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Okay, so I wrote part one to this about two years ago, and after a sudden burst of inspiration and free time I decided to write part two. If you haven't read the first part then I suggest reading it, although it's not entirely necessary! I apologise for the vERY long delay, but I've been recovering from an illness that has left me pretty unsatisfied with everything, and I've also had a lot of work to do. I hope you all like it, I apologise in advance for any spelling or grammatical errors.
It had been over ten months since mine and Eric's first sexual encounter, and over the small stretch of time I had lost count of how many more we had. Being seen as his mate had gained me a substantial amount of reputation among the people in The Den, especially the older ones, and the Elders Council had granted me my release under the condition I stay with Eric. It was a deal I was comfortable with, and Eric and I had taken full advantage of being able to go outside again.
A bonfire was to be held in the grounds of the building during the winter, in celebration of a Norse God, probably long forgotten by humans. Impervious to the cold and frosty weather, a mass of us sat on the ground near the fire, close to the lake that had long since frosted over. There was music playing and the smell of spiced apple in the air, a scent that brought about the kind of excitement that only Christmas seems to bring.
Eric and I had chosen our seats under a leaning oak tree, away from the main crowd but still close enough to hear the crackle of the fire and feel its heat on our faces. He leaned back and rested on his elbows, his lean body outstretched. He had chosen the tight leather trousers for a reason; his artful grin and wandering hands conveyed his ulterior motives about choosing a spot away from the mass of people.
“I love these things,” he said, staring into the fire, an abstracted look on his face.
“Have you been to many of them?” I asked, it was still apparent to me that I knew very little about Eric's past.
He shrugged. “A few. More so during the roaring twenties,” his lips curved into a smile, as he seemed to remember something. “Now that was a hell of a decade – you should have been there.”
His hand closest to me began to rub at my thigh.
I leaned into him and rested my head against his shoulder. “I missed the invitation.”
Eric smirked and pressed his lips to mine. Even after the time I had spent with him it was hard not to be taken aback by the sensation of his tongue against mine, the way it elicited guttural moans from deep within his chest and set a hungry look in his eyes.
“Guess what I want,” his whispered in my ear, his voice so playful and seductive it raised the hairs on my arms.
I raised a questioning eyebrow.
Eric's hand moved to stroke my crotch, his fingers wrapping around the outline of my shaft under my jeans. “Your big dick, as far in as it will go,” he whispered.
I blushed and chided him, aware of the public setting.
He erupted with laughter and planted a kiss on my cheek. “Poor baby, you're so easy to embarrass.”
His hand didn't move from my crotch and the thought of fucking Eric in front of everyone, as humiliating as it might be, made it swell into an erection.
Eric, noticing this, pulled me onto his lap where I felt his gradually growing member press against my backside. I leaned against his chest, the smoothness of his leather pants and the firm hardness of his torso only exacerbated the blood flow to my already throbbing dick.
“Hard already?” he chuckled, “You should have told me getting fucked in front of all these people was such a turn on for you, I would have done it a lot more often.”
I moaned, almost cumming there and then.

From the distance I saw a figure moving towards our direction, a girl, perhaps no older than seventeen. The thought of getting caught grounded me and I was able to regain some control.
Though Eric continued his onslaught of smut. “...just the thought of it makes me hard – humiliating you in front of everyone. Do you have any idea how badly I want to bury myself inside you right now?”
My breath quivered and my nails dug into Eric's thigh.
The girl was moving closer and I began to wonder if anyone else but me could see her. Eric seemed almost oblivious.
“...would you like that?”
She was wearing a pinafore and low cut white blouse that accentuated her breasts.
“...if I made you cum right now?”
I nodded, unable to speak.
The young girl was still advancing, her hair was black and put up into pigtails.
“Unbuckle your belt.” Eric's voice was cool and stern, the kind of tone that only excited me further.
The girl stopped two feet away from us and crouched down, exposing her naked pussy. I diverted my eyes, uncomfortable with the situation. She was human, I could smell that much, and the marks along her neck and breasts told me she belonged to someone.
“Mia, come closer,” Eric said, holding his free hand out to her.
The girl crawled towards us on her hands and knees, her eyes downcast.
“Who is she?” I whispered in his ear, increasingly perplexed.
Eric ran his hand through the girl's hair in an endearing manner, almost like a human stroking a cat. “She's my human,” he responded.

