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Chapter 2 is here. I tried to improve my spacing and less details. As before, please enjoy and critique! :)
I awaken to the annoying tune of my alarm. "Time for school." I mutter to myself as I pull back my thick cotton blanket. I am hit with a wave of cold and I inwardly curse myself for not closing my window before I went to sleep last night. The events of the day before come to my mind and I smile in disbelief. "That had to have been a dream, or hallucination or something." I brave the frigid air of my room and hop out of my bed.
Stretching as I yawn I look around my room and smirk. Lining my walls are band posters featuring Linkin Park, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and a few others. My floor is littered with discarded outfits from days past and I wince as I recall my mother yelling at me to clean up my room. "It's my room, noone ever comes in so why should I have to clean it if I'm fine with it?" I think to myself. My room isn't very big, mainly because my bed takes up 75% of it. It's huge and I love it. I've had a couple of girlfriends in the past and they all agree, my bed is awesome.
I open my door to find my mother about to knock. She looks past me into my rom and grimaces preparing to berate me. I put on my best sheepish look and say, "Morning mom", and attempt to pass by her. She stops me and thumps me on the head. "Cyrus, I've been telling you to clean this room for the past 2 weeks. IT'S A MESS! When I come home from work today, this room had better be spic and fucking span or else.." She exclaimed before walking away leaving me more than chagrined. I didn't want to think about what the "or else" could entail. I sigh and continue on my way to the linen closet to grab a towel for my morning shower. I grab a towel and head down the hall to the bathroom and open the door. We have two bathrooms in our house. The one on the lower floor being for guests. I walk in and strip out of my boxers. Typical sleeping gear for a 16yr old kid right? I look in the mirror and admire my 6inch cock. I had been measuring myself for the past few years and when I hit 6inches I just about had a party. I don't care what people say, size does matter, at least to me. I turn on the hot water and step into the standing shower and wash myself.
Taking time to run over my almost defined abs. I love my body, and I try to go to the gym at least twice a week to keep it the way I and my female friends like it. I finish my shower and go back to my room to pick out my outfit for the day. I settle on jeans and a hoody, remembering the chill of the library. I make a mental note to stop by there today. I think about my *dream* and debate with myself on whether to try and bring a girl there. I make up my mind to do it. Even if it was a dream, what could it hurt to have a little companionship? I hadn't gotten laid in over a month. I stop my thinking, grab my backpack and head downstairs to the kitchen and grab an apple before heading out of the front door. "BYE MOM!" I yell as I close it behind me. I open the side pouch of my backpack and pull out my car keys. I drive an old bumblebee style camaro. It's a little run-down but it's my baby.
I go through the motions and am soon on my way to my highschool, James Woods High. As I am driving, I stop at a red light and a car almost rear ends me . I roll down my window to flick off whoever is behind me and I continue driving once the light changes. I arrive at my school and park in my usual spot behind the gymnasium. As I turn my car off and get out, I am damn near tackled by my best friend Devon. "Dude, did you hear? Amanda Leery is single! Dude she's mine for sure now." Devon harbored a crush for Amanda since we were in kindergarten. I shove him off and smile before saying, "No way man, she ONLY dates nerds, and you my well muscled jock friend, are not a nerd." He punches me in the armand puts on a sour expression. "Just because I play football doesn't make me a jock."

