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I held Isabel’s hand as I heard the beginnings of Justin’s magic, I had time to grown but not much more than that before I am awaken in the morning.

The Wedding Day: Chapter 5.

Isabel is kissing my hand. She says to the curtain, “That was the longest night of my life, even with Justin putting us to sleep.”

I chuckle and say, “I was thinking that just before Justin begin his sleep spell. That was odd I remember dreaming one normally does not dream under a sleep spell.”

Isabel asked, “What did you dream of my love?”

As the memory of the dream comes to my mind, I say, “One was of you carrying our first child, the leaves had just turned in the fall. The next you and I had won a great victory, many of our friends celebrated with us, it was in a place I do not recognize. I had many dreams, always with you at my side. One of the last we had our fifth child, we with their grandfather; we were in a richly decorated room. The children were scattered about the carpet as he read to them. The odd thing is I do not remember ever seeing his face.”

Isabel giggles, “I think I had as many dreams as you. I too remember a dream like you described. The carpet was blue, thick and soft, and our girls love to run their hands through the piling. Our children love their grandfather stories, especially the ones he told them about the Prince and Princess. However, I too cannot remember his face, I do not think it was a visit, I believe we lived with him.”

I moan feeling Isabel’s lips again on my hand, wishing her lips were meeting my lips in that instant. I say, “This is going to be the longest day of my life. The last day I will ever endure without you close by my side.”

Isabel says with a giggle, “Justin should never put us to sleep again, or so help me I will learn a lightning bolt spell, practice it until I can make it just strong enough so he will not be able to set down for a week.”

Justin chuckles, “That will not be necessary Isabel, after tonight no one need to keep you too apart. The King will allow you the use of a bedchamber in his castle tonight. He says it is one of the furthest away from his own just in case you two are noisy or very bright.” Justin laughs as he walks away.

Chuckling I say, “I do plan on kissing you a lot tonight.”

Isabel giggles and says, “I am planning on that and a few other things.”

Unwilling to release her hand, but I know the sooner we start today sooner we can get to that bedchamber as husband and wife. I say, “Do not say anything else; this day is going to be long enough without daydreaming about that.”

Isabel says, “I have been daydreaming about that since the bonding spell.”

I realize that is an easy mistake to make, so I say this very gently, “Sweetheart, the spell was actually one of loves discovery, a bonding spell works like glue. It sticks two things together permanently. Our bond already existed. It was not discovered until the spell pulled at it.”

Isabel giggles and says, “You sure, I am pretty stuck on you.”

Now chuckling along with Isabel I say, “I see your point, because I am stuck on you too. Remember the last time I saw you before, it must of been four years ago. I cast that light spell and told you it was your halo. I realized even then that I really liked you. Remember I said you were my Angel even then.”

Isabel’s sweet voice reminds me of an angel as she says, “You know that spell did not fade for nearly a day. Could you cast a spell for that long back then?”

Somewhat surprised I reply, “Actually, that spell is not supposed to last more than twenty minutes. It is strange that it lasted that long, even considering the fact that we make each other stronger.”

Isabel reflects, “Then could it have been my little brother, he is training with another wizard, he has magic as well. You think he could have cast the spell and kept the halo burning for that long?”

Now with a chuckle I say, “Nope, there is always a blinking affect when you recast the spell, is something you cannot help but notice. It must have been the gods joking. They knew we are destined to be together. The statement I made about you making angels cry, now it makes sense.”

Isabel ponders, “You mean we got the attention of the gods, made them laugh and they love us for that?”

“I am sure is not just that we made them laugh. However, that part probably did not hurt.”

Justin shouts, “If you two keep talking all day, you are going to get to ask them sooner than you would like. Now get your butts moving, I expect you two dressed and ready for the day and less than five minutes.”

Isabel giggles, “He does not know anything about girls.”

I state, “Justin, magic absolutely, cooking maybe, women not a clue.” Isabel releases my hand and I reluctantly withdraw back to my side of the curtain.

The rest of the day seems to be one big blur, without Isabel; I do not seem to be myself anymore. I am riding on the same carpet as King Patrick, Justin, Jeremiah and a half dozen clansman and the Knights, Captain Michael and his wife and daughters.

