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High School students fucking around....plain and simple. This is another get back, this time with some of my unworthy adversaries from High School
Tender Love Hurts
By: Bo Broadnax

Chapter 1
Rachel Loses Her Virginity

Ever since Rachel met Larson, she was drawn by his male magnetism. Was it the way his brown eyes held hers or was it his hot, kinky kiss? Surely no one saw them kiss!!! It had been dark in the park that night. It had been a warm beautiful night, so Rachel had decided to walk home after the dance. Bo, the guy she had a massive crush on, hadn't come.
She was thinking of Bo when suddenly an arm snaked out from behind a tree and grabbed her. Her heart lept from fear. Only a week ago, she and Mary-Tess had went to see "Nightmare on Elm Street." Recognizing it to be Larson who had grabbed her, Rachel began calming down.
Something about this guy stirred hot passion within her blood. His mouth looked so kissable, and his eyes were dark with passion. She scolded herself for thinking that way about a man she barely knew. Besides, why would he want her... an innocent virgin, when he had been known to hang out with loose girls like her twin sister?!
"I've been watching you..." he said in a low moan.
"You scared me," she gasped, her pulse erratic as he held her very close against his hard, muscular chest. His shirt was half open and her cheek brushed against his kinky chest hair.
"I want you," he said in a rough whisper. He leaned closer, his mouth inches from hers, and she could smell the scent of booze on his breath.
"What do you mean?"
"I want to fuck you," he said, gazing into her eyes. "And you know, I ALWAYS get what I want."
With those words, his mouth suddenly pressed hard against hers. It was her first kiss, and she was lost.
Larson was an expert. His tongue caressed hers, until she tingled all over and moaned. She pressed up against his body, her tongue playing kinky games with his.
"You want me, too."
After he said the words, he turned, walking away without so much as a backward glance.
Ever since that night,
Larson dominated Rachel's every thought and dream. All she thought of was him. Everyone seemed to notice her strange behavior, but she only told her best friend Mary-Tess exactly what had happened.
About two weeks later,
Rachel's parents had to go out of town for her father's business trip, and Clara had gone to spend the night with a friend... or so she said. For the first time ever, Rachel was alone in the house all night long.
As the night wore on, she began getting a little scared when she thought she saw a shadow of a person standing outside the window of the living room. She then let out a scream, jumping up off the couch when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the front door, slowly opening it. She let out a sigh of relief, seeing it was
Bo. "Hey babe," he said. "Want to go to Look Out Point?"
Rachel was still pissed off at him for not showing up at the dance the other night. "No, Bo... I don't think I'll go," she said.
"Please. It will be a lot of fun. Afterwards, we could go for a walk beside the lake."
"No thank you, Bo. I'm going to bed now. Good night," Rachel said, closing the door in his face.
She then went into the bathroom to brush her hair and change into her frilly little nightie. Just then, the doorbell rang again. "God damn him!"
Rachel quipped, as she ran to the door to answer it. As she swung the door open, she growled, "Bo, you ass hole... just leave me alone!!!"
But it wasn't Bo at the door. It was Larson!!!
Rachel's breath caught in her throat. She couldn't speak. She could only stare at him in shock. His dark curly hair was windblown, and he had on a white tank top and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans. He was so sexy he took Rachel's breath away.
"Hello, angel," he said to her in his husky voice.
"Larson, wh--- what are you doing here?" Rachel asked her voice shaking as she spoke.
He walked closer, until he had stepped inside the house as
Rachel slowly backed away. His gaze locked with hers. He reached behind him, closing the door without ever breaking the gaze. "You're such a beautiful girl, and I want you, Rachel, Do you know that? Do you know how much I want to fuck you?"
"No!!! You must leave!" Rachel cried out, moving farther away.
But Larson followed her. He moved so close that Rachel could feel his hot breath against her cheek. Again, it was obvious he had been drinking. His hand came forward in a sensuous touch, caressing her soft creamy cheek. "I will do anything to have you," he said in a thick voice as he was hypmotizing her with his dark piercing eyes.
His arms slid around her, molding her body against his. His lips crashed down onto hers in a hot, savage kiss. Tingles of desire coursed thru
Rachel. She wrapped her arms around Larson, feeling the muscles in his arms tighten around her in response.
He lifted her into his arms, carrying her over to the sofa. There he lay her down upon it and lay down on top of her.
Rachel was aware of nothing but the passion and the wild soaring of her heart. His kisses grew hotter and hotter as his hands slid under her sheer nightie, touching her breasts. Soft gasps of ecstasy floated from Rachel's lips. Just then, her parents walked in. They had come back from their business trip early.
What happened next was awful!!! Larson just stood up and left... without so much as a look her way. Rachel's father was furious. He forbid his daughter to ever see Larson again, then sent her to her room, saying she was grounded for two months. Rachel might have protested that she was 18 years old and could sleep with whomever she wanted if it weren't for her mother sobbing, saying her baby girl's life was ruined. Rachel felt tears sting her own eyes; she was so heartbroken by how Larson had just left her like that, treating her like some tramp. Rachel went to her room, sobbing her heart out into her pillow.
The next morning, she got up very early before her parents did to call
Mary-Tess and tell her what happened. "I wish I could go talk to Larson, but my parents won't even let me out in my front yard," she told her best friend. "They are treating me like a baby. I'm eighteen freaking years old."
"You could call him," Mary-Tess suggested.
"No, that won't be good enough... besides Mom and Dad might hear."
"You could sneak out tonight, after everyone is in bed, and meet him some place."
"Its worth a try. Mom and Dad will kill me if they ever find out though."
"I'll drop by Larson's house later and slip a note under his door. I'll write, Meet me you-know-where at the park tonight," Mary-Tess offered. "But what time shall I tell him you'd like to meet him?"
"A quarter after midnight," said
Rachel. "Thanks so much, Mary-Tess. I owe you one."
Rachel knew she was asking for trouble by planning to meet up with Larson this way, but she really didn't care. Her parents would be furious if they discovered she was sneaking out to see Larson alone in the park after dark, and Rachel was aware that it meant she was inviting more of his kinky kisses, passionate touches, and his lovemaking.
A little before midnight, when everyone in the house was fast asleep,
Rachel slipped out of her bedroom after quickly getting dressed. She then hastily snuck out the front door. She had just walked outside when she realized it was a cool night, and she had forgotten to bring along a warm jacket. She was afraid of going back inside and making too much noise, so she did not go back to get it.
Only the street lights lit her way toward the park. The tall trees standing in the park looked dark and gloomy as approached.
Rachel almost wished then that she had chosen another place to meet Larson. Slowly, she walked over to the tree where he had grabbed her before. Her heart was beating fast in her chest as she hoped he would be here. "Larson," she whispered. She started to walk around the tree when an arm reached out from the other side of it, grasping her. Even though she had suspected Larson might pull that trick again, still Rachel was startled.
"I knew it would be you, angel," he said in a low rasp. "I knew you wanted me..."
"Larson, my father is so angry. I am grounded... and they told me I could never see you again. Larson, why did you do that to me? How could you just run off and leave me like that?"
Suddenly his mouth crashed over hers in a hot kiss.
Rachel's arms wound around his strong back, sliding over his skin in a passionate caress. Feelings of hot desire rushed over her. She was so hot for Larson.... She wanted him to ravish her.
"I want you..." he moaned after lifting his lips away and looking down into her emerald-green eyes.
"No, Larson... please... I am not like Clara," she warned him with fear in her eyes. "You... you're scaring me..."
A hand came forward to brush against Rachel's cheek in a tender caress. "I'd never hurt you, Rachel. I'm glad you aren't like Clara. Don't be scared, angel," he said, gazing into her eyes.
Rachel shivered as Larson pulled her closer. "Larson, I'm really cold. I didn't bring a jacket. Let's go sit in the shelter house and ummmm... talk," Rachel suggested, stumbling over the words, because she was certain they were going to do more than just talk.
"We could go to my place," Larson said, his voice thick and his eyes passion-laced.
"Okay," said Rachel very nervously, because she knew what was gonna happen once they got to his place.
Larson's house wasn't very far away, and Rachel was grateful for its warmth once they had stepped inside. She sat down on the sofa as Larson switched on the stereo. Larson then came over and sat down next to her, putting an arm around her waist as he began to nibble and lick her earlobes and then her neck. Rachel trembled. "Ohhhh Larson... please don't," she pleaded.
"I want you.... and you want me, too," said
Larson in a rough voice.
His mouth then swept down to hers in a deep, passionate kiss.
Rachel was lost. She didn't care anymore. She didn't care if she lost her innocence or if her parents found her gone. All she was aware of was Larson's lips and exploring hands. She wanted this man.
Larson carried Rachel to the bedroom, placing her upon his bed. Only the glow of a tiny lamp upon his nightstand lit the room. Larson just stood there for a few moments, gazing down at her. His eyes were hungry. He looked like a wolf about to pounce upon its prey. He then began removing Rachel's clothes, piece by piece. Rachel was excited, nervous, and a little scared all at once.
"You'll love this, angel,"
Larson groaned, as he took off her last article of clothing. His hot mouth swept down her body in a sweet caress. Rachel sucked in her breath, feeling his warm lips on her neck. Her nipples got hard, and he began to taste them. "Angel," he said in a hot whisper, his mouth sliding down to the wetness between her legs.
He spread her legs wide, tasting her. She shivered as he slid his tongue inside of her. He began to thrust it in and out of
Rachel, making love to her with it. "Oh Larson.... Oh Larson," she moaned. "Oh God!!!"
He then stood up, taking off his own clothes, showing Rachel the huge throbbing cock between his legs. Her eyes widened as he moved over her, kissing her mouth as the hard tip of his cock was pressing against her moist pussy. He finally tore his lips away from hers, stating, "I can't wait to fuck you!" With those words, he rammed into Rachel in a single stroke, taking her virginity and making her scream out in pain. He then began to thrust inside of her fast and hard as Rachel's tears flowed.
"Larson!" she cried out, her nails scoring his back as he was moving into her so roughly. After a few minutes, the pain was beginning to ease, and Rachel's passion grew. "Oh Larson..." she moaned out, wrapping her legs around his hips, wanting him to pound into her so deep. Suddenly Rachel screamed, a climax tearing thru her young body. Larson let out a groan of lust, spilling his hot seed deep inside of her. Rachel would never forget the pleasure and the pain of that very first time....

