I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before I head for bed. For those who've been begging for Scooby to get involved I hope this is what you've been looking for. For everyone, enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think.
Chapter 8

“No, girls, you’re not going out to help us trap the skeleton general,” Fred Jones said, glaring at Velma and Daphne with their swollen bellies and milk filled breasts.

“Shaggy, help me with this,” Fred said, turning to his frightened friend as he watched the hall through the crack in the door. “Velma’s almost nine months along and Daph’s eight months along. At this point they can’t even run. If they try their bellies and tits bouncing all over the place and they can’t even follow a straight line. Even if they can run away from the general there’s no way they can lead him to the trap.”

“I have to agree with Fred on this one, girls,” Shaggy said with his high pitched giggle.

“I have to agree too,” Velma admitted, pushing her glasses up on her nose as she spoke. “I’m far enough along right now that the right stimulus could start my labor.”

“But the boys can’t just leave us out of the unmasking,” Daphne argued. “We’ve been part of this mystery from the beginning, we should be there for the end.”

“Don’t worry, Daph, you won’t miss the unmasking. Once Shaggy and I trap the general we’ll come and get you before we call the sheriff so Velma can tell everyone all about how we know who the general really is before we pull his mask off.”

“Sounds good to me,” Velma said, “we still get the credit for catching the general, but none of the danger.”

“I don’t know about that,” Daphne said, “what if the general decides to go after the defenseless pregnant girls instead of chasing the bait?”

“That’s why we’ll leave Scooby with you, for your protection,” Fred said.

“Fred, are you sure you can’t leave me on guard instead?” Shaggy asked with a nervous chuckle.

“Sorry, Shaggy, but it has to be the two of us or the general won’t take the bait,” Fred told his friend. “Now come on, if we don’t hurry we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to catch the general.”

After the boys left them alone in the room Daphne sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked her swollen stomach with a sigh. “I guess I should have seen this coming,” she sighed as Velma sat down next to her.

“I’m surprised they didn’t do it sooner considering what our ghost chasing has been like lately,” Velma said as she stroked her own belly. “Remember last week when I was trying to run away from the phantom from the lagoon? The way my tits were bouncing around I’m lucky I didn’t knock myself out.”

“That’s true,” Daphne said with a groan as she pushed her shoes off and lifted her swollen ankles onto the bed. “And at least we can get off our tired legs.”

“And out of these restricting clothes,” Velma said, removing her sweater, skirt, blouse, and underwear until she was able to lay back in the bed totally naked.

“This is a relief,” Daphne said a few seconds later when she joined pregnant friend on the bed, just as naked as the brunette. You don’t mind, do you Scooby?”

“Rot me,” Scooby said without bothering to take his eyes off the bedroom door. “Rie ron’t care rhat two ruman girls do.”

“Well he is a dog,” Velma said with a shrug before she rolled over to open drawer of the night stand and grabbed two vibrators. “Do you want one?”

“No thanks,” Daphne sighed, “I may get some relief when I use one, but usually I just end up hornier than ever while I wait for Freddie to fuck me for real.”

“Yeah, I feel the same way with Shaggy,” Velma admitted, returning her vibrators to the drawer. “So, what are two pregnant and horny girls suppose to do while their boys are out trapping a skeletal general?”

“I have an idea,” Daphne said with a grin as she eyed a box of Scooby snacks. “Scooby, would you like a Scooby snack?”

“Rah, rah,” Scooby said, turning to give the naked redhead a hopeful look.

“Then why don’t you come and get this one?” Daphne said, taking a snack from the box and sliding it between her swollen breasts until only the tip of the biscuit could be seen poking out from her cleavage.

“Roh boy,” Scooby said, galloping across the room and jumping on the bed so he could straddle Daphne’s pregnant belly and start licking her breasts so he could reach the Scooby snack wedged between her milk filled tits.

“Wow,” Velma said, her eyes glued to the view of Scooby’s long talented tongue as it licked through Daphne’s breasts to reach the dog biscuit. “Does that feel as good as I think it does?”

“Even better,” Daphne gasped, her body jerking every time Scooby ran his tongue along her tits to reach his treat. Daphne let out one last gasp of pleasure as Scooby finally managed to loosen the biscuit from between her breasts and gulped it down with one quick snap of his teeth.

“Rhank rou,” Scooby said as he smacked his lips.

“No, thank you, Scooby,” Daphne said with one last sigh of pleasure while she gave the great Dane a weak smile.

“Scooby, would you like two more Scooby snacks?” Velma asked before he had a chance to return to his guard post.

