his story starts when me and mine mom ?Renu? came back from Delhi to Mumbai after a period of 3 years. Here I joined a college and classes for mine MBA degree and mom started working as an manager in a BPO. During this time one bizarre event that occurred was that mom went to see a guruji with an aunty from our same building and he told her that many bad things would be coming our way in the near future and that she needs to abstain from all sort of sexual acts so that evil powers don?t come in ways of her family. I knew that mom though was modern women she was a bit orthodox in all these things and that she loved us a lot and I knew that she was going to keep this thing going as long as she could. She told me about the thing as soon as she was back and she asked me to make a promise that I will never ask her for favors? again till on year completely passes by. Though I was totally against his idea there was nothing I could do; but the only solace to me was great gals in mine classes which moms said that I could bring home. I knew that I would be missing mom?s company a lot but here was nothing I could do; but I knew that you could not tame a wild animal like mine mom for a long time; and sooner or later she would have to give it up. The only thing that I wanted was that the person on top of her at that moment should be me and not any other guy.

While studying in mine classes I met two guys-Rohan & Shree; both of whom came from rich families and were in to all sort of bad things. They were about 26-27 years of age and were among the most popular guys in the college. There were many rumors associated with them; some of which said that they were into drugs and paid sex a lot, but it was ok with me as I had seen such people lot before. I wondered why the hot chicks liked them and maybe this was the reason why I liked their company because the chicks were ready to go to bed with any of the guys who were along with Rohan; and being a friend he always said good things about me to the girls and in a way made things easier for me to get mine preys. Though we knew each other for some time we never discussed much about our families. They had been with me to mine place 2-3 times, but the way they looked at mom; I felt it was better to keep them out. And mine mom agreed on his matter and told me to stay away from these guys.

This particular incident happened close to September when mine classes were going on in full flow.
One day I went to wake up mom for her office as she was not used to getting up early as the timings for her shift had changed. I just called for her from outside her room since mom had told me not to come inside in morning. Mom looked over at the clock showing 6:00 AM while looking at me too, and then mom looked down and noticed she was lying naked on top of her bed covers, with her robe open. Sweat covered her body and mom felt lightheaded.

"Mom? Are you awake?"

"Mommy is about to take a shower, honey," mom yelled. "I'll be out in a little bit."

I shook mine head and moved away from the door.

"I just need a hot shower," mom thought as mom took off her robe and turned the water on as she was feeling a bit dizzy.

While in the shower, Renu suddenly felt awake for the first time that morning. It was such a strange feeling to wake up in a daze like that. And mom couldn't believe she was caressing her own body. It made her upset that she wasn't being fulfilled sexually by me or some other clients, but that was no reason to be having such wild thoughts and dreams.

It was indeed perplexing that I had seemingly lost the desire to make love to mine beautiful mom. Mom was a knockout, looking younger than her 42 years of age. Her long black hair was something you'd see in a shampoo commercial, and her body was something you'd see in Playboy magazine. Blessed with flawless looks, mom easily landed a modeling gig for a department store catalogue years ago along with a high number of rich clients which made our lavish lifestyle possible, but had since quit after having me as the only child. It would be very hard for any red-blooded male to comprehend that Renu was sexually frustrated.

While bathing Renu observed that there was something sticky in her hair. Renu moved her hair twice and the sticky substance appeared to be gone. Mom tried to piece together how and when mom went to bed last night, but mom simply couldn't remember. Mom thought back to mine friend Rohan being over, which made her frown.

The perverted young boy who always tried to feel her up came over unexpectedly when mom was wearing her skimpy robe. Mom was so embarrassed to walk into the kitchen wearing next to nothing while the teenager ogled her. Then mom caught the inconsiderate boy hovering above her and looking down between the gape of her robe at her tits.

Granted, he was no different than most males moms encountered in her life. Hell, even her son?s best buddies have tried many times with no success to get into her panties, behind his back of course. But to be harassed by a teenager who is supposed to be a good influence on her son was unacceptable.

After showering and getting dressed, mom decided mom finally needed to have a chat with me about mine two friends Rohan and Shree. Those boys were simply not allowed to show up at our house whenever they felt like it. Their poor manners made Renu sick to her stomach.

I was sitting on mine laptop when mine mom came upstairs and knocked on mine door.

"Come in," I replied. Mine beautiful mom came inside and sat down on the bed next to me. I was very nervous seeing her, knowing that mom was not in a good mood.

"Sweetie I want to have a talk with you," mom said looking down into his eyes. I could sense mom had something important to talk about, and I began to panic thinking mom knew what I had done.

"About what?" I asked nervously. Mom let out a sigh and thought for a moment. Mom decided the direct approach would be the best way to handle the things.

"I don't want you hanging out with Rohan and Shree anymore," mom said with a straight face.
I gave her a perplexed look.

"Huh? But they?re my friends," I replied, making her feel guilty.

"I don't think they are good influences on you. You are such a smart young man, and you have a bright future. You can get into an IIM if you want. This has always been your goal, but I'm afraid those two boys will come between that."

"I don't understand. What have they done?" I asked growing curious.
Mom was careful to choose her words wisely, and then mom proceeded to express her concerns that the boys skip college and experiment with drugs and alcohol.

I was relieved mom didn't appear to know mom was drugged. Mom kept going on about how inappropriate Rohan and Shree are, and how other parents have warned her about their antics. Mom pointed out the time Rohan purposely barged in on her when mom was using the restroom.

"They just think you're a MILF, that's all," I said matter-of-factly.

"A MILF?" Mom asked perplexed.

"Yeah, it means you're a mother they would like to... you know... F," he replied.

