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Teen makes a mistake that she'll soon lament.
She had to do it

Karen sat in the class, stared down at the chemistry paper at her desk. She abruptly skimmed through the assortment of question but couldn't remedy any of them. She was getting panicky, she glimpsed at the wall clock but she didn't look at the time. She dropped her gaze to the proctor who was just below.

She had to excel in this exam; or else she is not getting that car her father promised for her sweet sixteen. She gawked once again at the proctor who was rather absorbed in reading her novel. She then glanced over to her friend Katie sitting next to her.
Katie, contrasting Karen, had already completed her paper and was only revising her answers. Karen plainly stared at Katie's paper but all she could see were lengthy horizontal lines of ink. She gave Katie a trivial nudge on her arm and shook her paper. Katie knew too well what she wanted, this wasn't the first time. Katie's heart raced up, she knew this was dodgy; she speedily ran her eyes round the class then exchanged her paper with Karen's. She quickly started filling the blanks in Karen's paper, she was cautious though, to ape her handwriting. Katie was brightest in her class, she was aware that her good grades were her only shot at college because Katie's parents were all things but wealthy. She answered the questions to the best of ability then looked around the class once more, content that no one saw them; they exchanged their papers once again. Karen could not hide her overstated grin even if she wanted to.

Karen and her best friend Katie submitted their papers to the proctor and walked off to the hallway and headed home.
"Thank you Katie...I don't know what I’d ever do without you." she whispered to her ear as they hugged.
"You're welcome." Katie returned as she broke off the hug. Her fingers were crossed as they separated, hoping that all would go well.

Karen was in a gay mood when she got home, she greeted everyone, including her neighbors. She told her father to keep his money ready. She readily waited for the next day of school, something which she has never done.

Her father dropped her off at school; she inferred how it would fell to drive herself to school like the elder kids did. She hurried through the hallway to her class. She greeted Katie who was already settled then waited for the chemistry teacher. If she got anything higher than a B+ in the paper, she would meet her father’s prospect.

Their chemistry teacher, Mr. Hoffman, ultimately walked into the class with a bunch of papers hard-pressed to his chest. He walked around the class issuing the papers to the respective owners. Only the squealing of his shoes could be heard. Karen and Katie felt a pang of worry when the bunch of papers was exhausted and they still haven't got theirs.

"Katie Page and Karen Wood, I’ll see you in my office." Mr. Hoffman said then left for his office. Most of the students didn't even hear what he said since they were either too shocked or too surprised by what they got on their papers. Karen stood up then headed for Mr. Hoffman's office, Katie followed.
"He probably wants to thank us himself." Karen said to Katie who was visibly frightened.
Karen knocked and a masculine voice answered. ” Come in."
Karen opened the door and saw Mr. Hoffman comparing two papers. They both got in and stood right next to the door.
"Sit down." Mr. Hoffman hissed.
They slowly and carefully sat down on the two chairs in front of them as if they were rigged with bombs. Mr. Hoffman just sat there; glaring at them then looking at their papers which made the two girls ill at ease. This went on for a minute before Karen broke the noisy silence.
"Have we done anything wrong?" Mr. Hoffman again looked at Karen with his startling eyes; he took off his glasses which made his eyes bloodcurdling. Karen looked away fearfully.
"Done something wrong is an understatement. You two are in a mound of trouble." Katie stirred her hands from the table to her legs to conceal their trembling.
"There is substantial evidence that you two cheated on your exams, and as you all know cheating is one of the worst offense one can perpetrate in this school." Something about the phrasing of his words or how he said it made Katie emotional, but Karen griped her hand to comfort her. “Am afraid I will have to inform the principal who will be in turn informing your parents." Katie could not take it anymore, she broke off into tears. Mr. Hoffman just stared at her without even the least amount of compassion.
"It's going to be okay Katie." Karen whispered with her hands around her.
"Am afraid it's not." he huskily which made Katie even weep louder.
"Such offenses never go unpunished." he remarked in a sadistic tone.
As if Katie's sob was music to his ears.

"Katie is innocent; I forced her into cheating, so I should be disciplined, not her." Karen said boldly, she was willing to lose her car, but not her friend.
"It doesn't work like that, both of you will be punished." Karen studied at him; he had a scar on his left cheek. His eyes were dark brown and large. On his cheeks was a neatly trimmed beard. On his neck was a dragon tattoo which was visible if you looked above his shirt collar. He had a full-size upper body, strong big hands and extensive shoulders. His chest was muscled and one could the outline of his abs on his shirt. He looked like a gang leader or a drug peddler, maybe that’s why no one messes with him. Not even the senior students. But no matter his build, Karen loathed him.

"Now if you excuse me, I have things to do, and I also have to notify the principal."
Karen gave her a tissue to wipe her tears, she understood why she cried. Katie would not get a scholarship if she has a record for cheating, her parents would be so disappointed.
Karen comforted her as they left the office.
"I am so sorry Katie, it’s my entire fault."
"It's my fault too, did not make me do anything I didn't want to." She said in a wobbly voice.
"Don't worry Katie; I am going to fix this mess."
" are you going to do that." she asked expectantly.
"Don't trouble yourself with that, head on to class I’ll find you there." Karen watched her slowly walk to class then headed to Mr.
Hoffman's office uncertain about what she was about to do.

She knocked on the door and the same brawny voice answered.” Come in."
She went in, this time she found Mr. Hoffman about to leave, possibly to report them.
"What do you want? Karen." he asked abrasively as he sat down.
Karen swallowed a blob of saliva that had formed in her mouth. She did not answer. Mr. Hoffman just gawked at her blankly. Karen swallowed another blob then locked the door.
Mr. Hoffman acted surprised, he had a hint of what she was going to do but wasn't entirely sure.
"What are you doing?" he asked with a deeper voice than usual.