“Reah, reah,” Scooby said, looking quickly around the room before he realized that Velma was holding the two biscuits.

“Here’s one,” Velma said, shoving the first snack even deeper into her cleavage than Daphne had. “And here’s the other one,” Velma finished by crumbling the biscuit in her hands and letting the crumbs fall across her naked breasts so that most of them fell near her erect nipples. “Come and get it, Scooby.”

“Rho boy,” Scooby said, jumping over to Velma and licking the crumbs off her tit, his tongue sliding across the girl’s nipples as he tried to get every crumb.

“Good boy, Scooby,” Velma panted as Scooby’s tongue flicked her sensitive nipples every time he licked up a crumb. “Lick up all those crumbs, boy, every single one.”

“Oh, now I’m jealous,” Daphne said while her friend moaned with pleasure every time Scooby licked up a biscuit crumb. “I wish I’d thought of that.”

“Well you thought about using the Scooby snacks first,” Velma pointed out. “I never would have thought of trying this if you hadn’t come up with your idea first.” Velma’s whole body shivered through an orgasm as Scooby licked up the last crumb before burying his muzzle into Velma’s cleavage to lick out the whole Scooby snack between the girl’s milk filled tits.

Daphne watched as Velma shuddered through her second orgasm and then let out a long sigh of pleasure before she settled back on the bed with a big grin on her face.

“Yummy,” Scooby said as he finished the last biscuit and licked his lips.

“Scooby,” Daphne said after a seconds hesitation. “I have another Scooby snack if you want it. And this one is even coated with my special sauce.”

“Roh boy, special sauce,” Scooby said, watching Daphne to see where she had the Scooby snack. With Scooby’s eyes glued on her every move, Daphne took another biscuit from the box and slid it down her body, past her swollen stomach, and stopped when she could feel the edge of the snack against her pussy lips. Working blindly Daphne opened her pussy and poked the biscuit between her cunt lips and into her slit until just the tip of the snack peaked out between the curls of her red pubic hair.

“Come and get it, Scooby,” Daphne called, opening her thighs to make room for the large dog.

Scooby bounced across the bed and settled down between Daphne’s thighs. He carefully reached out with his long tongue to lick the edge of the Scooby snack that poked out of Daphne’s pussy. Pleasure shot up Daphne’s spine when Scooby’s tongue licked along her pussy and nudged the biscuit in her slit. Scooby used his tongue to slowly draw the Scooby snack out of Daphbne’s cunt and as he did he discovered that the biscuit really was coated with her very special sauce, a sauce that made the snack taste even better than usual. It was hard to get the biscuit out of Daphne’s cunt because every time Scooby stuck his tongue into her slit, Daphne shivered with pleasure. Finally Scooby managed to get enough of the biscuit out of Daphne’s cunt to grip it with his teeth and pull it out with one quick pull before he snapped it down his throat.

When Scooby pulled the Scooby snack from her pussy it was the last thing Daphne needed to push her over the edge and her body quivered hard enough to make the whole shake as she moaned with pleasure. Daphne grinned weakly at Scooby as he chomped down on the Scooby snack and licked his lips at the taste of Daphne’s special sauce.

“You know, Scooby,” Velma said slowly, “I have a special sauce too. And just like last time I’ll give you two Scooby snacks if you want them.”

“Reah, reah,” Scooby said excitedly. He jumped from between Daphne’s legs and minced his way between Velma’s legs when she opened them invitingly.

Like Daphne, Velma ran one biscuit down her body and over her swollen belly until she reached her pussy and pushed the Scooby snack between her pussy lips until it disappeared completely in her fuck hole. Then she took the second snack and crumbled it up in her hands before spreading the crumbs through her brown thatch of pubic hair, leaving at least half of the crumbs on or near her erect clit. “Come and get it,” Velma said when she was done.

“Roh boy,” Scooby said, licking his lips as he tried to decide where to start.

“Go ahead, Scooby, it’s all yours,” Velma said, lifting her pregnant belly off bed so her crumb covered pussy was even closer to Scooby’s mouth. Without waiting for another invitation Scooby leaned forward to run his tongue through Velma’s crumb covered pubic hair.

Since most of the crumbs were close to Velma’s erect clit Scooby ran his tongue across the girl’s sensitive nub, sending a surge of sexual energy up her spine every time he licked up a crumb. Within seconds Velma’s body started to shake and shiver through her first orgasm, and Scooby had barely started to lick up the crumbs around her pussy.

