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Sorority girls love tentacles, but all good things must end.


So it went on like that, a new girl every night. I would show up and they would be waiting for me, naked or nearly so, in that room. Some eager, some nervous, some unsure what they were getting into, but all came away satisfied, and so did I. No, wait, there was the one exception to waiting naked. The last girl in the group before starting over at the top of the list. I walked into the room that night, and she was there, but still dressed, and absolutely terrified. Young, a freshman I guess. Very cute. "What's this?" I asked. "Aren't you ready for me?"

"I-I'm sorry," She said timidly, obviously mustering all her courage just to speak to me. "I can't... I can't do this like the other girls did. I'm... I'm still a virgin. Nobody else knows, and I'd never live it down if I were the only girl in the sorority to not do it with you. They all keep saying how amazing it is, so I know I should do it, but I can't just give myself over to a monster for my first time. So... you're going to have to force yourself on me like you always did to girls before you met us. I won't even fight back or anything. Please, just rape me."

She barely got the words "rape me" out, I was already grabbing hold of her limbs and pulling them into position. She yelled out in surprise and fear. I could feel it from her now, deep down she did want to be fucked, just like any girl her age with the hormones raging. I think she would have been fine giving it up to some boy. But handling a tentacle demon with no sexual experience scared the shit out of her. Well, rightfully so, she wasn't my first virgin by far, and it's always rougher for them, though that does make it nicer for me.

I tore her clothes off, got going on her tits and rubbing her hairy pussy, and lifted her off the floor. True to her word she didn't resist at all. She even started to calm down a little, started getting into it, before I went inside her. She was tight, and it hurt her. She screamed delightfully loud. Then louder when I broke through her cherry. After a while I got her pussy full to the limit. Tears streamed down her face, she was in pain, but she looked at me and said, "Fuck me!" Well of course I was, but it proved she was being brave and trying to endure. Eventually she did reach the point where some pleasure started to mix with the pain. Which meant it was time for the next step.

When she felt the tentacle at her asshole her face changed to a look of shear panic. She shrieked with pain as I forced my way in and took her anal virginity. Very tight back there too. Took a long time to get all the way in. She was crying and moaning nonstop with her mouth hanging open, pain, pleasure, didn't matter anymore, so I was able to go straight in. That and the introduction of action on her clit caught her body off guard. She finally broke through the pain and came. After it was over and she was on the floor, tired, sore, and coated with my cum, I heard her whispering, "Thank you."

I told her, "You are welcome, my dear. And thank you as well." She smiled weakly, and I left. When she came around again in the rotation she was completely changed, as eager as the rest of them and enjoyed herself completely. Hmmm, that actually wasn't very long before the whole thing ended.

We were partway into the girls' third turns when I started hearing the rumors. You see during the day I made my human face a little younger looking than usual and just hung around campus. I had nowhere better to go, nothing else to do. For some reason Eta Nu Tau suddenly became a big topic of discussion everywhere. Nobody knew exactly what but they all said something untoward was going on there. I knew then that I had overstayed my welcome. It was the most perfect set up I'd ever encountered in my life, but if I tried to hang on to it something bad was bound to happen to me. So I left.



We never knew how the rumors got started. The girls all swore to total secrecy. Not that any of them were altogether accurate. We were performing sexual rituals, or holding orgies, or had an S&M dungeon and half the girls were sex slaves to the other half, or performing bestiality, or we were nudists, or running a prostitution ring out of the house, or harboring a criminal, or practicing witchcraft, or we were devil worshipers holding black masses. You can see the common themes there. It started out slow, but gained momentum quickly. Everybody was talking about it, and harassing our girls about it, and it seemed the more we denied things the worse it got.

Gruthsorik just stopped coming one night, we figured he must have caught wind of it all. None of us ever saw him again. Soon after that the inevitable happened and the university finally stepped in. They never had a damn thing on us of course, but they spun it into a big scandal anyway and eventually put us on suspension just to be able to say they had done something, which only confirmed our guilt in the eyes of the public. Instead of going away, the rumors became legendary. It took the chapter decades to fully recover after that, and still to this day it's infamous around campus for what happened.