Chapter 2
Rachel meet Larson again

Mary-Tess Irvine had gone with Rachel's sister Clara to see a movie. They had watched "Nightmare on Elm Street Part Two." After the movie was over, the girls walked over to the Malt Shoppe on 31st Street to have dishes of strawberry ice cream.
Just then Cory Macke came in with one of his friends. Mary Tess saw him enter out of the corner of her eye. Cory and his friends sat down at a table next to hers and Clara's. Cory's voice caught Clara's attention. He glanced over at Clara and winked. Mary could feel her heart clench up with jealousy. For as long as she could remember, she had been in love with Cory.
Cory's two friends began snickering. Phillip said, "Go get her, Cory."
Then, Nick said, "I think she wants you!!! NOW!"
Clara said in a whisper to Mary, "Isn't he a gorgeous stud?"
"Yes, well, I---" Mary started to say, but she was interrupted.
Cory moved over to their table, placing a hand on Clara's arm. "Hey, Clara... wanna go for a ride in my new car?" Cory asked with lust shining in his blue eyes.
"Sure! See ya later, Mary," Clara said, standing up to go off with Cory. Mary's heart sank, seeing Cory and Clara walk out together, Cory's arm around Clara's waist. Part of her hated Clara, but she knew that was stupid. Clara had no idea that she loved Cory Macke with all of her heart and soul.
The next day at school, Mary-Tess went to find Clara. She found her in the cafeteria with Cory, and they were holding hands. Sadly, she left the room, tears shining in her eyes. She walked blindly into the ladies room and began crying her heart out. That is where Rachel found her. She had her face turned the other way, so Rachel did not see the tears.
"Hi, Mary. I've been looking for you all morning. Where in the world have you been?" Rachel asked with excitement in her voice.
"Hi," Mary mumbled, slowly turning to face her best friend. "How did it go with Larson?"
"Great. What happened? What's wrong?"
Rachel asked with concern, seeing all the tears.
"Your sister ---- she slept with Cory."
"Yeah, I know. She's had sex with him a few times. Hey, you don't mean..??? You like Cory AGAIN?!" gasped Rachel.
"Rachel, it isn't funny! He was my first and only love. I can't get him out of my heart! Seeing Clara all over him makes me SICK," said Mary with disgust.
"I understand.... Seeing Clara with ANY guy makes me sick. Don't worry, Mary. It won't last. Next week she will have a different guy," Rachel crooned, stroking her friend's hair.
"I know... but it still hurts. Tell me about you and Larson."
"Well, I met him at the park."
"We went to his place...."
"And?? Come on, come on!"
Mary said impatiently.
"We--- we made love,"
Rachel spoke with a small giggle. "It was perfect!"
"Ohhh Wow!!! Was he gentle? Did it hurt? I want ALL the details."
"I'll tell you everything later. We better get to class; the bell is gonna ring."
After school Mary-Tess was standing at her locker. She was moping and feeling sorry for herself because there was a school dance tonight, and she longed to be Cory's date. "Hi, Mary!" she heard a cheerful voice say as someone approached her.
She turned to see the charming face of Bo Broadnax. She had been feeling a little sorry for him since Rachel had dumped him for Larson. "Hello, Bo. How are you?" asked Mary.
"I'm great. Would you like to be my date at the dance tonight?" asked
Bo, looking at Mary. He was thinking that taking out Rachel's best friend would definitely make Rachel insanely jealous.
"Sure, I'd love that," Mary-Tess said. "Thanks, Bo."
As Mary-Tess agreed, she knew she was only going out with Bo in an attempt to make Cory jealous. Cory was crazy for Mary-Tess before... but that had been about 2 years ago. She hoped with all her heart that he might still care.
Mary-Tess met Rachel outside of the school building. They usually walked home together. "Rachel, guess what?" Mary-Tess said with excitement. "I have a date for the dance tonight!"
"Great! Who is it?" Rachel asked. "What about this morning in the bathroom when you were crying over Cory and Clara?"
"Well, I decided to fight fire with fire. I'm going to try my best to make him jealous!
Bo has asked me to go to the dance...and I accepted."
"You did WHAT?! How could you, Mary?! He is.... was MY boyfriend!!!"
"Jeez!!! What in the world's wrong with you?! I thought you were with Larson! And besides, I am only going out with him to get to Cory."
"If you go out with him.... I will never speak to you again as long as I live!"
"Is that a promise?!" Mary-Tess sneered, stomping away.
As Rachel was walking home, Clara approached, asking her to go for a walk. They walked by the construction site of the new building and saw Larson working. He had taken the job to make a little extra money since he hadn't gotten too many gigs lately. Larson's muscles bulged as he was lifting some heavy bricks.
"Oh my God! What a gorgeous hunk!"
Clara gasped, staring at Larson with lust in her eyes.
Rachel looked at her sister, hate flashing in her emerald eyes. It couldn't be happening twice in one day! Why didn't other girls just leave HER guys alone?! Why didn't Clara and Mary-Tess just stay satisfied with Cory Macke?! Suddenly Rachel ran off in an angry huff, and Clara was left there on the sidewalk to stare after her.
Clara walked up to Larson, tracing his sweaty arm with her fingertips. "Hi, Larson. Are you almost done?" she asked.
"Oh Hi, Clara. Wasn't that Rachel with you?" Larson asked, looking around as he could have sworn he had seen Rachel walking with Clara. He only had eyes for Rachel; he didn't give a flying fig about the sluttish Clara.
"Yes, it was. Would you like me to come over tonight---- for some. uh ... fun?"
Clara asked, licking her lips while swinging her hips in hopes of enticing him.
"No, I'd rather you didn't," Larson answered, pulling away from her bewitching touch. "I have work to do, Clara."
"Oh come on," said Clara, throwing herself at him. "You know you want me...."
Cory and Phillip were driving by in Phillip's sports car, and they saw Clara all over Larson. "Jeez!" Phillip said in disgust, pulling up to the curb.
"Listen here, slut!" Cory yelled out the window to Clara. "I'm going to the dance alone tonight. I will not be taking a whore like you!"
Rachel ran home, went to her room, and slammed the door. A few minutes later, her mom stormed in, a look of rage on her face. "Rachel Rodrigue, what did your father say?! Where were you... and where is Clara?!" her mother demanded.
"Fuck off, Mom. I'm tired of you and Dad treating me like a child. I only went for a walk... and I am not Clara's keeper!!"
"You better not leave this house tonight--- or your father will--- -!" her mother threatened.
"Mom, I don't really care what Dad does. You can't boss me around anymore. I'm eighteen-fucking-years old. I'm going to Larson's house tonight... whether you like it or not."
When Rachel's dad got home, they had a huge argument. Rachel got up and left before her dad had a chance to stop her.
Rachel went over to Larson's. When he answered the door, she fell into his arms. "Make love to me!" she begged.
Larson grinned, pulling her inside and closing the door. He slowly slid himself down Rachel's body, kneeling there are her feet. He then brushed his face against her legs, letting her feel the sharp stubble upon his unshaven face against her skin. "Rachel," he whispered, his hot breath touching her flesh. He began to kiss his way up her legs, sliding his head under her skirt. He blew his breath against the damp fabric of the crotch of her panties. "Mmmmm..." he said, his voice vibrating against her pussy thru her silk panties as he inhaled the sweet scent of her aroused pussy. He began to kiss her and lick her thru the damp material, his lips and tongue like a burrowing animal.
"Oh God, you taste so good," he said, moving the crotch of her panties aside with his fingers and sliding his tongue into her.
Rachel cried out, nearly losing her balance as Larson was spearing his tongue deep into her tight slit.
"Oh Larson, oh Larson," she moaned, as his tongue was fucking her. She wanted more than just his tongue as it slid deep into her tight, slick channel. She wanted him..ALL of him. "Please make love to me now. I want you to fuck me, Larson. Oh please!" she begged.
Larson peeked out his dark head from beneath her skirt. He had a wicked little grin on his face. "Of course I want to fuck you, Rachel... but first, I want you to suck my cock," he said, rising to his feet and taking her hand into his. He then lead her into the bedroom, the same room in which she had lost her virginity the night before.
"Larson!" she gasped. "I--- I don't know. I have never done that before."
"Come on, Rachel. You'll love it..." he said, as he was stripping out of his clothes. He went to lie back on the bed, stroking his throbbing hunk of meat. It stood up at full erection.
Rachel gasped, looking at it. She couldn't believe Larson actually wanted her to put her mouth on it. She looked into his eyes, unable to utter a word as she began to strip away her clothing, dropping it all to the floor in a heap. Larson stared at her perfect, pert breasts, reaching out to cup and caress one as he urged her over to the bed with him. He gave the nipple a little twist, trying to entice Rachel to give him what he wanted which was oral pleasure beyond his most erotic dream.
"Angel, please..." Larson moaned. "I want you to suck my cock... I wanna throb against your tongue..."
"Oh Larson," she said, because she really did want to taste him. She was just a little shy and scared as she had never preformed oral sex before. "Promise you won't cum in my mouth?"
"I promise, angel," he said, pulling her down on the bed with him and gently pushing her head down close to his cock. It seemed to reach out to meet her lips. Cautiously, she ran her tongue over the velvety head. He tasted warm and salty. After she slid her tongue down his length, and caressed the throbbing veins, he moaned, spurring her on. She soon had taken his member between her silken lips, drawing his cock down her throat.
Larson was making passionate sounds of approval as Rachel brushed her tongue along the underside of his erection. Rachel experimentally began sucking on him. Larson just about exploded into her mouth without warning, although he had promised her he would not cum in her mouth.
"Enough!" he finally said, tearing her lips away from his cock. He then grasped her roughly, turning her around so her lovely ass was high into the air. "I'm going to fuck you from behind this time!"
She let out a scream as Larson tore his way inside of her trembling pussy from behind, pumping himself hard and fast against her ass with his every wild thrust. "Larson!" she yelled. "Oh yes!" Larson started fucking her faster and faster, his movements deep and rough. Rachel screamed. Her pussy felt so good when he pounded himself deep inside of it. The tight, wet walls were clinging to Larson's cock as he plunged and withdrew. "Oh God, Larson.... I'm gonna cum!!!" she cried out, clutching at the covers as exquisite passion ripped thru her young body. Her hot wet pussy clutched at his cock like a skin- tight vice as an orgasm made her convulse again and again against the bed.
Larson let out a ferocious growl, spilling himself into Rachel's silken depths. Then he just remained there, joined with her for the space of several heartbeats. "Angel," he said softly, withdrawing and turning her over. He caressed her hair while gazing into her vivid green eyes. "I will never get enough of you."
Rachel could only stare at Larson as though mesmerized. She was so madly in love. She never wanted to be apart from Larson....EVER.

Chapter 3
The Night of the Dance
Clara is Such a Slut

Mary Tess and Bo arrived when the dance was already in full swing. The dance was held in the high school gymnasium. Mary Tess immediately noticed Cory talking to Corbin. Luckily Clara appeared to be no where in sight. Cory looked up, seeing Mary Tess across the crowded room and a strange look crossed his face as he saw his ex-girlfriend Mary Tess on the arm of Bo Broadnax. Cory just stared for awhile, then he turned on his heel, going to speak with the DJ. Mary Tess could hardly drag her eyes off of his gorgeous face. Mary Tess's heart nearly stopped beating when a certain song came over the speakers suddenly loud and clear. The song was "Attack of the Heart," and Mary Tess had no doubt that Cory had requested that particular song in memory of their summer-love.
Flashbacks of that summer suddenly paralyzed her. She could see Cory as he was then. He was younger... and so different. Yet even then, he was so very handsome. She could remember walking hand-in- hand along the beach and the sound of that song playing on Cory's radio. It was a memory too wonderful to be forgotten. The memory was so vivid and so special; it was very difficult for Mary Tess to remember and to think of what might have been. The pain of having lost Cory was something that still continued to haunt her greatly.
Things had gone sour between Cory and Mary Tess once autumn had come. Cory had taken up with a bad group of friends. And on one cold November night two years ago, they had ended their summer romance and had gone their separate ways.
As she stood there on the dance floor next to Bo, Mary Tess could remember Cory's last words to her then. "I care about you too much to expose you to my new way of life.... that is why it's over, Mary Tess," he had said. Mary Tess hated how those words echoed in her head again and again, even now.
That cold night Mary Tess had cried her heart out and from then on she survived on the "what ifs" and the "what might have beens." She knew she could not live that way anymore. That's why she was here at the dance with Bo. Either she would break Cory out of his trance and remind him of what they once had... or she would find some sort of happiness without him.
Mary Tess suddenly had so much more hope now. Cory had played THEIR song! She didn't want to dance with Bo to hers and Cory's song. She made up some excuse to Bo of how she wanted to sit this one out. Then, after the song had ended, the d-jay played another song from that same summer. This one was called "Blue is the Sea." Cory and Mary Tess's first kiss had been on the beach as that song had been playing.
Just as the song had began, Bo turned to Mary Tess, asking, "Ready to dance?"
"Yes," Mary Tess agreed reluctantly as she managed a smile for her date.
Mary Tess gave Bo her hand and together they went to the dance floor. He pulled her into his arms, holding her close as the music played. Mary Tess found Bo to be an excellent dancer, but Cory was the best. At the beach parties they had attended, they had danced together many times.
As they were dancing, Mary Tess noticed Cory staring at her with Bo, intense jealousy in his blue eyes. Her plan was slowly working... and Cory looked soooo angry. Mary Tess moved her body closer to Bo's, closing her eyes to block out Cory's intense glare.
Just then, Cory came up to her and Bo, tapping Bo upon the shoulder. "Could I cut in here?" he asked in his deep raucous voice.
Bo turned, looking at Cory. Bo was honestly glad to have Cory cut in. He had attended this dance with Mary Tess just to make Rachel jealous. He was disappointed that Rachel had not shown up to see him dancing in Mary Tess's arms.
"Sure," Bo agreed softly, leaving the dance floor and going to sit down at a table with a few of the guys.
"Hi, Cory," Mary Tess spoke, gazing up at him. This is the closest they had been in proximity in ages. Mary Tess felt the blood rushing thru her veins; she wanted to be in Cory's arms soooo bad.
Cory's strong arms bound around her waist, and Mary Tess's face became flushed with desire. She moved to place one of her hands upon his shoulder as she caressed the softness of his hair which he was growing long. At first they danced rather far apart with their eyes locked together. Then Cory suddenly pulled her closer as her other hand instinctively rested upon his wide chest. She could feel Cory twining his hands thru her hair and the curly strands were capturing his fingers. When the song ended, his mouth brushed against hers lightly in the softest, most tender of butterfly kisses.
"See ya," he then said, going off to talk to Corbin. Mary Tess could only stand there staring after him. How she wanted more! How she wanted him! "Mary Tess," she heard a voice say. She turned, seeing Bo had joined her on the dance floor once again. Her mind elsewhere, she went back into Bo's embrace. The entire time she danced with him, her eyes were on Cory. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Cory left with his friends. She couldn't have been more disappointed. After a couple more dances, she asked Bo to take her home.