I was unsure of how to react; I was unaware of the notion of Eric having a human – having anyone but me – and there was a pang of jealously in my chest, followed by one of resentment towards the girl. She was human and petty. I wanted to crush her throat with my hands.
She was also small and timid-looking, and the bite marks on her body were fresh – plenty of them too.
“How do I not know about her?” I frowned, turning my head to look him in the eyes.
His expression was that of chagrin, and he flashed me an apologetic smile. “I never got round to telling you. She's just a human, Daniel. Relax.”
The girl's vacant expression worried me; I doubted she spoke English.
“How old is she?” I questioned.
Eric shrugged, “Old enough. I've had her for a few years though - about five or six.” His hand slid down my jeans to free my erection, which immediately caught the attention of the girl.
She wrapped her small hands around it, much to my surprise, and leaned down to take it in her mouth. I was startled by her actions, and jumped back with an attempt to free myself from her grasp. Eric held me firmly in place whilst simultaneously sliding his pants down.
“You'll enjoy it, I promise,” he laughed.
“No,” I said, my stomach churning. “Eric no, get her to stop – I don’t want this.”
I began to push her away, but the sensation of her warm wet tongue on the underside of my throbbing cock stopped me. “Make her stop,” I pleaded with Eric, hoping his willpower was stronger than mine.
He lifted me up and placed his erection at the entrance of my ass before slowly lowering me onto it. I cried out in pain, attracting the attention of those stood around the bonfire.
Eric chuckled, amused, “Look at them watching you.”
The girl tightened her lips around my shaft and protruded her tongue to caress my balls. She was a talented little thing, despite her seemingly young age, and though her gender did not appeal to me I was in no rush to get her to stop now she had started.
Without consciously meaning to, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her down further. My small thrusts into her mouth caused Eric to move slowly in and out of my ass, and the feeling of both places being stimulated at once was overwhelmingly satisfying.
“Choke her,” Eric suggested, his voice close to my ear. “She likes it when you choke her.”
My breath became ragged as I thrust harder into her small mouth, causing her to gag and moan. I felt the vibrations along my shaft, which tipped me even closer to my climax.
Eric rotated his hips, stretching out my hole as his fingernails dug into my side. We attracted the attention of more and more people, vampires and humans alike, though I began to notice their nonchalance towards the situation. It was then I saw that we weren't the only ones partaking in such activities.
The attention of so many people was still humiliating, though I found it increasingly exciting and was unable to control the moans that escaped from my mouth.
“You dirty little thing,” Eric said, mid-moan, “I should get one of them to come over here and put his dick in your mouth just to shut you up.”
The thought of it made me moan louder, and it took all of my effort not to blow my load down the girl's throat. Sensing this, Eric slapped me hard across the face and spoke to the girl in a foreign language. Immediately, she stopped sucking and began to remove her clothes.
The build up to my climax was wearing off now, and I knew I could last a few minutes longer.

Eric waved a hand to a familiar face in the crowd. A tall and muscular man with deep red and curly hair sauntered towards us, a crooked grin on his face. It was Eric's friend, Shaun, a man who I had first met during a handjob ten months ago.
“Need some help, there?” he asked, his eyes crinkling with his smile. Shaun was a large man, he looked like he had been an outdoors person during his human life, and I wondered whether the girth of his dick was in proportion to the rest of his body.
Eric took my jaw with his hand, squishing my cheeks together and angling my head upwards. “This hole is going to waste, and I need something to shut him up.”
I moaned, closing my eyes.
It came as a shock when I felt a thick and sharp backhand slap to my face, and opened my eyes to see Shaun standing naked over me, his erect dick in line with my mouth. I felt myself tighten involuntarily around Eric's dick as I opened my mouth to allow Shaun in. I wrapped my lips hungrily around his impressive girth.
His heavy hand grabbed a clump of my hair and he began to aggressively move my head back and forth. “Look at me when I'm fucking you,” he said, his tone stern. I looked up at him, almost choking on his member.
“Mia's going to fuck you, but if you cum before I say you can, I'm going to let Shaun put his dick in your ass, as well, do you understand?” Eric's voice was cold and full of authority. I nodded as well as I could with my head held firmly on someone's cock.

I had never been inside a pussy before, and I wasn't expecting it to be as tight as it was, even despite her small stature. The already warm wetness of it was satisfying – it felt like a tight hug, and I never wanted it to end. Though Shaun blocked my view of the young girl, I could feel her bouncing up and down on my shaft, hear her thighs slap against mine as she picked up some speed. Her moans of pleasure were intoxicating, and she tightened even further around me when she hit her climax, making me clench Eric's thighs with my fists as I desperately tried to hold the wave at bay.
I could hear Eric and Shaun laughing, and knew they were mocking me, but I relished in the thought.
“Do you like the taste of Shaun's cock?” Eric asked, sounding amused, like an adult watching a child struggle with an otherwise menial task.
I nodded.
“Tell me,” he said, “Tell me you like the taste of Shaun's cock.”
I mumbled the words around his dick, causing myself to gag and choke on it. Shaun slapped my face and laughed.
Mia was still thrusting, and soon to be coming up on her second orgasm. Eric had stopped thrusting, though remained buried deep inside of me. He bit down on my shoulder, drawing blood as I groaned loudly around Shaun.
I was unable to control myself any longer and thrust up into Mia's tight pussy, causing her to shriek as I blew my load into her. My breath was ragged and my moans could be heard by those sat close to the lake, but I didn't care. The orgasm brought its usual sense of euphoria and glee, before gradually subsiding and bringing me back to reality.