I smirk, "Oh really? When was the last time you read a book bro?" He laughs and punches me again before going on to tell me about 2 years ago when he had a summer reading assignment. We walk and talk until we reach the front doors and walk in. All of the teens are moving about talking and laughing before their first period classes. Devon and I seperate and go to our lockers. It just so happens my locker is right next to Amanda's and she smiles at me.
"Hey Cyrus!" I smile back and try to be as douchebaggedly polite as I can. I'm known as a nerd in school and I don't want to start anything with her knowing Devon has liked her for so long. I fumble around in my locker until I find my French textbook and close my door.
"Hey, Amanda, what's up?" I ask her.
"Nothing much just dreading Monday like everyone else. Your first class is French right?" "Yeah, it is. How'd you know?"
"My friend Ashley is in your class, you know her? Ashley Reddburn?" She says, while still smiling at me.
"Oh Ashley, yeah I know of her, she's chill. In class at least."
"You think she's cool? That is SO good to hear because...she wanted me to tell you to talk to her!" She exclaims with a beaming smile.
I smile a it too hard for my own taste and reply, "Wow really? I didn't know she even knew my name haha. I'll talk to her today, thanks Amanda. Oh, and sorry about your break-up."
She nods, "It's fine, we left on OK terms. Do you know anyone as cool as you? If Ashley hadn't called dibs..I'd be all over you." She winks and smiles.
"Actually Amanda, yes. Yes I do. You know my friend Devon?" As I ask this the bell signaling the late students tolls and I start to turn around. "Oh, sorry. I gotta go, Devon likes you!" I say before turning and almost sprinting to french. I feel bad about just leaving her like that but teach is already on my ass as soon as I walk in.
"Mr. Teak, I trust you have a good reason for being late to my class AGAIN?" He asks asI take my seat in the back.

"Ah, well, you see, what happened was..driving here I almost hit a squirrel Mr. D. So I had to swerve and I got stopped by a cop who thought I was drunk." Perfect answer. I think to myself as he huffs and puffs before handing out the assignments for the day. Ashley sits two seats in front of me and to the side. I ball up a small piece of paper and toss it at her. It hits her shoulder prompting her to turn around and I wave at her with a smile. She waves back and subconciously bites her lip before turning back around. Class goes by smoothly and I catch her after the bell rings just as she is leaving.
"Hey Ashley." I say smiling. I know I smile a lot, I'm a jolly fellow.
"Hey Cyrus, I guess Amanda talked to you huh?" She questions with an eyebrow pointing up.
"Yeah she did, she um..told me you liked me."
I say while grinning confidently. She points her feet towards each other and nods slightly while looking down. I smile and ask her, "Cool, do you want to go on a date tomorrow? Well, not really a a date..I'm not much of a dating guy, but there's this really wicked abandoned library I like to go to after school. It'd be nice to have some pleasant company." She perks up and smiles at me before replying.
"Yeah sure! I'm not much of a reade rmyself but it sounds really exciting. Why wait for tomorrow though, can we go today? I have dance practice tomorrow."
"Even better, come to my car after school?"
"I'll be there or be sqaure haha." She mentally kicks herself for sounding so lame and starts to walk off. I run up and give her a quick hug from the back and run ahead of her before looking back and shouting, "See ya there!"
The rest of the day goes by pretty well, I go out to the parking lot to see Ashley standing by my car waiting for me. *She's pretty punctual* I think to myself before approaching her.
"Hey Ashley, you ready to smell some moldy old books?" I ask smiling.
"Haha are they really moldy? Ew..I'd better not catch something!"
She says laughing while getting into the passenger side after I unlock the door. I get in and turn on the radio. Alec Clare's Damn Your Eyes comes on and I can't help but think about the ghost girl. I never even got her name. *Oh well, guess I'll find out today. I really hope I wasn't dreaming because she was pretty tight. For a dead girl* I shudder a bit at the prospect of off-handed necrophilia and start to drive to the library. While driving, I notice ashley looking over at me and smiling a couple of times. I don't show that I catch her and keep driving, bobbing my head to the music.
We get to the library and I park before shutting off the car and getting out to open Ashley's door.
"Oo what a gentleman." She says, before taking my hand and getting out.
"En chante mademoiselle." I say ushering her to the big double doors of the library. We walk in and I am glad I dressed pseudo warmly as the air is just as chilly as before. I can't help but to think that it's because of Ghost Girl. Ashley grabs my arm and leans close and states that it's pretty cold in here. I look over and take stock of her outfit. Of course she's cold. She's wearing black Capris and a short sleeved cami. I find myself also studying her body, a bit more than would be acceptable if we didn't already know each other, and if she didn't like me. She has a curvy build, topped with what looks like a set of gorgeous D cup breasts.
I take off my hoodie and give it to her. My tank top clinging to my muscles, I let her walk ahead of me a bit and check out her rump. Rump roast is more like it, she has a thickness most girls would kill for followed by some very good looking thighs. Her Capris are a little tight in the back and show the shape of her ass to be very appealing. I smile as I bring her to my original table and tell her to sit down while I go find a book to read her. I am in drama club so it's not unusual for me to perform for people or read them lines from my favorite books in different voices. I wonder to myself if that's a reason why she likes me. *Does she think I'm funny?* I find an old version of Romeo and Juliet and bring it back to the table.
"Geez, you took forever! It's kind of creepy in here. How do you sit in here all the time?" She asked while scooting her chair closer to mine.

