This story starts when I had to go for a company?s program to Sikkim. It was a long tour and so mom told me that she would like to join me along. Since it was a good idea I told ?yes? to mom. It was going to be a long program and it was going to take me some 2 months to complete the program. Mom told that she would stay with me and use internet and sight-seeing as the things to pass her time. I was also happy for the reason because it was a huge gap after which I could spend some private and intimate time with the dream girl of mine.

Speaking about mom she was lovely and in boyish terms she was a hot property (as all kashmiris are). She had a height of 5?7? which is good for ladies but the regular workout kept her figure to desirable level for every person walking on road or seeing her in mall .She had boobs of size 34DD (which I knew when she was asking for a bra at a store) and with a slim waist and good hips combined with delightful ass was as good as a prize for onlookers. I was proud of her and would love going out with her as people would see me with jealousy and for this reason I would ask her to wear western clothes(jeans, tops, skirts and sometimes shirts) while going to shopping as they suited her style and meant more stalkers for her . Most of the people who saw her always turned to have a better look and whenever we went to shopping all shops would provide her discounts in order to make her stay for more time. She was good at making bargains and always knew what people wanted from her (they always looked at her cleavage, which she showed a bit to make people look). But I always thought that this was meant to be a part of fun she wanted to have and I didn?t disprove it. I always asked her to go on dating so that she could find a new man but she always told me that she is happy with life and me. At home she used to wear skirts with tops and often skimpy dresses about which she told me that she wore them because of high humidity problem. When at home she avoided wearing bra as she thought that they were bit too uncomfortable. The picture of mine mom is also present with this attachment and you can see her to believe your eyes (there in the second part).

Soon we arrived in Sikkim. The company had booked a flat for us there so that we won?t have to live in a hotel. The building had a nice locality and we had nice people for company. It was a 7 floor building and we were on the top floor. There were all ******** families residing in that building of ours. We had a ******** family as our only neighbors. There were guys living in the building who were not of mine age but just 2-3 years younger than me. I used to pass time after office work with them while playing football. Since I was an extrovert guy and was also good at playing football, I made a lot of friends, many of whom mere staying close by. Soon I was made part of the local football team, and started participating in the local tournaments that were held at palzor stadium. I loved playing football and spending time with the guys there. Not to mention about the chicks, as they were hot and great, and with some amount of flair and charm I had mine scalps count get higher.

This particular incident happened when we participated in the Governor?s cup at our home ground. It was a prestigious cup and all mine team-mates wanted the glory to be theirs this time around. I was ready to do everything in mine capacity to help them. Due to a lot of hard work and some amount of luck we were able to bank the trophy. Everyone in our team was ecstatic. This was the happiest moment of our life. It seemed liked the celebrations would go on forever.

Steve who was the captain of our team and also the mine neighbor told every member that he was going to throw a party at the town hall and that everyone had to be present there with their families and friends. I also wanted to be there so that I could get some important introductions and some phone nos..I knew that mom being such an outgoing and social person would love this idea to come along with me. As soon as I told mom about this she was ready to join me and asked me about the time when we had to be there. I told her that we had to be at the hall by 7 in evening. Mom told that she would be ready with a sparkle in her eyes. I knew that boys would love to see mine mom there and I didn?t want to disappoint them anyway. Mom did tell me that she had a huge crush on Steve and would like to know more about him. I knew what exactly mom wanted, but it was difficult to make a plan since we were new to this place and we didn?t know many people here. Still mom and me had a good round in bed and than sat cuddled with each other in the same bed thinking about how to make a trap for mine friend. Finally the mom-son team of ours came out with a great plan to succeed.

Finally the D-day arrived. And mom was ready for action as usual. The super sexy drape front top she was wearing was a time honored flirt favorite! Built in adjustable slider style triangle top tied at neck and back for the perfect coverage and support. Chic drape flowed from neckline, and from behind, making it hard to tell if she was wearing anything at all! That versatile top was of brown in colour and was being complimented by a light brown skirt which was not too long, and as a matter of fact not too short, just the perfect length to tease someone. For the late night kill mom was wearing a multi fiber chiffon and stretch lace camisole which had underwire cups, hook and eye back closure and adjustable straps. Matching thong had a flirty flounce ruffle for the romp that was going to take place later. All her undergarments were of flirty white colour. Here was a super slut ready to go about her usual business, getting fuked again with a friend of her son. So we went to the party keeping in mind the thing that we had planned for the whole week.

We came to the party. It was awesome. Everyone was looking at mom with eyes wide open. People were coming and greeting me and asking for introduction to mine mom. It was inded flattering.

The party was going great. But I knew that I had to make a move to make mine mom?s dream come true. I made a gesture to Steve and called him in a corner and told him that I had just got call from mine company?s boss and had to leave for Peeling right at that time. Steve said that it was not a problem since I had been there for a long period of time. I asked Steve for a favor that he would drop mine mom till mine house as there was no one there who she knew. After everything was discussed I left the place to leave for a hotel Sidlon where I had booked a room to follow the proceedings. The party was going on full throttle and mom was getting a lot of requests for dances. Being a good sport. She didn?t deny any.

Soon the clock struck 12. People started leaving. Steve told mom to wait for a while so that he could see off most of the guests. Some time later he came out with a smile on his face and told mom to proceed.

Steve said ? Let?s go?.

Mom said ?I was just waiting for you?.

He said ?I am sorry for making a beautiful woman like you to wait for me?.

Mom said ?You are indeed chivalrous?.

Steve said ?You are good at jokes.?

Mom said ? I?m damn serious.?

Steve said ?In case I didn?t tell this earlier, you are looking damn good aunty,?

Mom said ?Thanks, I got some nice compliments from boys at the party?.

Steve said ?That is normal. Can I be honest and tell you one thing, you won?t mind naa .??

Mom said ?Go on.?

Steve said ?Aunty your are looking damn hot.?

Mom said ?You and the other boys from the team are really very naughty.?

Steve asked ?Why so??

Mom replied with blushes ?I got the same compliment at the town hall.?

Steve said ?See the people are honest here in Sikkim.?

Hearing this mom smiled at Steve.

Steve escorted mom to his sedan and opened the door for her. He sat on the driving wheel and started slow melodies on his music player. After a drive of 20 minutes they reached the flat. They took lift and soon reached the 7th floor. I could see the desperation look on Steve?s face thinking that the dream was coming to an end though the pendant that mom was wearing in her neck. And that the beautiful lady that her was escorting was going to leave him once the door for the flat opens. But he didn?t knew that someone somewhere had other plans for him. This wad the time when the second phase of our plan was going to take place.

Mom said ?Oh my god?.It can?t happen??

Steve with a stunned look ?What happened Mrs.Samyal ??

Mom ?This is height of bad luck?.

Steve asked ?But what is the matter, aunty ??

Mom said ?Arun took the keys with him to Peeling?.

Steve asked ?Don?t you have another pair??

Mom said ?Actually I do, but knowing that me and arun will be together I didn?t carry them?.

Steve said ?That?s bad news?.

Mom asked ? Can you make a call to Arun and see if he can come back ? ?

Steve replied ?Sure aunty?.

Steve took the bait and made a call to me. But I didn?t pick up the call as per the plan. I could feel the happiness in the eyes of Steve.

Steve said ?Aunty, he isn?t picking up, maybe he is busy with something else.?

Mom acted a bit and said ?What am I going to do now ??

Steve said ?Don?t worry aunty you can stay at mine place for the night, and Arun will be back by tomorrow ?.

Mom said ?But what about your parents ??

Steve said ?They have gone to Darjeeling to meet mine sister, so I am alone at mine place.?

Mom said ?Sounds good, but you don?t have any problem naa ?

Steve said ?Come-on aunty, If I had one I would have told you?.

Mom said ?Then its ok?.

Steve said ?It will be great to spend time with you.?

Till now things were going as per the plan. I knew that mom was getting hornier and by the look on the face of Steve I knew that the bed was going to get cranked up tonight.

Steve took mom inside the house. Mom couldn?t believe her sight.

Mom said ?This is too big, I thought that it was going to be much like ours.?

Steve said ? No, actually it is double the size of yours plus one extra bedroom.?

Mom said ?It is definitely great .?

Steve replied ?Thanks.?

Steve told mom to make her comfortable and asked mom if she would like to have anything.

Mom said ?Vodka, in case it is not too much of a problem.?