Eric clicked his tongue and began to stroke my hair. “Who gave you permission to cum inside my human?” he asked.
Shaun had released my hair and slowly took his cock out of my mouth, finally being able to breath normally again, I gulped in the cold air, coughing on my own spit.
Mia had removed herself off my dick and was situated near Eric, occasionally stroking his arm and looking up at him with complete adoration.
Shaun knelt down and pushed my knees up to my chest. My dick sprang up against my belly and he took a firm hold of it. Fear sprang into my chest and I felt a yell perched under my chin, ready to escape if had to.
He placed his already wet dick near my asshole, beside Eric's already inserted cock, and I tried unsuccessfully to scramble away.
Shaun's grip on my member tightened and Eric held my torso down. “I told you what would happen if you came too soon, now lie back on my chest.” His voice was even colder than before, void of any sympathy.
Shaun began to slowly lean against me, putting small amounts of pressure on my already filled hole as he tried to open me up even further.
“Eric, make him stop,” I begged, “Baby, please. No. I don't – Eric, I don't want him to. Please, baby.”
Eric made shushing noised and ran a hand through my hair, he kissed my cheek softly as the head of Shaun's fat dick popped into my ass. They rotated their hips, opening me up as much as possible before Shaun could shove himself inside.
“He's gaping,” Shaun said as my head fell back onto Eric's shoulder. I felt a hand wrap tightly around my throat. "You're gagging for it, aren't you?"
“Please... don't” I asked again, my voice strained and meek.
“Relax as much as you can,” Eric said, preparing me.
Without any warning from Shaun, he powerfully thrust the entirety of his cock into my ass, eliciting a loud cry from my lips. My breath came quick and sharp now as the pain reached its peak and the two of them began thrusting.
Eric angled my head down and I saw the two thick cocks moving in and out at and increasingly fast pace. He sounded proud when he spoke, like the owner of a dog that just won first place. “Ohh, there we go. Look at yourself getting fucked, like a good whore. Having two big cocks in your ass. Does it feel nice?” He laughed as my eyes rolled back and my head fell onto his shoulder again.
Shaun slammed his way up to the hilt and I felt myself tear, able to smell the coppery scent of blood. His hand tightened on my dick and began to rub up and down, his other keeping a firm hold of my throat.
“Tell me how much you like it, baby” Eric laughed, his thrusts becoming harder. I moaned, unable to give an answer as I wavered on the boarder of semi-consciousness.

I roused slightly as Shaun took his hand away from my throat to slap my face upon nearing his climax, he brought it back again to hit me with the back of his hand and I groaned. I heard Eric's moans in my ear and felt his thrusts quicken as he came inside of me, spurting his warm seed deep inside my ass.
I felt a warm string of Shaun's spit land on my hard cock and he jerked with more vigour now he was fast approaching his own orgasm; his strokes were in time with his own deep thrusts.
“I want you to cum all over yourself,” Eric said, recovering from his euphoric wave, “can you do that for me? Hm?” He kissed my shoulder in the place he had earlier bitten.
With another wave of ecstasy I came, my warm cum spurting all over my stomach and chest as Shaun continued to pump in and out of my ass with a force that made me move back and forth on Eric's chest, his cock still buried deep inside me.
“Tell him to fuck you harder,” Eric said, amused again.
“Fuck me harder,” I demanded, my voice weak and slurred as my head still lolled back on Eric's shoulder, my limp body jerking back and forth with every thrust.
Shaun laughed, slamming himself even harder into my torn hole.
“Tell him to cum inside your ass, baby,” Eric suggested. I could hear the smile on his lips.
“I want you... to cum inside my ass,” I murmured, holding onto consciousness as much as I could. With a final thrust and a slap to the face, Shaun's hot cum filled my bleeding hole, and he collapsed onto my chest, his breathing erratic. My mouth felt dry and there was a raw feeling in my cock and stretched hole. I lost consciousness just after Shaun removed his dick from me, the last thing I heard was Eric's, “good boy,” which never failed to leave a pang of satisfaction in my chest.

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