This story starts when me and mine mom ?Renu? came back to US from India after a period of 2 years. Here I joined a MNC from mine country and was posted at Houston. It was a city full of with many Indians also staying in. I took mom along with me since I didn?t want her to live alone and it was also for the fact that I loved banging her again and again. She was like old wine; getting better with each fuck. Being an India friendly city it was not hard for mom and me to get clients and were having a good life till this incident "different" occurred.

Vaibhav who was the son of mine mom?s sister and was 18 yrs old came to live with us. His mom had literally begged Renu to take him along as the family though that he was deep into drugs and stuff. They had also secured him admission in a senior high school in the city and payed all the fees. They had requested me and mom to keep an eye on his progress and his daily where about activities so that he didn?t fall into bad company again.
Mom told me to look after him and take him out for the first few months that he was with us. Soon I started learning more and more about him. Vaibhav was not a bad guy and had nearly zero bad habits. He was not much into girls; leave along the drugs angle. Slowly we became friends and he started confiding things with me. One day he told me that he liked old women in particular and that he was not much interested in girls of his own age. I took this with a pinch of salt since I knew the hottest MILF on the planet alive was mine mom-Renu.

Soon he became friends with mom and they started chatting late nights about almost all topics. I was not much interested since I knew that mom was smart and would? do anything silly with her blood line relative. Soon exam came up for Vaibhav but as expected he didn?t perform well. Everyone in the family had their own reason to it. But I and mom thought that it was maybe due to a new environment and we thought that he would take some time adjusting in. But the matter of fact which was worrying him us was that he had become more of a recluse after the results and wouldn?t go out with his friends and even me. Me and Renu discussed this topic one night and came to the decision that maybe mom should take him out for some shopping purpose so that things got get back to normal. It was decided that she would speak to him the next day itself about the whole episode.
Renu had a talk with Vaibhav the next very day and somehow the guy reluctantly agreed. Mom told him to go to his room and change up so that they can drive down to a nearby mall.

After a few minutes he came down wearing a tee and jeans. Mom also dressed up to go out.

I was starting to believe that something might happen today and so while mom was getting reading I replaced her bag with a replica which had camera at both ends and which was wirelessly connected to mine N series mobile. Mom didn?t know about this thing till now.

"Let's go, honey," mine mom commanded.

?Ok? He said.

Mom drove her Audi for a while before they reached Carson Mall which was a closed shopping center and was touted as a place where only rich came since it had an entry fee of $30; no matter if you buy anything or not.
Renu walked quickly towards the mall entrance, her ass swaying in a tight pair of jeans. She also wore a wrap around top over her jeans of blue color which provided her with the necessary coverage and support. Ashe entered there was not even an eye which didn?t look her with sex in their minds.

Vaibhav sighed and reluctantly followed mine mother. He was 18 years old and about to graduate from high school, yet Renu still treated him like a little kid. Currently she was dragging him along to the mall as a punishment for a bad grade he got on a test. She wouldn't have even found out about it if she had not been cleaning up in his room. Vaibhav could not wait to move away to college, if only to have some privacy from his family.

But for now he had to go to the mall with mine mom. It was so humiliating. What if he saw someone from school? A senior in high school, going to the mall with his aunty? He knew better than to argue with her, though. That was always a losing battle.

It was a Saturday afternoon so Vaibhav was very worried. He looked around nervously as he followed mom into one of the mall's side entrances. At least they weren't going in the front. That's where a lot of kids hung out. God, this was so embarrassing.

"Look," Vaibhav began. They were headed towards Sears at the end of the hallway. "Why don't I go look around and we can meet up later?"

Renu turned to look back at him but did not stop. The profile of her generous bosom pushed out against her wrap around top. "No. This is supposed to be a punishment, remember?" She looked forward again, smiling at her own genius. "You'll remember this next time you decide to blow off an exam."

Vaibhav grimaced. He walked slower, pretending that he wasn't with her. Although, to be honest, most people would probably think they were a couple rather than an aunty and her nephew. Mom was smoking hot for a woman of her age, yet surprisingly divorced; and a professional.?

He finally had a break from her company once they entered Sears. He convinced mine mom that he needed some new clothes, and so they went their separate ways. The break was short-lived, though. As soon as Renu saw him with a pair of pants, she dragged him over to the men's dressing rooms. He moved inside quickly, only too glad to be free of mine mother's company. After spending way too long to try on a single pair there came a knock at the door.

"C'mon Vaibhav, let me see."

Vaibhav almost punched the wall. This was going beyond just a punishment for him now. Renu always insisted on seeing stuff that he tried on. It was so annoying.
"Fine," he said.

Vaibhav opened the door to show mine mom the pants. Fortunately, there was no one else around. She stepped inside the stall, further infuriating Vaibhav. "How do they fit, honey?"

"Auntyy, come on. They fit fine. Trust me."

Of course she didn't. She lifted up his shirt and stuck her fingers into the waistband of his pants, tugging on them. They stood very close together in the cramped stall as she pulled on his waistband. The back of her fingers brushed against his underwear as she slid her hand around from his front to his side.

"Alright. Do you want those?"

Her hand was still in his pants.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." Vaibhav just wanted to get out of there.

"Ok, change back and then come meet me at the women's dressing rooms." She removed her hand and left.

Vaibhav was really getting annoyed now. He was way, way too old to be doing this. Angrily he tore off his pants and changed back, then headed over the women's section. It was more crowded over here. He looked for mine mom, didn't see her, and went to the dressing rooms. While waiting, he surveyed the store. There were a lot of hot older women around today. He was totally into older chicks. He saw one lady pushing a baby and started to think about how she would perform in bed.

Then he saw her: Jennifer, a really cute girl from his senior class. And with her was Prachi, Lincy, Linda... holy crap! Here came a crowd of six girls, all of whom he recognized from school. If they saw him here with his aunty, it would probably be the most embarrassing moment of his life. Having no other choice, he ducked into the dressing room hallway. Unfortunately, the hallway extended straight from the entrance, so just standing outside the stalls he could still be seen from out in the store.

Now he was in a potentially worse predicament: being spotted hanging around in the women's dressing room.

