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This will be a multipart story. The story revolves around my affair with my teacher (not present) Rani ma’am.

Let me describe myself. I am 25 years old now. This occurred in my 12th std when I was 18. I was fair, good looking, bright, and well built. I have played football and basketball for my school. I didn’t have any girlfriends or crushes at that point of time.

Ok, now let me describe “my girl” turned teacher. Her name was Rani. She was 27 years then and was married to some jerk who works in California. She took chemistry for the other 12th std batch. Unfortunately, not for us. She was the most beautiful and sexy girl one could ever imagine. Believe me. You will if you see her. She was a stunning beauty with an amazing structure. She was short about 5’9. Her face is simply indescribable. It was milky white and spotless. No other girl could match her beauty. Don’t think I am exaggerating. Her hair was short and straightened and has slight brown colour. It is simple truth. She had amazing and sexy structure that any woman would desire to have. She had a figure of 36 28 38. She had a ring on her nose which suited her very much and made her look even hotter and charming. She always used to wear saree and used to expose her full backside and navel. Her ample and white skin was clearly visible and sometimes we were even lucky enough to see her navel hole. She was an angel sent directly from heaven.

Now, let me get to my story. It was 12th STD and exams were nearing. About a month more. Our classes were nearing to an end and we were enjoying those last scholl days to the max. But, we were all going to miss Rani ma’am a lot. She was eyed by nearly all sons-of-bitches. Many would even stand by the corridor and wait to let her pass by to get a glance of her sexy body and her gently shaking big round ass. As she passes by, the corridor would be filled by her sensational and attractive aroma. Some assholes even masturbate just after this acquaintance. We normally would cut our classes to get to the other class to see her backside when she turns to face the board. Trust me.No one could ever blame us if they see her with their own eyes.

It was the last day of school and we had classes till noon and later, celebration…I went to the staff’s room for taking some books for the class as demanded by my teacher. I got in and found it was unusually empty. Then, I realized that only 10th std and 12th std teachers had to come. I started searching the tables for the notebooks. After about 2 minutes, suddenly room was filled with a beautiful smell, the smell of jasmines. I looked back and was stunned to see my dream girl standing. She was wearing a black saree and black blouse. I stood dumbstruck just staring at her beautiful body.

Me: (in a cracked voice) G..good morning ma’am…..

Rani:(smiling)good morning…..

Then she turned her back to me and stood by her table checking some notebooks. I could not possibly take my eyes of her back body and her ass. Her blouse was very exposing and I could see nearly her full back side. Her bra was clearly visible. I particularly liked the region between her blouse and waistline. But what really arouse me was her big, round, and juicy ass. I was full hard on and if I had opened my zips, it would come out like a big tree. I didn’t notice time was passing. I just stood there admiring her body and enjoying her aroma.

Breaking the silence and my dream, she asked, Rani: Anand, don’t u have class?

Me:(Back to real world) Y..yes ma’am….

And I started to walk. Then I got this wild idea to just touch her ass while passing by without her noticing it. It’s now or never- I thought.

I continued to walk by her side and just as I reached her back, I softly caressed her soft juicy what a feeling. I could be the hero in class. She barely moved. Thinking how lucky I was, I passed out. I reminded all the events that just took place and was very proud to use the moment rightly. This incident would add icing to my celebration.

I noticed my shoe lice were untied and I stopped by to tie it..As I leaned, I was strongly held by my hand and pulled to a nearby class. I didn’t realize I was standing in front of a class. Luckily, it was empty. As I stood up to see who it was, I was electrified…..It was the angel herself. Busted-I thought.

She closed the door behind me and stood looking at my eyes with a strong angered expression.

Me:(stuttering)Any problem ma’am??

Rani:(sarcastically) No, just that one of my favourite student just put his hand on mys ass..

I was shocked to hear this from her and stood head down.

Rani: Look at me, Anand, tell me. I need some explanation..

It was hard finding words, very hard…

Me: I’m sorry ma’am. I could not control myself..I am extremely sorry and I assure you….This won’t happen again…..

