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I was travelling down to from scotland a few years ago, i was 26 at the time and on business.3 whole days without my girlfriend. I was heading to south to get the tunnel to france. It was late at night and i was real tired and it was cold out, almost frosty. I was only 40 mins into my journey on a very large and empty motorway when i looked down at my fuel guage. "Shit!" i thought, "almost out" and i didnt know where the nearest petrol station was. I thought id give it a chance and put my foot down, hoping that i could get a bit of distance rolling on empty if it came to that..... 5 mins later it did. I let the car roll onto the hard shoulder and put on the hand break. "bollox!" this is all i need. I put on my hazards and hoped a car would come by. Half an hour of darkness then i same some headlights coming my way. I jumped out and tried to wave the car down. Decent bloke did a u turn and pulled up just behind me. "Thank god somebody stopped" i said as he got out of his car to greet me. He was older than me about 44 to 46 going grey a bit. Looked like he needed a good shower, almost like he been working with coal. "Jesus mate i nearly didnt see you there, your front hazards arent working" he said as he walked towards me. "You broke down then?" he asked. " just out of petrol" i replied. "If you got a canaster ill drop you up to northhall garage if you want?" he asked. "Thanks mate, ill just go get it" i said and hurried to get the canaster out of my boot. I put the canaster in his boot and hopped in the front beside him. It was a crappy old vauxhall that coughed as it pulled away, but fuck it i was warm with the heat on and a short while from being on the move again. On the way the stranger annouced himself as tom and i was he right he drove a coal lorry and had just finished his shift. "Im probably the last person on the roads tonight.." tom said, "..once your on your way im going home to have a shower and a rest". "yeah nothing like a shower on a cold night to put you asleep" i said. "yeah that and a quick wank!" he laughed. A bit upfront i thought but i laughed. "I enjoy a good wank rather than sex with missus you know!" he glanced quickly at me, probably to see if hed shocked me. I kept looking out the window at the street lights going by not knowing how to respond to that. "Do you?" he said. "Do i what? i asked. "Do you wank?" he blurted. "....yeah sure dont we all" i said. "stupid question? eh?" he laughed. There was a silence for a few minutes and i began to think "Is this guy gay?....trying to chat me up?...maybe hes a weirdo molester type". Then for the first time ever i started to think about what sex with a guy would be like and could i do it and had to admit i got kinda aroused. Tom broke the silence "Last week me and me mate spent the whole weekend watching porn...about 10 hours worth" he paused "..and each off us had to take it in turns to toss off in the bog on the sly, but we both knew we were wanking up there...heh". Feeling more comforable now i said "hmmm..guys know that we all do it but we just dont want to tell each other about it". "Yeah..i know" he said. "If you were with a good friend you could trust would you masturbate infront of each other?..say while watching porn or the like nothing gay" he asked. I paused for a moment "No...not with a friend" i said. "really?" he was a bit surprised. "Id be afraid somebody id know would find out. Or what if the two of you fell out" i said, " would have to be a stranger, somebody who didnt know people you knew" i said. "Yeah your right" he said. "listen im not gay or anything, ive told you i have a missus, but seen as were both strangers do you fancy giving it a go?" he tentatively asked " after all your probably the only guy who thinks like pressure!". "Fuck it" i thought, im not doing anything anyway and i could do with a wank. What have i got to loose. "Ok...maybe porn and a few beers?" i asked. "Great, ill ring home to make sure the missus has gone to work" he said. "you live local" i asked. "not to far" he said putting his phone to his ear. A few mumbled words later he hung up the phone. "Ah fuck, the missus has called in sick" he moaned. "maybe next time" i said kinda dissapointed now, the whole idea of seeing another guy come to orgasm was starting to appeal to me. Another few moments of silence went by and tom said " if your into it we can park near that forest over there and give it a go....ive got some mags in the backseat?", "yeah that sounds good, go for it" i said getting excited now. Tom parked under a few trees near the park nice and private. The engine now off the car was very quiet. Tom reached behind me and got the mags from the backseat. Usual stuff "readers wives", "anal teens". "ill put this up on the dash" tom said as he put a teen mag open on the dash. Without much else happening tom started to undo his trousers belt first and i undid mine. Next thing i knew tom had his pants around his knees and his errect cock proudly standing up between his legs. I was next and my semi wasnt long laying against my leg before it throbbed its way hard from the meer sight of toms dick up against his fleese top. We both took a moment to look at each others cock, both similar in size (average lenght/width) and both with foreskins pulled back. We both put our seats back, tom grabbed his knob and started stroking his swollen head with his thumb and forefinger. I was more a full grab myself and started pulling my cock up and down. "oh yeah....", "ahh fuck..." tom whispered in between the noises of skin slapping and clothes being ruffled.
