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Young Girl

By Blueheatt

…..Our story starts when Tina was younger. Our natural draw to each other didn’t know anything about ages or rules. It all just happened naturally…..

…… I made mental notes as Tina kept bringing up highlights of our sexy life together. I looked at her beautiful face and smiling eyes. She put her arms around my neck, pushed her nice tits into my chest and whispered: (“Shall we tell them everything?”) I said sure, we’ll use made up names and we’ll remain secret. She said: “This idea is making me horny just thinking about it. I may have to attack you during the writing, can you handle that?”

….. She was excited when she began to feel my erection, bulging already. We both whispered some key hot points we remembered at the start. She slowly leaned me over on the couch and we lay side by side. She lifted her one leg over me and began to push her pussy into my erection. Our eyes closed as we never made it to the computer that afternoon.….

…later that afternoon …..I found my hand going up her T-shirt and under her bra. Her hand went in my swimming trunks and found my erection. We whispered: (“Remember when…..”) as hot parts of our story came to mind. Her hand started stroking my erection as I lifted up her bra up and over her tits. Out popped those beautiful tits. I held them and felt the soft skin. They were not to big, but pointy tits. Perky and with firm little nipples. Her tits were still like that of a young teen. She use to flash them at me when she was young.

…..She said did I remember back then, when she would ask: (“How much time do we have?”) I said: (“Not enough right now Tina, 3pm to 4pm is our time slot to be together. She came home from her job at 3 and my girlfriends daughter, Mandi, came home at 4. This was ‘our’ time only….for then anyway.

…..We did our last kisses, feels and squeezes as it was almost 4.

…..My girlfriend was never home much. She had a hi-dollar job and she was a workaholic. I had a business on the internet.

….. The girlfriends daughter Mandi would get pissed if Tina and I got to friendly while she was around, as Mandi liked my attention too. Tina was in her way. Mandi flirted and teased me to make sure she got my attention away from Tina. Tina would head home when Mandi arrived. She would always blow me a kiss secretly as she left.

…..Tina and her mom lived next door. I had watched Tina grow up. She had no dad and her mom was always gone somewhere. She began to hang at our house a lot, playing with Mandi and I became a ‘fill in’ dad to her. I watch her become more beautiful and sexy day by day, week by week, month by month and blossom into a hot sexy girl.

….. When she was in her teens, Tina and I had a secret steamy affair going on. We snuck in kisses, feels and we loved to make each other hot. She loved to rub her pussy up against me and feel my cock get hard with her hand. She was not shy with me and would put my hand down her shorts to feel her damp pussy.

…She had the sexiest little red bush. One rub of my finger on it and she would moan and spread her legs apart for more. She never wore panties for quick feels by me. We had a few close calls, but never got caught feeling each other. I remember the first time we had a little time, and I got on my knees.

… I lifted up her short skirt and felt her pussy. I pulled it to my lips and started kissing it. Her legs began to shake and she thrust her pussy to my mouth. She put her arms around my neck and started grinding her clit against my tongue. She trembled and made this tiny moan of pleasure. I let her set the rhythm and as her hips started fucking my mouth. It built up and up and she had her first oral orgasm. I had to hold her up and her knees buckled. She was so out of breath she said she got dizzy. Now she started wearing skirts a lot with of course…no panties for a quick lick by me.

…..That night we tried again to go write this story. We sat side by side and I started in.
…..I started writing on the computer:…

…..Our affair really started when Tina was going to do a sleepover with Mandi, but Mandi forgot and went camping. She came over anyway and slept in Mandi’s big bed. Tina’s mom assumed that Mandi was home, and my girlfriend was out of town for two days.

….. That night Tina and I sat on the couch watching T.V. She curled up next to me. She began by leaning her head on my shoulder and holding my arm. She started asking questions about sex. Not just general questions, but she wanted to know about the fine details about my personal sex life.

…..I had watched Tina grow up and became attracted to her. She had long dark red hair and usually had it in a braid or pony tail down her back. Her hair was very soft and I use to undo her pony tail and let flow down. She would always breathe hard when I played with her hair. I would watch her eyes close as I ran my fingers thru it…..

…..Now she was built great with perky tits. She had this creamy skin and green eyes I loved.
…..I wasn’t getting any sex right now, except when the girlfriend was home and not tired, which she always seemed to be.
…..I started telling Tina how I had sex with the girlfriend…. in vivid detail.

…..I told how I slowly would undress her. Piece by piece, kissing her body all the way. She would do the same to me. She would close her eyes as I kissed my way down her body. I would feel her tits and suck on her nipples. How I kissed her body and licked all around her pussy, and then spread her legs and licked her pussy and clit.

…I loved her panting breathing and the way she shivered as I played with her body. I would gently lay her back on the bed, spread her legs, put my hands under her legs and start licking her wet pussy. She would moan so sweet and play with my hair.