Clara waited in the bushes outside, seeing her twin sister leaving Larson's place. Clara snuck in through the back door. Several other nights in the past she had come over for some "fun." But that had been before Rachel had met Larson. Now Larson didn't seem interested any longer, and it made Clara very, very jealous. She was determined to steal Larson back from Rachel. She wouldn't need Cory Macke anymore, as long as she had a man like Larson . Someday Larson and Clara would be married and be living their perfect lives. Then she could always see Cory and his friends on the side.
Larson was laying there naked on his waterbed. From the looks of the bed, it was quite obvious what he and Rachel had been doing. "Clara, what the hell are you doing here?!" he demanded, pulling a sheet over himself to cover his naked body.
"I'm here to pleasure you, Larson. I'm better than my sister. I know EVERYTHING you want," Clara said to him in a husky voice.
"No doubt you do... but I'd much rather have your sister. It's rather fun to teach her what I want in bed. She's actually better than you, Clara... at least she isn't as loose as a two-bit whore. So, you better leave," Larson said in a growl. "But... Larson, I am gonna have your baby," Clara burst out, making tears come to her eyes to make it seem more believable.
"My baby? Think again, Clara. You have slept with half the guys in fucking town. If you are pregnant, who knows who the unlucky father is. But you still claim it is mine. What should we do about that?" asked Larson with a chuckle.
"Larson, you better marry me. The baby needs a father," Clara whimpered, crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.
"I'm sure it does... but not me."
"What do you mean?!"
Clara hissed. "You mean you don't believe me when I say the baby is yours?"
"You're damn right I don't believe the little brat is mine!
It could be any one guy in whole mother fucking town.
Good-bye, Clara. Get the fuck out... and never come back!" Larson growled, turning over in his bed toward the wall.
"Larson!" she gasped, touching his bare shoulder.
"Ah, hell! What now?" he sighed, turning over to look at her.
"I want you!" she said, passion in her eyes as she lifted her blouse over her head, revealing her bare breasts. She began to twist and tug at her nipples.
"Damn you, Clara!" Larson growled, pulling her down to him on the bed. He began to kiss her with deep, hungry passion as he squeezed her breast in his hand. He opened her legs with his knee, gliding a hand down to her soaked pussy. His mouth slid down, tasting and biting on her hard nipples. He began thrusting three fingers in and out of her very wet pussy.
"You're the best fuck I ever had," he stated, as he mounted her, plunging his cock into her as hard as he could. He fucked her forcefully, anger in each and every one of his thrusts. This little bitch was going to ruin everything he had with Rachel; he was certain of it.

To her great shock and surprise, Rachel awoke after having had moony dreams of Larson. It had been well over a month since she had dated Larson. Rachel was very much involved with Larson, why was she still having sexy dreams of herself with Larson?! Before she had a chance to crawl out of bed, Clara came in, announcing that she had spent the night with Larson... and they certainly weren't sleeping! Looking at her sluttish sister, Rachel was furious! She smacked her sister across the face, yelling out, "You stupid SLUT!"
She quickly threw on some clothes, ran out of the house and went over to
Larson's to have it out with him. She stormed in without even knocking. Larson was lying on the sofa eating a bowl of cornflakes and watching T.V.
"Larson , did you have sex with my sister?!" Rachel demanded.
"I don't think that's any of your business, LITTLE girl. So what if I did?! Maybe I am getting bored with you..."
"Larson, you make me sick! How could you have?! Just after you and I...." Rachel sobbed, both angry and hurt.
"Hey, what gives you the right to come in here and tell me who or who not to have sex with? So I had sex with your sister --- that doesn't change anything,"
Larson responded in a hard, cold voice.
"I hate you, Larson. You made love to me... I gave you my virginity, and I thought you cared, but you obviously didn't. All you care about is yourself and your needs. I never want to see you again, Larson. You've ruined my life," Rachel said in a choked voice as she turned to leave. As she was headed toward the door, she turned to say one last thing. "I hope you have fun fucking my sister."
"Rachel ~ angel, wait!" Larson called out, but she ran out the door without even looking back.
Although they had a fight,
Rachel turned to Mary Tess for comfort. Mary Tess was on top of the world after last night's dance, and it suddenly bothered Rachel that Larson may be the reason for Mary Tess's euphoria.
"Rachel, what is wrong? You look as if you have been crying your heart out," Mary Tess asked in concern as she caressed her best friend's hair in an attempt to soothe her.
"Uh... how was the dance?"
Rachel asked, wiping away her hot tears.
"It was absolutely wonderful.
Cory danced with me... and he kissed me!"
"Super!" Rachel said, giving Mary Tess a little smile.
"Rachel, did something happen with Larson?" Mary Tess asked hesitantly, cause it was very obvious that Rachel was greatly upset.
"Clara and Larson--- well, they--- oh, you know... they fucked like dogs," Rachel said solemnly.
"Oh my God, no!"
Mary Tess gasped. "You must feel rotten!"
"I do! M-T, I thought he loved me! But now he claims he is bored with me. Ohhhh... I am better off with Larson," Rachel said sadly, fresh tears gathering in her eyes.
"Ohhh Rachel, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do?" Mary Tess asked gently, sorrow shining in her eyes for her friend.
"Can I just have a hug?" Rachel whispered, letting the dam break as all the hot tears came spilling forth.
" Shhhh, Rachel. Come here," Mary Tess sighed, pulling Rachel into her arms, letting Rachel cry on her shoulder as she caressed Rachel's hair. As she held Rachel, Mary Tess let out another sigh. After a few minutes, they pulled away from each other, just staring into each other's eyes. All of Rachel's tears had dried. Rachel realized maybe it wasn't Larson she wanted now... maybe it was someone else.

Chapter 4
Clara is Still a Slut
Cory and Mary Make Out

Clara had gone over to Larson's place, but he wasn't home so she had rode her bike over to Cory's house. He wasn't home either. She saw Corbin drive by and hopped in with him. He was taking her to the nearby lake to have his way with her body.

Cory had been keeping a very close eye on Mary all day. After she had left Rachel's, Cory followed her from a distance. He was making sure she wasn't going over to Bo's place. If she ever went out with Bo again, Cory planned to put a stop to any such possible romance.

Cory was following behind Mary and she wasn't even unaware of his presence. She seemed very happy about something. She was humming to herself and looked so very carefree. Something appeared to be making her extremely happy, and Cory was intensely wishing it had nothing to do with Bo Broadnax who had been her date at last night's dance.

Cory dared to walk a little closer, listening to the song she was humming. Cory got a grin on his face as he recognized that Mary was humming the tune of "Attack of the Heart." He tried to calm his jealousy, as he was now certain Mary's thoughts weren't with Bo Broadnax. And it seemed by her direction, she was planning to go out to the beach. Would she find the huge boulder upon which he had just recently carved their names?

Mary found herself wishing she had brought along her iPod. It was a beautiful day, and she longed to listen to some of her favorite songs. She had taken along a sack lunch as well as a beach towel she could sit on and enjoy the sun. She also wished she had invited Rachel along, because her best friend certainly needed some cheering up.

She walked down the narrow path leading to the bluff. Soon she was sitting on a familiar spot on the sandy beach. A huge boulder was very close by, and

Mary set her lunch sack down upon it. She had been sitting upon this very boulder the first time Cory had kissed her. It had not changed nor had the jagged formations which made up the bluffs.

From a short distance away, Cory watched Mary with a gleam in his eyes. He hid in a dark cave formed into the bluff where he had a great vantage point. Mary seemed far too distracted by her own thoughts to notice him.

Mary lay down on the long beach towel, staring up at the blue of the sky. A few clouds graced the sky like white feathers and puffs of cotton candy. It was such a pretty sight that she could not take her eyes away. She saw a flock of seagulls soaring overhead, filling her heart with even greater happiness.

Mary might have gone for a swim, but she wasn't that great of a swimmer. Always before Cory had been around to keep an eye out for her while they played in the water. She put her toes in the water, feeling the soft waves lapping teasingly at her skin.

"Oh Cory," she sighed. "I really wish you were here...."

Then she realized he WAS there, at least in spirit. Because of all they had once shared, they would forever be one no matter how far apart they happened to be.

She began to sing:

Blue was the sea, The day you first kissed me. Blue was the sea; In love we will always be...

Her voice trailed off as she sensed someone standing behind her. She sat up, turning quickly to see who was there. To her surprise and shock, it happened to be Cory.

Their eyes locked together as it seemed

Her heart had stopped beating. "May I join you?" Cory asked Mary as his eyes bore deeply into hers.

"Sure," she said with a smile. "I'd love it if you join me here..."

"Nice weather," he said, sitting down on one end of

Her towel.

"It's a lovely day,"

Mary responded, running her fingers thru her dark hair as she gazed at Cory. "I packed a lunch... and I just happened to bring a couple of Mountain Dews. We could share it. Are you hungry?"

"I'm starved," he stated, but he wasn't thinking of food. His eyes were glued to the cleavage revealed by

Mary's bikini top. He was getting all excited when thinking of molding her gorgeous breasts in his big hands.

"Well, I brought two egg salad sandwiches, potato chips, some fresh strawberries, and of course the Mountain Dews,"

Mary said, reaching for the lunch sack and setting it on the towel between them. "Go ahead... help yourself."

"A feast," Cory said, opening the paper sack and dividing the food between them. "Wanna go for a swim later?"

"Yeah, sure. That would be .... nice," she said with a happy sigh. Her heart was surging with unending joy at this opportunity to spend some time with


"And how about we go for a walk later?"

Cory suggested after taking a nibble of his sandwich.


Mary agreed.

Cory reached across the distance, drawing Mary's hand into his. Mary felt her heart beating faster as her eyes became a deeper shade of blue. Cory's touch affected her as no other.

It was in fact a beautiful day, and after they ate their lunch, they went for a swim. It was just like old times, as they enjoyed playing around together in the sparkling water. Once

Cory swam up to Mary, slipping an arm gently around her waist to support her while kissing her tenderly on the mouth. He then let go, swimming away.

Finally they returned to the sand to rest and dry out.

Mary figured they had swam for about 2 hours or more. They dried off with the towel and sat down on the boulder, side by side. The rays of the sun were shimmering gracefully off the relatively calm water of the ocean. It was a breathtaking sight, and Mary could think of no one else she would like to share this beauty with but Cory. Mary found herself lost in her own romantic thoughts when Cory finally spoke.

"Would you like to take a walk up to the crystal caves?"

Cory asked, gazing down into Mary's lovely face with a grin.

He looked so handsome and tender in that moment as her eyes locked to his.

Mary never wanted to look away. "Sure, that sounds like fun," responded Mary, her voice suddenly husky.

Cory took Mary's hand into his, walking with her down the sandy beach. In about 15 minutes, they had reached a familiar steep bluff. They climbed up a winding path which led up to the two large caves. Spikes formed of gorgeous crystal hung down inside the dark caves from above.

