This new part of the series of the stories I am writing started when I was recruited by TCS in India and sent to Texas in US for their software development program after mine post graduation. Since I was new to the place I didn?t take mom along with me but promised that I will call her there as soon as I made some proper arrangements for the stay. For the initial few months I used to live in the apartment provided by the company but I didn?t like it much as there was no privacy since I had to share the flat with other room-mates. Since I dint? have much to do besides work I took up the job in the Houston college as a professor for MIS so that I could pass mine time and get some more money as well as maybe some young girls for one-night stands. Here is where I met mine Kevin, an Indian teenager student who was studying in the same college in the class I used to teach. Kevin was a good student and in a very short span of time we became good friends. Once when we sat at a strip bar having some fun he told me that his parents lived in NY from where his dad operated his business and since he was studying a bit far their family had purchased him a condo so that he should be comfortable in the alien land. When I told him that I was looking for some place to shift because of mine family Kevin proposed that me and mine family could stay at him place since they were 3 more rooms which he never intended to use. This was a tricky situation because I wanted to have private fun with mom but knowing that Kevin was in college for most of the time I said ?Yes?.
A few days later informing mom that she could come over, me and Kevin were there at the Houston airport to pick her up. Renu was all in westerns when we first saw her but I could feel that Kevin did love what he saw. Mom was in tight fitting jeans with a tight white top which accentuated her figure. All the eyes at the airport were glued to mine mom. I introduced her to Kevin and then we started the journey back to our new home. Things finally looked like being settled after a brief period of time. I and mom told Kevin that though she was not a divorcee but dad and she were living separately for a while and she was thinking of filing in a divorce because of his heavy work schedule and the reason being that he couldn?t give much time to her. It was a good enough explanation for Kevin and he didn?t ask any further questions. Within a short span of time mom and Kevin did build up a rapport and liked spending with each other. Kevin used to discuss everything with mine mom and would help her in house hold chores. Though I had seen Kevin stealing glimpses of curves of mine hot mom?s body, I never thought that he would have the courage to ask her out or confess his feelings. Mom and I used to often talk about Kevin and tell each other how great the guy was and in case if any situation demands our help then we would unconditionally provide it.
Though Kevin was a smart guy he not in great demand by the opposite sex in our college. But by the first year came by he had somehow managed to one of the best cheerleaders to date him a couple of times and had started thinking that she was completely bowled over by him.
This particular situation occurred around Christmas time in that year. It was the day when Kevin was going to take July to a drive in close by after she had promised her some private time. It was a chilly evening when Kevin came barging in the house with a sad look on his face.
I had never seen Kevin so pissed. I really thought that tonight was the night when he was going to score. He had told me and mom about all the plans that he had made for their weekend. His girlfriend?s name was July. She was a cheerleader with long legs and probably the biggest boobs at our school. They had plans to go to the drive-in, where he was sure to be balls deep in her sweet little pussy, but she stood him up. Instead she chose to go out with a football player from the same college. That bitch!!!
Kevin arrived at our place and entered the house with his head hung low. He had just turned 19 and it looked like he was gonna be the worlds oldest virgin.
I & Mom were watching TV in the living room. I just looked at him but couldn?t say anything.

"Sweetie, what happened? I thought you had a date tonight? Mom inquired.

"Yeah, I thought so to. Guess she changed her mind." Kevin answered.

He went to his room and lay on his bed. It wasn't long before there came a gentle tap at his door. Mom peeked her head in with a look of worry.

"Kevin, can I come in?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said in a dejected tone.

Mom came in and closed the door. Her presence made him feel all the more disappointed. Mom was beautiful, like July, only much older. She had long milky-white legs and boobs that were probably even bigger that July's. Mom was 42 and had taken very good care of her. Imagine an older Manisha Koirala with bigger boobs. That's mom. She sat at his bedside.

"I take it your date didn't fly?" She said.

"No. It didn't even get off the ground." Kevin answered.

"Well, no 18-year-old should spend a Friday night without a date. Where were you going to take her?" She asked.

"The drive-in." he muttered.

"The drive-in huh? She smiled.
"No wonder you?re so upset. It just so happens that I know a girl who might go out with you tonight."

"You do?" he asked.

"Yep, she's a little older than you, but I think you might enjoy her company." Mom said.

"Who is she?" he said excitedly.

"Me, silly boy, and now what time does their movie start?" She asked.

"Aunty, you don't have to feel sorry for me." he said.

"Don't you tell me what I can or can't feel young man. I asked you a question." She said sternly.

Kevin smiled at her.

"It starts at 8." he answered.

She looked at her watch and jumped up.

"Then I better get ready or we're gonna be late." Mom said.

"What about Arun?" I asked.

"Your friend has to be at the office early in the morning, he'll be off to bed soon. Besides, I am your date, remember?" She said with a wink.

Kevin waited for mom downstairs and made small talk with me as we watched the EPL game. Mom finally came down the stairs and damn she looked stunning. One of mine mom favorite customers had brought her this dress for a date for which he could never take out time. That flirty dress featured a halter style top with plunging cowl neckline and ruched sides to flatter any figure. The dress showed more than the hot cleavage which mom possessed and great thighs of hers.. Coordinated metallic and Lycra blend made it one daring dress. And I knew that the dress came with a color co-ordinate thong plus a slutty bra. The tap of her dainty high-heeled sandals clicked against the floor. They were nothing but a satin-studded three-inch heel and thin strap crossing her pretty little toes. Mom's legs were gorgeous. Long and lanky. Only a few days back she had done the waxing for her legs. Anyone who didn?t know her was bound to think that she was a MILF desperate to open her legs for any college guy. And God she was the world?s best MILF.
She threw a tiny sweater over her shoulders and kissed me after descending from stairs..

