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Some people wanted a "part II" so here's the 2nd time Josh and I got intimate.
Almost a week after Josh and I first had sex, we were at it again...

Josh and I had spent the entire day at the local mall. Shopping really wasn't my most favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, but Josh insisted since he had the money. If it was my choice, I'd be at home locked in my room, either playing Xbox or sleeping. (I'm not really a social butterfly.) We stayed at the mall for a good while up until he got hungry. With all his shopping done we decided to head across the way to get some Subway.

Neither of us drove yet, so we had to walk to go get our food. The food court in the mall was awful so that just wasn't an option. As we made our way to Subway I noticed we had passed various couples, and I started to wonder if what Josh and I did was simply a one time thing.

We had made our way to the restaurant and there wasn't much business so we got our food fairly quickly. I ordered an Italian BTM and he ordered some sloppy looking meat ball sub. We sat down and enjoyed our meal in silence. After our akwardly silent meal, he called his father to come pick us up.
We went and stood outside to wait for his parents. As we stood there, I just took a second to admire him. That day he was wearing a blue Aeropostale tee and cargo shorts, as opposed to my pink tee and plain black skinnies. I hadn't really noticed till now, but his eyes were a lovely light brown in the sun, in contrast to how dark they usually were.

"Uhh Kory" he said, "are you even listening?"

"Yeah, Yeah" I replied, "I was just thinking of something."

I didn't realize he was even speaking to me, I was to lost in his well.. everything. I thought this was a very inappropriate time for this, but I was going to ask him out.

"Hey dude..I..I uhh need to use the bathroom I'll be back in a minute."

I pussed out. I couldn't ask him, I just couldn't. I couldn't see his face when he rejected me, the digust on his face. Today, I probably did the most cheesy and cliche thing ever... I pulled out my phone and started texting.

I couldn't ask you this out there.. I was, and still am super nervous, but I just wanted know if.. ya wanted to maybe go out?

I hit send and tried to buy a little time before going out and facing him. I rinsed my face and wet my hair, running my hands threw it and shaking it, which gave it a really horrible messy look.

"God! This looks terrible." I thought.

I dried off my face and made my way outside, he greated me with "Hey, what took so long? My parents have been here for like five minutes." I apologized and jumped in the car with him. I couldn't believe it, he hadn't even read the text...

In a matter of about thirty minutes, we arrived at his house and went straight to his room. I sat on his bed anf watched him unload all of his newly acquired clothes and put then into their respective places. When he was done he flopped onto the bed next to me and said,

"What do you wanna do now? You look so bored."

"Well it's Saturday" I replied, "soooo Skatepark?"

"I'm not really in the mood for that today" he said, "it'll be crowded."

I rolled my eyes and playfully elbowed him.

"You're do lame dude, wanna just chill here instead?"

"Fine by me." He replied.

Later that afternoon, we had planned to take a dip in the pool. His parents were home, so we headed down to the pool house to get changed. The pool house was pretty cabin-like, aside from the tile, it had a couple sofas, a storage area, a coffee table, and a bathroom.

We got to the pool house and I went to the bathroom to get changed and I assumed Josh would stay out in the main area. I started to search through my bag to find the pair of swimming trunks that I had brought. I stripped down to my birthday suit, and looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were a light pink, the scar on my stomach was fading now, it was barely visible. As I looked at my pubes and armpit hair, I wonder how many gingers (other then my twin brother) I had seen in my life, nooooooot so many. As I pulled up my shorts and looked down at my crotch, I thought about how the cold pool water was going to shrivel my loosely hanging balls and my three inch flaccid penis. I pulled up my shorts and walked out the door.

When I got outside, Josh wasn't changed, he was just sitting on the diving board... on his phone. I had nearly forgotten all about that.
I walked over to him and asked him why he hadn't gotten ready yet. He said that he really wasn't in the mood anymore. Disappointed, I walked over and laid on the sofa. Josh got up and came to sit next to me.