Steve ?None as such.?
Soon Steve came out of the kitchen holding two glasses in his hand and gave one to my mother. Mom started drinking it slowly knowing that if she gets a bit tipsy then she won?t enjoy the sex much, because she won?t be state to enjoy it. Soon they got engrossed in conversation which revolved mostly about girls, love, adolescence etc. Things were going right as per the plan till Steve got a phone call. Steve rose from the couch.

Steve said ?Whose this??

Frank said ?HI bro. Frank here.?

Steve replied ?Hi man, what?s wrong, you calling me at this time??

Frank said ? We are in a problem dude, need your help man ??

Steve said ?You name it bro, and I will do it?.

Frank said ? Actually we got a bit late and so they have closed the gates of the hostel and so we don?t have any place to stay for the night.?

Steve asked ?No other option ??

Frank said ?No man, that is why I made this call to you.?

Steve said ?How can I help you??

Frank said ?I was thinking if 4 of us could stay at your place, and come back in morning ?.

Steve ?Bro, the plan is great, but the problem is that Arun has taken the keys with him and so Mrs.Samyal will have to spend her night in mine flat.?

Frank replied ? That is indeed a problem, but still if you could ask aunty if she was ok with our coming there for the night, maybe it could work.?

Steve said ?I am finding this really weird?.

Frank said ? Do one thing, give the phone to aunty, I will try convincing her?.

Steve ?As you say mine friend.?

Steve said ?Mrs.Samyal, Frank wants to have a word with you ?.

Mom said ?With me ??

YES. Saying this he gave the phone to mom. Mom had brief conversation with Frank. In the end mom told him that in case the owner of the house didn?t have any problem she would be glad to help her son?s friends. Saying this she handed over the phone to Steve. I was keeping mine fingers crossed and hoping that Steve would somehow tell them to find any other solution, because I knew that mom was getting hornier and if his friends dropped there things could turn nastier.

Steve holding on to the phone said ?Frankie, if aunty doesn?t have any problem then I too don?t have any, you all can come here?.

I couldn?t believe what was happening here and wanted to go there and pick up mom from Steve?s flat so that nothing weird would happen. But it was too late. Now the most that I could manage was to enjoy the night. Without thinking about whatever happens there.

Steve and mom were having the second round of drinks when the bell rang. Steve got up from the couch and opened the door. In came 4 guys. Steve said ?Hi? to each one of them and escorted them to the hall. Mom was already waiting there on the ouch.

Steve said ?As you all know she is Mrs.Samyal, Arun?s mom.?

All the guys said ?Hi? to mom and started moving forward to greet her.

Steve said ?Aunty this is Frankie, our teammate ,you must be knowing him.??

Mom replied ?Yes, I do know him?.

Steve then turned to others and said ?This is Kevin, our playmaker-and best friend of your son, Reggie our center-back and this is Barry, our goalkeeper.?

Mom said ? It is nice meeting you all.?

Barry said ?Actually the pleasure is all ours, to spend time with such a gorgeous lady.?

Mom said ?Stop flirting, you kid.?

Barry said ?Though I would like to say that I was joking, but I wasn?t.?

Mom blushed a bit ?You are pretty young for all these things.?

Reggie replied ?You can bet on that.?

I knew that boys had a habit of flirting on with mine mom, but this was getting dangerous. Things could go out of hand in a minute if mom didn?t control these boys. But I was starting to love this idea of mom being horny and chatting with all these teen boys. I didn?t knew what was going to happen next and so sat in front on mine monitor to look at the proceedings.

After sometime everyone settled down after a few rounds of drinks. I could see from each boys? face that they were feeling the heat for mine mom and trying to find out ways to get their hands on her assets. I could see that their eyes were glued to the gap between mom?s legs and have a glimpse of the treasure they wanted to loot.

Mom said ?It?s getting boring in here.?

Barry said ? I Agree.?

Mom said ?Lets do something.?

Reggie said ?But what can we do at this point of time.?

Mom said ?Lets play something.?

Barry replied ?But what are we going to play at this hour in night ??

Mom said ?Come on guys come up with something, it is getting boring here.?

After a while of putting in thoughts they couldn?t even find a single answer or even couldn?t suggest anything to play.

While the boys were coming up blank on activities, mom was searching through her experiences for fun party games that teens would enjoy. She saw a rubber ball belonging to Steve?s younger brother, on the floor.

Mom said ?Should I suggest something.??

Barry said ?Sure. Go ahead, aunty.?

Mom replied ? We will play ?PASS THE GRAPEFRUIT?.?

Mom asked ?Ever did that??

Most of the boys shrugged, but Steve said, "Yeah, a long time ago. Is that where you put the grapefruit under your chin and try to pass it to another person without using your hands?"

"That's it!" said mom.

"It's supposed to go boy-girl-boy-girl. But since I'm the only girl, I mean to say woman, everyone has to pass it to me. Let's try it with this ball."

?It will be a nice time pass?.
So the guys put up their names on chits and then they were withdrawn to see at what no. does each guy get his chance. Steve being the host was the first one to take part.

Renu stood up, and placed the rubber ball under her chin. She walked up to Steve, and stood just inches from him. I could say from the face of Steve that he was damn nervous. Steve leaned forward, and pressed his body against his friend's tall mom. As Steve and mom rubbed up against each other in an attempt to pass the ball from mom's neck to Steve's without the use of hands, the other boys saw the benefits of playing this game with the large-breasted, sparsely-clad woman. They watched silently as mom pressed her big breasts into Steve's chest, their cheeks rubbing together. When Steve finally got the ball under his chin, he repeated the process, passing it back to Renu. All the eyes in the whole vicinity lit up seeing this process.

Renu turned to Frank, who was eagerly waiting to be next. Frank, like most of the teens, was shorter than mom, and she bent her knees slightly to meet him. The others watched as Mom's and Frank?s whole torsos were pressed against each other. Frank was sweating like anything, but he didn?t want to lose the chance of feeling the boobs he always dreamt about.

Renu felt her breasts rubbing against Frank's chest. She took the opportunity to grind her hips into Frank's crotch. While they fumbled with the ball, mom was amazed and thrilled to feel Frank's hard penis rubbing into her. I could see the horniness running in her eyes. Tonight it was going to be something special, something that had never happened before. Renu placed her hands on Frank's sides, and hugged the slender teen as she rubbed against him. Frank in turn tried to hold mom? waist in order to keep up the balance.

After Frank, all of the boys eagerly lined up to play the game. Each in turn pressed their hard cocks into Renu as she rubbed her breasts against their chests, and wrapped her arms around them. The game pretty much became a big hug-fest, the ball not even being passed back and forth. I could see the happiness in the eyes of mine friends, who were living their dream at that moment.

Kevin was the last boy. Renu tried not to be too anxious to rub against her son?s best friend, particularly in front of his friends. But when they pressed together, Renu felt his hard-on also, and he pulled her towards him. Kevin was the only teen that was as tall as mom, and the best looking in Renu's biased mind. Kevin pressed his cock firmly into his mine mom's pussy mound, and Renu couldn't help but emit a little moan into his ear. She ran her hands up and down his back, and Kevin did the same to her. I could see that Kevin was loving the way mom smelt. After a brief tussle they finished their jobs, with a lot of pressing and juggling.

When each boy had two turns, a flushed Renu reluctantly broke off the game and sat on the edge of the fireplace. She bounced her knees up and down, causing her thighs to jiggle.

As the boys sat around her on a couch and some chairs, she asked, "What should we do now?"

Reggie said ?You only suggest something one more time, we don?t have any ideas as such.?

Mom sat on the couch with her vodka glass thinking.

While the boys debated what was next, Renu spotted several of them looking at her long bare legs, and staring at her crotch, trying to look up her mini skirt. Mom subtly obliged them by opening her legs a little so they were sure to see the "V" of her white panties over her crotch. I could see that the guys wanted to sit on the floor to have a better look. Mom leaned forward and crossed her arms, causing her cleavage to heave up out of the top of her drape top. Encouraged by the gawking of all of the boys, including Kevin, she spread her knees apart even farther, her skirt creeping up high, her panties in full view.

Reggie said ?Oh my god?

Mom asked ?What happened Reggie, anything wrong??

Reggie said ?Nothing Mrs.Samyal?.

After a small exhibition of mom?s assets she started thinking about luring the boys in a wild party night, so that she could experience the thing that she had never done in her life. So after thinking for a while she hatched a plan and started proceeding.