Vaibhav desperately looked around, but all four of the stall doors were closed. Feeling like a total pervert, he tried to look inside to find the one with his aunty. But the stalls were totally sealed off, allowing no view inside from any angle. In fact, each one appeared to be a room by itself. He took a total gamble and knocked on one of the doors at the back. "Aunty?" he whispered.

Mom opened the door just as Prachi came into view out in the store. Vaibhav pushed his way into his auntie?s stall and shut the door behind him, his heart racing.

?Man that was close?. He said.

He then noticed his surroundings. They were in a pretty large area, which was a totally private separate room. It was the benefit of coming into such a big mall because it provided a private changing room to almost every customer coming in. One side was filled with a full wall mirror, the opposite a leather couch. In the center stood mine mom looking pretty surprised. Thankfully she was fully clothed, she was wearing a versatile shirred tunic dress, which I think was among club wear! It featured a deep v-neck, v-back, billowed 3/4 length sleeves, and a roughed "scrunch" side for a figure-flattering look.

Renu?s jeans and top lay on the couch along with a few other things she had picked up.

Vaibhav smiled. "Uh, I felt bad about how I've been acting. So, um, I know you're always trying to make me give an opinion about stuff you buy... So, here I am."

Mom tried to give him a hard glare, but there was humor in her eyes. "Mhmm. And I'm sure it had nothing to do with those girls from school out there?"

"Oh, well... maybe."

"Uh huh. Well, now you are indeed stuck helping me." Mom gestured to the couch. "Have a seat, fashion boy. I've got plenty of stuff to try on."

Vaibhav grudgingly obeyed. At least in here no one would see them. He pushed mine mom?s stuff out of the way and sat on the couch, facing the mirror on the opposite wall. Mom posed in front of the mirror, showing off her shapely curves in Scrunch Side Tunic. After a few moments she looked over at him.

"Well, how does it look?"

"Um, it looks good, aunty." In fact he could not be less interested. She frowned.

"Vaibhav, either really help me or I'll go have you introduce me to your classmates."

Vaibhav gasped. "Aunty! You wouldn't."

Mom giggled. "Do you care to find out? Now shut your eyes while I change."

Vaibhav closed his eyes and covered them with his hand just to make sure. The last thing he needed was to be seeing his aunty undress. After a little while Renu told him he could open them. Renu was now wearing a loose double ruffle green skirt that stopped just above her knees, and a much-too-small tank top showing her lining. Her breasts were bursting out of the top, exposing large masses of cleavage and a solid white bra. The expression on Vaibhav's face made her look down.

"What? Oh, I guess it is too small. Just wishful thinking, I guess."
Vaibhav stared openly as mom wistfully adjusted the top. He felt a stirring in his crotch, something he had never felt before when looking at mine mom. Wait, no, that wasn't exactly right. Once when he was 12 he saw her getting undressed in her bedroom. That had been an accident, but the masturbation session that night had not been. It had been exquisite thinking about mine mom while touching him. Now, six years later, he was feeling the same lust towards his aunty. He was totally disgusted with himself.

Renu took no notice of his staring. She was busy spinning and watching herself in the mirror as the skirt lifted up and billowed back down with each spin. On the last one, she spun fast enough to briefly show the ass of her white cotton panties. Vaibhav tore his eyes away, but the image remained. His cock grew despite his best efforts to resist.

"Alright honey, hand me that top." Vaibhav picked out the one she wanted and handed it to her.

It was a pinkish stretch fishnet cami with inner bandeau. This sexy top featured comfy stay put spaghetti straps, double stitched bandeau that adds coverage and lift and laser cut overlay for the curves of the women.

"Ok, eyes shut."

Vaibhav closed his eyes, again covering them with his hand. And he knew it was inevitable now. No matter how much he tried, he would not be able to resist peeping at mine mom. He opened the tiniest of gaps between his fingers and peered through.

Mom had just finished taking the tank top off. In the mirror Vaibhav could see her generous breasts heaving and pressing against her white bra. She lifted her arms up as she pulled the shirt over her head, causing her breasts to rise up as well. Her back was arched and she looked absolutely incredible. Her thick black hair spilled down her backside while her chest thrust forward. Then, to his dismay, she was covered up again. Vaibhav nodded his approval after being told to look, eager to be on to the next item. It was so totally wrong, but he could not resist the temptation. The taboo made it somehow even hotter.

This time mom was changing her skirt rather than her top. Vaibhav peeped as Renu pushed the short green skirt down her hips without bending down. . It was Strut green sexy new metallic foil tulip knee skirt. This sassy skirt featured a flattering elastic waist band, layered tulip style silhouette and which came just above her knees. He managed to not gasp at what was before him. Her panties were nothing like her bra. The bra was a plain boring white number, but these panties were lacy and sexy. They barely covered her ass cheeks, almost to the point of being a thong. In the mirror, Vaibhav could see a faint dark spot between her legs through the very sheer lacy material. That must be her pubic hair, he thought. He swallowed dryly.

Then mom bent down to put on the next skirt, thrusting her ass towards Vaibhav She was so close he could have reached out and spanked her. When she lifted each leg to step into the skirt, her ass swayed and flexed. She finished putting that on and told Vaibhav to look.

He opened his eyes and acted surprised. "Hey, that looks pretty good, aunty."

"Yeah?? He could tell she enjoyed the rare compliment.
Despite how amazingly hot mom was, she rarely got compliments from family members. Maybe people were intimidated by her looks. Mom modeled the short blue skirt for him, although she refrained from spinning around with it. It was a little shorter than the green one and would surely have showed her panties. Little did she know he had already seen them.
Vaibhav's heart was beating like a hammer when he said: "Actually, I think I liked the other one better. Could you put that back on?" He just had to see those panties again.

Renu paused. She was probably wondering whether he was serious or just giving her a hard time. Seeming to making up her mind, she told him once again to close his eyes. He watched her intently between his fingers. This time instead of dropping the skirt to the ground she bent down all the way with it, pushing it slowly down her thighs and calves. Her ass was even closer to him now as she bent. He licked his lips, hungrily staring at his aunt?s exquisite bottom. She stood up, stepped over into the original green skirt, and bent again to pull it up. He was extremely disappointed when her panties were covered up.

"Ok," she told him.

He uncovered his eyes and smiled at her. "Wow, aunty, you look really hot." My God, he immediately thought.