"Well, don't I look stunning?" Mom asked.
?Gorgeous? was mine answer.

Mom took Kevin?s arm and smiled.

"Got to impress mine young date." She said.

Mom looked at me jokingly. But I knew that this was going to be much more than a normal date and that even if Kevin resisted mom was more than experienced to make the day for him.

"Just have her back before midnight, Kevin; otherwise your friend will worry." I said. We all giggled.

"We may not make that due to curfew, Arun, so don't wait up for us." Mom said.
?By the way which is the movie that we are going to watch and which place?? I asked.
Kevin blushed and said ?Basic-Instinct 2? and the theatre is ?Galaxy Drive-in?.
We all laughed over this answer of his.
(I don?t know whether mom deliberately forget to wear her camera necklace and take the camera bag of hers or not. But it was not a problem for me since I had installed a small GPRS based camera between the 2 seats to get some footage if mom tries to make out with a client in her car. Mom knew nothing about this and this was going to play for mine advantage.)
"You two have a good time." I said as mom and Kevin headed out the door.
Mom let Kevin drive her car, which was a Honda, just like in a real date. As they drove to the movies on the outskirts of town Kevin couldn't help but glance at mine mother's fabulous legs and imagined, as I often did, what it would be like to have them wrapped around him. What would it be like to be his friend?s father and have that pussy to fuck every night? I knew everything from the way he was looking at mine mom?s stunning body.

"What are you thinking about?" Mom said with a smile.

"Me, oh-uh, nothing much." Kevin answered.

"You have to be thinking about something." She said.

"I was just thinking how pretty you look tonight." he said.

"That's sweet of you to say." She said with a glowing smile. "Know what I'm thinking?" She asked.

"What?" he said.

"I'm thinking that girl is crazy for passing up such a handsome date." She said.

"Oh, thanks." Kevin said bashfully.

They reached drive-in just before 8 and began to drive around, looking for a spot. Mom pointed to a dark area off by itself where no other cars were parked.

"What about over there?" She asked.

Kevin parked the car in the darkened area near the back corner of the lot. They were pretty much all alone and way back from the nearest vehicle. He then shut off the engine. He put the radio in the car just as the movie started.

"Do you want any popcorn?" he asked.

"No, get you some though if you want." She said.

"I'm okay." he said.

Mom let her sandals fall from her feet and slipped out of her sweater. Her enormous boobs rocked from side to side under her top and I felt that Kevin as well as mine cock begin to harden.

"Care if your date moves over for a snuggle?" She asked.

Kevin surprisingly shook his head and mine mom scooted over next to him. She brought her legs up on the seat and rested them against him. She unfolded the blanket she had brought with her and threw it over the both of them. Then she snuggled closer, until Kevin could feel her soft boobs squashed against his side.

"Put your arm around me." She said.

Kevin did so and mom melted against him, her giant boobs flattening against Kevin?s chest. She threw her long legs over his lap and ran her hand across his neck staring at him as he tried to concentrate on the movie.

"You've never been to a drive-in with a girl before, have you?" She asked.

"Why?" he asked nervously.

She giggled. "Because everyone knows you don't come to a drive-in to watch the movie, silly boy." She answered.

"Oh...what do you do at the drive-in then?" he asked, even though she was wrong, he did know.

Mom smiled wickedly and switched off the radio in the car. It fell out and she rolled the window up.

"Guess your friend?s old mom's gonna have to teach you a thing or two about drive-in dating." She said.
It all seemed so surreal. Here Kevin was at the drive-in theater with his own friend?s sexy mother snuggled up next to him. They were parked in a dark corner at the rear of the lot with no other cars around. It was like they were in their own little private world for two theirs. Being Mr. Inexperience, Kevin started to watch the movie, but mom had other ideas. She had just switched off the radio and rolled up the window. Her long, milky-white legs were thrown across his lap and her enormous cans were pressed against Kevin?s side as she snuggled.

"You haven't had much experience with drive-in dating, have you?" Mom asked.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"Well, traditionally drive-in theaters are a place a guy can bring his date to make out. And chances are, if things go well, he'll get to test the shocks on his car before the movies over." She said.

"Did you go to drive-in's when you were mine age?" Kevin asked.

Mom gave me him a surprised giggle.
"Are you kidding? I was here about every weekend. Believe me; no one?s had as much drive-in experience as your friend?s mother." She answered.

"What if I'm with a girl I hardly know?" Kevin asked.

"It doesn't matter. She'll know why you brought her here. So who was the bitch that stood you up tonight?" Mom asked.

"Her name's July." he answered.

"Is she pretty?" Mom asked.

"Yeah, she's really pretty." He answered.

"As pretty as your friend?s mother?" Mom asked with a curious smile.

Kevin smiled bashfully.

"Well, not quite that pretty." He confessed.