"Yes, I've heard us call me that before, but I didn't know what it was," mom said looking at the ground in thought. Mom surprised herself by actually feeling a little thrill from the complement, but mom certainly didn't want to give that impression me as we were on different frequencies from last year onwards.

"But that further adds to my point that those boys show no respect!" mom said with a stern voice.

I was quick to tell her that I didn't participate in any of the bad things the two boys might do.

"But honey, when you surround yourselves with people who do those things, you can still get into trouble whether you're participating or not." Mom said.

"So you're saying I should just end my friendship with us because my mom said so?"

"I don't want them coming over here anymore, and I don't want you spending your free time with them," mom replied.

"That is not fair," I said with a frown. "You can't tell me who to hang out with!"

Mom sensed that I was becoming upset, like her colleagues warned against, so mom decided mom made her point and would walk away before it escalates.

"I don't want to argue with you because aunty and uncle are around, but I just wanted to let you know how I feel. You are right that I can't tell you who to hang out with, but hopefully you will use your best judgment and remember all the things mommy taught you."

Mom leaned down and gave me a kiss.

"Now get up and get ready for college. I'm going to make you a healthy breakfast," mom said.

Mom got up and left the room, while I sulked. I couldn't believe mine mom was telling me who to hang out with. I felt it was unreasonable because I never skipped college, drank alcohol or did drugs.

"Well, I guess I'm just going to have to lie whenever I hang out with Rohan and Shree, starting with Friday night when I go to the football match," I said to myself as I rolled off mine bed and headed for the shower.


Friday evening rolled around before no time, and I was nervous about the night ahead of me. I wasn't accustomed to lying to mine mom. To officere with his anxieties I rationalized it by claiming mine mom was being unfair and untrustworthy. I had made a plan that I will slip in some sleeping pills on her when I go out so that she won?t remember as to whom I had gone with and what time I returned.

I got dressed in a pair of jeans and t-shirt before heading downstairs to ask mine mom to borrow her car.

"Honey, your aunty, uncle and I are about to order a movie off pay per view. Why don't you sit down and watch it with us?" mom said scooting over on the couch to make room for me. I noticed a glass of iced tea on the coffee table, and figured that it was mine chance to slip the pills in. I had those in mine clinched fist.

"No thanks, I'm actually going to watch our football game tonight," I replied trying not to sound suspicious.

"Who are you guys playing?"

"Mumbai FC. We are supposed to be pretty good."

"And who are you going to the game with?" mom asked curiously.

"Oh, just Steve and Richard," I lied. I purposely named a couple of buddies mine age that I knew mine mother approved of. If I would have said Rohan and Shree, mine mom might not let me go.

"Well, that will be fun," mom replied, relieved that I didn't say he was hanging out with Rohan and Shree.

"Can I borrow your car mom?"

"Sure sweetie. Remember to be back by your curfew (which was midnight time), young man."

I walked over to mine mom and gave her a hug, while reaching over to drop the two pills into her drink behind her back. I told mine uncle and aunty goodbye, and headed for the door with a grin on mine face. "All too easy," he thought to myself.
I picked up Rohan and Shree in mine mom's Palio and we headed to the city for the match. Since we were running late, Rohan and Shree encouraged me to speed. I didn't want to look like a dork in front of mine older friends, so I complied.

"So was your mom suspicious?" Shree asked.

"Nah, mom didn't suspect a thing. We just need to hurry back after the match."

"What was your hot mom wearing tonight?" Rohan asked, while Shree chuckled. He used to ask this often just to tease me.

"None of your business, asshole!" I said perturbed.

"Relax. You should be proud that your mom is so hot even at this age," said Rohan.

"So boy, what do you think is your mom's best asset, her ass or her big tits?" Shree asked.

"She's my mom, dude. That's gross," he replied.

"I'm an ass man, myself, so I'm going to have to choose that," Rohan said with a grin.

"I like her juicy Punjabi tits," Shree said, grinning to myself knowing he had his hands on them just a couple days ago.

"OK that's enough!" I said angry. I was getting so frustrated with them that I didn?t realize how fast I was now driving. It was at that point when we looked behind us and saw the flashing lights of a police car on our tail.

"Oh shit!" Rohan said.

"Damn, see what you guys made me do?" I said, slowing the car down.

"Hey man, don't slow down," Rohan said. "See if we can lose that jerk."

"What? Are you crazy?" I exclaimed continuing to slow down.

"C'mon, dude, don't be a wimp," Rohan said. "How fast does that thing go, maybe max 80kmps?"

I ignored him and pulled the car over, wondering if mine mom was indeed right that mine two friends were trouble. Rohan was extremely fidgety in the backseat when I pulled over. He reached into his pocket and discarded a plastic bag undermine seat in front of me.

The officer finally came up to the window while we sat still. I was very polite as I fetched the officer mine license and registration. The officer informed me that I was going 30 kms per hour over the speed limit.

I couldn't believe I was going that fast. The officer moved his flashlight into the back seat and looked at Rohan, who appeared suspicious. Then he looked over at Shree before turning back towards his car to write a ticket for fine.

Just then, Shree thought it would be funny to oink like a pig.

"Shut up man!" I said while Rohan laughed. That didn't go unnoticed by the officer, as he quickly turned around and poked his head into the window.

"So you think you're pretty funny, huh?" the officer said with a furious look on his face. "The three of you need to step outside the vehicle right now."

I was terrified. I never had any altercations with police officers. We stepped out of the car. We didn't realize that another officer qualis passing by had stopped behind the earlier one.

"Keep an eye on these boys, I'm going to take a look inside this vehicle," the officer said to the other officer who had gotten out of the car and approached us.

