Jillian stays for Movie Night.
“How’s this, Mrs. Campbell?” Susan asked sweetly as she held up the lingerie for inspection. It was a bra and panty set, black with bright pink accents. “I’ve got a garter and stocking set to match if you like this” she added helpfully.

“Ooh, that IS nice, Susan!” Jillian responded. “Have you worn that before? . . . for Mason?”

“Well, . . . yeah, . . . once, but, he might not remember or anything.”

“It’s so nice of you to let me borrow some of your things.”

“Well, I’m a lot closer to your size than my mom is” Sue laughed, “she’s so teeny.”

“And you look like a grown woman, and only 13.”

“I’m 14 now, but thank you. I think I’ve had my big growth spurt, but I’d like to be as tall as you. I want to play volleyball along with my softball.”

“And what about you and Mason? . . .” Jill just tested the waters with the girl that she had recently found out had had sex with her only son.

“I’m guessing my mom told you … and I really hope you’re not mad about that, Mrs. Campbell. That we, or, uh, Mason, didn’t tell you or anything. Are you mad at me?”

“No, Sue. Of course not” Jill reassured. “You kids are young, and being curious and exploring sex is normal for teen-agers; God knows I tried a thing or two at your age!”

“Things do get a bit crazy around here sometimes” Susan explained.

“God, don’t I know!” Jill laughed. “Your sister Missy and I got very well acquainted today!”

“She is like a little freak, I swear . . . but when she licks me I’m like in another world.”

“Do you have, um . . . feelings? For Mason?” Jill urged.

“I’ve had a bit of a crush on him since I was like 10, I guess” Susan admitted. “I couldn’t believe it at first when I got the chance to have sex with him. I don’t really think I gave HIM much of a choice!”

“So . . . do you, uh . . . love him?”

“God, Mrs. C! I’m only 14!” Sue guffawed. “I’m not ready for love or commitment or anything. I just felt like I was ready to have sex, and, uh, Mason was there . . . and, he did look hot, by the way” she laughed. “His dick was sticking straight up, and I was totally worked up, and it just felt right. Like I said, I hope you’re not angry with me, or us.”

“No, I’m not angry, Sue” Jill said truthfully. “Would you be angry with me if I had sex with Mason?”

“You’re asking my PERMISSION?”

“Well . . . yeah, I guess so” Jill admitted. “I know first-hand what it’s like to have your man cheat on you.”

“Oh, God, Mrs. Campbell, I’m sorry” Sue felt the emotional underpinnings of Jill’s questions for the first time “I didn’t mean anything by what I said”.

“It’s OK, dear” Jill placed a hand on her shoulder; “I’m over that asshole” she laughed. “And, thanks to your mom, I think I’m ready to explore some new territory when it comes to my sexual freedom.”

Susan smiled genuinely at her “you should, Mrs. Campbell. You deserve it. I know my dad wants to do you, he’s said so a bunch of times when we’ve had movie nights.”

Jill’s face grew flush at the mention of Phil, and her curiosity was piqued again by the ‘movie night’ reference. “What exactly IS movie night, Sue?”

“Well, it started out with mom showing us a porno movie for the first time, and we all learned about sex, and masturbating, and our bodies, and making ourselves feel good. Most of the time we just watch dirty movies and get off ourselves or by touching each other. I’ll finger Missy or my mom, or jerk off Jimmy, or Sam or my Dad. We all just have gotten comfortable with touching each other and making each other feel good” she paused, her mind racing as she realized she’d never said these things aloud. “But sometimes things get a bit more involved” she felt the sweat break on her skin, but she wanted to disclose this to Mason’s mom; she deserved to know. “We have sex too. I’ve had sex with Mason, which obviously you knew, and, um, my dad, and, uh, my brothers. Me and my mom and Missy get together too. Like I said, it can get pretty wild around here.”

“So has Missy had intercourse also?”

“Just with Sam so far, but I know she wants to fuck my dad, she’s said so. She does love pussy though . . . well, come to think of it, she pretty much loves EVERYTHING” she laughed.

