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James meets his owner, and gets a taste of the slave life
III - The Carousel

The Carousel looked like a place that James wouldn't have guessed it would be a sex theater. Actually, he doubted it looked like it was occupied at all. Two brightly painted horses, one on either side of the door, looked weather-beaten, and the dark brick building had seen better days. However, it was enormous, 2 stories and nearly a half a block deep. James, showered and cleaned up, had driven over, about 15 minutes from his parents' house, it was getting dark, the sun was setting, James felt that that heady mixture of nerves and excitement all at the same time. He parked a bit away, his car hidden by some tree branches, just down the block from the theater. He looked around, didn't see any other cars or anybody, and wondered whether he should wait in the car to see if anybody else was around. However, his car clock ticked 6:10, and James knew that he had to get in there and meet his Master. Gulping, looking around to see if anyone could
see him, even though the street looked deserted, James walked over to the theater and stepped inside the door. He was immediately greeted by a large, muscular man, wearing a black tshirt with 'Official' stamped across the chest. The man looked at James, clearly estimating him to be too young, but cocked his head to the side, listening to a small earpiece, and then nodded.

James bustled past the guard, looking into the main entrance of the theater. To one side, a large sex shop stood, with bright lights highlighting a myriad of toys, plugs, lubes, condoms, and other paraphernalia. A few people browsed silently, some linked arm in arm indicating a couple. To the other side sat a large bar with a zinc top. And the back wall was split, the left having a large double-door leading to the main theater, the right smaller door leading somewhere else. James stood, feeling very out of place, until there was a voice behind him. "You made it." The voice sounded so familiar, similar to that which had been coming through his computer, but similar in other ways. James turned to face his Master, and his mouth dropped. Looking down at him was the stern and muscular face of the man who had been in his bedroom this morning. The same build. James stammered, 'Mmm... Master?"

The man smiled, "yes, I am DrkMaster, your owner for now and ever. I wanted to surprise you this morning, but was ashamed that you did not ask the computer for permission before submitting to a stranger's cock. I have been thinking whether to keep you on as a slave."

James blushed, embarrassed at having failed so utterly at this new relationship. "Please, sir, you didn't leave me much choice. I'm unable to resist you. Please don't make me leave. I"ll do anything." His Master paused, thinking this over, then looked down at him.

"Come with me boy, and we'll see." He led James to the door on the right, into the unknown. As his eyes adjusted to the lower light levels, James saw multiple rooms stretching off to the distance, and a small set of stalls off to one side. Men and women were coming in and out of them periodically, some still zipping up and adjusting their clothing. "Strip boy."

Standing in front of these stalls, James blushed, then quickly obeyed. He shrugged off his pants and shirt, folding them quickly and handing them to his Master. He stood, only wearing his collar, his sandy brown hair ruffled, looking around. His boy cock semi-hard from the new experience, and two women looked at him as they walked by, smiling and nodding to Master. Master turned and pointed to one stall in the middle of the row, and followed behind James as he walked forward.

Stepping inside the stall, James looked around, seeing a ragged carpet on the floor and a chair placed in the middle, and on both sides, on the wall, two large holes the size of an orange had been cut out. His Master standing behind him, James knew what this was for, and immediately got down on his knees in front of one glory hole opening between the stalls. His Master sat down, letting his own pants fall to the floor, pulling out that large cock and stroking slowly, watching his slave. Within moments, James heard the unbuckling of a belt and the characteristic zipping of a pant zipper. Then all of a sudden from the glory hole came a long black cock, dark and veiny just as impressive as the one that had been in his mouth earlier. He looked behind him, to his Master, who was nodding in encouragement, and then turned back around to face the black monster in front of him. He was face level to the black shaft staring back at him, and without
another moments' thought he opened his mouth and proceeded to swallow the thick snake. The voice on the other end groaned in appreciation, and James felt his Master holding his head from behind, pushing him closer to the wall, forcing more and more of the thick eight inch cock into his mouth and throat. It hit the back of his mouth, making him gag, but his Master kept pushing, intent on making him choke to death on this black cock. As James struggled against the intruder, his Master reprimanded him, "Breathe through your nose, boy."

