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If you have read the first installment ... Allison Walker has sold herself into slavery rather than face death at the hands of a "reaper"
the story continues. Allison makes herself at home.

I spent the remaining hours of my afternoon in Allison’s bed, well her floor really. We coupled in practically every position I could think of. Although she offered anal, I declined, that’s not one of my favorites. Still she was sincere in that offer and we decided that it might be something we could share another time. Allison was attentive to my needs. She made quite the afternoon of it. I specifically recall the first time I entered sweet pussy. I remember running my hands along that tight trim belly and encountering the small landing patch of pubic hair just below the sooth flat plane between her navel and her crotch. I pulled my fingers through that deft patch lightly and watched as her eyes open wider in anticipation of my touch. By the time I reached her swollen labia they were already dripping with moisture. I allowed my fingers to explore lightly spreading her flesh flower wider, and dipping inside. Total heaven and I was completely ready to invade that warm wet spot. I decided to work my oral charms on her in repayment for her earlier ministrations. Her scent was light and her nectar sweet. I ran my tongue through her cleft and explored all her openings. Just remembering that afternoon warms me all over. I cherish the feeling of my cock spreading her open, and slowly penetrating her, spreading her vaginal walls forcing entrance into that glorious love tunnel. I started with small movements, but those built quickly until I was slamming my cock along its full length into her. Each full stroke jarring her breasts, causing them to quake with the force I applied to her. The sight of her full C cups quivering was magical. I stared into her face, watching as she turned her face toward the ceiling and allowed her mouth to fall open in ecstasy. I believe we both peaked at the same time on that particular coupling. I know I decorated her interior with a huge load. I pumped jet after jet into her and could feel it running over my balls and her ass as I displaced a full load with another stoke, and another delivery.
What I’m telling you is this girl can fuck. She isn't just a silent partner, but a full on participant in the act. She used everything she had, every aspect of her body, her voice, sounds, the full gambit. As we lay there that after noon, I was again spent, and I started to really believe that I could make this work, It would be a wonderful arrangement, for as long as it lasted.
After three hours with Allison, I was standing in the shower, attempting to remove the sweet and all the smells of our encounter. Although the windows had been open, the cross breeze was far too weak to really provide any coolness. Allison had joined me in the shower, and we spent a few minutes under the cool water again relishing each other’s touch. Allison had not been able to afford electric, so there was no hot water. Allison asked “ Can you make this happen?, can you pull the contract on me and give the the chance to be yours?” I nodded, although I was less confident about how I was going to accomplish that feat as of yet. I told her to remain calm. I was the only person with the contract and I was not going to collect on it. I would make a call to my handler in the morning, and get the ball rolling. Until then she must remain where she was. I reached into my wallet and handed her a 50 credit note. “Here”, I said. “Go out and get something really good to eat, and save something to buy luggage to move.” “I’ll be back tomorrow to collect you and take you away from this place.” The way I had phrased it could be taken in several ways. Good or bad.
I went back to my apartment and quickly changed clothes, after showering again under hot water and contemplated the idea of owning Allison. Here, in my home, she would be by far my most prized possession. Now the trick was in making that happen. The agency had issued a contract, and I was bound to fulfill it, lest they send someone else to do so, after a period of time. I went to sleep that night, thinking of my afternoon, and I slept like a child.
The following morning I was up and dressed before sunrise. Went through my morning work-out routine, and grabbed a protein shake as a day starter. By the time 8:30 rolled along I was well into my day. The first call wet to may handler at the agency. I worked exclusively for Tom Heard, and he picked up on the second ring.
“This is Tom” he said, his voice deep and menacing, like always. Tom’s a bit of an asshole, but in the years that we have worked together he has always played it straight with me. “Hi Tom, its Jack” I replied. “This is unusual. I don’t believe you have ever called me in the 12 years we have been associated. Is there a problem?” “There a complication Tom, and I am going to need your assistance” I said. “Ok, without being specific, knowing that there may be other ears about, what do you need?”