Maybe it is the bond, but I sense Isabel just behind me. Although I really cannot see her, I can see the other carpets trailing along with us. All the carpets seems to move at roughly the same speed, as the carpet we created on the first day of our journey. The King pointing out landmarks as we travel, and the truth is everything looks different from the air.

I think the goddess, now the city comes into view, and all the carpet slow as King Patrick gets the attention of one of the guard towers, shouting for the Captain of the guards. Several guards take up defensive postures until he is recognized, and the Captain of the guard arrived as we approach the wall.

The King flies is directly into his courtyard, and we leave the carpets for safekeeping with his servants. The Captain of the guard has gone to the temple, and informed the high priestess of our arrival and our urgent need. Time quickly is running out, and a wedding ceremony needs performed within the next twenty-four hours. I am not sure I can stand being apart another night even under the same arrangement as last night.

The high priestess summons us immediately to the temple, and at the precession of Knights, Squires, two chariots, one holding Isabel, and her mother and her two sisters, the other with the King and his closest courtiers. I ride our carpet, along with my guard Captain, his wife and children, Jeremiah Morgan and his son, apprenticed to another master mage within the city and allowed to attend the ceremony. There is cheers in the street as our possession goes onward; the remainder of house Morgan follows our carpet.

Arriving at the temple we all depart, although they turned me so I do not get a chance to see Isabel, she disappears into the temple before they allow me to disembark. I bring the carpet to land upon the cobblestone street, and we step off onto a wide sidewalk. I marvel at the sophistication of the city, that it is unlike any other place I have been. Some of the buildings are quite tall, possibly five stories maybe a few that are six or higher. I took a good look, but ordered not look in the direction of Isabel.

As soon as allowed, I move as quickly as permitted to the temple. Inside the priestess takes control, escorting me to a ritual bathing chamber. I hoped the nuptials were going to begin immediately but I was mistaken. As I descend into the bathing pool one of the old priestess gasped at seeing my slave brand. I smile and say, “I am no longer a slave other than to my love for Isabel.” They giggle and push me under the water scrubbing me with scented soaps, washed head to toe.

Then I dry myself and dress in my wedding attire, Isabel must took slightly longer to get ready. Brought to the room off the main temple and I can hear a priestess giving a long speech to a screened doorway. She is talking about the sanctity of marriage, the blessings of love that lead to a longer happier life.

The priestess continues with her sermon, when I hear a small bell ring, another priestess indicates that it is time for me to proceed to the altar for the wedding. She takes my arm, and forces me to walk at a leisurely pace, opposite me Isabel walks to the altar too.

As we reach the altar together the priestesses allow us to take each other’s hand and turn to the altar, the high priestess instructs, “It is normal for a couple to proclaim their love at this time please in your words say what you feel for the other.”

Isabel smiles and nods for me to start, I begin, “You fill my heart with beauty, with love and joy. I was a blind man walking through this world until you open my eyes.” I can since Isabel needs to say something so I nodded to her.

Isabel says, “Your words bring joy to my heart. My life began when you held me in your arms for the first time.” Isabel’s heart whispers more of your beautiful words; I know you have them for me.

I say, “You are my Angel, with halo bright seen with each kiss. You are the light that I see by, the love that I feel knows no bounds, and surely, it makes us stronger. You are my soul mate. I think the goddess for making us as one.” The priestesses takes in a sharp breath hearing our statements looking wide-eyed, she watches as we move into a kiss. As each time we kiss the glow surrounds the two of us, like love itself seen reaching out and growing with each moment our kiss lingers.

The priestess and all the acolytes all go to their knees. I have never been at a wedding ceremony, but I do not think this is what normally happens at one. Ever since yesterday morning, Isabel and I have kept our eyes open as we kissed. I do not think we could have broken our kiss at that moment even if we had wanted. Destiny had taken hold of us, and we continue to kiss as the light grew brighter that surrounded us. Like yesterday morning, the light took shape, the beautiful Lady that shown of love and joy stood before us once again. Isabel and I broke our kiss as we too sink to our knees.