“And Mason?” Jill found herself needing to know. “Has he been with anyone else, besides YOU?”

Susan’s realization made her feel a bit guilty about how casually she had looked at their activity. “Uh, no, Mrs. C. He’s only been with me, or he . . . , uh, you know, takes care of himself.”

“Sue” Jill steadied her voice as best she could, “I want to seduce Mason tonight. I wanna fuck my boy. Will you help me?”

“Absolutely, Mrs. C! We’ll get him so worked up he’ll be dying to have you. And I’ll help any way I can!”

“Let’s try this stuff on!” Jill breathed as she pulled off the t-shirt and gym shorts Theresa had given her from Jim’s dresser to cover up after their session in the family room. The dress that she had worn to lunch was still draped over a chair in the kitchen. She quickly found herself naked in front of Theresa’s other daughter.

“You are HOT, Mrs. C! You’re in terrific shape.”

“For my age, is what you wanted to say, right?”

“No, I mean, period. Fuck, you’re hot!” Susan automatically started taking off her own clothes as the sexual promise of a movie night, one with a new twist, began to overcome her sensibilities.

Jill was no longer drunk on margaritas and wine, but she was completely inebriated on sex. The exposure of Susan’s body to her was new stimuli that required response. Her firm, high, C-cup tits looked like a delicacy that needed tasting. Her tan, athletic legs were flawless, her skin tone was perfect, smooth, even. She engulfed the young girl in her passion. Wrapping, holding, caressing, kissing, sucking, everything that she could reach. Susan began to moan as Jill’s fingers found her way inside her panties and inside her. They fell on the bed together and continued to clutch. Susan was no acolyte and soon regained her bearings, exploring the geography of the second ‘older’ woman she had ever been with.
“I guess you’re still a little horny, huh?” Susan chuckled as they broke free of their luscious tongue-kiss, still riding each others’ hands.

“I don’t know what has come over me, Sue. I’ve never felt like this before. I think your mom might have created a monster!”

“It’s OK, Mrs. C. You’re in the right place for that. We should get dressed though, because the boys will be home soon and so will my dad. We want to be ready for them, right?”

“You’re right” Jill answered, reluctantly pulling her hand from Sue’s very wet cunt. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and sucked them seductively while looking into Sue’s beautiful green eyes. “Mmmm, you taste good Sue . . . I can’t wait to bury my face in that pussy of yours.”

“You’ve definitely got the talk down, Mrs. C., and I’ll definitely give you the chance. My mom and I love to 69 each other.”

“I want to see that too! I want to see everything, do everything. My god, I didn’t realize how pent up I was until your mom opened the cage and let me out!”

“Well, some extended foreplay and teasing will make it feel even better Jill . . . is it OK if I call you Jill?”

“We’ve had our hands in each other’s pussies, Sue, I think it's OK for you to call me Jill” she laughed.

“OK, Jill, get those fucking panties and bra on so that you look like a hot slut for the boys!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

*** *** ***

“Hey mom, we’re home!” Jimmy called as he came through the door with his friend Mason.

“Hi honey” Theresa called back. “Dad’s in the shower and dinner’s almost ready, so get your stuff put away. You boys got your homework done at school, I hope?”

“Yeah, mom, we had a study hall last period before soccer practice.”

After putting their book bags in Jim’s room, they did a quick wash-up in the kids’ bathroom and went down to the kitchen for dinner. The sight that met them stopped them in their tracks.

Sam was already seated at the long kitchen table, grinning from ear to ear. Theresa, Susan and Jill were all wearing aprons, bras and panties, and sexy heels. Missy didn’t have heels so she was bare-footed, which was how she normally went around the house, but she still looked sexy in her little black bra and panty set that Theresa must have bought for her recently. Theresa was in red: lace push-up bra with sheer facing, exposing her hard nipples to view, panties with a fairly narrow v down the back to expose her petite ass. Susan was in purple silk, one of her favorite colors, and her panties were a thong-style, narrowing to a 1/2-inch wide strip up her ass crack. Jillian wore a black and pink set, garter belt and fishnet stockings that matched. She stood on wicked looking black stilettos which put her over 6 feet tall.

