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Leelu lay in her bed for hours after her mother told her about her punishment. Soon she fell asleep and started having her special dreams, as she called them. They always started the same way. She is in the bathtub and her mommy and daddy are washing her. Every Friday night is bath night at her house. Her parents have her get in the tub and they fill it with bubbles. They kneel there and soap her up, wash her hair and rub her everywhere. They make sure to clean her butt and pussy really well. They say that’s the most important spot and that’s why they give her a bath once a week. To make sure her important parts are clean. She loves bath night. She loves the way her parent’s hands on her skin make her feel. Especially when they clean her down there…

That’s why the dreams always start in the tub. First she dreams feeling that way from their hands, but they don’t stop in her dreams. They dry her off and carry her to their big bed, still naked.

Leelu knows what sex is. She’s watched her parents many times when they have sex and it makes her feel the same way as when they wash her. Tingly and overheated. She learned how to touch herself from watching them touch each other. She does it every day and she can make herself cum almost every time.

That’s how she knows that in the dream her parents bring her to their room to have sex with her. She dreams about sucking her father’s cock as her mother licks her pussy. She dreams about licking her mother’s pussy while her daddy fucks her tight hole from behind. Her favorite part is when she dreams that her daddy makes his girls kneel in front of him as he shoots his cum all over their faces and into their mouths. She can only guess at the taste of it, but she’s watched him do it to her mother, and mommy seems to love it. In her dream she can feel her daddy’s cum landing on her face in hot splashes…

“Leelu? Leelu, wake up.”

Leelu opened her eyes and her daddy was standing over her. It was getting dark outside and she could feel that her panties were wet from her pussy under the blankets. At first she forgot that she was in trouble. All she could remember was her daddy cumming all over her face and how excited it made her. She looked up at him with lust in her young eyes.

“So your mother tells me you think its ok to hit her. Is that true?”

She woke up quickly, the memory of her punishment flooding her mind, and sat back into the corner of her bed with her frightened, wide eyed face. Her father looked at her pouty expression and her mussed up pigtails. She had scooted out from under the blankets when she sat up and her pussy lips were clearly visible through the tight vinyl material of her short shorts. He could see a little damp spot coming through as well. Maybe she is ready for this, he thought. His dick grew hard in his pants thinking about the things he would do to her tonight.

Dale and Lucy had been waiting for the opportunity to bring Leelu into their sex life. Of course, Dale knew all about the underage incest in Lucy’s childhood home. It was an important part of their own sex life. She would tell him the stories of how her parents molested her innocent young body. She would tell him all the nasty, kinky things her parents liked her to do. Like the weekend of her 10th birthday when her father’s two brothers, Lucy’s uncle Jim and Uncle Lou, came over to the house and all she was allowed to eat for two days was their cum. Of course, she loved cum. She was happy to see if she could get some out of the three cocks in the house that weekend whenever she was hungry. That story always turned Dale on. Especially the part about her first meal from them. They had saved up their cum all week so that each would have a huge load. She sucked them all off into a bowl and she lapped it up on her hands and knees like the family dog. Her mother fucked herself with a huge dildo as she watched the whole thing. Lucy was happy to be her family’s little slut.

And Dale would tell her stories about his childhood in return. His father had run off before he was born, so it was only he and his mother at home from day one. His mother would bathe him every night. His earliest memories were of his mother, sitting naked on the tub, “so she wouldn’t get her clothes wet,” she would always say, washing him with her soapy hands.

Lucy loved to hear the story of his first hard-on. He was 8 years old, and every night his naked mother, with her big tits swaying, would soap up his little cock. She spent more time cleaning that than any other part of him. Then one night it happened. As she ran her hand over his balls and under his shaft, it started to get hard. His mother let out a small, happy gasp like that was what she had been waiting for for years. When it got hard enough she gripped it and started stroking it up and down until his body tightened up. He was too young to actually cum, but his mother kept jerking him off every night until he finally, a year later, shot a little load of cum all over his mother’s hand. He stared at her, wide eyed in surprise. She looked him right in the eye and, without a word, licked his cum off her hand with a satisfied little smile.

At this point in the story Lucy would always ask him, “and then what did she say?” because she loved to hear the words his mother spoke.
She said, “Now you’re all mine, Dale. That little boy cock is all mine.”
Upon hearing those words, Lucy would shove his cock into her mouth and suck him until he came straight into her belly.

So Dale and Lucy’s sex life was a wild re-visting of both their incestuous pasts combined with fantasizing about having sex with their daughter, Leelu.

Dale would tell her about the first time he fucked his mother’s ass. He was 10, she was drunk and had begged him not to stop. He would tell her about all the times his mother brought him into dressing rooms at Sears or Penny’s under the guise of helping her little boy try on clothes, when really she would bend over, lift her skirt and have him fuck her from behind. She would make him finish in her mouth on those days to save the mess. She would always breath heavily at the check-out girl, Lucy guessed it was because the perverted woman wanted people to know she just ate her underage son’s cum.

