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Sexy sister in law and friend.
Shortly after my wife and I married, her father married a lady four years younger than my wife. His wife had two children, a girl and a boy, who were about the same age as our kids; my wife and I each have a daughter from previous marriages.

Our kids and their kids hit it off pretty well and became good friends, or cousins, as they referred to themselves. Our oldest daughter graduated from high school last year, and our other daughter just turned sixteen. Christa, my wife’s step-sister, graduated from high school in May.

For graduation, my wife and I decided to take our girls and Christa to the beach for a week. We also agreed to allow Christa’s best friend, Brittney, to come alone. Christa and Brittney had been friends since kindergarten and I watched both girls grow into beautiful young women.

Christa was a natural blonde with fair skin. She had been a chubby little girl, but she had lost her baby fat and now possessed a very curvy womanly body. Her breasts were small, 36A, but she had a full heart shaped butt and nice firm legs.

Brittney had always been skinny and still was. The only bumps on her chest came from the padding in her bra. She had a flat stomach and her most admirable features were her long tanned legs that went on forever. She was a natural brunette but kept her hair dark black.

We arrived at the beach on a Sunday morning. The girls helped us unload the car and get unpacked in the condo we had rented. Then they asked permission to change and hit the beach. My wife dismissed them and they ran to their rooms and changed.

I sat down on the sofa and began to watch TV. My daughters were the first out, and they walked through the condo and out the back door. Then Brittney came out. She had a black and white bikini on. As she walked by me she was adjusting her top. I admired her long legs as she walked by. Christa soon followed. She wore a pink bikini with white polka dots. As she walked by I could not help stealing a glance at her full butt. My wife followed them out in her black conservative one piece. I pulled up a chair near the back door and watched.

Soon I decided to slip on my trunks and go join the fun. I walked down to the water and sat with my wife. The girls were throwing a Frisbee. I watched as Christa and Brittney tossed it back and forth to our girls.
This was how we spent our days most of that week. A couple times we went into town and went to the mall for the girls to do some shopping but always ended the day with all of us walking on the beach.

Friday was the day we had big plans. We all got up early and went to the water park. All day we rode slides, floated down the lazy river, and soaked up the sun. We stayed until the park closed at 8 pm then went to the condo. My wife and all the girls took turns showering and rubbing aloe lotion on their sun-blistered skin, while I sat in the living room sipping on a drink. It was almost 11 pm when I finally got a chance to get into the bathroom. As I walked down the hallway, Christa and Brittney came out of mine and my wife’s bedroom, both with frowns on their faces.

“Why the long faces?” I asked the girls.

“We wanted to go walk on the beach again tonight, but Gwen said she wasn’t going and that we couldn't go by ourselves,” Christa replied.

“Oh, well it is late and we've had a long day. Everyone is tired. We still have tomorrow night to go walking.”

“But tonight is a full moon and it’s so pretty, would you go with us?” Brittney asked as she looked at me sadly with her big brown eyes.

“Please?” Christa added.

I stepped into the bedroom. My wife was fast asleep, exhausted from the day's events. I grabbed a t-shirt, slipped it on and walked back out.

“Let’s go, but only for a short walk,” I said as I passed the girls.

The girls giggled and followed me out the sliding door. I watched as they passed me onto the deck and I shut the door. Both girls wear dressed in very short shorts and their bikini tops.

The girls and I walked down the beach under the light of the full moon. They walked a few feet in front of me. We walked for about thirty minutes and had put a lot of sand between us and the condo. I decided that it was time to return and finally get a shower and go to bed.

“Okay girls, let’s start back,” I said as I stopped.

“Can we take a quick swim before turning back?” Christa asked.

“A quick one,” I replied.

The girls unbuttoned and unzipped their shorts, pushed them down their legs and ran toward the water. They played in the cool water for a few minutes then both trotted up to me and their towels. I could not help but notice that the cool water and the breeze were having effect on the girls’ breasts. Both of their nipples were hard and protruding from their tight bikini tops. I could not keep my eyes off Brittney. Her breasts were almost non-existent but her nipples were immaculate. She had worn a white bikini, and her dark aureoles were fully visible. Her nipples looked to be as big around as my index finger. My stare must have been visible.

“See something you like, Jeff?” Brittney asked as she squeezed the water from her long hair.

“Sorry!” I relied, embarrassed and turned away.

“Its okay, I don’t mind you looking.”

Christa and Brittney looked at each other and smiled.

“That is sweet of you, Brittney, but I should not be looking at you, like that. You are young enough to be my daughter and it is not appropriate,” I stuttered as I tried to restrain myself not to turn and look again.

“Okay we are ready,” I heard Christa say.

When I turned around, my mouth dropped and my eyes widened. Christa had put her shorts back on, but Brittney was standing there topless. My focus went directly to her nipples. I had seen a lot of breasts and nipples in my forty years, but never any as mesmerizing as Brittney’s. Her breasts were as big as enlarged mosquito bites, but her nipples were as I had imagined, as big around as my finger, and stuck out two inches from her little bumps.

“Brittney!” I said sternly.

Brittney didn’t say a word. She just slowly began to walk toward me. As hard as I tried I could not move. While she walked toward me, her left hand moved to her breast. She pulled on her right nipple as her brown eyes stared lustfully at me and her tongue licked her upper lip. She stopped inches in front of me. I felt her warm breath on my neck. Then I felt her left hand grip my hard cock through my trunks. I closed my eyes and exhaled as I felt her hand slowly begin to stroke me. My knees grew weak.