“M-mom . . . wow!” was about as much sense as Mason could make as he stared at the beauties before him. He’d watched his mom undress and shower many times, but she’d never purposely dressed slutty for him . . . and in front of Jimmy’s family? What was going on?

“Hi Mason” she smiled brightly at him. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but her nerves were overcome by the awakening she’d been experiencing since early that afternoon.

“Have a seat guys, and I’ll pour some wine. Jill, can you and Sue start serving?”

Sue and Jill began plating the linguine with red clam sauce that Terry had prepared while they were busy upstairs. Terry poured a glass of Chablis for everyone, including Missy and Sam, as the boys took their seats on one side of the table and Phil entered, fresh from his after-work shower.

“Wow, you ladies are smokin’!” he complimented. “Where’s my hello kisses?”

Missy hit him first with an open-mouthed loving kiss as he leaned down to her. Susan followed with some tongue-action of her own as Phil’s hands caressed her beautiful, warm, bare bottom. Terry gave him a simple peck on the cheek as he continued to squeeze his daughter’s ass-cheeks. When Sue broke free, Jill stepped over and laid one on him that he wasn’t expecting. She crossed her bare arms over his shoulders and tilted in for a full-on tongue-fuck.

“Nice to see you too, Jill” he breathed out in amazement as they broke their clutch. He looked down at the grinning faces around the table, his beautiful, sexy family and now Mason’s mom finally dragged into the nets by his fisherman wife. His erection was pressing hard against the lounge pants he had put on after his shower, the tent it formed obvious to all.

“Ooh, did I do that Phil?” Jillian asked innocently.

“Not all by yourself, Jill, but you’ve got it raging, that’s for sure” Phil grabbed it for good measure as he walked over to his seat at the head of the table. Theresa sat opposite him, with Sue, then Missy and Jill on his right; his boys and Mason on his left. “Terry, this looks and smells terrific.”

“Oh, just a little something I threw together. How ‘bout a toast?”

Phil held up his glass and they all followed suit “here’s to my beautiful, loving family and to good, close friends” he said as his eyes scanned the faces, ending on Jill. They all took a long swallow of the light white wine.

Jill then raised her glass a second time “here’s to my great friend Theresa for helping me see that some parts of my life didn’t have to end when I got divorced. Thank you Theresa.” She leaned over to Terry and planted a loving kiss on her lips, which Terry warmly reciprocated. Everyone at the table then took their second drink, Missy and Sam giggling to each other as the tickle and warmth of the wine flowed through them.

Mason was quickly figuring out that something unexpected had occurred today and that things might be a bit different from now on, both here and at home.

“So” Jillian began, “we’re gonna stay for movie night, is that OK with you Mason?”

“Uh, sure mom.”

“What would you like to watch?”

The smiles and chuckles around the table began as everyone came to the realization the Jillian was fully informed on the subject now, so pretense was no longer necessary.

Mason was blushing and felt the warmth creep up his neck as he managed to return his mom’s gaze. She was looking at him with a lust that he’d never seen in her before. “Well, the video from Missy’s 11th Birthday Party is pretty hot. If you haven’t seen that yet, you really should.”

Laughter broke out in earnest now and Jill’s interest was piqued again. “I’d like to think I can imagine, Missy, but what happened on your birthday?”

“Oh, I had 2 of my friends sleep over and I taught them about sex, and how to eat pussy” Missy sounded casual but the pride still showed on her face. “And, I had Jimmy record it on the computer so everyone could watch it and I could watch it later. My friend Sara, she’s so fucking hot, she’s like really tall and has red hair, and tits that are about the size of Sue’s. She sleeps over now like once a month and we have sex until we fall asleep.”

“Wow, no wonder you’ve gotten so good at the things you do” Jill said in appreciation.

“What do you mean by that mom?” Mason inquired.

