The morning after...
It was around 6 in the morning when I groggily woke up, and as I lay there while my senses returned I discovered that I had two soft, warm bodies pressed into either side of me. Without opening my eyes I shifted closer to the smaller form that was clinging to my chest, and it responded by snuggling even closer into my body, letting out a small, light sigh. I brought my hand up to stroke the young girls hair when my brain fully awakened, and both the identity of the small form I was currently cuddling naked with and the memories of what transpired last night simultaneously smashed into my consciousness like a freight train. My hand paused halfway across my daughters face towards her long, beautiful, silky black hair and hovered there in mid-air, just above Millie's cheek, then slowly retracted before undecidedly resting on the skin of her shoulder.

My head was swirling with regret and disgust, shock and horror. I had been completely taken aback by Rebecca's nature last night, when she started to play with our daughters slit. Then she essentially guilt-tripped by getting Millie to tell me how badly she wanted it. A slight moan slipped out as I remembered how delicious my child had tasted, and as a wave of shame and anxiety washed over me I noticed that Millie had started to stir. I cursed myself for allowing that moan to escape and quickly feigned sleep, not snoring loudly but breathing in a consistent rhythm. I felt her hand place itself over my hand on her shoulder and a jolt of lust flashed through my system as she squeezed it while softly kissing my chest. My breathing grew quicker but I remained "asleep" in the hopes that she would fall asleep as well. Unfortunately, her soft touch aroused my penis from it's slumber, and it dug into her tummy, causing her to giggle quietly as her cool hands gently wrapped around my warm shaft. I tried with all of my might to suppress any noise, but the tiniest of whimpers came out as she slowly stroked my twitching cock, and she giggled before pushing me onto my back and straddling me, whispering into my ear "You don't have to hide from me daddy, I don't bite" and when I opened my eyes to look at her, she flashed me a smile full of delight and affection as she slowly wriggled her way down my body.

I tried with all my might to muster the words to stop her, but I was helpless as the adorable little look of concentration and excitement on her face left me paralysed with arousal. I no longer cared anymore, Millie obviously really wanted this, and I have never been able to deny Millie something when she wants it. My hips started to jerk slightly with my nervous anticipation, and I drew in a sharp hiss of air as she rested her head sideways on my lap, her nose resting on top of my hard penis. She started to rub her nose against my skin affectionately, before slowly licking all up the side of my shaft, finishing off by wrapping her mouth around the middle of my cock and sliding up and down one side. My moans were loud and uncontrollable, and I felt Rebecca stir at my side as my hand found the top of Millie's head and started to stroke it softly. She mewled like a kitten before popping the head into her mouth, and I moaned as I felt my wife's hand stroke and squeeze my chest hair as Millie swirled her tongue around my tip. I started to grunt and moan with each panting breath, and Rebecca moved closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder, wrapping her arm around my stomach. "It seems that our little daughter isn't the kind of person to waste any time, is she?" Bec giggled, before she slowly moved down until her head was resting on my lap on the opposite hip to Millie. "Darling, I understand if you don't want to, but I was wondering... maybe you could share daddy's penis with me for a while?" Millie leisurely slid her mouth off of my tip, and rested the head against her lips as she hummed in mock-thought, giggling when I instinctively lurched forward from the sensation. "Well, I GUESS we could both play with him for a while. But I get all of his drink at the end!" She sucked the head into her mouth again for a quick goodbye kiss and pointed it towards my wife's face, and I looked down in time to catch the look of powerful lust and passion burning in Bec's eyes before she brought her head down as far as it could go on my cock, half of my penis buried in her throat.