The acolytes and priests voices all sound in unison as the goddess moves her lips; her voice broadcast from her priestesses. In a musical voice, created by the harmony of the priestesses the goddess says, “My beloved children now consider yourself husband and wife. Let all look to you as the example of what love could be, beautiful and wondrous, joyful and lustful all things in the one.” As quickly as she came, she departed, and again we kissed.

This time the glow reached out further touching the congregation. It did things love does, it healed, it comforted, it strengthened and it emboldened. An old woman stricken with arthritis had the painful ailment removed from her body, her joy overflowed and she sang beautifully to the goddess. Joyous tears filled many eyes as old sicknesses cured, broken hearts healed as the pain of loss love replaced with the warm memories of when the love was strong and new. A young man paralyzed from his waist down rises from his stretcher, walks to a young acolyte takes her into his arms and kissed her and they too began to glow.

The high priestess comes to her feet shaking her head she asks, “What happened? I felt the presence of the goddess.”

King Patrick and his strong clear voice says, “The goddess herself proclaimed them husband and wife, example of what love could be.”

Isabel and I turned to leave, and her father puts his hand on my chest and says, there is one formality yet to be finished young wizard, Duke Julius, your dowry.

I smile and say, “The ship Andrea and all treasures still held within, the fleet of rugs created for our journey here by Isabel and I, the three enchanted crates, and if you allow us to leave a grandson or granddaughter with in the year.”

Jeremiah chuckles and says, “My grandchild, I will leave to their mother, but an enchanted crate for each carpet, and three more for the ship. I will only need half of the treasure aboard if you agree to this.” With a smile I nod my head yes, a cheer runs through the temple, as Jeremiah pulls the both of us to his chest.

Isabel and I do not get to escape until well after dark, we are bought back to a feast at the palace. As the sun set the King delayed the lighting of the candles until the room had darkened, he requested that we kiss so all could see the light in its full glory. We show not only with bright white but also all the colors of the rainbow. After a few moments, the King ordered the lights brought into existence, after a little delay he allowed us to escape to our bedchambers. As I carried Isabel away, there was much laughter at our joyous play.

A servant escorts us on our way with a lantern, after climbing several stairs, and walking down several long passages we come to the end of the East wing. The bed chambers is large, not only does it hold a bedroom, but entry room with a chair beside a small table, two doors, one that leads to the hall and the second into the bedchamber, off the bedchamber is a bathing pool and small toilet. A wide balcony faces the east wall; curtains separate the balcony from the bedchamber itself. A large bed turned down, and the servant builds up the fire and light several candles.

I pull Isabel into a kiss, I am roughly aware of the servant wishing us a good night and leaving. Alone now, I gesture and our elegant clothing disappears from our bodies only to reappear in the wardrobe. Isabel giggles and says, “That is definitely something you are going to have to teach me.” She bites her bottom lip as she pulls me back to the bed.

I take my beloved into my arms, as we lie nude together as man and wife. Our kisses become passionate, and we allow our eyes to close against the bright light. Our bodies moved together, each finding joy in the closeness of the other. Isabel’s chest presses against my chest and I can feel her heart beating as rapid as my own.

As our hips moved together, my manhood trapped against Isabel’s soft hair of her pubic mound, I shudder at feel of it. Isabel and I move closer continuously kissing now, our bodies fully touch. Nothing is between us, as Isabel’s leg rubs along the length of my leg. We enjoy the sensation of just being together, kissing each other, before long I begin to kiss down her neck. My tender kisses finally make their way to her breast, soft yet firm, with small hard nipples stand atop beautiful areola crowning perfect breasts.

I feel Isabel’s need, and my mouth takes in her nipple and areola, my tongue caresses as my mouth sucks causing Isabel to quiver with excitement, her hands quickly wrapped around the back of my head holding me tight to her breast. Moans of pleasure escaped her lips, as I continue to please her. Isabel rolls onto her back pulling me atop her body. Isabel’s legs spread around my waist, and then they too trap me against her writhing body. I smell her excitement as I feel her wetness on my abdomen.