Brittney stood up on her tip toes, her nipples pressed into my chest as he tongue snaked into my ear. I felt her hand leave my engorged cock and felt her fingers begin to untie my trunks. Once loosened, my trunks fell to the sand. Brittney dropped to her knees. I felt her fingers wrap around my cock and slowly stroke it.

She pushed my shaft against my stomach and her I felt her lips against the base just above my scrotum. She kissed up my cock. I felt her warm tongue circle around my head, and then the most amazing feeling as my cock entered her mouth. Her tongue cupped my cock as she slid my cock deeper into her mouth.

As Brittney continued to suck on my cock, I looked around for Christa. She had sat down in the sand. Her legs were opened, her top sitting in the sand beside Brittney’s. Her small perky breasts were a sight. They were pale in contrast to her sun kissed skin. Her pink aureoles were topped with eraser sized nipples that were painfully hard. Her hand was inside her bikini bottoms, her eyes were closed and her mouth partially opened as she moaned from the pleasure she was giving herself.

Brittney stood up, leaving my cock covered with a mixture of her saliva and precum. She pulled the strings of her bottoms and they fell. She spread her towel on the sand and patted it. I lay down on my back. I watched as Brittney walked to me. She stepped one foot across my body. I looked up at her. Her pubic area was a smooth as glass. Her lips glistened as the opened slightly. Her hands slowly moved up and down her stomach and chest as she lowered her body.

As she lowered, her hand reached down and held my cock. I watched as my cock disappeared inch by inch inside her tight wet lips. I gripped the sand as she slid down me until her bottom was sitting on my upper thighs. She placed her fingers on my chest and slowly moved her hips up and down. Her head tossed forward, and made her long black hair fall on to her pretty face. She continued to move her hips slow and easy not to rush the moment.

Movement in the sand pulled my attention away from watching Brittney ride my cock. It was Christa. She had removed her bottoms and stood above my head. As she faced Brittney, she lowered herself down above my head. The smell of her sex was intoxicating. Instinct kicked in as I slid my tongue inside my sister-in-law’s wet pussy.

My tongue continued to move in and out of her as her hips moved in rhythm. My hands moved up and under Christa’s ass and helped to hold her up. My tongue moved to her clit. Almost instantly I felt Christa’s body tremble above me. Christa’s cream flowed out of her onto my tongue. I continued to lap her juices until she fell back onto the sand with a satisfied moan.

Brittney had continued riding me as I pleased her friend. With Christa out of the way, she and I both intensified our passion. She tossed her hair back with a loud moan. I pushed myself up. My arms wrapped around her thin body and I instantly sucked one of her enlarged nipples into my mouth.

Brittney ground her sopping wet pussy against me. Her arms wrapped around my head and pressed my head against her chest. I gently closed my teeth down on her nipple, and flicked my tongue up and down against it. Brittney squealed out, I felt her legs and pussy clinch down on my cock. She arched her back, and pulled her nipple from my mouth. Her arms locked as they pushed against my shoulders. I felt her pussy juices flood around my cock as her orgasm flushed over her. Brittney’s body went limp and she fell off of me onto her back.

I turned around. Christa had recovered from her orgasm and was fingering herself again. I turned and sat up on my knees. She quickly scooted toward me. She lay in front of me with her legs opened. I placed my hand on her leg and turned her over.

She giggled as she stuck her ass up into the air as she braced herself on her elbows. I stuck my hard, slimy cock into her awaiting pussy. She jerked as my cock slid all the way inside her tight pussy with one thrust. I placed my hands on her fleshy ass and began to pound her hard and fast. She raised herself up on her arms. I watched her small breasts bounce back and forth with my thrusts.

I felt my orgasm building up steam. Brittney mover closer to us, she rubbed down my ass and cupped my balls. She kissed my stomach and then Christa’s ass, back and forth. My balls tightened in her hand. I pulled my cock from Christa. Instantly Brittney placed her lips around my cock as my balls erupted its seed. Brittney gabbled down every drop of cum I produced.

Brittney smiled as her tongue licked the excess cum from the corners of her lips. Christa turned to her and they kissed passionately. When their kiss broke, they began to get dressed. I took my trunks and slipped them back up and over my spent cock. We got up, leaving the towel, and began walking silently back to the condo.

When we reached the steps to the deck the girls stopped and turned around.

“Thanks, Jeff, for letting us come with you on this trip,” Christa said.

“It has been my pleasure,” I replied.

“No it was ours,” Brittney said with a smile.


2013-11-24 17:49:34
Delicious male/teen females threesome! What a lovely night for a walk on the beach with two hot young ladies. You know how to write a sex story, that's for sure.

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2013-11-09 07:07:52
Well written, gave a positive vote, spelling aside, it was just a typical quick wank piece, did nothing for me, but I like your other work. Xxx Luvsalik

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M 17, looking for girls to talk :) 914-656-8790

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Hey by the way coming from a woman. Shawn big dick if you have to write big dick in your username you are probably one of those guys where it's so small that we have to finish ourselves in the bathroom while we are "peeing" ;-)

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Good job write more.:-)

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