I wasn?t concerned about the officer searching mine mom's car, but Rohan sure was. It only took thirty seconds before the officer had reached under the driver's seat and pulled out the plastic bag Rohan had discarded. I couldn't believe his eyes as it appeared to be a bag of illegal drugs i.e. ganja.

"Well, well, well," the officer said. "Look at what we have here; some ganja."

I looked over at Rohan and Shree. Rohan just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sorry, dude."
I couldn?t believe mine buddy stuffed drugs in his mom's car.

The officer immediately pulled out his handcuffs and approached me. He grabbed me by the arms and led me over to the back of the vehicle where he cuffed me.

"It's not mine officer!" I pleaded. The officer turned towards Shree and Rohan and asked them if it was theirs. The two boys shook their heads and said, "No sir."

The officer turned back towards me and led me over to the police car.

"Since you were operating that vehicle, even if it's your mom's car, the drugs are considered in your possession under that state's law. Those two boys didn't have possession and they don't claim it as theirs, so it's considered yours unless they confess up otherwise," the officer said.

I was in tears and couldn't believe mine friends didn't take ownership. The officer stuffed me into the back seat of the police car and instructed the other officer to escort to two other boys to a nearby public phone so that they could make arrangements for a ride home. The officer also dispatched a tow truck to take mine mom?s car.


I stood in a jail cell looking at the phone, dreading to pick it up to make mine one phone call allowed. I had spent the last couple hours getting booked into a jail in the middle of nowhere, about an hour from his house. Fortunately the jail wasn't very crowded and I had a cell to myself. Reluctantly I picked up the phone and dialed mine mom's number, hoping the sleeping pills had worn off by now.

"Mom," I said tentatively into the phone.

"Hi honey, is everything ok?" mom said, realizing it was close to his curfew time.
Renu didn't actually drink any more of the iced tea that I spiked, so mom was awake and alert.

I hesitated for a few moments, and then in a shaky voice proceeded to tell his mom I was in jail.


It was several hours into the early morning when I was finally released from jail. I sulked out into the lobby where I saw mine mom glaring at me. It was obvious mom had been crying and flustered.

I expected mine mom to chew me out, but instead mom embraced me with a big hug. I looked so distraught that mom felt horrible for me, even though mom was indeed angry. The hug didn't last long enough for me. As soon as mom pulled away, mom started scolding me.

"I can't believe you would lie to your mommy like that!" mom said as we walked to the car.

"I'm sorry mom," I pleaded. "I swear they weren't my drugs, and I swear I had no idea Rohan had it with me. I've never done any illegal drugs in my life."

"I tried to warn you that if you hang out with these kinds of trouble-makers you are going to end up in jail like you did!"

"I know, I should have listened," I said with his head down.

As we made the long drive, mine mom scolded me a lot more. Mom explained how mom had to take a cab all the way to where her car was towed to, and mom had to leave aunty and uncle alone. Even though mom was angry, mom was relieved that her boy was safe with her now and that he understands having made the wrong decision.

Reality began to sink into Renu as mom thought about the implications of mine arrest. All of the parents in PTA would certainly hear about it. Mine college, to which mom paid a lot of money for me to go to, would be sure to expel me. That would even ruin his future getting into an IIM.

Mom began to cry as we reached our place, while I continued to apologize. Mom kept thinking about how that arrest would ruin mine future. Mom did believe me that the drugs were Rohan's, and it really showed Rohan's true colors that he didn't take ownership of it. Rohan should have been the one in the jail cell, not her son.

We finally got home and I went up to mine room to sleep. Mom went into her bed to lie down and think.

Mom got out of her bed and decided to take a shower and get cleaned up to relieve some stress before I got up. While in the shower mom thought about what mom could do. How could mom prove that the ganja that was caught was Rohan's? What if everyone thinks it's hers, since it was in her car? Should mom hire a detective or fight that in court?

Mom decided that she needed to do something about the whole episode. She thought of all the people whom we knew and who could offer some helps. But after some calls later she knew that we were in deep shit. She finally drew out some courage and decided to go to office and talk to her VP, who was very close to ACP in our area and maybe who could help us. She thought that she would do everything possible and help me even if it meant spending some ?quality time? with an old rag. She started to get dressed for the occasion thinking that the dress might ease her way out to get the help required.

She went in her room and started changing while I was peeping through the gap in the door.
Ooh la la! ??.What she wore was beauty from all angles. She had a lace & chiffon rosette bra & thong set which was absolutely adorable which she put on her body! The stretch lace and knit chiffon rosette trim underwire sleepwear bra and matching thong was set to surely get someone?s blood pumping who ever say in on mine mom?s body and more Mom wore a snakeskin wet look deep-v neckline corset blue in color with boning, side zipper, and ribbon lace up back which was definitely daring for a women who was on a conservative side for close to 8 months. The corset was too tight for her sizes and it was looking like her boobs would ooze out and that she was not wearing a bra. Paired with short skirt and chunky heels; sure to turn heads; she looked like a slut who was ready to get fucked.

After mom prettied herself up with makeup and jewelry, mom went and sat on her bed in deep thought. There was one more way she could do something about it: and that was if she could speak to the guilty party itself; which was in this case Rohan. If Rohan would just confess that the drugs were his, the charges on her son would be dropped and all of that could be swept under the rug, mom thought to herself. There is no proof, just mine word against his, but maybe there was some way, mom pondered.

With that, mom marched into the kitchen and pulled out the phone book. Mine mom kept all of mine friends' phone numbers in case of an emergency. Mom found Rohan cell phone number and dialed it on the cordless phone.