Opening his nose, his breath flooding back to his lungs, James kept working the cock that was in his mouth. Behind him, his Master watched his performance, and James knew that his Master's beautiful cock was out. The thought of his Master's dick made James eager to show how good a slave he was, and sucked with renewed intensity. James swallowed the full length of this black cock, giving his throat time to stretch out. His windpipe was pressed, but free enough for him to breathe through his nose without suffocating. His nose pressed close to the top of the glory hole, the musky smell of sweat of the anonymous man's crotch filling his nostrils, making him more excited by the moment. He felt his boy cock growing in anticipation as the big black cock filled and slowly fucked his throat.

James closed his eyes as he had his throat fucked, feeling his lips stretched to the maximum around this black member, and before long he heard the familiar huffing coming from behind the wall, the moaning increase as the pressure on his throat grew. Master pushed his head harder, not letting him escape, and with a loud grunt the man shot his cum deep into James' throat. James tried hard to swallow, but the cock filled him so completely that he basically had no choice but to relax his throat and let the cum slide down. The large gobs of cum ended, and the man pulled out, his cock glistening from the saliva and cum smeared all along the shaft.

"Kiss the head and thank him," came his Master's command. James bent down one last time, planting a slow, loving kiss on the hard cock, his first glory hole, and thanked the mystery man behind the wall.

As he recovered, a second cock poked through the other side, and Master indicated he was to repeat his action. However, no sooner had this cock, white and not as thick, entered his mouth than the other hole was filled with a new, thick member. As Master gestured, James let his tiny hand wrap around the other man's shaft and start to jerk it slowly. These cocks were not as quick to cum, and so James knelt there for 10 minutes, letting the one man ram his throat, rubbing his lips raw in the process as the cock slid back and forth. The man's thick pubic hair was pushed against the hole, tickling James' nose as he bobbed back and forth, in rhythm with the thrusts. He drooled copiously, unable to catch it in time his saliva mixed with the precum and dripped down onto his hairless chest. And while he was sucking, the second cock demanded attention as well. In his hand, the thick dick slid back and forth, lubed with the precum the man was leaking
from his tip. Master looked down at him, telling him to ease up on the handjob so the cock in his mouth could finish first. James obeyed, picking up the pace of his sucking, while loosening his fingers slightly from the thick shaft in his hand.

The good sized cock jumped in his mouth, getting close, and Master shoved James' head against the hole to take the entire shaft deep in his mouth. Once again, James felt the warm splash of cum against the back of his throat, then his tongue. As the man spurted, Master pulled his slave's head back, allowing the last few drops to shoot onto James' face. As the cock was done, spent, James turned and kissed the other cock he had been jerking, sending that man over the edge. This time, however, Master held him away from the cock, letting the second man shoot all over his face. James felt the cum hitting him squarely in the cheek, then on the chin. The third blast hit him in his hair, some dripping down to his eye, blinding him. James couldn't turn away, letting the cock finish its orgasm on his face while his Master watched. Just as before, James kissed the two cocks, thanking them for their cum, and let them slide back through the glory holes. His Master stood, now completely naked, and ushered James out of the stall.

James stood in the hallway, totally naked except his collar, standing next to his naked Master. He couldn't help but peek down and see the man's incredibly thick cock, hanging limp between his legs. As people walked past, James felt very shy. He could feel the hot cum still splattered on his face, and a few stopped to chat with his Master while he stood there silently, letting others judge him and evaluate him. Finally, Master took him and led him towards the theater, angling behind the rows of chairs, and finally backstage, to where a few other patrons had gathered. James looked around, bewildered, and his Master smiled. 'I think you're ready for prime time now, boy," he said, and pointed to a large reclining chair in the middle of the curtained stage.

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