Rebecca's tongue swirled and licked at the base of my cock while her throat constricted around the head, before she pulled off and directed it towards Millie. My little girl, determined to do what she just saw her mother do, managed to get half of it in her mouth, triggering her gag reflex but not badly enough to make her pull back. Her tongue worked every surface it could reach before she moved back and swiped her tongue vigorously over the tip, before pulling off and licking at the base, licking every part that her mother's saliva had reached. When she was finally finished with leisurely dragging her tongue all over my cock she pointed it towards her Bec, who moaned desperately as she sucked me into her mouth again, bobbing up and down while fondling with my balls. I was breathing in large gasps as I alternated between Bec's experienced mouth and Millie's tiny, enthusiastic one. I was in Bec's mouth again when I warned them I was approached the point of no return, and Bec quickly jumped off my cock, directing it hastily to Millie's face. In a flash three quarters of it were in her mouth, the tip pushing against her throat. She had gotten used to the gag reflex feeling and continued to hold my cock deep inside her mouth, trying to push it down her throat. Bec gave her some suggestions "Millie dear, you should swallow as you move forward. Be careful though, and don't forget that if he cums while in your throat you won't be able to taste it" I had a sudden flash of remorse and anxiety as I heard Bec talking to our daughter, but that was only temporary as the feeling of Millie swallowing the head of my cock overwhelmed me. "Oh shit, I'm going to come baby!"

Bec kissed me passionately as Millie pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and swirled her tongue repeatedly around the opening as a torrent of cum erupted into her mouth. The sound of her moans and whimpers filled the room as she swallowed gulp after gulp of my seed. My kiss with Bec was loving, intimate and violent all at the same time while I concentrated on the heavenly feeling of Millie's velvet mouth as it held my softening penis lovingly, her tongue lazily playing with the excess cum that was seeping out of the tip. When Bec broke our kiss she looked down at our daughter who was still nursing my spent member, taking care to avoid the parts that were still sensitive. Bec shuddered and placed her hand on Millie's head, softly stroking it while she whispered to her daughter. "You are so amazing Millie. I've never felt so hot before in my life! The way you whimpered while you're swallowing your fathers cum, it drove me insane." Millie's face turned red and she buried her face in my groin from the embarrassment, my prick still sitting in her mouth as her mother went on. "Seriously, I don't think I have ever been this horny before in my life. I think I'll go crazy if I don't get off right now!" She spread her legs and started to slowly play with her slit.

Millie pushed my cock out of her mouth and got up on her knees, her eyes widening with sudden realisation. "Mum, I'm so sorry, I didn't even think of how unfair I was being! Here I am, sucking dad off like there's no tomorrow, and I haven't even gotten to touch yours yet! I promise I didn't do it on purpose mummy!" My mouth fell open and Bec just stared at our daughter, who had a sad look on her face as she moved forward to touch Bec's vulva. "N-no, Millie, that's fine you don't have to apologise! I didn't think that you'd want to- OOOOOAAAAAG" She collapsed onto the bed and clenched her legs around Millie's hand as it explored her mothers open flower. Millie pulled her hand free and spread Bec's legs open, lightly resting her hand on her mothers pubic mound. She slowly traced around the lips just like her mum had done to her last night, before she inserted a finger between the labia. Bec gasped when Millie grazed her clit, and shuddered intensely when Millie started to rub it consistently. Then Millie inserted two of her fingers up her mother's vagina, and leaned down to start feasting on my wife's delicious pussy juices. At least, I felt they were delicious, and if Millie didn't like the taste, she certainly didn't let that dampen her enthusiasm. I watched with a stunned fascination as Millie went to town on her mothers cunt, stimulating her clitoris then sucking up all the juices that would pour out around her fingers. She began to saw them in and out of Bec's cunt and her mother let out a noise that was a cross between a moan and a growl as Millie fucked her with her little fingers and flurrying tongue. I notice that Millie's got her bum high in the air, with one hand fingering her slit as she pleasured her mother. I move in behind her and gently moving her hand away, before replacing it with my own. Millie shuddered and pressed her mound against my fingers as she attacked her mothers cunt more viciously. Rebecca was making loud wailing noises by now, they seemed to be more animal than human, and she wrapped her legs around our daughters face, grinding and humping her lightly as she came. I was marvelling at how wet my daughters pre-pubescent pussy was getting, and I pushed my finger at her tight vaginal entrance, teasing the hole by wiggling my finger slightly. Bec released her daughter from between her legs and all of a sudden Millie is pushing back at me savagely, impaling her nine year old cunt on my index finger, tearing right through her hymen. She wailed with pain and I started to pull my finger out but she yelled "NO DON'T" and pushed back against my retreating finger, engulfing it once more within her tight canal.