"You're scoring points." Mom said with a giggle. "Scoring points is a very important part of getting what you want in a date." She said.

"I'll try to remember that." Kevin said.

"So what's pretty about me?" Mom asked with a flattered grin.

"Well, I don't're just beautiful." He answered.

"We've established that much, silly boy. What's beautiful about me?" She asked.

"Well, have a pretty face..." He confessed.

"And?" Mom asked.

"You have a great body." He said.

"Okay and what's so great about his body." Mom smiled proudly. "What are your favorite parts?" She asked.

"I don't have beautiful legs." Kevin said.

Mom pulled the covers up over her milky-white legs. Her skirt had ridden-up so that her long, naked legs were completely exposed for Kevin?s viewing pleasure.

"So mine boy like these legs huh?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

"What do you like about them?" She asked.

"I don't know but they are just so long and smooth looking." He answered.

"They are smooth... Want to feel?" She asked.

"Are you sure?" Kevin asked, excited by the invitation.

Mom smiled.

"I think you've earned enough points so far to deserve it. Give me your hand." She said.

Mom took Kevin?s? hand and guided it across the smooth, soft skin of her amazing legs. I was surprised when she ran their hands up her thigh. She watched his reaction as they traveled up her skirt, until his thumb brushed against the crotch of her panties. I could feel the heat of her snatch.

"Do they feel as smooth as they look?" She asked.

All Kevin could do was nod. He was in heaven and she knew it.

She gently scratched the top of his hand with her nails and then removed her hand, leaving his hand on the inside of her thigh.

"So what else about your friend?s mother's body do you like? She asked.

" have pretty feet." He told her.

Mom smiled and lifted her feet from the seat, pointing her beautiful little toes. Her toenails were painted blood red, and speaking of blood, his cock by this time was full of it. It was the most painful erection I think he had ever experienced.

"These feet?" She asked in a cute tone.
She brought a leg back effortlessly, until her knee was bent at her side. With relative ease, she brought a foot to his face and gently brushed her pointed toes across his cheek. Kevin was amazed by her limberness.

"You're scoring some serious points with me, young man." She said with a smile.

All Kevin could do was smile as she brought her leg back down on his lap.

"Any other parts of me you feel like expressing your admiration for?" She asked.

His eyes went straight to the bulging cleavage spilling out from the neck of mine mom?s halter-top. She glanced down at it too, and then looked back at him with a smile.

"I think there's a part of me you like better than his legs or his feet." She said. "Does July have big ones?" She asked.

"Yeah, they're pretty big." He answered.

Mom used her arms to press her boobs together, causing the enormous cans to balloon outward, stretching against her sexy top.

"Surely their not as big your friend?s mother's." She said confidently.

"No, not that big." He smiled.

"Well, I had no idea mine son?s friend was a big boobs man.? She stated. Mom smiled at him, looking into his eyes. "Want to cash in some of those points you've scored with aunty?" She said.

"Sure." He said.

"Just remember, a guy?s not supposed to talk about the ways he cashes in his points. To anyone! That's between him and his date. Break your trust and she may not be willing to drive-in date you again, understand?" She said.

"Yeah, I understand." Kevin responded.

"Let's get in the backseat where there's more room." She said.

Mom and Kevin got in the back and closed the doors. It was dark back here. Even if someone were right outside the vehicle they probably couldn?t see inside. The additional thing was that the car was itself in a dark area. Mine mom and Kevin were now in the back seat, mother and her son?s friend in their own little cozy world, and they were all alone.

Kevin couldn't believe his eyes as mom slipped out of her skirt.

"Take off your shirt and your shorts." She commanded.

Kevin did so and sat there in his underwear. It was dark, so he knew mom couldn't make out much of his bulging cock, straining within his briefs.

"Scoot to the edge of the seat." She said.

Kevin did so, sliding his ass to the edge of the seat. Mom scooted up next to him and gently forced him to lay back.

"Sit back, sweetie." She said.

Kevin was now slouched down in the back seat and watched as his friend?s mother straddled him. It was an amazing sight! His own gorgeous friend?s mother mounting him as if he was a pony, her boobs swaying under her top. She threw the blanket over the top of them and looked down into his eyes.

"Sure you wouldn't rather watch the movie?" She said teasingly.

"No way." He said.

Mom came down on top of him and I thought that Kevin would cum right there. She rested her weight against him, her soft tits squashed against his chest. His bulge sunk onto her thong cover snatch. She ran her hands through his hair and let out little moans as she rubbed her body against his. Kevin put his hand on her back on the fringe of her top. Mom moved her lips to his ear.

"Pull it down." She whispered.
Kevin did so and her halter-top slid down to her waist. He could now feel her lacy strapless bra rubbing against his skin. Her big tits oozing over the sides.

"There are clips in the back. Pull them together." She said.

Kevin did as he was told and felt her bra unfasten and her tits spill out onto his bare chest. Mom pulled the bra out from between them and their nipples came together. Hers were as big around as a bracelet and had hard fat tips that looked like they were just made for sucking.

"See what scoring points will get you?" She asked.

For a good ten minutes mom and Kevin squirmed and rubbed against each other. Mom smothered his cock with her cunt, grinding their genitals together in a nice slow dry hump. She ran her hands across his chest and neck, scratching him with her long nails. They were both breathing heavily and moaning. It was like being in their own little sauna under the blanket and soon their bodies were glistening with sweat.