"Mmmmmm... its very pretty here," Mary commented, softly touching the stalagmites in wonder.

Cory nodded, but he was looking at Mary and nothing else. He had no awareness of their surroundings. Mary was the only sight his eyes could see. "Mary, would you mind if I kissed you?" he asked, gazing at her with intense blue eyes which seemed to be aflame in the almost darkness. "I mean REALLY kissed you?"

"Well... uh... Sure, I don't mind,"

Mary said, feeling suddenly tongue-tied

"Come... sit down,"

Cory coaxed, taking her hand once again and leading to her rock ledge situated at the back of the cave. Mary looked considerably nervous, so Cory smiled to ease the tension. "Relax," he said, as they sat down together on the ledge. Cory drew her into his arms.

"Cory," she whispered. "It's been so long since I have been really kissed...."

"How long has it been?"

Cory asked as he was nuzzling Mary's earlobe with his warm mouth.

"Since our last kiss," she said breathlessly.

"Good," he spoke in a low growl.

Cory's mouth brushed against Mary's very gently at first. She parted her lips in silent invitation for Cory while he slid his tongue inside, searching for hers. She had completely forgotten the emotions and pleasurable sensations his kiss could arouse. Her tongue brushed over his softly at first, as his kiss became hotter and much more passionate. A shiver of desire rushed up her spine as Cory pulled her closer, his teeth gently grazing her lower lip. She threw herself into the kiss, sliding her own tongue into Cory's mouth as he sucked it deeper inside. She searched his mouth with a growing hunger.

Cory's hands began to roam Mary's body in her damp swimming suit. Never before had he been so bold. Mary felt herself stiffen slightly at first until Cory's soft caresses and gentle touches made her slowly relax. His hand went inside of her bikini top causing a shudder of desire to move thru her veins. His exploring caress was very soft at first, then more bold as his fingers found her nipple. A soft moan floated from Mary's throat as she was lost in Cory's kiss.

He wanted to hear her moan, as his hot mouth gave her one last passionate kiss, and then journeyed to her earlobe to suckle hungrily upon it while lightly squeezing her nipple. The heat built up between them as a soft gasp of pleasure came from

Mary's lips. Tears of love and need filled her eyes as Cory began to kiss her thru the damp fabric of her bikini top over her hard little nipple in which he had been caressing earlier. It stood up, very swollen against his lips. She couldn't believe how wet she had become in that very moment.

Suddenly Cory pulled away, gazing at Mary with blazing blue eyes. He wanted to make passionate love to Mary, right here, right now, but there were some things he needed to say first. Reluctantly, he stopped his erotic caresses upon her lovely body. He looked so very serious as he stared into Mary's eyes and said, "Let's go walk down by the beach again, babe. There is something very serious I must discuss with you."

"Uh yeah.... sure..."

Mary said, adjusting her bikini top while gazing at Cory. She was suddenly very shy after her passionate display while making out with him.

His hand came down to tenderly force up her chin so her eyes were looking deeply into his very soul. "Look at me,

Mary. Babe, you should not be embarrassed."

She returned his gaze a few moments, then smiled brightly. His hand took hers as a grin

quirked his lips. "Aw, c'mon," he chuckled as he lead her out of the cave.

Mary felt an ache in the pit of her stomach, sensing that what Cory had to tell her would not be good. She had seen something shining in his blue eyes which told her that he was going to come forth with something which would change their lives forever. Finally they reached the beach, where Cory sat down on the boulder, drawing Mary into his arms.

"You know, Mary, I have really missed you a lot. Right now all I want to do is be with you.... and I really don't care what anyone says. But I need to tell you something first, babe.... I hope you can understand..." Cory spoke as his eyes locked with hers.

"What is it, Cory?" Mary asked with concern.

"Mary, I overheard my mom and dad talking last night. They are planning to take me to a Drug and Alcohol Rehabiliation Center located in Colorado. It's quite a distance from here, but it's the best place I could go for my addictions. I don't want to be stoned and plastered all the time. I don't want that for you, babe. I never wanted that for you. I can get help there. Then maybe I will be truly worthy of you," Cory said with sadness in his eyes. "I just want you to know I will call you. You know I am not much of writer. I don't know how long I will be in. Maybe they will let you visit."

"Ohhh Cory, I am so proud of you. Never say you are not worthy of me. You mean the world to me," said Mary as she gave him a hug. "I promise, I will call and visit you. And I will miss you... SOOO much."

"Never as much as I will miss you, Mary," Cory said as he struggled to speak thru the lump which had formed in his throat. "I hate this... but I have to leave really soon. There are a few others I need to say good-bye to."

"Cory please, do not forget to call," Mary said tearfully. "Kiss me please... just once more."

"Mary," he breathed in a husky murmur as his mouth moved over hers.

Chapter 5
Mary Tess Finally gets Laid

One kiss led to another, and soon Mary Tess and Cory were making passionate love beside the boulder there on the beach. The lust was extremely hot when coupled with the fact that they would soon be separated for an unknown length of time. "Mary Tess," Cory said in a hot murmur, kissing his way down her sexy body. He undid her bikini top and threw it aside, planting heated kisses upon her sensitive breasts. He nibbled and suckled upon her hardened nipples as he was pulling on the bottoms of her bikini in which he slid down her legs. Mary Tess was struggling so hard to breathe as she was so excited. Her fingers twined into Cory's hair, lightly tugging. Cory was getting so turned on by Mary Tess's little gasps and how she kept pulling on his hair so persuasively. He couldn't wait to fuck her. But first he wanted to taste her ... everywhere. He spread his kisses down to her stomach, then over her pubic bone, opening her legs wide for his hungry exploration. "Cory!" she exclaimed feeling his hot breath in such a sensitive place.
Cory began licking Mary Tess gently at first, his tongue brushing along her seam and upward toward her stiff little clit. She was so wet and her juices clung to the pink muscle of his tongue. She was quite responsive as he was licking tiny circles around her clit, making it even more aroused. With each rotation of his tongue, she raised her hips upward, pushing her moist pussy against his face. Finally Cory had enough of this passion-play. He wanted to fuck Mary Tess so bad.
He stood up, taking off his navy-blue swimming trucks and dropping them on the warm sand. He was completely naked and thrillingly aroused. His super-hard cock stood out from the jet-black hair between his thighs.
Mary Tess's eyes grew huge when she saw how very large his cock was. Still she wanted him so bad; she did not care how much it might hurt. She was ready to lose her virginity to Cory Macke tonight.
Mary Tess sat up on the beach towel, reaching for Cory. She pulled him down on top of her. "Please, Cory. I want you. I'm yours ... Make love to me now," Mary Tess heard herself begging.
Cory looked into Mary Tess's eyes as the dying sun hit the water of the nearby ocean, reflecting within her beautiful gaze. Gently his fingertips caressed her face. "I will always love you," he whispered, his body becoming one with hers. He watched the pain move over Mary Tess's face as he tore thru her virginal barrier. He kissed away her tears as he began gently moving his body against hers. In a few moments, Mary Tess was feeling the same intensity of pleasure he was, her long legs wrapped tight around his body. Cory began fucking her faster and faster, hearing her moan and beg for more. Cory gave her everything she wanted, rubbing her clit as she cried out again and again. Eventually he spilled his seed deep into her hot, wet pussy. Then Cory and Mary Tess lay there on the sand, fused as one being as the sun sank down over the placid water.

Rachel refused to give Larson Graham the time of day. She never wanted to see that sarcastic ass hole again. Bo Broadnax dropped by her place that evening, asking her to go for a walk by the lake, and Rachel eagerly agreed.
While they walked together by the lake and the moonlight glowed off the dark water, Bo asked Rachel if he could kiss her. "Sure," she said, gazing into his luscious blue eyes.
Bo drew Rachel into his arms, kissing her with a growing passion. Soon Rachel was swooning. She and Bo had dated for three months and never before had he kissed her quite like this. Bo had always been a perfect gentleman. Rachel found herself lost in the intensity of his kiss. Eventually Bo drew away from Rachel's wet mouth. "Rachel, I've really missed you," Bo said huskily, gazing into her dazzling emerald-green eyes.
"I missed you too, Bo," Rachel spoke, caressing his muscled arm.
"Rachel, I love you. You are the only girl I know who is so sweet, innocent, kind, and intelligent... all rolled up into one. I want you, sweetheart," Bo confessed. "I cannot wait any longer."
Before Rachel could reply, Bo's mouth settled onto hers and seconds later they were both lost in intense passion. Rachel did not protest when Bo took her over to a grassy area near the edge of the lake and sunk down on top of her, kissing her passionately. Soon they were both naked and rolling around on the grass. "Oh Bo, make me yours," Rachel begged, wrapping her legs around his waist after pulling him down on top of her.
"I can't wait to be inside you," Bo groaned, guiding his heated tip to her moist pink center. A hissing sound escaped his lips as he thrust his way deep inside of her. A look of surprise was on his handsome face as he began to fuck her.
Bo lay there in a state of shock. He had thought Rachel was a sweet little virgin, but then he had found out that he wasn't the first man to have had sex with her. He wanted to know who was the lucky guy who had taken Rachel's virginity.
He looked down at her lying within his arms. Her beauty was breathtaking. She was curled up into the curve of his arm, fast asleep, her eyelashes making dark shadows against her sweet face.
Bo found himself consumed with love for her. He hoped that whomever the guy was... he had not hurt or forced Rachel. And he prayed silently that she wasn't in love with the guy.
Rachel came awake, gazing up into Bo's face with a small smile. "Hi," she whispered, remembering their heated sex from earlier.
"Rachel... who---- who was he?" Bo blurted out.
Rachel hung her head, because she had really dreaded that question. "He's no one really," Rachel said, hanging her head with shame. "Bo, I'm so sorry. It was such a mistake."
Bo caressed Rachel's cheek, and then forced her to look into his eyes. "What happened, sweetheart? Please tell me," he coaxed.
"He's a lot older than me. I --- I thought he cared about me... But he had sex with my twin sister,
Clara. He said --- said he was getting bored with me! Ohhhh how I hate him so much!" Rachel said as she softly began sobbing.
Bo pulled Rachel close in his comforting, strong hug. Rachel sobbed on his shoulder, feeling so confused. Rachel knew she wanted Bo still, despite how she was denying it ... and even more confusing was her need for Bo... as well as a growing lust for her best friend Mary Tess. "Everything will be okay, Rachel," Bo promised, holding her close. Rachel prayed Bo was right. Her life was quite messed up right now.

After fucking Corbin, Clara went over to see Bo. Unfortunately, Bo was always in a foul mood. He used Clara just to appease his lust, then he told her to leave, calling her filthy and disgusting names. "Get out, you slut... you are nothing but a no- good whore," he had said. Tears rolled down Clara's face, but this time they were real. Everyday Clara had become more and more angry at Bo. How could he treat her this way? She blamed everything on Rachel. If Rachel hadn't have enticed Bo, he would be all Clara's. She decided to think up an evil plan to keep Bo away from Rachel once and for all. On her walk thru the park back to her place, Clara was seething and conniving. "Rachel, you and Bo are sooo over," she said with a wicked laugh.
Cory had been gone three and half weeks, and he still had not written or called Mary Tess. Mary Tess was beside herself from missing him. "Has he forgotten me?" Mary Tess thought silently, as tears threatened to overtake her once again. Never before had she been so sad in all her life. She had no idea why Cory hadn't even tried to contact her. Didn't he miss her at all? If she knew his address, she would write to him. But sadly, Mary Tess did not even know his phone number at the Rehabilitation Center.
Before he had left, Cory had given Mary Tess a bracelet to show how much he cared. He said he had intended to give it to her 2 years ago, but they had broken up. Mary Tess's heart turned over when she realized that he had saved it just for her. She now wore the bracelet with pride and honor in memory of everything she had shared with Cory. Cory Macke was such a special guy. All the girls wanted him, but he was hers. On the bracelet was a heart-shaped charm with a sparkling ruby stone.
After their passionate encounter on the beach, all Mary Tess could think about was Cory. After their lovemaking, Cory had held Mary Tess close as she cried in his arms.
"Oh Cory, I miss you so much! Please write to me! I need you... I LOVE you!" Mary Tess whispered into the darkness as she sobbed into her pillow for yet another night.
Clara found the perfect revenge. She had found out that Rachel and Bo were going to have sex together in Corbin’s van at "Look-out Point." "Look-out Point" was the place where all the teenagers went in their vehicles to make out. With this bit of information, Clara devised her wicked scheme.
Bo was watching "Wheel of Fortune" and munching on a bag of microwave popcorn. His feet were propped up on the coffee table and his mouth was stuffed with popcorn. He jumped when the phone rang, overturning the bag of popcorn sitting on his belly. "He... woa," he said, his mouth so full he could hardly speak.
"Bo, is that you?" Clara wondered.
"Yeah. Whatcha want?" he sneered, realizing it was the slut who always wanted to get in his pants who was calling.
"Want to go up to "Look-out Point" and take it off?"
Clara asked in a seductive voice.
"Fuck, no! In what? My teeny-tiny little truck?" Bo laughed, anger and annoyance in his tone.
"No, Lover Boy! A friend of mine is loaning me his van tonight. It's dark blue with a white top, and it has the license plate number of LCF-117. You can't miss it. I have some things I gotta do, so you can meet me out there at 9:30, okay?"
Clara explained.
"But I have to get ready for my gig tomorrow night,"
Bo protested.
"Ohhh come on..." Clara pleaded. "It's gonna be a LOT of fun! We can play kinky games all night long. I'll even let you fuck my ass...."
"Okay, slut! I'll be there!"
Bo agreed, slamming down the phone.