Renu gasped and then blushed a little.

"Honey!! You shouldn't say that about your aunty." She paused to study herself in the mirror.

"But, you know, I do agree with you." She did a quick spin, fully revealing her long slender thighs and sexy panties for a couple seconds, which was momentarily forgotten. "Mhmm. Ok, next. Hand me that dress."

Vaibhav did as mom requested. This time he was given a real treat. First she dropped the skirt, and then she pulled off her top as well. Now she was almost fully nude, wearing just a small, thin pair of panties and a tight bra. His eyes totally ate up the image. Mom?s nipples could clearly be seen poking through the fabric of her bra, and her pubic hair was as visible as ever. He had an enormous erection now from watching mine mom continually dress and undress. Sadly, she pulled on the dress before his eyes could gobble up any more. This hot little number featured a tank style silhouette with zip back closure and waist embracing bodice. Durably made from chic wet look poly Lycra blend with red color. He watched her reach for the zipper, give it a brief try and then quickly give up. She turned to look at him and he almost made the mistake of uncovering his eyes before she said it was ok.

"Ok," she said.

He opened his eyes. "I need you to zip me up please, honey."

Mom stepped back towards him, standing between his legs with her back to him. Vaibhav leaned forward, reveling in the opportunity to touch his aunty. He was beyond reason right now. All he cared about was pushing the envelope with mine mom. Eagerly he grabbed the zipper. It was about halfway down her ass. He gazed up the length of the opening, his eyes lingering at her bra strap. Somehow this was sexier than seeing her naked. Licking his lips, he refocused his attention and tugged up on the zipper. It didn't move. He tried again and it still did not move. His aunt?s ass swayed as he pulled up with force on the zipper. Nothing.

"It's stuck, aunty."

She scoffed. "You're a big strong boy, Vaibhav. Try harder."

Vaibhav nodded at mom in the mirror and gently rested his hand on mine mom's hip. Using that for leverage, he tugged up as hard as he could. The zipper moved, but only barely. Encouraged, Vaibhav braced mine mom by squeezing her hip and pulling up even harder. He made the mistake of pulling more towards him than up, however, and his aunty came tumbling back against him. Thankfully, she landed on his thigh, avoiding his enormous erection. Mom sat there straddling his thigh and knee, her warm crotch pushing down against her nephew's flesh, giggling.

?Can you manage it?? She asked.

?Off course? came the reply.

Vaibhav rested his hands on her hips. His aunt?s soft body felt wonderful in his hands and against his leg.

"Great, honey. If you break that you're going to have to pay for it." She giggled in spite of herself.

"But I guess it's already broken." Her ass was grinding against his upper thigh, only inches from his huge hard-on. If she felt that it would be a disaster. He pushed her up off his thigh, maybe a little too hard. She turned to him and made a face. "Gee, honey, thanks for the help up."

Vaibhav smiled weakly. This was getting to be too much. He had to get out of here before he did something he would regret. Unfortunately, his aunty still had several articles of clothing left, and his erection would make walking pretty tough as well. He was stuck. He would just have to tough it out.

Next was a pair of khakis. Renu had just changed out of that dress and had no other tops to try on, so she was just in the bra and pants when she told him to look. He swallowed and told her she looked good.

"Hmm." She studied herself. "I don't know, this waist seems a little tight." These are called as shirred caterpillar pants honey and these straddle the line between trendy and rocker glam. A versatile pant that can be dressy or edgy. She said.

Indeed, the pants were extremely tight. They left nothing to the imagination and all of her lower curves were on display. "What do you think, honey?" She moved closed, took Vaibhav's hand and guided it to her waist. She was standing between his legs once again. Her large breasts and smooth sexy tummy were only inches from his face. He did as instructed, slipping his fingers into the waistband of her pants as she had done to him earlier. He did it directly above the zipper, causing his fingers to reach almost down to her crotch. Vaibhav tugged on his aunty's pants, pulling her a little closer to him in the process.

She looked down at him between her breasts. "Well?"

Vaibhav gently removed his hand from mine mom. "They feel pretty good to me, aunty."

Satisfied, mom stepped away. Then, without telling him to close his eyes, she took off the pants. Vaibhav stared at mine mom as she stripped down to her bra and panties once again. Apparently she was now comfortable with him being here while she changed. Continuing to act like it was no big deal; Renu placed a hand on his thigh as she leaned forward to take the next article of clothing off the couch. It was one of the teddies she liked to wear to bed. Standing directly in front of Vaibhav, she arched her back and pushed her chest and crotch forward as she pulled on the teddy. It was light blue and did not even cover her panties. It was made up of mesh and Lycra. In the mirror, Vaibhav gazed at her mostly bare ass.

Mom stood very close to Vaibhav as she modeled this piece. "Do you like it, honey?"

Her voice was a little lower now. Was he crazy, or was his aunty coming on to him?! She leaned forward, pushing her breasts toward him. Each hand was resting on one of his thighs.

Mom whispered in a husky voice: "Do I look good to you, baby?"

Just then, a loud knock startled both of them. "Shit," she exclaimed. She went over to the door. Vaibhav watched the movement of her ass as she made the few steps journey.

"Yes?" she called. Silence.

She opened the door and looked out. There was no one there. It must have just been someone in the next room banging something against the wall. Mom shut the door, lingering there for a few moments, while Vaibhav tried to figure out what had almost just happened. His gaze remained fixated on his aunty's sexy ass, which was peeking out beneath the teddy and her clinging panties.

When she turned, she briefly regarded him and then promptly undressed. Vaibhav watched while she dropped the teddy in the corner and tugged her tight jeans back on. She said nothing until she was fully clothed and back at the stall's exit.

Without looking at him she said, "Wait here. I'll be back soon." Then she was gone.

Vaibhav had a good while to think about what was happening between him and mine mom. He had a hard time concentrating with the enormous erection pulsating between his legs, though. He wanted mine mom so badly right now. The taboo was not enough to stop his hungering lust for her. Vaibhav decided he would go with whatever his aunty decided to do about it.

Renu did not return for about half an hour. Once she did, what she was carrying caused Vaibhav's jaw to drop: a large Victoria's Secret bag. She placed it on the couch and stood in front of him, looking down. "Unzip me please, honey."

