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The tentacle demon invades a sorority house.

"Julie Rhodes?"

"Yes?" Julie barely glanced up from her work. There was always more paperwork to do. Accounting, payroll, purchase orders, work orders, the job of an office clerk was never done. It was better than the being on the factory floor, but not by much. She was looking forward to retirement.

"Formerly Julie Stone, of Eta Nu Tau?"

"Goddammit!" Julie hissed. "What are you, a reporter? When are you people going to leave me alone? It was forty years ago, and you cock suckers still come crawling up my ass every few years trying to get the 'real story'. Get this straight. Nothing happened! It was all hyped up bullshit rumors started by rival houses to destroy us and it worked, okay? Now leave me the hell alone!" She had been trying not to raise her voice, but everybody else in the office was staring anyway. The reporter bitch leaned in close.

"That's not how Gruthsorik tells it," she whispered. Julie turned white as a sheet.

"Where did you..." she muttered, then abruptly stood up, grabbed the strange woman by the arm, and dragged her into an empty conference room. She locked the door behind her and demanded, "Who the fuck are you and how did you hear that name?"

"Dr. Claire Thompson, from the U.S. Armed Forces Institute for Xenobiology and Cryptobiology," she replied. "And he told me himself."

"Oh my God, the government captured him?" Julie said with a gasp. "Is... is he okay?"

"He's fine, don't worry," Claire said.

"Thank goodness," Julie said as she sank into a chair. Claire sat down across the table from her. "I'm sorry I snapped at you out there. Have you... you know... with him?" Claire blushed and slowly nodded. "Oh, you lucky girl. God, those were the days. We all never talked about it afterwards, and I try to forget, but you just can't, not completely."

"Do you mind?" Claire asked, presenting a digital audio recorder.

"No, go ahead, I guess you have to." Julie waited for Claire to press record down and then asked, "So how did you track me down? There were so many of us, I don't think he ever bothered learning any of our names."

"He didn't, but after a little searching I managed to figure out which university he was talking about. I visited your old campus and read the old school newspapers from that year, and they identified you as the sorority president during the scandal and suspension of Eta Nu Tau. The alumni office was very helpful, and had current info on you. I've heard the story from Gruthsorik, but I'm here to hear your side." Julie nodded and began:


It was my senior year, and as you said, I was president. We had a little over forty members, twenty of them living in our house, the rest mostly in the dorms. It all started with Amy Brennen, another senior. You're a scientist, you would like her, she was very smart, and very hard working. It wasn't unusual for her to stay late on campus, working away into the evening. But one night, she was much later than usual getting back. When she finally showed up, she was a total mess. Her clothes were torn to rags, she was clutching them around herself just to keep covered, and she was absolutely covered with some kind of sticky mess. But she had the biggest smile on her face you could imagine.

We asked her what the hell had happened. She said, "Something wonderful. Let me get cleaned up first, get everybody together and I'll tell you all about it." So we gathered up, and when she had showered and got into some intact clothes, she started spinning this insane story of a man that interrupted her, told her that she had to leave the building, got in close and groped her, and then turned into an eight foot tall monster that stripped and raped her with huge tentacles. We all thought she was going a long way for such a ridiculous prank, but she swore it was true.

She told us, "At first I struggled against it, but it was obvious he was way too strong for me. I decided to save my strength, wait for the right opportunity. But as soon as I stopped fighting and relaxed, I started to really feel what he was doing, and it felt so incredibly good. I know the old misogynist cliché that girls being raped should just lay back and enjoy it, and that's bullshit, but a normal guy you might stand a chance of fighting off, a normal guy should know better than to behave that way, and a normal guy can't use his cock to fill you all the way up. I didn't even want to escape anymore. I was asking for more. And he gave it to me, up my ass, and in my mouth, and I came, oh God did I cum, and so did he, all over me. It was the best sex I've ever had in my life. And then he was gone." She let that sink in for a moment, and then she added the craziest part of all, "You all need to try it too, you won't believe how great it feels."

We were all aghast. I said, "Even if we buy this story of yours and believe that this actually happened, how are we all supposed to get raped by this creature of yours? Invite him over?"

Then she smiled and said, "Actually, that's exactly what I had in mind."


It was a college, like so many others, and she was a girl like so many others, or so I thought. She stopped fighting and gave in quite early on, turned out to be a fantastic fuck. Afterwards she was too worn out to do anything but lay there, like so many others. But what happened next was unprecedented. Two nights later I was back out on the prowl. Right away I found another girl studying alone. I gave her my usual routine, it's late, building is closed, she shouldn't be here. She got a strange look on her face, then gave me the usual apology and promise to leave soon. So like always, now that her guard was down it was time to start working the fear, I moved in and grabbed her tits. But she didn't respond properly. She looked surprised but not shocked, and said, "Oh my God, it's really you. You're really real."

I stammered out, "What?"

"You're the rape monster, aren't you," she said. Instead of her, I was the one who got nervous. I backed away from her towards the door, looking around, waiting for the trap that clearly was about to spring. Then she explained herself. "No, wait! The girl that you were with two nights ago, she's in my sorority. She told us all about you. This whole thing was her idea. She loved it so much she wanted everybody to experience it, so we're staked out across campus, waiting for you to show up. I'm supposed to invite you to our house, Eta Nu Tau, the back door at midnight, so all of us girls can take turns with you."

That was a lot to take in all at once. I said the only thing I could think of, "Really?"

She answered, "Yes! I didn't believe it, I don't think any of us did, but a bunch of us went along with it for shits and giggles, and well, holy shit but now here you are, acting just like she described! You are him, right?"