Rani: Ohh. so what if you lost your control and raped me..?? Would you say “I’m sorry ma’am….this will not happen again”…..would you???

Me:(irritated)Please ma’am, stop this….

Rani:(after about 2 minutes)You want to hold it again??

Now what the fuck was happening. Is this a wild dream or something…?? Was she really asking me this???

Me: Sorry ma’am???

Rani:(repeating)You want to hold it again??

Me:(totally confused):y…yes ma’am, I mean I know you are testing me. So NO.

Rani ma’am didn’t say any other word and slowly held my hands and guided it to her soft big butts.

Oh my god..any moment now..I would ejaculate on my boxers. shit, what an amazing….

I could see Rani too was enjoying the moment very much. She had an amazingly beautiful naughty smile on her face, and closed her eyes.

Rani: Come closer to me..
And she pulled me towards her. Her Big milky boobs were touching my chest….
The amazing fact that Her face was still miles away from mine. The point is her breasts were very huge and really soft…
It was very warm…..her fragrance aroused me way much higher…..
I simply couldn’t inculcate the fact that the whole school’s dream girl, thinking of whom many masturbate was letting me hold her sexy assets. wow, I’m the luckiest bastard born…..

I started to tighten my hold on her ass but kept my control. But still I tried to reach the ass lining. Then I found her beautiful, “wanna be kissed” red lips, I had a strong desire to kiss her right there right then.

My lips moved like a magnet to her lips and as I was about to touch them, She backed off….surprising and disappointing me at the same time.

Me: Why….what happened??

Rani: Nothing.(taking her phone from her purse) give me your father’s number…..

Now…This was great trouble.

Me:Why?….Did I do something wrong?? Please don’t inform my dad…ma’am please.
And I begged and kept on begging…
But she wouldn’t succumb….

Rani: Anand, Give your father’s number….now…

Without any choice I gave her my dad’s number, I kept on begging and apologizing…..

She dialled and waited.

Rani’s part of conversation::

Rani:Hello? Am I speaking to Anand’s dad?
Oh.hello sir.I’m Anand’s Chemistry teacher.
I am calling you to speak about Anand. He is pretty week in chemistry. You know, the exams are nearing and there’s not much time…. Just that he is not as good as in other subjects….
We have a month now and I’m sure Anand can bring it up with right coaching which I can definitely offer him..
Classes are closing and I’ll be free next whole week, He can come to my home and I can give him special training..only if it is convenient to you….
No sir..I am staying in far off place and he better stay with me the whole I can take night classes too,
Yeah, this Saturday will be fine,
He is very bright …sir….just that he needs some extra attention in chemistry..
Ok sir…ok. bye

I stood there unable to understand or even rewind what she just said. 1 full week with my angel. .oh my god….I need to masturbate now.

Rani: Ready for some extra classes???

Me: Hell yeah, and I leaned forward to kiss her. but she blocked me,

Rani: Wait there cowboy. You have a week for that. maximize your desires till next Saturday…

Me: But ma’am I need this kiss.

Hearing this, she pulled me closer and kissed me on my cheek. .

Rani: Now that will do. Here is my number and give me yours….

We exchanged numbers.

Rani: Just think about me, call me after 9 pm. txt me messages, and. masturbate thinking about me. and…you can call me Rani from now on. See ya handsome…..

She smiled and walked away.
So, coming back, She gave me her magical kiss and walked away…But the inner me went with her.
I was completely lost..The sexiest beauty in the whole world invited me to her home to have a whole week of sexual encounter.

Even at the middle of my half reality half dream state, I knew exactly where I’m headed… I ran to the bathroom, locked the door and masturbated. My boxers were drenched with pre-cum just as I gave one full stroke white semen gushed like a river…..and there was huge amount too.

Then I went for the celebration, Classes were over already and but the teacher never told a word. Don’t know why….Even when I was dancing with other guys, my mind was still with my Rani..I looked for her but sadly realized she had already left…..I reached the house and did my daily rituals…..