Chapter 6
Clara Gets Her Evil Revenge on Rachel
Rachel was sitting in the front seat of Corbin's dark- blue van next to Bo as they were watching the sun set in the horizon. She was lost so deep in her own thoughts. Thoughts of Larson. Lately, he was all she had been thinking and fantasizing about. Making passionate love to him had been incredible, but now she had Bo and Larson was openly sleeping with Clara. And not only was Larson bombarding her thoughts, but every night when she went to sleep, she found herself having kinky dreams of herself with Mary Tess. Rachel was dumbfounded by the erotic dreams which haunted her night after night. How would Mary Tess react if she knew that her best friend was having dreams of making passionate love to her?
Rachel had always known she had bisexual tendencies, but never before had anything even remotely sexual happened between herself and Mary Tess. But lately, Rachel had been feeling a spark of desire every time she innocently touched Mary Tess or hugged her tight. But Mary Tess didn't have a clue. Mary Tess was still tragic over being separated from Cory, and the fact that he still had not called her in well over a month. In fact, Mary Tess was deeply depressed which was starting to worry Rachel. Somehow Mary Tess needed to see that Cory's being gone wasn't the end of the world ... but Rachel didn't quite know how to help her snap out of her misery. As soon as she had the chance, she would do something fun with her best friend in hopes of cheering her up.
"Rachel, what are you thinking about?" Bo spoke up, breaking Rachel out of her thoughts.
"Well, uh nothing..." Rachel mumbled, not wanting Bo to know of the naughty images which were filtering thru her mind, starring both Larson and her best friend. Bo was her lover now ... and they had not had sex since that night at the lake about one week ago. Rachel was so very horny, and her clit was rock-hard and throbbing. She needed to cum so bad. She would just close her eyes when she was with Bo ... and pretend he was someone else .... one of her many fantasy lovers or another.
"Rachel, its starting to get dark. Why don't you say we ... uh... climb into the back of the van and have ... uh ... a little fun?" asked Bo, smirking when he thought of pleasuring Rachel and hearing her sweet cries of ecstasy.
"Sure, I think that's a wonderful idea, Bo," Rachel agreed. "Did you remember to bring those sex toys you were telling me about?"
"Yeah, I sure did," answered Bo, taking Rachel's hand into his and leading her into the back of the van where there was a mattress on the floor complete with red silk sheets. It was the perfect make- out pad, courtesy of Bo's older brother Dillon. "Babe, I can't wait to use those toys on you," Bo said with a wicked smirk.
"It's going to be fun," Rachel said with a smile, laying down on the mattress and giving Bo a seductive look. "I need you so much, Bo. I am so wet and hot for you."
"You're a bad girl, Rachel," he said, staring at her as she stretched out on the silk sheets in her black leather dress. She looked so hot waiting for him to take her.
"Yes, I am..." Rachel said, think of Larson and how it felt when he had repeatedly fucked her. No one had ever made her feel as hot and sexy as Larson, not even Bo, her first boyfriend. She began thinking it must be because Larson always fucked her so hard and rough. "Bo, do you think tonight we can do it wild and fast?" Rachel asked, hoping that she could orgasm just as hard while fucking Bo as she always did with Larson.
Bo gave her a sheepish grin. "Well, I can try," he said, reaching for the sex toys he had stashed in the back of the van. He always wanted to get kinky with Rachel. It seemed that tonight was going to be the night for kinky, uninhibited sex.
Mary Tess finally came across a phone number for the Rehabilitation Center in Colorado where Cory had gone for his drug and alcohol treatment. With trembling fingers, she dialed the number and waited to be connected to his room. "Cory?" she said in a soft voice, when he finally answered.
"Mary Tess," he said, and then he went completely silent.
"Cory, I've missed you... why haven't you called me?"
"Well, my life is pretty fucked up right now, Mary Tess. I have hardly had time to think of you ... I'm trying to go off drugs and alcohol, if you haven't forgotten," spoke Cory with annoyance in his voice. He didn't sound that happy to hear from her at all.
"But Cory, I love you... haven't you... missed me?" Mary Tess asked, as tears filled her eyes. She knew that Cory was going thru Hell, but she was going thru Hell without him.
"Hey, Bitch, get a clue. I don't want to talk to you right now," said Cory in an angry, hateful voice, "My life fucked up enough already. Now will you please just leave me alone?"
Mary Tess then just stared at the phone. Cory had hung up on her without another word. She couldn't believe it. He had been such an ass hole. All men were ass holes. She never wanted to see another man as long as she lived. She threw the phone across the room and herself down on the bed. "I hate you, Cory Macke!" she screamed. She didn't really mean it ... she was still madly in love. But she was furious. She was so angry that she was actually thinking of sleeping with someone else....
Clara's plan was working wonderfully. Rachel and Bo were at "Look-Out Point" in his brother's van. From the sounds coming from the back of the van, things were becoming hot and heavy. Larson was gonna get the shock of his life when he came here for his fuck- session with Clara. Clara remained hidden behind a clump of trees not far from Phillip's van, waiting for Larson's arrival. He would be here any moment ... then all Hell would break loose. Clara could not wait to see her sister crash and fall. Larson would be so furious when he saw his "Sweet, Innocent" Rachel in another man's arms. Clara hoped that Larson would beat the holy Hell out of her.
Larson arrived at "Look-Out Point" only a few minutes after 9:30 PM. He was very horny and eager to get down and dirty with the sluttish Clara. She was such a whore, but she was damn good at what she did. He pulled up next to the dark-blue van with the white top in his own little truck. He got out, looking at the van. Who's vehicle was this? He certainly did not recognize it. It didn't really matter who the van belonged to ... he knew it would never be the same after he fucked Clara in it.
But suddenly as he stood there just outside the van, Larson realized maybe he was a little too late. It sounded like Clara was already being fucked .... by someone else. There were intense moaning and fucking noises going on in the back of the van. "God Dammit ... my whore has found herself a new lover!" quipped Larson, going to the back door of the van to see who it was having their way with Clara. Maybe she would finally get off his back, if this other guy was now in the picture. Larson was pleased that Clara had found someone else ... maybe this meant he could get Rachel back. He missed her so much and hated that Clara had broken them up.
Larson threw open the back of the van, hoping to see sluttish Clara being pounded by some horny stud, but the sight he encountered from within the back of the van nearly threw him to his knees. It was his sweet, precious Rachel, being fucked hard and rough by a huge 12 inch dildo held in Bo Broadnax's hand. "What the Holy Fuck of High Sam Hill is going on in here?!" he yelled, watching the thick toy disappearing into Rachel's slick pussy. Her tight pink pussy lips were stretched so wide around the monstrous toy.
"Larson!!!" Rachel gasped, seeing him standing there at the back of the van, watching her and Bo in a VERY intimate moment.
Bo stood there frozen in mid-thrust with the toy, disbelieving that some guy had came upon he and Rachel in a brazenly kinky sex act. "Larson... Larson, I can explain everything," Rachel murmured, just wanting to disappear from this situation. She wanted Larson.... but now that he knew she had been fucking Bo, would she ever get him back again?
"Oh ... we cannot wait to hear this..." quipped
Clara, appearing at the back of the van next to Larson, her hands on her hips as she looked accusingly at Rachel and Bo who were naked and playing with a huge dildo.
Larson looked at Clara, appearing furious. "Did you arrange this, Clara?" he screamed, wanting to slide his hands around her slender little throat and choke the living fuck out of her.
"Well, yes,
Larson, I did," said Clara. "I knew they were coming here to fuck.... so I set this up... so you can see what a whore Rachel really is. You don't want her anymore, do you?"
"Hell no, I don't... but I don't want you anymore either. You're the biggest slut I have ever known. I'd cut off my dick before I put it in you again!"
"It's all Rachel's fault. Everything is HER fault!" Clara screamed, hysterical because the plan she had just backfired and not only did Larson not want Rachel, he was claiming never to want her again either. "Fuck you, Larson! Just look at her... she's such a dirty little whore ---- her legs spread open wide while Bo thrusts a dildo into her wet pussy!"
Larson DID look, and he flew into a violent rage, grabbing Bo and pounding the ever living fuck out of him. "You're going to FUCKING DIE!" he screamed, fury making his eyes into a murderous slits.
Bo actually feared for his life in that moment; never before had he seen anyone that furious. Larson was beating Bo to a pulp as though he were a tiny rag-doll, then he threw him over the side of the bluff, into the traffic far below. "Larson, you dumb fuck!" Rachel screamed, coming outside to stand naked at the edge of the bluff where Larson had just tossed Bo over. "I think you killed him!"
"He deserved to die! You are mine,
Rachel.... I can't believe you fucked him!"
"Listen to you! You
fucked MY SISTER! I am not yours... and I never will be," Rachel cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. "You and Clara deserve each other. I cannot believe I ever loved you! Goodbye, ass hole!" With those words, she jumped into Phillip's van, stark-naked, driving away like a bat out of Hell to check on Bo, although she feared his situation was probably hopeless. He was most likely dead from the fall.
Rachel drove away from Look-Out Point down the steep dirt road leading to the paved highway below. Bo had fallen quite a distance ... he couldn't be alive. But still, Rachel was praying he would be okay. She did really care about Bo ... and she wanted him to be okay. She didn't want that jerk Larson to have the satisfaction of having killed her lover. "Bo," Rachel sobbed, when she got to the highway below the bluff. Sadly, Bo wasn't there. Where was he? Was he dead? Had someone called an ambulance and taken him to the hospital?
Rachel knew she should call the police, but she was too shaken up to do anything. Where was Bo? What could she tell the authorities if there was no body? Would they even believe her? She knew Larson and Clara would lie. There was nothing Rachel could do ... so she decided to go to Mary Tess's for some advice. "Please, God ... somehow, someway, let Bo be okay," she said, as she drove over to Mary Tess's place. She got out of the car, walking up to Mary Tess's front door. She was hysterically sobbing and did not even realize she was stark-naked. "Mary Tess, please ... answer the door!" she cried out, as her tears blinded her and she feared she would collapse on the cement steps.
From across town, Bo was crawling his way thru the weeds below the bluff. Both of his legs were broken, but he was still alive. "Rachel," he moaned, blood running into his eyes. He was close to death, but he vowed to get to Rachel. He had to tell her once more that he loved her before his untimely demise. He couldn't see a thing, but he kept on moving, crawling his way to what he hoped was safety. But unfortunately Bo didn't have luck on his side. He crawled into traffic and was hit by a semi.