I was in as much disbelief as she was, but I was starting to get my wits about me again, enough to still be suspicious, and asked, "How do I know this isn't some sort of trick?"

She said, "I don't know, you just have to trust me I guess?"

I said, "Not good enough. You said you girls want to take turns with me?" She nodded. "Including you?"

She paused and then said, "I hadn't really thought about it, but now that I know you actually exist, yeah, best sex ever sounds really good."

It was starting to sink in that something incredible had just fallen into my lap. I smiled, a big, big smile, and I told her, "Then take off your clothes."


The first night, nothing happened. The second night, Cindy didn't come back in with the rest of us. When she did return, her clothes were undamaged, but we could see all over her face and in her hair some remnants of that same gooey mess Amy had come back with. "It's true," she told us. "It's all true. And it's fantastic. I came twice before he even had all my holes filled up. And he's agreed to be here tomorrow night."

So at twelve the next night Amy, Cindy and I were sitting outside the back door waiting. I was still pretty skeptical of the whole thing. But sure enough, a man came slinking out of the darkness towards us. Amy could barely contain her excitement and squeaked out, "You came!"

"Greetings, ladies," the stranger replied. "How are you this fine night?"

"This is him?" I said. "He doesn't look like much." He said nothing in return, but he smiled, and his eyes started glowing red, and his horns grew out of his forehead. My jaw dropped, and I quickly said, "Alright. Get inside before somebody sees." He continued transforming as we led him in, and soon I was facing eight feet of total monster. I tried to hide how intimidated I felt, and I asked nobody in particular, "So, how exactly are we doing this?"

It was the demon that answered. "I've been thinking about that. One girl a night would be best. And everybody gets a turn before anybody gets a second go."

"Well that sounds fair. We'll keep the back door unlocked for you from now on," Amy said.



Of course fairness didn't have all that much to do with it. I just didn't want the girls with seniority monopolizing me. I figured that if each girl had to wait that long in between, hopefully it would be enough that none of them would get sick. Then the new girl said, "It's agreed then. I'll go first. All the girls here are my responsibility and I can't let any more of you do something this crazy before I've tested it personally."

"Oh sure, that's the excuse you're going with?" one of the others teased her.

"Shut up!" she sneered back. "You. Follow me. I figure we can use the Chapter Room for this." She led me to what looked like a ceremonial room for their little sisterhood club thing, with their historical knickknacks and photos displayed on the wall. She closed and locked the door behind her, shutting the two of us inside. Then she turned back towards me, and the tough leader in her was gone, replaced by an uncertain little girl. "So... what I am supposed to do?"


"I don't have to tell you of all people what happened next," Julie said.

"No, please, if you're okay with talking about it, go ahead," said Claire. "I'm supposed to make sure these interviews are as thorough as possible."

Julie nodded. "Alright, if you insist, I will," she said. She looked self-conscious but continued on.


He told me to take off my clothes, so I stripped down and tossed them aside. When I looked back his tentacles were out and moving towards me. He ordered me to open my legs for him. I was nervous and still a bit in awe, but I widened my stance, clearing the way to my pussy. One of the tentacles set to work at it, rubbing the outside, and then finally it pushed in, fucking me, driving deeper and deeper. I didn't actually realize until then how eager my body had been for this. I was breathing heavy and starting to moan. My knees gave out, but the tentacles had already coiled around my legs, and they tightened up before I could fall and kept me upright. Two more wrapped around my torso and grabbed my breasts and nipples, squeezing and rubbing them.

He lifted me into the air, the tentacle still probing further into my wet pussy. It felt wrong somehow at first, shameful, getting pleasure from this inhuman creature, but very quickly I just didn't care anymore. By the time it was all the way filled I was already encouraging him with the sluttiest language I could think of in between moans. Yelling out for him to fuck me harder and all that. I don't think I needed to ask, he started ramming my pussy so hard my body shook. I knew what was coming next of course, and I was so eager for it that as soon as I felt a tentacle touch my asshole I started begging him to fuck my ass. That thing burrowed so far up my rear I thought it would never stop going, and I didn't want it to.

I didn't think it could get any better, but then he started in on my clit and mother fuck, it got better. I was screaming and moaning continuously, my mouth wide open, and the next tentacle dove right in, and I just kept moaning, and sucking, and gagging, and taking it deep in my pussy and ass. He gave me two more to stroke off and I jerked my arms just as fast as I could. He had full possession of my body, like I was there just to give him holes to fuck, but it was okay because they paid in kind with such pleasure it was driving me out of my mind.

Then the world shattered as the orgasm ripped through my entire body, screaming into the tentacle down my throat. When I couldn't hear my scream anymore I heard his, and his cum washed over me and pumped into me. It felt like a gift he was giving me, and I gulped down as much as I could while my body soaked in it. He set me down tenderly, and I laid there like a rag doll, a tired, wet, happy rag doll. He asked me, "So, do I meet your approval? Am I invited back tomorrow night?" as if there were any doubt.

I mustered up the strength to nod, and breathlessly said, "Yeah. And every night after." He smiled, and headed for the door, already shrinking, changing back to his human facade. I called out to him, "Wait. You... never told us your name."

"No, I didn't," he said. "My name, I so rarely have use for it. You can call me Gruthsorik."


Continued in Chapter 6: Rumors

- - -

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Interesting how you told this chapter with a memory recollection, but from two different perspectives (Gruthsorik's and Julie's). Another brilliant entry in your wonderful monster series.

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