" do I score more points?" Kevin asked.
?Just call me Renu. Don?t forget that I am your date tonight.? Mom said.

Mom brought their heads out of the covers and looked at him with a curious smile.

"Well you should know by now, silly boy. Flattery will get you all the points you want." She answered.

"How many points do I need know?" He asked.

"No I don't know. Tell me." She said.


"Sex with me?" She finished.

"Yeah." He said.

"Well, I am your date tonight, but I'm also your friend?s mother. For a teenaged boy to fuck his friend?s mother, well, that would be a pretty hefty amount of points. Are you sure you're up to paying the price?" She asked.

"I'll do anything. I'll say anything. Anything you want." Kevin pleaded.

"Anything? You're sure?!" She asked sternly.


"Well, tiger, I hope for our sake this is a double-feature. You have a lot of points to score and this could get pretty intense."
Mom smiled as she still lay on top of him. They were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help him score enough points to have sex with her.

"Let's switch positions." She said.

Mom unstraddled Kevin and got in the same position he was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. Kevin started to straddle her as she had him but she stopped him.

"No...Get between mine legs." She said.

She threw her legs back and Kevin climbed between them. Again their genitals met and she pulled him onto her chest. Her soft boobs melted against his chest as she wrapped her long legs and arms around him.

"This is where mine boyfriend wants to be isn?t it?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kevin answered.

"I thought so. Score enough points with me and we'll be back in this position before you know it. Only next time, there won't be panties and briefs between us." She said with a smirk.

"Okay." He said.

She gave him a nice sexy kiss on the forehead.

"Get on the floor." Mom commanded.

Kevin did so, kneeling on the floorboard. Mom put her feet up on the seat and with her ass still at the edge of the seat, spread her long legs, exposing her panty covered muff to him. She was laying it all out right in front of his face.

"I want you to smell it." She said.

Kevin moved to her snatch. The smell hit him before he was even close, but he didn't stop until his nose struck the crotch of her panties. The pungent pussy-smell was so strong it burned his nostrils. It was intoxicating! Mom ran her fingers through his hair as she watched him sniff.

"That's it, sweetie. Take your time. I want you to get a really good whiff." She said.

And that he did. The smell was so strong it was making his head spin.

Using her foot under his chin, she lifted his head so that Kevin was looking up into her face.

"So...what do you think?" She asked.

"It's amazing." He replied.

"Bet you've never smelt one that is so strong before." She said with a smile.

Kevin shook his head and smiled back. Mom lifted her ass a little.

"Reach under and grab the waistband, I want you to take mine panties off." She commanded.

Kevin did so and in one fluid motion, moms panties slid up her legs. She kicked them off and taking them in her hand, sat up in the seat. Kevin tried to look at her cunt, but suddenly her panties were in his face. She held the crotch of them at his nose.

"Sniff!" She said.

Kevin again found himself breathing her sex fumes.

"That's it, sweet baby, breathe it in." She said.

Kevin felt her fingers slide the moist crotch of silk between his lips.

"Now taste. I want you to suck on the crotch." She said.

Kevin did so, tasting his own friend?s mother's pussy-juice for the first time. She stroked his forehead.

"That's it. Suck out all the juice for me." She said.

She finally removed them from his mouth and tossed them onto the floor.

"Did you like that?" She asked.

"Renu, you taste delicious." Kevin said.

She smiled, brushing the hair from his eyes.

"There you go, scoring more points again." She said.

Mom caught Kevin glancing towards her cunt.

"Something down there you want to see?" She asked.

Kevin nodded with a smile.

"What? What do you want to see?" She asked teasingly.

" know..." He muttered.

"No, I don't know. Tell me. Tell me what you want to see." She said.

"Your cunt." He said.

Mom giggled.

"You mean mine pussy?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kevin answered.

She continued to stroke his hair with a big grin.

"I thought a little boy wasn't supposed to see his friend?s mom?s pussy." She said.

Kevin shrugged his shoulders and mom just giggled.

"Aunt?s pussy isn't like those young high school girl pussy's you know. An aunt?s pussy is big and fat and hairy. It's a mature pussy, that's had lots and lots of experience. Boys your ages don?t get to see those types of pussies very often." She said.

"I know." He said.

"Bring your head down here close to the seat." She told him.

Kevin did so and found himself staring at mom's belly. He could see the top of her pubic triangle and knew he was in for a real treat.

"Are you ready?" She asked.

"Yeah." He said.
Mom sat back in the seat and kicked her legs back as far as they could go. There, inches from his face, was his own friend?s mom?s hairy cunt. She thrust her muff up towards his face and he could see her fleshy lips and fat clit.
Kevin was on his knees on the floor of the back seat. An inch from his face was the most beautiful pussy he had ever beheld and it belonged to his own friend?s mom. It seemed so large and intimidating. Peering down between her legs, mom smiled at him as she watched him studying her amazing muff.

"Would you like me to open it up for you, sweetie?" She asked.

Kevin nodded and mom used two of her fingers to spread apart her large fleshy cunt-lips. Mom's legs opened up and something showed up which was like a shiny pink blossom coming to full bloom.

"Wow." Kevin muttered.

Mom smiled at his reaction.

