Sierra left the tent and hurried to catch up with Lila. As she walked along the well known trail to the shower house, she realized that she was smiling. “No,” she thought, “I'm grinning. Grinning like... like a fool!” She chuckled, then stopped dead in her tracks, the grin gone. “Oh my God!” she marveled, “I'm... wow!” The grin returned and she resumed her walk, shaking her head in happy wonder.

A couple of younger girls were just leaving the shower house when she arrived. They smiled and nodded to one another and Sierra went through the door that one of them held open for her. She heard the water running, and saw Lila, alone in the steamy shower. Sierra quietly stripped off her clothes and crept up behind her lovely friend, whose sweet body glistened in the falling water and dim light. Sierra took in the sight for a moment, watching Lila's slow, languid movements as she showered. “She is so beautiful,” she thought. She put her hands over Lila's eyes, who gave a start when she felt the contact.

“Guess who?” Sierra asked in a badly disguised voice.

“Ummm... Jocelyn?” Lila replied, obviously playing along.

“Nope! Guess again.” She stifled a giggle.

“Hmmm... Kendra?”

“Uh uh. One more guess,” Sierra said.

“Let's see...” Lila pretended to think. “I got it,” she said. “Is it... Sierra?”

Sierra removed her hands. “Yuppers!”

Lila turned around, stepped into Sierra's open arms, and they embraced. “Hey, babe,” she said quietly. “I've missed you.”

Sierra's heart fluttered. “She called me 'babe' again!” she thought. That made her smile and hug Lila even tighter. The hot water cascaded over their slender, youthful bodies as they embraced. Their naked breasts pressed against each other, and the water made their lithe bodies deliciously slippery. Sierra took one of Lila's firm little breasts in her hand, relishing the warm slickness of it. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, savoring the moment, feeling the slight vibration of Lila's heart beating beneath. “Her boob fits my hand perfectly,” she thought, “as if it was made for my hand, and my hand alone.” She felt a now familiar warmth in her lower belly, along with a sudden growing wetness between her long, slender legs that had nothing to do with the water flowing over her. Her legs nearly betrayed her and she momentarily clung to Lila for support.

Lila sighed with contentment. “Oh, Sierra... Sierra...” she murmured. She put a hand on the back of Sierra's head, her other on Sierra's hip, and kissed her tenderly on the lips, slow and lingering. Sierra cooperated, and her finger idly traced feather like circles around Lila's hard nipple.

Sierra reluctantly broke the kiss and suggested they finish the shower and head back. “I have a surprise for you, Lila,” she whispered into Lila's ear. They looked into each others eyes, foreheads touching. Lila put a finger gently on the edge Sierra's moist lower lip. “Mmmm,” she sighed. “I like surprises,” she said. “I can't wait.”

They finished the shower and dressed. Lila towel dried her hair. Sierra's shorter hair would be dry in minutes. They gathered up their belongings and left. “Take me home, Sierra,” Lila said. “I can't wait to see your surprise.”

Once outside the tent, Sierra took hold of one of Lila's hands and said, “Close your eyes, Lila. I'll lead you in, okay?”

Lila nodded and gave Sierra's hand a gentle squeeze. Once inside, in the dim light of the moon that slipped in through the covered screens, Sierra told Lila she could open her eyes. Lila put her hands to her cheeks and gasped. “What did you do, Sierra? That is awesome!” She turned and hugged Sierra. “I love it! I can't believe you di...”

Sierra turned to face Lila and put a finger to Lila's full, sensuous lips. She smiled tenderly. “I am so glad you like it, Lila,” she whispered. “But from this moment on you can't talk, okay?”

Lila raised her eyebrows and started to speak, but Sierra shook her head and pressed her finger against Lila's lips. Sierra shook her head slowly. “No sound, Lila.”

Sierra closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her heart was racing and she felt lightheaded and giddy. She could not believe what she was about to do. She took hold of the hem of Lila's shirt and lifted it slowly. Lila raised her arms and smiled. Her bare breasts came into sight and the shirt was tossed aside. Sierra hooked her fingers in the band of Lila's shorts and slid them slowly down her long, smooth legs, planting tender little kisses on Lila's exquisitely smooth, tanned legs as she lowered both the shorts and her own body. She ran her tongue slowly up Lila's leg. The panties came down next.

Sierra stood and slowly undressed, looking into Lila's eyes the whole time. She stepped forward and placed her hands on Lila's waist. She knelt on the floor and looked up at Lila. She ran her hands lightly down Lila's waist to her hips and then slid them around to her firm, round bottom. She held Lila's beautiful ass and pressed her cheek against Lila's warm, silky mound, where it quivered ever so slightly. She inhaled the musky, intoxicating aroma. She felt Lila's hand on her head, felt fingers gently stroking her short hair.

