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I moved to a new area of town because of my job. Single Mom with a 15 yr.old daughter who thinks she is 21 well at least on how she dresses. I was checking the internet for a new family doctor. I noticed this one site were the comments on this doctor came highly recommended. New patients welcome call for an appointment. I called the number and the secretary said the doctor only has evening openings so I booked an appointment for 7pm.

I showered put on dress pants and a nice blouse heels grabbed my purse & keys and headed to my 7pm appt. Walked into the the office where I was greeted by a young but very pretty lady. Low cut blouse busty, pencil skirt dark nylons, high heels at least 3". The secretary handed me a clipboard with papers to fill out. I sat down filled out the paperwork watching this sweet thing over at the filing cabinet showing off her ass. I not a lesbian but she gave me shivers of pleasure.

When I was done filling out papers I took it back over to her. She asked me to follow her to the Doctors Room. As we walked down the hall I couldn't take my eyes off her dark nylons and ass. Wait here the doctor will see you soon. As she walked out I was till staring at her legs. Moments later the door opened in walked this very beautiful doctor. Brunette hair down to her shoulders, pretty green eyes, busty ( 38 D ) I would have to guess. Wearing a lab coat, dark nylons, red stiletto heels. I stood up to introduce myself, she introduced herself as Dr. Judy Lawson. Please have a seat Ms. Lee she told me. Dr. Lawson was looking over my documents I filled out looked up and asked me if she could ask some personal questions. I have no problem please ask me. Ok great! Do you have any children. Yes I have a daughter she is 15. Are you sexually active with anyone now. I replied with a quick no. The doctor stood up and asked me to remove my blouse,pants and put on gown. Brought me over to the table checked my heart, looked into my ears, eyes. Placed her warm hands on my breasts feeling for any lumps. Her touch was very erotic my nipples were hard I was so embaressed. Doctor then moved her hands down my nylon legs parted them putting my legs into the stirrups.

Placing my hands above my head tying them down. She told me she didn't want me to move while she examine me. Doctor went over to a cabinet removing needle and a bottle. Not sure why this was needed I asked her she said in time I will understand. The doctor swabbed my arm and injected the drug I struggled for a brief time until it made me very relaxed. The doctor then brought over this computer like devise over my eyes. Turn on the devise telling me to watch the colors,images. I couldn't resist as I gave in. I could hear her voice over and over saying you're my will obey. As I went deeper & deeper I could feel myself letting go and obeying her words. I woke up several hours later at home not sure how I got there.

My daughter came into my room wearing only a see-through lingerie the outline of her body was turning me on, what was happening to me why was I thinking these thoughts of her. Kim sat on my bed her breasts only inches from my face I wanted to reach out and fondle her but got up and went for a shower. The phone rang I said hello this voice on the other end said " Sunflower". I dropped my towel and said yes "Mistress". The voice said I want you to wear outfit #2 today and bring your daughter as well. Yes Mistress I will obey. The voice said be here by 8pm. I turned and walked over to my closet pulling out outfit #2. The outfit was a maid uniform very short with black garterbelt spice stockings, 3" stiletto heels. No bra or panties were needed. I walked over to the dresser and pulled out a bottle of chloroform poured some on a rag went into my daughter's room she was listening to her music I covered her mouth & nose with the cloth as she struggled she collasped on her bed. I removed her lingerie sucked her nipples while caressing her pussy. I knew this was wrong but I had to obey.

I placed Kim into the back seat wearing only a short skirt,halter top and running shoes. I drove to my Mistress Home wearing my outfit to please her. Upon arrival two women came out and carried my daughter into the home. I was greeted by my mistress. I kneeled and started kissing her boots as I caressed her nylon legs.

The two women took my daughter Kim into this room where they undressed her and fondled her private parts. Taking turns licking,biting her nipples and going down on her licking sweet pussy. After they dressed Kim in a baby doll outfit with nipple cut-outs wearing brown stockings, high heels. Mistress was sitting in her chair with me by her side on my knee's. There was a large bed in the center of this room and a cross with shackles. My daughter was drugged with the same drug I was give-in. I was told to go over onto the bed expose my breasts and breastfeed my daughter. My daughter started sucking on my milk while the Mistress slid her black dildo into my daughter's cunt. At first it was tight but slowly started to slide better after. Kim was moaning more then she was feeding. Mistress told Kim to place her mouth on her Mom's cunt and lick me. Obeying while till being fucked. The mistress ordered the two slaves to tie me to the cross. With my legs spread eagle and arms tied above my head. She told Kim to pick up the whip and use it on me. Mistress laying on her bed while her two slaves made love to her. Kim whipped my breasts and pussy until I passed out. When I awoke I was tied to my bed with my daughter Kim licking my pussy. Thanks to my "New Doctor".

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2013-10-20 12:05:34
This was terrible it may be a fantasy story but this is well...

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2013-10-16 07:22:21
It would have been better as a longer story. It's just piss poor in its current form

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