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Ashley is 16 year old new to an area and while at the mall one day meets this girl
It's now the middle of April. Trent got the court subpoena so that he can truly be with Ashley forever. The court date is April 22nd a Wednesday it just so happens to be Josh's birthday. He has to spend it signing away rights of his little girl to another man. Ashley has been spending time at the mall and other places trying to make friends. Trent is proud she has adjusted so quickly.

One day she brings a friend home from the mall with her. Her name is Lissa she is about Ashleys age and just as sexy. Ashley figures since Trent has been working so late at the job site why would he come home early tonight. Ashley takes Lissa up to her room. They start to kiss and explore each others bodies.

"Ashley your so hot. Where did this sexy body come from?" Lissa says as she runs her hands up and down her naked body slowly.
"I'm pretty sure I got it from my mom. But your just a hot Lissa I'm sure that we will have a lot of fun together." Ashley says running her hands over Lissa nipples.

Ashley brings her mouth to Lissa's as she kisses her gently. Lissa begins moving her hands down Ashleys stomach as she reaches her tight mound. Lissa's hand runs down the tight slit as she dips a finger into Ashley's pussy.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhh god Lissa. What are you doing to me? This feels so fucking amazing. God Lissa keep going don't stop." Ashley moans as she pushes up into Lissa's fingers.
"You like that Ashley don't you? Why don't you cum for me, make my fingers all sticky in your love honey from your sexy little pussy." Lissa says while rubbing her clit hard.

Ashley's eyes roll back into her head as she begins shaking. Her entire body convulses on Lissa's tiny hand. Ashley begins moaning louder as she squirms around trying to completely let go. Her body just shakes and convulses as it releases love honey all over Lissa's hand.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh god that was so fucking hot baby I loved it." Ashley says trying to catch her breath.
"I knew you would love it baby. I told you when we were kissing early that we can have more fun back here." Lissa says kissing and biting Ashleys neck.
"I guess you where right baby it is so much better here. It is your turn lay down on your back for me baby" Ashley says as she runs her hand up Lissa's bare leg.

Lissa lays back on the bed slowly as Ashley gets on top ho her kissing her lips softly. She slowly begins kissing down Lissa's soft smooth body. She moves down Lissa stomach as she traces her tongue around her belly button then moves down slowly. She looks up as Lissa as her tongue licks just the edge of her tight pussy. Ashley takes her fingers spreading it apart as she looks up again.

"Do you want more Lissa?" She says as her tongue teases Lissa tiny little clit.
"Ooooohhhhhh yes baby more give me more. I love your tongue it is so perfect." She pants trying to hold back her moans.

Ashley holds her pussy lips open wide as she plunges her tongue deep into her tight little hole. She begins eating Lissa's tasty little pussy. Her nose rubs against Lissa's clit as her tongue moves faster and faster. She brings one hand up to tease Lissa's nipples. She comes up for air as she slides two fingers deep in Lissa's hole, as her tongue slides over her clit which is throbbing.

"Baby I can't take anymore I'm going to cum." Lissa screams as her body shakes beneath Ashleys mouth.
"Okay baby let it go. Cum for me, fill my mouth up with your love honey." Ashley moans as she moves he mouth over Lissa hole licking deep waiting for her to explode.
"Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh god." Lissa scream out as her pussy explodes filling Ashley mouth.

Ashley begins swallowing as Lissa keeps cumming into her mouth. After about five minutes Lissa's pussy stops. That is when they both realize they have been caught by Trent. The girls quickly cover up with a blanket, as they tremble Trent moves closer to the bed.

"I go to work to support you, and this what I come home to. What are you doing Ashley?" Trent blurts out almost as if it hurts him to seeing her with another person intimately.
"Trent this is Lissa. We met at the mall a week ago and I felt a connection. Look I'm sorry I should of asked you first." Ashley says about in tears.
"Ashes look at me it is not like your fucking some guy. If you want to be with Lissa that is fine. But if a guy is caught in this house your in deep shit." He says almost like a father would.

Trent walks out of the room hoping that Ashley will get the hint he wants her. He goes down the hall to his room. Lissa begins getting dressed as she gets up. Ashley passionately kisses her on the lips. Ashley throws on her robe walking Lissa to the front door. Ashley turns as she walks back up the stairs going down to Trents room. She knocks on the door.

"Come in." Trent says softly.
"Hey are you upset about this Trent. Cause I feel like you want something more from me. Like maybe my virginity?" Ashley says slowly.
"Whoa whoa whoa Ashes I love you but your jumping the gun way to fast. Maybe I want more from you, but right now I want to get you back in school. And help you get better alot better. Okay Ashes." Trent says smiling.
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