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It was Saturday afternoon and Patty had the whole day and night to herself. Scott had a soccer game out of town and wouldn’t be back till late this evening so she wasn’t expecting to see him. It had been over a month since she and Scott began their affair. Maybe affair wasn’t the way to describe what was happening. She had become, what could only be described as his love slave. When she was alone, like this, she would tell herself how wrong it was but as soon as they were together she would do whatever he asked of her. At first she told herself that it was because he had threatened to expose their relationship but deep down she knew it was more than that. The fact was that SHE LIKED IT.

The day went by quickly as she did chores around the house and about six o’clock as he was about to get dinner ready for herself the doorbell rang. She went over to the window to see who it was and saw a woman holding a paper bag at the door. She was very attractive, she looked to be in her early to mid-forties. Patty went to the door and opened it.

“May I help you” She asked

“Hi, I’, Helen Brownell, Scott’s mother” She said with a very phony smile.

She could see the shock on Patty’s face and quickly added “And you must be Miss. Porter, the slut my son is sleeping with.” She smiled as Patty’s jaw dropped. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” She asked as she pushed past Patty and walked into the living room. Patty quickly closed the door and walked toward Helen.

“Please sit down” Patty said as Helen put her paper bag on the coffee table and sat on the couch.

Patty sat next to her and said “I’m not sure I understand what,” and Helen interrupted her saying “Look Miss. Porter denying it is a waste of time. I followed Scott last Saturday and saw the two of you in your bedroom. By the way, if you’re going to fuck my son’s brains out you should close the shades on your bedroom window.”

“I don’t know what to say” Patty said not wanting to look Helen in the eyes.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry for raping my son” She said

“Raping!!!!!! There was never any raping going on. If anything, he was the one doing the raping.” She said trying to defend herself.

“Look, you’re thirty-something and he’s sixteen. No matter how you try to explain it you are the adult and he’s the minor. You raped him!!”

“What do you want?” Patty said with the sound of resignation in her voice.

“Now that’s better” Helen said “The first thing is that I want you to strip.”

“Excuse me?” Patty said with a look of confusion on her face.

“I said strip. Take your clothes off. You should be very good at that by now.” Helen said sitting back on the couch and crossing her arms.

“I WILL NOT!!!!” Patty said as she looked at Helen with a shocked expression on her face.

Helen reached into her pocket and pulled out a cell phone. ”You wouldn’t have the number of the police department handy would you?” She said in a very calm voice. “Never mind, I guess 911 will work” Patty reached out and put her hand on the phone.

“NO please.” She said and stood up. Patty started to unbutton her blouse and as Helen sat back on the couch and watched. After removing her blouse and jeans Patty stood in front of Helen with her head down. This was a kind of humiliation she had never felt before.

“Well” Helen asked.

“Well what? Patty said

“Take the rest of it off. I haven’t got all day.” Helen said as she eyed Patty’s very attractive and well-proportioned body. Patty reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra and it fell to the floor. She then pulled her panties off and just stood there while Helen looked at her.

“Well I can see what my son sees in you.” Helen stood up and reached out to run her hands over Patty’s breasts. As she gently slid her hand over the nipples they became erect. Helen smiled and lifted and squeezed each breast while lightly pinching the nipples. “Very nice” she said as she reached back and unsnapped her own skirt. It fell to the floor and she then pulled her panties down and kicked them away. Helen sat back on the couch and spread her legs.

“Now get on your knees and lick me.” She said as Patty’s eyes widened not knowing what to do. “Do it now!!!” Helen demanded as Patty sank to her knees. Helen reached out and wiped a tear off Patty’s cheek then took a handful of her hair and pulled her head into her lap.

“Now lick me.” Helen demanded.

Patty ran her tongue over Helens pussy lips as Helen began to gyrate her hips to get her tongue into a better position. Helen pushed Patty’s head down deeper into her crotch and said “ Lick it good. Get that tongue down deep.” As Patty was giving Helen’s cunt a good sucking. Hellen pulled her sweater over her head and removed her bra. She threw them in the pile with her other clothes and began squeezing her very large breasts and pinching the nipples.

Patty began to lick and suck on Helen’s pussy harder and Patty was now grabbing Helen’s ass and pulling herself in. “That’s it you little slut, tongue fuck me.” Helen said. Patty was now sucking on Helen’s clit and all at once Helen let out a scream and her cunt started to squirt cum a foot in the air.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Yes, Yes, Yes” Helen screamed as she continued to squirt cum all over Patty’s face.
Patty was now, over the top with lust as she pulled herself up to squeeze and suck on Helens breasts while Helen was recovering from her orgasm.

Helen pulled Patty’s head off her breast and stood up. She grabbed the, almost forgotten, paper bag from the table and took Patty by the hand.

“Come with me.” She said as she led Patty back to the bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom Helen pushed Patty onto the bed. “You like to be fucked, don’t you?” Patty just nodded. Helen reached into the paper bag and pulled out a very large strap on dildo. Helen was wrapping the device around her waist and Patty’s eyes widened at the size of the black rubber sex aid. It was about nine inches long and twice as thick as any penis she had ever seen.

“It’s too big” Patty said “Please don’t try and put that in me.” She begged

“ A slut like you should be used to big cocks.” Helen said as she moved between Patty’s legs and ran her hand over Patty’s pussy. “And you’re soaking wet. We won’t even have to lube you up.” She said rubbing the rubber cock on the entrance to Patty’s cunt.

Helen pushed the head in with one hard thrust and Patty let out a scream. She kept working the big cock in with slow even thrusts and soon most of the cock was buried in Patty’s pussy and Patty was pumping her hips for more.

“You like this don’t you? You fucking whore.” Helen said “You want more. Don’t you? Say it!! Tell me you want more!!”

“I want more.” Patty begged “I want you to fuck me with that big black cock. Please”

Helen started to ram the cock into her faster and faster and as she did her breasts were bouncing wildly up and down. Patty grabbed them and started to squeeze and pinch the nipples as Helen kept pounding her with the rubber cock.

“I’m cumming” Patty yelled “Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck me, fuck me, please don’t stop” And Helen pushed harder and harder as Patty’s body stiffened and her eyes rolled back in her head. “I can’t stop cummmmmming” Patty said as Helen pulled the rubber cock out and replaced it with her mouth. Helen licked and sucked as Patty shot cum out of her, well fucked, pussy. Patty was laying on the bed having little orgasmic spasms when Helen lifted her head out of Patty’s lap and licked the cum off of her own lips. She stood up, unbuckled the strap on and threw it on Patty.s chest.

“Now it’s my turn.” She said as she lay beside Patty and spread her legs.

After an hour and a half of lesbian lovemaking the two of them lay on the bed in each other’s arms, kissing and fondling each other as if they had been doing it for years.

“What do we do now?” Patty asked

Helen thought for a second and said “You go on fucking my son the way you have been and you and I get together whenever we can”

“How long can we possibly get away with it?” Patty questioned.

“Until I can think of a way to get my son to fuck the two of us at the same time” She said and gave Patty a big smile. I've been thinking about my son's big cock since I saw him fucking you last week and I can't stop thinking about what it would feel like fucking and sucking it."

Patty just looked at her, smiled and nuzzled up against her large breast.

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