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Leelu knew right away she had made a mistake. Her mother was leaning over telling her for the third time she couldn’t go on the camping trip with her other fifth grade girlfriends because she hadn’t cleaned her room, or done her homework, or taken out the trash…typical 11 year old things, typical punishment. And, just as typically, Leelu had gotten very upset with her mother’s decision. That’s when she reached out and slapped her mother across the face.

There she was, in her flip flops with the little daisies on the front, and her long skinny legs topped off with her candy red, super tight short-shorts, her cute little ass sticking out ever so slightly. She was wearing the Pebbles Flintstone tank-top her father gave her for her birthday two years ago. It was as tight as her shorts and clung across her taught young body, stretched across her still flat chest, the nipples poking out in the heat of the moment. When her mother took her shopping, she always picked out very tight clothes for Leelu. Never anything loose or bulky. Her mother said daddy liked how she looked in clothing that was a size or two too small, and since Leelu was just like her mother in that they both liked to make daddy happy, she grew to enjoy wearing her cute, tight wardrobe. She would come out to the kitchen every morning to show off her outfit for the day, and mommy and daddy would kneel down in front of her and run their hands over her clothes, saying how pretty she looked and how special she was and how much they loved her. It was the best way to start a day, she always thought.

Her black hair was done the way it had been done every day of her life. Her mother had started putting her in pigtails as soon as her hair was long enough. Mommy said her daddy loved her in pigtails and made sure they were perfect every morning, with the line of the part running straight up the back of her head and the cutest bangs cut straight across the forehead. Now Leelu could do them herself and did them the same way every day. She liked making her daddy happy, like the way she would sit in his lap and he would playfully pull on them while he rubbed her tummy. And she preferred how she looked in them, too.

But none of that mattered right then, because her mother’s cheek was turning red from where Leelu had hit her, and her eyes were growing hard and cold as she stared her down.

“Go to your room,” her mother managed, quietly, after a few moments where Leelu thought she might get hit back. Leelu turned without a word and walked to her bedroom.

It was an hour later when her mother finally came to her room. She always thought her mommy was the prettiest woman in the world. She had long black hair, just like her daughter, which she sometimes wore in pigtails, too. Daddy called them his little pigtail girls and she and mommy would giggle. Today, though, she had her hair down. Leelu always thought she looked very serious with her hair that way.
Her mother had on tight jean shorts that rode right up into her crotch. They were so short that the white pockets stuck out the bottom edge. She was wearing a pink Blow-Pop tee shirt. Leelu noticed that her mommy’s clothes were always tight like hers. In fact, they often dressed very much alike. In miniskirts and tight tank tops, knee socks and colorful little sneakers. Leelu had noticed that none of her friend’s mothers dressed like her mom, but when she brought it up, her mother always said that that’s the way daddy liked his girls.

“OK, Leelu,” her mother said as she sat down. “I just talked to your father—“
“I’m sorry mommy,” Leelu started to interrupt.
“Shut your mouth, young lady!” her mother shot back. “You are in serious trouble!”
Leelu sat back into her big pillows and stuffed animals with the look she got when she was frightened. Her button nose scrunched up a bit, her big blue eyes got even wider than normal and her full lips turned down into a pout.

“Your father and I have decided that if you think you’re a big enough girl to hit your mother, you’re a big enough girl to face a grown-up punishment. Tonight when your father gets home He is going to show you how big girls get handled when they are bad.”

And with that, she watched her mother stand up, walk out of her room and shut the door quietly behind her.

What Leelu didn’t see was the smile on her mother’s face after she left. What Leelu didn’t know was how long her parents had been waiting for this day to come. She didn’t know that the reason her parents had fallen in love and gotten married was, in a big part, due to a very similar childhood they shared.

When Lucy, Leelu’s mom, was 7, her parents had come home drunk from a party. She heard them come home, laughing in the kitchen, pouring drinks, whispering. She wondered if they were going to have sex soon. Lucy had been sneaking peeks at her parents having sex for a year already. On nights like these, she would hear them moaning and grunting in their bedroom, and she would slip out of bed and go down the hallway. She would watch through the crack in the door as her mother would take her father’s big cock in her hand and pull on it a few times before shoving it into her mouth. They would start slowly, but it was never long before her father would grab her mother by the hair and start forcing his cock down her throat hard and fast.