I began to explain and Tom cut me off almost instantly. “Jack, this is not a pet store, you are not here to adopt something. You job is to provide me a solution to an outstanding debt, period.” He said. “Yeah, no shit, these are new waters for me too. Without divulging anything, can you get me an appointment with the banker, I want to discuss other terms.” There was silence for a few minutes, and finally Tom returned to the line. ”If it were anyone else I would pull the contract, get another operator, and take you off line until I knew you had your head in the game, give me an hour, let me see what I can do” and he hung up before I could voice objections.
True to his word the communicator buzzed 53 minutes later. “Hey, it’s me; he will meet you at his office on Madison at Wall Street, the High Clift building, office 422, in forty minutes. Don’t be late; he is doing this as a favor to me. His name is Sean Blackmon. He said that he would be busy, but just knock on the door and come In if the secretary was out. Jack, I hope you know what you are doing. These guys don’t play. Oh, and no weapons, the building is secured, so travel without you usual armory” Before I could thank him Tom had hung up.
I was early as my apartment isn't far from the downtown area. True enough the outer room was empty when I entered. I proceeded past the unoccupied desk in the waiting area, and knocked on the door to the inner office. I heard a voice bed me to enter. Blackmon was dressed as the banker he was, He bid me to sit as he completed the call he was on when I entered. In a moment, the call ended and turned his attention to me.
Blackmon made no effort to shake my hand, no offer of drinks. It was obvious that this meeting was to humor me, on the recommendation of Tom. I moved directly to the discussion at hand. “Mr. Blackmon, I want to discuss one of your loans, and how we might resolve it without the usual outcome.” Blackmon looked over his glasses and examined me. “I see from the balance sheet that the we are owed roughly $25,000, against the original $60,000. Not bad. Usually there is little or no effort to repay the loans. People with means usually do not approach us for a loan.” He said patiently. “The take our cash and buy off their other debt holders, then try to disappear, that’s why we fit them for the ankle bracelets, and why we employee people like you.” The disdain in his voice was barely concealed. “So what do you want to do here?” I looked him in the eye and told him I wanted to extend the terms of the loan, and make the payments myself. He laughed. “Mr. Dahl, what kind of business do you believe I run here? You think this is a dating club? I am a businessman; my business is to make my investors’ money. See things from my side. We established this business in Florida because old rich people come here to retire. Rich here, being the operative word. People with money are like everybody else. They want to spend as much time on earth as possible, to enjoy the fruits of their years at work. They move here, and as their bodies begin to fail, they look to find whatever they need to continue that life. Yes I provide loans to a select crowd, with the expectation that they will not be able to repay those loans, and I have the right then to harvest what I can from their remains and make some meager profit. If I tell an investor that I will loan out $100,00 and get a return of $110,00 in two years, they would not be beating a path to my door. As it stands now this $60,000 loan we are discussing here could yield $250,000 in sellable good, that’s before expenses. So you waltz in here and offer to pay off this small loan over time, and call it good? I don’t think so. My return on investment should be on the order of 450%. Now if you can cough up that kind of cash today, then we have something we can work with. If not, well, sorry. You don’t want to carry out the contract, that on you. I have plenty of others that can do this job.”