Sierra turned her head and kissed Lila's warm, dewy pussy, savoring the taste, which was like nothing she'd ever tasted before; sweet, slightly tangy, and wildly exotic. The familiar and the unfamiliar, and it fueled her desire to please Lila, to soothe the ache that lingered from her earlier confession. She moved her hands to Lila's hips and placed her tongue at the lowest part of Lila's swollen mound, at the bottom of the dark, beckoning crease. She had her tongue fully extended and in one long, deliriously slow movement she moved her body upward, her wet tongue leading the way. Up Lila's quivering pussy, up to her lower belly, where the delicious little ripples and flutters occurred. She continued up, over and into Lila's 'innie' navel, and up her body, up between Lila's slowly heaving breasts, where she felt Lila silently moan. Up the sweet hollow of Lila's throat, under Lila's chin, to finish on Lila's full, sweet lips.

Sierra looked into Lila's glazed eyes, her own mouth partially opened, lips glistening. She turned Lila around and urged her backward onto their bed. Lila lay there, legs hanging over the edge and spread wide open. Her arms were above her head, her small, firm breasts and hard nipples pointing upward. She stood between Lila's legs and smiled. She leaned over her beautiful friend until their mounds touched. She placed her hands on the bed at Lila's side and pressed herself firmly against her. She closed her eyes. “Oh, this feels so good,” she thought. “Sierra... good...”

Lila watched Sierra, lost in the incredible feelings that coursed through her. She wanted to moan, to cry out in pleasure when Sierra pressed herself on her. All she could do was moan deep in her chest, and that seemed to only heighten the awesome sensations. Sierra was so gentle, so loving. Their pussy lips meshed as if they were kissing. When Sierra began to move her hips slowly up and down, Lila felt the beginning tingles that foretold an orgasm. She whimpered quietly, and tears formed in her lidded eyes. “She's making love to me!” Lila thought. It was new to her. Even Katy had never done this to her. And she was lost, deep in the depths of the feeling Sierra was bringing out in her. She shuddered and whimpered again as their slick pussy lips slid wetly against each other, making squishy sounds. “Nothing has ever felt this good,” she thought. She wanted to reach out and hold Sierra, but she didn't want to break the enchantment of the moment. The little twitches and tingles were becoming stronger and stronger as Sierra made love to her.

Sierra was lost in the incredible sensations, too. She lowered her head and sucked on one of Lila's hard nipples, twirling her tongue over it, around it, on the top of it. She did the same to the other nipple, then back to the first one. She unhurriedly alternated between both of Lila's nipples as she continued grinding on her. She was also feeling the tingling electric dawning of an orgasm, so she pulled back from Lila's pussy, breathless and beginning to sweat. Little droplets of her perspiration were falling on Lila's bare chest and stomach.

She began to lick Lila's breasts, painting them with her saliva until each was covered, glistening in the dim light. She kissed each one all over with long lingering touches of her lips, and she realized that she loved the taste of Lila's skin, and she wanted to taste Lila even more. She stood and smiled down at her beautiful bunk mate. She got on the bed and lay on her side next to Lila. She propped her head on her arm and traced a finger down the center of Lila's chest, down her belly, down to Lila's crease. Sierra lingered there, moving her finger up and down the slippery division, probing closer each time. As she held her finger at the opening of Lila's sweet pussy, she leaned over and kissed her. Her finger pressed into the warm, tight opening, so wet, so very warm and wet...

Despite the code of silence, they both moaned out loud. Lila shuddered as Sierra's finger entered her tight pussy. The slow penetration, the twisting and turning of Sierra's finger was like a salve on her soul right then, and she sighed. Sierra ran her fingers lovingly through Lila's damp hair and began to move her finger in and out of Lila's pussy with deliberate, agonizing slowness. It seemed to Lila that it took an hour for Sierra's finger to move all the way out and another wonderful hour to move all the way inside her again. Lila was feeling those little tremors and tingles again. Her thighs quivered and her pussy grew even wetter. Sierra, aided by the increasing wetness, moved her finger more rapidly in and out. Lila began breathing hard, her chest moving in time with Sierra's thrusting finger.

Sierra suddenly stopped with her finger deep inside Lila. Lila flexed and her pussy held Sierra's finger tight. Sierra smiled and kissed Lila again. She pulled her finger from Lila's tight hole and licked it while looking into Lila's eyes. Sierra stood, and motioned with one finger to Lila: hold on a second.
She went to her footlocker and took out her iPod and turned it on, the volume low. She also removed a small, wide blue candle and lit it with a match. She looked at Lila and beckoned her to stand with her. Lila took Sierra's hand and got up from the bed. Sierra took Lila in her arms and kissed her as the music played a slow, lilting song Lila had never heard, yet it was a very beautiful song sung by a woman with a wonderful voice full of emotion... full of love for whomever she was singing to.

