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I can't seem to find the conversation we had by e-mail.


Since I lost my virginity to a couple I met on Craigslist (read my past story) and I not only had a wonderful time, but got paid as well, I decided to post my own ad on Craigslist. It was a simple ad, a tranny in Toronto looking for fun time.

He saw my ad on Craigslist and decided to message me to see whether or not we could get together or not. His name was Marc, a young black boy who lived in Scarborough. He said he was a shy guy, a virgin, and he watched a lot of tranny videos on the Internet and wanted me to be his first. He told me his family wouldn't be home the whole weekend for a wedding, and he would be alone until Sunday night. As for cost, he said it would be over $300.00 if everything goes well.

So I took the RT and TTC to get myself from DownTown Toronto to an area which I heard of as a dangerous place called Scarborough. He gave me his address and to be safe, he would wait in his building lobby. I put on some make-up, gathered my essentials into my purse, and left my home to hopefully see this boy and have a fun time.

It was Saturday, July 7th (I believe), 2012. It was a wonderful evening here in Toronto. But because I was now in Scarborough, I was scared as fuck. The news always reported crimes happening in this area of the city, and so I was always on alert. But everything was cool this night, you can hear the engines of cars as they sped by, the sounds of TTC buses farting as they lowered their walkways, and motorcycles speeding by the highway. It was a 5 minute walk from the bus to the apartment which Marc told me to meet him at which wasn't at all scary.

I entered the building and waited at the lobby for Marc. I couldn't get inside the apartment front door as it was locked. "I fucking hope this kid shows." I thought to myself.

As I turned my back and looked outside towards the dark, I heard the lobby door behind me open up. Gladly, he showed up to let me in.

"Hi. My name's Marc." He said as he reached his hand out.

"Hi, I'm Lizzie, you can call me Liz." I replied as I shook his hand.

He held the lobby door open for me so I could enter, and he also ran and pressed the elevator button. He was a skinny black boy, he looked really young, with really short curly black hair and dark brown eyes. He was pretty skinny as well, but he was kind of cute, I guess.

As the elevator door opened, he allowed me to enter first. I gave him a quick smile and went in. He pressed the 7th floor button and the elevator closed and took off. In the elevator, it was really bright. The lights shined down onto myself and Marc. He was really quiet and he stared at the floor during the ride up. As the elevator landed on the 7th floor and the door opened, he again motioned his hands to let me go out first. He left the elevator after me and walked to the right side to the very corner of the floor. He took out his keys and opened his front door.

The house was very small as I entered. Two bedrooms, 1 washroom, small kitchen and plenty of free of space. He closed his front door and locked it, then walked towards the couch and sat down. He smiled at me as I came and sat beside him.

"I um, have been watching a lots of videos of tranny fucking, and um, I'm interested." He said. He tried to look me in the eyes but I could tell he was a shy boy right off the bat.

"Well, I'm here and excited to meet you. But let's discuss costs first, okay?" I asked.

He smiled, "Ye, um," He stood up and went over to beside his television. He picked up a wallet from behind the t.v and opened it. "How much will it cost?" He asked nervously.

Again, I had to quickly think of an appropriate cost that won't make him kick me out of his home. It took me an hour to get here, he wants to FUCK ME SO BADLY. And we're here, in his home, he looks at me like I'm the cutest girl in the world, and the first girl to talk to him.

"$400" I blurted.

He opened his wallet which I could see was loaded with cash. He counted the money and handed it over to me without saying anything or looking at me. I put the money in my purse.


"Let's get started." I said with a smile.

He nodded. "Yeah." He said.

"Should we go to the bedroom?"

"No, I can't, can we do it here?"

"Sure" I said as I got up off the couch and did a little twirl to get him to smile. He stared at me as I began to take out my tight shirt and jeans, leaving me with only my black bra and black panties on my pale skin. He stood up and began to feel my body, starting with my stomach, then moving his hands up to my breasts and giving them a quick squeeze. He looked at my eyes and I looked at his, I leaned over and began to kiss him on the lips. He kissed me back. I can tell this was his first kiss, he was trying to shove his tongue into my mouth right off the bat. I stopped kissing him which I think upset him but I sat down on his couch and spread my legs.

Marc came over and began to pull down my panties unleashing my penis. He completely took off my panties, then he went on his knees and began to give me a blowjob sucking my penis into his mouth and rapidly licking it all over the place. I let out a moan as I unstrapped my bra revealing my tits to Marc. He continued to suck my cock until it stood 7 inches tall covered in saliva. He then made his way up kissing my stomach and then my tits.

I said down on the couch on my back, and he laid down on top of me kissing me in every part of my body. He began to kiss me on my lips again as he started to take off his clothes at the same time. He started with his shirt, then his boxers. His erect 8 inch black cock sprang out into the open. He now laid down on his sofa and I went in between his legs. I held his cock and placed it into my mouth. I licked his chocolate cock starting from the base to his head, making sure to use all the saliva I could, he let out a loud moan as I covered his cock with my mouth and massaged his balls with my hand. I began to deep throat his monstrous cock as he used his hands to push my face all the way on my cock. Just then, I felt his prick start to twitch inside my mouth, at the same time, he groaned so loud, "FUCK!" and warm liquid pouring from his cock right into my mouth. I continued to suck his cock until my mouth was full of cum. I pulled my mouth off of his dick as he stared at me. I swallowed his spunk right down my throat and opened my mouth to show him my empty mouth.

"That's so fucking hot." He said aloud.

To my surprise, his cock still stood up erect and standing 9" tall. I climbed over Marc and got on my knees placing it on either side of his legs. He watched me as I held his cock and sat down on it. I felt the cock insert itself into my ass hole pushing all the way inside. No lube, no protection, I wanted the whole chocolate bar. I felt the head of his cock enter my ass and we both let out a groan. I began rocking up and down on his cock as he placed his hands on my boobs and squeezed them. We were both groaning and sweating like mad. His cock kept entering more and more into my ass hole the more times I sat down on it. I began masturbating my dick as the same time.

"I'M CUMMING." Marc yelled aloud suddenly as he squeezed my boobs and unleashed the rest of his spunk into my ass.
"OH FUCK." I screamed as the pleasures of my body took over. I felt my dick begin to twitch and I unleashed my spunk right onto Marc's stomach shooting stream after stream onto it even having one shot land right on Marc's face. The feeling was inccredible.

"A perfect chocolate cake with white cream." I thought to myself staring down at Marc's stomach covered in my spunk. I leaned over Marc's exhausted body and gave him a soft kiss as I began to pull myself off of him. I could feel Marc's spunk in my asshole and starting to come out as I got off Marc's limp dick.

"That was so fucking amazing." Marc said aloud but interestingly. He closed his eyes and didn't move. I picked up my clothes and started putting them on. Marc was out of it. His first fuck, his virginity taken, and his body exhausted from all the fun. I grabbed my purse, and left the home.


People liked my first story, so here's my second. Want a third???

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2013-10-26 12:51:14
Oh please write more. I am not sure if I am more jealous of you or Marc.

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2013-10-12 14:58:53
Keep going,you must have more story to tell.


anonymous readerReport

2013-10-12 08:38:37
maybe a little more details it sounded like maybe you was only with him about ten min

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2013-10-12 08:37:32
yes loved it but only true ones

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