Her mother would make gagging, choking noises until her father would pull his sloppy, wet cock from her mouth and jerk on it while her mother stuck out her tongue and smiled up at her father. Then he would grunt and start shooting his thick cum all over her face. Her mother would catch as much as she could in her mouth and swallow it, making noises like it was the yummiest thing in the world. Still, a lot of his cum splattered all over her face. In her eyes, her hair, it would drape across her forehead and cheeks and run down her big tits.

Even at 6 years old, lucy’s nipples would get hard as little stones and she would have her hand shoved down her little white panties, rubbing her little pussy. It was only a few months after she started to watch her parents fucking and cumming all over each other that she had her first orgasm. She was standing outside the door with a finger pushed into her little hole when she watched her father fuck her mommy from behind. She had a perfect view of his big shaft going in and out of her wet pussy. Suddenly, he pulled out of her and began pushing his dick into her ass. Lucy couldn’t believe it. She had no idea a cock could go there, but her mommy started moaning louder and saying, “Oh, yes! Fuck my ass Frank! Oh, I’m your ass whore, baby!”

That’s when it happened. She felt her little body tighten up, her knees went to rubber and her bare pussy started squirting out around her little hand. She didn’t realize she was moaning until her first cum slowed down and she opened her eyes. Both her parents had stopped fucking and were looking right at her from the bed. She pulled her wet hand from her panties and ran back to her room. She waited for them to come in and punish her, but it never happened and she finally fell asleep.

Nothing was said about it the next day. Her parents just went about their business like any other day. In the nights that followed, Lucy refrained from sneaking peeks when she heard her parents in bed. She was happy that she didn’t get in trouble, but she wasn’t going to press her luck, even though she really missed watching. She really wanted to cum again, too.

And then that night came. She was awake when they came into her room, of course, but she pretended to be asleep. She pretended when she felt her mother grab the hem of her night gown and pull it off over her head. She pretended when her father’s rough fingers hooked onto her panties and pulled them down her legs. She laid there “asleep” as best she could, but then her mother took one of her tiny nipples into her mouth and she felt someone else’s finger on her pussy for the first time. It was her father’s, and she was already wet from thinking about them having sex. The minute he touched her there she moaned. It was so much better than her own finger that she couldn’t believe it. He rubbed up and down her tiny slit as her mother sucked on her nipple, and when her father reached her little clit, her eyes fluttered open and she began to cum again.

“Does that feel good, baby?” her mother asked in a deep husky voice.
“Yes mommy…Oh, yes!” Lucy was gasping by then and her pussy was leaking so much juice her father said,
“Daddy’s gonna clean you up baby girl.” And lowered his face to his tiny daughter’s small hairless pussy and began licking up her cum.
“I want some, too, honey,” her mom said. Her father stepped aside and her mother began licking away at Lucy’s little hole. It was only moments later that Lucy had the third orgasm of her life. Right into her own mother’s mouth.

Her mother cleaned her up the best she could and Lucy’s parents kissed wetly, sharing Lucy’s juice between them.
“Do you think she can handle it?” Her mother asked her father when they broke the kiss.
“Let’s find out,” he said.

Then her mother unbuckled her daddy’s belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his legs. She knew what was going to happen right then. Her daddy was going to fuck her and her mother was going to help him do it. When she saw the size of her father’s prick up close she got a little scared. She wondered how that was going to fit into her tiny hole. It felt tight even with her little finger inside so she couldn’t imagine something 8 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle being inside her…but the idea of it was the most exciting thing she ever felt. She wanted more than anything for him to try.

“I want to watch her suck it first,” her mother said. “Lucy, get on your knees on the floor.”

Once Lucy was where her mother told her, her mother began to give her instructions.
“OK, baby. Now make sure your mouth is good and wet. Is it good and wet?”
“Yes, Mommy,” Lucy said.
“Good. Now open wide and let daddy lead you. Breath through your nose when daddy pulls out, hold your breath when he pushes in, and don’t use too much teeth.”

Then her father stepped in front of her face and started feeding her his cock. At first she managed to only get the head in. He let her suck on it for a while to get used to having her mouth full. Her mother was kneeling beside her with her mouth hanging open, gasping as she worked two fingers in and out of her cunt, watching her 7 year old daughter suck on her father’s hard man-cock like a big lollipop. She had never been more aroused than by the sight of it.