"Here's an old game!" said mom. "How about 'Spin the Bottle?'"

Several boys smiled. Steve said, "Uh, I'm not sure how you play it."

"I don't either, really," admitted mom.

"I guess you just spin a bottle, and you have to kiss whoever it's pointed at when it stops." The boys nodded their approval, and Renu added, "Since I'm the only girl, I'll spin every time, ok?" When the boys agreed with amazement, Renu grabbed an empty beer bottle that one of the boys had finished, and knelt in front of the coffee table. All of the boys, including Kevin, eagerly sat around the table.

Mom said ?All of you are ok with idea naa???

Reggie replied ?I would give anything to kiss you gorgeous, I swear.?

Mom said ?Stop flirting, you have started again.?

"Uh, let's make a pact that whatever happens tonight stays within the group. In other words, it's our secret. OK?" mom said.

"OK," the boys all echoed in unison.

Mom took a deep breath, and spun the bottle on the table. When it stopped spinning, the boy closest to where it pointed to was Reggie.

Reggie jumped with joy ?Today?s mine day?.

Mom said ?Ok. Lets do it quickly?.

Reggie gave a nervous smile. When mom stood up, Reggie also stood up, walked around the table, and stood in front of her. Mom puckered her lips, leaned forward, and gave the round-faced teen a peck on the lips. The others cheered as Reggie blushed and sat down. Mom couldn't stop smiling.

Reggie said ?That was great, aunty?.

Mom replied ?You can call me Renu?.

Barry said ?Yes that will be much better, Renu?.

Mom gave a smile to Barry and all the others.

Still standing, mom leaned over and gave the bottle a spin. This time it pointed right at Steve-the host. Steve stood up, smiling, and quickly moved towards Renu.

Steve said ?I?m the man?.

Mom replied ?I know?.

Steve said ?It has to be good?.

Mom said ?Just experience it once.?

Mom wasn't going to waste her opportunity with her fantasy boy. She put her arms around him tightly, pressed her lips on his with her mouth open, and slid her tongue into his mouth. Steve kissed back, and entwined my mom's tongue with his.

Finally, Renu released her embrace, and spun the bottle again. It was Frank's turn, and he was ready. His tongue immediately met his dream woman, and he ran his hands all over her waist and back feeling the tightness n the heat of her body. They enjoyed a passionate French kiss which was truly wet.

The next spin pointed at Kevin. Mom wasn't sure what his reaction would be. But Kevin smiled, eagerly embraced mine mother, and gave her a long wet kiss. Renu, thrilled with her son's friend?s response, flitted her tongue around his, while massaging his shoulders. Kevin squeezed mine mom's waist tightly, all the while holding it tightly. Mom wanted to hold him all night, but remembered that his friends were watching, and released him.
The game continued for quite a while longer, with all of the boys getting multiple turns, and each giving and receiving a good French kissing and a long hug. All of the boys pressed their erections into mine mom's thigh, crotch, or stomach, depending on their height. On his fourth turn, Barry accidentally brushed his hand over mom's right breast. Mom thought it was deliberate, and subtlety ran her hand over his hard cock as she released him.

While holding on to Barry a little too long, mom had another brainstorm.

"Who wants to dance with me?" No one volunteered at first. Renu picked up the cd player, turned it on. "C'mon, someone come and dance with me.

Steve, how about it?" mom asked.

"I, uh, don't know how to dance," mumbled Steve.

"Oh, it's easy," countered mom. "Come here, and I'll show you." She grabbed Steve by the hand and hauled him upright. She grabbed his left hand with her right, put her left arm around his slender torso, and proceeded to give him a dance lesson. As soon as he got into a rhythm with her, Renu drew him closer, pressing her body against his as they rocked. Steve responded by pressing his erection into her leg.

The other teens watched for a while, and then began talking amongst themselves. Mom and Steve danced away from the center of the room, and into the dim light. Renu slid both of her hands down Steve's back, and rested her hands on his two firm butt cheeks. Slowly, Steve moved his hands down mom's back, and allowed the tips of his fingers to touch the top of the older woman's ass. With no objections from Renu, the fingers slid further down over her mounds, and squeezed her ass cheeks through her short skirt with the white panties.

The other boys noticed the dual ass groping as Mom rested her head on Steve's shoulder. When the song ended, and the dancers released their grasp of each other, there were now plenty of other volunteers to dance with her.

Frank was her next partner, and soon his palms were massaging mine mom's fleshy pillows. The horny teen slid his right hand down farther, over the back of her bare thigh. He slowly slid the hand up under her skirt and felt the exposed bottom of her bare ass cheek. When mom responded with a quiet moan, Frank slid the hand up under her panties, and squeezed her bare ass flesh one more time. The others watched their friend groping the older woman's bare ass in the semi-darkness for the rest of the song.

The next song was Reggie's, and he eagerly slid both of his hands up under mom's small skirt and panties, and massaged her warm ass flesh. Renu felt his hard on pressing into her crotch, and rubbed herself against it to make him feel more horny.

Kevin volunteered to dance with mine mother next. He followed his friends' "lead," and wasted no time getting his hands on mine mom's bare ass flesh. He squeezed her cheeks firmly, then slowly massaged them, his hand circling the mounds, his finger flitting over her ass crack. He slid his hand as far down as he could, and the tips of his fingers grazed over the beginnings of her pubic hair between her legs. Kevin then slid his right hand up her side over her drape top, and under her arm. He pressed his palm and thumb against the side of mom's left breast. Still getting no resistance, he tried to subtly move his hand frontward, until his thumb found Renu's erect nipple. He flitted his thumb over the hard nipple for a minute, and squeezed his whole palm over the large tit. Renu sighed as her son?s best friend massaged her breast in the presence of his friends. She turned her head and kissed him on the lips. She moved her left hand down to his side, and slid it over his hard cock. She slowly stroked it though his cotton shorts.

When the song ended, an up-tempo track with a Latin beat blared though the tiny speaker. Renu released Kevin, and started dancing by herself. "Who wants to dance with me fast?" None of the boys took the opportunity.

They were satisfied to sit back and watch Renu dance before them. Mom couldn't resist putting on a show for her teen audience. She wiggled her hips as much as she could, bouncing high like Shakira. Renu's large breasts flopped noticeably under her cotton drape top, her nipples still sticking out. Her bare thighs jiggled as Renu spread her legs and lifted her knees. She felt her breasts heaving up and down, and flopping from side to side, as the boys stared at them. Several of the boys were sitting on the floor, and appeared to be trying to stare up her short brown skirt. Mom allowed the club wear to ride up high, and in no time part of her white panty crotch was exposed.

Renu turned her back to the boys, and wiggled her hips back and forth as fast as she could. Her ass flesh rippled and shook under her panty lines. Her drape top had ridden up in back also, and the boys could see part of her white panties, and even some bare ass flesh. With all of the boys having previously put their hands under her panties, they had bunched up nearly to her crack, and now much of her bare ass was exposed. Even though it was winter, her mounds were still noticeably whiter than her legs. Mom looked back at the boys, smiling while watching them stare at her shaking butt. She put her hands on her sides, and slowly slid her drape top up farther, and soon it was bunched up almost to her waist. She stuck her ass out at the boys, causing her panties to ride up even further. Her ass flesh shook and rippled as she did everything she could to make it move.

Frank and Steve couldn't help cheering Renu on, yelling "Alright," and "Go, Mrs. Samyal!" Others joined in, whistling and shouting, "Yeah!"

Renu turned around and faced the boys again. Her moist crotch had caused her panties to stick to her pussy mound, and slid right up into her pussy lips. Little tufts of brown pubic hair stuck out on both sides of her panty crotch. She continued to dance with a big smile on her face, throwing in every sexy little move that she could think of. She slowly rolled her drape top higher, exposing her midriff which was toned by regular gymming. Dancing with her hem nearly up to her breasts, holding the material out, she was starting to expose the bottom of her breasts. Steve and Barry were yelling, "More!"

"You want to see more?" the dancing mom asked.

"Yeah, MORE!" all of the boys, even the smiling Kevin, hollered.

"Well, if I'm going to be naked, then everybody has to be naked. C'mon, guys, strip down!"