Dad asked me, Dad: Your Chemistry teacher had called me today. Didi she tell you??

Me: Oh…about the extra classes. Yeah(acting as though I was not interested)

Dad: No excuse for this …U have to go….

Me: Ok…ok

And I went in. I locked the door behind me and started my imagination..Even if I just imagine her face, my cock turns into his real form so sudden that light cannot travel this faster. I rewinded the moments, the sweet and sexy moments with my girl, my love. Even when I ejaculate a big load, my tool returns to action when I think of Rani. Oh god; thank you for this life and those sensual moments…..

I masturbated about 7 times just thinking about Rani, and I kept waiting for 9pm to call her… hear her sweet voice…

Yes, and I dialled just as minute hand struck 9..

After about an eternity, Rani picked up.

Rani: Hey darling. How are you ?

Me:(cracked voice)What did you call me?

Rani: Oh baby..don’t get too puny…..i called you darling …..and I mean it.

Me: Rani baby, do you love me very much????

Rani: Of course I do. Do you really think I would let any stranger have sex with me, If there is anyone in my life who could fuck me other than my husband, It’s you….

Me: Tell me baby. why me???

I kept my voice very low that I did not want my father to here my conversation with my angel…..

Rani: I have always had eyes on you Anand…. When you play football….I admired your skills..You are very sexy Anand….you know that??Your body shape and handsome looks have always aroused me. It was not just hoping of finding someone to have good sex …..but I need true love too..When all your friends looks and mouth waters at my body and structure. You Anand. You always looks at my face…..and when I look at your eyes…..I see true love….

I was shocked to hear these words, All these days, The most beautiful lady in the world loved me and had desires on me. am I that blessed???

Me: Wow; you surprise me sweetheart. Just know that I am madly in love with you now, and would cross any skies to get to you….

Rani:(Laughing),,,,,wow … look whose getting dramatic. now you tell me Anand. What all qualities do you think I have???

Me:(Laughing bit loudly)Now you are asking me a long answer type question. .Ok…Ok.Just know that I am telling you utter and pure truth..You, my lady, is the most beautiful and sexy girl in the whole world. You are blessed with anything a woman wants. angel face, Sexy and seducing figure…..and you are very innocent to others..Do you realize the whole school have eyes on you. My Baby, Your husband is both the luckiest and unluckiest man on earth..

Rani: Wow; and how is that?

Me: Lucky for he married You, My angel. Unlucky cause he can’t spend time with you. But lucky for me.

And we talked and talked and talked, about her beauty, about sex, about her life without sex and etc
Time was about to be 1 am…..

Me:Isn’t it late for you to sleep??

Rani: No….I am always awake at this time and spare time for my porn stuff….

Having talked a lot about sex.I wasnot surprised…..

Me: What all do you have??

Rani: You will see it..How do you think I maintain the size of my boobs and butts..

Me:you know…..if we keep on talking we wouldnot have anything for tomorrow..

Rani: No….My love ….What we want to talk is infinite…..We are lovebirds..and they never quit chirupping.

Me: ok…..Don’t think I will hang up. You will be the first to hang up.

Rani: Oh ….we will see.

And we talked and talked and we slept with phones on our ears. .
Only on morning did I find that the call was never cancelled and the phone lost power. .Now…This was mad Love,

I respected her request not to call her in the morning…..So Ithought of studying in the morning..since I won’t be able to open my book from saturday for a week….
But Rani comes frequently to my mind and suddenly I would run to bathroom to cum.

We Continued our sex chats and calls all nights….

Me: What all sexual acts do you like???

Rani: All….

Me: particularly?

Rani: hmm, I love to give blowjobs and getting drenched in cum. I love to drink those juices even mine….

Me: You can ejaculate??? How much???

Rani: Of course I can . .A mug full…..maybe. and I like sixty nine. I like doggy style too.

Me: God…..we are gonna have a hell of a lot time together, What all dresses so You wear???Or you love to wear???

Rani: Sarees are my favourites…..And if I get chance I would were all sexy dresses however exposing they are….

