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This chapter does not contain any preteen sexual interaction. if you want some read my next chapter
Chapt-1.1- My first instincts
My name is Luke. I discovered this site a few months ago and since then I have fell in love with it.
Anyways my sexual adventures began when I was 8 years old. When I used to take a bath my mom used to soap and wash me. As my line of vision was way below her cus I would be sitting in a tub I could see under her summer dress/gown . As she wore no panties I could directly see her closed unshaved pussy!!! I used to sneek a peak whenever she was not looking at me. I think I also could smell a scent coming from her silt. Though I did not know what was a pussy or what is sex as I was very small I still used to look as I was a very curious child.
My sightseeing stopped when I became 8, and she told me to bathe alone. I was upset but that was not the only attraction to her body. Her other attraction was her big D-cupped boobs. I loved them very much. I used to always give her a tight hug so as I can feel her boobs and her bra. I think she knew about this as after the hug she had called me several times “naughty boy”
Chapt-1.2-Reaching puberty
By this time I was 10. I had learnt so far from my seniors & classmates that if I put my thing inside a girl’s thing she would get pregnant, what is an erection and few words like sexy, ass, penis etc but not much
Though I had learnt about sex I never had seen a girl naked. Therefore when I asked my best friend if he had seen he advised me that I searched the internet. My parents had just bought a computer (the big monitor one) and internet since my dad was most of the time abroad. That day I dashed to home after school , ate my lunch superfast and went into my room. When mom started watching some stupid soap I quickly locked the my room and started searching the web. At first I searched for sexy nude photos and got a dozen of beautiful naked women in front of me. Some with only their stockings while some lying on the bed showing their pussies. I quickly got an hard on but did not know what to do about it as I did not know what is masterbutation. I stored them in the hard drive and used to watch them every night after mom thought I went to sleep.
After a few days I went to site which also had porn videos in it. The first one I clicked started with a man and a woman in a jungle kissing hungrily. Both were barely legal. I could hear the kissing sounds when their lips met. After a few seconds of kissing the woman started to remove her t-shirt. There was no bra underneath it and her boobs bounced as she stood there half naked . After a few minutes suckling, kissing, teasing the nipples they started to remove their rest of the clothes. Then the man then slowly inserted his dick (I didn’t know there are other words for penis at that time) in her vagina and slowly started moving up and down. The woman continued to moan softly as the fucking became hard and fast and soon he cummed in her vagina. After that she swallowed the remaining semen from his dick .This is my first and best video up till now.


Chapt 1.3 – Learning to jack off

I was near of becoming 11 years old. Most of my friends had learnt to masturbate and cum as well. I had seen a lot of porn and tried to masturbate everytime but it no semen came out of my dick.
There was just a week left untill I become 11. After watching 5 videos of porn I was horny that I began to masturbate as if it was going to be my last masturbation session. After 5 mins I started getting some twitches in my balls and knew I was close enough. And then suddenly I got an sudden urge to pee but I was unwilling to move my ass to the toilet and continued jacking off and suddenly I could not control my pee and let it go. But what I felt after that on my hand was not pee but the most favourite semi fluid in the world aka my cum!! I looked down and saw that the sticky thing was dripping on my bed. Afraid that mom will find out I quickly cleaned my bedsheet with a soaked cloth. At that time that was my best moment of the life. But what do I knew surprises were yet to come.
Watch for my next chapter
Chap 2-Seduced by my girlfriend
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