Steve and Frank quickly ripped off their t-shirts. Kevin, Barry, and a reluctant Reggie soon followed. "That's it, keep going," coaxed mom. The five shirtless, slender boys looked at each other, then all simultaneously pulled off their shorts, standing naked with raging hard on?s. "You, too, Reggie, please!" The chunky Reggie pulled off his shorts, and he, too, exposed a full erection.

Renu emitted a genuine gasp at the impressive, naked teens. With an open-mouth gape, she marveled at the five slender boys' firm bodies that made their erect penises appear even larger than they were. And Reggie's unit was also a respectable size.

It was the most erotic moment of mom?s life: naked, posing for five virile teen boys, who ware naked and presenting their erect, hairy cocks, with big grins on each of their beaming faces, leering at her naked body, showing their obvious pleasure in seeing the grown woman's nude form, who was actually a mom of their friend.

"My God, you are all real men! Oh, I HAVE to touch all of you! I'll let you feel me up, if I can touch you!"

?So who wants to make love the first ? ?.

Without even asking anyone for permission Steve said since it was his place he would fist take the romp in his dad?s bedroom and then others would follow. But a good thing was that he told that everyone can see the ?live? telecast.

He took hold of mom?s hands and took her to his dad?s bedroom which was like a big hall but only with a huge bed in the center of it.

I could see from the look on the face of mom that she wasn?t expecting this to come so easily. But she didn?t knew what was in store for her. She was even looking more stunning without any clothes on than what she was wearing earlier. Steve took mom to the bed and said.
Mom said ?You are a very nice boy, Steve?.

?You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen?.

Mom asked Steve, "So what do you plan..."

She was cut of by Steve?s reaction when he grabbed her and started kissing her passionately. Both of them were kissing when she broke it off.

"What just happened? I can't believe this. This is so wrong." Mom tried acting as if assuring herself, and she was damn good at doing that. Steve then took a chance and lifted her up as he continued to kiss her. She returned the favor, moaning as they were locked in the kiss.

?Don?t worry Renu, it will be great.?

He sat her down on the bed, which allowed her to spread her legs so he could stand closer towards her.

Steve said ?You have got great body?.

Mom said ?Nothing as compared to you hunks?.

"Oh god Mrs. Samyal I've always wanted this." Steve said in her ear.

"Don't stop Steve, please." She moaned.

My mother smiled and said, "So you like the way I look Steve, you like my body?"

Steve replied, "What's not to like, you look outrageous. I wouldn't have believed it, if I didn't see it for myself."

My mom answered, "Oh, so you're ready to fuck me then, right?"

After a stunned silence for a few seconds, I guess shocked by my mother's boldness, Steve stammered out, "Umm.. yeah, of course."

My mom then said, "Well, then come over here and give your aunt a big kiss."

With that Steve moved from the door close to mine mom and kissed her, my mother and him embraced and began tongue kissing. My mother then told Steve to feel up her body, with his hands. Steve began rubbing up my mother's tits and ass.

"God, I want to fuck you," Steve said.

"Honey, we can't do that. I'm married," said Mom, "I can't be unfaithful to my hus-" .Mom was behaving like she was some good girl who was so faithful to her husband. Mom stopped talking when she saw the size of Steve's huge penis. She was mesmerized.

?Nothing is going to go out of this room. You don?t have any cause to worry Renu.?

Mom paused for a while and didn?t say anything.

Steve used her pause to his advantage, he reached down and skinned Mom's panties right off her.

?Let me see the kashmiri cunt, they say it is pink in colour? said Steve.

?Noooo steve?????.

"Steve, we shouldn't," Mom said, as she spoke her eyes were glued to Steve's powerful erection.

"You're a very attractive young man," she said in a low sexy voice as she let her eyes wondered up and down his body.

He planted kisses on mom?s lips while she remained still.

"Steve, you can't tell anyone." She said.

"I won?t."

"Should I get a rubber?" Steve asked.

"I not sure we should do this at all," Mom said.

"Oh Steve what am I doing?" She said.

He didn't answer.

"Look," he said " let me just feel what it's like to be inside you, we can stop if you say so, but let me just feel what it's like to be inside you. If we don't my balls will explode."

"I want to fuck you Mrs. Samyal. I want to fuck you bad." Steve whispered.

Mom thought about that for a moment. "Will you promise to pull out after just a few seconds?" Mom asked meekly, without showing any hints of acting.

"I promise to pull out the second you tell me to."

Mom paused for a while. Then she placed her hand on his chest and started to lightly rub his biceps. I could see the desire on her face as she rubbed his chest. Steve just lay there enjoying the feel of my mom's hand touching him. She ran her hand down over his belly then back up over his chest. As she did, she saw his cock jump. Seeing his cock jump made her love juices stream down out of her pussy. She couldn't wait any longer.

Steve moved on top of my Mom and she grabbed his big prick and guided it to her wet snatch. At the entrance Mom paused for a second and said, " I can't believe we're doing this......just for a few seconds right?"

"Oh Steve, I want you" she whispered in a sexy voice as she bent over and started kissing his chest.

Steve nodded.

She started kissing and licking him with a full tongue then she sucked on his nipples as she reached down and placed her hand on his crotch. Slowly she rubbed his bulge, and then she slipped her hand into the fly of his boxers and fondled his cock.

My mom licked down over his belly then pulled his underwear down revealing his hard cock. She took it in her hand and kissed the tip of it, then rubbed her face against it.

"God it's so nice and hard," she said as she closed her eyes and rubbed it across her wet lips.

?You are going to love it.?

Mom began to lick up and down the shaft and as she did Steve closed his eyes and moaned with delight. Then she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock in and began sucking it. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down his cock.

"Oh Steve, I've got to fuck that cock of yours" she whispered in a seductive voice as she bent over and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Should I get a rubber?" Steve asked.

"We should stop, but not yet. If you come in me, it's alright because I'm protected."

I watched as my mom pushed her pussy back against the head of his cock and it slipped into her love tunnel. Slowly she began to ride him as they continued to kiss. She was stark naked and I could see Steve's cock sliding in and out of my mom's pussy as she rode him.

"Alright, pushhhh."

Steve pushed his huge cock into her. Mom gave out a high pitched yelp. Automatically her legs spread & wrapped themselves around Steve's back and pulled him tighter to her. They kissed deeply as he began to slide in and out of her.

"God, you feel good inside me," Mom whispered.

"Mrs. Samyal, you like getting fucked by some strange cock, don't ya!" snarled Steve.

"Oh My GOD Steve, that feels sooooo Gooood", Mom cried out, battling the instinct to push his head further in to her pussy, Mom's hands flew in the air, her fingers straight out, they shook for a moment and then fell to the bed clutching the covers.

"You're unbelievably tight Mrs. Samyal, it feels like I'm inside warm velvet, I've never felt this way before."

"I can't believe we're doing this.... Ahhh... Don't stop, I'm going to come soon." Mom cried out.

"Let me have it Steve, let me feel that cock of yours explode. Fill my pussy with your hot cum baby" she cried out.

Steve grabbed her hips and started to thrust his cock upward into her pussy like a wild man. I saw my mom's toes begin to curl and I could tell that she was about to have and orgasm.

"STEVEEEE I'm going to CUMMM, Riding Your wonderful COCKKKK!!!!!" Mom panted out. The room was now filled with the sound of flesh on flesh slapping against each other. Their grasping clutching bodies seemed to be slamming in to each other.

"Ahhhh, me too, Renu," Steve grunted, " I'm right with you, let's cum together."

Mom's moans let all the studs know her climax was building.

Steve now picked up the pace and was really starting to put it to her. I heard mom tell him that she had never had a cock so wonderfully big filling her up. They were fucking wildly, building to a massive crescendo. Mom was calling out Steve's name, Steve was telling her how much he loved her.
"And you wish that you had four or five more cocks here, don't you, Slut!" snarled Steve.

"Ooohhhhhhh!" moaned the hot MILF.

"And you can't wait to come just thinking about it, can you, Bitch!"

The studs all watched as both mom and their partner climaxed, their voices loud through the door.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" moaned the mature woman loudly, her body taking over completely as the two twisted and turned, climaxing simultaneously. Frank actually felt his cum releasing as he watched Steve groaning with the sexual pleasure mom?s body was giving him as he filled the middle-aged wife's vaginal cavity up with hot, white spunk.

All the studs watched as Renu moans and their partner's grunts continued as their explosive climaxes gradually ended. As Steve pulled his deflating cock out of mom, the slight sucking sound of air being released told the story of how Renu had been fucked and fucked well!

