he tasted her for the last time that night. He slowly pulled his cock out of her and went to her bathroom to clean him as best as he could. He found his clothes and put them on. Mom remained on the bed; her naked body not letting him forget the fun he had with her, nor the fun that was in his future. He opened the bedroom door slowly. He looked back at mom and she gave him a happy smile, and waved good-bye. Quietly, he made his way past my room, down the stairs and regrettably, out of the house. As he walked back to my house he looked back at the window of mom's room. The light was on, and he could see her standing naked in the window, watching him.

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2013-10-10 00:17:42
Awful. Awful. Awful. Poorly written. Absolutely terrible job of punctuation. Misspelled words. Give up trying to write, you just don't have what it takes to be a writer.

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