Me: Ok I will give you an idea that will make You more sexier, Stud your navel hole, were a chain around your waist, and do a tattoo. .

Rani: Hell yeah..why didn’t I think of this before, But in schools, its not possible, Your friends would rape me out arousement,

Me: No…No…..seriously.But will your husband have any problem with it when he finds it out???

Rani: No….never…..He doesn’t stand in my way for anything.He is very loving. .

Me: Then how can You be like this way to me???

Rani: I said he is very loving…..not me.I want this…..alright Anand..I need sexual satisfaction..

Me: Ok…Ok..So do a tattoo on your navel region and your back side ,

Rani: On it. .And hey, tomorrow is Saturday.

Hell yeah ..Tomorrow was Saturday. God …..At last..

Me: When should I come??

Rani: Anytime after 6 pm would be good..

Me: god. I don’t know how I am gonna complete this night and tomorrow daytime. ….

And We talked.

Saturday has reached…..

It was a long way from my home to hers..Or was I just lengthening it. All the way I dreamed of her .I carried many books in a bag to convince my dad,

It was really hard finding her home..It was in an inner place from the bus stop..So I had to walk a lot. But I solaced my heart that it is for your love.

After about 30 min I found the place. Wow. .It was a palace. Rani’s home, It had Lovedale..I never realized Rani was married to a billionaire. Wow. what a place, The compound itself was as big as 20 football grounds and had beautiful garden and this palace at its heart.
Well she told me she had been living with a maiden who sleeps at the same place to give her company.

She also told me to call her ma’am when this lady was around. .Well not to worry .She had told her to go home at night time since I was with her.

I ringed the bell. Waited.

The door opened….It was 7 pm at night. I thought of reaching her house at 6 pm. But It was very hard finding her house.

The door opened. And there she was , My Angel, God. She was beautiful.

She was wearing a sleeveless silky blue nighty which reached her kneels, I got rock solid just by that wonderful visual treat. She was dressed just the way I wanted her to be. I never realized I was standing in the same pose for about 1 full minute. Give me a one good reason why didn’t grab her by my hand and kissed her pink lips. Her breast were protruding out and her bra was clearly visible. It was an expensive one. One which holds the boobs tight and strong.

I have seen her navel many times but it was my first time seeing her deep and long cleavage…..About half her boobs were out and the dress concealed her nipples and the darker round region. The only thing I will complain about her dress was it was not transparent enough to let me see her navel hole.
The most sensual thing was that her hair was all wet and I think she just took her bath. Her hair was all spread and ….wow .it was sensual. The fragrance of her soap added icing to my treat. She just stood there smiling and letting me enjoying her beauty, She knew I was lost, What an understanding lady..

Finally I spoke,
Me: My baby, you are one beauty. .

Rani:(smiling) Come on in.
And gestured with her head to get in.
It was a royal place, Just like a palace..model furnished and the floor was all carpeted with red..
She was rich..

Just at that moment, I thought of the maiden and asked, Me: Has your maiden left??
Rani: Yeah…..I told her to leave before 7…..
I thought of taking advantage of the situation and having sex with her straight away, But I stayed and waited.

Rani: Come on ….I will show you your room…..You can keep your bag there.

Me:(naughtily) You mean our room??

She didnot reply but just turned towards me and smiled…..and gestured me to follow her…..

I followed her like I was her pet.I strongly wanted to give her a kissand her butt made me more horny.Unlike when in saree…..her butts were a lot bigger now.Or was I just imagining…..

She took me to a large bedroom with a big royal bed and told me, Rani: Anand, take yourself a bath and come downstairs. I will get tea and we need to talk…..

Now, she was not smiling. what was it going to be??…

Me:(smiling) Can’t we go straight to the sex???

Rani:(smiling) Come downstairs..after your bath….

The bathroom was very big and I took myself a warm bath…..I sprayed deodorants to seduce her and to have a wonderful night…..I dressed casually and headed for the living room….