"Mrs. Samyal, look at me, Baby," commanded the stud, "Tell me what I'm doing to you."

"No, please," moaned the hot MILF, "Please don't make me . . ."

"Now, Mrs. Samyal!," commanded the stud. "I won't ask again!" as Steve gloated over his control of MILF.

"You . . . you're fucking me, Steve."

"And you like it, don't you?"

"Yes!" screamed Renu, as her cunt took full control of her body, "Yes!"

"Are you ready to cum again?"

"Steve. . . Please don't . ." pleased Renu, knowing her orgasm was eminent.

"OOhhhhh Mrs. Samyal it feels so goooood, I'm going to cum in your pussy" Steve cried out.

"YESSS, cum in my pussy sweetie, that's what I want" my mom replied.

"Are you ready to cum again!" "

"Yes!," screamed the hot 42 year old woman, "Yes, Steve, yes!!!"

"OH YES BABY CUM INSIDE ME, CUM DEEP INSIDE ME, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SPERM!!! I LOVE......STEVE,.......I LOVE YOUUUUU.........AHHHHHH OHHHHH AHHHH ARRGHHHHHHH." Mom's body was wracked with an impossibly intense orgasm.

"Then cum, Bitch!" Steve ordered.

"I LOVE YOU Steve, FILLLLLLLLL MEEEEEEEE UPPPPPPPPPPPP" Mom screamed out. Steve almost lifted her off the bed as their mutual orgasm gripped them as one.

"Eeeeeeyyyy!" screamed mom, as her orgasm exploded inside her, the young man's huge cock controlling her completely now. As she climaxed, Steve put her shapely calves on his muscled shoulders and, grasping her large ass cheeks in both hands, leaned forward so that he had maximum penetration, forcing her face against his chest.

"Suck my nipples while you cum, Mrs. Samyal !" he commanded and Renu, completely out of control, took a mouthful of the stud's hard nipples, sucking, twisting and kissing passionately. Meanwhile, he forced his thick manhood deep into her wet, hungry pussy and took mom's body for his own pleasure. He felt his cock swelling as he listened to her heavy breaths of pleasure, her lusty primal screams turning him on!

"Give me that tongue, Renu!" commanded Steve and Renu released his nipple with a sucking "pop." She thrust her tongue into his mouth and tongued him furiously, their lips both wet with her saliva. Mine mom. was now a hot MILF slut. His slut!

Renu grunted in ecstasy as she felt the stud's manhood penetrating deeper and deeper inside of her. She didn't know how deep the stud's cock was, she only knew that he was in further than any one else had ever been. And she loved it! A decent woman would be satisfied, thought Renu guiltily. Meanwhile, Steve was treating her like a wanton slut, sexing her any way he wanted for his own perverse pleasure. Worse, than that, she found herself turned on by it, loving it. Just being treated this way was turning her on even more!

Mom felt Steve's massive cock throbbing inside her and felt another orgasm building. Suddenly the lusty internal sex explosion began all over again and mom felt her crotch thrusting out of control, her screams so loud until she knew that other rooms in the flat must have heard her. She didn't care. She was a married woman whom a man young enough to be her son, a friend of HER SON, had turned into a wanton slut begging him to fuck her hard. His slut!

Finally their sexual exertions were spent and Renu collapsed onto the bed, her body still trembling from the rampant fuck. She looked up at the young man and couldn't believe his stamina. It was amazing and she found herself attracted to that as well as now being obsessed with his large, now flaccid White cock, still dripping with his cum and her cunt juice. Steve smiled at her.

"Baby, my cock needs some love."

?Don?t worry.?

As though in a trance, mom reached out and gently grasped Steve's deflated cock with her soft hand. Using her tongue as if she were a dog at a water bowl, she licked the big cock and its huge testicles, sucking the large ball sacs into her mouth one at a time. Her soft hot tongue lovingly bathed the man's privates, seductively working them like the slut she now was. And she didn't care. This cock controlled her now.

Renu gently took the cock between her full, Angelina Jolie-like lips and swallowed his entire flaccid organ whole. She was amazed as the young man's cock again grew to life, swelling quickly in her hot mouth, throbbing with renewed lust. Through her lust-dulled senses, she that she was in there for a long night.

Steve looked down in satisfaction as his new MILF slut got his cock rock hard, standing strong at attention again, glistening with her saliva. He couldn't wait to unload another load of hot male sex juice inside the hot slut mom!

Mom played with the large bulbous cockhead and drove her mouth downward, now unable to get enough of the young man's cock. She wanted it as deep as she could take it in her throat.

Steve couldn't believe the MILF's skills as he watched mom. head slip down slowly onto his cock. She infrequently made gurgling sounds, backing off, then moving forward , forcing her mouth and throat to accept the huge slab of meat. He could feel his large tube steak at the back of her mouth, touching the rim of her throat as the hot MILF deep throated him. The feeling was like nothing he had ever experienced before. When it came to sucking cocks, Mrs. Samyal. was a pro!

"Gotta give props to you, Baby," said Steve lustily. "The only way you get to be this good of a cocksucker is that you get plenty of practice on your fucking knees!"

Mom massaged the stud's huge scrotum, fondling his balls lovingly and seductively as she felt his cock growing to its peak. She withdrew her sucking mouth and fell back on the bed, looking at the result of her oral work, the huge weaving snake in front of her, sexually aroused and ready for action. She wanted him inside her again. Now!

Steve looked over the sexy MILF in front of him, her legs spread wide, inviting him to enter her again, her lust unleashed. Her beautiful light-brown form was bronzed from time in the sun at beaches, her tan lines prominent on her large, heavy breasts and across her crotch, its dark-brown bushy fleece surrounding the two swollen cunt lips, wet with passion.

Renu had not felt such passion in a man since she was in college and had gotten buck-wild with a one night stand that had rocked her world, then left her cunt dripping with his juice. She now realized that the out of control feeling was the thing that turned her on, the fact that someone else controlled her body and made her his slut, using her for his pleasure! And here she was now with a hot young stud, giving her more sex in an afternoon than she and me had in a week.

Steve looked down at Mrs., Samyal?s married pussy, the pussy that his buddy Arun came out of. It was red and swollen and wet, ready for action again. Steve didn't care if it was ready or not, he knew he wanted Renu again, whether she wanted to be fucked or not. He'd **** her if he had to; he just knew that his cock needed to fuck the sexy MILF again and he didn't care about her, her husband, or his partner Arun. He only knew one thing ? Mom was about to get her big legs spread again and she had no say so in the matter. He pushed his swollen cock forward into the hottest, wettest cunt he had ever known and Renu did not have the energy to stop him. Or the desire to.

Mom was suddenly lost again in a sea of passion. She fucked back wildly against the young man, raising her legs and wrapping them around his muscled back. Her arms went around his thick, wide shoulders and she felt him pulled her to him, driving his thick tongue into her wet, willing, waiting mouth.
Steve pistoned in and out of mom?s married volcano of a cunt, its molten sexual lava draining out of its rim and down her beautiful ass crack. Her pussy was so good that he thought he might give up young female sluts forever and focus only on sexing hot MILFs.

Renu's sexual desire was boiling over as she felt Steve's dick growing even thicker and longer. As he thrust repeatedly, she gasped with lust-filled pleasure, moaning in ecstasy at the way she was being fucked. Her brown-skinned form looked tiny wrapped around Steve's muscled tanned White physique. Steve took her head and brought it up to his again, raping her mouth with his tongue while he forced his swollen cock deeper inside of her.

As his massive rod went deeper inside of her, Renu felt another incredible climax building within her. Suddenly, the stud drove deep inside her and held his massive cock there, pressed against her hot clit. Renu screamed with another huge orgasm washing through her sexy mature body. She felt Steve pulling his big cock out and ramming it back in again, forcing another orgasm, equally as powerful as the one that preceded it.

My mother lay there moaning and had her legs wrapped around Steve.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" She moaned as she bounced up and down on the bed cushions. Her hands were planted on the back of the bed, which allowed her to control her body so that her hips could maneuver the way she wanted them to.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" She continued to moan, as the couch squeaked to her riding. His other hand now grabbed her ass as well, and he spread her ass cheeks.

"UGGH, UGGHH, UGGHH, UGGHH," she moaned hard, until he stopped her again. He pulled up on her ass and his cock slid out of her pussy. Steve always bragged about his longevity during sex, and he was not lying.