Vaibhav obediently reached out to undo the button on his aunty's jeans. His fingers brushed against the smooth skin of her stomach as he worked the button. Once that was done, he gently pulled the zipper all the way down. Her pubic hair peeked through the opening in her jeans and the very thin fabric of her panties. Vaibhav swallowed dryly and looked up at mine mom.

"Thank you."

She stepped back and undressed for him. When she was just in bra and panties, she reached into the bag and pulled out a tangle of items. She paused to look at Vaibhav.

"Close your eyes, honey!" She gave him a mean face. "I won't have you peeking." Mom said.

He shut and blocked his eyes and decided he would not spy on her. He was not quite ready to see his aunty in the nude. A few moments later, she told him it was okay to look. Vaibhav opened his eyes and was totally shocked. Mine mom was facing him wearing leopard print bra and panties with black lace trim. It featured an underwire bra top with tassel trim and matching sequin panty. Both pieces were much too small for her so she was practically bursting out of them. In fact, her bra was not even fully on. It had an undone clasp in the front between her breasts, and she was holding the two halves of the bra together, looking at him with dismay.

"Vaibhav," she whined. "Help me with this clasp? I can't seem to get it."

She stepped forward and then turned around, placing her ass directly in front of his face. The panties fit snugly against her generous ass cheeks. It was the most erotic thing Vaibhav had ever seen. She looked at him in the mirror. "Honey?"

Nervously, Vaibhav stood up behind mine mom, his shaft only inches from her ass. "We should do it in front of the mirror," he managed to get out. Mine mom nodded and took the few steps to the mirror. Vaibhav took his place behind mine mom and reached his arms around, leaning forward so that his erection would not bump into her. Using the mirror as a guide, he grabbed either side of the clasp. Mom surprised him by letting go, forcing him to hold the bra firmly against her breasts so that it wouldn't move. He could feel her nipples beneath the leopard print fabric. She dropped her arms down so that his arms were now tucked underneath hers.

"See if you can get it, honey. I had some trouble."

Vaibhav tugged on mom's bra, trying to get the two ends to meet together between her breasts. It was tough because the bra was clearly too small for her. It was also difficult to see what he was doing in the mirror. He would need to look over her shoulder instead. Very carefully, Vaibhav stepped closer to his scantily clad aunty, taking great care not to touch his cock to her ass. He rested his head on her shoulder and looked down. He now had a clear view of the bra clasp, as well as each of her bulging breasts. Vaibhav pulled harder on the two halves of the bra, squeezing his aunty's breasts together. She watched quietly in the mirror. After a few tries he realized he would need a better grip on the bra.

?I think we will need some adjustments?. Mom said.

Vaibhav rearranged his hands so that now he was cupping and lifting each of mine mom's breasts. He heard a quick intake of breath from his aunty as her breasts filled his hands. Vaibhav was now pushing the two halves rather than pulling them. He ground his palms into mine mom's tits, feeling her hardened nipples beneath the fabric. He also moved closer. That made his cock bump gently against his aunty's ass. When she felt that, she actually seemed to shuffle back so that more of it was touching her. Vaibhav continued to struggle with the clasp. On the one hand, he wanted to accomplish mine mom's task, but on the other, he just wanted to keep grinding his hands against his aunty's breasts. They felt so incredible. He stepped a little closer. Now the length of his shaft was pressing against his aunty's ass.

"Oh, baby," mom gasped. "I think it might be too small for me."

Vaibhav turned slightly to look at mine mom's face. "Just let me try a little more, aunty." She nodded.

He continued to feel her chest. He was trying to get the clasp together, but was focusing mostly on just touching mom. He noticed in the mirror that one of her hands was creeping down her stomach towards her crotch and that her eyes were closed. This encouraged him to push his cock against her. Renu gasped softly, returning his push by pressing her ass back against him.

Finally, Vaibhav did the clasp. Suddenly very embarrassed, he pulled back from mine mom and returned to the couch. The bra was ridiculously tight on her, her nipples standing out prominently and her breasts bulging around the cups.

"Oh... thank you honey." Vaibhav nodded, reluctant to meet her gaze. "It's much too tight on me though..." She rummaged through the bag and came up with something else. "You know the drill, baby," she said softly.

Vaibhav again blocked out his eyes, but this time he did peek. He watched as mine mom undid the bra clasp, causing it to drop and her breasts to come tumbling free. They looked incredible. They were hanging a little lower than most breasts he had seen in movies and online, but somehow that made them look even more amazing. His aunty's nipples were fully erect, centered in perfectly round saucers. A faint trace of light blue veins led down to those nipples, the center of pleasure that Vaibhav so badly wanted to suck. Mom?s breasts moved as she lifted her hands to place her thumbs into either side of her panties. Slowly, she pushed her panties down, simultaneously revealing her bare ass and, in the mirror, her pussy. Vaibhav gasped softly at the wonderful image before him, of mine mom's large tits, perfectly round ass and soft pussy hairs.

Renu half turned at Vaibhav's gasp - either in response to it or to reach her clothing, Vaibhav couldn't be sure. He closed his eyes for the redressing, wanting to be surprised at the end. It took longer than he thought it would. Finally, she told him to look.

Vaibhav was totally taken aback by what mine mom was now wearing. While seeing her nude had been a huge turn on, this was even better. On top she wore a purple, pink and black bra that pushed her breasts up, magnifying their already generous proportions. Below that was a purple, pink and black thong, along with a black garter belt which was holding up long black stockings. Finally, on her feet was a pair of black high-heel shoes with straps. She modeled the outfit for him. There was just the tiniest of triangles covering up her crotch, while in the back her entire ass was revealed by the thong.

Vaibhav struggled to find words.

"Aunty, I... I... wow, aunty, you looking fucking amazing!"

Mom giggled and gave him a seductive look. "Does it turn you on, baby?"

"Oh of course it does. A man would have to be dead to not be turned on by that."

Renu smiled. "Thank you, honey."

She shifted her weight from leg to leg, pushing her bare ass out from side to side, and leaned forward, using her arms to press her breasts together. To Vaibhav, she looked like a sex goddess. She stepped right up to him. "Feel the fabric on the stockings, honey." Vaibhav reached out and wrapped his hand around the outside of mine mom's thigh. He rubbed slowly up and down.