Karen looked at him and feared that one part of his body that she was willing to please.
She closed her eyes then gradually grabbed the edges of her top and removed it, exposing her tiny bra. Mr. Hoffman stood up almost too suddenly. She moved towards him and unbuckled his belt. She could see the huge bulge that had shaped just below. She hated him but had to do this. She felt her heart racing, her blood boiling, her pussy moistening. She lowered his trousers to his ankles, she looked up to him to see if he'd resist but his face was nonchalant. She could not read his emotions. She wasn't sure if she wanted him to resist or not nevertheless.

She got up again and grasped his boxers then pulled them down. A massive 6"5 cock sprung up above her head. She brushed it with her blond hair as she got up again. His cock was short and buff, just like he was. Its girth was the same as her wrist. She was afraid of it. She wondered if it will fit in her mouth. But she found herself wanting to try if it will. She had to remind herself she is doing this because she has to, not because she wants to.
"Get down on your knees." he hissed almost menacingly. She coyly obeyed.
He grabbed her hair roughly and pressed cock head on her lips. She has never done this before. She tasted his salty pre-cum and liked it.
She felt her nipples become rigid and her pussy damp. She grabbed it with her hands but he slapped them off. He grabbed her head then with one thrust; he rammed his huge penis into her mouth. He pressed her head against him as he moved his hips. His hefty testicles hit her chin with every lunge.

She made little slurping sounds as his cock moved in and out of her mouth. Her nose poked his lower belly she let go of her tongue which allowed him to go further into her mouth. His moans encouraged her to take him even further. She felt his cock kicking inside her mouth and she felt a warm gooey fluid injected into her throat. She tried to release herself from his grip to no avail, he was stronger. He ignored her ineffective attempts and forced his dick into her mouth until he had ejaculated all his cum. She sprung back immediately after he let go and gasped for air. She had swallowed his load of cum involuntary.

"Come here, I haven't finished with you." he said.
He sat down on his chair then grabbed her by her arms and lifted her to his lap like a father would to his daughter. He then smashed his large lips into hers and roughly forced his huge tongue into her mouth. He savored the taste of her saliva together with a hint of his cum. He then abruptly stopped. Karen, her eyes closed, lurched forward expecting to be kissed.

"So, you want this huh." he said arrogantly.
"No." she lied.
He slid his hand to her back and unhooked her bra revealing her brilliant breasts. Though small, they were firm and the nipples were large and erect. He moved his mouth from hers and kissed her nipples, biting her left while he played with her right. She whimpered continuously as he played with them.

He then lifted her up to his desk and laid her on her back. He removed her skirt almost without warning. He sniffed her panty then licked the moist front. Karen had no view of what he was doing but she liked. She only felt ripples of pleasure all over his body when he played with her nude body. She didn't want him to stop, she loved it. He removed her panty leaving her completely naked. He gazed at her gorgeous pussy, never before touched by man. He unfolded her outer lips wide then slowly traced his tongue up to her clitoris. He felt her sudden emotion when he sucked it. She rested her legs on his shoulder thus giving him complete control of her private parts. She trusted him completely with her body.

Her moans by now had become louder and more frequent. He could feel she was getting close to an orgasm.
He sucked her clitoris and leisurely fingered her vagina but still observant of her hymen. Karen arched her back as her orgasm hit her.
She pinched her nipples and crushed his face with her thighs pressing him closer to her chaste cunt. She came so intensely; she never thought a man could give her such pleasure. But slowly she came into her senses. She felt a sudden pang of shame. How could she have done this? How could she?

"I'd like to go now." she murmured. She felt filthy. "I supposed you won’t report us."
"We'll see." he replied. She quickly dressed and noticed that he was fondling his cock as he watched her. She took the two papers and left before she could succumb to temptation. She entered the class feeling disgraceful. She faked a smile for Katie and gave her paper to her.
" did you convince him?" Katie asked astounded.
"I have my ways."
"I love you Karen you're the best friend in the world." Katie said as she hugged her. Karen doubted she'd feel the same way if she knew what she just did.

Having sex with minors is illegal.

Anonymous readerReport

2013-12-29 20:30:37
Overusing a thesaurus is a bad thing and it's painfully obvious that that's what you did.

anonymous readerReport

2013-12-01 10:40:07
A great read, but the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors are a significant distraction. other than that your story is rocks.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-01 13:26:24
Thanks Steelkat for your input, I am encouraged.
TeenWiz (forgot to sign in)


2013-10-29 08:11:39
Practice makes perfect, so write whenever you can. Don't forget to read as well, you'll find inspiration in the work of others and you can use published works as guidelines to help you master issues like word flow and grammar as well as a source for improving your vocabulary. Never give up! Your characters show promise and with enough effort on your part, you could shape up to be a pretty great author.

Good luck and happy writing!
Cheers, Steelkat


2013-10-29 08:04:48
I'm not really into this type of story but since you were kind enough to comment on my poem, I thought I should read it and give you some advice. I've read your other comments and it seems to me that you are genuinely interested in perfecting your craft, just as I am. So I offer you this, and I hope it helps.

You have a lot of work to do when it comes to the flow of your words. Certain words feel incorrectly placed and of course grammar can become a minor distraction. In saying that, however, I understand that we're all human and mistakes can be made even with painstaking proof-reading (I know this first hand; I'm always finding mistakes in my chapters after they are published).

Another thing that will help make your work easier to read it the layout. Keep in mind that reading online is different to reading on paper. Spacing counts! Leave a gap between every new paragraph and sentence. Also, enact the dialogue in your mind so it doesn't sound cheesy or forced. Practice makes per

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