"Not many peeping boys might get a good look at their friend?s mother's snatch, but you're one of the lucky ones. Not too many guys get to see under their best mom's hood." She said.

She held it open with her fingers as his eyes feasted on this delicious sight.

"Don't get too excited, tiger, you haven't seen the best part yet." She said.

With that, she pulled apart a second fleshy layer of pink and Kevin could actually hear a gushy sound as she peeled apart her inner lips. As she pulled back the pink curtain, Kevin found himself staring down into mine mom?s gaping fuck-hole. The walls within her sex-cave were so soft and warm looking.

"Hard to believe I squeezed Arun that little hole, isn't it?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kevin said.

"Well...having the best friend of his back shouldn?t be as difficult." Renu said with a grin. She glanced towards his crotch. "Unless you've got something down there larger than I'm accustomed to." She said.

"I don't know." He said. Kevin began to wonder if perhaps he was bigger than his father. From the locker room at school, he knew his cock was pretty large for his age. Last time he had measured, it was nearly 8 inches and that was when he was 16. He was sure it had grown an inch or so since then.

"Well whatever size it is, I'm sure your friend?s old mom can make it feel right at home." She said lovingly.

Mom spread her legs a little bit and she watched him proudly.

Will I be able to do it? Kevin asked.

"I'll give you a hint." Mom said as she took his hand. She opened her mouth, peeked her tongue out and taking one of his fingers, began to flail her pink snake around it in little butterfly licks. Then she slipped his finger into her mouth and began to suck for a few minutes. Finally, she took his finger out and glanced down at her clit invitingly.

"Get the picture, darling?" She asked.

Kevin got the picture all right and dove in head first. He wrapped his lips around mine mom's smooth clit and began to nurse. He licked and sucked like a baby; mine hot mom?s boobs. Mom moaned, grinding her hips and running her fingers through his hair.

"Oh yeah, that's it, sweetie-pie, suck your friend?s mother?s little love-button." She groaned.

For a good 10 minutes Kevin worked Renu numb, savoring the feel of her meaty cunt-flesh against his face and the pungent smell of her matronly twat.

"Oh God, baby, you are scoring some serious motherfucking points with me." She grumbled.

Finally, mom lifted his face from her cunt and sat up. She pulled him to her swaying tits, throwing her legs under his arms and around his back. Kevin suddenly found himself smothered in tit-flesh.

"Oh baby, come to aunt's titties." She cried.

Kevin started to kneed and suck. He was like a kid in a candy store, overwhelmed and surrounded by soft, tasty flesh. He worked his tongue on her enormous nipples, then sucked and squeezed like a baby. Mom held him to her bosoms, clawing the back of his head with her long nails.

"That's it, love on aunts? big soft boobies, baby." She said.

After a few minutes, mom sat back a little.

"Come back up on the seat." She commanded.

Kevin did and she grabbed the waistband of his briefs and let it snap against his skin.

"Get 'em off!" She said with a grin.

In a flash, Kevin had them off and his big dick slapped against his stomach.

"Oh God!" She said with a giggle. "You're bigger than I thought."

"Bigger than you're used to?" Kevin asked.

"By a few inches, at least." She said. "But I wasn't just referring to your length. Look at how fat and meaty that monster is."

"Is that good?" Kevin asked.

She licked her lips hungrily.

"Bet your fucking ass it is." She said. "Had your aunt known you had such an enormous baby-maker, she may have waited a while to reach US, and then made you man of the house." She said.

"Really? So I'd have been sleeping in your bed?" Kevin asked.

"Well, we'd share the same bed, but I don't know how much sleeping we'd do." Mom said with a wink.

"That would be awesome." Kevin said.

Mom stared at his giant erection and giggled.

"Well, lover-boy. If that thing rubs me the way I think it will, you may get your wish." She said.

Kevin couldn't believe his ears. Would his friend?s mom actually divorce his friend?s dad and take him as her permanent love-partner. Would he have a chance to fuck his friend? mom again and again on her own marital bed? The very thought took his breath away.

"You know, tiger, we may have a problem here." She said.

"What?" he asked.

"Well, I think you've scored too many points." She said.

"Too many?" Kevin asked.

"Too many for just a fuck." She said.

Mom pushed him back and got on her hands and knees on the seat.

"I think you've scored just enough for a nice deep blow-job as well." She said. Mom looked into his eyes with a teasingly seductive smile. "If you?re interested?"

"God yes!" Kevin said excitedly.

Mom began to tickle the head of his dick with the ends of her nails.

"Are you sure? I mean, you may not be able to handle your cock sliding down friend?s mom's throat. The feeling of your own friend?s mother's tongue dancing across your purple nob might just be too much for you." She teased.

"No, I want it, please!" Kevin pleaded.

"Does mine baby want it?" She said. "Does mine sweet baby want to feel his friend?s mother's lips wrapped around his swollen meat?" She asked in a baby voice.

"Yes...please!" He said.

"Then we need to make a decision. Because once aunty starts, she's not stopping'. Do you want to cum down her throat or do want to pull it out and cum on her tits?" She asked.

"Your throat, but I thought we were know?" Kevin answered.

"You're a teenaged boy, silly. I'll bet you anything after aunty swallows your load, you'll bounce right back and be ready for the main event. Besides, with one out of your system, you'll be able to fuck long and hard, making your darling cum in buckets." She said.