We both kept looking over at eachother although the idea was meant to be looking at the mag. I figured id stop looking over at tom incase he got put off by it, so i concentrated the picture of the girl spread eagle on the mag and pulled away on my now hot and sweaty dick. I felt tom moving beside me and then i felt his left hand reach across my thigh and cup my balls. Tom gently massaged my balls while i jerked. I looked across and could see tom this older man half naked groping my sack with his cock in his other hand. I noticed tom had lost his hardon and his cock was now semi hard lying on his stomach, his other hand now behind his head. "You finished?" i asked. " know how it goes, when you need a boner you loose one" he said. "Do you want me to help you out?" i asked. "If you wouldnt mind...ill help you after" he said. "no problem tom" and i turned towards him and grabbed his warm semi hard cock in my hand. I gave him the mag to look at and so we didnt end up looking at each other and started massaging his soft shaft up and down in slow strokes. Ive never felt another mans cock before and expected it to feel like my own but it didnt. It felt softer and bigger although we were both roughly the same size penis. The feel of another mans penis growing harder in your hands while you work his shaft was amazing. Before long he was fully hard, rock hard and tom had the magazine now lying acoss his face, hands behind his head. I could feel his heart throbbing in my hand and the look of his shining head and swollen lips made me want to take it all in my mouth. "suck it...." he murmured. "go on...suck it". I readjusted my seating and lowered my face towards his stomach. I pulled his foreskin all the way back. The smell of cock was all around the car and the air was warm and moist. I grabbed the base of his cock and his balls in my left hand and pointed his cock upwards. I let his cock lips touch the lips of my mouth and then took his swollen hot head into my mouth and onto my tongue. I kept it there for a moment just rubbing my tongue against the glands of his head. Tom responded by flinching slightly with pleasure. I took this now slippery shaft with saliva as far into my mouth as it could go and began pumping my head up and down, moving my tongue all the time to stimulate him. I used my left hand to massage his balls and occasionally pump his shaft. Before long i could feel him throbb harder in my mouth and his head get hot, he was close to cumming. Tom silently moaned and his stomach muscles clenched, once then twice harder each time, then i felt a hot gush of liquid fill my mouth. I stopped for a second then using my left hand started to work his shaft while keeping my lips tight around the rim of his helmet. The second jet of cum hit the back of my mouth and seemed to cling to the roof of my mouth, i kept pumping away with my hand. I could now taste the salted dough flavour of spunk on my tongue. I took what i had in my mouth and swallowed. The third and forth spurt uzed into my mouth and seemed to be thicker and harder to swallow as it stuck to every part of my throat. I took his now limpish cock out of my mouth and admired how clean a job id done. Tom now lying there all contented with a smile across his face. I took my pants off and straddled toms chest, my balls above his neck, cock towards his face. Tom reached up and grabbed my steaming errection and wanked me off towards his face. I was already dripping precum so it wasnt long before i came. The first hot stream of sticky sperm flying over his face and hitting the leather seat with force. The second making a sticky white line down his face. The third pumped out and dripped onto his open mouth and still more came with every stroke it dripped out and covered his face. After we both lay there for a few minutes then got cleaned up dresses and both took a piss outside. I asked tom if i could hold it while he pissed and he said "no problem", guess i just wanted to try everything. I eventually got home and kept in touch with tom. Me and my girlfriend would go over to see him and his wife, we even had great holidays together. Of course me and tom would occasionally suck,pull and yank each other while the girls were asleep, even got as far as hot ass fucking sessions while the girls went out shopping for the day, even have a few home porn movies of it. We have lost touch now maybe because he has just had a new baby but since then ive never had any other experiences with guys but i do enjoy anal with my now wife while thinking of fucking a man heh.


2005-09-25 00:48:43
That was difficult to read. There are these things called capitalization and punctuation and spelling that were agreed upon long ago to facilitate communication. Master these, and you'll have half a chance of writing a decent story. If you don't, you'll write more crap like this.

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