Suddenly Mom felt Steve's crotch thrusting back and forth into her at a lightening pace. Her hot cunt clenched the big cock, sucking on it hard, creating the type of wet dream all Indian women, hell, all women fantasize about ? wild, abandoned sexual pleasure. She never believed she'd be experiencing this type of pleasure with a White man, must less a young one.. Now, she was another man's slut. And loving it!

"OOHHH MYYY, OOOHH, OOOHHH, OOOHHH GOOD," she moaned louder as she now bucked back and forth wildly. Her legs shook uncontrollably and her mouth opened as wide an "O" shape as possible. She had to be having an orgasm.

"OOOHHHHHH," she moaned continuing to buck wildly. Finally she closed her mouth and panted and Steve was now the one fucking her. She seemed exhausted.

"Arrgghh, shit," Steve moaned as he gripped her hips and thrust up harder.

"Ahhhh fuck, I'm cumming," he groaned as he pulled her hips down and squirted his cum into her married pussy. He continued to pump up into her until he could milk his cock no longer.

Steve couldn't hold it in any longer, his balls nearly exploding with another load of white, hot cum.

"FUCK . . . SHIT . . .AAAAAGGGGGGG! DAMN YOU'RE GOOD, BITCH. SHIT! SHIT!". Steve grunted as he emptied his hot load deep into mom's vaginal cavity, feeling her pelvic area grinding against his crotch, her hot cunt lips sucking out all of his young male juice. Both came together and held each other until their trembling bodies subsided.

Suddenly, guilt filled Renu's psyche and large tears welled up in her eyes. She, a middle-aged housewife and mother, had just fucked a young man who was one of her son's best friends and acted like a wanton slut while she did it. He had satisfied her by fucking her like no one ever had. She'd never felt such passion and lust in her life. She felt thoroughly satisfied physically, but that did nothing to assuage her guilt. And she feared what she now knew - that she would always want and dream about Steve's cock forever.

Meanwhile, Steve thought, "Damn, Mrs. Samyal. is one hot fucking MILF! My boys are gonna love sexing this new MILF slut!"

About 20 minutes passed by before Steve touched mom's clit, causing her to jump.

"Steve, Noooooo . . .," pleaded mine experienced mom. "I'm still recovering and we need to stop . . .."

"Baby, I know this hot cunt," said the stud lasciviously. "And it can never get enough of being fucked!" as he played with the fleshy tuft of clitoral skin as it began to stand up with its arousal and Renu's.

"No . . . Noooooo . . .. Arggghh" moaned mom as she felt her body becoming aroused again, her pussy quickly moistening. Her lust growing furiously, she could not stop the young stud as he turned her over and onto all fours on the bed. Pumping his cock once, he lined up behind her doggy-style and, rubbing the head against the cunt opening and lubricating it with her juice, slipped his cock into mom?s well-stretched pussy. He was rewarded with a lusty moan from the MILF and knew that soon her body would be cumming again!

Renu was so pre-occupied with Steve's fuck of her hot body that she hadn't noticed Frank, Barry, Reggie and Kevin enter the room. Their cocks grew another inch and they watched Mom enthralled in her lust, fucking their boy like she was his whore!

Steve looked up, saw the studs and smiled. "Thanks for the reinforcements, guys," he said. "Mrs. Samyal is a sex machine. She's draining me and definitely needs more cock!"

Renu opened her eyes to see the four men in front of her, their cocks bobbing with lust. She opened her mouth to speak, but then her climax exploded inside her and she screamed with orgasm and knew that this would be part of a wave of orgasms.

"Plug her fucking mouth, Reggie," snarled Steve.

"Glad to, Captain," said the north-east stud, lining his dark cock up with Renu's "O" shaped mouth. Before she could stop him, the stud forced his cock into her sucking mouth.

Steve withdrew from mom?s cunt and Barry took his place. His cock was ? inch shorter than Steve's, but thicker. Renu felt the difference immediately, but her pussy was on fire and the orgasms were cumming and she needed the fucking to continue ? she couldn't stop!

"Noooo . . ," came the mature woman's muffled groans, but the young studs were caught up in their lust and continued fucking the lust filled woman. Renu's orgasms made her buck on the new cock inside of her and the forced fucking of her oral cavity was now arousing her in a perverse way.

"Fellows, the night is just getting started," he said with a lascivious grin!

Mom was so lost in passion, she was barely aware of what was going on. All she could focus on were the hard young cocks surrounding her, one in her mouth and another thrusting up into her inferno of a pussy.

Steve watched in amazement as Mrs. Samyal began to hump back and forth, forcing her mouth and cunt onto the two blood-engorged cocks presented to her. Constantly moaning and groaning uncontrollably, the MILF had been transformed from a wife and mother into a hot sexpot, quickly becoming addicted to the perverse lust-filled attention the young men were giving her.

Strands of Renu?s sex juice dripped from her cunt as she humped and sucked on these young hard studs. The young men were still swelling with lust. Baary grunted, fucking her cunt with a cock that had to be at least nine inches long. Reggie humped Renu? face with a large cock that was at least eight inches long, thrusting it down her throat.

Steve and Kevin couldn't stand it any longer and both stepped up to Mom who, in her lust-induced state, grasped both cocks. Her small hands couldn't encircle the two shafts she was pumping, but she grasped and pumped the swollen dicks as best she could. Meanwhile the cameras were capturing all the hot sex action!

It was an erotic sight, a literal big dick convention with Renu's mature, succulent body being fucked hard, slammed by the young studs. Her tight pussy was being stretched obscenely around one massive pole while her beautiful, sensual face was being stuffed by another huge cock and her hands encircled two more cocks!

Meanwhile Frank was on the sidelines waiting for his turn.

"Man, Mrs. Samyal is one hot little cougar slut," said Barry as he thrust his enormous cock into her wide-splayed cunt.
"I ain't never fucking young girls again!" said Reggie. "Mrs. Samyal swallowed my cock all the way down to my fucking balls!" moaned the stud, grinding his muscled pelvis against Renu's soft full lips. The studs watched in perverse lust as Mom deep-throated Reggie, fucked Barry, and masturbated Steve and Kevin!

At this point Frank too entered the film with his dick near mom?s mouth.

Reggie slowly pulled his swollen organ from her stretched lips while Frank took it near them.

Suddenly Reggie grunted and, gripping the back of her head, crammed his giant meaty tube into Mom?s mouth. The MILF gagged, her throat bulging with the stud's fat meat, and continued to pump the other two large erections, while getting fucked doggy-style from the rear.

"Damn, this bitch is experienced! Suck, Slut Bitch!" gasped Reggie, as his thick spurts of white, hot jism, shot out of the swollen cockhead and down mom's throat.

The young north-eastern stud was used to dominating women in his native place and, grasping Mom?s thick hair, continued to jerk off in her hot, cock-sucking mouth, her saliva dripping off his cock and down her brown-skinned chin. Withdrawing from her mouth, the stud continued to shoot his thick love juice all over the hot woman's face and wide-ovaled lips. Ropes of cum fell on Mom?s facial cheeks and nose.

The other studs couldn't take this erotic sight and Steve groaned, exploding again. Cum shot out over the woman's hand and into her head, ropes of hot white sperm spreading across her hair.

Thrusting in one more time to clean his organ, Reggie withdrew his swollen cock with a sucking "pop" and Kevin, who was about to cum, offered his cock to mine mom who opened her full red lips obediently and was fed the massive penis. The stud buried his swollen member deep in her throat, causing her to gag, but she continued to deep-throat this newest invader. Reggie stepped up and offered his flaccid penis to Mom who grasped his cock involuntarily, gently massaging his softening member. The writhing, moaning wife and mom automatically fucked the two massive erections with her cunt and lips in rhythm while she gently massaged a third prong of man meat!

Suddenly, Renu's succulent body began to tremble with an explosive climax, the result of being well fucked by cocks on both ends. Kevin groaned with pleasure as he added his strong cumshots to Mom's beautiful face, using his big cock as a paintbrush, coating her sexy, mature face from side to side. Meanwhile, Barry grunted with lusty pleasure as his big cock jumped, adding another pint of cum to Mom?s wet, juicy cunt! White, hot jism dripped from the mature mom's sex apertures and the sexually driven moans of a MILF were the sounds that all studs had gang-bang wet dreams about. The young men knew that mine mom wasn't going anywhere until they were done with her and her hot cunt, lips and ass!