"You think so?" Kevin asked.

"Well, if you want to take your friend?s father's place in his bed, you better." She said sternly.

"Okay." Kevin said confidently.

Mom pulled her hair back into a bun, getting it out of her face, preparing for her descent on his cock and balls. She gave him a soft peck on the lips, staring into his eyes.

"This is gonna be pretty intense for you. I want you to just sit back and feel this love, okay?" She said.

"Okay." He answered.
Mom gave Kevin a big warm motherly smile and he felt her soft hand glide down his engorged pecker and forcefully pin his balls down against his ass. This made the skin on his fleshy pillar stretch tightly and his mushroom tip balloon even bigger. A trickle of bubbling jism seeped from the tip.

"Ready, tiger?" Mom asked.

Kevin nodded and watched as mom's head sunk to his lap. Her lips descended right to his cockhead and about an inch before she reached it, her lovely mouth opened wide, and with her lips and tongue, she formed a nice round fuck-pouch for the giant pole she was about to swallow.

His rod was suddenly surrounded in wet warmth. He could feel mom's lips stretched tightly around his shaft as they sunk towards his balls. The head of his dick glided past her tongue and into her throat. He felt her gag, then swallow, taking him deep into her gullet. It was like a soft, heated vacuum pouch surrounding the meat of his cock. She clamped her fingers around the base of his shaft. Her nails dug in to the soft skin of his balls as her lips traveled back up his fleshy pillar. Mom drug the tip of her tongue against the underside of his cock, forcing a stream of pre-cum out of his tip and into her mouth. She rolled her pink snake around his giant nob a few times, and then swallowed the mouthful of syrup she had taken.

"Oh God that's good. You might have a hard time keeping your friend?s mom away from this big sugar stick." She said, again taking his prick into her lovely mouth.

This time mom worked her mouth up and down his thick shaft like a pro she was. Her lips squeezed and pulled against the flesh of his spear, her tongue dancing and flailing around his big purple plumb. The sight of his own friend?s mother's head moving up and down on his lap was almost too much for him to bear. By this time, the windows of mom's car were all fogged up. The sound of lewd slurping and sucking filled the vehicle as mom went at it.

For a good ten minutes mom fucked his cock with her mouth. Every dozen, ball bumping strokes mom would take his dick from her lips and bath his cock-head with rapid butterfly licks. She worked her fist up and down his member making his balls slap against his legs again and again. It felt amazing! Then once again Kevin was dithered and she sucked and pulled at his cock with everything she had. Kevin could feel and hear mom humming as she sucked and the vibration felt amazing against his meat.

For another ten minutes mom orally fucked Kevin without rest. Up and down and up and down she worked her magic.
God, she was incredible! Kevin couldn't possibly imagine getting a better cock-sucking from anyone, anywhere. While she sucked, her tongue had gone nonstop, rolling and wiggling across his pecker relentlessly. Just when he thought it couldn't get any better, she sunk deeper and began to deep throat him with short, rapid strokes. He could feel the slights of flesh of her gullet milking him hard. Kevin began to buck his hips, literally fucking mom's throat. His balls tightened. This was it!

"Oh, Renu, I'm gonna cum!" I groaned.

Mom worked harder and faster, slurping up and down the length of Kevin, her tongue going into overdrive. Mom tightened her lips, loudened her humming. She was like a cocksucking machine on overdrive. Kevin jerked as the torrent rocketed up his shaft until I delivered his first long rope of semen straight down mom's throat. She choked a little, but didn't miss a beat as the second jet splashed against the back of her mouth. His nob slid through the pool of semen as she sucked him back into her throat where he released another huge deposit of jism, then another on his way out.
Mom gaged and Kevin removed his dick from her mouth. Again she gagged, regurgitating an enormous amount of spunk back into her mouth, but with one big gulp she sent it back down her throat. In those few seconds his cock sent a thick geyser splashing against her lips. Mom was back to sucking in a flash and his nob followed a river of sperm into the depths of her throat.

Kevin could feel an almost constant stream of fuck-cream flowing from his piss-hole, cascading down his friend?s mother's throat and into her tummies. Mom jerked and pulled at the skin of his dick, nursing more and more of his milk into her loving mouth. Kevin had never cum this hard. Never felt the jism flow from his cock as it was now. For one full minute his dick continued to spasm, spitting a bubbling gob of spunk each time for mom to swallow.

Finally, after mom had squeezed the last drop from his shriveling member, his cock-head popped like a cork from between her lips. She sat next to him and looked into his exhausted eyes.

"Don't wimp out on me, sweetie-pie. Our drive-in date isn't over yet. You have more points to cash in, remember." She said.

Mom gently squeezed his giant ball-sack.

"Besides, it feels to me like you have another load you need to deliver." She said with a wicked grin.
Kevin gazed down at his cock. It was sticking straight up, still bone hard and coated with mom's saliva.

"So, mine love...still upset that your date stood you up?" Mom asked.

"No way." Kevin signed.

Mom smiled, her big tits giggling, as she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Top or bottom?" She asked.

"What?" He asked.

"Time to cash in all those points, sweetie-pie. Top or bottom?" She smiled.

"Bottom." He said.

Without hesitation Mom threw one of her long legs her leg across his lap and straddled him. Kevin gazed up at her enormous chest as it hovered above his face.