"It's very soft."

She nodded, towering over him. "The bra feels great, too." Vaibhav cupped the side of mine mom?s breasts with his other hand, feeling the silky material. She breathed in quickly.

"And the panties," she said. Looking up at his aunty, Vaibhav slid the hand on his aunty's thigh up between her legs. Ever so gently, he rubbed his thumb against the crotch of mine mom's thong. He could feel the mound of her cunt underneath. She gasped softly at his touch, which he immediately withdrew.

"Feels great," she whispered.

"Uh, yeah, they do." He removed his hands from mine mom. "Um, what else have you got?"

Renu didn't answer at first, just stood there looking down at him

After a little bit she said: "What, this isn't hot enough for you?"

Vaibhav laughed. "No way, aunty. I'm sure you can do better than this."

Renu pouted, shifting her weight to one side. "Honey! You're so mean to your aunty."

"Hey, I just want you to look as good as you can."

Mom shifted to the other side, still pouting. "Humph. Well, you hurt my feelings. I won't show you until you give me a hug."

?That won?t be a big deal I think?.

Vaibhav stood. He was becoming less and less concerned about hiding his erection. He took one step forward, which put one of his legs between hers. Their crotches came together as Vaibhav embraced mine mom in a sensual hug. He ran his hands up and down her smooth bare back while his cock grinded between her legs. They both gasped, they both pushed closer together. The entire length of their bodies was in contact. Vaibhav kissed mine mom on the neck and ran his hands down to her ass, cupping and squeezing each ass cheek, using them as leverage to pull mine mom's cunt into his long hard shaft. They bumped and rubbed their hips together, mine mom giving a little moan. In response to that, Vaibhav removed his lips from her neck to give her a deep kiss on the mouth.

Then, as quickly as he had entered into the hug, Vaibhav pulled away from mom. He returned to his seat, leaving her totally frazzled once again. Her lips were still parted from the kiss. Once she recovered herself, she said: "Oh, honey... You are such a tease. Help me get undressed."

Vaibhav thought about what a surreal situation this was as he stood to obey mine mom's command. Was it really happening? Was it a dream? It hardly mattered. He was so turned on that nothing could possibly stop this now. He stood up and began with her panties, resting his hands on her hips. His hands slid down to the strings of her thong, pushing them down until the piece dropped to her stockings, where it got stuck. He then removed the garter belt.

"Sit down, aunty."

Mom did as he asked, sitting on the couch and spreading her legs, gazing up at him. He knelt before her and pulled down her stockings, one by one, very slowly. Her bare pussy was dripping juice onto the couch, soaking it. Vaibhav crawled forward, fitting himself between mine mom's legs. He reached up for her bra, and she leaned forward to help him. This placed her breasts directly in front of his face. He leaned forward, nestling his face between her breasts, so that he could reach behind mine mom. The bra came off, letting her breasts tumble free. One of them brushed against his cheek. He resisted the temptation to start sucking on it.

Vaibhav stood. His cock protruded enormously against his pants, forming a large tent. Mine mom leaned forward to stand, brushing her face against his cock, then her breasts, and then her tummy. Finally, the head of the shaft came to rest against her bare cunt through his pants. She looked into his eyes, smiled seductively, and then stepped aside. Vaibhav let out a deep breath that he didn't realize he had been holding. He sat down because his legs felt weak.

"Okay, Vaibhav," his aunty began. "You're going to like this next one. Close your eyes - and no peeking!"

Vaibhav obeyed mine nude mother and waited, once again a pretty long time. It was hard to imagine anything sexier than his aunty in that last amazing outfit. Fortunately, he did not have to imagine it, for when he opened his eyes he saw it right there in front of him. Mine mom was wearing a totally transparent purple mesh top that went down to the middle of her belly. It was buttoned up to her breasts, baring a great portion of cleavage, although her full chest was visible anyway. Her tits pushed against the fine mesh material, stretching it out. Below that completely revealing top she wore a tiny pair of purple boy shorts, which were a cross between panties and regular shorts. They hugged tightly to her body, revealing all of her intimate curves.

And she was holding out a pair of black boxers.

"I bought these for you, baby." She moved towards him, her breasts swaying, her nipples erect. She stood before him. "Now let me help you put them on."

Vaibhav simply nodded, letting her take control. She placed the boxers next to him on the couch and leaned down to take hold of his shirt on either side. He gazed down at mom?s cleavage as she pulled up on the shirt.

"Now lift your arms, honey." He lifted his arms. She slid the shirt up over his head, baring his chest. After dropping the shirt to the side, mom ran her fingertips down his chest and stomach, towards his pants. Vaibhav shivered at the sensation. Renu kneeled in front of him.

"Open up your legs," she said.

He opened his legs, allowing mine mom to crawl forward, her sides pressing into the inside of his thighs.

"Good boy," she cooed. "Now would you mind if aunty took off your pants for you?"

"No, Ren... Renu." He hadn't called her that for years.

"Okay, baby. Open up nice and wide for aunty." He opened his legs wider.
She took hold of his pants to undo the first button, the back of her fingers softly stroking his skin.

"There we go, honey." Renu focused on her work while Vaibhav focused on gazing at her breasts. "And now for the zipper." Mom had to struggle to pull the zipper down over his huge erection. Waves of pleasure tingled out through his body when he felt the movement against his cock being caused by mine mom.

"Oh, baby! You're so big for aunty."

Vaibhav was unable to speak. Mom leaned forward now that his fly was opened. She grabbed at either side of his pants and tugged down. They got stuck coming off.

"Lift up for aunty, please." Mom said.

Vaibhav lifted his ass up off the couch, allowing mom to pull his pants down to his thighs. His cock came springing fee, creating a huge tent in his white underwear. Her face moved right up to his cock once she had pulled the pants all the way down. She brushed her face briefly against it, making Vaibhav jump involuntarily. "Now pick up your feet, baby." Once Vaibhav did that she had his pants off.

"Mmph. Aunty is getting hot, Vaibhav.

?She undid one of her buttons. Even though he could see her full breasts through the shirt anyway, it was still a huge turn on that more of her cleavage was actually bare. "That's better. Now for your underwear." Vaibhav nodded. Mom reached out and ran the palm of her hand down his shaft, looking at him and smiling.

