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Jessica finch looked her body up and down in the mirror , a look of pride in her eyes as her small hands stroked and caressed her 13 year old flesh stopping at her growing stomach almost as if cradling the growing child inside , at 5 months her body had begun to show all the signs , her breasts were growing from barely an a cup to a pert milk filled b cup that complemented her tiny 4ft8 frame well she looked at her nipples now darkening from the pinky flesh colour they once were and ghasped at how sensitive they were as they hardened to her playful touch, her hips had slightly widened but she could still see the boyish frame of the former after school gymnast.
That was where it had all began when at 6 years old a young and eager Jessica had pleaded with her father to let her join , unable to resist his daughters charms mostly through the grief and guilt that somehow his wife's death was his fault Mark finch would instantly agree before sitting his daughter on his lap to search on the laptop for the nearest gymnastics class.
After a few years they had their own routine which would consist of mark collecting his daughter from school he would bring a towel , clean underwear and a skin tight baby pink leotard aswell as pumps in a pink hello kitty bag. He would make sure Jessica got in safely and would then leave , usuall with James who would be forced to drive his wife who taught the class and daughter to the class ever since her DUI on a drunken Friday night , they would usually stop at a betting shop around the corner and kill some time before they had to collect their family members,
By the age of ten Jessica was taking part in little performances each month to showcase talented students to parents and guardians, this was no different appart from the fact Mark had to take Jessica to see her grandmother on her mothers side afterwards (boy they hated each other and have done ever since a 34 year old mark got her 18 year old daughter pregnant)
Mark watched as Jessica came out in her tight leotard her boyish frame could easily be made out andher dirty blonde hair had been tied tightly behind her head in a little bun , her baby blue eyes met his as she came out to perform but as marks eyes looked down the tanned skin of his lithe young daughter he noticed something between his daughters legs he could see an indentation running right along the middle with two cushiony mounds of flesh either side, his daughter had major cameltoe , as he watched her cartwheel forward into the splits leaning her body down her leg he could see the outline of her firm ass , all the while thinking how he shouldn't be looking and how embarresed she should be to know of her wardrobe malfunction, however he resisted looking all the way through her performance knowing it was wrong to look at his daughter in such a way,
As Jessica was the last to perform mark would have to wait after for her to get ready to visit grandma but after half an hour and with mostly everyone else gone he grew impatient Knowing that she would probably be talking to someone he went into the locker room to tell her they had to go , but as he entered the locker room he could hardly believe his eyes , there she was , leotard pulled down freeing her arms and chest to the cold locker room air , her tiny pink nipples as hard as the cock that was in her mouth , his daughter was sucking on James' cock like a pro both her tiny hands around the shaft , the helmet in her mouth lips tightly pursed around it sucking hard as James had a grip of her hair forcing her to bob up and down, he recognised the "guh guh " noises she made instantly and realised just how well she was giving head, parental instincts kicking in he marched over shouting "what the fuck" ad he gripped James by the throat pressing him against the locker, "please stop !" James cried out " I swear I never fucked her... She just loves sucking dick" noticing the bulge in marks pants James grew in confidence a little " besides look how much of a little cock tease she is"
With that marks rage hit overload as he punched James repeatedly knocking the man he thought was a frind into unconsciousness , "daddy please stop!" Little Jessica cried holding onto her dad , pre cum on her lips and tears in her eyes, he grabbed her by the wrist and marched her out to the car , pulling her leotard up to cover her modesty,
"Daddy I'm sorry" Jessica cried almost pleading for a response , yet none came "daddy say something" ... Silence.
On the inside however a thousand voices at conflict as Moral decency took on raw incestuous lust as he replayed the images from earlier in his mind, was she a virgin , how long had she been sucking cock, who else's cock had she sucked , who would she suck , him , really? Could he risk it ? Should he find out? .... He took his blackberry in his hand and typed out a message to his former mother in law "not tonight Jess is sick"...

As they reached the house he finally broke his silence as he uttered "why?" To his daughter. This could of been why to anything but deep down she knew "it was a year ago daddy , after gymnastics I was getting ready when he walked in. His thing was sticking up in his pants and I asked him why and he was saying things to me calling me a tease and saying I'm a bad girl," tears beginning to flow "I said that I was sorry and how can I fix it a.and that's w.w.when he took his p.pants off" she cried stuttering over tears " he told me it was a dick a.a.and it needed sucking. I thought it looked gross but I was scared I'd be in trouble so I put it in my mouth, he started telling me to do things , to lick it , to let it slide all the way , I did what he said and then he pee'd white sticky stuff in my mouth, I was scared and pulled back but he said it was called cum and that it meant I did good, then he said to swallow it so I did"
Mark looked at his young daughter in complete shock as she uttered her next few words " daddy I liked it , I like to drink cum daddy I'm sorry but I love cum"
Mark couldn't hide his arousal as his 6 inch cock grew hearing his 10 year old cumslut talking so dirty and hesitantly she reached out to his clock with her tiny hands touching it causing him to jump back in his seat, "relax daddy , let me take care of you" she almost whispered her hands unzipping his pants pulling his boxer shorts down with them showing off her dads prick for the first time,
"Mmmm daddy it looks yummy " she uttered as her tiny hands wrapped around it making it look a lot bigger,
Mark still nervous met his daughters gaze as her tiny pink lips kissed his japs eye teasing out a little pre cum, "yummy" she moaned her blue eyes staring into his , then he felt her lips surround his cock her tiny toungue flicking against the helmet as she suckled on his cock,
Mark couldn't believe it , his 10 year old daughter was sucking on his cock like whore and he was loving it, his mouth was saying things to her inadvertently , demanding that she sucked deeper and harder and she was complying being completely submissive, "I want your cum so bad daddy" she begged m jerking him hard as she gasped for air , "please cum for your baby girl daddy"
As her mouth engulfed his cock once more he exploded shooting load after load into her mouth moaning as he did , with each spurt Jessica would swallow and suck more almost as if it wasn't enough , when he was unable to give her any more she stopped kissed him on the cheek and in her sweetest voice saying "thank you daddy" got out of the car and skipped to the house as though nothing happened , mark just sat there with his cock now limp and drained of cum trying to get his head around what had just happened.