"I don't think it's THAT creepy, and plus the books take my mind off of just about everything. So it's cool." I say and offer her my hand. Her hand is surprisingly cold to the touch but I brush it off as her having the chills. I begin to recite to her trophy lines from Romeo and Juliet. We talk and converse after each line I read, her praising my diction and energy. During this time she lays her head on my shoulder while I am reading.*Wow, this is a lot better than I thought it would be* I think to myself when suddenly her head falls from my shoulder and hits the table a bit hard. I immediately begin to call her name.
"Ashley? ASHLEY!?" I exclaim, very worried now. What could have happened to her?
"Thank you, she'll do perfectly.." I hear a voice form behind me almost whisper. I jump up and turn around to see G.G. (Ghost Girl) standing behind her chair.
"So it wasn't a dream....?" I ask, still a bit worried about Ashley. I feel her hand and it is even colder than before.
"No, it was not a dream, you said you would help me and here you are, my...hero." She says. My fear from the day before is creeping back, the way she said it..doesn't sit right with me.
"Is she ok..? What did you do?" I ask, carefully studying her.
"Don't worry, she'll be fine. Once I finish her body will return to normal. I had to prepare her to receive me. She's near death but she is not dead."

I start to doubt her statement when G.G. starts to shimmer and glow. She glows brightly before fading into a smoke-like substance and entering Ashley through her mouth. The library shakes violently and I hold on to the table to keep steady. The shaking is scaring me and the white streak appears once again in my hair. Suddenly it stops and Ashley/G.G. sits up. I notice right way something is different, her skin has taken on G.G.'s glow and her eyes are an ethereal blue. Almost glowing themselves. For a second I see G.G.'s ghostly body overlap Ashley's.
"Now, are you ready my savior?" She asks me in Ashley's voice and I inwardly cringe a bit as my creeping fear grows more.
"After we finish, Ashley will be ok? You promise?" I ask her almost pleadingly. Her face twitches a bit and a flash of violent red appears in her eyes. It leaves just as fast as it comes and I deny having seen it. My fear almost reaching it's apex my nerves are firing all over my body to run. Run and leave Ashley behind. This isn't some video-game or ghost story, this is real. What was I thinking? I can't leave her behind though. She laughs a little before stating, "I told you she will be FINE, now get over here and make me a woman."
I strip out of my clothes and watch as she does the same. Ashley's nude body has an obvious effect on my body and I am at my full 6 inches in no time flat. She walks over to me and smiles as she grabs my cock and lightly strokes it.
"I've been waiting so long for this.." She says, while licking her lips. Her touch is slightly electric and it jolts the nerves on my cock making me groan in pleasure I'd never felt before. She drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth. I shudder as the same electric feeling surrounds the head of my cock. My knees almost buckle as the feeling travels along my whole body and stops at the crown of my head. Her tongue swivels around the head slowly and I moan. She groans on my cock sending more shocks to join the ones already present along my nerves. *What is this? It feels like my whole body is being hit by lightning.* She stops circling and begins licking along my length, each sweep eliciting a small moan form my lips.*It literally feels like a fucking taser.* I think as she licks spirals around my cock.
I place my hands on either side of her head to slow her licking as the constant flow of voltage is about to make me cum. She complies and instead takes my whole cock into her mouth. She begins sucking me in earnest, her head bobbing back and forth is one of the most erotic sights I've ever seen. She starts moaning more and more, the accompanying shockage enhancing my pleasure in turn. Her right hand holds my shaft while her left hand travels to her pussy and begins rubbing. I can already hear her moistening as her hands rubs. The sound spurs me on and I begin fucking her face, forcing her to deepthroat me. My moans echo throughout the volumes of the library and she gives no signs of protest. I am about to cum when she stops and looks up at me.
"You're ready now.." She says while she slips tofingers into her pussy and pull them out presenting them to me. Her juices drip from her fingers. It's alot and it looks like it's enough to be Ashley's and G.G.'s combined fluids. I smile despite myself and gather my clothes and hers to lay them out as a makeshift mat. She lays down and spreads her legs, opening herself to me.
I kneel between her legs and stop. "Is Ashley a virgin?"
"That doesn't matter, just"

