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A calm day turns into a wild night....
Kris woke up next to his wife Vanessa.It was a peacful saturday.He sighed.He also noticed that his wife was naked under the covers.he started jerking off just looking at her big boobs and tits.Then he slowly stuck one finger in her pussy.His wife moaned and opened her eyes.She got up and started kissings him with passion.They both heard a door creak and footsteps coming closer. "Here comes crystal"said Vanessa.Crystal was their pride and joy.She was a 16 year old teenager with arburn hair and a heart shaped face.

They heard their door creak open and then Crystal jumped on their bed.She was just about to get under the covers when both of them yelled"NO!".She understood and left the room without a word."Better get ready and go to the gym sweetie"Kris told his wife. He continuded I'll be there for the whole day" "okay honey Crystal and I have plans any ways".They kissed again and went there seperate ways.

Kris arrived home at about 11:30ish.He went inside quitely because he thought they were asleep.He made it up stairs when he heard something like moaning or mabey it was his imagination.He noticed his light was on and was suprised Vanessa was't sleeping.he made it front of the door and definetly heard moaning.Not one voice but two voices.Was his wife cheating on him he thought. He opened the door halfway. He was completely shoked of what he saw.

There lay Crystal lying on the bed while his wife was fucking her.They both didn't notice him standing there like an idiot.He felt ashamed of himself because he couldn't stop looking at Crystal's body.She had huge breasts for a girl her age.They were almost as big as his wife's! he looked down at her neatly shaven pusy and noticed there was still some public hair that she had missed.His cock swelled hard in his gym shorts."Crap" he thought.

He slowly backed away so they wouldn't hear him. Then he started to jerk off. He grabbed hi 8" cock and started to rub it fast. He started to think about Crystal again and he noticed he was about to cum already! He cummed more than he had ever cummed before. He couldn't help but moan. They both looked at him.Then his wife slowly smiled and said "won't you come and join us? He gladly listened. Vanessa went back to fucking Crystal and gave him a look that said "do anything you want".He went straight to Crystal and kissed her.

It was warm and he could feel her soft lips. He slid his tounge between her lips and started to french kiss her and she did the same. HIs wife had moved by now and sat on the side of the bed. Kris couldn't help it anymore.He ordered Crystal to turn around and put her ass in the air. She did. He then found her hole and procedded to put his cock into her. She wailed and cried that it was too big for her. But Vanessa kissed her to keep her quite. He managed to put the head of his cock into her hole,then as quickly as he could he pushed in and his whole cock dissapeared in her ass.

''NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO''Crystal wailed. Vanessa started kissing her again to get her quite.Kris started to move with a fast pace. Crystal started to moan now that she could feel some of the pleasure. Kris loved it. He started to reach the point of cumming and ordered his wife to deep throat his cock. Once his wife's lips touched hi cock he lost it. He cummed bucket loads that Vanessa swallowed quickly. He was suprised at how much she could swallow. Then he felt exausted and toppled down to the bed between the 2 woman he loved. Let's just say they had a great night:)
The next morning when Kris woke up and went downstairs naked he smelled bacon and eggs cooking. He said" We need to set some new rules". Both of his womans nodded and listened. "Crystal every day after school take a shower and walk around naked. Nudity shall be the most important rule. Unless guests are here you and everyone else shall walk around naked".He continued "We can have sex together whenever but you can't tell anyone it is illegal to have sex with your child [incest]."

"Now honey how long have you guys been having sex with our daughter?" His wife smiled sheepishly "About 2 years". Kris was taken aback. 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He thought about giving her a piece of his mind but calmed down. "Okay so that's that anything else you want to tell me?" They both shook there heads. "Good " Then he walked toward his wife and started to peel her clothes off.

Then he did the same with Crystal. Then he stared at Crystal and his wife for a couple of minutes and felt himself getting hard. They both noticed and his wife said "let's eat breakfast before we do anything else " After breakfast he made them both line up and he.................................................... The End For now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm sorry if this doesn't reach your satifacation [this is my first story soooorrrrryyyyyy]! I will gladly read your comments!

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2015-02-14 18:05:22
I don't think that any thing will ever change about Incest this have been going on since time began, so people will always be writing about it and even getting the whole family into it

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2014-02-06 14:46:51

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2013-11-02 19:36:54
Assholes give him a break some if us are kinda shy when it comes to things like this oh and i would jyst live for u to do any better but thts just me

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2013-10-30 03:37:20
Very good first attempt. Though I do have to ask if English is your first language. Spelling will improve over time as you become more confident with your writing. And your grammar will improve as well. Ignore the bad reviews. Those people are just jealous of your courage to write.

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2013-10-20 21:43:27
Just die you ignorant peasant

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