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A holy girl who gets taken by the Priest
It was the first time I'd been left alone in the house since we had moved next to Daddy's work. Daddy was the new caretaker for St Johns Church. The priest had become very close friends with my parents and came over to our house all the time.
My parents were at a couples retreat for the day and my little sister was at Girl Scout Camp, they were all arriving back later today, just before mass. So I had to make the most of today.
I had taken to leaving the front door unlocked because no one really came around here. It was really hot so i decided to just wear my underwear around the house.
I was all hot and sticky so I decided before mass to go in a shower. As i undressed I looked in the mirror and noticed how big my boobs were getting, they were quite a large C cup

Father Damian's POV

I needed to go to James's house to get more candles before mass started so i decided to head over now. I went over and opened the door as i went to look for the candles I heard someone singing, I went upstairs to go and see who it was. As I got to the top of the stairs and i looked in the bathroom, I saw 17 year old Alice. She looked so beautiful with her toned legs and stomach, her ass so small and perky. I couldn't wait for her to turn around so I could see her gorgeous tits an delicious teen pussy.

Alice's POV

It felt good as i started to soap up my body, my parents and father Damian always said never to touch your body because that was the devils work but I didn't care today. I decided to touch my pussy for the first time, I turned the shower off and I leaned against the shower wall and held one leg up then i started to rub until I found the spot where it felt good. I felt my body start to tingle and I started moaning and panting. I was getting close. The steam around the shower started to clear away and i saw someone standing at the top of the stairs. They looked quite happy, then i realised that it was Father Damian. I quickly got out the shower and wrapped a towel around myself.

Father Damian's POV

I couldn't believe what I was seeing Alice was leaning against the wall showing of her gorgeous pussy, she began to rub her clit and i could see she was enjoying it. After a while she was getting close but she realised I was there and got out and wrapped a towel around her before coming out of the bathroom and saying " Father what are you doing here?" I simply said " Your soul needs rid of those demons my child" I turned round and took her towel off.
"Yes Father " she said. I couldn't believe I had a naked teenager standing in front off me and I could do what I wanted with her. "Bend over" I said.

Alice's POV

Father Damian told me he needed to rid my soul of demons so I had to bend over and he was going to help me. He knelt down behind me and said a prayer, then started running his hands up and down my legs going higher up my thighs each time. He then told me to spread my legs and started to run his hands up and down the inside of my thighs getting close and closer to pussy each time. He stuck his mouth right into mu pussy and started to lick and sniff and suck. I began feeling very hot and flustered.

Father Damian

Her pussy tasted amazing I could feel her getting wetter and wetter as I got faster and faster. She began to shake and I could feel she was close, a few minutes later she came all over my face. I told her that method didn't work so we would have to try something else. I told her to go and lean up against the wall and lift her leg.


I just had my first orgasm and it was amazing I could feel it building up inside me. What Father Damian did was amazing and I wanted more. He told me to lean up against the wall and lift my leg, I tried to look behind me to see what he was doing but I couldn't see. A few moments passes until I felt something big and thick press against my pussy. I looked behind to see Father Damians' naked body pressed against mine and his huge cock which must have been 12'' long and 5'' thick. It looked like it could rip me apart from the inside.

Father Damian
This would be my chance, to fuck young pussy. I told Alice that I would go gentle and I did at the beginning. Her pussy juices made it east to slide in and I felt her cherry as I pushed in. Ripping through it was amazing. She screamed in pain as I did. I began to go faster and rougher. She was moaning really loudly. I could feel her building up for her second orgasm but I was no where near. I started fucking her delicate pussy with all my might before I was close to cumming.When i was ready I told her to turn around and I came all over face.

Father let me rest for a few minutes after my 4 orgasms before telling me to go get ready for mass. He followed me into my room to help me pick out my dress. He picked a nice babydoll pink and told me to do my hair in bunches. I went to wash off my face but he said not to so I could show everyone what a bad girl I was.

Father Damian
Whilst she was getting ready I pulled my cock out and started jacking off again. When she came out I told her to get on her knees and start sucking. She began licking and sucking the head before trying to take the whole thing. It felt amazing and there was already precum dripping from the end of my cock into her mouth. When I was ready to cum I told her to stand up and I came all over her dress making it very noticeable.

We walked back to church together and Father went off to prepare for mass. I saw my parents already sitting down and I went to join them, waiting to see what they would say

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This is not the way to end a chapter or even the whole story. Very unprofessional. Continue on but please close out one chapter before you cut it off. Thanks!! (countrycadillac)

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would be better to finish 1 story then tell the other side easier to read..too xoxoxox enjoyable

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