There she was in the couch making tea for me…..
She was sitting in a sexy pose. Her white legs were crossed to one another and her hair was still wet…I wanted to sit close to her to feel the warmth but thought that was a cheap attitude and sat opposite to her…

Silence; She did not look at me and focused on the tea…..

Breaking the silence, Me: So..Tea before the sex. Nice thinking…..

She did not respond but gave me my tea….and waited…..

Rani: There will be no sex today, Anand.

The words were like thunderclap to me..What the fuck.But I didnot respond.Just and kept my eyes wide open…..

At last, Me: Why??

Rani: (sitting in a pose to explain herself), Anand Just think about it. We have 7 days and you want to have sex all days…..

Me:(naturally) yes….

Rani:(shaking her head) no…..I have plans, Finish your tea and come upstairs….I will show you…..

Now what was happening ….I did not have the slightest idea.
I finished the tea very fast and followed her upstairs…..
She took me to big room which she uses as painting room..where she paints…..

Me: Do you know to paint??

Rani: Yep.This is not just the painting room …..Here is where I watch and do porn stuff….and all things I love..This room is prohibited for maiden and I clean this place myself. .

Hell it was. It had a big widescreen T.V, many pornography stuffs; porn toys, CDs,…..Wow…..a porn movie theatre in one’s own house…..

Me: But Don’t your husband have any problems with this.?

Rani: No…..I just told him this room would be used as my painting room…..and the CDs….I bought them myself….

Not asking anything else…..I forwarded to her…..Her back was turned towards me ….so I slowly kept my hand on her shoulders and before she could make any movement I forwarded and kissed her shoulder.
I continued softly but fast kissing her bare shoulder skin…..Then I advanced my hands to her boobs,
But Just as I touched them ….She pushed me away..

Rani: Anand stop..I called you here to tell you my plan. You must polite enough to listen to it…..

She moved to the painting board which had something written on it.

Rani: Anand, I need to know what You are capable of…..before having sex with you. I want to know if its worth it. I am the sexiest lady in whole school and you have to earn the “sex with me”, Moreover …..It would be really boring if we keep on doing sex.
So look at the board and read them. They are6 steps You need to accomplish to have the ultimate sex with me one whole day.

Me: So….all these days, you were faking your desire for me on phone???

Rani: No…..This idea came to me only yesterday. It will be fun…

Me: for You. I am going to die out of arousal.

Rani: As I told you…..If you are to have sex with me You will have to earn it. These objectives must be taken day by day, level increases by objective .So you must follow by order each day, now read the objectives and Let me tell you must pass all of them with nice marks (laughing). And not just that…..These would be a good help for you at future to maintain your self control….

Uninterestedly, I looked the board..I will type exactly what was written on it….

Objective 1: Sleep in my bed without even touching me..
Objective 2: Watch a video in which I strip without touching your cock…
Objective 3: Select a sexy outfit for me including bras and panties….
Objective 4: Arouse me by giving me an oil massage….
Objective 5: Make a tasty cum juice for me one glass full….
Objective 6: Finger fuck me and make me cum within 3 minutes…..

Rules to be followed during these 6 days—

Rule 1: Never have sex with me even if I need to.
Rule 2: Failing in one step means you are restricted from the ultimate sex.
Rule 3: Never mention anything about this in front of maiden…
Rule $: Do not touch me or kiss me unless I Give you my permission…

Winning all these leads to The 7th day when I will become your slave and do whatever you want me to do. .One full day of sex with ME…..!

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2013-10-13 23:21:43
Very poorly written. Far too many misspelled words. I stopped reading after struggling through about one third of this mess. Poor punctuation also. Have you ever considered using quotation marks as most writers do, or do you just like to march to your own drum?
Please get someone who is literate in the English read and correct your multitude or errors before posting any more. This is awful.

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2013-10-13 22:33:59
Too fucking difficult to try and decipher and read. You should warn you don't speak English so most of us will know to skip your rubbish.

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2013-10-13 13:22:29
Oh come on. Is this girl serious?

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