"Hello?" he answered.

"That is Mrs. Samyal, is That Rohan?"

"Yes, hi Mrs. Samyal, how are you doing this morning," he said with a hint of sarcasm.

"What on Earth happened last night?" mom asked, hoping for a confession.
"Umm... well," he hesitated only for a moment because he had his side of the story already figured out. He realized it would come to this, so he had a plan in mind. "Your son insisted that he come to the match with us, even though we warned him to follow your rules. On the way to the match he got pulled over for speeding. The officer searched your car and found his drugs."

"My son doesn't do drugs! He said those were yours!" Renu exclaimed.

"Sorry, but he's just trying to lay the blame on someone else," he replied smugly.

"How dare you accuse my son of being a liar," mom said angrily.

"Didn't your son tell you he was going to our college's football game with some geeks, instead of truthfully telling you he was going to the match with us? I'd say he's a liar," he said, which only made her more angry because he did have a point.

"Well that wasn't his stuff," mom said less convincingly.

"Well it wasn't his or Shree's. Maybe it's yours? It was in your car after all. You're just trying to lay the blame on me to save your own ass," he replied.
That caused mine mom to gasp.
One of mom?s big fears was that she would be accused for the drugs. Her reputation as a manager would surely be ruined.

"It certainly was not his, young man!" mom said defiantly.

"Look, I like you a lot," he said changing to a more compassionate tone. "How about instead of arguing over the phone, you come over to my house and we figure something out. There has to be some kind of story we can come up with to diffuse this whole situation. My mom is staying with her in-laws this weekend, so I'm here alone."

Even though Renu despised 26year-old boy, he had a point. She needed to come up with a solution, and arguing over the phone was not going to get anywhere. Mom just wanted the whole thing to go away as quick as possible.

"OK, fine," mom said in a defeated tone. "I'm coming over right now."

Rohan hung up his cell phone and pumped his fists in the air. He couldn't believe his luck that the MILF of his dreams was coming over out of desperation. He knew how much stock mine parents put into mine future, and he felt like he was holding the cards. He was going to try and use that to his advantage.

Renu slipped on her sandals and headed upstairs to tell me that, she had to go run a few errands. Mom definitely didn't want to alarm me that mom was going over to Rohan's to sort out that mess. Mom told me to watch over aunty and uncle, who were still sleeping. While leaving mom took over the bag which was fitted with the camera that I had installed to watch over her. Whether she did it purposely or by mistake was one thing I would never know.

Rohan's house was a short drive for Renu. He lived in a small duplex with his mom. He had older siblings not living at home, and his father was based in Dubai.

Renu knocked her little hand on the door. Rohan opened it and blatantly looked her body up and down. Mom couldn't look him in the eyes.

"My, you look ravishing," he said escorting her in. "Step inside."

He led her to his bedroom. Mom immediately noticed pictures of nude magazine models all over his walls. He also had some rather foul and vulgar posters too. His room was unkempt and had an awkward stench.

"Have a seat," he said politely, pointing mom to a faded-orange sofa in his room, opposite of the bed.

"Your mother allows you to have these kinds of pictures on your walls?" mom asked disgustedly, while flattening down her dress and taking a seat.

"I'm mature enough, I can do what I please," he said. "Do you like these?"

Mom ignored his question and went straight to the point.

"So what are we going to do about this mess? Arun claims the drugs are yours," mom said.
While mom was talking to him the only thing Rohan was doing was watching her.

Mom was surprised when Rohan sat down next to her on the couch and put his arm up behind her. She wanted to say a lot of things to him but she couldn?t because she wanted some help from that guy to bail me out.
So mom scooted as far over as mom could; while crossing her legs away from him.

"As the facts stand, they're his drugs. They're not mine," he said. "But I'm willing to take the fall because Arun has such a bright future, and getting kicked out of our college would be disastrous for your family."

Renu was shocked. That is exactly what mom wanted ? Rohan to confess.

Maybe due to a bit of surprise mom didn?t notice that he was rubbing her back and accidentally she opened her legs a bit and her creamy thighs went on display.

"Well... wow... I must say that I appreciate it. But aren't you concerned about getting kicked out of college?"

"I'm close to graduating, and my uncle is the dean," he said eyeing the MILF's legs that were exposed. "How the hell else do you think I got into that college in the first place? I have connections, and I can use them to my advantage."

Renu did indeed remember hearing that his uncle was Mr. Chopra. "So... you are going to confess that they are your drugs? I have the officer's phone number if you want to call right now and tell him you are coming down there."

"I can do that, but it's going to cost you," he said reaching down with his hand and placing it on her thigh, right at the bottom of her dress, which was riding several inches up above her knees.

"Cost me what?" mom asked while pushing his hand off her thigh.

"C'mon Mrs. Samyal, you don't really expect me to take the heat for that without getting anything in return?"

"What do you want in return?" mom asked naively.

"How about you start by taking your dress off?" He gave her a sly grin and reached his hand over to the zipper on the back of her dress. He began to tug it down.

"You pig!" mom exclaimed standing up, resisting the urge to slap him. "How dare you speak to me like that?"

Rohan let out a laugh. "Look Mrs. Samyal, I'm willing to keep this conversation between us, and whatever happens will be our secret."

"Nothing is going to happen!" mom said glaring at him while he remained seated.

"I thought we could talk like adults and work something out, but since you are choosing to be immature I will just have to get the officers involved. I'm sure we can prove that Arun is innocent."
Mom turned around and headed for the door. Mom didn't realize Rohan had unzipped her dress halfway down her back exposing her bra strap.

