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This is my first story posting so let me knew whet you think. A bit about the story, it is a fan fiction from the anime series Tenchi: War on Geminar. I changed the story and added to it hopefully making it a bit more interesting. There isn't a lot of sex in this part but the later parts will have more sex scenes. I am more or less testing with this story if I should continue writing. I hope you do enjoy and would love to hear from you. So, without further delay....enjoy

I’d say my real life started when I awoke in this dimly lit chamber. I had no clue where I was or just how I had arrived. All I knew right then was that I had never been in this stone room filled with these strange writing craved into the wall. The last thing I remembered was staying at my grandfather’s cabin in the Tennessee Mountains.

Let me back up a little bit and tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Kenneth Lighthawk and I had just turned 18 a month ago. I had just graduated high school and was planning on spending time at my grandfather's hunting cabin in the mountains.

I am an only child and never knew my father so my mother and grandparents were the only family I have. I am in pretty good shape do to the fact I played football since middle school through high school. I am 6'2 at about 250 pounds with very little fat due to all the weight training and farm work I do on my grandparent’s farm.
I just recently broken up with my high school sweetheart because she was going out of state to college and we didn't see the long distant relationship working out. Besides, we both knew that once in college the temptations of the college life would be too much.

That was one reason I wanted to get away for a couple months before I headed off to college. I wanted to clear my head and get over any residual feeling I still had of her. The other reason was my grandparent gave me the summer off to enjoy myself, and the best place I thought for me to relax was the cabin.
I took very little with me and drove my pickup out to the cabin. I knew how to live off the land. I have been hunting and fishing since I was a small boy with my grandparents. Grandfather taught me how to hunt and my grandmother taught me how to gather herbs and the useful vegetation of the area. That was some of the many things they have taught me over the years I have stayed with them.

On the fateful day I was scouting around the river looking for some wild berries I found a partially hidden cave. The entrance was almost completely covered by vines and bushes that it was hard to see at a distance. I made my way into the cave and found it opened up to a big room. I couldn't see the back of the cave but I did notice a glimmer of light. I figured it was just something reflecting off the sunlight back at me.

As I made my way toward the light I noticed that it couldn't have been a reflection because it seems to be growing stronger the closer I got it the source. I had travel far enough into the cave that the only light I could see was coming from in front of me and the rlight of the opening was fading behind me.
I saw the source of the light to be a crystal orb or something like it emulating the light on its own. The light also seem to be getting brighter the closer I got to the orb. When I was about 5 feet from the orb it was almost blinding that I had to raised my hand and block some of the light.

At this point I was more drawn to the orb and consciously moving to the orb. Part of me wanted to turn around and leave as quickly as I could, but my feet kept right on stepping towards the blinding orb. It started pulsing different colors first and a steady rate and increasing the closer I got. By time I traveled the 5 feet slowly the light was so dazzling it hard to describe. The only way I can describe it was like walking inside and bright rainbow. Then as I reach down to touch the orb it all went dark.

This is how I found myself alone in the stone room of strange writings on the wall. When my eyes adjusted to the surrounding I noticed another strange thing. I saw that I was no longer in the cave because the room I was in measured about only 10 feet by 10 foot. There was a stone door on the other side of the room. As I made my way to the door I could see a little light around the edges of the door but I couldn't see a handle or a way to open the stone door.
"Now what the fuck am I going to do?" I said to myself.
I examined the door for hinges, tracks or something that I could use to open the door from this side of the room. I looked for a button or lever that would open what seemed to be a solid stone door. I didn't think I would be able just to push it out of open. Seeing and feeling around the edges of the wall of the door and the door itself I didn't find anything useful.

Becoming a little panicked I began yelling for someone to help me. I really didn't think that would work but it was something better than just waiting around. When I didn't hear a response I walked up to the door put my shoulder to the left side of the door and starts pushing with all I had. At first nothing happen that I noticed. Then it slightly shifted out maybe an inch. I went to the right side and again I began to push until I felt it swift and inch.
I worked the stone door back and forth for what seemed like an hour slowly working it free. By that time I had it opened about a couple feet when I heard some yelling on the other side of the door. I couldn't make it what they were saying but I started yelling back at them that I was trapped in the room and wanted out.
It was then I started pushing the stone again to work it out on the frame it sat. It started sliding easier and after it moved another two and a half feet it came crashing down with me on top of it.

I was exhausted from all the straining and just laid there with my eyes closed. The brightly lit room I was laying in the beginning to fill with people and yelling and gasping in excitement I had just caused. Above the clamor I hear a lot of heavy footsteps then the room got quiet all the sudden.
“You are under arrest for breaking into the throne room of the Shtrayu Empire!" the loud voice rumbled.
"If you resist we will not hesitate in killing you on the spot!" he shouted.