“I understand, but you do have a legal and binding contract here with Ms. Walker, and if she does make a full repayment of the loan, then she would have no threats of foreclosure hanging over her, isn’t that correct?” I asked. “Clearly, Mr. Dahl that is true. If she meets the terms of the agreement we will release her from her contract. I must admit this case is different in that she has made a great effort to repay. Not something I see on a regular basis.” He said. “Let me ask this, she has made you an offer of her physical body in return for forgiveness of the debt. How is that different than what she offered us when she applied for the loan? Now she is offering you the same collateral we hold title to. That’s a bit of a problem.” He sat silent for a moment his fingers interlaced and quiet on his immaculate desk. “ I have a proposal: If you choose to make her debt payments, then we could continue the original terms of the loan. All things considered, it possible that the loan could be satisfied, and the parties receive what was in the original bargain, albeit the return on investment would fall well short of projections, but that why it’s listed an investment. Now if for any reason there is another late payment, or default, then I would again instruct the collections department to resume our current contract. I am only making this offer based on the fact that 2/3 rds of the original loan has already been repaid. I am also assuming that you would make the arrears payments and bring the account up to date. I couldn't dream of making this offer without a penalty however. I am a businessman, and this is business. While there are no specific clauses in the contract to cover that contingency, I would be willing to move forward with a one-time $6000.00 penalty payment, will that be cash or check?” he asked over a frozen smile. I was taken aback, but weighed the options and couldn't really make a good argument for a counter-proposal. I did however have reservations. This was real money, and I was risking it on someone I had just met. What was I thinking? More to the point what was I thinking with? Obviously with my dick!
Blackmon spoke up before I could finish my thoughts echoing what was going through my head. “This girl must really be something in the sack to have you this twisted up over her. Tell me, what are you planning to do if she decides to skip out on you.” He asked. “Truthfully Mr. Blackmon, if that happens I will skip the payment, and want to be the contractor who makes the collection” I answered. Blackmon smiled. “I can arrange that…”
Blackmon’s mood or at least his attitude toward me appeared to have changed. He was actually smiling as I wrote him a check bringing Allison’s account current, and covering the penalty. As I presented the check to Blackmon he stared at me for a long minute. “This must be some piece of ass you have going here” he said finally. “You are putting out your own cash to cover her debt. I can assume that she doesn't have the financial resources to cover them, so it stands that she is working her debt off in some other fashion. I would have thought that selling sex constitutes prostitution, which is still illegal. Clearly human ownership or slavery is also illegal. She must be something else to bring you to this point”. Blackmon was right. The entire endeavor was definitely slanted toward Allison’s favor. With this transaction, she was clear, at least till the next payment was due. Of course that also left the option for me to decide if our arrangement was indeed beneficial and if I still felt like I was on the short end, I could just discontinue the payments. The debt was still in her name, not mine, and she still had everything to lose. As I turned to go, my business concluded, Blackmon called me back. “Mr. Dahl, are you a gambling man”? He asked as he held my check, twirling it slowly between his fingers. We talked for another hour before I finally left.
I drove straight over to Allison’s apartment, half expecting it to be empty. She answered on the second knock. “Is it safe to ask you in?” she asked, uncertain if I had decided to collect her for my contract or if I had arranged to carry her debt. “It’s perfectly safe Allison. I have worked something out with the banker“. I answered. “Now we need to discuss the exact terms of our arrangement” I said. She stepped back from the door and asked me in, and I closed the door behind me and casually checked the apartment out of habit. She was dressed this time, and the simple clothing looked great on her. She looked up expectantly, patiently waiting to hear what I had to say.
“Let’s get out of here. How long will it take to gather your things?’ I asked. Allison smiled, one of those huge smiles that lights whole rooms. She bent at the waist and collected a single brown bag that was at her feet. “I’m ready Jack, where are we going?” smiling.
We drove to my sub-division, and straight to my home. I used the remote to open the garage and closed the door once I had parked. As we moved through the house for the first time, I watched Allison reactions to my domicile. She seemed to approve of my decorations, color and selections of furnishing and general lay-out. She dropped he small bag off in my living room. She stood there and slowly turned a complete circle, taking in the surroundings, and again she smiled. Catching my eye she asked me to show her around. I gave her the two dollar tour, pointing out where the towels were kept, and pointing out the features and upgrades I had added to the house. Being a reaper has its rewards, and financially I had done quite well. Investments and smart banking had allowed me to live comfortably.
I opened the door to the master suite and allowed Allison to enter first. She looked the room over, noting the open door to the master bathroom, with its huge walk in shower. She laughed stripping off her clothes as she moved toward the shower stall, and the promise of hot water. Allison stopped just long enough to glance back over her shoulder. “I’ll scrub your back…..if you will scrub mine…” Allison teased, flipping her bra at me as she stepped through the door. I managed to catch a delightful view of her tight ass as she stepped into the shower, the hot water already steaming up the mirrors.