Chapter 7
Rachel and Mary Tess become more than Friends

Mary Tess got the shock of her life when she went to answer the urgent knocking at the front door and found her best friend standing there completely naked. Rachel was hysterically crying, so Mary Tess took her in her arms, caressing her hair and attempting to comfort her while trying to make sense of what had happened. "Rachel, what happened? What's wrong?" Mary Tess asked, leading her friend to the couch and covering her nakedness with a blanket.

"Larson killed Bo!" Rachel sobbed, staring into Mary Tess's eyes with a haunted expression upon her face as she remembered the violence she had just witnessed.

"What?!" Mary Tess cried out, disbelieving what she was hearing coming from Rachel's mouth.

"He threw him over the bluff at Look-Out Point. It's all Clara's fault. I hate her," Rachel gasped as tears flowed from her eyes.

Rachel was trembling, and M-T pulled her closer, wanting to help, but not knowing what to do or say. "Are you sure he's dead?" Mary Tess whispered, tears filling her own eyes. Bo was her friend, and he had been her date at the recent Sweetheart dance. He just couldn't be dead.

"I don't know. I couldn't find the body. It was just awful, Mary Tess. I hate men! Larson is such an asshole! I hope he gets his dick ripped off by a hungry vulture!"

"I know, sweetie," said Mary Tess soothingly, understanding Rachel's outburst. "I am beginning to think men ARE assholes. Cory just threw me out of his life again. It's over, Rachel. I never want to see his sorry ass again! I'm finding someone else! I've had it with Cory Macke... he is history! He and I are soooo OVER!"

For a minute, Rachel's mind was taken off her own troubles, as Mary Tess was carrying on about herself and Cory. "You don't want him anymore?" Rachel said, hugging the blanket, as she never thought she would hear Mary Tess say that she and Cory were history.

"No, I don't. I hate him!" Mary Tess gasped, thinking of Cory's cruel words and how she never wanted to see or speak to him again.

"Maybe you should... find another lover," said Rachel, her thoughts going to kinky, erotic places that Mary Tess could not even fathom. Rachel wanted Mary Tess ... and if she had her way, Mary Tess would soon be hers.

As Rachel was staring at Mary Tess, there was something in her eyes. Mary Tess couldn't quite place that expression so deep in the depths of her best friend's eyes, but she had been seeing it a lot lately. "So I guess I am going to have to be a nun... or find myself a really huge dildo and pleasure myself. I'm not going to go thru all that again... like I did with Cory," Mary Tess said.

"No, Mary Tess, you are too sexy to be a nun," said Rachel, her voice going husky as she thought of sweet, sexy little Mary Tess playing with a huge dildo. "Besides, you are not even Catholic."

"Okay," Mary Tess laughed. "So I won't be a nun. But I do have sexual needs, Rachel. And I need to satisfy them in some way. Surely you understand."

"Oh yeah... I understand. I understand, all right," Rachel said with a little giggle. "I got an idea. Since we have both sworn off guys... why don't we....uh ... just be with each other?"

"What??" Mary Tess gasped, her cheeks flaming at Rachel's words. "Do you... uh ... mean---??"

"Yes, Mary Tess, I want you. You're so beautiful, and you're my best friend... and well, I have been having these feelings for you for quite some time now... but I have been fighting them. I thought it would make you upset, and I would lose your friendship," Rachel blurted out. "But now Larson and I are over, Bo is dead... and Cory and you are history, too. Is there a chance for us? And if not, could we just have some wild sex? I want you, Mary Tess. Have you ever thought about you and me?"

Mary Tess just sat there staring. She couldn't believe Rachel was saying this. Rachel wanted to have sex with her? Never in her wildest dreams had she EVER thought of Rachel in that way. "Ohh my Gawd, I cannot believe you are saying this...." Mary Tess said in a gasp, her eyes wide with shock.

Rachel looked very upset by Mary Tess's reaction. She looked like she could just burst into tears at any moment. She should have known it would never happen... that Mary Tess would never want her. This was the exact reason she had never told Mary Tess. She didn't want to lose Mary Tess's friendship. She didn't want to scare her best friend away. "Forget I said anything, Mary Tess. I'm sorry if I shocked you. It's just that you are so beautiful, and I want you so much. I never told you I am bisexual.... no one really knows," said Rachel with a sigh. "I should have known you would never want to be with me in THAT way, but well, you were always hung up on Cory. I always thought that's why you didn't notice me... and how I feel for you. I can't help thinking about it all the time, Mary Tess. I'd give anything to make love to you....just once...."

Mary Tess was listening as Rachel spoke, still shocked, but everything was slowly sinking in. Shehad never imagined what Rachel was speaking of... being with another girl. Her cheeks were flaming as Rachel went on and on. Images were coming to her head, sexy images of herself and Rachel together in an erotic, passionate embrace. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad... maybe it would actually be fun. "Ohh my Gawd," Mary Tess gasped again. "I am actually thinking about what it would be like.... you and me... together..."

"What?!" Rachel said in surprise, hearing Mary Tess's admission. "Are you saying you might want to try it?" A spark of hope came alive inside of Rachel. Maybe ... maybe just maybe, she would get Mary Tess after all.

"Well, uh... I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't like it.... I have only been with someone once... and well, that was Cory."

"Yes, I know.... but I can make you feel much better than Cory ever could."
Mary Tess just stared at Rachel in disbelief. "You sound awfully sure of yourself," she said with a little laugh. She was now looking at Rachel differently than before, noticing that the afghan didn't really cover up very much of Rachel's nudity. She didn't like girls sexually, did she?

"Mary Tess, just let me try.... if you don't like it, I promise I will stop," Rachel bargained, but as she made the promise, she really wasn't sure if she could stop, once she had Mary Tess naked and in her arms.

Mary Tess sat there, thinking a moment, seeing "that" look forming in Rachel's eyes once again. No doubt, Rachel was turned on. Mary Tess found herself blushing. No one had ever looked at her like that before... not even Cory. "Okay, I will...." she heard herself saying. "But only because I am mad at Cory. And I want to see if you are as good as you say you are..."

Rachel was a bit shocked herself when Mary Tess agreed to be with her, but only because she was pissed off at Cory. Even so, Rachel knew better than to turn this down. It was a once in a life-time chance. She was going to have Mary Tess, now... tonight. She hadn't had a chance to cum earlier with Bo before Larson interrupted. And knowing Mary Tess was willing to go to bed with her made her even more aroused. Her clit was tingling as she stared into Mary Tess's dark-blue eyes. "Okay, lets go up to your bedroom," Rachel said, the words thick in her mouth. Now was the opportunity for Rachel to make all her erotic dreams come true.....

Mary Tess headed up the staircase, and Rachel followed. They entered Mary Tess's bedroom, and Mary Tess went to take a seat on the bed. She was wearing her sheer cotton nightie, with only a pair of silken panties underneath. "Rachel, have you ever did this before?" Mary Tess asked a bit nervously, as Rachel stood there, taking in the sight of Mary Tess while chewing on her lower lip, her heart pounding in her chest.

"No, but I have thought about it a lot...." Rachel admitted. "I know it will be good with us..."

"What makes you so sure?" Mary Tess asked, feeling a little uneasy, yet the way Rachel was looking at her as though she wanted to pounce on her was making her suspiciously wet.

"Cause I want you so damn much," Rachel answered, walking very slowly across the room to stand before Mary Tess. Rachel then dropped the afghan to the floor, totally naked.

"Wow..." was all Mary Tess could gasp. She was taking in Rachel's body. She really was beautiful... and despite how she had never really wanted anyone but Cory, Mary Tess found herself longing to touch her.

"Thank you, Mary Tess... for allowing me a chance to make love to you," Rachel whispered, looking deeply into Mary Tess's sapphire eyes. "I've always wanted you. Even more than Larson. I don't know why I kept fighting it...."

Mary Tess swallowed hard, her eyes moving over Rachel's nudity. By now her panties were practically soaked. Obviously, Rachel had a very sensuous effect on her. She was so excited she was having trouble breathing. "Rachel, will you kiss me?" she asked softly, wanting Rachel in her arms.

Rachel lowered herself onto the bed, drawing Mary Tess into her embrace. "I'd love to kiss you," she said, pulling Mary Tess against her. Mary Tess felt her nipples immediately harden at the contact.

"Rachel," she moaned, sliding her hands around Rachel's back and caressing her warm skin. As Mary Tess's fingers slid over Rachel's flesh, Rachel caressed Mary Tess's cheek as she pressed her mouth to Mary Tess's in a feather-soft, exploratory kiss. In a moment, Rachel deepened the kiss, getting a taste of Mary Tess's sweetness. Hunger flamed between them. Mary Tess parted her lips in silent invitation, wanting Rachel to deepen the kiss even more. The passion exploded when Rachel slid her tongue into Mary Tess's mouth, seeking hers.

Rachel was so turned on, she could hardly contain herself. She wanted Mary Tess so badly and couldn't wait to get her naked. She had always wanted to touch Mary Tess everywhere and make sweet, passionate love to her. She had slowly lowered Mary Tess onto the bed and climbed on top of her, her hands gliding over Mary Tess's body clothed in the nearly see- thru nightie. Mary Tess was gasping into the kiss, her arousal growing at Rachel's erotic kisses.

Finally Rachel broke the kiss, pulling away from Mary Tess a fraction. "I want you naked," she said, maneuvering the filmy nightie up over Mary Tess's head, getting her first glimpse of Mary Tess's perfect breasts. They were even more beautiful than Rachel imagined. "And your panties have to go, too.... I want to see all of you," Rachel stated, running a finger over the silk material of Mary Tess's panties until she reached the damp fabric at the crotch. "Oh wow... you are so wet..."

Mary Tess blushed a little as her eyes met Rachel's. "You excite me so much, Rachel. At first I wasn't sure... but I really, really want this. I want you to make love to me... please, Rachel..." Mary Tess was now practically begging.

"Damn," Rachel quipped, knowing that Mary Tess was greatly aroused and wanted her just as much as she wanted her. She then grabbed Mary Tess's panties, quickly sliding them off. Now Mary Tess was completely naked. Rachel felt her clit throb unmercifully as she was gazing at Mary Tess's trimmed little bush. "Mary Tess, you are so fucking beautiful..." Rachel moaned. She couldn't wait to touch and taste all of her.

"Rachel, will you get on top of me and kiss me again?"

"Oh yes, it would be my pleasure."

Rachel rolled over on top of Mary Tess, grabbing her in a hard, hungry kiss. As they were kissing, Rachel pressed every inch of her sexy body to Mary Tess's. It was very intense. Then Rachel cupped Mary Tess's lovely breasts, softly teasing the hard little nipples. As their tongues twined, Rachel slid her other hand down, finding Mary Tess's moist hot pussy. Their kiss got hotter and hotter as Rachel slid a finger inside.

This time it was Mary Tess who broke the kiss. "Fuck me with your finger," she pleaded, arching to Rachel's thrusts. Rachel's finger was soaked with Mary Tess's juices, moving deeply into her tight, wet opening. "Harder," she cried out, feeling an orgasm about to hit. She tensed up as Rachel was moving the finger fast and hard into her slick pussy. She then let out a shrill scream, her pussy clenching up on the single finger as she came so hard she forgot to breathe.

"Damn, you came so hard," Rachel spoke, gently removing the finger and bringing it to her lips. She licked Mary Tess's juices off her finger, getting terribly turned on in the process. She couldn't believe how good Mary Tess's cum tasted, and it only made Rachel want more.

Mary Tess could not help but giggle a little as she watched Rachel licking her finger erotically "Can I sit on your face now?" she asked, as she was caressing Rachel's breasts and playing with her nipples.

Rachel's eyes widened at Mary Tess's sexy words. "Yes," she said with a little grin. "But after you cum again, you will have to think of a creative way to make me cum, too. I am so fucking horny, Mary Tess."

Mary Tess sat up on the bed, a smile upon her lips. "Okay, I'm sure I will think of something," she said teasingly, giving Rachel a lingering kiss before positioning herself so that her pussy was over Rachel's face for the most ultimate kiss of all.