“Oh, only that I FINALLY had my pussy eaten today by someone who was actually good at it!”

Mason was dumbfounded, “Missy?”

“You’re a quick learner too, Jill” Terry interjected, “don’t sell yourself short.”

“I have got such a fucking boner it’s not funny” Jim informed the room.

“Well, we’ll have to find somewhere to put that then, won’t we” Susan finally joined the discussion. “I think Mason’s dick is going to be busy somewhere else, but I’m definitely gonna need something in my cunt Jim.”

The slut talk was still a bit new to Mason. It was usually pretty quiet when he was over for movie nights, things just tended to go with the flow of the evening. He’d definitely never heard anything like that pass Sue’s lips before. “God damn” he whispered as he panned his gaze at the sexy women and girls around the table.

Sue casually popped the clasp on her bra so that her tits could spring free. Her nipples stuck out like erasers as the air finally caught them. “Oh, yeah, that feels better” she said to herself as she took another gulp of wine and continued with her dinner, like no one else was there.

They finished their meals and their wine in relative silence, feeling the sexual tension grow in the room around them all. Susan finished first and got up to take her plate to the sink, giving the boys a perfect view of her wonderful ass. Her fork slipped off her plate as she approached the sink and landed on the floor.

She took a step back, spread her stance a bit and bent down at the waist to pick it up, keeping her legs straight and giving everyone at the table a priceless view of her young gash, which was not at all obscured by the thong that had somehow snuck inside of it. Still bent over, she reached between her legs to adjust her panties and pull them out of her snatch, running a finger down her slit as she did so.

“I’m done”, “I’m done”, “I’m done” the calls came out from Jim, Sam and Mason as they watched the show.

*** *** ***

The tension in the family room was unlike anything they’d experienced before. Everyone found a comfortable spot on the large sectional sofa, the armchairs and the ottoman as Sue stepped in front of the 60” screen and took control of the room. She looked ridiculously sexy, a 14-year old, fit, athletic girl, with bronze skin, in heels and a French-maid-style apron about her waist. The work of art that was her young tits cried out for touch with her supremely hard nipples as megaphones.

“OK, everybody” Susan announced as it became immediately obvious that she decided this would be her ‘movie night’. “We’ve got a bit of a crowd here and it’s hard to please everybody’s taste when it comes to movies . . . so I think we are going to go with a live show this evening, instead.”

There were a few looks of confusion, but Theresa looked up at her eldest daughter with a gleam of pride as she watched her establish control of the situation.

“If you’re joining us for the first time could you please raise your hand?” Susan continued. She’d seen some of those church shows on Sunday mornings and the impulse just came to her.

Jillian shyly raised her hand in the air from where she sat on the sectional between Jim and Theresa.

“You!” Susan called out and pointed to Jill.

“Yes?” Jillian acknowledged as she stood.

“You are new here?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And what brings you to us today?”

“I . . . uh, I need help.”

“What do you need help with, newcomer?” Sue found herself in character with an ease that surprised even her.

“I want to have sex again” Jill admitted in a very even tone.

“Do you mean you want to be FUCKED?” Susan threw back at her.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And how long has it been since you have been FUCKED, newcomer?”

“It’s been almost 4 years now” Jill said with startling honesty, and a tear began to trickle down her cheek.

Theresa stood and hugged her “Sue, stop, this is wrong”.

“NO” Jill interjected harshly, and then, much more quietly, to Theresa “I need this, Terry”.

“It is not your fault, newcomer” Sue did not exactly know where her showmanship came from, but she embraced it like she had previously her sexual power. She could wield it like a weapon. “You have been hurt through no fault of your own” she said soothingly as she took the few steps required to close the space between them. Sue pushed down the satiny cup of the bra covering Jill’s left tit and grabbed hold of her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Is your pussy wet, newcomer?”

“It is” Jill answered dutifully.

“And who would you like to have FUCK you, newcomer.”

The silence dragged on for several heartbeats before Jill could find some semblance of her voice.

“Mason” her voice cracked past her parched mouth.