"You're so big and hard, baby."She said.

Vaibhav met mine mom's gaze. "You make me this hard."

She half closed her eyes and squeezed his cock. "Mmm, I like when you talk that way, my sweet baby boy."

Vaibhav arched his back, pushing his shaft into mine mom's hand. "Stroke my cock for me aunty?"

"Baby!" She gasped, opening her eyes. "Never talk to me with that language!"

"Oh, I..." Vaibhav was confused until he saw what mom intended. She sat on the couch beside him.

"What a bad boy you are," she scolded. "You deserve a spanking. Bend over my lap." Vaibhav was more than happy to comply. He turned and bent over his aunty's lap. His enormous cock pushed down into her upper thigh. His aunty's hand came ramming down against his ass, on top of his underwear. "Bad boy!"

"I'm sorry, aunty," Vaibhav replied, playing his part. She spanked him again.

"Never use that language in front of your aunty!" She continued to spank him. Each time, she spanked a little harder, and her hand stayed in contact with his ass for a little longer. Meanwhile, Vaibhav grinded his shaft down against mine mom's leg. He lifted his own legs up, causing more pressure to be placed against his aunty's bare thigh.

"Bad, bad boy!" She emphasized each 'bad' with a spank.

"I'm sorry," Vaibhav playfully begged. "Really I am."

"I don't believe you, baby." She then pulled his underwear down on either side. His ass was fully bared in the back and his cock partially free in the front. She slapped Vaibhav's bare bottom with a loud smacking sound. Her hand rubbed his ass in circles a little before going back for another spank.

"You are such a bad boy!" Vaibhav continued to push his cock against her, apologizing occasionally.

After a few more slaps Vaibhav's ass was reddened with mine mom's hand prints. She ended the last spank by leaving her hand on his ass, rubbing it up, down and around. "Oh, baby... your bottom is all red..." One of her fingers dipped into the crack of his ass, sliding up and down. "Honey... oh, I'm so sorry!!" She helped him sit back up on the couch and then gave him a hug. Her chest pressed against him while her hands caressed his body. "Baby, aunty is so, so sorry." She stroked his hair, his arms, all of his upper body. Then she laid herself down over his lap, just as he had been on hers. His cock had come free in all of the commotion and her bare belly was now pressing into it.

"Honey," she began, "I've been bad now too. I'm so sorry. I think you better punish me." She looked up at her son.

"Aunty, I think you're right." Vaibhav then spanked mine mom as hard as he could. She cried out, and it was by luck that no one heard it even considering that the dressing room was a separate closed off area.

"Oh, yes baby," she choked out lustily. "I deserve it..." Vaibhav reached up and brought his hand down rapidly against his aunty's barely covered ass, aiming for the bottom where each ass cheek peeked out of the boy shorts. There was another loud slap. "Oh! Oh yes..." He felt his aunty starting to writhe against his bare cock, rolling it up and down against her belly as she slid back and forth. "Spank me again, honey, I was so bad." He did, again and again, continually stroking her butt as she had done to him. Her ass was soft and supple beneath his hand.

"I think you were very bad, aunty. So bad, in fact..." He grabbed her boy shorts and pulled down, baring her ass.

"Vaibhav! Don't!" In spite of his aunty's protests, Vaibhav spanked her bare ass over and over again. "Baby!" she cried out with each spank. "No! Honey no! You're hurting aunty!" It was all a game, of course. In fact, part way into the bout of spanking she took his hand and guided it down to cup her breast. Vaibhav was more than happy to comply by cupping, lifting and squeezing his aunty's tit while spanking her bare bottom. He shifted her over so that she was bent even further, and then spanked the very bottom of her ass. The ball of his hand came briefly into contact with the lips of her pussy between her legs. "Ohhh," mine mom moaned. Encourage, Vaibhav spanked her in that same spot again. This time he rubbed and pushed the ball of his hand hard into her pussy.

"Baby..." she breathed out heavily.

In pushing her over so she was bent lower, Vaibhav had also aligned mine mom's crotch with his own. Thus when she arched forward after a particularly hard slap against her ass and cunt, the soft fuzz between her legs brushed against Vaibhav?s cock. They were both very aware of that. Vaibhav spanked her again, and she arched even further, blatantly rubbing herself against his tool. In response, he pulled her breast out of her purple mesh top and pinched her bare nipple. "Honey, yes," she moaned softly.

They carried on like that for quite some time. Vaibhav would spank mine mom's ass, caress her buttocks and pussy lips from behind, while she would arch forward and grind her cunt against his shaft in the front. Soon his cock became soaked. He pulled her other breast out of her top and began to play with them both, rubbing, touching, pinching, pulling and pushing her bulbous tits. Their sexual frustration was building and building to an unavoidable pinnacle, where Vaibhav would enter mine mom's body and they would fuck one another's brains out.

But not yet. First the rubbing, touching, spanking, moaning, groaning, grinding, and gasping continued. They touched and teased each other, Vaibhav playing with mine mom's body, and mine mom writhing atop his. Vaibhav could not understand why he had not yet cummed all over his aunty. Perhaps the taboo of sex with mine mom was preventing it from happening. Yet he was turned on to the point of dizziness, and his aunty's constant pressing of her pussy against his cock had made his shaft grow to a size and length he had never seen before. His erection pulsed and surged for mine mom who continued to roll over and push into it.

It was just too much for Vaibhav. "Aunty," he panted. They continued to convulse into one another.

"Mmmm," she gasped. "Yeah?" another gasp. "Yeah baby?"

"I want you so bad aunty," Vaibhav managed to get out.

"Ohhhh." Mine mom moaned deeply. "Then baby," as she gasped. "Baby... why don't you take me?"

He mumbled into her ear and she giggled. I couldn't hear what they were saying. He kept talking into her ear, and then he started to kiss between her temple and ear. Her eyes opened wider as she noticed what he was doing, but she didn't stop him. He kissed on her temple, ear, and cheek for about a minute before he reached up with his free hand and gripped her chin. He turned her face to him and planted a kiss on her lips.

