George 3

I was in the back garden when I heard the boys come back from shopping.. After about 10 minutes George came over to mine and told me his mother and brother had gone to grandmas
He told me that they would not be back till 9ish, He had the key to the house but didn’t like staying there alone. He said he had left a note to say he was at my house. I invited him to stay and lay in the sun.
I offered to rub his body with the coconut oil on the pretence of stopping him burning. He asked if he could sunbath naked to stop getting lines on his skin. I suggested we move closer to the house as it was secluded and we could not be seen by anyone.
We both striped naked, he lay face down on the sun bed and asked me to cover him in oil. I poured too much oil on to his back, trying to rub it in I needed to spread it on his arms and legs giving his body a good work over/massage, I rubbed his bum cheeks and a little way down to his ass hole . I told him to turn over. His body looked good enough to eat, well at least one part of it which I hoped to do soon. I rubbed more oil on his front till all that was left to cover was his prick and balls. I spread his legs a bit and spread the oil around his prick and balls and this time down to his ass hole. I took it from the moans and groans emanating from George that he was enjoying my attention to his hole. I asked him if he liked me fingering him down there? He replied that it feels wonderful, he had seen videos of it and he was enjoying it more in real life. George spread his legs to give me better access. I slid an oily finger inside him, his ass hole opened up to my finger, I added another. George was moaning saying “So good!” He pulled his knees up to his head, I fingered his young bum adding a third oily finger, his hole was so accommodating if I pushed any harder I would be fisting him.
My prick was rock hard, I got between his legs removed my fingers and stuck my prick in to replace them. George opened his eyes as I entered him and said “Yes, please” I pushed forward and my prick slid deeper and deeper till I was all in. I fucked his asshole, my prick thrusting in and out till I was almost ready to cum.
I took hold of his prick and poured oil over the top. I used two hands to spread the oil up and down his rod. George said “Yes, Yes, Yes,” and immediately came so hard he pasted my face and chest in his cum. His ass hole tightened and this made me cum, I pushed hard to deposit my cum deep in his bowels. George said “I can feel you cumming inside me”
He pulled my face down to his, kissed me hard then licked his cum off my face kissing me again sharing his cum with me. Our chests rubbing together, his cum lubricating the movement, I could feel his prick sliding left and right between us.
My prick softened and popped out of his ass hole, My cum was dribbling out, I collected some on two of my fingers and slid them deep into his gaping hole which gripped them tight. His prick dribbling more cum which I lapped up sucking the end till he was empty. I got a towel and cleaned us up. I asked George if he had eaten? He said that his mother had left some food for him but he was not that hungry. The sun gone down we went to the kitchen to get some drinks.
We sat at the kitchen table still naked. As we were supping George told me he had spent some time on the web over the last couple of weeks and visited a few sex sites.
He had watched boys with girls, girls with girls and boys with boys.
He told me that he enjoyed best watching the young boys and little girls and the boys with men, but was not so keen on the ones with girl on girl action. I said I had a few good porn videos and we could watch them together sometime.
I asked him if he had a girlfriend? He said he had a good friend who was a girl but would not call her a girlfriend, she was still too young to date.
I said we need to shower to remove the sun tan oil. He said he would wash my back again if I wanted him to? I said “Let’s go”
I warmed the shower up and we climbed inside. George moved towards me and put his hand around my prick he played with it as I washed him.
He then washed me down. I did not play with his prick a lot as I had better plans for it than to spend too much time with it in the shower. After we had washed each other I took him to the bedroom and to my bed. I thanked him for letting me fuck him. He replied that it was amazing especially when I squirted into him.
I told him I wanted him to fuck me. He smiled his prick was already hard, I told him to lay on his back on the bed. When he had settled I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him deep, fingering his hole till he was on the point of cumming. I got some lube from the draw and lubed my ass hole and his prick. I moved up till my asshole was above his prick and lowered myself on to it., I sat down on him till he was deep inside me. George gasped and said “Fuck, This is nice” I lifted my self up and down a few times them told George to fuck me from behind. I got up and got on my hands and knees. George went behind me and slid his prick back in my ass hole. I told George to fuck me hard. I grabbed hold of his balls fondling them pulling them to me so he would fuck me deeper. George was like a fucking machine, fucking his prick in and out of my ass harder and deeper than I had been fucked before. My prick was straining to cum, eventually I felt George ready to cum, his balls rose to his body and he pushed hard into me. He shouted “Yes, I am going to cum” He erupted inside me, his prick expanding and stretching my hole. “Fuck George, Your prick is amazing” I said.
George fell on my back and I was so exhausted I flopped onto the bed George on top of me his prick still in my asshole and his cum deep inside. What a fuck!.
We fell asleep, I woke up, George had woken before me and he was sucking my prick. I told him to turn around so I could suck him at the same time. We 69ed each I pulled him down till his prick was deep into my throat. He reciprocated by pushing his head down till I was deep in him. We came in each others mouth.
It was 8.30 and his mother was due in half an hour so we dressed and watched a bit of TV till Peter came over to collect him.

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2013-10-23 13:10:55
Your friend sdnuos like a really great guy! Getting your ass out of the computer chair and onto the nobel feilds and woods of Disc-golfery! Personaly I've found the small monitary investment and the royaly addictive gameplay offers one a level of self improovement and room for growth!The more that I play the sport, the more I want to play. Being able to take my shirt off and thrive on the beautiful natural elements involved in the trecks of gameplay makes it all worth it!


2013-10-21 15:31:19
Thank You :-)

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2013-10-21 02:49:46
I think the story has a lot of potential, but I feel you need to start again and take it slow, have a few chapters at the start about George when he was 8 and have a few encounter there and so on, it makes it more realistic - also more detail and conversation would be good.
I think this story can go pretty far if you put the time into it :)

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2013-10-14 18:56:34
Is the girl going to be part of your story?

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