"Scoot down to the edge of the seat." She said.

Kevin did what she asked so that he was now slouched down in the seat beneath her, like he had been when they dry humped earlier. She reached around and grabbed his big boner, giving it a few slow strokes.

"So you think you can handle having this monster buried inside another warm wet hole?" She teased.

"Yeah." Kevin sighed.

"You know, it's not every day a boy gets to visit his friend?s mom's most secret place. No drive-in date is complete though unless a young guy gets to pound him some pussy. The things I do for you." She smiled.

"For me? Yeah right, Renu. ?Kevin teased, knowing full well she wanted to fuck his brains out.

Mom giggled, and then looked down at him with those big brown eyes, clasping his rod tightly.

"I'm gonna scream. A lot. Just don't panic okay. When a girl screams while you're fucking her, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. It means you're doing everything right." She smiled.

"Okay." I said. Mom gave him one last smile.

"Ready stud?" She asked.

Kevin nodded and mom dropped her ass to his cock. It was time! Still clasping the base of his meat tightly she drug his cum drooling knob across the soft lips of her outer labia, and then crushed it against her secret place.

Kevin suddenly felt a pocket of warmth swallow his bell-shaped tip as mom began to feed the first inch of cock inside of her. She released her grip on the base as he continued to sink. Those few seconds seemed like minutes as he felt himself being swallowed inch by meaty inch.

As his dick reached a certain depth he heard mine mom gasp and felt her love pocket contract. Somehow he instinctively knew he had just passed his friend?s father's deepest point. Kevin smiled inside, knowing he had almost three inches left to give her.

"Oh God." Renu sighed.

His meaty invader wormed further into mom's crotch?s depths until he felt his tip nudge snuggly against her cervical ring.

"Oh his God, sweetie, you just kissed your darling?s womb." She sighed.

"Wow, this feels incredible, Renu." Kevin gasped.

"Oh honey, it gets a lot better." She smiled.

Mom brought her massive chest down onto Kevin?s, sandwiching her tits between them. She gazed down into his eyes with a look of shear pleasure.

"I'll bet I could milk an orgasm out of you without even moving." She bragged.

Kevin suddenly felt her pouch flex, applying massive pressure against the meat of his shaft. His breath quivered as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Seeing his reaction, mom giggled, and then relaxed her cunt muscles. No sooner did he sigh than mom tightened them again and laughed as he winced and closed his eyes.

"Oh God." Kevin exclaimed.

"No...Oh Kevin!" She said.

The pleasure was so intense he felt like crying. Mom started to rapidly tighten then relax her love muscles.
Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Kevin let out a little whimper, resting his head back. Mom was all smiles, enjoying his reaction.

Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Tighten. Relax.
"Oh baby, look at you and we haven't even started fucking yet." She said lovingly, her pussy still working its magic.

"Oh, it feels so good, Renu." Kevin moaned.

"Oh sugar-bear...are you ready for your love to ride you?" She asked.

"Yeah." He muttered.

Mom started to move her hips and Kevin felt his cock slip part way down her channel, but then, all at once, it got swept right back into her depths. She repeated this and soon her pussy was gliding up and down his boner.

Each time Kevin hit bottom his cock head popped into mom's fornix and kissed the spongy swell of her cervical opening. Lewd slapping began to fill the vehicle as her ass began to bounce on his.
Mom's eyes were closed now, her face filling with pleasure. It was the most beautiful expression Kevin had ever seen.

"Oh yeah!" Her voice quivered.

She shifted so that she could rest one of her big soft breasts on his face. His tongue went to work, rolling across her giant areola.

Mom and Kevin set into a rhythm now, making the car rock back and forth. After about every ten dick-milking strokes mom would plant his cock as deep as it would go and grind their genitals together. Kevin could feel his cock-head digging at the entrance to her womb.

"Oh yeah, baby, cock me good!" She groaned.

Their love-making became violent now as she began rolling her hips like a mad woman.
"Kevin... ohhhh ... Kevin," she whispered, so quietly.
"Mmm... mmmmm... mmmm... mmmm," she moaned with her lips closed, obviously not wanting to make noise.

"I love you ... I love you," he answered to each call of his name and uncontrolled, trembling, "ohhhhhh."

She was moving faster and faster, her hips bucking, and the 'ohhhhhs' so frequent they were almost strung together. Kevin changed his whispered response. 'I love you' was too long to answer her 'ohhhhhs'.

"Fuck," he whispered, over and over, pushing his hand hard against her arse, squeezing and rubbing her frantic boobs while doing this.

"OH GOD, SWEETIE, YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CREAM!" She panted desperately.

"OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING HARD!" She shouted.
"You like that whore?? Take my cock, slut... beg for it, Renu!!!"
"Ohh god yes...shove that hard huge cock in me deep... fuck my pussy... fuck me!"
"You want it bitch?? Want your own son's friend?s sperm deep inside that pussy?
"Oh yes darling, fuck me... shoot that hot big load of cum up inside friend?s mommy's pussy."

"Ohhh yesss... take it Renu... take it all, slut!!! OHHH GOD!!!" His screams echo down the car perimeter everywhere.
"Oh yesssssss..." Mom continued to scream as Kevin?s body rocks and spasms from multiple orgasms. "FILL ME UP WITH THAT HOT CUMMMMM!!"
Mom screamed at the unexpected violation before pressing back against Kevin. "Ohhh god baby, **** my pussy!"