As she says this, my body seizes up and I lose control. Against my will my body shifts and I am between her legs. I protest in my mind because I cannot open my mouth. My cockhead slips into her pussy, I realize that she is indeed a virgin as just inserting the head proved to be difficult. I scream louder in my mind and manage to freeze. My body screams out as the conflicting forces of my will and whatever is controlling me clash. Ashley/G.G.'s face contorts and her eyes glow bright red as she screams.
"FINISH IT!" Her shriek forces my fear over the edge and a tear cradles in my left eye. My resistance expires and my cock inserts the rest of itself into her. I feel her hymen and silently apologize to her as I rip through it.*I'm sure she didn't want it this way, why did I do this..?* The moment I tear it the electricity crackling between our bodies intensifies and I open my mouth in an inaudible screech as it shifts from pleasurable to extremely painful. The stimulation is just as intense on my cock as my body begins thrusting in and out of her slowly. She moans and breathily says, "Yes..this is it..finally.."
My body picks up the pace and I also begin to grunt. Again and again I pound into her going faster and faster. Our bodies shining with sweat, hers a little more due to her glow, almost fills my vision with its luminosity. Each thrust causes our bodies to slap together noisily and bounce off of the walls. A steady rhythm of smack..smack..smack..the pleasure once again starts to build, penetrating through the pain of the current. A growl manages from my mouth and my hands move to grab her hips.*I'm sorry Ashley, but it feels so good.* I piston into her like a jackhammer grunting and growling with each stroke. Ashley/G.G.'s moans grow louder and louder until she is almost screaming. Her legs wrap around my waist and lock. Pulling me as deep into her as I can go. A second later I feel her cumming on my cock. Flooding her pussy. The sensation of her vaginal muscles flexing on my cock coax my own climax from me and I explode deep within her with a primal yell.

As the last drop of cum leaves my balls and exits my tip, the bulding begins shaking again. Bringing me from my reverie and re-igniting the fear that had gone dormant after my orgasm. Ashley's body is starting to glow bright through the shaking and I can see G.G.'s Visage...but it changes and now it's not G.G. it's another woman. She is cackling and laughing.
"Finally, FINALLY..I am free. Thank you, my hero."
"Who...who are you? Where is G.G.!?" I ask her, my fear being replaced by anger. She raises one of her fingers and touches her almost invisible cheek. Her appearance is that of a classic witch. She is hideous and an evil aura eminates from her.

"G.G.? Why child, I know not of who you speak. However, I thank you for freeing me. For years I have sat in this prison! Floating about and waiting for the day you would visit. I will now take my leave, I have so much to seeeee!" The building's shaking grows to quake-like proportions and I close my eyes. The shaking stops and the mystery woman's presence disappears. I open my eyes and immediately lean down to Ashley who is ghost..white. I touch her skin and it is ice-cold. I press my ear to her chest and here neither breathing nor a heartbeat. Tears begin to flow from my eyes when I feel another presence behind me. I turn around slowly and see G.G. standing there. Her hands over mouth with her own glowing tears streaming down her face.
"" She cries through broken sobs..

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This story is excellent so far! Continue to type this story, and post it up! Don't let these haters bring you down because they think more with their penis then their brain. Your are a wonderful writer, don't let no one persuade you to change up the story for their satisfaction. You are extremely talented, and I'm very interested in what you have in mind next for this story!!!

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