We all sat there silently as I felt her vaginal walls constrict against my finger, and after a couple of minutes of sitting there Millie started to rock back and forth slightly, wincing at first, only to have that look of slight pain replaced by one of intense pleasure as she thrusted harder and harder onto my finger. Bec shifted forward until her face was touching Millie's, and she softly kissed her face all over while cupping it in her hands. "Millie, that was so incredible... How on Earth did we produce such an amazing little angel?!" Millie whimpered and pushed against her mothers lips, kissing her tenderly while she fucked my finger harder and harder. It felt so unbelievably amazing wrapped around my finger that I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel on my cock, but I knew that there was no way I'd be able to fit inside her as she is right now. That will have to come later. Bec reached under our daughters belly and lightly rubbed her clit, and suddenly Millie was a blur on my finger as her vagina threatened to crush it. Bec withdrew her hand and held her daughters head to her chest, stroking her hair softly and whispering softly into her ear. I slowly eased my finger out and Millie collapsed onto the bed, her head still cradled to her mothers bosom. I sucked my finger into my mouth and tasted her sweet, light juices, and lay down with my face buried into her labia as I gently licked up her cum. She cooed softly and wrapped her hands around her mother, hugging her tightly as we held this position for a short while.

Finally I sat up and went to the bathroom, turning the shower on and waiting while the sounds of stampeding tiny feet grew closer until Millie appeared in the doorway, grinning excitedly. "Ahahaha, yay, shower time with my dad! I missed how we all used to shower together when I was little. Mum said she's exhausted so she's going back to sleep, looks like it's just you and me!" She beamed happily at me then stepped inside the shower, reaching her hand through the door and slowly beckoning me with her index finger. I step into the shower and pick her up, pinning her body against the glass of the shower stall as we kissed passionately. I broke away and held my face close to her, looking straight into her wide eyes as she gazed back at me. "Millie, you are every man's dream. You'll never be able to grasp just how much I really love you, but I promise that I will spend every day of the rest of my life desperately trying to show you." Her nimble legs wrapped around my stomach as she melted into my body, sighing "Oh, daddy" as she kissed me forcefully on the lips. Our tongues met and danced sensuously, and my rigid hard cock brushed up against her bum while I held her up. She wiggled down a bit so that the head was nestled against the entrance, and ground against the tip, causing us both to moan. I held her up for several more minutes while she teased my cock with her vaginal opening, before I set her down on the ground and we slowly washed each other's bodies. It had been so long since I had washed my darling little girl, and her skin was just as smooth and cute as I remember it. She closes her eyes and leans back as I soap her entire body, rinsing my hands off to properly clean her sensitive cunny. Once she has rinsed all the soap off she lathers up her hands and starts to wash my body while I sit on the floor. The feel of her petite warm hands as they glided across my skin felt wonderful, and I gasped when she started to stroke my cock clean with her soapy hands. Then she led me into the water and rinsed me off, before pushing me back into the sitting position and straddled me, pointing my erection at her opening. "Millie, darling, I'm afraid that's just not gonna be able to go in for a while, we'd have to spend some time stretching your kitty until it could take me."