…..By now Tina was squirming listening to me.

….. I described how I nibbled on her clit and then move up and put her legs up on my shoulders. I teased her pussy with the head of my cock just to hear her moan. I described how I slowly slid my cock in her wet pussy and started in kissing her as we began fucking…..

…..The more I talked, the hotter Tina got and she turned and laid across my lap. She began to feel my chest and breathe hard. In a flash she was kissing me for the first time. Her passion was beautiful. Her tongue danced around in my mouth. She came up for air and whispered: (“..oh god, I want you so bad.”)

…. That was the start of our affair. My hands came up and I got to feel those tits I had watched grow so nice. Her hand went for my pants and felt my erection.
Tina interrupts the story:… “You made me so damn hot telling me those details!….you did that on purpose!”
Me: “Guilty as charged, Tina. You hooked me with your sexy ways and body for a long time. You teased me, and you know it. Remember how you would flash your tits at me. Your just as guilty as me.”

….We both giggled and our ‘naughty’ hands, we called them, started in on us.
Me: “Tina, we may have to separate us to ever get this written, now please slap ’our’ hands so we can continue.”
Tina: “I’ll try but this is making me so horny….”
I tried to ignore her and continue.
….I told Tina how I began to fuck the girlfriend as she rubbed her own clit. I knew how get her real excited. Her pussy was so warm and slick. Her moans increased with her breathing. Her body quivered. Her climax was coming as she began to pant and moan loud. She had one hand rubbing her own clit faster, and the other pulling on me with the fucking rhythm. Her short little panting moans meant she was climaxing.

…. I stopped talking about the girlfriend

….. Tina and I were now both so hot, we stood up. We kissed, felt and groped each other all the way up the stairs to my bedroom. Our clothes lay all up the stair steps and now we were both naked. I looked at her beautiful hot body as she got on top of me…..
Tina: “I’ll never forget that night…..ever.
Me: “Tell me what your thoughts were that night Tina.”

…..“I thought about when I first saw you and how what a great dad you would be. I decided I would adopt you as mine. From then on I fantasized about you making beautiful love to me someday and loving me forever. I masturbated so many times about you, trying to feel your cock in me and cuming. Now it was real and I wanted what I had fantasized about for a very long time. Now I could feel your body all over and kiss and lick it all I wanted to. I wanted to please you and make you happy.

….. I just took my time playing with you and kissed your body all over. I slid down and you had a nice firm cock all mine now. I kissed it, licked it and sucked it like had I pictured it would be. I loved to hear you moan slightly as my tongue glided over the tip of your cock head.

… I loved the way you turned me so you could lick my pussy. It felt so damn good my pussy quivered. Your tongue made my wet pussy and I gasp for air as the feeling went off the pleasure tingle scale. Your tongue licked my clit like no other feeling I had ever known. I had no choice but to jack and suck on you. I held your balls and felt them, so full and ready. I had to make you cum. I wanted to feel your hot cum fill my mouth. You started licking my clit as you put your finger inside my pussy and pumped it. My hips moved by themselves as I lost control and could only think about you cuming. I took all of your cock I could in my mouth I could. I felt your cock head bulging deep in my throat.

… Down and down it went as I waited for my golden moment. I tried to yell when I felt the first shot of hot cum, it just felt that good. My pussy squeezed your fingers as I climaxed out of control. I started shaking, I couldn’t help it. Your warm hand on my butt guided my pumping hips as I felt you moan when my juices flowed out on your tongue. Your cock kept shooting on the back of my throat, over and over again. Your cum was overflowing out my lips as I shook and kept up a steady loud moan.”

….“It’s hard to remember things after that as my mind went crazy.”

…..I stopped typing the story as we attacked each other and dropped to the floor to re-enact our memory…
….. That was…our first time to have our wonderful sex together. The memory made us re-live it once more.
…..My girlfriends job took her to another town, and she moved out. Mandi now lives with her boyfriend. Tina….well she lives here now.

… She likes to call me ‘Daddy’ and I like that too. Tina had really never grown up from the little girl I watched next door. She likes to jump on my back and reach around and pinch my nipples, so I’ll chase her. She giggles and let’s me catch her.
I hold her and strip her naked. She undresses me and gets on top of me and fucks me real hard and fast. I watch her eyes roll back in her head as she moans and climaxes when I shoot my cum in her.
…..She puts hickies on my neck, feels my cock whenever she feels like it and loves to suck me awake with a morning blowjob. I can’t take a shower by myself, as she insists on doing the washing and likes to jack me off in the shower. She likes to do a long strip-tease for me in the evenings, and lets me touch her cute butt. She likes to comb my hair, shave me, dress me, feel me up and…

….oh my goodness she turned the lights out….
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