Soon, her father began pushing more of his cock into his little girl’s mouth. Lucy was slowly learning how to stretch her jaw and accept the sheer mass of the thing, but at 4 inches, only half way, the head was jabbing her gag reflex. She couldn’t handle any more than half of her father’s cock down her throat, but the sounds her father was making told her that she was making him happy anyway, which made her happy too.

“Fuck her, honey!” Her mother finally gasped. “I need to see you fuck her!”

So her father gave her face one more hard thrust. It actually pushed past her gag reflex another full inch and he just kept it there for a moment while she struggled to not try and breath.

“Oh, what a good girl,” he moaned before he finally dragged his cock from her tight throat. She coughed a few time, but was smiling at her daddy as he had her lay back down on the bed. Her mother pulled her fingers out of her pussy and said, “here, baby girl. Taste mommy’s pussy,” and she pushed her fingers into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy sucked them clean while her father positioned himself between her legs. Her mother reached down and grabbed her husband’s cock by the base and began rubbing his cock head up and down Lucy’s slit. Lucy moaned loudly and enticingly when she felt the hot contact.

“I think she’s ready,” her mom said. Her father nodded and began to lean forward, pushing his cock slowly into the opening of Lucy’s tiny pussy. It hurt a little, but it also felt so good. First one inch, then two. At three inches she felt him hit her hymen. She knew it was going to hurt, but she lifted her hips up, urging her father to push harder. He did, and she cried out when she felt it tear. Her mother was laying beside her, smoothing her hair, whispering, “shh, shh, its okay. The pain is almost gone,” until the pain actually was gone and her daddy was pushing more of his thickness into her impossibly tight hole.

At five inches she felt like she had eaten Thanksgiving dinner. She felt stuffed. At seven inches she looked down at her mother’s hand, which was rubbing her tummy. Then she noticed that she could see the outline of her daddy’s cock bulging her tummy out. Her mother was rubbing her daddy’s cock under her skin and he was moaning loudly. He finally pushed the last inch into his little girl, burying his balls up against her tight ass. She could feel the head pushing into all kinds of things deep inside her, but she had never felt better in her whole life. It was the best, fullest, hottest thing she could ever had imagined.

“Fuck her, honey!” her mom said.
She looked up into her father’s eyes and decided to take a cue from her mommy. “Fuck me, daddy.” She even said it in her cutest baby-girl voice. The one she used on her father when she wanted ice cream or to stay up late watching a movie. Her father couldn’t resist and began to drag his dick slowly out of her pussy. He pulled it almost all the way out and thrust it back in, making her breath catch. She moaned, he pulled out and thrust, her mother was rubbing herself hard and fast as she watched her daughter’s pussy get impaled. Her father pulled out and thrust faster and faster until he was slamming into his little girl. In the back of his mind he realized she would probably be bruised tomorrow, and very sore, but he didn’t care. He need to fuck her like that, like a tiny little whore. It was the tightest pussy he had ever been inside and his animal instinct took over as he committed this incestuous act. He gave himself over to the depravity of fucking his underage daughter as his wife masturbated to the whole thing.

And then he couldn’t hold back any more. He whipped his glistening cock out of Lucy’s tiny little pussy and began shooting cum as hard as he ever had. The first shot splashed onto his daughter’s face, hitting her on the corner of her gaping mouth. Half of it landed on her tongue and her moaning became a gurgling sound. The rest splashed up onto her cheek. The second rope laid out from her belly button to her forehead in a long, thick line. Forehead, down the cheek, dripping from her chin and all the way down her chest and stomach. The rest came easier and just plastered her nipples and stomach.

As soon as he squeezed out the last drops and they fell onto Lucy’s pussy, her mother went to work lapping it all up with her tongue. She licked it off her daughter’s face, she filled her mouth from Lucy’s chest and spit it into Lucy’s waiting mouth since she could tell Lucy liked what had landed there on the first shot. Lucy swallowed all her mother shared with her. Her mom finished her licking on Lucy’s pussy making her cum one last time that night. But it was the first night of many that her family would share. In fact, they had sex together well into Lucy’s marriage to Dale, Leelu’s father. The only reason they stopped was that her parents had died two years ago…but it seemed to Lucy that her sex life was finally going to come full circle. Incest was going to take a center role once again.
To Be Continued…

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