Rachel began tracing Mary Tess's slit with her tongue. Mary Tess was so hot and wet and tasted absolutely delicious. She was certainly enjoying this much more than the blow job Larson had practically begged for that one night. She loved the gasping sounds Mary Tess was making as she began to tease Mary Tess's swollen clit with the tip of her tongue. Mary Tess was getting close to her orgasm as Rachel pushed her tongue into her so deep, thrusting it in and out as though making love to her with it. Mary Tess's gasps became tiny screams. Rachel then stopped the intense thrusting and wrapped her lips around Mary Tess's clit, suckling hard. Mary Tess screamed loudly as she was cumming... and cumming... and cumming. She nearly drowned Rachel with liquid desire.

After it was over, Mary Tess sunk down on the bed next to Rachel, her heart pounding in her chest. She looked into Rachel's eyes, dazed. "You did it," she whispered, caressing Rachel's cheek with a tender fingertips.

"Did what?" Rachel whispered back.

"You were better than Cory...." spoke Mary Tess very softly.

Rachel grinned at Mary Tess's words. "That's because I love you more than he ever could," Rachel stated. "And he's a man... he thinks with his dick..."

Mary Tess started laughing. "Well, his pecker is going to be lonely when he comes back to town. I want nothing to do with it..."

Rachel was laughing as well. "Poor guy... he's gonna have to stroke it..."

"Hey, maybe he, Larson, and Clara could have a threesome!"

"OHH MY GOD!" Rachel gasped. "You have a naughty mind, Mary Tess...."

"Yes, I do," Mary Tess agreed as her voice went very husky from renewed passion while her fingers were sliding over Rachel's nipples. "And now it's my turn to make love to you..."

"I won't stop you..." Rachel said, her voice trailing off as Mary Tess was raining tiny kisses over her body. She tensed with anticipation as one of her nipples had been captured in Mary Tess's warm, wet mouth. As she began to suckle, Rachel tangled her fingers into Mary Tess's hair. "Ohhhh God," she moaned as Mary Tess's mouth was wrapped around her nipple.

"I'm going to make you cum sooo hard," Mary Tess promised in between the kisses she was placing onto Rachel's tummy. The kisses got more bold as she parted Rachel's legs, getting a view of Rachel's extremely wet pussy. Rachel's inner lips were glistening as she was struggling to breathe while looking into Mary Tess's passion-filled eyes.

"You are so beautiful," Mary Tess whispered, tracing the damp pink lips with an exploratory finger. Her touch made Rachel open her legs wider, wanting more. Her clit was throbbing so hard she could barely lie still.

"Please, Mary Tess..." Rachel heard herself begging. "You make me want you so bad..."

Mary Tess gave Rachel a mischievous smile. She felt really powerful and sexy seeing Rachel all excited and pleading for more. "Tell me what you want, Rachel," she insisted, as she was circling her finger around Rachel's clit, her touch feather-soft while just barely grazing it and teasing it unmercifully.

"I want ---- I want your mouth... on me, everywhere...." Rachel said in a pleading voice, her body arching upward to Mary Tess's pleasurable touch. "I want you to lick me and taste me... and make me cum. Please Mary Tess, I cannot wait anymore..."

"Everywhere?" Mary Tess said, as she was settling herself between Rachel's legs, putting soft kisses on Rachel's inner thighs.

"Fuck YES." She was practically sobbing with need as she wanted Mary Tess so bad. 'I need to cum,' she was chanting repeatedly inside her head.

"It would be my pleasure," said Mary Tess with a sexy look as she buried her face in Rachel's pussy and began to lick and taste her as Rachel had never been tasted before. A string of hot, sexy words spilled from Rachel's mouth as Mary Tess began to explore all her folds with her tongue. She grasped Mary Tess's hair, holding her there and never wanting her to let her go.

Mary Tess had never done this before... and never had she ever even thought of it... but everything was so natural between herself and Rachel. Rachel was very wet and her taste was delectable, and Mary Tess found herself never wanting to stop. The sounds of ecstasy Rachel was making were spurring Mary Tess on. She found Rachel's clit with the tip of her tongue and began to flick it. "Ohhh Fuck!" Rachel screamed as she was so close to the edge.

Mary Tess heard Rachel screaming in intense pleasure as she thrust two fingers as deep as she could into Rachel's tight, slick pussy. Mary Tess made love to Rachel with her fingers as she was suckling wildly on her clit just as Rachel had done earlier to her. She could feel Rachel's inner walls tighten on her fingers as Rachel was suddenly cumming forcefully. Mary Tess drank all of Rachel's fluids of desire as Rachel was trembling with the force of her orgasm. After the aftershocks had worn off, Mary Tess lay down on the pillow next to Rachel and gazed into her eyes.

"Did I do okay?" she asked in a whisper, her lips slightly swollen and dark-pink from all the kissing and intimate licking and tasting.

"You were certainly better than okay.... You are definitely the best,"
Rachel said, pulling Mary Tess to her for another passionate kiss.

Larson kept his word. He wanted nothing to do with Clara. But that was the least of Clara's worries. She was pregnant and had absolutely no idea who the baby's daddy was. Maybe Larson was the father, but then again it might be Cory Macke. Or perhaps it was Corbin who had gotten her pregnant. There were several other guys who might have had a "hand" in it...but Clara was going to say the baby was Larson's.

Clara went to tell Larson about the baby, but it was too late. He had been taken to jail for the murder of Bo Broadnax. Rachel had told the police everything that had happened with Mary Tess's urging. Bo's body had been found and foul-play had been suspected. Now Larson was incarcerated, and it didn't look good. The police had enough evidence to keep him locked up for a long time.

What would Clara do, if Larson was in prison? What about her baby? Who would help her raise the child she carried? She couldn't turn to Cory for help; he was still in rehabilitation. That left just Corbin.

Clara went to visit Larson as he was sitting behind bars. "Larson, I have something to tell you," she said as a guard stood by.

"I wish you would just leave me here to rot in peace," he said emotionlessly, not wanting this slut to remind him of all the mistakes he had made in his sorry life.

"Larson, this time I really am going to have a baby... and you are the baby's father," Clara said, placing her hand on the small mound at her middle.

Larson looked like he might vomit. "Clara, you have no clue who did the dirty deed," he said to her with disgust. "A whole bus load of guys would have to come in for DNA tests when you finally have that kid."

"Fuck you, Larson... this baby is yours, and when you get out of prison, we will be, me, and our baby. I will wait for you, Larson. I will never sleep with another man till you are out."

Larson laughed cruelly. "You will be fucking the guard on your way out," he quipped.

Chapter 8
Cory Returns

Mary Tess and Rachel had been lovers for about 3 months. The passion between them seemed to explode whenever they were together. No one even suspected they were more than best friends. Rachel was now completely over Larson. She hoped he would rot in prison and get ass-raped for the horrible deed he had done to Bo. With Larson out of her heart, her entire being was fused to Mary Tess's.....but Mary Tess still had feelings for Cory. And despite her anger toward him, she wasn't anywhere near over him. Rachel knew that Cory would always be the love of Mary Tess's life, and if he came back and apologized for his behavior, Mary Tess would go running back to him. Rachel hated when that day would come, as she never wanted to lose what she had with Mary Tess. She began to pray that Cory would stay in Colorado as she did not want anyone to come between herself and Mary Tess.

They were lying together on Rachel's bed one day when Mary Tess just blurted it out. "I miss Cory so much!"

"You're still in love with him, aren't you?" Rachel asked.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Mary Tess admitted. She then saw tears in Rachel's eyes she was struggling not to shed and felt really bad as knew she had inadvertently hurt Rachel.

"I'm sorry, Rachel. I love you, too... you know I do...."

"Yeah, but you don't love me like you love him."

Mary Tess didn't know what to say. She did love Rachel very much... but Cory had a very special place in her heart. He was her first love. She had loved him ever since she could remember. "Let's not talk about him. He's still a jerk and an ass hole, no matter how much I love him," said Mary Tess, pulling Rachel closer and melting into her arms. Ever time Mary Tess made love to Rachel... she always forgot all about Cory.... and now was no exception.

Mary Tess knew Rachel was feeling down because Mary Tess still had a thing for Cory. Mary Tess planned up a romantic evening for herself and Rachel in hopes of cheering Rachel up. She had a few kinky things up her sleeve, so she asked Rachel to come over and have dinner. Mary Tess's parents had gone on a weekend get-away, so she and Rachel were all alone.

"Clara's pregnant?" Mary Tess said in shock, nearly spitting out her drink as they were having dinner.

"Yep. And who knows who knocked her up," answered Rachel as she was running a fork thru her food.

"Well, its probably Larson's... Oh my God, maybe it's Cory's!!!"

"Half the town has been down her pants, Mary Tess," Rachel said with a heavy sigh. "So like I said, who knows... but she's claiming the baby is Larson's."

"I think people like her and Larson should not allowed to reproduce," said Mary Tess as she took another sip of her drink. "What is she going to do when she has the baby?"

"Dad told her she has to give it up for adoption. She too young and irresponsible to have a kid," Rachel replied. "Of course she insists she wants to keep the baby... so she has something over Larson's head when he gets out of prison."

"She would not be a good mother, that's for sure. Maybe you can keep the baby, Rachel. It would be your little niece or nephew."

"What would I do with a kid? I am only eighteen...."

"You'll be almost nineteen when the baby arrives, and I'm sure your parents will let you keep the baby if you promise to take good care of him or her... after all, they will want to see their grandchild and you are Clara's fraternal twin."

"You do have a point there... my parents are too old to raise another kid. And they certainly are unable to handle Clara, that's for sure.."

"Great, then tell them you would like to raise the baby," said Mary Tess with a happy smile. "I will help you take care of him or her."

"Sure, until Cory comes waltzing back thru the door..." Rachel said sorrowfully, throwing her fork aside. She just couldn't pretend everything was okay anymore. She was going to lose Mary Tess to Cory; she just knew it.

Mary Tess's smile faded away at the mention of Cory's name. "He called last night," she said to Rachel after having finished her drink. "He's getting out soon..."

"And he wants to kiss and make up?"

"I don't know... well, I think... maybe..."

"Where does that leave us, Mary Tess?" Rachel asked as she sucked in her breath. "If you go back to him, are we over?"

"I don't know..." Mary Tess stammered. "I don't want to think about it... I don't want to choose."

"Maybe I should just bow out gracefully then, if there is no place in your heart for me,"
Rachel said, standing up to go.

Mary Tess grabbed Rachel's hand. "Don't go," she said in a pleading voice. "I don't want to lose you, Rachel. We share something very special together. Something Cory... nor anyone, could ever understand. If you leave... I could not bear it."

"Okay, then, I will stay," Rachel sighed. "But when he comes back, you are going to have to choose. Me or him..."

"Damn," Mary Tess cursed as she pulled Rachel into her arms. "That will be one Hell of a choice. I need both of you..."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "He's an ass hole and a jerk, remember?"

"Yeah, he is," Mary Tess agreed as she cuddled Rachel close. "But I still love him anyway."

"What a pity," Rachel said in a tiny whisper, burying her face into Mary Tess's hair. Rachel had never truly been in love with anyone, not even Larson... but she knew losing Mary Tess was going to break her heart. When Cory came back, she knew that Mary Tess would have to tell her good-bye. It was just a matter of time.

Clara was hugely pregnant now, and her mom and dad were making her give the baby up. She didn't really feel motherly, but she did want to keep the baby, if it meant she might have Larson back someday. But chances were, this baby wasn't Larson's. It might even belong to the brainless Nick or Phillip. Rachel was going to take care of the baby after it was born. Rachel had plans to get her own place and raise Clara's child. "I don't want to go thru all this pain just for you to take this baby, Rachel," Clara complained, as she pressed a hand to her aching back.

"You deserve all that pain, Clara, for the part you had in Larson killing Bo," Rachel said angrily as she looked at her twin sister who was as big as a cow in her pregnancy.

"Why do you want this baby anyway? Because you think it might be Larson's? Why don't you go out and get pregnant with your own baby?" said Clara in a hateful voice, despising the little being that was kicking her unmercifully in her body and giving her hemorrhoids.

"Cause you stole Larson away from me... and Bo is dead, thanks to you and Larson," said Rachel as she was packing up some of her belongings. She was getting her own apartment, and she was excited about having her own place and getting away from Clara. She only hoped she could talk Mary Tess into moving in with her.