"Stop," he said. Mom paused at the door and turned around to face him, clearly upset as he continued.

"You're being too emotional. You need to stop and think what's at stake here. I'm not out to hurt you, so take a deep breath and come sit back down so we can talk. I don't think your realize the PR nightmare your son and family are going to have to deal with."

"Ok fine," mom said taking a deep breath and walking back towards the couch to sit down.
"I will stay here and talk to you, but don't think I'm going to do anything of the sexual nature."

Mom sat down and again crossed her legs away from him. Mom sat as far away from him on the couch as possible, but he scooted towards her anyways. Mom was so disgusted by him that mom couldn't look him in the eyes. While mom looked to the opposite side of the room, mom noticed several old pictures of hers. They were spilled out on the nightstand next to his bed. Then mom looked up and saw above the nightstand actual pictures of her cut out and taped to the wall. Most of the pictures were from a goa trip in which was wearing a bikini.

"Mrs. Samyal, you have to remember that my uncle is the dean. Arun will surely be expelled for that. His dream is to go to an IIM college. You can kiss that goodbye.

"You are such an asshole," mom said sadly. "I can't believe you would take pleasure in seeing Arun's future ruined."

"I don't take pleasure in it," he said scooting even closer to her. He put his arm up behind her on the couch and put his other hand back on her thigh. That time he moved his hand up a few inches under the hem of her dress. "That's why I'm giving you the opportunity to make it all go away."

"Don't touch me," mom scolded while quickly removing his hand, but mom didn't get up this time.

"I have been in love with you ever since I laid eyes on you, and I want to make love to you so bad," he said. "Just think, this whole nightmare can go away painlessly, and nobody would ever know what happened."

"In your dreams. Those pictures next to your bed are the closest you will ever get to me," mom said looking away from him.

Mom was trying to think of a way mom could repay him, but her mind was drawing blanks. The teenager being so close to her on the couch was flustering her and mom couldn't think straight. Surprisingly mom was a bit flattered that he hung up her pictures, considering all of the other sexy women he had posted to his walls.

"Don't think that you can prove they are my drugs, because they're not, and by the time you get lawyers involved the damage will already be done to your reputation," he said in a convincing tone.
Rohan reached his hand back down, this time lightly pulling the hem of her dress up her thigh.
His other hand moved back to the zipper and tugged it down further. "And your son's reputation will be tarnished. Isn't he involved with a lot of charities? What about your society? I'm sure they would not be happy that you and your son are druggies."

Mom started to shed tears and instead of pushing his hand off her leg this time, mom put her hands up to her face to sob. Rohan pulled the dress up all the way to her panties, so that he could look down at the prize between her succulent thighs. Once he got the zipper all of the way down the back of her dress, he brought his hand down to his pants and opened it. His cock was so unbelievably hard that he had to get it out of his pants before it hurt him.
Though I had heard from girls that Rohan had a good size this was the very first time I was seeing the great monster myself.

"I can pay you money," Mom said between her sobs, coming to grips with the current predicament. "I just want this to go away right now. Please, just turn yourself in."

Rohan took her pleading as a victory and he knew he had her exactly where he hoped to have her.

"I don't want your money," he said.

"I have enough of that myself. I already told you I want your dress on the floor."

"Oh fuck!" Rohan said as he got first look at the mother's tits he has jerked off about hundreds of times.
Her pink nipples were considerably larger than he expected; the areolas the size of poker chips. Her tan lines caused a stark contrast between her sun-tanned body and her milky-white breasts, capped by beautiful pink nipples that perked up. There was only a hint of sag, and Rohan certainly could tell that these puppies were real.

Renu knew she put a lot of hard work into maintaining her body, so the result was a strong comfort level with it. Growing up, girls were always incredibly jealous of her hot body and large breasts, so mom always felt good looking at her nude form in the mirror. Now, mom naturally had a confident stance as mom posed in front of that perverted teenager, and in the back of her mind mom hoped he liked what he saw. Renu kept telling herself not to think about what she was doing, and any negative thought that crossed her mind, mom reminded herself that mom was helping her son's future.

"Very nice," he barely said with his eyes as wide as saucers. His eyes trailed down her body from her breasts down to her panties. Mom noticed where he was now looking, so mom figured what was coming next.

"You know what's next," he said nodding towards her crotch. Mom hoped it wouldn't have come to this, but mom knew he wouldn't stop without getting her completely naked. Mom again told herself mom was doing this for her family and tried to put it behind her mind.

Mom slowly slided her skirt to the floor. Next Renu hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and plumed them down her thighs. Her reddish bush was now exposed, and it appeared to be only lightly trimmed. He didn't expect anything less from the hot MILF.

Her panties hit the floor and mom stepped out of them. Mom now stood naked a couple of feet in front of the perverted guy, wearing only earrings, a necklace, and her diamond wedding ring.

"Come over here and have a seat," he said scooting over and patting the cushion next to him. Mom sat down and couldn't help but look at Rohan?s cock that he was stroking. His pants were down around his ankles. Rohan was surprised how comfortable mom was with her naked form. Mom was a natural beauty, he thought.

He reached his hand up and cupped her cheek, pulling her face towards him as he moved in to kiss her. Mom was not enthusiastic, but mom didn't resist as he lewdly stuck his tongue in her mouth. They smacked lips together and their tongues intertwined. Renu figured she should just try to get this over as quick as possible, so mom kissed him back.

"Mmmpphh," Rohan moaned into her mouth as he made out with the hot MILF. He reached down with both hands and started to fondle her big tits, which caused her to lie back on the couch. He was not being gentle, instead aggressively kneading her breasts and pulling on her nipples. He continued to attack her mouth with his tongue.