Then Lucy would tell the story about how her father picked up a hooker and had her watch as he fucked his little 10 year old daughter on the bed of a seedy hotel room. Dale liked the part about when her daddy came in her mouth and had her kiss-share it with the hooker. The hooker didn’t even charge him.

But it was their darkest fantasies that came out when they talked about the possibility of fucking young Leelu. They both knew that what they wanted to do with their daughter was wrong, perverted beyond anything they themselves had endured as children, but their lust and sexual appetite had grown over the years. They needed an extra dirty fantasy when it came to Leelu.

And so they developed a plan. From day one they framed their daughter in sexuality. They dressed her in slutty Lolita clothes and exaggerated pigtails…which, it turned out, she loved to wear. They bathed her like Dale had been bathed by his mother, they touched her body whenever they got the chance, but they never took it too far. They made her a sexual object but never brought it to her attention. For their plan, they needed her to be innocent.

Both Dale and Lucy had been introduced to sex when they were still young enough to accept it as normal. They were raised to be fucked and so were perfectly willing to be fucked. Their plan, their appetite, could only by satisfied by one thing. They wanted to force their daughter to have sex with them. They wanted to rape Leelu.

“I asked you a question, Leelu,” her daddy said when she failed to answer him the first time.
“Yes, daddy. It’s true. I’m sorry!” tears were starting to roll down her cheeks and Dale frowned at her. He was a big man with a rough, stubbly beard. Leelu loved him, but he was scary when he was mad.
“Tomorrow is Saturday,” he said sternly. “I want you to get some sleep tonight and tomorrow your mother and I are going to punish you, do you understand?”
“Yes, daddy,” she said. She knew not to argue with him. She knew tomorrow was going to be a bad day for her. Her father nodded his head and left without another word.

Dale went into his bedroom where Lucy was waiting for him. She was dressed in his favorite little girl school outfit—micro plaid skirt, white knee socks and little black shoes, a super tight My Little Pony tee shirt that accentuated her tight, tiny little tits. Her hair was done up in perfect pigtails like he liked. He knew she loved to dress this way. She still thought of herself as that little girl who was used as her family’s sex toy. She called him daddy whenever they were alone.

“So, daddy? How’d it go?”
“Good,” he said. “She’s scared but she’s ready. Her pussy was wet from a dream she must have been having.”
“Oh, god, daddy! That’s so hot! …Do you want to watch the movie?”
Dale smiled and started stripping down. Lucy went to the dvd player and loaded in their favorite disc. It had taken them a year to track down in a way they felt was safe. It was four scenes of underage girls getting fucked by their parents. They knew it was real. The people looked far too alike for them not to be related, and the young girls were not acting when they called the adults mommy and daddy. The last scene was their favorite. The mother and father had decided to film the first time with their daughter, a scene all too familiar to Lucy.

The little girl was asleep on her bed in white panties and a tee shirt. She must have been about 9 or 10. She was confused when they woke her, but mommy kept telling her to be a good girl, be a big girl and make daddy happy. Daddy was already naked, his cock already hard as mommy pointed the camera at her daughter’s face. Daddy grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth, choking her a bit. He would pull it out and let the girl gasp for air, then shove it back in. After a while, the girl gave up struggling and let her father fuck her face. Daddy didn’t last too long before he pulled out of her tiny mouth and shot his cum all over her face. The girl wasn’t crying, but she looked frightened.

As soon as he coated her face, mommy handed him the camera and he filmed her licking his cum off their daughter. When the little girl was all clean, mommy laid down on the bed and told her to lick her pussy. The girl started to protest, but daddy grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into mommy’s cunt and told her to lick. She did. After a few minutes of licking with her tiny little ass sticking up in the air, daddy was hard again. He grabbed her panties and pulled them down just enough to expose her bare ass and little pussy. He spit on his hand and rubbed her pussy until it was wet. The little girl moaned then, and spread her legs.
“I knew she wanted it,” daddy said. Mommy just looked at him with the lust of having her pussy licked by their daughter and nodded.
The girl cried out once when daddy shoved his cock deep inside her from behind. He didn’t even give her the chance to get used to it, just kept thrusting in and out. It wasn’t long before the girl was grunting with pleasure at each thrust.

At this point in the movie, Lucy had her mouth stuffed with Dale’s cock as she tried to keep one eye on the tv.
“You like getting mouth fucked when you watch a little girl get raped, don’t you baby girl?”
“Mmm hmm,” was all she could manage around his cock. It was even bigger than her father’s. Maybe a full ten inches long but she could deep throat the whole thing.
Dale slapped her face hard. “What was that?” He roared.
She popped her mouth off his dick long enough to say, “Yes, daddy!” before shoving her face back down on him.
“Good girl,” he said, and shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, licked any she missed off his balls, and curled up next to him as he caught his breath.
“I can’t wait until tomorrow, daddy,” she said.
“Neither can I, baby girl. Neither can I.”
To be continued…

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