I moved to Isabel’s other breast, replacing my mouth with a caressing hand. Isabel shutters as I begin to suck on her other breast, as my thumb and forefinger role and tug on her nipple. I take my time realizing this is something I always wanted, with the person I have always wanted to be with for all my life. I need not hurry, she will not get up and run from me, no one will interrupt us this night.

Isabel’s hands pull me back to her face and we kiss long and passionately. Once our kiss breaks I say, “My love I have never done this before.”

Isabel whispers, “Neither have I, but I think you are doing really good.”

“I am following my heart and what I believe you want.” We move into a kiss yet again.

Once we break Isabel moans, “Just keep following your heart my love.”

I smile kiss her on her neck, and back down her body only kissing her breasts once each, on across her quivering stomach, the smell of her has me so excited, so wanting to taste the flower and its nectar. Isabel senses my need, spreading her legs wide her beautiful flower blossoms and I lick at her nectar. My tongue plunges into her tight opening until it reaches her maiden hood, intact marking her virginity. Withdrawing I whisper the spell that will block her pain, leaving her only the pleasure.

I lick through her now open blossoms, finding this small stem of pleasure at the top, I avoided for a few moments and Isabel wiggles trying to directed into my mouth. I nurse and caress her small rod as I had her nipple; Isabel moans then shakes wildly, after a few moments she pulls my face away.

Isabel pants, “Now my husband, I need you inside me.”

My cock is nearly painful it is so hard, as I moved between Isabel’s legs and back to her face giving her a kiss. After a moment, she makes a face and asks, “Do I taste like that?”

Smiling I say, “To me it is better than any wine, nothing can compare to it.”

Giggling Isabel says, “I guess I better get used to you tasting like that. It is not something that I ever want you to stop doing.”

My rigid cock makes contact with her flower and we both shudder as if a mild lightning bolt struck us both. Isabel’s hand wraps around my cock, I can feel her drag my head through the center of her flower. It seems like she is getting wetter by the second and the entire crown of my manhood now is wet from our combined fluids. Her hand moves me back to her opening and her eyes say now.

I push forward gently her opening stretches and finally allows me to enter. The spell I whispered will prevent any pain, but I still do not want to cause or the discomfort of having me just ramming into her like a rutting animal. I sink in slightly and feel the resistance, looking into Isabel’s face I say, “I cast a spell that will stop your pain, although you will bleed a little I understand it is not much.”

Isabel smiles, “Thank you husband, now push make me your woman, I no longer wish to be a maiden.”

I push feeling her resistance until it gives way, I sink deeper into her easily now. Because there was no pain, her body does not tense up. I stop not fully within her, giving her body a chance to stretch and a custom itself to my size.

Isabel is breathing hard as she looks into my eyes, I can see the want in them. I pull back slightly and push a little further. I continue this process of slowly working myself in her deeper. I continue that process until I reach as deepest she will allow, my cock presses against the back of her pussy with still just a little more left to enter. Long slow deep strokes, I pulled nearly completely out the push all the way in, after a few minutes she stretches enough to allow me fully into her.

Her heels spur me into moving faster as they pull on me lifting her hips in the process. Her moans giveaway her sheer delight at our movements. Her nipples are as hard and long as they were when she quivered before. Her breasts rub my chest in small circles. She pulls me into a kiss as she screams in bliss.

I can no longer contain my own excitement my lack of experience has played against me as I push deep gushing my seed deep inside her body. Isabel feeling the warm fluid enter her body and course deeper as I pushed more of my seed into her. Her body tightens; the spasms within the walls that surround my cock want to pull me deeper.

Isabel’s screams of passion grow to a new intensity as I grunt and more of my seed erupts within Isabel. It feels as if time slows, and each gush of my semen takes minutes instead of fractions of seconds, it feels like we both orgasm for an hour but it could not been more than a minute.

Dizzy and lightheaded, breathing as hard as if I had sprinted for several miles, I roll Isabel and myself onto my back. Isabel still clings to me; she had moved her legs lower. She does not release me as she quivers and attempts to catch her breath.

