Finally Getting Alicia Naked
A little background, Steve is my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and Alicia is his cheating ex-wife, I've been having fun toying with her for the past year or so and trying to get her naked. What follows is my dream scenario!

I had been secretly plotting how I could get Alicia alone so I could finally get to see her tits and pussy in person. It's kind of complicated because of our schedule, when she doesn't have her kids they're with Steve and I can't go to Dom's house so I had to figure out a way to get her alone at Steve's house.

I had been bored and Steve was either having a busy night or sleeping because he wasn't returning my text so I decided to see what our girl was up to. She texted me back saying she was just sitting in the airport playing some candy crush lol I decided to have a little fun with her and sent her a few hot pics of my pussy and a video of me fingering myself. I knew she was working and it would get her horny but she wouldn't be able to take care of herself til later. I mentioned that I was staying at Steve's house that night and that she should stop and visit me on her way to pick the kids up later. She said the kids were spending the night at meme's house and that Dom would be asleep so perhaps she would since no one was waiting up for her.

I decided to take a shower and head to bed. I knew Alicia wasn't going to come over, she was scared to send me a pic of both her tits. I turned on Pandora and washed my hair while singing along to Luke Bryan's new song. I decided I would shave since I loved sliding my fingers over my freshly shaved pussy when I fingered myself and I planned on doing some of that before bed or maybe Steve would wake me up proper in the morning. I soaped up my loofah and washed my tits, gently tugging on each nipple as I soaped them up. I headed down my belly to wash my pussy and shuddered as the rough loofah brushed against my sensitive clit, I wanted to go get my rubber cock out of the drawer and stick it to the shower wall and fuck my brains out but I was tired and it was getting late.

I was startled awake by a hand on my shoulder, Steve apparently hadn't locked the front door on his way to work and I just assumed it was locked and never checked because I came in through the garage. I was so disorientated that I didn't even know where I was at first. My eyes started to adjust in the dim light from the hallway and I saw Alicia standing by the side of the bed in her flight attendant uniform. I thought I was having a dream and reached out and brushed my hand against her tits and she was definitely real. I told her to make herself more comfortable since all I was wearing was a t-shirt and panties and to take off her coat and stay a while. I decided I would help her undress and crawled across the bed and started to unbutton her blouse brushing my knuckles against her nipples as I went. She tried to hold in her moan of pleasure but I heard it and smiled to myself, this was going to be fun! I started on her pants and then moved back and patted the bed and told her to join me. I told Alicia I would take it as slow or as fast as she wanted me to...and then ordered her to remove her bra. Her tits were nice and perky and I couldn't wait to taste them. I leaned forward swirling my tongue around one nipple while gently tugging on the other and then began to suck them both equally til Alicia was moaning and squirming and begged me to touch her pussy. I slid her panties down brushing my thumb across her nub as I did, making her whole body shudder. Her pussy lips were smaller than mine and I slid two fingers up and down her slit making sure she was good and ready before I shoved two fingers into her creamy hot cunt. She bucked up off the bed and I held her down while I started pounding her pussy with my fingers and rubbing her nub with my thumb. It wasn't long before she was cumming like a porn star, loud moans and all.

Alicia reached for my t-shirt and removed it telling me she wanted to play with my tits. I was game since Steve rarely touches them and I welcomed Alicia's mouth on my nipples. Alicia tugged on my nipples and I could feel my pussy getting slick and had no idea where she saw this going. Alicia reached for my panties and I knew shit was about to get real as she slid them off my legs and ran her finger down my slit dipping it inside and coating it with my juice before touching it to her tongue. She traced my clit with her saliva moistened finger increasing the pressure slowly, I was just about to beg her to speed up when she slammed two fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me. She started out slow and was just starting to get into a rhythm when she slid in a third and I knew if she would finger me faster I'd come in a matter of minutes but Alicia had other ideas...I relaxed and closed my eyes focusing on Alicia's fingers when I felt it, her tongue flicked out across my clit and then Alicia wrapped her lips around it and began to suck. My eyes flew open and our eyes met, she knew how hot this was making me and she was enjoying every minute of it. She increased her speed and was pounding her fingers in and out of my pussy and just when I was about to cum...then she stopped. I was pissed, this wasn't a game...but she slid in a fourth finger and said I'm not done with you yet and began to move again. I could feel her stretching my pussy out and forcing her thumb inside...she was trying to fit her hand inside of my pussy!?! I knew Steve would love every minute of this and told her to bite and suck on my neck because it really got my pussy juices flowing. With the extra lubrication Alicia had an easier time sliding her whole hand inside my pussy and started to fist me while she rubbed my clit and I was squirting pussy juice all over her hand in no time, this was so fucking I was laying in Steve's bed getting fisted by his ex wife and having the best orgasm I'd ever had in my entire life!!!
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