"Then stretch it, Dad" She looked me seriously in the eyes as she said this. "Put your fingers up inside me and stretch me, so that I will be able to have my kitty wrapped around your beautiful penis. I need to feel it soon" she grabbed my hand and pointed two fingers at her opening before easing down, pushing a bit until both of the tips pushed past her entrance. "Millie! I've...... I've never seen you like this before. When did you become such a Nymphet- ah, when did you become so..."
"Don't worry daddy, I know what a Nymphet is" Millie interrupted me as she pushed down further onto my fingers, giggling as she squeezed her pelvic muscles. "I looked it up when that creep online called me a sexy little nymphette. Before last night, I would have been disgusted at being called that. But....." She wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her mouth against mine, her tongue invading my mouth forcefully. When she finally breaks away hugs me tight, her face warm against my chest. "But now I know that I don,'t want to grow up, get a job and move out. I just want to stay here and be my mummy and daddy's little Nymphet forever!" She clung tighter to me as I slowly rocked her. Her hand found my penis and her index finger lazily trailed patterns along the shaft. "Daaaaddyy, I'm feeling REALLY naughty. I don't want mum to sleep-in all day and I have a plan to wake her...."

We slowly crept into the bedroom and I took my place at the end of the bed, while Millie climbed onto the bed and slowly lowered her hairless pussy to her mothers face. Quick as a flash Millie ripped the blanket off the bed and I jumped on, spreading Rebecca's naked legs and positioning my cock at her entrance. Bec tried to sit up from the shock of waking up, but stopped moving completely when her nose dipped into her daughters wet slit. Millie pushed down as I roughly entered her mother, and Rebecca's wail was muffled by her daughters snatch. I know Rebecca, she really enjoys rough sex, and that wail was one of immense pleasure. Millie began to hump and moan as her mother ravished her young slit, and I started to pound away, forcing myself deep inside her velvet hole. Sweat dripped off of my face as I kept a steady but vicious pace for half an hour. Rebecca pushed our daughter off of her face and pulled away from me, turning over so that she was on her hands and knees and allowing me to re-enter her while she set Millie on her back in front of her and lowered her face into her daughters glistening slit. Millie wrapped her legs around her mothers face and screeched as she came, I felt Rebecca's walls tighten around my cock as she came, and I renewed my intensity, quickly approaching my limit. Suddenly Millie yelled out "Don't come inside her!" And pushed her mothers eager face away from her snatch and began to wiggle under her mum, between her legs and then mine, until her face was directly underneath her parents connected privates. I pull out just as I can,'t take any more and Rebecca shifts forward, giving Millie the room to slip her mouth around my dick and pump her hands up and down on my shaft, milking me as I came, mixing obscenities with words of love and wonderment at Millie as she drained my entire load. There was a lot, as we had been at it for a while, giving my balls a chance to fully prepare for the ejaculation. I kept myself propped up on my elbows, watching the top of my precious daughters head move up and down as she licked away any traces of her mothers cunt. Millie moved back up so that we were face-to-face, and looked at me with an expression of deep longing. "I can't wait till I can taste MY juices on your big penis, daddy. I really can't" I showered her face with tiny kisses as I felt my heart overload with countless feelings of joy and happiness, and
I brought us up both to her mother who was lying there half-comatose, and placed Millie in the middle of the bed as her mother and I formed a protective cocoon of warmth and tranquility.

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I have been fucking my daughter since she was 12 and she loves to eat her mums wet hairy cunt out after i have filled with my spunk

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this is such a hot story, i have read it about 5 times and can never get past the part where millie swallows, and mom n dad are kissing, then mom gets licked . i have no idea what the next story has in it....


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Just as good, if not a little better than the first. Like it ..... LOVE IT!!!!

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You don't get birth control for a 9 yr old until they are having periods. My first period came when I was 12 and half. Scared the shit out of me. Parents... for pete sake tell your daughters what to expect. The thing that might be a concern with putting a penis in a 9 yr old vigina, is tearing. Like the man said it needs to be broke in a little at a time. First one finger, then two .. three and then maybe just the tip of it goes in, until the girl is very at ease with what's about to go inside of her. Maybe buy her a small dildo to work out on. Starting out small, with bigger ones as she gets use to it.

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This story is great. I'm ready to read a part 3

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