This was the point where I thought my mom would flip out. My heart was racing and my mouth was bone dry. I was repeatedly telling my mom to slap him under my breath as I didn?t want any of mine cousins to have an affair with her.

He planted kisses on her lips while she remained still. She didn't seem enthusiastic, yet she didn't back away.

He still had one hand around her waist and one hand touching her face. He pulled her body closer to him, while moving his fingers to her lips. He took his thumb and pulled down her lower lip so that his tongue could invade her mouth.

I couldn't believe my eyes as she let him stick his tongue into her mouth. Suddenly their lips started to smack and she started kissing back. He didn't hesitate to reach both hands down and grip her ass, pulling her closer to him. She reached her arms up and wrapped them around his neck as they embraced in a long kiss.

He continued to paw at her ass as they made out. Her legs shifted a bit, and she was now practically lying on top of him on the edge of the couch. He stopped kissing her a couple of times to whisper something into her ear. She just smiled and kissed him back.

I sat still, continuing to breathe heavily in shock. I was holding out hope that my mom would wake up out of her daze and slap him silly. I couldn't believe this was happening, but at the same time I couldn't help becoming aroused at the sight of my sexy mom in action.

His hands moved up from her ass and slipped under her boobs. They continued kissing and his hands were roaming all over her back and chest. She had moved her leg over so that she was now straddling him on the couch.

All I could see from my vantage point was her back, so I couldn't tell if he was feeling her breasts. I continued to see ripples from where his hands rubbed her back.

They resumed kissing and his hands reached up to her soft boobs. Her tits were now naked in front of him.

Vaibhav sat staring wide-eyed at her breasts until she leaned back down and kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck, still straddling him. As much as I was shocked about the situation, I couldn't help but feel disappointed that her back was to me and I couldn't see her tits. Fortunately since the lamp was on next to the couch I would be able to clearly see her tits if she turned around.

Their kissing became more passionate as I heard them moan into each other's mouths. Vaibhav had his hands feeling on her tits and occasionally he moved them down to rub her ass.

I heard my mom start to moan lightly as she kept her hands on the back of his head encouraging him.

"Ohhh Vaibhav," I heard her moan. It was apparent that she liked what he was doing to her breasts. This continued for several minutes, and I could hear the sucking sounds from my position upstairs. His hands continued to maul her ass, and I was sure his hands were moving over her assests.

That's when it happened. He motioned her to get off of him as he slid her to the side off of him. Now I had a perfect view of her tits. They were spectacular. I couldn't help but get a massive hard-on as I saw the big pink areolas and perky boobs that I always wanted to suck. They giggled as she moved back on the couch.

He laid her down on her back as he got on top of her and started attacking her tits with his mouth. Mom just lay there with a smile on her face as he slurped and sucked on her big nipples. Her hands were roaming through his hair encouraging him. She occasionally let out a small moan.

After a couple minutes of sucking on each of her breasts, he started to kiss down her stomach around her bellybutton. Her tits sat on her chest like cones and I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

He resumed sucking on them. A couple times he reached up and pinched her nipples, which made her moan. It was obvious her nipples were very sensitive and she loved it.

"Let's just make out, ok?" she said pulling his arms back up towards her. They started to passionately kiss as he lay on top of her. Her arms were hugging his back and their hips were grinding into each other. I actually felt relieved that my mom only wanted to dry fuck him.

After keeping this position for a minute, Vaibhav went back down to her tits. My mom's arms went up behind her head and she arched her chest for him, giving out a loader moan. Her tits looked spectacular, and I could see them perfectly because the lamp was still on.

Vaibhav's hands were roaming wildly on her chest and stomach. He was feeling all over her, and it seemed as if this made her melt. Her eyes were closed and her hips were occasionally grinding up into him as he mauled her breasts.

Yet again, Vaibhav moved his hand down her stomach. This time she did not stop him. He successfully got his hand down close around and was feeling on her cunt.

"Oohhhh..." Mom moaned as he did this. He continued to suck on her tits. It was apparent that he wasn't getting good feels on her pussy because he kept reaching up down a couple inches at a time. He repeated this several times until her thighs started opening.

I was able to see her cunt now that he pulled her legs. It was outlined, as I expected from my conservative slut mother. Her public hair was dark dirty black, a lot darker than the black hair on her head, which I suspect had some highlights.

He fingered her hairy pussy while sucking on her tits. She softly moaned and wiggled under him. Her position prevented her from spreading her legs, so she reached down and put in a hand there to spread her legs. Vaibhav helped her maneuver them so that he could get the entry into the gates of heaven. Vaibhav's face was had a sexy smile.

He lay back on top of her and they started to kiss. Vaibhav reached his hand down and pulled her leg out off the couch so that she was spread out. Then he pushed his waist forward, obviously trying to penetrate her.

"Uh uh, no Vaibhav," she said as she nudged him back and scooted her butt away from his cock. "We can't do that."

Vaibhav didn't protest, rather he resumed kissing her and feeling on her breasts.

"Ohh yesss," mom moaned as he moved his lips down to her neck. After his hands mauled her breasts for half of a minute, he moved one of his hands down to her hairy pussy and started to finger her again. She continued to moan and her hips started to wiggle.

"Oh. Mmmm," she moaned as he kissed his way down from her neck to her nipples. His fingers were moving more rapidly and her hips were moving in a rhythm. He was sucking on her nipples hard and occasionally nibbled on them.

"OH yes Vaibhav, oh my," she moaned with her eyes closed. Her arms were still up behind her on the arm of the couch.

Just as she was getting into his finger fucking, he took his hand away and put it on her thigh. Continuing to attack her tits with his mouth, he once again pushed his pelvic up towards her. My mom gasped as he plunged up into her wet cunt, using his hand on her thigh to spread her legs.

"OH No Vaibhav, we... can't... uughhh," she moaned putting her head up and reaching her hands down to push him back, but this time he didn't pull away. Rather, he locked his arms around her abdomen and pushed forward further, now completely inside of her.

"No. Oh Vaibhav, please, no," she said pushing his shoulders. He continued to suck on her breasts and began thrusting slowly into her. Although she was protesting verbally, her body was not.

"Oh... oh... oh... I'm... married... Vaibhav... I... can't," she moaned as he trusted his hips back and forth at a slow pace. Her hands stopped pushing him and found their way back behind her head, which caused her chest to arch into his face.