Reggie loved Renu?s soft hand lovingly massaging his cock and, hardening quickly, was ready for more of her, his horse sized member bobbing with anticipation. Kevin gave his cock a final thrust, withdrew from the mature woman's sex hole and the young North-eastern man took his place behind Renu, slipping the dark head of his cock into the slimy opening of her cunt. The studs all watched the MILF's big brown eyes grow large as the depraved young man slowly stretched the cunt slit of Mr. Samyal?s wife, the base of his huge cock finally becoming tightly lodged in the snug mouth of her hot pussy.

"Oh, Reggie . . . You're too big!!! You're tearing my cunt apart! Ohhhhhh! Too biggg!" wailed mom as her new young lover grabbed her mature hips and stuffed his enormous club inside her, fucking the sultry MILF like a whore, her big light-brown skinned tits swinging obscenely in rhythm to the thrusts of his meaty member!


Reggie just laughed, "Well bitch we'll see how much you can take. You've already shown us what a little slut you are, if you came from my man her just wait until I impale you with my black mamba!"

"Don't worry baby, I'll ease it in nice and slow so you can get used to feeling what a cock should feel like." Reggie grabbed the top of his knees with his massive hands and slowly pried Renu's knees apart exposing on hole, which was oozing cum from Kevin and Steve. "Nice and lubricated too, that will ease this for you baby." At that he begin to push the head of his cock into my mom.

Renu?s eyes bulged larger as she was penetrated by Reggie's huge missile. "OH god, ITS...TOO...BIG! PLEASE...STOP.IT CAN'T FIT!!!"

"Mmmmmmm. Oh yea this slut's cunt is nice!" Reggie grabbed Renu by the waist and proceeded to pound her faster, harder and deeper.

"Oh shit, uhhhhggggg, oh man I think her pussy's getting tighter," Reggie said between thrusts.

"Huh, Huh, oohhhh god, oh god, so...huge, oh...please..." mom was panting now trying to catch her breath and relax her hips and vagina so she could accommodate the monster now inside her.

Reggie slowly pulled ten inches of his cock out of her then slowly slid back in. Then slowly pulled out again, the slowly buried his meat in her pussy. His rhythm and pace picked up speed as he began to pump this black monster in and out of mom's pretty pick pussy. It was like a piston, methodically driving in and out of her with increasing speed but keeping a perfect rhythm.

"Mmmm, yeah I love white pussy. It's always neat and tight. Mmm yeah love white pussy." Reggie was pounding Renu pretty good at this point but he was being surprisingly gentle. Only a couple of times did he slam all 10 inches of his meat into her. Each time mom gasped for air and almost levitated off the bed.

Reggie had just slammed balls deep into her and as he was slowly pulling back Renu let out a slow, deep moan, Reggie drove in deep again and this time mom's hips rose to meet his thrust as they did with Steve and she let out a louder longer moan"

"OOOOHHHHHHHH" mom started to fuck Reggie back, meeting his every thrust with her own hungry grinds. "OOOHHHHHHH, Mmmmmmmmm, AAAHHHHHH.

"Oh damn bitch!" Reggie exclaimed.

"What" said Frank "what is it?"

"This whores cunt just got tighter. She's grabbing my meat with her pussy." Said Reggie.

"Oh yea, she's going to cum. She did that with me." Said Steve. "Fuck her good man, harder, break her, make her our whore!"

Reggie grabbed my mom's thighs and increased the pace. He was now pounding her good and Renu was keeping pace.

Her cries were stifled when Steve plunged his own swelling, bloated shaft back down Mom?s throat. The hot friend?s 42 year old mom was getting her cunt and throat reamed with hard, massive cocks. Reggie jammed his huge cock deep into her slimy cum-drenched cunt, his young, heavy dark balls audibly slapping against her well rounded caf? ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Steve looked down at his partner's hot mom and smiled as he pulled on the woman's inch-long, swollen, distended nipples while fucking her unwilling, cock-sucking mouth!

Renu knew she could not stop the young men as they took advantage of her wide spread thighs, feeling Kevin's long, strong young penis stretching and lengthening, hardening inside her hungry cunt as he fucked her. Suddenly the north eastern stud grunted and thrust deep within the hot mother and Renu felt the pulsing spurts of thick white cum flooding her hot cunt. She groaned, listened to the young stud's grunts of pleasure as he emptied his balls inside the hot and helpless MILF housewife.

His jerking subsiding, Kevin pulled his dripping member from Mom's sex hole only for Barry to move between her thick, shapely spread legs. The young stud looked down at her swollen cunt lips which unfurled like a rose, sperm oozing from her hot cunt. The young stud was bigger than most men as he pumped his thick penis, moved in closer and gently turned Mom. over and onto her back. Placing his swollen cockhead at her opening, the stud gently slipped several rock-hard meaty inches into the well-lubricated cunt of his friend's mom.

Renu felt her cum-lubricated, well-fucked cunt quickly stretching to accommodate the young man's meaty monster as he began to fuck her with long deep slow strokes. She felt inches of cock entering her married pussy and loved the lust that was now growing rapidly in her hot body! She felt her body starting to react involuntarily as her buttocks began to lift and rotate, forcing the cock of one of her son's friends into her needy body.

Barry felt the change in Renu's body as she began to move against him, pumping harder and passionately. The stud thrust harder, each stroke designed to go deeper and deeper into the helpless MILF housewife.

Reggie and Frank noticed that Mrs. Samyal. had stopped struggling and was letting Barry fuck her willingly. Steve noticed it too as Barry took her shapely legs and pushed them up high onto his shoulders. The hard young stud began to pound deep and hard into the housewife's hot cunt. The studs all watched as watched as Mrs. Samyal. thrust her shapely light-skinned soft ass up to meet the stud's thrusts, her hungry cunt swallowing the entire hot, hard dick.
The erotic sight drove the other studs into a sexual frenzy and two of them converged on the MILF's hot body while Frank recovered, massaging his cock back to hardness watching the erotic scene. Steve and Reggie both took a breast and began to suck and bite Moms hot inch-long nipples. Her moans became more pronounced as the three studs handled their sexual business.

Barry stopped with his rhythm and rested a while to regain his stamina. "You're so beautiful," he muttered.

Mom smiled and thanked him with a perverse kiss that left Barry's mark on his lips. Two minutes had passed since his constant fucking and now it was her turn to take control.

"Fuck me, Barry," groaned the mature hot slutwife. "Fuck me hard!" as her orgasm began to overwhelm her, causing her to buck uncontrollably against the young stud's hard bodied frame.

"UNH, UNH, OH YES, OH GOD PLEASE..." said Renu.

"Please what whore?" asked Barry.


They had done it. They had broken her and she was now their's to do with as they pleased.

Barry pounded her for all he was worth. It did not take long. Mom's hips rose off the bed as she screamed.



"AAAAIIIIYYEEEEEE, OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!" Renu exploded in the fiercest, hardest and wettest orgasm I had ever seen. "OH, OH, OH OH god, oh god, can't-stop-cumming, please, please don't stop fucking me!".

Barry grunted as he started ejaculating uncontrollably, his rock hard tube steak releasing streams of hot white cum into the sex hole of his friend's mom. Mrs. Samyal. continued to climax, moaning loudly as the young stud filled her hot cunt with white man juice while she enjoyed the two young mouths on her nipples. Finally, Barry and his friend's mom collapsed in each others' arms, grunting with breathless moans of emotion. After the stud drained his cock into the hot, mature slut, he pulled out of Mom and the young men all enjoyed the view of the mature woman's legs gapped wide, cum draining out of her pussy.

His young thick cock at full attention again, Kevin couldn't wait any longer. Moving between Renu?s still-gapped thighs, he pushed his bratwurst into the groaning woman and began to fuck her hard. Reggie moved to Mom's right side and, gently grasping her head, turned it to the side. Kevin thrust at that very moment and the mature wife slut gasped, giving Reggie just the "opening" he wanted. The young stud grasped the MILF's chin and forced his cock into her wet, waiting mouth. Grabbing a handful of soft hair, Reggie began to fuck Mom?s sucking mouth while Kevin fucked her pussy. The hot wife moaned with lust as her son's best friends fucked her pussy and mouth at the same time.