Those two statements got my full undivided attention in a hurry. First off, where the hell is the Shtrayu Empire? Secondly, what this killing me if I resist? I thought to myself. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to slow my breathing down in case I might need to protect myself.
I was taught a winded fighter is a dead fighter by my friend's father. He taught us several styles of fighting he learned when he was in the armed forces. So, when I looked around and saw all these strangely dress guards pointing spears and swords at me I knew they mean business.
If I wasn't worried about all that I would have been doing a double take at the seen around me. I was in a huge room laced in gold trim on the white walls with columns of what looked like marble spread out along the sides of the walls. The ceiling was a two story high and it had a mural of some kind of robot battle and a king of some kind overseeing the battle.

That was when I looked at the other people in the room. From the guards to the rest of the people it seemed like I stepped into the middle ages. The guards were in some kind of armor with weapons. The men were wearing dress uniforms of some kind and the women had on flowing gowns with their bust tightened showing off a lot of cleavage.

Mind you, here I am dressed in a tee-shirt and blue jeans with my Red Wing boots. To say I felt really out of place and very confused would be just the tip of the iceberg. This was all too surreal for me to comprehend. I knew right then and there I was in some real dip shit.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I exclaimed. "I don't have a clue what you are talking about. I didn't break into anything of the sort." I told the man holding the spear at me.
"I was just trapped inside that room and was trying to get out of there." I tried to explain.

"This is all a huge misunderstanding. I don't even know where this Shtrayu Empire place is at." I continued.

At that two other guards came around grabbing my arms and hauling me to my feet. Then they quickly bound my hands behind my back. They took me past the rubble of the door and stood me in front of what I imagine was the officer or something by his attire and medals on his chest.

He was a fairly tall man with black hair that was cut short. He had nasty looking scar that ran along the length of his face. His beard outline his jaw and was maybe half an inch wide the entire length.

"Which empire do you serve, and why did you come to the Shtrayu Empire?" he asked me in a stern but calm voice.
"What empire? I don't serve any empire I live in the United States of America." I told him.

"As for the reason I am here, I already told you. I was trapped in that room after I awoke in there. So I don't know anything more than just that." I continued to explain to him.

I started to explain to him the last things I remembered before finding myself in the room. I told him I'd never even heard of the Shtrayu Empire before just now. I was hoping he would have some answers for me to make sense of all this. All he said after I was done was “Take him to the holding cells and I'll continue to question the prisoner there. Don't let anyone near him until I get there."

And, with that I was dragged out of the room down a long flight of stair and put into a small room with iron bars. They chained my foot to the wall and without a word from anyone left there alone. My thoughts ran back through everything I saw and what happened to this point.

None of this was making any sense to me. The manner they dressed, or the name of these empires they talked about. Then the whole mural of the guy with the robots fighting wasn't adding up. I was missing some every important information that I felt was going to be crucial for my survival.

As that was going through my head I felt as if I was being watched. I looked down the corridor and saw a young girl’s head peeking through the barred window of the door. When she saw me looking at her she disappeared out of sight. That was when I noticed her green hair. What seemed really odd was it didn't seem to be dyed green unless she did her brows and lashes.
I dared not saying what I was thinking to myself but this was one strange rabbit hole I gotten myself into. I had the feeling if I said it aloud it would just show me how strange it could get and I wasn't too sure I wanted to find out.

I spent three days in the cell with the only interaction was the guard that brought my dinner that consisted of a small half loaf of bread and a stew. Then there were the occasional viewings by men. I guessed they were trying to figure out my story if it was true and what they were going to do with me.

On the fourth day a man wearing a mask came into the holding cell block I was in and proceeded to question me about my story. I retold him everything I knew from the time I left my grandparents’ cabin until falling on the stone door of the throne room. I told him what country I was from in which he gave me the most curious look.
With that I asked him “Since you do speak English I am assuming you know I am an American. I would also like to know why I am being held here against my will.”

“And, where would you go Kenneth?” he replied back. “I can tell you for certain there is no empire named United States of America in all of Geminar.” He continued. “In fact the way I see it you are stuck here even if what you say is true. Unless you are willing to work with us and after you have fulfilled you end on the bargain we will send back to your world.”

I thought about what he said, and there wasn't much of a choice I was being given. Either helped them out or stay in this cell for who knows how long.

“What is it that I would have to do to get back to my home?” I asked him finally.

“Oh, before we get into that we first must evaluate you to see if you can be of use to us.” He said coldly. “We can’t just go making deals when there is no certainty you can even pilot a Scared Mechaniod.” He continued saying.

“A what? What is this Scared Mechaniod? I have never even heard of such a thing.” I told him.
“All in due time, but first well you agree not to cause any trouble while we conduct the testing and training?” He asked me.
“If it will get me out of this cage I behave fully to whatever you want to test me on.” I conceded.
“That is excellent to hear that from you.” He said.