I stepped into the shower finding Allison already fully involved in her ritual. She knew I was watching her as she washed herself, the water cascading over her taunt smooth skin. Her perfect breasts were streaming water in perfect streams, as she bent to fully scrub her legs. She looked up, placing the soap in my hand. “You could start with my back, then find anything else you think needs a good scrubbing” she winked, again the tease. I allowed the water, the steam and the image of Allison to burn an indelible image in my mind, a memory I will cherish forever. Her skin was super slick beneath the soap as I moved my hands along her body. I lavished attention on her back her neck and that beautiful bottom. She purred as I did so and waited till the moment she felt my hands sliding down toward her ass to turn, bringing my palm against the flat of her lower belly, my fingers wandering into her small patch of pubic hair, which had grown darker with the water. She looked up directly into my eyes and placing her hand on mine guided my fingers to the folds of her outer labia. Taking the hint I allied the water to rinse away the thin film of soap and inserted my finger into her wet slot. The interior of her pussy was wet, but nut from the showers warm flow. The slick interior, warm and tight was so very inviting. I moved my fingers through the length of her gash, exploring the sweet folds and most secret place. Soon my social finger was buried deep inside her. She closed her eyes and began to sway, temporarily losing her balance. Allison fell against me and I was only too happy to support her weight as I used my hand to bring her close to orgasm, but denying her release. Her hands which had been supporting her against me now began to explore my body, tracing my scarred stomach, and heading south. She found my cock at full attention. “nice” she said smiling. I watched her, our eyes locked on each other as she lowered herself until she rested on her knees, rocking her butt to sit on the back of her heels. I was thinking she was about to give me another of her wonderful blowjob, but as she looked up at me, water streaming down her face she said “I am yours master. I exist for your pleasure. I will do whatever you want, and I will enjoy it.” I smiled at her; my thoughts were gentle and caring. Allison surprised me again, “will you accept my gift master? I offer you a special gift” I was still confused and thinking that a blowjob was pretty special already. Allison arranged herself placing her back firmly against the shower wall, allowing her head to rest against the tile as well. “Fuck me master, fuck my mouth, give me all you have and I will want nothing more. Take me, enjoy this gift, I am yours.” I was uncertain having never heard this as a request but she pulled me gently toward her, adjusting her height to align with my cock, and guiding my cock into her open mouth, and pulling me deep into her deep throat. I felt her tongue as it washed over my swollen head and the gentle scrape of her teeth against my shaft. Her hands were alive beneath me, finding my ass and pulling me in deeper. I was hesitant at first, as I was standing so close that I would lose my balance easily. She pulled me in again and using her hands began to establish a rhythm. Excitement took over, and I was soon lost in rapture, my cock following her open mouth unto I was fully buried inside her. I began moving independently and driving myself deep into her harder and harder. Faster, harder deeper, the pleasure was intense. I heard her gagging on my shaft, expecting her to push me away, and allow her to catch her breath. Allison moved on undeterred. As my excitement grew, I began to move more forcibly until I was literally banging her head against the tiled surface, she moaned, either from pleasure or pain. I was locked in the acct when I glanced over to see my reflection on the wet glass; I took note of Allison’s hand as her finger found her own sex, moving in concert with my thrusts. I felt the rising heat of an imminent release, approaching quickly. Allison may have felt the head of my penis swell even larger in anticipation of my orgasm. She snaked her other hand up my legs, tracking my movements, until she was cupping my balls in the base of her palm. Her hand began to close and she gripped my swingers and she began to gently squeeze and pull at the same time. It was though a trigger had been pulled, firing my load deep into her throat. In my excitement I thrust myself deep, ramming my cock in, capturing her head against the shower wall, forcing my way to the hilt, she gagged again, this time over the load I delivered. I was lost in a world of pleasure.

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