"Thank you for sharing all of that with me," Claire said as she turned off the recorder. "I really appreciate it."

"Oh, no, dear, I'm not quite finished yet," Julie said. "You're really going to want to hear this next part."

"But what more could there... okay, sorry. Please continue," Claire said, and set the recorder going again.


Not long after Gruthsorik left, one of the girls living in the house, Candace, she went by Candy, started acting strangely. Just a little at first, and nothing out of line, but, well, she started masturbating a lot. Who cares, right, didn't we all from time to time? But she would leave the door to her room open while she did it, or sometimes she wouldn't even be in her room, just out in the house somewhere for all to see. We didn't think too much of it at first, even when she started slacking on her course work because of it. She was perfectly within her rights to be horny all the time, right? So what if she forgot about modesty a little. Then she started going to bars every night to get picked up for one night stands, and she still came home and spent her free time in her room playing with herself. I think we finally started to actually worry when she began skipping classes to finger herself.

The last straw happened the night one of the frats had a big party. You know the kind, booze everywhere, and after everyone's had a few if you go looking you can always find a few couples in somebody's room or some corner having sex. I was in our house with Amy when one of our girls came running in and told us that Candy and one of our freshman girls that lived in the dorms, Tammy, were at the party getting gang banged. Mind you the party and the drinking had barely even started at this point. It didn't matter, even sober they were acting like drunken nymphos. We found out from Tammy's roommate later that she had been acting the same way as Candy.

We sure as hell didn't need this happening just as we were being investigated for undefined accusations of being a house full of sluts of one kind or another. Amy grabbed a couple bathrobes and the two of us ran over there and barged our way in through the crowd. We split up, and I found Candy with three boys balls deep inside each of her holes, two more she was giving handjobs to, and a throng of boys around them, cheering them on while waiting for their turns. I must admit I was transfixed by the spectacle myself at first, perhaps a little envious, even. The feeling of my wetness running down my leg snapped me out of it. They protested as I pulled them off of her, but Candy resisted most of all as I put the robe around her and dragged her out of there. Amy found Tammy doing the same thing and she was putting up a fight too. Both of them, begging and screaming that they needed cock, they needed to get fucked. We took them back to our house and threw them in Candy's room while we tried to figure out what to do with them.

The two of them in there, it didn't take them very long to figure out that they didn't need to seek out boys if they had each other. Forget classes, we had trouble just getting them to come out for meals now. That kept on for about two weeks. Then one day I found Amy in the hall staring in at them as they ate each other out in a 69, moaning up a storm. "Thinking about joining them, find out what it's like to swing the other way?" I teased.

"Nah. Already did that. You?" she asked back.

I blushed and admitted, "Yeah, me too." At least half the sorority had by then. Probably all of them. "So then why are you watching?"

"I'm trying to confirm a theory," she replied. "Hey, come help me, I need a closer look." I followed her in and watched as she separated them and got them both facing her. "Get behind them, help hold them down." They protested being interrupted until Amy started fingering their pussies and I got behind them and laid them back so I could lick and fondle their breasts. Amy added more fingers and they decided they were content letting us get them off. She actually ended up with all her fingers inside them, totally fisting them, I was amazed to see her hands buried in their pussies past her wrists. The girls were moaning their appreciation. "Do you see it?" she asked.

"See what?" I said, but she ignored me and address the girls.

"Hey. You two. Amazing wonder sluts. Listen to me. This is very important. Before Gruthsorik came here, when was the last time you got laid?"

It took some more prodding than that but eventually in between moans Tammy told us not since the night of her Senior Prom, and Candy said it had been during her tropical party vacation over the prior year's spring break. "What does that matter?" I asked her.


Claire gasped. "Oh my God, they were-"

"Yep," Julie interrupted. "You're smart, you already got it. I just know Amy would really like you."