“Does he deserve you?”


“Mason! Show me that cock Mason! Show me that it deserves to be inside of our new friend.”

Mason quickly dropped his jeans and underwear so that his aching boner could spring free. Watching Susan, the only girl he’d ever been with, her tits hanging out like invitations, talking dirty to his mom and twisting her nipples? What world was he in right now? Reality was gone, and in its place was his smokin’ hot mother who had just said she needed to be fucked.

“Is that cock hard enough for her Mason?” Sue continued.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“It better be! . . . On the floor, newcomer! Drop those panties and let me see how ready that pussy is to get fucked.”

Jill lay down on the floor between the sofa and ottoman, surrounded by everyone. She began to unclip the garters that were holding up the fishnet stockings. Missy quickly scampered down to help her undo the lingerie. Once free, she pushed the silky panties down past her knees where Missy took over to pull them off completely. The garter belt itself and the stockings she kept on. She lay back, knuckles in her mouth, seemingly helpless, awaiting her boy.

Mason had been in front of Jim’s family before, and had sex in front of them before . . . but this was different. He felt like he was on stage. His mother lay almost naked before him, she’d thrown her right leg up on the sofa and her pussy was spread open like the day he was born. He got on his knees between her legs and stared down at her as she popped her bra off and began pulling on her nipples. Missy was kneeling right next to him and seemed to sense his trepidation. She reached out and grabbed his cock, giving it a few quick tugs and pulled his head close to her mouth. “You can do it Mason. Fuck her! She NEEDS it! Your MOM needs it!”

Mason leaned forward onto his hands and Missy reached down to position the head of his dick at his mom’s waiting snatch. Jill was so obviously aroused, her scent permeated the room and her lips and ass-cheeks were slick with her lubrication. She rolled her hips upward to meet her son and he practically fell inside of her, she was so open and waiting.

The feel of a cock inside her cunt for the first time in years sent Jill into a different plane, but her pussy remembered. It grabbed hold of Mason and told him that she was in charge. He tried to relax a bit once he had fully entered his gorgeous mom and was finally able to look her in the eye. She stared back with the most solemn gaze she’d ever given him and mouthed the words “Fuck me, Mason”. Her legs came up and she crossed her ankles behind him as he began to thrust in and out of her.

Missy stayed on like a coach for Mason, never losing physical contact. She popped off her own bra and began to sweat along with him as he pumped his mom. She held his head close, alternating pushing his mouth onto her tits or holding HER mouth to his ear to encourage in a whisper: “fuck her Mason, fuck her, she needs you, Mason, fuck her”.

Mason had never felt so close to his mom, or to Missy, for that matter. He kept an arm around Missy’s perky frame and kissed her affectionately as he humped his mom. Then he would lean down and try to bestow his most learned kiss upon his mother’s lips, squeezing her amazing mounds in his hands.

“Missy, sit on me please, Missy” it was more of a plea than a request that came from Jillian’s lips, as she reached out to grab hold of Missy’s right hand. Missy did not need to be asked twice, and she felt honored to be such an integral part of this coupling. She stripped off her panties and positioned herself facing Mason, not even truly appreciating how much she had enabled him to perform this act. As she squatted down onto Jillian’s face she felt her pussy open up to her mouth and nose and lips. She slumped forward into Mason’s arms and just held on as he pumped his mom to a mutual orgasm. Missy came within seconds but was able to keep going for at least 3 more climaxes as Jill buried her tongue inside her and consumed her with a hunger that Sue or her mom had never quite managed.

“Fuck, mom, fuck” Mason shouted out . . . “I’m fucking cumming mom, oh holy fuck. Shit!”

Jill tilted her head away from Missy’s pussy long enough to respond “That’s it Mason! Fuck your mommy. I’ve got you baby, I’ve got you.”

They collapsed in a sweaty mess. Mason feeling spent and his head spinning. Jillian feeling satisfied, for now, but wanting more. Missy feeling an intense happiness from being a part of this special moment between Mason and his mom.



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