Once our breathing becomes a little less labored, we look into each other’s eyes, seeing our own excitement and joy mirrored there we began to laugh. Isabel finally leans down and kisses me, our laughter cut off by the action. My hands caress Isabel as our kiss become so passionate it reawakens my cock. It quickly comes back to life pushing deeper into Isabel as it hardens. Isabel repositions her legs, breaks our kiss and uses her hands on my chest to raise her body. Isabel sinks down until I contact her cervix, as Isabel smiles down at me. I take her hips and help her to grind forward then back; the look on Isabel’s face tells me she will be doing this to me for many more years.

Isabel begins to move her hips, twisting and grinding, raising only to fall back on to me, when my hands go to her breast she shakes violently, she becomes wetter, then she begins to roll her hips pushing me in and out. Isabel continues until she shakes violently again falls onto my chest breathing hard, holding her tight I roll us again coming to rest above Isabel in between her legs. I feel her body trying to pull me deeper yet again, and I pull back only slightly and push in to grind and hump with short jabs. Isabel’s passionate screams again reverberate off the walls of our bedchamber, “YES LOVE. YES.”

Her legs wrapped tightly around me, and my excitement has grown to the point where I can no longer hold back. Pushing is deeply as I can for the second time I give my wife my seed. Feeling me once again erupt Isabel screams, “YESSSSSSSSS”

Isabel does not let me roll us this time. Instead, she pulls me down kissing me deeply as her hips still lift as I hold myself tightly to her sex. It takes a little while but Isabel finally relaxes and slumps to the bed. I slide myself to her side. Isabel and I both sense our exhaustion, not just from our lovemaking but the last few days still weighs heavily upon us. Isabel cuddles sliding into me, we spooned together with my arms wrapped around her waist her hands hold my hands to her.

Neither of us move, but having so much of our bodies making contact, the light still glows dimly around us.

Twice more that night, Isabel and I woke to feel the joy of each other. No longer held back by anything Isabel and I made love enjoying the feelings sex gave to each other. Isabel and I are both fast learners, after a little experimentation I learn to give Isabel quite a few orgasms. I found giving her that pleasure to be a joyful experience and that heightened the pleasure having an orgasm of my own.

The false dawn awakens Isabel and me. Our nude bodies lying together gives off a soft glow. Which only grows brighter with me kissing Isabel’s neck. Isabel turns in my arms, our lips meet our glow now fills the room once more.

As Isabel’s hands caress my back, I wonder at how smoothly they move across my skin. Surely, the old scars should disturb the movements of her hands. I cannot help but reach behind my back filling for the old marks that identified my years as a slave. Gone now are my scars along with the burdens those years left me. Isabel’s lips pull my mind away from such thoughts, I fall into the pleasures my wife gives to me.

Isabel with mischief in her eyes rolls me onto my back. She straddles me so quickly guiding me to her opening she slides down until she comes to rest. Without any other movement, Isabel begins squeezing with the muscles holding me inside of her, her pussy massages my cock as a gleam shows in Isabel’s eyes.

Giggling Isabel says, “I think I have discovered away to get even with you. I am going to give you pleasure until you cum within me, you discovered how to give me more pleasure than you took last night.”

Smiling up into my wife’s face I say, “To give you pleasure creates a joy within me I had never known before. Please never make me give that up.”

As Isabel’s hair falls forward hiding her face her voice stills sounds like an angel as she says, “No my love I will not. I will never allow you to stop, I only wish to do the same, to give you pleasure.” With only the muscles within her body moving Isabel increases the speed at which she milks my cock. I can hear her breathing increase with the exertions, my breathing matches hers as the pleasure climbs. I have never felt anything like this, if it was not for Isabel’s weight holding me down holding me in her, I would thrust up but there is no room, thrusting up merely raises Isabel along with my hips.

The muscles within Isabel seemed aflutter now, and I can last no longer my seed spews forward like a geyser within Isabel, Isabel arches her back and her movements are involuntary as she too has an orgasm. She falls forward and pants as we both tried to catch our breath while caressing the other. Our afterglow actually lights up the otherwise darkened room.

Isabel and I kiss, as she slides to my side. Our body still unwilling to separate we cuddle together as sleep takes us once more.

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