"OHH... ohhhh... my... ooohhh..." she moaned as he fucked her on her leather couch. Vaibhav knew that she was all his now, so he moved his mouth from her nipples and started to lick and kiss her neck. My mom brought her leg from the side of the couch and wrapped it around his thigh. I saw her hips start to thrust back at him.

"mmm... mmmmm... mmmm... mmmm," she moaned with her lips closed, obviously not wanting to make noise. Little did she know that her there were people all around in the mall.

Her arms wrapped around his shoulder and he brought his mouth up to kiss her. I could hear her moaning through his mouth during their kissing. They were now both fucking each other in a steady rhythm.

All of the sudden I saw Vaibhav reach into his short pockets and pull out his cell phone. He stopped kissing her and turned his head to see his phone, while continuing to fuck my mom. She still had her eyes closed and was moaning, so she did not notice what he was doing.

He hit a few buttons and reached over to place the phone on the table close by, which was level with the couch. After he positioned the phone to point the camera lens right at them, he turned his attention back to my mom. She was really getting into it by now.

"Oh, mmm, mmm, mmm, ohhh, Vaibhav, we, have, to, be, quiet," she said between thrusts. Just as it seemed as if they were both going to cum, he stopped thrusting into her and sat up. She finally opened her eyes and looked up at him like a puppy dog.

"What's wrong?" she asked as she tried to pull him back down on top of her. Instead, he pulled her up.

"Come here," he said as he pulled her up. He scooted over on the couch, right in front of the phone. Then he grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her up on top of him. His cock was glistening from her juices and standing straight up, hard as a rock. It was obviously that he was going to cum soon.

She brought her leg over him and straddled him on the couch. It didn't take but a split second for her to start riding his cock. My view was from behind her, so I saw her big, bubbly ass shake as she rode up and down. Her ass was awesome.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" She moaned as she bounced up and down on the couch cushions. Her hands were planted on the back of the couch, which allowed her to control her body so that her hips could maneuver the way she wanted them to.

Vaibhav had one hand up grabbing her breast as he sucked on it, and his other hand was grabbing her fleshy ass cheek.

"OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH!" She continued to moan, as the couch squeaked to her riding. His other hand now grabbed her ass as well, and he spread her ass cheeks. I wondered if that got on the phone camera. I could clearly see his cock when she bounced up...then it disappeared inside of her when she bounced down. This continued for a couple minutes, and he was sticking his fingers into her asshole.

"UGGH, UGGHH, UGGHH, UGGHH," she moaned hard, until he stopped her again. He pulled up on her ass and his cock slid out of her pussy. Vaibhav always bragged about his longevity during sex, and he was not lying. I can't believe he hadn't cum yet. I was about to blow my load from just watching.

"Turn around. I want to do you from behind," he said as he grabbed her waist and turned her around. I now had a frontal view of her hairy pussy and her big tits capped by huge pink nipples.

My mom straddled him with her knees on the couch and her hands on her thighs. She leaned back until his cock impaled her. He grabbed her waist and started to thrust up into her. She resumed riding him reverse cowgirl style on the couch.

"UUGGGH, UUGGHH, UGGGHHH, UGGGHH, UGGHH, UHHHH, UHHH," she moaned as she fucked back at him up and down. Her big tits were bouncing and wobbling all over the place, and her short black hair was bouncing to the fucking rhythm.

"OHHH, OOOHH, OHHHH, OHHH," she moaned as he reached up and grabbed her flopping tits. She was now leaning back into him as he held her on to his cock. This allowed her to really go to town on his cock.

After squeezing her breasts for about thirty seconds he reached one hand down and started to rub her clit. She finally exploded.

"OOHHH MYYY, OOOHH, OOOHHH, OOOHHH GOOD," she moaned louder as she now bucked back and forth wildly. Her legs shook uncontrollably and her mouth opened as wide an "O" shape as possible. She had to be having an orgasm.

"OOOHHHHHH," she moaned continuing to buck wildly. Finally she closed her mouth and panted and Vaibhav was now the one fucking her. She seemed exhausted.

"arrgghh, shit," Vaibhav moaned as he gripped her hips and thrust up harder.

"Ahhhh fuck, I'm cumming," he groaned as he pulled her hips down and squirted his cum into her married pussy. He continued to pump up into her until he could milk his cock no longer.

"Oooohhhhh... ummmmm..." she said as she relaxed on his cock and laid back on his chest. He squeezed her big tits a couple times before motioning her off of his soft prick. She got up and immediately bent over to pick up her clothes. He had a big grin on his face as he picked up his cell phone and pointed it at her ass that was thrust in his face while she grabbed her panties and bra.

"This is so crazy. This was so stupid," she said as she slid her laced panties up her legs. "."

"Relax, everything is fine," he said continuing to film her with his camera phone. She was now facing him and her big tits were swinging in his face as she pulled her dress up. My mom isn't very technologically sound, so she didn't realize he was filming this. Besides, she was preoccupied with her own thoughts.

"Oh, this is so bad," she said as she now reached for her bra that was sprawled out on the floor next to her wrap-up top. "We need to leave now... I just... I don't know what got into me, but we have to keep this between us."

"I wouldn't tell a soul; trust me," he said as he closed his phone. He pushed his now flaccid cock into his underwear.

Mom was now completely dressed and she sat down next to Vaibhav.

"You understand that this could ruin both of our lives if anybody found out," she said looking him straight in the eyes.

"I know it could, but make no mistake about it, that was the best experience of my life," he said reaching up to kiss her. She was powerless as they started to smack lips. She tried to talk to him in-between kisses.

"Vaibhav... you know... this can't... I'm... married," she said but was too focused making out with the young man. They remained embraced on the couch as they moaned into each others mouth. I still couldn't believe what was happening.

Finally my mom put on the breaks when Vaibhav slid his hand back down her dress.

"We have to leave now," she said getting up. "Maybe we should talk about this some other time because I'm not thinking clearly right now. All I know is that this needs to stay between us."

They eventually left, but not before they embraced in another passionate kiss before walking out. Eventually I fell asleep, but not before having one of the best jerk-off sessions I could remember in a long time, thinking about my sexy mother.

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