Velma lost count of how many orgasms she had while Scooby licked the crumbs from her pussy but eventually he found the last one and turned to the biscuit in her cunt. Once again Velma’s whole body shivered with pleasure as Scooby pushed his tongue deep into her slit until he could get it around the end of the Scooby snack and start pulling it back out of her fuck hole. With his tongue Scooby managed to bring the tip of the biscuit out far enough to grip it with his lips and teeth and then he pulled his tongue back out before grabbing the snack and chomping it down, special sauce and all.
“Yummy,” Scooby said, smacking his lips as he walked back to the door to retake his guard position.

“Are you okey, Vellma?” Daphne asked her friend as the brunette fought to catch her breath after so many orgasms in a row.

“I’m fine,” Velma managed to gasp, “in fact I’d like to try that again after I catch my breath.”

“I’d like to try it too,” Daphne said, “but not right away, the boys should be catching the general soon. Still, you did manage to take my idea and do it even better.”

“But it was still your idea that inspired me,” Velma pointed out. “If you didn’t think of putting the Scooby Snack between your breasts or in your pussy I never would have thought about spreading crumbs the way I did.”

“Now what are we going to do about Scooby?” Daphne asked. “We don’t want him telling the boys about this.”

“That’s easy,” Velma said, pushing herself up on an elbow and turning to look at Scooby. “Scooby, if you don’t tell Fred or Shaggy about this, I promise to give you a Scooby snack every night before bed. Do you agree?”

“Rhile it have special sauce?” Scooby asked hopefully.

“If that’s the way you want it, that’s the way I’ll give it to you,” Velma promised.

“Rokey,” Scooby agreed.

“Here, Velma,” Daphne said, tossing her friend her underwear. “We should be ready when the boys catch the general, and that could happen any minute.”

“You’re right,” Velma said, pushing her breasts into her bra. “In fact, now that you mention it I’m surprised the boys haven’t caught him already.”

Even as Velma spoke the girls heard a crash and Fred’s voice screaming, “look out for the trip wire, Shaggy.”

“Good thing Fred always plans his traps with Shaggy’s clumsiness in mind,” Daphne said.

“You mean it’s a good thing Shaggy is always clumsy enough to set off Fred’s traps when the ghost is chasing him,” Velma replied. Suddenly the two friends looked at each other for a full minute and then started to laugh.

“I promise not to tell Fred if you promise not to tell Shaggy,” Daphne offered.

“Agreed, why should we change something that works so well?” Velma agreed as she shrugged into her orange sweater and patted her hair into place.
* * * * * *

That night when Shaggy and Velma were getting ready for bed Shaggy apologized for the way he and Fred had kept the girls out of the action. “Don’t worry about it,” Velma said, holding her belly still as she sat down naked on the edge of their bed. “You were right about keeping us out of the action, we really are too far along in our pregnancies to take chances like that. Besides, we found a way to pass the time while you and Fred trapped the general.”

“I knew you would,” Shaggy said, sliding in next to Velma until their naked bodies touched under the blankets. “Right now I hope you’re up to passing a little time with me.”

“Always,” Velma said, turning her head to give Shaggy a kiss while he ran his hands over her milk filled tits. “Slide that cock of yours into my cunt where it belongs, lover boy.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” Shaggy giggled, sliding his cock deep into Velma’s wet pussy.”

Velma sighed with pleasure and pushed her ass back to force Shaggy’s cock even deeper in her pregnant pussy. “Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me and cum in my pregnant belly.”

“Whatever you want, Velma,” Shaggy promised, “as often as you want it.”

Velma couldn’t help but compare the feel of Shaggy’s cock with the feel of Scooby’s tongue when he was sliding it into her cunt. Shaggy’s cock was much better than Scooby’s tongue, but Scooby’s tongue was still better than a dildo, and much better than nothing.

Shaggy slid his hand down to Velma’s body and chuckled when it moved, “I think the baby likes having my cock in your belly.”

“I hope so,” Velma sighed with pleasure as her pussy started building up to her orgasm, “because I plan to have your cock in my pussy as often as I can from now on.”

“And I’ll let you have it as often as you want,” Shaggy grunted, picking up his pace as his balls started to twitch with his own orgasm. “Because I love fucking you as much as you love to be fucked.”

“Shaggy, you know just what to say and do when we’re together,” Velma panted. “Now fill my belly and give our daughter a cum bath.”

“Whatever you want,” Shaggy said, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma’s pregnant belly and giving the girl just what she wanted, enough cum to fill her cunt to overflowing.

“Thank you, Shaggy,” Velma said as she nuzzled up to her lover and gave him a tired smile.

“No, thank you,” Shaggy said, stroking Velma’s pregnant belly. “Now you get to sleep, neither of us is going to get much in a couple more weeks.”

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