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The Queen taken to harem
Queen entered harem escorted by two women. There are no man inside harem. The first woman speaks, my name is Nini and she is Jinia. We are going to make you more beautiful here. You will get healthy food here and the best treatment of your body.
Queen become afraid and asked, what kind of treatment?
Jinia said, You will see soon but first we shall observe your body.
Rini took the robe off the queen’s body and queen put her hands on her breasts to guard herself.
She did not try to hide her pussy because they are already covered with hairs.
Jinia slaps her buttocks roughly with her hand and she cried in pain. Jinia keep her right hand on her ass crack and asked her to spread her legs. She obeyed without and hesitation.
Jinia keeps probing her back wit her fingers. She puts her fingers at the bottom of her ass and rub her mound gently. Jinia said, you are very wet.
Jinia slaps her again and said, take your arms off your breasts and don’t try to cover yourself . She cried and moved her hands off her breasts.
Nini fondle her breasts and circle her fingers around her nipple, her nipple was hard because Jinia’s hand is making her mad.
Jinia put her wet finger in Queen’s ass crack again. She parted her ass and gain access to her anus. She poked the queen with her middle finger and probe queen’s tight asshole while Nini is licking her hard nipples.
She started moaning in pleasure and they both stopped. Nini make her drink two glass of water and said, you can pee and wash yourself in the garden.
Jinia said, that’s all for now. We shall take you for a bath now.
Nini moved her to garden and said, you wait here, Jinia will come here soon and will wash you.

The queen is sitting on the grass naked. Light of the Sun is warming her whole body. Jinia came in with oil and asks her to lie down so she can massage her. She lies down and Jinia pour oil on her tummy. She started massaging her with her both hands. Her hands went between her legs and her inner thigh. She was brushing her pussy every time her hands move from her tummy to thigh. Queen started breathing heavily. Jinia pours oil on her erect tits and massage her breasts and then her belly.
Jinia told her to lie on the other side so that she can massage her back. She rolled facing her buttocks upside. Her pussy lips are glistening by her wetness. Jinia pours oil from her soldier continue to her ass crack. She started massaging her soldier, then her back and moved her hands to her ass. She squeezed her ass with her both hands.
She said, wait a bit and I’ll be back.
The queen walked to the corner of the garden and sat to pee. She peed and washed herself with water.
Jinia came back with cream and razor blade and asked her to sit down. She said, we are going to make you more beautiful now.
She put some cream on her moist pussy and rub it over her pubic hair. The she shaved her pussy smoothly and make her mound completely bald.
She told her to go bath under the tap water.
The queen sat under tha tap water she tries to collect water in her palm and splash the collected water on her body. She splash her mound several times to wash herself. She washes her breasts, her armpits, her navel. She pees more and splash her pussy with water again. The she moved and the tap water directly hit her pussy. Water keep running between her legs and she clean herself with her hands.
After bath she stood up and walk towards the room. Jinia was standing there with a towel. She dries her gently taking care on her pubic area which is just saved. She asked her, How do you feel now? The Queen replied, I feel nakedness between my legs.
She went in the harem, and given some milk to drink. After taking some rest Nina came in her room to take measurement of her body. She took measurement of her height and then her breasts, her waist, her ass. Then she took measurement of her thigh and her pubic area. She said, we are going to make you a special dress for you. It will help you to pee without opening your dress and you will wear it in the dinner party. You must take lots of water everyday and try to increase your bladder capacity.
Its dinner time, Queen, Jinia, Nini and another girl sat on chair to eat their dinner. All three girls wearing a robe which every harem girl wears but Queen sat naked. Nini glance on her bald mound and said, look at your pussy, you are now looking like a Queen. A harem girl came in and reported that, the tailor has come for the measurement. Nini said, send him in.
He came in. It was Ron, Queen already know him. Queen covered her bald pussy closing her legs. Nini gave him the paper on which she noted her measurement. He looked at it and asked, will you mind if I take a look at her pussy. I need to measure her with my fingers for the dress. Nini ordered Queen to stand up. Ron placed his fingers on her pubic area to measure her opening. Queen closed her eyes in shame. He asked her, please help me to understand which one is your pee hole, I need to measure it so you don’t get wet while pee. The queen keep her eyes closed, she took his hand and placed his index finger on her pee hole. Ron draws a circle on the paper exact size of her pee hole. Ron checked her ass size with the measuring tape and said, I shall go now. I got everything I need. He left the Harem, Queen sat down to finish the dinner.
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