I caught my Daddy and my friend Sam getting a little to friendly...
I have always been daddy's girl but lately I was feeling kind of neglected. My daddy works for DTE as a power plant operator and most days he is over paid and under worked but there are occasions when he comes home from work exhausted. I blamed it on him just being tired from work but the longer it went on the more concerned I became. Let me explain a few things, my name is Heather and although I'm an adult I still live with my daddy while I'm going to college. Steve is my daddy and since my Mom left him a few years ago he hasn't been seeing anyone seriously so one night I decided to seduce him and we've been happily fucking ever since. Well, until lately that is...

I've known Sam for a few years and she's been over to my house a few times to study and swim. Lately Sam seems to be spending more time at my house than usual and I wanted to figure out why. She has been asking to come over and hang out 3 or 4 times a week but she used to come over once a week if that. I asked Sam to sleep over because we had a big exam coming up and I wanted to stay up all night studying. My daddy came home and quickly ate his dinner before heading outside to tinker around in the garage. Sam and I got down to studying and after a few hours I heard my daddy come in and jump in the shower. I acted like I was sleepy and "fell asleep" on my bed. Sam sat there for about 30 mins. after I was fake sleeping to be sure I was asleep before she snuck out of my room. I heard my daddy ask her what she was doing in his room and that they had to be careful that I didn't catch them together because I'd be pissed...and he was right about that!! Its one thing for us to have a threesome with one of my friends but when they start sneaking around behind my back to have sex and I start missing out on cock, well then we have a big problem.

I heard Sam tell daddy that I had fallen asleep and that she waited a while to make sure I wasn't going to wake up, she wouldn't expect me to fake it because they didn't even know I suspected them. Before long I heard Sam's moans drifting down the hallway and I snuck out of my room quietly and walked down the hall to my daddy's room. The hallway was dark and the only light in my daddy's room was coming from his bathroom but I could see what was going on well but they would have a hard time seeing me outside the door. Sam was laying on her back and my daddy's head was between her legs. Sam's tits are smaller then mine but really nice and she was pinching her nipples as daddy licked her pussy. Daddy lifted his head and asked her if she was ready for his fingers and Sam nodded yes and raised her pussy up slightly. I watched as daddy spit on two fingers and crammed them into Sam's pussy causing her to cry out as he started to slide them in and out roughly, I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet from Sam's moans and I slid my hand into my panties and started to rub my own clit. When Sam had had enough she pushed my daddy down on the bed and I could see his cock was already hard and throbbing when she leaned over and swirled her tongue around the head, licking off the drops of pre cum. Sam slid daddy's cock all the way to the back of her throat and let daddy hold her head steady as he began to fuck her mouth, I know he loves this but I'm not very good at keeping rhythm with him and it kind of gags me so I'm kind of jealous that Sam seems to be really good at it. Daddy can only take her sucking for a few minutes when he tells her to get up here and ride daddy's dick like a good little girl.

Sam climbs up and straddles daddy's dick and rubs the head against her clit a few times before she slides down on it coating it with her pussy juices. I was still rubbing my clit and had to slide a finger inside my pussy because I was so horny and needed something crammed inside my hungry wet pussy. As Sam starts to bounce up and down on daddy's dick I see daddy lube up his finger before reaching around to slide it into Sam's tight asshole. Sam let out a squeal and I knew she was enjoying it when she said " daddy's girl has been naughty and she needs to be punished, daddy should fuck her hard in the ass and make her scream like a little dirty whore!" Oh no she didn't!!! I was daddy's girl and I was about to teach that bitch a lesson she wouldn't soon forget.

I went back to my room and strapped on my biggest dildo, daddy had a freaky side too and sometimes let me fuck him in the fucked up as it is, it sets my pussy on fire when I'm doing it and my pussy juice practically runs down my thighs. I put a little lube in my hand and stroked my cock as I walked down the hallway back to the party. Neither of them noticed my approach until I was close enough to rub my cock against Sam's ass. She jumped and tried to climb off daddy but I snatched her up by her hair and said "listen here you stupid bitch, I'm daddy's girl and you're just a dirty whore who needs to be taught a lesson." You want to be punished? I'll punish you til you beg me to stop, I rubbed the head of my strap on against her asshole and shoved forward hard...Sam screamed out and I knew it wasn't in pleasure, at least not at this point. My dildo had to be 3 inches around and a good 8-9 inches long and I started pounding her ass as hard and deep as I could, at first daddy just laid there until I said are you going to join this party or what?

I knew daddy could feel my dildo through the wall of Sam's pussy and the way she was screaming you would think I was tearing her apart. Sam's screams only made my pussy wetter and when I heard her breathing change and knew she was about to cum I pulled out of her ass and yanked her off daddy by her hair and threw her off the bed, I said if you want to cum up in this house, then you make it rain all by yourself.

Daddy knew he was in trouble and quickly got up saying how sorry he was and I said I forgive you go wash that shit off your dick and get back in here and fuck your little girl til she cums all over your dick, after I cum you can slide your dick into my ass and fuck me til you shoot your hot thick load up inside me and then you can tell Sam that no one puts daddy's girl in the corner...and tries to take her place!

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Good story. Keep um coming

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