Meanwhile, Steve knew what he had wanted ever since he had seen Mrs. Samyal. hot, well-rounded kashmiri ass. The MILF's rosebud was coated with her sex juice and white sperm. "Turn her round ass over," he said to Kevin, grinning. Kevin saw the look in his friend's face and grinned back lustily, knowing exactly what his friend had planned.

Pulling her to her feet, Kevin laid down and pulled Mom. on top of him. Drained by multiple orgasms, the middle-aged mother could do nothing but submit as the young man slipped his meaty cock back into its comfortable position in her hot cunt. Mom gasped and moaned as Kevin's cock slipped deeply into her hot, cougar body, turning the stud on as he began to thrust deeply into his friend's mom.

Pumping his swollen cock as he watched Renu?s thrusting, rotating, brown-skinned humping ass, Steve again saw his "opening." Coating the head of his cock with the slick combination of cunt juice and cum in the luscious crack of the mature woman's ass, he placed his swollen penis at the opening to Mom's asshole and rotated it slowly into the middle-aged housewife's tight anus!

Renu grimaced with pain as she felt young man's huge monster forcing its way into her tight rosebud. She tried to scream, but her well-stretched mouth was full of cock as Frank scull-fucked the sexy older housewife.

While Steve fucked her ass, Kevin fucked Mom's hot cunt and Reggie fucked her delicious hot mouth. Barry stepped over and placed the woman's hand onto his cock and Renu. involuntarily began to stroke it, its throbbing length creating an even greater erotic sensation for her.

Kevin's fantasies were coming true as he fucked the mature, sensual lips of their newest cum slut. Unable to control it any longer, the North-Eastern stud's cock exploded into Moms hot oral cavity! Thrusting deeply into the middle-aged wife's warm mouth, the stud felt Renu swallow his white protein, gagging a bit as the warm gobs slipped down her throat. Jerking involuntarily, Reggie's spasms finally subsided and he allowed his softening sausage to finally just lie between Mom's full lips as she gently sucked the cock lovingly.

Watching the erotic scene in front of him, Barry's cock suddenly exploded and he shot cum all over Moms hand, big breasts and facial cheeks. The warm cum dribbed down the sides of her face and into the corners of her mouth. The stud watched with perverse pleasure as the middle-aged slutwife's lips parted gently and her red tongue snaked out and licked several of the drops of his cum, cleaning the corners of her slut mouth.

Meanwhile, Frank and Steve took their time with the hot MILF, slowly fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. Steve was in lust heaven, oblivious to everything else except the tight rosebud gripping his hard cock. The young stud grasped her soft, wide ass and pushed himself deeper and deeper into her anus. His thighs and balls were now firmly pressed against her soft full ass, his huge sex sacks bouncing off the backs of her brown thighs as he fucked mine hot mom. Meanwhile, Frank continued to thrust into her pussy hard with his steel rod of flesh.

Renu felt the young studs' swollen cocks touching places inside of her that had never been touched before. She had never had an erotic experience like this before and it felt so decadent to be taken by young men her son's age and arouse them into a lust-filled frenzy! The feeling of two long, thick, hard cocks up her pussy and ass were delicious and it was exciting to be taken like this, against her will, by the rock hard young studs.

"Oh, God, Yes! Keep fucking me with those young, big cocks! Damn, that feels so fucking good! That feels soooo fuucckking good. Fuck me, fuck me hard!" screamed Renu.

"Oh, fuck!" she squealed, trying to break her arms free but unable to. It seemed her physical strength was deteriorating drastically as Frank's strength expanded, pinning her down in a missionary-**** position as he kept ramming her pussy sore. The peak of her orgasm was reaching to it limit. "Oh, yes, Frank! Oo, yes! Yes! Oh, god, I think I'm bursting! I think I'm bursting! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! OH! Uh! Uh, uh, ah, AH! Ah! OOOHHH! OOOOHHHHH!!!"

She had never felt anything like it as the feeling of lust overwhelmed her. She felt both Steve and Frank increasing their thrusts as their ejaculations began to build.

Oh, yes! Yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck me, you big stud! Fuck me good!"

The studs worked their cocks inside the hot woman old enough to be their mother, her tight cunt gripping their cocks like a vise. Renu began to make guttural type moans, enjoying using the young men as her personal boy toys, her huge sexual tube steaks, and she could not get enough.

The studs heard the mature cougar groan softly, "Fuck me. Fuck me with those big cocks! Fuck me. Fuck me!" "Yes, Ohhhh. Baby! Don't stop, Frank. Don't stop, Steve, Don't . . uhhhnnnn . . Stop," moaned their hot mature slut!

Renu felt the changes in the young studs' bodies and knew that they were ready to explode. Suddenly Frank groaned, "Oh fuck! I'm filling your cunt, slut! Oh, damn, Bitch! Take your hot cum, slut!" as his cock became rigid, shooting its heavy load deep within her hot mature body.

Mom couldn't control herself and didn't want to as she grunted and pumped against him, sucking out all the cum she could from his young cock. Steve felt Frank cumming in the hot slut's cunt and couldn't control himself any longer, shooting his load of hot, white cum, deep into Mom?s highway!

"Steve! OH MY GOD! I SAID SLOW! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THAT FUCKING HURT! OH! OH! It's getting better, oh yeah, much better. OK boys now fuck me like there's no tomorrow. Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in me no matter what I say."

"OH man...oh shit...her pussy is like silk, unh, unh yeah baby. Oh yea she feels so fucking good. Oh shit, oh yea, I'm about to cum. I hope you're on the pill baby because I'm gonna explode inside your cunt." Mom started to struggle harder and scream louder into her gag but Steve and Reggie held her firm. "MMMPPHH!!!"

"Oh shit yea, her pussy is getting tighter. She's squeezing my cock tight. I think this whore is starting to enjoy this!" Kevin took that as his cue to start fucking Renu harder, faster, and deeper. Each thrust had his full weight behind it and moved mine mom and the bed a good two inches each time.

"I'm gonna fucking cum!" Kevin screamed, thrusting faster and grunting louder. His hands clutched her heaving cleavages and squeezed. "Mrs. Samyal, I'm gonna cum in your cunt! I'M GONNA FUCKING MAKE A MOM OUT OF YOU!"

"Oh yea, oh yea, I'm cumming baby, unh, unh, uuunnnhhhhhh! YEEEEEAAAAAaaaaaaaa!"

"Oh yea, yea, that's it slut, fuck me back, oh yea that's it you little whore, fuck my cock! That's it, that's it, oh yea, unh, unh oh shit, oh shit, squeezing my cock I-can't -hold-it..." Steve grabbed mine mom's waist hard and drove deep inside her, her hips met his with equal force. Her face grimaced, as her hips ground against Steve's and I knew she was cumming. Steve emptied himself inside her as she exploded on his cock mixing her juices with his semen.

"Oooohhhhhhh, yessssssss! Fuck yesssssss!" screamed mom as, unable to control her body any longer, she exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her life, as the two studs continued to fuck her relentlessly. Her cunt juices began to run down her thighs as she climaxed uncontrollably. She shivered and quivered in the throes of mature sexual ecstasy, having never been fucked like this before by any man, much less men young enough to be her sons with the stamina to go along with it!

Finally spent, Mom collapsed on top of Frank and underneath Steve, exhausted from the fucking she had received and the tremendous orgasms she had experienced. Steve pulled his spent cock out of her ass and Frank rolled her off of him and onto her back.

"Just one more thing before we go" said the young stud Steve to mine exhausted mom, suddenly grasping her soft, nice-figured body, pushing his soft sausage into her hot mouth. "Clean our cocks off, you slut!"

All five studs watched as Renu took care of each of them, gently sucking the huge bulbous cockheads clean before licking the long shafts from balls to tip, knowing the young men had broken her in. She had enjoyed being fucked, gangbanged by five young men and she had cum multiple times.

The spent young studs looked at their cum-filled trophy, a well-fucked mother and housewife as they prepared to leave the bedroom, thoroughly sated.

The night past away and finally Steve dropped mine mom to mine place telling the reason why she stayed at his place and said that they had a ?blast of time?. By seeing the way mine mom walked out of the door I could see the satisfaction on her face and in her body language with the experience.

This was not the end of the story and these guys kept taking mine mom to short overnight trips when I was not there at mine place and had their way all the trip along till I was posted in that region..


2013-10-17 14:10:19
One very long story ,,,,,, but I really enjoyed what I read. Love to have a wife or a mother like that that truly enjoys sex that much and all the time.

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