Before long, Rohan had moved his lips from her mouth to one of her nipples. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and filled it with her breast. He sucked on it greedily while his other hand fondled her other breast.

He released a breast from his mouth while it made a plopping sound, so that he could flick her big nipple with his tongue. He then moved to her other breast and did the same thing, before sucking on it again. He sucked and licked them for several minutes.
"Oh god," he exclaimed pulling away from her. "I'm so hard I can't take it anymore."

He stood up in front of her while mom sat naked on the couch looking up at him. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it across the room, and then he stepped out of his pants and underwear that were down around his ankles, so that he was now naked too.

"Come here," he said standing straight in front of her with his hard cock pointed right at her. Mom knew that he had a bigger penis than most she had by just looking at it.

Renu started to get up off the couch, but Rohan put his hands down and grabbed the back of her head causing her to sit back down. He didn't hesitate to guide her face to his throbbing prick.

Realizing what he wanted, mom quickly turned her head away, and his cock missed her mouth, instead stabbing her in the cheek. Although mom had her eyes closed and her faced turned away, mom remained seated right in front of him and allowed him to hold her head.

Rohan grabbed on to the base of his prick while his other hand continued to hold her head. That allowed him to rub his dick along her cheek. The sensation was incredible as he rubbed all over the soft skin of her face.

"Oh fuck, Mrs. Samyal, that feels good," he said still rubbing his cock on her cheek.

"You're a pig!" mom sneered, but mom still didn't resist. He then rubbed the tip of his cock over her closed eyelids. Renu kept her eyes closed and tried not to think about what was happening. It was hard because he now put his balls up to her nose and mouth, slapping his dick on her forehead. The sweaty smell caused her to gasp and pull back.

Rohan's cum was boiling and ready to explode, so he aimed his cock towards her mouth and pulled her head towards him. He pressed the tip to her closed lips. Mom opened her eyes and gave him a pleading look to stop, but he just grinned at her and rubbed his cock-head along her lips.

"C'mon Mrs. Samyal, suck my cock, and then I will turn myself in," he said. Tears formed in her eyes as mom realized the adultery mom was about to commit.

To his surprise, mom reached up with both hands and took hold of his pole. Mom opened her mouth and moved her head forward. The hot mom didn't wait to start sucking on her son's friend's cock, hoping to get it over as soon as possible.

"Ohhh, fuck," Rohan groaned as the woman of his dreams started sucking him off. He took his hand off her head and sidelined her long hairs behind her ears so that he could witness her submission. Mom bobbed back and forth on his shaft while her small hands remained on the base of it. The diamond rock on her wedding band sparkled as mom held a cock that didn't belong to someone it should.

Renu rarely gave her client?s blow jobs, but mom certainly knew how to do it. Even though mom was repulsed by sucking the teen's cock, mom blew me as mom would her client?s because mom didn't know how to do it otherwise. Mom just tried to think about something else as mom committed the adultery.

Rohan had been so close to cumming before he had his cock in the MILF's mouth that it was no surprise he didn't last long. Just as Renu was getting into a deep rhythm, taking as much into her mouth as mom could, he grabbed the back of her head and let his cock explode in her mouth, forcing her to swallow.

"Ahhhggggghhhh," he groaned as the explosion began. Renu opened her eyes as mom felt cum shoot into the back of her throat. Mom had never swallowed before in her life until now.

"OOOhhhhh... God... shit..." the young man moaned as he emptied his balls into the hot mom's mouth. Squirt after squirt fired into her throat as mom swallowed for dear life. The sensation was the greatest thing she had ever experienced.

"Oh yeah, take all that shit," he moaned. The cock explosion was almost over when Renu finally gagged. He let go of her head and allowed her to remove his prick from her mouth. Mom gagged again and coughed, looking down at the floor. The last of his semen squirted onto her face until he was all out.

"Aaaahhhh... that was fucking amazing," he said, reaching down to pick up mom?s panties so that he could wipe his cock off. Renu sat back on the couch and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Mom then grabbed the panties from him and wiped her messy face.
"You tell anybody about that and I will kill you if my son hasn't already!" mom snapped at me.

"I told you, this is our secret," he said taking a seat next to her, both still naked. Mom was relieved to hear him say that he would keep it under wraps, considering how much of a monster he was.

Renu started to get up until Rohan pulled her naked body into his lap.

"Let me go!" mom whimpered, trying to get up.

"You're not done just yet," he said hooking his arm around her waist. His other hand reached up and fondled her shaking breasts. Mom felt his semi-hard cock digging into her butt cheek as he held her in his lap.

"You said it would be done after the blowjob!" mom exclaimed trying to fight him off. Her wiggling body fighting him only turned him on more. He reached up with both hands and grabbed both of her big tits.

"Not after I repay the favor," he said removing her from his lap and pushing her down until mom was on her back on the couch, her tits shaking back and forth as he did. Rohan immediately pinned her down.

"You have no choice," he said. "If you fight me, I won't turn myself in, and that blowjob you gave me would be worthless to you. If you just relax, it will go by fast and painless, and you might actually enjoy it."

"I would never enjoy this in a million years!" mom said, but ended up relaxing like he suggested. He moved in between her legs and looked at the married pussy ripe for his taking. The kashmiri bush that covered her succulent cunt matched her long black hair currently sprawled on the couch cushions.

He put both of his arms under her calves and pulled her legs up over his shoulders as he turned and kneeled down. Once he got into a comfortable position between her thighs, he moved his face towards her snatch and took a big whiff. Renu put her hands over her eyes and whimpered, trying to fight back tears.