It wasn't until the next day that the mysterious masked man returned with several guards and escorted me out of my cell into this huge courtyard. As we entered the courtyard the first thing I noticed was these 20 foot tall clear looking eggs. It was the best deion I could come up. Inside each egg was a metal skeleton of some kind.

Then I noticed all along the walls and balconies overlooking the courtyard were troops and various people waiting for us to enter the courtyard. From behind one of the eggs stepped the green haired girl I saw the first day I was imprisoned. I figured she had to be about 15 or so and she was wearing this body suit that left very little to the imagination.

I am guessing she had to be about 5’2 and no more than 90 pounds soaking wet. Her breast were somewhat the size of a cantaloupes with very predominate large nipples pressing against the body suit. I notice the slight fold of her pussy lips as the suit covered them like a glove.

I could feel my cheeks flushed a little and the stirring between my legs had me a little embarrassed as I openly stared at her.
“This is Doll, she and I well be running this experiment to see if you are even compatible to pilot a Scared Mechanoid.” The mask man told me.
With that Doll placed her hand on the egg and she was sucked inside of the egg in a bubble until the bubble move to the chest of the skeleton.
As soon as the bubble was in place the egg shell began to shrink into what looked like some kind of armor around the skeleton. The armor then began to form the shape and color of the thing. When the transformation was complete there stood black robot with a long tail and claws. Well, I guess I couldn’t really call it a robot because it looked more like a creature or demon than anything mechanical.
The mask man escorted me the next egg. “All I want you to do is place your hand on the Scared Mechanoid and think about getting inside. Then if you are successful I just want you to sit there and not touch anything. I you try to attack or escape we will destroy you without any hesitation.” He told me frankly.
I had a million questions running through my head all at the same time but I kept quiet and walked up to the Scared Mechaniod and did as I was instructed to do. The instant that my hand touched the mechanoid I could feel a pulling sensation on my hand. My first reaction was to pull my hand away but seeing how this might be my only way back home I thought about getting inside this thing. Then as my eyes closed I could free myself becoming almost weightless and a sense of peace swept through me. It was like I have found a missing piece of myself I didn’t know I was missing.

When I felt gravity return to me I was seated in this cockpit as displays and lights started going off. Along the arms of the chair were two orbs and what looked like you could place your hands on. There weren’t any other controls that I could see. Then I look straight in front of me the see I was looking out the glass bubble in the middle of this Scared Mechanoid.

Then Doll’s mechanoid stepped in front of mine and I noticed she had a scythe in her hands. “Very well done Kenneth, now remain were you are and don’t touch the orbs until we tell you.” Doll said as her imagine appeared on a display off to the left of the cockpit bubble.

Just then the screen split down the middle and the masked man’s image appear as a blue Scared Mechanoid stepped to the side of doll’s mechanoid. “Yes Kenneth, you have very well done indeed.” He said.

Just then two more mechanoids came into view. One was a pink mechanoid with orange hair holding a sword and the other mechanoid was a purple on with green hair holding what looked like some kind of rifle. They formed a semi-circle around me.

“Now Kenneth, I want you to place both hands on the orbs and remain calm. Okay, do it now.” He commanded.

I placed my hands on the orbs and they both lit up and I could feel the power surging through my body and what felt like I was totally connected through the machine. The best way to describe the sensation was like my real body had become the brain for this mechanoid. I could feel the mechanoid through the orbs. I could see out the bubble but in a way I could see through the eyes of the mechanoid at the same time.

“Holy shit this is unreal!” I exclaimed. “I feel like I am a part of this thing” I continued.
“Well, that is because you are a part of it Kenneth.” Doll explained.

She continued to explain how the orbs transferred my thoughts, feelings, and reactions into the mechanoid. That was how we piloted the Scared Mechanoids. We think about moving the mechanoid as if it were our body. She also explained how this was a double edged sword and any damage received during combat would be transferred back to the pilots. She told me that if the mechanoid was destroyed the pilot would be sealed inside the mechanoid and all connections would be cut to save the pilots.

“Now then, the brief explanations are over Kenneth. I want you to try and stand up in your mechanoid. Remember though, don’t try anything or we will destroy you on the spot.” He reminded me.
“Yeah, I know and I figured as much. You can’t have someone running around in one of these things causing havoc. So, don’t worry I will follow your instructions. Besides, I figure it’s in my best interest to learn this thing and do whatever job you want me to do in order to go home right?” I told him.
“Yes, you are correct. In order for you to go home you have a mission to complete and the usage of the mechanoid is vital.” He explained.
So over the next couple of weeks I trained in how to operate the Scared Mechanoid. I would train from the dawn of each day to until the sun set. I trained with several pilots throughout the day. I trained on how to walk, run, jump, and some hand to hand combat training each day. During this time I was transferred from the holding cell to a small room and given clothes to wear. I would have to say my living and food conditions had improved greatly since my first days here.