Three years passed , and mark would regularly have his sexy young daughter drain his cock , and having eventually made peace with James , would often share her horny little mouth with him until the day of her 13th birthday , mark was sat downstairs watching some porn on heavy-r that morning waiting for his daughter to come downstairs for her usual birthday treat as he'd repay her for each years worth of blowjobs by licking her out on this special day.
When she came downstairs , naked (as was the house rule ever since her 11th birthday) hair in a mess having just woke up , goosebumps on her tanned skin , a wicked look in her eyes as she sat on marks lap , grinding her firm little ass into him , she bit his bottom lip as she kissed him " morning daddy" she purred "oooh your hard"
Mark adjusted as he felt his stiff cock pressing against his daughters slit through his pants, he pressed play as his favourite video of a young looking Japanese girl being fucked by several guys filled the screen,
Almost out of jealousy Jessica closed the laptop and put it down, mark confused by his daughters actions asked what was wrong , "daddy I have a surprise for you" Jess said , mark feeling especially aroused by his daughter felt curious and asked what it was, and to his surprise she got up , laying on her back she spread her legs wide , pushing them with her hands so her body made a T shape then she spread her tight young pussy showing a milky clear liquid trickling out of her , "I started early today daddy " she said seductively " but daddy you know I'm 13 today?" . "Yes " he replied suspiciously. "I want you to fuck me daddy" "treat me like those girls you like to watch and fuck my brains out daddy, make me into the little whore you love so much"
Mark had undone his pants and had begun stroking his cock to the sight of his horny 13 year old gymnast spreading her legs and pussy for him, "mmmm daddy give it to me "
"Let's do it properly baby" mark said taking his daughters hand and helping her up he led her to his bedroom,
Undressing as he went ,.

Jessica couldn't believe her luck as her father pulled her onto hi in his big king size bed, kissing him passionately as he jerked of almost touching her pussy, "give it to me daddy" she begged as he lined up his stiff cock to her tight hole, grabbing her hips he pulled her down forcing her to take his full length , breaking her hymen "oh daddy let me bounce on your cock , let my little pussy drain your cum daddy" she leant forward pressing her hands on his chest , her tight pussy clenching around his cock as she rode in time to his thrusts taking as much as she could handle,
Giving in to years on incestuous lust mark was now letting his 13 year old girl ride his cock on her birthday and he was loving it , but feeling he was about to cum he leant forward , Jessica's long blonde hair tickling his face as he entered her mouth with his toungue ,
"Mmmmm I love you daddy" moaned Jessica pulling away from her fathers kiss , he body started to feel funny , she felt tingles as a rush came over her causing her to thrust and buck frantically , her body giving in to her oncoming orgasm as she felt her dads cock pulsate inside her , she knew what was happening , she was coming at the same time as her father and she couldn't get enough, screaming and begging for more she rode like there was no tomorrow taking her dads cum deep inside her,
"What the fuck are you doing to her!!!" The door had burst open and a look of pure shock and guilt filled both mark and Jessica's faces, mark realised immediately that his mother in law had caught him and the guilt had left him paralysed unable to say anything. She was wrenching and gagging as she pulled her granddaughter off her fathers dick, "I knew you liked them young when you married my Cassie but Jess! She's 13!"
Dragging her shell shocked grandchild out of the room she ordered her to get dressed telling her she wasn't safe here with that scum. As she made a phonecall.

Jessica wiped away a tear from her eye as she thought about what had happened , about how her father had committed suicide after a month inside and how he caved in and told police about James in the hope they'd go easy on him, or how shed never drink her daddy's cum again and how that old bitch had ruined everything.
"I can't wait until I can teach you to please mommy " she purred , cradling her bump

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2014-10-17 03:07:10
Don't you think that there must be some limits? A father and his ten-year-old daughter should not be having sex, because: 1) he is misusing his position of authority and trust for his own personal pleasure; 2) he is probably altering her outlook on sex and love for life, and may well be warping her psychosocial development; 3) she cannot possibly foresee all the trouble that this could bring on, so he should do that for her. In addition to these considerations, here are some more: if they continue to have sex after she begins to ovulate, if they are not very careful, and also lucky, she may become pregnant; and if others in their family or community find out about what they are doing, they will be separated, either forever or for years to come.

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2013-10-10 20:49:33
Very poorly-written. Many misspelled and missing words. Can't you even proofread this junk prior to posting? If you had bothered to just do that much for the readers, you should have been able to detect and correct most of your errors. Give a bit of consideration to the readers and TRY to actually develop some writing skills. rated 2/10

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2013-10-10 08:49:19
You are both sick and need help. This sort of crap only encourages those with poedophilic tendancies to act out their fantasies. Wake up and get a grip.

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2013-10-09 19:02:28
Make another one please

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2013-10-09 17:58:45
Well that escalated quickly...

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