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Girl captured for pary finds herself in dark captivity
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(School girl is taken for a gang member’s birthday party to be used for their entertainment.]. Her abuse continues and then she is held captive for the needs of the gang.)

Gripped with panic Jenna awaited her fate.

Hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, legs pulled up tied at her ankles Jenna
was totally at the gangs mercy. Miguel rubbed his dick against her caned legs. Every touch
brought groans of pain. It was very hard for Jenna to see, her face was covered with slimy spit.

Miguel pushed his throbbing cock against her reddened pussy. She whimpered, begged.
Her moans changed to cries. "No not that, don't do this. Stop."
He edge the head of his cock inside her pussy folds, teasing her .
"Don't. Don't."
Hector put his hand over her mouth and pinched her nose close. As Jenna
struggled to breath Miguel rammed his dick inside her. Hector let loose her mouth
as she let out a panicked hell raising yell.

Jenna was gasping for breath. Miguel ripped mercilessly into her virgin pussy. Laughing, red in the face
he pushed his dick deep inside her. The teen was in a panic feeling she was being ripped apart inside.
Miguel stopped. “How does that feel Bitch.” “Tell me you like.”
“NOOOOOOOOOOO, stop, please stop, have pity on me. I can’t stand it.”
WHAAACK. Hector smacked the helpless teen’s head.
“Say IT, Say you Like IT.”
“No No I can’t. Please Stop. No More. Please no more.”
Hector covered her mouth again. Jenna struggled barely able to breathe.
Miguel held his cock inside her while she struggle. Hector let go.
“Say it now stupid cunt.”
Barely able to talk, desperate, Jenna blurted. “I Like it. I like it. I like it.”

Miguel started pumping her hard and fast as the gang cheered him on.
Surging he yelled as he came inside her pumping the virgin teen full.
He stepped back his cock coated in cum and blood.
“Now that is one good birthday present.”

The sounds of laughing and clapping filled the room.
"Slut, Cunt. Whore. Fuck her again. Again."

The teen hung helpless as Miguel walked behind her and pulled her head back and down.
switching places with Hector. Miguel put his thumbs inside her mouth so she could not bite
down and pushed his dirty cock in her mouth. Hector ran his cock up and down her
cum soaked slit.

Miguel feeling his dirty cock in her mouth and watching her gag started to get hard
again. Hector pushed inside feeling her warm used cunt. Miguel, harder and harder,
pushed himself down her throat. Panicked again Jenna struggled to breathe. His balls hung on
her teen face while his dick dug deeper into throat.

Two Months Later:
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jenna woke up with the terrible nightmares. She thrashed around disoriented
in the dark. Sweating in a panic she fell to the floor crawling until she reached the end of the chain
around her ankle. There was no light, only darkness.

Slowly she came to, realizing where she was. Shaking, Jenna crawled, following the chain back to the bed and turned on the video, the only way she could have light. The sound was loud, the picture bright on the big screen, she could see herself on the screen. She was on her hands and knees with gangbangers standing around her pissing one from every direction.

Jenna lay in the bed watching the video. She didn’t want to watch but if she turned it off there was darkness, no sound, no sight. She watched the video. The party gangbang had gone on for hours.
The video ran for many many hours as there were several cameras and phone videos.

Jenna huddled in the bed listening to the sounds. Her screams, laughter, taunts. There was crazy
as the reality of her memory and the video became mixed. She tried to look away but
always turned back with a strange fascination. Sometimes it did not seem real. There was this teen
being abused in every way. That was not her.

Jenna tried to play mind games. She would turn off the video and think of pleasant times. Her mom, school playing with her dog. Sometimes it would work and she would fall asleep only to wake up again with another nightmare. Jenna turned of the video and started to drift off thinking about helping her mom baking, talking laughing. She should be going on dates, watching football games, playing volleyball.

Jarred awake, Jenna heard the door open. Quickly she turned on the video. Miguel wanted her to have the video on. She quickly crawled out of bed, kneeling with her head bent. She could smell food.
She was so hungry, she was glad he brought food, for her, she hoped it was for her.

Kneeling, Jenna was shaking. She had to do good or she would not eat and worse. As Miguel
approached Jenna kept her eyes to the ground. She could not look up until he told her.

Miguel looked down at Jenna. The kneeling, blonde teen was all his. Everything she did, all she was,
her only purpose was to do what he wanted. If he wanted to fuck her he could. If he wanted to
beat her he could. Sometimes he would be kind. Sometimes not.

Miguel understood the psychology. Once in a while he would bring a new movie for her to watch, a book to read and leave her with a light so she did not have to watch the video. He would leave her food
and drink. The next time he would tie her to the ceiling and beat her with his belt, mouth fuck her until she puked and leave her hungry in her mess.

“Look up.” Miguel ordered. Jenna , kneeling, hands behind her back, naked, looked up.
Jenna was fearful, she never knew what Miguel had in store for her. Miguel towered over her.
He made her kneel looking at him. He had his kicker boots, heavy jeans, gang shirt and vest.
He reached down and ran his hand through her hair. “How is my little Bitch doing.”

“I am well Miguel. I am glad you are here.” She had to call him Miguel. Miguel gave her a key to
unlock her chain. “Get up. “ Jenna followed behind Miguel to the sofa. She was relieved.
The room was filled with many more unpleasant areas, she was glad to go to the sofa.

Jenna knelt and untied his boots. Miguel looked down at the girl, a naked teen, and smiled.
After his boots were off, Jenna stood up and took of his vest, shirt and pants. When she took off
his shorts she could see how hard he was already.

Miguel laid back on the couch. He didn’t have to tell the teen bitch what he want. Jenna took a bottle
of oil and coated her right middle finger. Slowly she probed his ass until she could massage her prostate. Her mouth was buried in his balls, licking, slurping and sucking while her left hand
stroking his cock.

Miguel lay back watching the video while the teen bitch started to suck his dick, still working his prostate. On the screen she was getting her ass caned, screaming. Now she on her knees
working his cock. He was laughing to himself knowing the fear that gripped her.

Miguel would switch between watching the screen and watching the cute teen mouth on his cock. Her pert tit s hung down and her ass was up in the air.

The door opened again and Hector walked in carrying a 12 pack. Jenna looked back to see who
was coming. “What the Fuck You doing?” Screamed Miguel. He grabbed Jenna by the hair.
“Who the Fuck told you to stop.” Terrified Jenna pleaded. “I am sorry, I am sorry.”
“Shut the fuck up, stupid bitch.” Jenna started back on Miguel’s cock. She was terrified that
she had messed up. Worse yet Hector was there.

Laughing Hector threw Miguel a beer.

To Be Continued

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Malena WatrousJanuary 8, 2010Not only does Rainn Wilson have a smart funny blog, he is also married to a ficiton writer, Holiday Reinhart, who has a good collection of short stories. It must be fun to be married to him, don't you think? Although it's hard to see him as anything but the son of a beet farmer.

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18 year old wants to be reeding bitch to a master

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