"Th..That text, were you serious?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah I was.. and I'm sorry if that ruins our frie-"

I was interupted by his body falling onto mine. He layed on top of me, looked me in the eyes and said "Yes". He leaned down and kissed me. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and his hands roaming through my hair. So many thoughts were going through my head right now. What if his parents catch us? Did he really say yes? Why are my eyes open? What do I do with my hands? Are we about to have sex... AGAIN!?

I put my hands up his shirt and wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled his body closer to mine. His lips and mouth tasted like the twix he had eaten on the way home. He was completely ravishing my mouth, my lips were beginning to get sore. His tongue was exploring ever inch of my mouth, I didn't even fight back, my mouth was HIS.

I broke the kiss and we both sat up. I stuffed my hands up his shirt and felt around for a bit before removing his shirt. I kissed his stomach and proceeded to remove his shorts. Instead of removing his boxers, I simply pulled his cock and balls through the hole in the boxers. Given that we had been walking in the mall all day, and walked a distance to Subway, his crotch was a little muskier than last time...and I loved it.

Basically worshiping his cock at this point, I licked his balls and ran my tongue along his nutsack and licked my way up to the tip of his cock. I took in the scent of his crotch one last time before I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to give him a blowjob. His moans were filling my ears and it gave me pleasure. I started to move and a move rapid pace, and he started squirming. I placed my hands underneath his ass, rubbing it and squeezing it as I took his cock. I went down on his dick on last time and felt him trembling. As he started to cum, he thrust up causing his cock to fill my throat, and his essence my throat.

He rubbed through my hair, and with the breath he could catch said, "That was great."

I sat up next to him and removed my swimming shorts. Instead of devouring my cock like I though he would, he removed his boxers and sat on my lap. He grabbed both of our cocks, mine being about six and a half inches and his about an inch bigger. He started to jerk both of us off and I lifted my head up to reach his nipples. I used my tongue and licked at each of them. My hands were on his ass cheeks and I was gently massaging them as he tugged on our cocks.

"I wanna try something." I said. He responded with a simple "Sure, go for it."

I got up and rummaged through my bag until I found my hair gel... yes hair gel.

I sat back down on the couch and he quickly retained his spot on my lap. I opened up the hair gel and dropped a bit on our cocks. With another wave of arousal coming, I said "Try it."
He started to rub our cocks again and it felt like heaven, after taking the pleasure in a moment, I dipped my fingers into the hair gel. I rubbed it around his asshole before I was brave enough to try and stick a finger in. I stuck it in, and seemed a little shocked but he continued to stroke us. I didn't stick another finger in (although I probably should have). When I stopped fingering him, he knew what was coming next. He lifted himself and then slowly lowered himself onto cock. He had managed to sit down on my whole dick. We had just sat there for a minute, until he sighed, put his hands on my shoulders, and started to move his ass. IT FELT GREAT. It was soo warm and tight. He eventually started moving faster and eventually let go of my shoulders. I didn't know what to do, so I just put my hands on his hips and let him have at it. He started to moan extremely loud, I told him to keep it down as the pool house doors were wide open and his parents were home. Instead of just shutting up, he leaned down and don't and started to chew on my ear. Between his nibbling and moaning into my ear, it was tooooo much. I grabbed his waist and started pounding his ass as hard and fast and I could. He his moaning got louder and in no time, I was pumping my jizz into his ass.

He stood up immediately and the cum started to drip out. He sat on the couch next to me and we were both out of breath. I reached over and put my arm around on his shoulders. I kissed him, and without thinking got up and walked to the pool. I figured it was cold, but after the heat that we built up, it would be refreshing. I stepped into the pool, not bothering to put my shorts back on and he soon followed.

We spent a good amount of time in the pool, both of us completely naked. The akward silence after sex is real. After a while, we went back into the pool house to get dressed. Whenever I was done, I went and layed on the floor and waited until he came out. He came from the bathroom in nothing but his shorts and instead of headings to the house came and laid next to me. We talked for a bit, but I eventually fell asleep, and assuming how he had his arms around me when I woke up, he had to..

P.S. This is also sort of our coming out as well, when we went into his room that morning there were a few condoms on the bed. Yeeeeeah, his parents knew.

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