With her hands still fucking their pussies, she explained it to me. "You see, the last time I was with him I asked Gruthsorik why he preys on girls, like when he attacked me that first night. He didn't want to say at first, but eventually he told me it's actually what he feeds on, all the emotions that girls have while being fucked, whether it's rape or she's enjoying it. Especially if she cums. And it finally dawned on me, wouldn't a tentacle demon fetus need the same thing the adult does?"

Now I saw what Amy had seen, the beginnings of Candy and Tammy's baby bumps. They'd been fucking so much they were starting to show long before their fourth month. I was too stunned to say anything. Amy kept talking. "The hormonal shifts in a normal human pregnancy causes strange urges, everybody knows that. Pickles and ice cream or bullshit like that. It occurred to me, what if a tentacle demon pregnancy causes urges for the exact thing they need to grow, sex? You would get these two."

I didn't even know they'd been listening what with Amy's hands up their pussies and all, but at that point Candy broke in, "Do you hear that Tammy? Gruthsorik made us pregnant! We're going to bear his demon spawn. That's so hot."

Tammy readily agreed with her, "I know! It makes me so horny knowing there's a tentacle baby in my womb!" At that point they both had screaming orgasms. I was shocked and horrified, that it could happen, that it had happened to our girls, and that they were actually turned on by having an inhuman creature growing inside them.

We did the only thing we could do. The next morning we took them to an abortion clinic. I drove, Amy sat next to me, and Tammy and Candy rode in the back seat, playing with each other. "Are you sure we should be letting them do that?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's fine," she said. "If we let them do it back there to their heart's content then we'll be able to tear them apart from each other for long enough to get this taken care of. We need them compliant for this."

"Why them, anyway? Why didn't this happen to more of us?" I wondered aloud.

Amy had an answer to that too. "I've been thinking about that. I suspect if Gruthsorik hadn't left when he did, it would have been more of us. Everybody who isn't on the pill. No, really, think about this. How could procreation with human girls work for a creature like him? Hunting them, raping them, and then moving on. If one of those girls got demon pregnant and carried to term, one, the child would be killed immediately, especially back 200 years ago or more, which would defeat the purpose, and two, it would be used as solid evidence that demons exist, especially in the modern day, which would be bad for all demonkind. So that's a reproductive dead end, they wouldn't have survived if it worked like that.

"But provide what we did, sex every night, not once a week if he's lucky or once a month if he's not, but every night, that means stability. That means safety. That means girls that won't or can't endanger the demon or his child. That's when a demon's physiology would want to start breeding." At that we'd arrived at the clinic. Candy and Tammy had managed to get each other off a couple of times like Amy wanted. She laid down the law to them. "Alright girls, panties back on. Now remember what I said. No mentioning demons, and don't you dare even hint that you might want to keep your babies. Fuck this up and I'll chain you down so you can't move until you miscarry due to the starvation of the demon fetus." The two of them begged us to let them leave and keep their demon babies, but Amy managed to convince them we weren't giving them a choice. Somehow they managed it through their procedures without incident. Afterwards, once the pregnancy hormones worked out of their systems, they told us they'd had enough sex to last them the next several years, and were very disturbed over the memories of being aroused from being a demon's breeding slut.


Claire worked things over in her mind during the flight home. Amy's logic was sound, but how to account for Bernadette and Elsa, Gruthsorik's original long term lovers? Then again, those were single women, not a group, and regular sex but not daily. They suffered the side effects too, unlike the sorority girls due to Gruthsorik's careful plan. In all likelihood, their health started failing enough that their reproductive systems shut down before Gruthsorik became fertile enough for it to matter. She decided not to mention any of this to him. It was dangerous knowledge. The chances of him stumbling into another harem situation was low, and she didn't want to be the one to provide him with any more temptations than he already had.

Continued in Chapter 7: Report

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I'm rereading this series Afghan because it's one of my favorites and i love it <3 it's amazing well written with the perfect balance of everything ^-^ but i would love if you would write another series to add on to this amazing one please please please!


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Every chapter is entertaining and this one just rocks me out of my chair. I won't ruin it for readers who like to read the comments before reading the story, but - keeping things in general, no spoilers - those girls undergoing that change was a great touch to the story. Mysticism and science expertly combined. This series is alive!

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