Plus, I learned later on most of the pilots I was training with were gorgeous females. I also got to spend a little my time with Doll. She might have been all the more reason to get up each day. Seeing her half naked body squeezed into that body suit was heavenly. Of course, I kind felt embarrassed each morning when the maids changed my sheets from the huge loads I had shot out thinking of the other pilots. It was more so when I thought about stripping down Doll and licking that little pussy. Taking those big nipples into my mouth and sucking on them. Sliding my big cock into her and hearing her beg me for more until I exploded deep inside her. Yeah, you can see why I was embarrassed when they came into my room each morning. I think the biggest reason I was so embarrassed was the whispering I heard from them.

Well, that all came to the end when the masked man came into the training courtyard one morning and announced that it was time to tell me what my part in all this was going to be. “The Princess Lasharra well be crowned soon and after her coronation she will be the target.” He explained. “Her ship will be lightly guarded by her personal Scared Master. Your job is quite simple Kenneth, you need to attack and keep her body guard busy while I attack Princess Lasharra. Since you are a stranger and will be going home once the job is completed no one will know of your involvement. The empire will have their rightful ruler in place and the empire will be all for the better for the work we do now.” He continued to explain.

I thought it was all a bunch a bullshit trying to justify the coup de ta of the thrown but like the man said once it was over I’d be back home and would never have to see this place again. As much as I like piloting the Scared Mechanoid and the female pilots (especially Doll) were great to be around. I wanted more than anything is to be back in my own world.

We loaded up the ship with the Scared Mechanoids and headed out the to the coronation ceremony that was being held outside the capitol city. When we arrived I noticed all the people filling the stadium as me and doll hide in the rafters of the stage out of sight of everyone. Looking out in the audience I saw several banners of what I assumed were representatives of neighboring countries attending the crowning of the Princess Lasharra.
I would have loved to go down there and explore through the crowds but I was under strict orders to stay out of sight and keep a low profile until after the ceremony was complete. We would board our airship and follow them to the predetermined spot of the ambush. Then my role would be over and they would send me home. I just hoped that they would honor their side of the deal.

As the trumpets start to play and every stood to watch the princess make her way down the red carpet I finally got a pretty good look and the princess. She had to have been no more than 5’2 with long blonde silky hair and a slim but elegant body. The white formal gown she wore made it look more like a wedding dress but how many coronations have I attained. She was very beautiful but I thought she couldn't be older than 13 or 14 years old. (Don’t get me wrong being a horny 18 year old boy my thoughts strayed to what it would be like to do all kinds wicked things to her.)

All in all, the ceremony was pretty nice and the crowd seems to be happy afterwards. The party started and that was our queue to leave and head back to the ship. When we boarded we were met by the guards and the masked man and the airship lifted off the set up our ambush.
I had some down time so I was in my room thinking about my favorite subject (Doll) as my cock began to swell. In my head I could see her coming into the room as I was stroking my hard cock moaning her name and she would undress and slide up onto the bed. She would start kissing my inner thighs until she would remove my hand from my cock and replace it with her petite hands. Then she would start stroking my cock and licking the underside of the length of my cock until she got to the tip. Placing the bulbous head into her tiny mouth, and she would start licking around the head slowly while sucking on the head. I would run my hand through her thick green hair nudging her to take more of my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

I was too engrossed in my fantasy that I didn't hear the door open or the gasp from the object of my dream. Doll stood there in the doorway staring at me jacking off my 9 inch cock like I was a mad man. I didn’t see the fascination and nor the look of lust spreading across her face. What I did hear finally was the man in the mask yelling down the hall at what was taking me so long to get ready.

Hearing that, I opened my eyes to see Doll standing in the doorway with a shock and embarrassed look on her face. “Oh my god Doll, I’m so sorry you had to see that!” I exclaimed.

As she quickly gathered herself she said. ”Ah yes well, if you can tear yourself away from that I need you to get ready and take up your position as planned.” And she turned out of the doorway and went down the hall.

“Just fucking great.” I muttered to myself.

I knew I just blew any chances of getting with her after a stunt like that. Especially with what short of a time I had left. I got up from my bunk forced my still hard cock down the pants leg of my trousers and straighten myself up before exiting the room.
When I reached the hanger Doll was already done in her mechanoid so trying to explain to her was going to be out of the question until this was over. I walked up to me mechanoid and I entered the egg cocoon. Once the mechanoid finished transforming I left the hangar to hide among the trees and wait for the signal to start the attack.

I dropped down into the foliage of the dense forest and shut down the mechanoid my mind wondered back to what I could say to doll. If there was anything I could do to repair the damage I had done.

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