And they danced, locked in their youthful lover's embrace as the song played. The song was so beautiful to Lila that she wept. She wondered -hoped!- Sierra was letting the music say what she could not at the moment. “... I could conquer the world with you by my side...” the woman sang. Lila also wondered how Sierra had known what to do what she had been doing to her. “She knew exactly what to do,” she marveled, “and I love her for it.” The sudden silent admission of those feelings surprised her. “Love? Am I in love with my sweet Sierra?” She swayed to the music with Sierra, who had her head on Lila's shoulder, her arms around her body, her leg pressed gently, moving slowly against her mound. “Yes,” she thought, “I do love her. Oh, Sierra, I love you!” And how she longed to open her mouth and whisper her feelings into Sierra's ear. But she was under Sierra's spell so she let the music and the wonderful feelings that raged through her carry her into a nice place that she realized that she needed to be.

And they danced. “... and I feel like... I've known you... my whole life. Every day and night was made just for us...” The words reached deep into Lila, who clung to Sierra with all she had as she wept. “ walked through my door and changed my whole life...” Tears of happiness, tears of gratitude, tears of incredible joy. Tears of relief. “We could call it luck, we could call it fate, we could call it hearts desire...” Lila wept, her hot tears falling on Sierra's hair. Lila heard, as if from a long distance, Sierra's sweet voice softly singing along with the music: “... Let's just call it love. I'd like to call it love...”

The song ended and Sierra looked up at Lila and smiled through her own tears. “Lila,” she whispered, She swallowed. “Lila.. I...”

Lila smiled. It was her turn to put a finger on Sierra's lips and shake her head. “I know,” she whispered. “I know, babe.” She kissed Sierra tenderly. The tears streamed. Her heart raced. “I love you, too, Sierra.”


“Ummm?” Lila said as she caressed Sierra's cheek and wiped tears from it.

“Let's go to bed.”

Lila kissed Sierra, probed her mouth with her eager tongue, digging as deep as she could. Her hand went to Sierra's puffy nipple and tweezed it gently. “Oh, yeah, babe” she said. “Bed. Let's”

They lay together, their hands roaming over every inch of each other luscious young teenage bodies, caressing, probing, touching every spot they could reach. Sierra licked Lila's neck as her fingers lightly drew along Lila's stomach. Lila broke out in gooseflesh and sighed with delight. Sierra moved around and settled in comfortably between Lila's smooth thighs.”I even fit beautifully here,” she thought, “between Lila's lovely thighs, here at her precious pussy...” Her mouth and tongue were all over Lila's sopping wet crease, kissing and licking. She kissed Lila's swollen clit and wrapped her tongue around it and sucked gently. Lila moaned and moved her hips in time with Sierra's rhythm. She felt Sierra's finger back inside her again and she gasped and whimpered. All the pent up desire, all the dull ache of her memories of what had happened to her a year and a half ago, all the good feelings Sierra had built up inside her were breaking loose like an over-stressed dam.

Sierra reached up and caressed Lila's breasts as she worked on Lila's pussy. Lila was writhing, very close to cumming. Her young body was fully charged, as it had never been before, and she was so close. She wrapped her legs around Sierra's back and arched her own back, hands holding onto Sierra's shoulders as if for dear life. “I.. oh, yes... Sierra... yeah, mmmmnnn...I'm cummming! Ohmygod, babe...”

Sierra sucked furiously on Lila's clit and pistoned her finger in and out of her tight pussy as fast as she could. Both of them were bathed in sweat. Lila peaked and had to refrain from screaming at the top of her lungs as that dam finally burst and her orgasm took control, guided by her sweet, beautiful lover. She came hard, like nothing she'd ever experienced before. She came.. and kept on cumming. Her stifled wails filled the tent, and it was sweet music to Sierra's ears. She sucked on Lila's swollen, aching clit one last time, and Lila went wild, actually shrieking out, finally, as the largest waves crashed and broke.

Sierra stopped all she had been doing, utterly transfixed by Lila's orgasm. “I did that,” she thought with pride and awe. “I made my Lila cum so hard!”

It took Lila a few minutes to fully stop cumming. When the last of the tremors were gone, Lila lay breathless and covered in sweat. Her body was limp, her eyes were glazed over, and her hands dropped from Sierra's shoulder to lay limply on the bed. Sierra moved and lay beside Lila. She snuggled close and smoothed Lila's hair.

Lila regained herself and looked at Sierra. She reached out and touched Sierra's smooth cheek. “Oh, Sierra,” she said. “Where the hell did you learn all that? Damn, girl!!”

Sierra smiled and shrugged. “I don't know Lila. Instinct, maybe?” She shrugged once more. “Lila, I have to say it...”

“No, babe,” Lila said, still caressing Sierra's pretty face. “You've already said it. You've been saying it all night.”

Sierra grinned. “I guess I have,” she agreed.

“I am glad you made a bed for us, Sierra. That really was a nice surprise.” She rolled onto her side and took Sierra in her arms. She put her face to Sierra's ear and whispered, “Thank you so much, babe. You made me feel so much better.” Then she kissed Sierra's cheek. “I want to fall asleep in your arms, babe. Ready for bed?”

“Uh uh,” Sierra replied with a sly grin. “I'm not done with you yet.”

END (Part IV)

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