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Grant has an usual career, Alisha is his latest "client".


He knew he could get what he wanted from them. He always did. It was a part of him, the very thing that kept his heart beating, it was something that he relished feeling every day, that feeling of absolute power, and control. Knowing that he held their lives in his hands, as they begged and pleaded.

Grant was a career rapist, he had 45 victims at last count, and he was going to add more. The thrill of the hunt for pussy, unavailable pussy, made his mouth water, and his cock hard. It was the only thing that did. He needed them to be unwilling to make it fun for him.

Grant had been watching a new one for weeks, he had learned all about her through Facebook, and the fact that she was stupid and left her page open for all to see. Her name was Alisha, and she was blonde, natural blonde. She had hundreds of pictures of herself, and he kept thinking about her supple, smooth tanned skin, and her perfectly shaped breasts, and how he would leave marks on them with his teeth.

He also knew that she worked very close by to him, she had used the Facebook check in feature to check in to a place called simply “Work”, but Grant had tracked her down to a local coffee shop. He had been going there every few the days the past few weeks, just to admire his prey and figure out how he would take what belonged to him. He finally had a plan in place, and he couldn’t wait to use it.

Friday nights, after Alisha got off work, she always went to her yoga class, and took the shortcut through the park to get there. Grant decided that this would be the perfect time to take her, and do what he wanted. He liked them scared, no, wait, terrified. The way their breathing sped up, the small beads of sweat on their skin, it all added to the fun for him.

He had always taken all of them to his lake house, about 45 minutes from the city. It was as secluded as you can get, and the room that he had built downstairs ensured no one could hear their screams. They always screamed, he could never understand that. It just turned him on even more to know that they were scared. Some of them cried out for their parents, that really got him going, that made him even more rough with them.

That Friday, he was so ready for it to happen, he kept pacing all day, running through it in his mind, to make sure there was no way for his plan to go wrong. At precisely 4:55, he got in his truck, and drove to the park where he would wait for her. On a Friday, in the middle of winter, the park was deserted, and he had nothing, or no one to worry about. He drove into the parking lot, and waited.

At 5:10, he could see her coming through the clearing, and he was watching her intently, as he had done so many times before, only this time, it was going to happen, she was going to be his, his possession. She was distracted, as usual, talking on her phone, going on about some party that she thought she would be attending that night. Grant chuckled to himself, and thought, life has other plans for you, Alisha, I have other plans for you.

He opened the driver’s side door of the truck, and started to make his way across the park. Walking with purpose, so as not to spook her, towards the restrooms. She was still distracted, and wouldn’t pay him no mind. He passed her, and could smell her shampoo as her long blonde hair blew in the wind. He waited the standard 15 seconds, as had become his method of operation, and turned around. Grant got the sedative out of his pocket, and got the needle ready. He needed her quiet for the ride to the lake house.
After another 20 seconds, he was right behind her, she was still on her phone, and bogged down by her yoga bag, and work bag, and purse. This worked out perfectly for him, as she wouldn’t be able to fight back.

He readied the needle, and mentally prepared himself for what was about to happen.

Chapter 2

Alisha woke up, she felt groggy, and couldn’t remember what happened. The last thing she remembered was leaving work, and walking to the park to get to yoga. She thought maybe she had gone to yoga, and came home and passed out. When she tried to open her eyes, all she saw was black. She was blindfolded, and she was tied down. She couldn’t move, couldn’t see. What had happened to her? Her mind was racing, and she could hear screaming. What she didn’t realize is that she was the one screaming. Suddenly, she heard the whoosh of a door opening, and the voice of a man.

“It’s nice to see that you are finally awake, Alisha.”, said Grant, in a soothing voice meant to calm her, it never worked, but he always tried to be nice, unless they forced him to be mean, which they always did.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? WHERE THE FUCK AM I, LET ME OFF OF HERE, I’LL CALL THE COPS!!!”, screamed Alisha, at the top of her lungs.

“Alisha, I’ll need you to lower your voice, if you want me to be nice to you. I don’t like to be mean, so please lower your voice.”, Grant said, in a low monotone, meant to hopefully make her pay attention.

“NO, I WILL NOT LOWER MY VOICE, UNTIE ME RIGHT NOW, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”, Alisha just kept screaming, she was not happy about the events that had transpired, and who would be?

Grant sighed, he knew he would have to take things to the next level, sooner than he had wanted to. He hated this part of himself, and he knew it wasn’t normal but it was the only thing got his cock hard, hearing them cry, and pleading for him to stop. He took a big breath, and undid the zipper on his jeans.

Hearing the zipper, Alisha’s head cocked to one side, and she stopped screaming, trying to hear what was going on around her. You could almost see her body tense up, as if she was preparing for a fight, she was. Although she didn’t know it yet.


Grant steadied himself at the foot of the bed, he was ready, oh so ready. The head of his seven inch long, three inch around cock was dripping with pre-cum. Alisha was still screaming, and she wouldn’t shut up. Grant thought he might as well make her scream some more. He wanted to get her ready, to get her all wet and begging for it, but it never worked out that way for him. He had to make her listen, and make her love him. He wanted to keep this one, not kill her, but that would be decided by her.

He pushed himself into her, she was as dry as a bone. She started crying, and begging him to stop.

“Please, don’t DO this to me! Please, don’t! I don’t like this, stop. Stop! STOP!! You’re hurting me!! Please!”, Alisha cried. She was still fighting him off but, as with all of them, her body began to betray her. She could feel her skin getting hot, and feel how wet she was getting. She kept trying to move out of the way but she was tied down, and could barely move an inch.

Grant was pumping away above her, this was always his favourite part. She was fighting him, and he was winning. His cock was feeling every single inch of her, he was going fast, and kept hitting the end of her tight, wet, hot, pussy. It made her wince a little, and he loved seeing the screwed up look on her face, even half covered by the blindfold, when he was causing her pain. It made him want to keep going. When Grant was being bad, he loved seeing how far he could go, without actually causing them permanent damage.

He could feel his balls begin to tighten, he was going faster, and faster. She was getting so wet, and she was so goddamn tight!!! He wanted to shoot his load in her pussy then lick it all out. He wanted it so badly, and he was going to have it.

Grant just kept fucking her and fucking her, he could tell she was going to cum, she had been pretty much silent the whole time, but her breathing was giving her away. He felt her pussy spasm all around his cock, felt the gush of her pussy juicy soaking his balls, and heard her sob louder.

“Don’t cum in me, I’m not on anything, I don’t want a baby, please, don’t, PLEASE!!!”, she wailed.

Grant got really close to her, he was breathing on her neck. He had stopped pumping away, and leaned in to whisper something in her ear.

“You, my pretty pet, are now my bitch. I’ll cum in whatever hole I want, whenever I want. And if you know what’s good for you, if you want to LIVE, you will shut the fuck up, and take it like the whore you are!”

Grant resumed fucking his pretty pet. He was going to have a lot of fun with this one.


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