"Well, I hope the baby keeps you up every night and pukes up pea soup onto your tits..." Clara said in a nasty voice.
"Yeah, and I hope it rips you a new hole when it's born.... but since you are so loose, I doubt it will," Rachel said, laughing hysterically as she packed up the last of her things.

Rachel was sitting in her new apartment, reading a book. She had everything ready for the baby and was just waiting for Clara to go into labor. Clara looked like a humongous whale, so it would probably be anytime. She was thinking about the baby when there was a knock at the door.

"Hi," Mary Tess said when Rachel answered the door. Mary Tess went into Rachel's arms, hugging her tight.

"Did you change your mind? Are you moving in?" Rachel asked, leading Mary Tess over to the couch.

"I'd like to, Rachel... but Cory--- well, Cory's coming back. He should be back in town tomorrow," said Mary Tess, her voice shaking as she spoke. "And well, he wants to get back together... and--- and I came over to tell you.... Oh, Rachel.... I just don't know how to tell you this...."

Rachel bit her lip to keep back her tears. "We are over?" she said in a small whisper.

"We are still best friends... that will never end. But yes... I guess we are, I guess... over..." Rachel looked down at her trembling hands. "Well, at least I had you... for a while..." she said softly, hoping Mary Tess would just go before she burst into tears.

"Rachel, I'm sorry," Mary Tess said, her own eyes welling up with tears. "I do love you... and I never... ever meant to hurt you."

"I love you, too, and I wish there were another way...." Rachel said as the tears started to fall. "Why don't you just go, Mary Tess? Go to Cory..."

Mary Tess was crying, too. "But I don't just want Cory, Rachel. I want you, too," she told her. "That's the hell of it... I want you both."

"Well, you can't have both of us.... Can you?" Rachel asked as she watched the tears cascade down Mary Tess's face.

"I guess not," Mary Tess said sadly. "But I wanted to ask you.... something...."

"What?" Rachel asked, feeling as though her heart was shattered into tiny pieces and ripping its way out of her chest.

"Could we have........... just one more time? Before, before... Cory comes back."

Mary Tess knew she shouldn't ask. But she wanted Rachel just once more. She wanted to burn the memory into her brain for all of time so she would never forget having loved Rachel. "I could never tell you no," Rachel said, as a tear rolled down her face. "I want you ...."

Mary Tess kissed the tear away and lead Rachel into the bedroom. "Make love to me," Rachel begged, pulling Mary Tess down on top of her. It was going to be their last night, so Rachel was determined to make it last as long as possible.

'Clara better NOT go into labor now or I am gonna kill her,' Rachel thought as Mary Tess was on top of her kissing her with intense hunger.

Mary Tess was in la-la land. Rachel had just made passionate love to her many times. She had cum so much her clit was sore. Then Rachel said she wanted to take a bath. "Together?" Mary Tess said with a giggle.

"Yeah, you haven't seen the tub yet... it's absolutely huge,"
Rachel said, taking Mary Tess's hand into hers and leading her into the bathroom. Mary Tess was shocked when she saw the tub. It could fit a small orgy inside of it.

"Damn," Mary Tess laughed, as Rachel squirted in some bubble bath. The water was nice and steamy as they got settled into the tub.

"This is nice," said Mary Tess, as she rested in Rachel's arms. "I could almost fall asleep."

"You can't fall asleep, I want to play some more..."
"You're impossible to satisfy..." Mary Tess giggled, turning around in Rachel's arms. She began to caress Rachel's breasts under the bubbles. She nibbled on Rachel's neck as she was playing with her taut nipples. Under the water, Rachel was fingering Mary Tess's pussy and avoiding her aching clit.

"You are so bad," Mary Tess said, as she looked into Rachel's eyes. "Turn over so I can spank you..."

"I am not going to fall for that... you just want to get a good look at my pussy and my ass," Rachel said teasingly, reaching up to pinch Mary Tess's dark-pink nipples.

"Ooooo.... that hurt," Mary Tess gasped. "You want to get rough, don't you?"

"Maybe," said Rachel with a devilish laugh, pinching Mary Tess's nipples again.

"I am going to bite you!" Mary Tess threatened, grabbing Rachel and nibbling on her earlobe.

Just then, Mary Tess and Rachel were broken from their sexual trance as there was someone standing in the entrance of the bathroom, watching them. "What the fuck?" a voice gasped. Mary Tess was the first to look up, seeing it was Cory.

"Cory? What--- what--- what are you doing here?" Mary Tess stuttered, her hands leaving their resting place which had been upon Rachel's breasts.

"I came back to surprise you... I guess it is me who gets the surprise," he said, crossing his arms as he looked at
Mary Tess naked in the tub with Rachel.
"How did you get in?" Rachel asked, reaching for a towel to cover her nudity as she stood up from the tub.

"I knocked several times, but I guess you were too uh... busy to notice," Cory stated, getting an eyeful of Rachel's delectable naked body. "I went over to your place first, Mary Tess.... but your mom said you were here, with Rachel... I didn't know you two would be naked in the tub together, making out..."

"I'm sorry, Cory. I wasn't expecting you till tomorrow... and I didn't--- didn't want you to find out this way," said Mary Tess, as she reached for a towel as well and began to dry off. "While you were away, Rachel and I became lovers. And well, tonight was supposed to be our last night together."

Cory shook his head. "Well, I guess you forgot to tell me you and Rachel are MORE than friends," said Cory as his eyes skimmed over both young women as he blocked the bathroom door and they stood there half-naked and wrapped up in towels. "I feel almost jealous..."

He was looking at Rachel as he thought of her licking and tasting his girlfriend. "Mary Tess is mine... what made you think you could have her?" Cory asked Mary Tess's best friend.

"You broke her heart... I was only trying to comfort her," Rachel said, trying to push passed Cory and leave the suddenly crowded bathroom.

"So you comforted her by licking her pussy?"Rachel stared up into Cory's eyes, fury in her gaze. "I love Mary Tess, which is more than I can say for you," she seethed.

Cory grabbed Rachel, her towel falling away as he held her in a tight grasp. "I love her, too," he said, his eyes a blazing blue as stared down into her face.

"Let Rachel go," Mary Tess said firmly, coming up to Cory and squeezing his bicep. "Let her go now, Cory... or I will never forgive you."

Cory's eyes shifted to Mary Tess, and he set Rachel back on her feet. Mary Tess reached for Rachel, hugging her tight. "You hurt me terribly, Cory," Mary Tess said to him as she was holding Rachel close while caressing her hair. "And Rachel was here for me... she mended the pieces of my broken heart back together. She isn't to blame for what happened. You are..."

Cory looked pissed as he stood in the doorway. "I don't understand your logic, Mary. You fucked your best friend... but you are saying it's my fault...." he said in a growl.

"I didn't fuck her... I made love to her."

Cory rolled his eyes. He muttered something about women and their sentimental nonsense under his breath. "Well, do you want her, Mary Tess? Or do you want me?" Cory asked, looking at Mary Tess and wanting to rip the towel off her and his way with her now. He was so horny, and it had turned him on so much to see her making out with Rachel. He hadn't been with a woman in months since that night on the beach when he had taken Mary's virginity. She certainly wasn't acting like his little virgin now. His girl had become a woman while he had been away.... a beautiful and passionate woman.

"Well, I was planning to go back to you... but I don't know," said Mary Tess, looking from Cory to Rachel, then back again. "You can really be a jerk and an ass hole, Cory... and Rachel is my best friend... she's everything to me."

Cory couldn't believe he was hearing this. He might lose Mary Tess to another woman. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought anything like this might happen. He had been afraid of Mary Tess finding someone else during his alcohol and drug rehabilitation, but never had he thought it would be her best friend nor another woman.

This time when Rachel pushed past him, Cory let her go. He then reached for Mary Tess, holding her against him for awhile. She smelled so good, like bubbles and sex. He wanted her so much as his cock hardened in his pants. He was thinking about what she and Rachel had been doing and wished he had been able to watch every second of it.

"Mary Tess, I missed you," he said, caressing her near-naked body as he placed kisses into her hair.

"I missed you too, Cory...." she replied, pushing her body tight to his as she slid her hands down his body, rubbing and cupping his buttocks.

"Mmmmmm...." he groaned as his erection grew larger and throbbed between them.

"Will you two stop it?" Rachel spoke up in an annoyed voice. "This is MY apartment... remember? And besides, Mary Tess's clit is sore..."

Mary Tess blushed. She could not believe that Rachel just said that... but Rachel was obviously jealous while seeing her with Cory. Mary Tess pulled back from Cory, trying to get her bearings. What the Hell was she going to do?! "I hate this," she screamed out, tugging at her own hair in frustration. "This just ISN'T fair. I want BOTH of you!!!"

Cory and Rachel looked at each other, a sudden idea forming in their heads at once. "Well, Mary," spoke Cory as he reached out for Rachel's hand, pulling her into the circle of his arms where Mary Tess already was. "Why can't you have us both??"

Cory's voice was velvety as the naughty notion also entered Mary Tess's head. "Larsonth of you?" Mary Tess whispered, looking into Rachel's eyes to see her reaction to that. Rachel had a hint of a smile on her face as Cory pulled her flush to his body, her damp curves pressing to muscular length.

"You wouldn't be jealous if I fucked your friend, babe... since your clit is sore?" Cory asked huskily. "I am very turned on by the thought of you licking her... if you'd let me watch..."

"Rachel?" Mary Tess asked, looking at her friend and making sure this was okay. She didn't want to do anything if it made Rachel uncomfortable.

Rachel got a grin on her face when she saw Mary Tess's inquisitive expression. "I think a threesome sounds like fun," she said. "In fact, I think the two of you should move in... you can help me take care of the baby."

"Baby?" Cory said, looking at both Rachel and Mary Tess. Neither one of them looked the least bit pregnant. Cory looked relieved when he realized that neither of them was expecting.

"Yeah, we'll explain later," Mary Tess said happily, reaching for Cory's hand as she pulled both him and Rachel into the bedroom. "My mouth is going to be busy now; I will be licking Rachel too much to talk..."

Rachel lay on the bed as Mary Tess began to lick her hot pussy. Cory watched, his cock growing huge and swollen as his girlfriend was using her tongue to pleasure her best friend. "That is so hot," Cory quipped, stroking his throbbing cock as he saw Mary Tess's tongue disappear between Rachel's pink pussy-lips.

Finally, Mary Tess broke away from Rachel's slit. "She's really wet now. You should fuck her," Mary Tess said, licking Rachel's juices off her lips as she gave her boyfriend permission to fuck her best friend.

"What are you going to do while I fuck her?" Cory wondered, seeing Rachel sprawled out on the bed waiting to be fucked.

"I am going to finger my pussy..."

Cory sucked and nibbled on Rachel's nipples, then mounted her, thrusting his cock into her with no further preliminaries. "If you two aren't pregnant now, you are gonna be before the night is over," he teased.

Mary Tess did not say anything as she watched Cory's huge cock disappear into Rachel's tight pussy. Rachel's eyes went closed as Cory began to pound in and out of her hard and fast. "Oh yes...." she moaned, cause his fucking was wild and intense just as Larson's had always been. She was going to cum soon.

Mary Tess joined them on the bed, licking and tasting Rachel's nipples. She was fingering her pussy as the bed shook from Cory's rough thrusts. Her pussy was so wet as the three bodies were writhing together on Rachel's bed. "I'm cummmmmming!!!" Rachel suddenly cried out. Cory came a second later, spilling his thick seed into Rachel as Mary Tess fell back on the bed, reaching her own orgasm almost simultaneously. After all the sex, they lay on the bed together, Cory and Rachel cuddling Mary Tess between them. Cory looked over at Rachel, wondering what it would be like to share Mary Tess.

Rachel was thinking the same thing. Neither of them wanted to give her up. It was going to be a group thing, because for now, Mary Tess was unable to choose. "Cory, how do you feel about being a dad?" Mary Tess asked him.

Cory stiffened. "What?" he asked, looking a little freaked out.

"Well, Clara is about ready to give birth," Rachel spoke up.

The End.
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