"Just relax, Mrs. Samyal," he said enjoying the scent, and then he placed a sloppy kiss on her warm pussy lips.

"Ahhhhh...." mom screamed and bucked her hips violently that almost threw Rohan off the couch. Rohan pinned her down and determinedly continued with his erotic game of teasing her clitoris with his tongue. Out of pure ecstasy, she raised herself partially from her supine position, grabbed Rohan's hair with both her hands and pushed his face deeper into her pussy.

"Uggghhh," mom moaned as the sensation shook her body. Mom always loved oral sex from her client?s, and mom tried to imagine it was me between her legs, not her son's friend. He began French-kissing her vagina.

"Ooohhmmmm," mom whimpered rolling her head side to side as he tongued her pussy. Rohan noticed mom immediately was becoming lubricated from the sensations, and he noticed a different tension in her legs.

It didn't take long for Rohan to get hard again. He couldn't believe he was eating the pussy of his buddy's hot mother. The excitement fueled an effort he had never experienced as his tongue fucked her sex pot. He swirled his tongue, licked up and down, and sucked on her clit methodically.

Renu continued to moan and whimper, and her hips started to involuntarily wiggle. Mom removed her hands from her face and grabbed the fabric on the couch. Mom closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

"Ooooohhhhh, mmmmmm, ohhhhhh, aaahhhhh," mom moaned. At That point Rohan had moved his fingers to join his mouth's assault on the treasure many of men only dreamed about. His tongue was moving at a remarkable pace, covering the bottom of her cunt, the depths of her vagina, all the way up to her clitoris. Mom was now becoming soaking wet and her legs began to shake.

"Ooohhhh! Ohhhh myyy! Ohhhhh," mom moaned uncontrollably. Mom couldn't believe her body and mind had instantly betrayed her. Any disturbing thought that crossed her mind mom moved to the side and told herself to relax and enjoy what was happening because mom had no choice. That was for her son's future, and mom would do anything for me.

"Aaahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh," mom continued, really starting to get into the tongue-fucking. Rohan loved how her legs were shaking on his shoulders. Her soft, smooth thighs squeezed his cheeks. He was enjoying the sensations so much that his cock was throbbing again.

Suddenly Rohan pulled back. That startled Renu and mom picked her head up to look down at him. Mom shocked herself by feeling disappointed he stopped. He took her sexy legs off his shoulders as he got up off his knees.

Before mom realized what he was up to, Rohan moved her legs back towards her head and spread them
. Mom started to ask what the hell he was doing when he thrust his throbbing prick into her wet pussy.

"OOOOHHHHH!!!" mom moaned loudly as he filled her up.

"Fuck," he groaned as his cock slid up into her. Her vagina enveloped his cock. The sensation was unreal for him. He kept it in her for several seconds, and then he pulled out slowly. Again he slid his cock back into her. Slowly and methodically he fucked the hot MILF while her arms flailed helplessly behind her head on the couch and her legs hovered up above her.

Rohan still held her ankles as he pumped her wet pussy. Mom moaned and squealed as he penetrated her womb as deep as he could. Renu didn't know what had come over her, but that monster was actually pleasuring her. I was always gentle when making love, but mom had to admit mom liked it rough right now.

"Oohh... oohh... oohh... oohh... oohh... oohh... mmph... mmph... mmph," mom moaned. Rohan started to pump her faster and faster. The sound of his cock thrusting into her filled the room with slurping sounds. Her tits were now wobbling on her chest, while mom moaned with uncontrollable lust.

Since Rohan already came once, his stamina was much stronger That time around. He looked down at her face and noticed her eyes were looking down at his cock pumping her pussy. Mom was moaning and appeared to be enjoying herself. He couldn't believe his luck.

Mom was closed to having an orgasm, but the way Rohan was pushing on her ankles was making the experience more uncomfortable.

"Rohan, wait!" mom yelped pushing her legs away from me. In a daze, he stopped thrusting and let go of her ankles, unsure of what mom wanted. His cock slipped out of her pussy.

"Rohan, you're hurting my legs," mom whimpered. "Let's go to your bed."

Mom got up and wiped the beads of sweat off her forehead. He watched his friend's mom's mature ass cheeks jiggle as mom climbed on to his bed. His cock was throbbing as he watched her sexy body, and he grinned knowing he had her under complete control.

"Take me from behind," mom moaned, getting on all fours, sticking her ass out towards him on the side of the bed. Mom could feel the orgasm about to erupt insider of her, and mom knew sex doggie-style always made her cum the quickest and the hardest. He swiftly moved over and grabbed on to her hips, standing on the floor against the edge of the bed.

Mom turned her head and looked at him impatiently as if to tell him to hurry up. Rohan was taking his dear time inspecting her succulent ass pointed at him. He moved his hands from her hips and rubbed her ass cheeks, kneading us as if they were dough. He pulled her cheeks apart so he could look at her puckered little anus.

He started rubbing his cock on her ass cheeks.

"Ohhh Rohan, just fuck me!" mom moaned moving her hand back behind her to grab his cock. Mom pulled his cock towards her opening and lined it up. Rohan was on cloud-nine as he heard the MILF begging him to fuck her. Her juices were already running down her thighs.

He smacked her ass, causing her to gasp and look back at him disgustedly. Watching her ass cheek ripple was almost enough to make me cum on the spot. He smacked her again.
"Owwe," mom whined.

Rohan then grabbed her hips and plunged his cock into her slippery pussy.

"Ohhhhh!" mom moaned, quickly forgetting the pain from the spanking. Rohan was slow and methodical when he fucked the bitch on his couch, but this time he was going to fuck her with force and try to bring out the wild in her. He now humped her with a much faster pace, and to his surprise mom loved it rough.