"Yesssss... you love it don't you, whore?? Your young teenage son?s friend raping your tight hole... slamming his meat up into you... just like some bitch from school??"
"Ohhhh yessssss... use me... fuck me!!"
"Ohhh yessss whore..." Harder, faster, Kevin pounded mine mom over and over.

"That's it baby... fuck me honey... cum in mine pussy.?

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" She moaned as she bounced up and down on the seat cushions. Her hands were planted on the back of the cushions, which allowed her to control her body so that her hips could maneuver the way she wanted them to.

Kevin drew back his cock a bit. Lifting his hips upwards, he gave a huge thrust and rammed the monster cock up to its hilt, right through the depths of mine mom?s velvety pussy. "Ooouuuuhhh...!" The cock seemed to have hit mom's uterus as she shrieked aloud.

Her words were like a trigger to his balls, opening the floodgates. Mom's face began to contort and her entire body began to convulse. Kevin saw her mouth open but nothing came out. Her eyes rolled back. Her hips were rocking so fast that he felt as though her cunt were going to rip his dick right off.

"FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!" She screamed so loud he thought for sure that everyone in that drive-in parking lot had to hear it.
He was slamming it in so hard; I thought the rear seat would break. The springs sounded like they were being crushed. A large, thundering sound was made every time the two lovers clashed.
Mom's screams were much louder when as and as climax approached. He was rag dolling all of her 5'7 frame on the rear seat, shaking her whole body as he drove his cock in deep.
"Oh God! Oh God? Mom screamed over and over as he drove his cock into her.
"OOhhhhh Mrs. Samyal it feels so goooood, I'm going to cum in your pussy" Kevin cried out.
"YESSS, cum in my pussy sweetie, that's what I want" my mom replied.

Mom let out a series of animal-like grunts. Kevin could feel squirts of orgasmic juice pulsing against his cock and cascading down his balls. Mom's nipple popped from his mouth, her boob still molded around his face, as his first orgasmic grunt escaped.

It felt as though the end of his cock blew off as jism erupted from his piss-hole. A second rope of hot cum splashed against the back wall of mine mom's vagina and she continued stirring her pot with his cock-spoon.

"GODDDD, I'M CUMMINNNGGGG MORE!" Mom let out a grunting scream.

Mom and Kevin was a sweaty heap of bucking, grinding, backseat love as they both came in buckets, their juices creating a buttery froth that oozed from mom's cunt.
"Fuck me Kevin. Kill me with your cock. I am all yours. I have never had such pleasure in my life," mom implored like a bitch in heat.
After about thirty minutes lusty fucking, suddenly mom gripped Kevin even tighter with her hands and legs. She dug her nails on his bare back. Her legs arched and her toes curled with uncontrollable pleasure. Her face contorted as she clenched her teeth. Shutting her eyes tight, she screamed, "Oh Kevin, I can't take any more. Fuck me hard Kevin. Harder... yessss... kill me. Ohhhh nooo! I love you Kevin. Aaaahhh... nooo...." Her eyes were now dilated, as she was drowned in the throes of passion. Rapidly thrusting her hips at his massive thrusts, she matched Kevin shot for shot. Kevin was screaming too. "I am coming, my baby. I can't hold it any longer. I will fill your cunt with my cum," he grunted. After a few more thrusts he shot a deluge of cum into the depths of mom's pussy as she too spent herself.

They continued like this for minutes before they were both completely spent and lay there catching their breath. Mom finally lifted her head and gazed down at him.

"'s that for your first drive-in date?" Mom asked.

"Awesome." Kevin sighed.

She giggled and flexed her cunt muscles.

"Cool huh? You're so cute." She said.

"You're still hard. Want to cash in more points." She asked naughtily.

"Sure." Kevin said.

Mom fell to the side onto the seat, taking him with her. She slid onto her back, her big tits rolling off the sides of her chest. Kevin situated himself between her legs. His ass started to rise and fall as his cock went back to work. Mom's wrapped her long gorgeous legs, the legs of his dreams, around his and rested the heels of her pretty little feet on his ass.

"Oh, that's it baby, fuck your drive-in date. Make her cum some more." She gasped.

Soon the car was rocking again and filled with more screams.
They did the same routine 3 more times before collapsing and got up just in time when the credits were due to roll.

It was time to caress each other after the great sex they just had. Petting mom's boobs Kevin said, "Renu, you are a sex bomb. You can give a man the greatest sexual satisfaction in his life. How long have I waited for this encounter!"

Mom was running her fingers on his broad, hairy chest and pinching his nipples with her fingers. "Kevin, you are a real stud. Until today I had never known that sex could be so great. This is the first real orgasm in my life. I am grateful to you for what you gave me today," she said lovingly.

The next morning I saw them both at the breakfast table.

"I didn't even hear you two get home last night. How was your date?" I asked.

I looked at Kevin inquisitively, waiting for his answer.

"Great. We had fun." Kevin said.

"So how was the movie?" I asked.

?I was all eyes for mine date and hence couldn?t see the movie.? Kevin said.

?Me too.? Mom said.

This brought smiles to all our faces.

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