This is my first ever story, based on true events, please leave constructive comments!
When I was eleven years old, I saw my first ever cock. Unfortunately for me, it was not an accidental viewing or a random pop up on the computer. It was my Daddy’s cock, and I saw it through the bars of The Cage.

Let me tell you a little about my family and me. I have an older brother who always tried to look out for me, and a memory for a mother, she had left us years ago. I also had a domineering, obsessive, angry Daddy so convinced of his own superiority that he refused any form of criticism and suggestion. My Daddy was in charge, absolutely and unquestionably the man of the house.

When my brother and I misbehaved Daddy would punish us with his belt or his fist, and we learned not to misbehave when he was around. Damien always tried to help me, often taking the blame for my mistakes when I was too young to know that I should stay away from Daddy when he was in a mood. But then, a week before my eleventh birthday, Damien chased a ball out into the street and was hit by a car. Just like that I was alone in the house with an unemployed and unsatisfied man, hell bent on punishing someone for his son’s death: and you can bet it wasn’t going to be himself.

A couple of months passed with me creeping around the storm cloud that was Daddy, trying desperately to do as he asked and not give him a reason to explode. But, as was inevitable, there came the day when I could not finish my chores in time. I had to be punished.


I woke up dizzy and with a sore head. The room was dark and smelled of damp; I knew I was in the basement. I shifted slightly and tried to stand but I found that there was something above my head, trapping me. I tentatively put up my hands and felt my body shiver when I realized where I was. Daddy had put me in The Cage. The faint light that trickled in through a high window was enough to be able to make out the words on the label, Canine Crates, Medium. I was a dog, a bitch about to be punished for disobeying my master, hardly worth the air I breathed.

The door swung open, and I held my breath as his uneven steps filled the otherwise noiseless air. I let out a tiny whimper as he slowly crouched in front of me, utterly nude, and smiled in a twisted, manic grin. A minute later and I was out, head spinning from a series of slaps and lying on my back, stark naked, on the tool table. A sharp piece of metal dug into my back as I stared at the predatory face in front of me. Daddy raised a hand and I flinched, but when he touched me it was almost gentle. He touched my lips with one finger, and ran it down my neck, across my budding breasts and stopped just above my bald, virgin pussy lips. I trembled under him and stared with wide eyes as his Cock, which had been lengthening since he started stroking my skin. The purple head swelled to and impressive thickness and his length stretched, in the end, to a full nine inches. Of course, I had no idea that this was big at the time: I was just terrified at the thought of what it was for.

Daddy’s finger was trailing in slow circles around my pussy while he reached forward with his other hand and grasped my cold-hardened nipple, pulling on it and twisting it with a kind of casual roughness.

“I have to punish you Alex”, His voice rasped with pent up emotion. There was still anger in his eyes and I knew that something bad was about to happen, but his movements were hypnotic and I felt myself start to relax a little, sinking back into his low crooning, “Such a pretty girl, such a naughty little girl…”

“Daddy” I whispered, “What are you going to do to me?”

“I’m going to hurt you baby girl, and it’s going to feel so good.”

Suddenly he took his hands off me and took hold of my knees, previously clenched together against the cold. He levered them apart and stood between my open legs, His cock head resting on my thigh. I noticed a small patch of wetness on my bare leg when he moved. With both hands he started stroking my pussy lips, using his thumbs to pry open my untouched flower, and feeling the slick, pink folds within. He leant forwards and took one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it and biting it softly. I didn’t know what was happening but I could feel small sparks of sensation flickering trough my body from my nipple. It felt amazing, despite my fear.

I gasped as a cool finger found my tight hole and began probing me. I shifted restlessly and Daddy’s teeth clamped down on my nipple in warning. I kept still. The finger glided in deeper, seeming impossibly thick and long, but moving so slowly and smoothly that I hardly felt any discomfort. It felt kind of good, if a little strange. To be honest I was more distracted by Daddy’s attentions to my breasts. He had switched to my other nipple and was nursing at it vigorously while his finger moved slowly in and out of my pussy. His other hand rubbed circles of my skin and his thumb would brush across my clit, gradually moving faster and more often until I could feel myself getting wetter. I thought there was something wrong with me, but I dared not move in case Daddy became angrier.

Daddy’s finger moved easier now, and I was getting quite flushed by the time he drew it out and touched it to my lips.

“Suck it clean.”

I did as I was told and licked and sucked his finger clean. It tasted sweet, like cantaloupe juice.

Then Daddy took my wrists in one of his big hands and crossed them, holding them over my head so I couldn’t move. He spread my pussy lips open with one hand and placed his throbbing cock head against my slick hole. Then he began pushing forwards. Every muscle in my body tightened up as I strained to accommodate him. I could feel myself stretching and spreading open and I let out a loud series of whimpers until, finally, his head was inside and he paused, looking at me.

I was shaking, impaled by his thick cock with tears streaking down my face. My nipples and my clit were erect, and my hands were numb under his grasp. I was panting, unable to relax and petrified that he would push more. And he did. He started rocking in tiny movements, back and forward, each time pushing forward a little harder, until I felt something tear inside me, and I let out the scream that had been building inside of me for the past hour. Daddy did not hesitate, but plunged forwards into my newly deflowered pussy, unhampered by a hymen and now free to enjoy my tight tunnel as much as he liked. He pumped into me, glaze covering his eyes, and, releasing my hands, grabbed my hips and began slamming me down onto him in time to my cries. He brushed my clit with two fingers and I jolted, so he did it again and again until I couldn’t help but cum around my Daddy’s cock.

I squeezed his thrusting cock and reached out blindly for him, and he leant forwards and kissed my full on the mouth, his tongue twisting with mine until he drew back and told me he loved me, and that I was his now and forever to use as he wished. I nodded and searched for his mouth again, still racked by my first ever orgasm.

He straightened back up and warned me that he was going to cum inside of me, and to get ready. I tried to focus but he latched back onto my nipple, flicking my clit with his thumb again and started humping me furiously, pushing forwards and upwards into my bruised and sensitive pussy. He let out a moan and slammed me down, straining to get as far into me as he could while his cock erupted, spraying jet after jet of hot cum straight into my, sorry, his pussy. I clenched around him once more, milking him automatically as we moaned together.

Then we just lay there, my Daddy and me, as his cum leaked from my hole and dripped rhythmically to the floor, and I revelled in the delights of my punishment.

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great job. I could picture everything going on.

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2013-11-02 10:46:29 reading nasty stories that involves young girls that get fucked by big dicks rape incest and anal..

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Short sweet and not many mistakes. I second the fuck the haters comment.

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I liked and would enjoy reading more stories by you. I liked how you made the story flow and unfold. Great job!

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