"Ugghh, Ugghh, Ugghh, Ugghh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh," mom moaned as he slid his cock at a fast, steady pace inside of her. He was pulling her hips back with each thrust, and his balls were slapping her.

"Aaahhh shit, oh yeah," Rohan groaned as he pumped away. "You've got a nice pussy Mrs. Samyal."

Mom ignored his comment and continued to moan. Mom was now rocking her hips back into him, without the help of his hands. The hot MILF was getting close to an orgasm.

"Such a good mom you are..." Rohan continued, loud enough so that mom could hear through her moans. "Fucking your son's friend to help your family out."

Mom tried to ignore his demeaning comments, instead focusing on her pending orgasm.

"That's right, tell me what a good mom you are," he said smiling and continuing to pound her pussy from behind. Her tits were shaking back and forth as mom moved her hips back to meet his thrusts. Again, mom ignored his comments.

"C'mon Mrs. Samyal, tell me you're a good mother," he said smacking her ass while continuing to pump her with cock.

"Ohh, oohhh, ohhh, yes, I'm, I'm, a good, mother, uggh, uggh."


"Do you like sucking your son's friend's cock in order to be a good mother?"


"uuuhhh, uhhhh, ooohhh, yes, yes, uunggh"

"Do you love fucking your son's friend in order to be a good mother?"

"ohhhh, ooooohh, uuuunghhh, uuuunghh," mom continued to moan on the brink of an orgasm as he pounded into her at a furious pace and smacked her ass.


"I didn't hear you," he said with a grin.
"You whore..." he growled as he madly pounded away at her pussy. His verbal abuses were arousing her even more.


"oohhh, yess, uuugghhh, yes you bastard, ugggh, ooohhh!"

"Yes what?" he continued, spanking her once again.

"Yes! I love fucking you! Uggh, oohhh, oohh, you piece of shit, fuck me! Fuck me harder!" mom screamed, now completely overwhelmed by lust. Mom reached back and grabbed his hand, pulling it around her hip and guiding his fingers to her clit.

"That's right, tell me you love it," he said fingering her clit while his cock plunged right below it. His other hand reached up and took hold of one of her wobbling big tits.


Renu finally had the orgasm she was working towards. Her body shook as if mom was having a seizure and mom bellowed so loud that neighbors could probably hear her. Rohan continued to pound her pussy with his cock and massage her clit with his fingers.


Her juices exploded around his cock and her hips were rocking wildly. The sensations were just too much for Rohan and he had no choice but to cum with her.

"UUnnghh, shit!" he groaned he shot his load into her married pussy. Both continued to fuck like animals as they came together. He was grunting as his cock kept firing gobs of cum into her. Her groin muscles clamped around his prick as mom felt the tingling sensation of his semen shooting into her womb.

"OOOOOHHHH!!! YEEESSS!!! OHHHH YESSSS!!! OHHHHH YESSSS!!! OHHH YESSS!!!!" mom screamed, as if mom were possessed. Her pussy stopped convulsing just as he was done shooting another huge load into her. He had taken his hand off her clit and collapsed on her back as he fired whatever he had left in his tank. He held on to both of her tits now and moved his mouth down to her neck where he kissed and licked.

"OOhhhh, mmmmmppphh, mmmmppphhh," mom moaned as her orgasm subdued. Her body couldn't hold up and mom fell over on her side, bringing him down to the bed with her. His cock remained in her pussy. He was able to shot his last gob of semen into her before they both could take no more physical exertion.

"Holy shit that was amazing," Rohan said out of breath as he lay behind her on the bed. His hands were still around her gripping her big tits while his cock deflated inside her vagina.

"Mmm hmm," mom moaned in agreement. Mom was repulsed what the boy made her do, but mom couldn't deny the mind-blowing orgasm mom just experienced. Mom hadn't experience a thrill like that in years.

They lay motionless on the bed for several minutes as they caught their breath. Rohan?s cock was still in her pussy and he still toyed with her tits while kissing her neck. He simply couldn't believe how lucky he was to have just fucked the hottest MILF he's ever seen.

Renu drove Rohan all the way back to the police station mom had just picked her son up from. As promised, he confessed to the ganja possession and the charges were dropped against me. Renu was so relieved about the dropped charges that mom went ahead and bailed Rohan out, even though mom wanted the asshole to spend time in the cell. When mom dropped him off at his house, he tried to coax her inside for sex, but mom slapped him and said that if he ever said a word about what happened mom would kill him.

Mom got home and immediately let her me know the news. I was so happy, but was very puzzled that how mine mom was able to get Rohan to confess. Not once did it occur to me that mom had to spread her legs to make it happen.

Fortunately for me, the college never found out about the incident and mine record remained impeccable. I was later accepted in IIM, Indore, just as I'd dreamed of.

I never asked how mine mom was able to get Rohan to turn himself in, but I still pondered it even to this day. Renu never brought up the incident again. It was as if it never happened as far as mom was concerned.

As for Rohan and Shree, mine friendship with them had ended that night, but the memories of mine mom will last forever.

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I am having a very difficult time believing this to be a series of true stories, I started reading them yesterday and did in fact read through to series #4 and honestly skipped a few as they all seem to be the same basic story just with a few twists and turns to make the stories seem to be different I have waited until now to actually make a vote as to positive or a negative as now I have come to the belief that these stories are actually a set of fantasy / fictional with most like some vague basis of truth but mostly fantasy - I will leave this to others to make their own discovery and decisions but my vote now is definitely negative and I firmly believe this to be a work of fictional fantasy

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